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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 26, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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now when someo says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record ts. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voi remote is here. sign up today or get started with this great offer. call or go oine today. >> celebration after landmark ruling make same sex marriage legal in every u.s. state. ruling comes onay pride weekend which kicked off tonight with march from dolores park to the civicenter. >> and live picture of the whithouse. showing the pride tonight. lit up in the colors
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of the rainbow. >> good evening everyone. i'm katie in for dan tonight. >> i'm amma. across the country today couple line up to get marriage licenses and get married. hash-tag loveins was tweeted 5.6illion times around the world. but inside the courts there was passionate difficult september as well in the 5 to 4 decision. terri has the celebration and the state where they vow to resist tonight news hit crowd outside the supreme court like a wildfire. justice anthony kennedy long time champion of gay rights on the courte wrote today landmark opinion. descre landmark opinion. describing the stake in the case in the loveiest term. no union is more profound than marriage he wrote for it embodies the high wrote for it embodies the highest ideal of love, fidelity hiest ideal of love, fidelity, devotion, zacchary physician and family. forming marital union 2 people become someing greater than once
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they were. it was hundreds of thousands of them across america as justice kennedy so of and written and spoke about them in the past. ey were at the heat of the ruling today without the recognition stability and predictability marriage offers this wrote. chirp suffer the stigma of knowing their family are somehow lesser. >> outside we met melissa and stacy and son nick together for 7 years they waited for this day and now will be married. >> what does today mean for you. >> it means that he will grow up in a country where his family is equato every other faly. >> jim lead plaintiff carrying a picture of late husband john arthur together 21 years. ohio revving to recognize their gal marriage taking a call on the plaza from president obama in the oval offe. >> not only l have you been great example f people but you will also bring about a lasting change in this country. >> thank you sir. that means
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an incredible amount to me. >> 4 of the nine justices difficult september the. roberts arguingthe good feelings today are not ground entered sound constitutional law law ltd. >> tell t in the rose garden the president spoke of the history and the hope in this moment >> when all americans are treated as equal they are all more free. >> this afternoon on the plaza the gay men chorus of washington singing our national anthem while balloon slling out love soared into the sky >> that was terri reporting. small group gather outside city hall this morning not knowing whh way the justices were going to g when they found out. raw emion just poured out. ic lee was there.
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>> decision brought cheers. hugs. tears. just raw emotion hugs. tears. just raw emotion. among the dozen or so same sex couple who gatr here at city hall to hear the decision. >> i feel like i'm part of the american dream now actually. yes. have the the interest to live the american dream like everybody else. >> it did take a long time but it says a lieutenant about or country that we can get to the right place. >> i'm so happy now. new beginning for us. all over the yes i'm very, very very hap. >>reporter: con xwrats las las vegas. >> amazing. it's incredible. we have waited all these years. all these years. >> among ose here state senator mark leno who came out more than 4 decades ago. >> after 46 years my federal vernment now recognizing that my heart beats and loves no differently than yours or anybody else's. >> kerry and milliony brought the three-month old son
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julianne. >> this is a huge celebration for our mily. such a win. it's such so exciting that he grows up in more tolerant place. if. >> rainbow adorn the entrance to city hall. mayor ed lee and city officials stood on the steps where the fight began 11 years ago >> you feel the earth shake this morning i do believe it was thecales of justice tipping. >>reporter: today america the walks the talk. of equal justice under law. >> arc of history bends toward justice. well today it came to fruition. >> today is about an affiation of all of us in our capacity to do extraordinary things folk. the best is why it to come. sfichlt for those at the mayor news conference said they still have a lot of work to do. they are going to focus now on employment and
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housing discrimination against lgbt but for now they are savoring their victory. this is abc 7 news. >> protest of same sex marriage got a littleeated today. forcing police to intervene. we were in berkeley as protestor and jogger got in a confrontation. jogger was run confrontatio jogger was running across the university avenue pedestrians cross way at i 80 when she saw signshe didn't like. she took one down and the protestor stepped in. he blocked herrom running away until police arrived. protestor from san leandro said he had every right to speak his mind. >> today is a day where people who live in the dark ages are finally going to get silenced because justice has finally spoken. >> she's free to walk b.she can present the message like the other people were. but she is not content with. that she there's tak down our messe. >> police helped resolve the argument. >> harsh words from same sex marriage opponent today. they say the supreme court violented the constitution and they wl
