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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 21, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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. good evening, everyone p.m.. the uth carolina church where nine people were shot and killed last week reopened its doors today. the emanuel ame church in charleston had a special service with a message of love and healing. thisas been the debate over the cononfederate flag reaches neheights. >> a stream thousands olding
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hands connecting unt pleasant to charleston in memory of those who lost their les wednesday. >> a few miles south of that bridge church bells ringing out in memory of the nine victims of the emanuel ame massacre. the historic church reopening doors for the first time pap jam-packed crowd in attendance. >> whether yore praying for yourself othe nine families -- >> as thousands gathered, graffiti on a monument a short time away this is the problem hashtag racist. a passers by removed a tarp just as quickly as it wasut on. >> in charleston, south carolinas dents rally to take down the confederate flag on the front steps of the state capil. >> go to the bath roops separate and unequal hostile treatment of yuck people. people raping women and children. that's what it stands for. >> some belie the decision
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should be left up to the state. >> a decision that needs to be ma here in south carolina. >> this debate is part of the healing process as one community and a nation come together. jim ryan, abc news charleston, south carolina. >> churches across the nation held solidarity servic including here in the bay ea. abc news reporter rnell barnard has more. >> reporter: pise at oakland's first ame church on this sunday morning. there is unity. >> been an angry21-year-old man. tolose the door to these churches. >> reverend mayberry was a friend pastor and state senator who died in e massacre. mayberry will attend its funeral next week. >> an advocate for what's right for the people of not only south carolina and the people of africa for the people of this country. that kind of activist. >> being a pen of faith, you have to forgive.
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>> charlotte willia says she forgive he the killer dillon roof and prays for his family. others s they have no fear coming to wohip. >> if you can't feel safe in a house of worship where we have the opportunity to com together, and pray ande a family, where can you safe? >> there was this prayer vigil inside san francisco's third baptischurch for nine victims the charleston shooting. >> reverend amos brown spent timet emmanuel church during the '60 civil rights movement. he said the tragedy again shed light on the ugly face of racism. >> we must do something about this demon race. we must do something about the divisi that's in this country. outside thehurch of san francisco police officer is posted providing security for the congregation. something the church d not request but a time of grief and healing. in san francisco, cornell
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barnard, abc 7 news. fire did damage to a home this san jo tonight. it started in the capewoo neighborhood. huge flames were shooting from the back of the house. drivers on 80 even can see it as they drove past. it took firefighters about an hour to get the fire contained. the home had been abandoned. the fi was about a mile away and they quickly put it out. >> at least a half dozen large wildfires now are keeping an eye on more than a dozen more. the largest is in san bernardino county. it has burned more tha 17,000 acres in the national forest. 500 structures are thatened none have been destroyed. it isow 19% contained. just up the coast near san louis obispo a large fire burned 1800 acres. two structures destroyed there. a person injur. the fire is 50% contained. northeast of fresno, 920-acre
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fire destroyed three structures. they are on mandatory evacuation orders and arby community. that fire is now 75% contained. firefightersay the fire is hard to handle because it is constantly shifting. >> we're seeing some fire behavior that we hav't seen some of us in our entire career and i'm talk people that have been on the job for 15, 20 25 years because of the conditions are so dry. >> fire authorities predicted an above average chance for wildfires in central and southern california through septber. the bay area has been above average chance for fires this month. >> these fire spread under gusty winds, low humidity and warm temperatures. and certainly have a lot of heat in the southern portion of the state. extreme heat advisories will go into effect tomorrow for an excessive heat warning. you can see that covers three states.
