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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 30, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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soaring temperatures making us uncomfortable and putting people at risk. while it crept into the triple digit tuesday, people braved the heat to have fun. but for some it was just too much. and this swelter is not over yet. good evening i'm dan ashley. here is a live look outside from our tower camera. sandy patel is here with how hot it was sandy. >> dan smoking hot today. livermore, 108 degrees. take a look for yourself. see the hot spots. 160, antioch. 102, santa rosa. gilroy, 103. breaking the 1999 record of 98. same thing for napa.
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san francisco. mid 70s. oakland, mid 80s. 92, san jose. heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. heat-related illnesses possible. areas, north bay east bay interior valley. take precaution. when you take a look at the temperatures now. still in the 80s inland. part of the reason why the heat advisory is going to remain in effect. temperatures will quickly rise tomorrow. and we will be in for a hot one inland. i'll be back to let you know when it will cool down and your holiday forecast. dan? >> despite the boiling hot temperatures people were braving the heat and in some cases paying for it. allen wong is live at the alameda county fair. tough to stay cool there today. >> reporter: yes, dan. wow, what a difference the evening makes. the temperature has dropped at least 20 degrees since the sun went down. attendance here has been low today. but we still found plenty of people in the heat.
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108 degrees when the 9-year-old little league all stars hit the diamond in livermore. early practices canceled. but the games went on. we are really keeping a close eye on them. icen a bucket. towels. keep them hydrated in the shade as much as we can between innings. at the county fair the first aid station saw a steady stream of people showing signs of heat exhaustion. an elderly woman was rushed in on a wheelchair. and a fair worker sat under the misters feeling disoriented and nauseous. the heat was too much. especially for the swine. pigs don't have sweat glands. and anna finster's hog, chuck was so lethargic he would not take his cold bath. today was show day. >> it was look really hot. so, like it's bad. >> what happened? >> they just don't want to do anything. >> they got to walk around the ring. after so many times around the
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ring. you are'going to want to walk around in the heat as well. >> it was so hot. the only thing at concession stands was water. >> nobody wants to be hot. >> the merckry reached 108 by the time the sun went down. the temperature drpd to a cool 90 degrees. in the east bay, allen wong abc 7 news. >> o blazing heat contributed today to prime condition for wildfires. this one still burns tonight in santa clara county. sky 7 hd captured the flames tearing through rugged terrain in gilroy. fire crews conducted a massive aerial assault to deal with it. the fire has been burning now for almost eight hours. growing to 50 acres. it is now 50% contained. >> commuters along 680 saw huge flames early this evening as a grass fire spread. a car caught fire near the bridge, spreading to the brush. flames just took off. two lanes were closed. drivers were told to find alternate routes.
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fire fighters got it under control in less than an hour. they kept an eye on hot spots into the evening to make sure it didn't flare up again. fire fighters assisted with the response and shot these photos. now to the image weep just showed you. you can track the high temperatures anytime with abc 7 news weather app. you can get it free from apple's app store or google play. we also have more information at abc 7 more on the weather a little later on. sandy will have the full forecast including july 4th. >> as we move on, on the day of the eviction deadline. people at redwood city apartment complex rallied for time. eight families are staying put. saying they simply cannot find anywhere else to live. abc 7 news reporter katy eunice is live for what is next for displaced tenants. katie. >> dan some of the tenants are going to meet with city council members on thursday. one woman i spoke with even sent in her rent check for july hoping the landlord will let her stay one more month.
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as of right now the state of the tenants lies in the hands of the property owner. the outlook for people living at 910 clinton street in redwood city is bleak. >> we want to meet them halfway. we do not, we plan on negotiate negotiating with them not having to go to court. >> today the eviction deadline, given by the new property owner. >> they plan to renovate. >> 14-year-old gabrielle organized the rally and shows where the family of 6 lives. >> our apartment, two bedroom, two bathroom. >> his parents pay $1,750 a month. finding some where comparable in redwood city is impossible. eight of 18 families are staying put. >> i don't think it is a choice. they have nowhere else to go. >> like linda howell, a more than 30 year resident does an exhaustive housing search. >> we are not trying to be jerks. we want to move. we just can't find something that we can afford. >> what we are seeing is that in order to pay monthly average
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rent here you have to make $45 an hour. >> jennifer mar teen teess says martinez -- >> we need something system tick. the decision of the landlord. >> we reached out but did not hear back. another example of the bay area hae real estate boom for some, and bust for others. in redwood city abc 7 news. >> the fbi is investigating the 11th attack on bay area fiber optic cables in the last year. the cords were severed this time at an undisclosed location in alameda county. the vandal crawled down a manhole into a subterranean vault, cut the line. knocked out phone service and slowed internet in sacramento area. since july, 2014 fiber optic line in freemont, san jose, berkeley walnut creek, alamo have been cut.