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be unintended fall out from today decision >> this is not government of the people by the people for the people. this a sad day for children. sad day for our constitution. a saday for america. >> court st redefined marriage as an adult the institution and eliminated the only institution that specifically unites kids with their mom and dad. >> peopleehind protect vow to ctinue the fight writing bare majority of the supreme court has abrupt of the supremeourt has abruptly cut off this ongoing debate unilaterally imposing its view of what is good for society. >> judge anthony skalia dissent unusually bitter in the majority opinion. kennedy writes the nature of marriage is that through its enduring bond 2 persons can together find other freedom such as expression intimacy and spirit at. to which skalia responds really? whoever thought that intimacy and spirit at whatever that
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means were freedom? and if intimacy is one would think freedom of interest may situation is a bridg rather than expanded by marrie. ask the nearest hippie. >> in an attempt to did he fine the ruling several probate judges in alabama are everything to issue marriage licenses to anyone in matter what their orientation might be. state aclu saysnder state law they are allowed to dot. al become has been one of the fiercest battle grounds in the push to legalize same sex marriage. for gayransgender people who kim to san francisco for this weekend pride event today preme court decision adds new layer of joy. the wayne has more. >> timing is everything. or so it seemed in san francisco today. >> it is historic day but not without complexity. >> might qualify as under statement of the year as out of towners sarah and myselfy formally married in san francisco city hall. same for jose and vincent who came all e way from texas where until this morning the marriage would
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not have been recognized. >> waiting for this for a listening time along with countless others across the land who will not miss the 2 words that used to precede marriage. >> no long same sex marriage it's just marriage. >> not subtle distinction in the context of pursuing happiness and perfect timing with a perfect irony. how the preme court chose this day before gay pride weekend to permanent incently flip the marriage uiverse in all 50 states now. >> it make us all feel american. regardless of what stat you are from. >> or country as blake and bill noted back home in canada. same sex marriage minus the first 2ords has been legal for 10 years. what do we have in store? >> to the point where it will seem just nmal. won't be such a big deal. >>porter: marriage not a big deal? fv never. especially on this
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day. wayne abc 7 of news. >> big pride pade is sunday. goes up mark street from beall to 8 street under way at 10:30. bart run extra trains to get in you in and out of the city. >> symbol of pride the pink tray angle going up today twin peak. acre inside takes 1 75 pink tarp to build. official commemoration ceremony taking place tomorrow morning at 7:00. we do invited to you share your video and pictures of this weekend pride eve with us on social media. just if hash-tag abc 7 now. >> let's check in withdrew for preview of the pride forecast. >> and early on tomorrow we have some clouds to deal with. the forecast show you temperatures will be in the 50's. we climb that the 60's by 2:00 o'clock. 6:00 o'clock partly cloudy and 63 degrees. a lot of out door event coming our wait a minute the forecast comingp. >> thanks druchlt also ahead from radical to main stream. man who earheaded long journey to today historic
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decision. >> follow-up on charter school that hasn't paid the vendor. some teachers fear their paycheck will bounce. >> and the timely restoration of this once vandalize mural now a symbol of community standing up to intolerance. 7 news at 9:00
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my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent f pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the puic and our employees. pg&e is usg a lot of new technology to improve the safety andeliability of our pipelines. my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power, we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, we're building a better california.
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>> fall out tip as charter school prepares to close down. some teachers now wonder if the final paycheck will bounce. chris winn has the story from fremont. >> phil remains in disbelie educator. >> i'm totally devastated. this is putting tremendous amount of stress on myself and faly. >> he taught at famed public charter scho for two years. but after having the charter voked by the alameda county office of education administrators will close the doors to all 3 of its campus ins 43 mont and san leandro. now without a job he wonders if he wi be able to cache cash his final paycheck. >> we have bills to pay. mortgages rent to pay and this is going to put news a financial bind. >> county officials told us that funds previously allocated for the school should come from the state by the end of the month. they should have the ans to meat payroll for june but paycheck will come few days late. >> there is some mismanagement.