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that means heat as high as 109 to 114 degrees. and this lasts throughuesday evening. the firefighters not what th want to hear. they want cooler temperatus an higher humidity. live dppler 70 along with satellite will show high pressu just to our south and it is building heat to our soh and this high heat will move in over the next five days. let you know how hot it will get and when where you live with accuweather seven-day forecast. thanoneyou, katie. thank you, drew. >> boat owners pulling their boats out of the lake two months early. >> it is a buer but we have a water issue and what are you going do? >> wakeboarding and tubing is banned. there are too many hazards cause of the lower water vels. police shut down a b.a.r.t. station after passengers heard a
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threat. it was about 3:00 p.m. at the miion b.a.r.t. station. a witness heard a man thatening to blow up the southbound train. police detained the man who will undergo a psych evaluation. bomb-sniffing dogs did not find anything and b.a.r.t. station was open aut an hour later. it took more than aear to redo the park in san francisco. the park reopened in time for father's day. the city spent almost $8 million on new grass, more rest rooms and more trash cans to help cut down on the park's litter problem. >> they have definitely done something with flowers and cleaned it up a lot. there was amore like polluted areas, trash and junk everywhere. >> the more popular upper end of the park is closed and we will go through a similar renovation. that is expected to be done by early ne year. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00 beaches that earned a
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18 california beaches are being acknowledged for having water quality all year. none of them are in the local area. several did make the more dubious beach bummers list for having pollution and bacteria. san francisco's cal beach west of the santa cruz board walk seen here is one of the worst in the bay. one of the oer beaches include aquatic park and candlestick park in san francisco. a mother's outreach prompted the change on a billboard in bakersfield. faking offense to the phrase don't be road kill in the campaign to save the lives of
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cyclists andpedestrians. her son died after being hit by a sheriff's car in 2011. >> i didn't believe they would call people road kill and i thought about my son and my son is not road kill. >> and we are going to change the app. we are taking your recoendations to heart and that we are going to dot best we can to accommote you. >> and in fact this weekend, billboard's message wa change to say see and be seen. remember we share the road. up next on abc news at 9:00 a father's day treat for bay area veterans involving a 70 year old truck. >> meteorologist drew up n. with the forecast. >> a dramatic finish at the
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beautiful sights, delicious smells and fun sounds fill the streets of berkeley today. >> abc 7 was atdd line street and alcatraz avenue for the annual celebration. there was music, art, historical exbits and lots of food for kids. june 17th marks the end of slavy for america. >> history san jose rolled out this world war ii cargo truck at history park. a group of grandsons has partially rtored the 1942 gmc to help remember and honor their grandfather's generation. looks good lov it. drew, now, a look at the forecast.
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what's with this heat? >> it is not coming just yet. i know you're an fan so to speak -- >> is anyone a fan of triple digits? >> i think someone is out there for everything we have in the weher world. >> we have cool temperatures and it will slowly move in >> you got a problem. >> we will show you outside and show you a beautiful picture just moments ago from the east bay hills camera. as sun is going down. a gorgeous sunset on thisirst official day of summer and today marks the longest day in your 15 hours from here on out so to speak. we lose that amount of daylight. today it was comfortable for dad if you're out and about highs and warmest spots in the 80s. 83 in antioch, 84 in lake port. up to 67 in oakland. 63 in san jose and 2 in downtown san francisco. and these numbers are anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below normal for this time of year.
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68 in concord. 59 in fremont. 60 in san jose. 56 in san francisco and santa rosa at 59 degrees. li doppler alonwith satellite showing you a beautiful day. watching off wet a cold front that has cloud cover and what it will do as itarchs east. it will help keep our temperatures cool and on the comfortable side as you go back to work on monday. so highs tomorrow along the coast you will see clouds early on. perhaps a little bit of early morning drizzle. otherwise lf moon bay up to 64 in downtown san francisco. sunny in oakland at 68 degrees. walnut creek up to 82. warm in antioch at 86 but tomorrow will bethe next coolest day at 87. rather comfortable but watch what happens. thursday even into friday, we're hovering around triple digit heat. santa rosa for example right
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around 81 tomrow but by thursday, even into friday, temperatures in the upper 80 to lower 90s. summer sizzle on the way so to speak. overnight toght, plenty of stars in the north bay. clouds along the coast 52 in half moon bay. 55 inlivermore. in the south bay, plenty of sunshine. 85 highs for morgan hills. along the peninsula 59 pacifica. 74 mountain view. downtown san francisc 64 degrees tomorrow. north bay 79 sonoma. 68 sausalito. 72 in union city. 71 hercules and inland in the 80s. 81 san ramon and 84 livermore. mainly sun monday with temperatures rher comfortable and very katie like, may i add. >> thank you. >> tuesday, warmer. not hot just yet. midweek morning fog to afternoon sunshine by thursday, sunny and hot.