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♪ >> the balcony that collapsed in berkeley, killing six, passioned a private inspection. an inspector, rated the balcony's structural components in good concondition. it only found broken window seals and cracked floors. berkeley's mayor says clearly it was not thorough enough. >> obviously anything that determined there wasn't a problem was not a good report. there was certainly dry rot and all kind of problems with the balconies for sure. >> to date can tractor who built the apartments segue construction filed a motion to be included in the da investigation. the company wants to keep investigators from examining evidence without them being present. a judge continued the hearing to tomorrow. we'll keep you posted. >> former state senator leiland ye may have reached a plea deal in his corruption case. ye pleaded not guilty to self charges including bribery and money laundering. his trial was set for late july
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but the judge scheduled a change of plea hearing for tomorrow. ye accused of accepting bribes in return for work to help what ended up being a phony business set up by the fbi well heads up here, police inn't the east bay warning bay owners beware of thieves and a precious car part. a big spike in catalytic converter thets. thefz went on a spree recently. the abc reporter is live with the story to explain why they're such a hot item cornell to steal? >> dan police have no suspects in the crimes. many car owners we talked to never dreamed they would have to worry about their catalytic converters disappearing. >> awful. just rude. >> reporter: linda murphy got a big surprise monday morning when the family piled into their suv. >> as we are heading out. started the car. sounded like a jet engine exploding. >> the catalytic converter was ripped off from the sequoia
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parked on the curb.c mechanic. >> mean, not nice. $4,200 expense. >> $4,200. murphies aren't alone. walnut creek police say 13 catalytic converters were stolen from sequoias and tundra trucks between sunday night and monday morning. >> the attraction precious metals inside. >> because most sequoias have a dahl catalytic system. two convertors. crooks can get $50 to $200 buck. right now police have no lead in the crime. >> we reached out to recycling centers in contra costa county. we learned many will not accept the recycled catalytic converters because of the high rate at which they're being stolen. >> there are some devices on line which claim to deter thieves from stealing your converter. >> we learned our lesson. we will put our car in the garage now. luckily, linda's insurance will cover the cost of the new catalytic converter but not the
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aggravation. in walnut creek cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> dancing her way into the history books. next on abc 7 news. the extraordinary story of a ballerina who was told she just didn't have the body for ballet. why she is proving them all wrong tonight. >> plus it's real life jason borne, this woman can't trem were who -- remember who she is. time is running out. the queen of reality tv. why kim kardashian was in san francisco tonight. abc 7 news at 11 continues in a moment. first jimmy kimmel and what is coming up. hi jimmy. >> thank you, dan. hello to the bay area. here's the sampleing of the nonsense we have in store for you tonight. >> my mom was trying to show off all the celebrities the star bus kept coming by kathy griffin. kathy griffin. i am waving. my mom
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maybe you have seen this commercial with an incredible dancer delivering a powerful message to her critics. well that woman isn't just a fierce icon. she is also a classically trained ballerina who is making history. here's abc news reporter maria schiavocampo. >> reporter: a moment in history shared on instagram. dancer misty copeland celebrating with fellow dancers after learning of her promotion becoming the first african-american female principal in the ballet theater's 75 year history the highest honor for a performer.
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>> my dream has been since i was 13. and, um, to be a principal dancer is reaching those heights. >> calling herself an unlikely ballerina, the 32-year-old didn't begin dancing until she was 13. old for ballet. and was often told she was all wrong for it. as she shared with our david muir. >> i'm black we don't exist in the ballet world. i'm too muscular. i'm too short. my bust is too big. >> one of six raised bay a single mother. she gracefully leapt over countless obstacles becoming one of the most famous ballerina in the country, inking a deal with underare more underarmor. a new kind of ballet star, preparing for her next act.