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we'll continue to investigate that. in the mean time expedite what funding is coming in. >>reporter: but many teach remembers stilloncerned. saying a portion of the check were withheld throughout the year to be paid out in the month of july as summer payment month of july as summer payment. now former teacher like phil wonder if they will ever see a dime of the money. >> i teach students and i teach them that do the right thin. and good things will happen to you. and i hope that is the case here. >>reporter: county officials say they have not complied with multiple request for financial information as well as list of critors. they have yet to return our calls for comment. in free mont, chris winn abc 7 news. >> the state water resource control board is telling san francisco so stop taking water out of the river during the drought here. city claimed rights to the water since 19 02 when the mayor at the time nailed a notice on the tree. water divert from the river to fill the reservoir that serves llions of people in the bay area. >> bart general manager grace is proposing a 3 billion dollar
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funding package to pay for system upgrades. she talked about it today at commonwealth club event. she told the san francisco business times it could mean a huge bond measure. 3.4 percent fare increase set to take effect january 1st but will not be enough to pay f the upgrade. >> event dea head have been awaiting for 2 decas almost here. tomorrow the tell 4 surviving members of the grateful dead play gether first since garcia passed away in 1995. the stadium begins 5 day minifarewell tour celebrating 50 years of grateful dead. long tim manager says these may the last show they ever play, this memory will be living forever. >> theyove each other and the fact the shows wl happen is only going to be st of one stop in th path. it's not over. >> the dead will also play levi on send followed by 3 show next
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week in chicago. >> so much going on this weekd. a lot of out door events. >> exactly. pride in san francisco. draw the weather. >> nice especially at the stadium. 80 degrees warm sunny. the a lot going on across the bay. rht to it. fch it's quiet picture but you do notice we are tracng cloud cover right along the coast. live look from the east bay hills camera will show you yes the marine layer is back. natural ac forother nature will move in land overnight that will help to really cool us off this weekend. so the forecast calls for cooling. spreading inland tomorrow. near average temperature for sunday chld then yes the heat returns for early next week. so if you le it hot you like next week. right n 60 if oaklandment 63 in hayward. 66 in san jose. 59 in san francisco. 70 in fairfield. santa rosa currently at 58 degrees. satellite sho you the big area of higpressure possible for the big tme warmth yesterday. heat moving
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to the east. replacing it is a series of ripple of energy. what they will do. won't bring us moisture unfortunately. help t cool us off. over the wean. so overnight low tonight. see the clouds moving in. call it partly cloudy out there. dropping to 55 at san francisco. 60 in palo alto. 61 in fairfield. falling to 55 in santa rosa. then looking at hay for tomorrow. micro claim at first dntown san francisco climb to 64 degrees after morning and afternoon sunshine. cool in daly city with high of 59 degrees. along the coast 60 in the afternoon. over to redwood city. lots of sunshine up to 77. dto for sunnyvale warm at 77 grows and san jose topping out at 80 by the afternoon. take it to 11 view stadium. plan out the afternoon tomorrow if you are headed to the concert. parking loti 3:00 o'clock. warm at 79 degrees in t afternoon by 7:00 o'clock concert unr way partly sunny 75. by 11: o'clock cool and cloudy with temperatures falling into the 60's. if you head to san
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francisco l parade tomorrow start off with coastal clouds in the morning. tperatures in the low 60's to upper 's by the morning. up to 64 in th afternoon. lots of sunshine. partly cloudy by 6:00 o'clock. 63 and by 10:00 o'clock cool and breezy. fall book about 59 degrees. if in sonoma tomorrow race way out doors lacking great. early on the cool. mainly cloudy 55 degrees by 7:00 o'clock. l sunshine by 11:00 but by 3:00 o'clock we warm-upo 73 degree o'clock warm-up to 73 degrees. sunshine clouds by 7. tempeture of 66 degrees. so high for saturday across the bay. after morning clouds good deal of sunshine across the region by the afternoon. we good to 64 in san francisco. 78 in nap a.75 vallejo. up in 80 san jose. san mateo antioch cooling off with high of 86 compared to today when they were in the upper 90's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. you notice cooler inland tomorrow near average on sunday and that's about it for the co weather. monday or