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friday summer sizzler. trip digits inland and by the weekend,cooling off relatively speaking. thursday and friday, upcoming week getting hot around here. >> noted. >> ght? >> thanks drew. all right, sports, i got a rhyme going. drew, your cue. now golf. >> third round leader dustin johnson here a birdie on four and up by two at the turn. jason day o played his heart out while battling vert go and eventual out of gas and even par. three bogies on the front nine and rallying on theack nine with six birdies including this amazing effort on 14 with a 67 today south african tied for seco. and johnson would faulter with three bogies on four holes and dropping three back and emed out of it.
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and masters champ jordan spies takes control. 6 under. goodor three-stroke lead with two holes to play. finishing this round with birdie on 18. he went in wi 4 under. double bogey and tied for the lead and jonathan in sear ofch of his first over. going alternate 18 between par 5 and four and ter spies completed on friday, a par 5 today and this shot put him on the green for two. went in at 5 under. jonathan right behind him and also in the green at 2 and ele putt for the win but misses. jonathan could still this putt but know the 24-year-old wins the open. just the sixth to capture the open and masters in one year and
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youngest since bobby jones in 1923. >> amazing. incredible. incredible to wn a championship. you onlyget a few moments in yourife to have a chance like this and i recognize this and at is hard it wrap my head around. >> i'm most proud of my family and i did get my trophy with my son. >> before tonight's me giants won 8 of 10 against the dodgers and l.a.'s offense finally came to light. tim lincecum lasting just 1 1/3 inning. in the first with two on wild pitch. justin turner comes in to make it 1-0. it gets worse in the second, puig brings home two more runs with the single up the middle. and he wa losing his cool. normally reliable pettit rocked for four he runs. two of them 10-2 final. giants a game and half out of the first. on this father's dayt
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coliseum steven vt and marcus simeon's dad throughout the ceremonial first pitch. taking theead in the first ning inning as burns singles one home. shout innings in the fourth, help from third business and brett laurie who makes the catch despite stumbling on the bullpen and now what a grab. a's score two more run nets six. ike davis, with a very long rbi single off the wall and zobrist scores making it 3-0. the bullpe turns this game into a nail-biter. tyler clifford giving up two-run hor to albert pujols. then in the ninth with one on and two out, johnny tes clippers high and deep to left but caught at the wall. a's hang ton win 3-2 and breath a huge sigh of relief. a's go on the road to play at texas and speakingf texas, the
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winn today jordan spies is from texas. he went to my aa mater university of texas. today get that in there. >> you're like 1 degree of separation. next pixar's latest movie, ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ ...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain sourc da da da. coming up tonight at 11:00, a mural targeted by vandals has tonight the threats made against the artists. plus your commute and your health. could your drive to work be making you sick? tonight at 11:00. all four pixarilms have debuted at number one but jurasic returned to the top of the box office p the dino park series has topped $980 million
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in just ten days worldwide. it earned $102 million this weend, the second most ever in a movie's second weekend. pixar's animated comy inside out may have come in second place but its numbers far suass expectations. inside out earning $91 million largest ever from a nsequel. san andre yas and dope round out the top five. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. thanks for watching our next newscast at 11:00 on abc news 7. see the fireworks over the embarcadaro tonight.
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♪ welcome to "45 years of pride". san francisco pride turns 45 this year and we're right here on polk street where it all began. in 1970 was the very first pride parade celebration a it was
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acally a protest. polk street is home to what we called transxuals back then and "hair fairies" were the very first ones here in san francisco to organize a parade or a protest. we're in front of the cinch bar which is the very last queer bar heren polk street. so, we'll hang out here. tonit we have human rights activist cleve jones. he'll help us through the histical piece of "45 years ofride". let's head to the interview. cleve, thank you so much for being with us.


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