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much warmer tuesday. down right hot inland and then wednesday thursday friday that wide range of temperatures. the weekend lacking absolutely perfect for allout door he haven't. >> sure is. >> thanks drew >> sure. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. united nations celebrate the anniversary of historic begiing in san francisco. >> and the votes are in. and the ugliest dog is then crowned the ugliest dog is the crowned. winner in the next half hour
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>> just minutes after today marriage ruling a group of artist got to work in san francisco mission district to cover up an act of hate agait the lay lesbian transgender communy. members of this
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gallery hung up the mural at 24th and bryant street. show twos latino men holding each other and 2 women face-to-face. it's a copy of the original ral that was vandalize few weeks ago. artist say intolerance did not disappear with today's decision. >> we are talking about the silence silencing, discrimination the hate they are not going away yet. they are still very alive in certain communities. >> donor with paid for the mural replacement gave the gallery enough money to keep replace it if it gets vandalize again. >> united nationsecretary general moon received coveted milk medal today in san francisco. the secretary general is in san francisco commemorate commemorating the 70th niversary of the sipeing of the uned nations charter. lo time supporter of lgbt human ritz across the globe. the nephew presentedhe medal to moon who spoke about how harvey helped shape san francisco to be the corner stone the lgbt community.
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>> few other city tv embody has proudly as san francisco at the time value of difficult divorce ty, equality and inclusion. >>reporter: the moon says he hopes the special honor will motivate him to work more than ever for 43 and equal rights for everyone. >> ather half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. escaped convicted murderer one of them shot and killed. authorities are cholesteroling in on the ♪ ♪ amang grace tivshtion and honoring the charleston pastor and the victi and the 8 other victims, another half hour of 7 news at male announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> we begin thihalf hour with the 2 maximum security
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prisoners wh escaped from a new york pris. one has been shot and killed. authorities believe they are closing in on the other. elizabeth has details. >> aer thousands of officers searched hundreds of miles of dense terrain for 3 week fshingts border patrol s.w.a.t. team shot and killed convicted killer richard matt 17 miles from the canadians border friday aftnoon. >> person towing a camper believed thathe camper had been shot. original male th heard a sound. thought they had a flat. they examine the trailer they were together and there was a bull hole through the back of the camper. >> law enforcement partner tactical team helicopter in. team came upon if matt. engaged mr. matt who wa armed and mr. matd was shot and killed. >> friday night officials
9:30 pm
confirm the second fugitive david sweat is still out there. man hunt intensified overnight in malone, new york after a woman reported getting a suspicious knock on the door. police responded and dog peculi up the skeent. which led law forcement to a second burglarize cabin police set autopsy perimeter and uing vigilance. sweat is still out there. considered dangerous. we ll continue to look for him. search just hard until we find him but please any kind of sightingings don't approach. please dial 91 or tip line frichlt day one they assed the two were armed and we are told officials recovered a shotgun where matt was shot and killed t.this is of new york news. >> homeland security encouring americans to be vigilant ahead of the fourth of july holiday following a string of terror aack today in france kuwait and tunisia. isis claim responsibility fo the incident where gunman opened fire at top lar beach resort killing7 people. many of the victims are europea tourist vacationing with their
9:31 pm
family. isis also claiming responsibility tonight for suicide bombing inside this mosque in kuwait where at least 27 people killed. in france man ram a vehicle into an american owned natural gas factory triggering an explosion factortriggering an explosion. severed head of man employer was found at the scene employer was found at the scene. suspect was once monitod for tie to islamic radical. he and 3 others in custody now. >> prime minister of greece called forurprise vote next week on new bailout deal. thousands of people rally in atns tonight. many of them unhappy about the euro own proposal. alls for tax increases and cuts to pension and salary. german cncellor merkel calls it generous but the greek say they will not be force nude accepting bailout funding that is unfair. degrees has until to us pay the monetary fund 1.7 billion dollars. >> psident delivered a power >> president delivered a powerful eulogy for one the victims of the charleston church massacre. l he ended the speech has peoe talking.
9:32 pm
david muir has the story. >> cynthia fvshltion cindy jackson, l lance, payne middleton, sanders. danielle l simmons. colemansingle ton. mayor a thompson. good people. >> ending in a rare term. ♪ ♪ amazing grace. vl. >>reporter: present lead ago grateful community in song. we watched as he began to stand realizing he was going to sing amazing gre
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sp ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ sf ♪ ♪ was blind but now i see ♪ ♪ see ♪ ♪ sfichlt funeral services were held today for member of the abc 7 fuss family. hundreds of people pass novato presbyterian church to celebrate the life offormer news reporter laura. she di last week after 16 year ballots with breast canr. one of the osest friends was carolyn tyler. she remembered laura energy and joy, her life. >> laura you have always been
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the mt beautiful butterfly in our wrld. we will love you rever. your life has given us memory too beautiful, too vibrant, too precious to ever forget. >>reporter: laura work at abc 7 news for 15 years. she was also a correspondent for ab news. the laura is survived by her husband daniel and daughter tess. laura was 56ears old. my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our ployees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve the safety and reliability our pipelines. my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power,
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we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, wee building a better california.
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. >> tonight thousands are celebrating today supreme court ruling in support of same sex marriage. the fight for equality has been a long ballots with much of it happening in the heart of san francisco. katie has more he
9:38 pm
all right sorry tech if i cal difficulty there try to bring you the story when we can. meanwhile twitter has been blowing up todayith the hash-tag love wins as the top trending top he can exploratorium chronie gave us a sneak peek of tomorrow front page with the title we do. modern famy after jesse ferguson tweeted hugely emotional that marriage eqlity had as finally come to the u.s. love always wins. white house tweeted on behalf of president obama who says the ruling wa is a victory for america. >> we want to see how people reacting to this land mark supreme court ruling were you live. caw c share photo video with us on social video. use the hash-tag abc 7 now. >> coming up next. changing dynamic of nascar. >> we show you the laser and computer vision that are
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>> jubilant scene this morning at city hall. >> decision feels right. >> it's peect timing. >> hard for me to describe how pure this jubilation was. >> justice and love won today. >> now back to the story about the fight for equality. it has been a long battle wi much of it happening in the hea of san francisco. here now is katie. >> people in san francisco castro neighborhood are now living inolor. >> ding dong the witch is dead. >> travel the long road to marriage equality. >>e have been waiting for a long time for this to be true. >> attorney and gay rights activist john ward says it was bumpy and sometimes a dangerous journey. >> it was just dpping with hatred and prejudice and no. you were other. you were other you were other. you were other. you were other. >>reporter: in 1978e found
9:43 pm
gay lesbian advocate d defender if boston. >> one of my colleague went with me the first too many i went to court to argue a gay case because i was so nervo. >> decades lateary glad attorney argue marriage equality at the supreme court and won in 5-4 decision. >> immediately looked at the dissenting opion and thought how can they take it away. >> long before former san frcisco mayor newsom performed same sex marriage at city hall in 2004 people like anthony lopez if the for >> i have a right to have. >> in the 70's opened the first gay latino bar in the mission. but the police held the permit. >>he was just fighting. didn want it. >> many succeeded. changing rules and capturing hea. once considered radical supervisor harvey milk former camera shop now a store for the human rights campaign. >> still extraordinary to me
9:44 pm
how much things have changed in my life time. >> while same sex couple can now marry from california to kaas we are far from over the rainbow. in terms of equality in the united states. >> people think we have won something. we have. we are just beginning the next ase of the journey. >>onight decision day celebration is hosted by whole group of gay rights activist. sure to be the party to be at. >> 7 news. >> of if you thought the officials at spting event need the eye check happy to hear this. fans flack to sonoma for this ekend nascar races. officials there are gearing up to use laser and computer vision. take the guess work out of it. january thon has look behind the scene. >> sonoma race way intomorrow us turn 2 ruined the share of tires. there are lots of spare and thiyear the craw jumps over the wall for the pit stop 50 camera watch. >> how many tires are changed. how many cans of fuel they took how
9:45 pm
many cans of fuel they took. wther there was a chassis adjustment done. >> officials who used to stand on pit road now sit in the trailer said to have 9 million tis the come putting power of the first space shuttle. sfichlt they create an image like this. tracking cart. crew members and even the tire d alert officials if they break the rules. >> system said you potentially have a penalty for driving through so many boxes on entry and alert the official in red. >> adding it up takes serious math. >> now you can't really question the calls. >> video will show us whether crew members fat is on the ground or t. >> high tech officiating arts long before the race in the laser inspection station where they traded clipboard for computer. >> we have fv this. >>reporter: computer measures the car against the official
9:46 pm
rule and for the first time store theecord digitally. >> help to us see and trac vehicle from race to race without having a lot of paper to sffle through. >> they markoff the check list on a tablet. >> it means they have to have this before they can get a sticker. >> yes allmptant inspection sticker is still made out of paper. >> at sonoma race way abc 7 news. >> going to be busy out the. one of many events taking place in the bay area this wean. >> we want to know how the weather will be. drew has the swers for us. >> hi. yes it's really nice over the weekend. cooler temperatures will move in and we start tomorrow with clouds turn to sunshine by the afternoon. live doppler 7 hd qu it. we look at the lower 48 once again the east coast is rather unsettled. did you notice showers. all the way from boston far south of new orleans. uld be some strong storms especially into philadelphia and washington, d.c. as area of low pressure pushes to the east. look out for otherwise atlanta 93 with
9:47 pm
showers. 91 in new orleans and then once you get behind the cold front it's rather qui. 93 st. louis. sunshine 83 in denver. arizona 4 corner could be looking at few monsoon rain showers. high in phoenix by the afternoon. high saturday here in california. we see mixture of clouds first and sunshine by the ternoon. it's hot inland. yos michlt sacramento up to 105 in 40's no. 1 1in palm springs. get to the coast a ltle bit more comfortable. 81 l.a. with 58 or 68 rather in monterey. close it home bay area tomorrow close it home bay area tomorrow. sunshine by the afternoon. cooler air fine afternoon. cooler air finally movesn inland. 85 fair field. wipe out the 90's. 86 antioch. 83 in cop cord. 71 gh in oakland. 80 san jose. palo alto. score for san francisco. 81 for santa rosa. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow cooler air moves in. ne average for second half of the weekend. and then high pressure moves back in. much warmer for
9:48 pm
monday. hot inland on tuesday and then the wide rangeretty much prevails wednesday thursday and friday. weekend is comfortable. >> we like comfortable thanks drew. >> selfie stick. banned at all advertise any theme park effective tuchlts officials say the stick are a growing safety concern for both guest and employees. selfie stick have always been banned on the rides always been banned on the rides. now they are off limits all together you cab turn them in for pick up later or return them to the car or hotel room. >> ready for this world ugliest dog was crowned tonight at the sonoma marin fair in petaluma. winner is? until guy. 10-year-old pit bull. fvl shephard mix. over weight a birth defect that left him a little bit hunch back. he was among 27 dog vying for thetitle of home vying for the title of homelyest hound. winning the contest earn the owners 1500
9:49 pm
llar top prize. the the dog gets the title of ugliest dog. >> that's sweet. we love him. >> not the worst have seen >> >> not the worst i have seen >> not that ugly. he just needs a little kind of work out program. trim dowa little bit. >> bmi back inine. >> take up a sport. >> yes. something. but there will had to be we have seen worse e.yes i think we have. >> i know ugly. >> you said it. >> one of those rare weekends where the giants and a's both at home. highlights plus team usa fight to survive in the women world cup wther one goal would be enough
9:50 pm
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my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent f pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the puic and our employees. pg&e is usg a lot of new technology to improve the safety andeliability of our pipelines.
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my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power, we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, we're building a better california. iseding. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. pride party just getting starte after today historic ruling. we take you live to the droos to see how people arecelebrating. >> plus she's a symbol of hope and change. onight exclusive coverage of the bay area visit. no bell peace prize winner
9:53 pm
meets with 7 news anchor cheryl jennings. be sure to join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 l. >> larry now with sports. >> yes i think we'll do you pick out the producer having a heart attack. >> aim going to throw you off. >> totally. probably. >> i'll tell you who is really swaeingt it outs chris johnson the director. >> the lien up. we won't do that. >> very afraid. let's start with the a's. okay. tell 5 game winning streak in the coliseum tonight facing first place royals. last time they met was back in april and turn to a bean ball war. opening 10 game home stand tonight. fans loving themself some brett fans loving themself some brett. jesse 3 home runs the entire season. make it 4. morales. he was out and 1
9:54 pm
nothing kc. 2 going game. tell eric ground out davis. he throws it await a minute they lead the major in erro unfortunately. 4 nothing game 2 run score. the score in the sixth. that is crushed. high deep and aloha. as we said came in the allowing 3 homers and 85 innings. gave up 2 tonight in 6 frames right now kans city leading 5-1 in the 9th. across the bay giants hostinghe rockies on lgbt tonight. no score until the fifth. andrew he got it. breakingall deep and gone. his second homer of the year 1 nothing giants. didn't last. top 6. giants killer look at the reaction from hudson. couldn't though that guy a strike. 3 run blast. that was way out in the bleachers. just like that 3 1 rockies. giants tie it in the bottom half of the inning after this single. other brandon crawford with rbi base hit here. buster make it
9:55 pm
3-3 game. hudson in the seventh puts 2 men on. lopez normally like money in these situation but carlos again sol east pickp the fourth hit of the night. and right now giants traing 6-3 in the eighth inning. next we pick women soccer. u.s. women soccer team not allow add goal in the past 4 23 minutes in this world cup. that's a good thing becae the offense just isn't producing very much. team usa against china in the quarter final. tonight in ottawa. 1 gel in the entire tournament. good scoring chance. china keeper came out of the net. johnston denied there. scoreless. 51 minute. finds lloyd with the header. tv lloyd playing in the 200 cap tv lloyd playi in the 200 cap. 200 match. scores for the second straight game that was the only gel othe entire night. team usa reaches the semifinal 1-nil the final.
9:56 pm
>> i think it was highly energizeerformance. took care of the ball wl. tvl create a lot of tument. we are really pleased. i just over all the team played very well. everybody camen the game helped the game and helped us be successful. >> winner of germany versus france play the american in the semi. 116 minutes and france hening wide open net. just a give me. so they go to penalty kick. f convert for germany. went 5 for 5 but clareenied by unger and germany answers 5 by unger and germany answers 5-4 on p k and will face the s. in the semi finals. nba champion. war yrs formerly introduced draft pick from last tonight. do have taking uc a rward with 30th over all pick and there are question out his a possible hip injury. ayed only 1 season at ucla. 1 and done. average 1 minute 36 games. healthy enough to complete the wle season. average almost 12 points 9
9:57 pm
board a game. now he told me some docts thought the hip was going to be a problem. otrs did not. the warriors don't ed him to play right away so if surgery is required the team can wait on him. >> play the well season. wen to the work out and i still could play now. i can play i'm t hurting right now. so'm looking at the what they want me to do. i have an injury and can do well with it. we have a player that is going to be a big part of the future no. reason why he can't be and i see a lieunant of the coaching staff out here. we pass him off them. >> our job in the front office is over. steve is now work with you and his staff. but i'm sure you work hard and it will be great for everybody. >> the nhl draft started tonight in florida with shark holding the 9th overll pick. the highest draft choice in 2007. work out back then. they took logan 9th over all. hoping lightning would strike twice. san jose take meier
9:58 pm
from switzerland. just 19 years old in october. 209 pounds. 44 goals and 90 points for the halifax moose head. one of the favorite tea. not the most physical player. not afraid to fight for the puck. needs to work on the defensive game. meier also happens to be fluent in 4 language. abc 7 sports is brought to you by toyota. >> impressive. >> that would 3 more language. >> and sports. >> yes. >> very nice. your own language. >> thanks larry. >> i'm katie. >> 7 news for all of us thank you so much for wrappin 7 news continues now on line on twitter and face back and all your mobile device with the abc 7 news app. >> have a good night everyone. see you at 110 on channel
9:59 pm
i n't believe we're finally back. seriously? it feels like we've been gone over a year. i honestly thought we might never be in this kitchen again. you know,ust hanging out, telling our stories to each other, to the world. (all) mm. where were you guys? over atllie's. but we ran out of wine.
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it got really intense.


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