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maria schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> wild story here, a woman suffering from amnesia and cancer is hoping the internet can help her remember her identity. the woman is known only as sam. she was found in carls. bad at san diego. has been diagnosed with cancer. an australian accent and memories of being on a bet. her prognosis is not good. she hope her family will be found soon. doctors say it is not uncommon for some types of cancer to cause memory loss. that may be what is occurring here. >> people are not the only ones seeking relief from the heat today. take a look at this. spotted these cows crowding into the shade cast by a windmill in rio vista. they lined up to take advantage of the shade. the black cows are prone to heat stress due to dark hides. >> jupiter and venus are close together in the evening sky close enough to cover both with your thumb actually. tonight is your best chance to
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see this cosmic collision. the two planets will look like a tight cluster of stars. great picture to share. abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel has her eyes on the sky as well. live doppler 7 hd. not thinking so much about the night time sky the heat coming tomorrow, sandy. >> that's right. dan. i have got to show you beautiful pictures sent, first one posted on facebook page by corrine e. this one was sent on twitter by one of our viewers here remember to -- tag your pictures on twitter with hash tag abc 7 now. love to see your sky photos. taking a look at live doppler 7, hd. high clouds moving through. fog is right down near the coastline. it is going to be a bit on the thick side for your morning commute. plan accordingly. i have to show you these temperatures again. because, you know if you live in half moon bay, thinking foggy cool, 55 degrees. out toward antioch livermore
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san ramon. quite a contrast. just like it was earlier today. the roof camera showing you the beautiful view here. we take a look at the forecast. triple digit heat. inland. cooling on thursday. looking at a seasonal pattern for july fourth. satellite showing you high pressure over the desert southwest. expanded westward. whiches why it got so hot inland. because it also drew up moisture. that resulted in high clouds for the bay area. filtering our sun today. it resulted in some showers and thunderstorms. at the southern california beaches where they were. and sierra nevada. a chance of seeing thunderstorms and showers in the same general areas for tomorrow. occasional high cloudiness for your wednesday. morning starts out with fog. we head into the afternoon hours. and cloudiness will continue. look what shows up thursday morning. we may see possible sprinkles. cloud cover will increase. san jose and gilroy watching for possible developments could ge
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changed to showers keep that in mind as we head toward thursday. tomorrow morning mild to warm inland. mid to upper 60s. when you get up in the morning. you won't need to worry about a jacket. sweater, layering. if you are going to be near the coast. might require a light jacket. temperatures in the 50s under the fog. and may take you longer to get to work. and 102, gilroy. 92 in san jose. 90, santa clara. 89 in los gatos. occasional high cloud. upper 80s, redwood city. 66 on the coast. you will see the fog around. well into the afternoon. daly city. 71 downtown. and north bay. 60s. triple digits up to the north. santa rosa. and 80 in oakland tomorrow. high cloud and sun. and the heat tomorrow. livermore, 103. 101, concord. walnut creek. triple digits again tomorrow.
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we will see -- that heat coming down a little bit. all right. not so hot on thursday. temperatures will come down quite a bit over the weekend. and 80s inland. 60s, coast. fourth of july. >> thank you, sandy. back here in a moment.
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my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our employees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve the safety and reliability of our pipelines. my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power, we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, we're building a better california.
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san francisco keeping up with the kardashians to night.
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kim kardashian taking a selfie as commonwealth speaker at castro theater. there to promote her book of selfies and talk about body image and femininity. some criticize the public affairs nonprofit for hosting kardashian. but the commonwealth club insists it is all about provocative discussion. >> let's move on to sports. larry, a lot to talk about. >> tremendous highlights. team usa and world cup. jim harbaugh, classic. throwing out the first pitch. naturally in h ♪music ♪ the lord
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says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass
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here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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u.s. women's soccer team played suffocating defense, got a couple lucky breaks against germany. in the women's world cup semis. the result is a spot in the final. this was a physical battle. 29th minute. morgan brian alexander pop knock head. brian given a concussion test on the field. pop, was bleeding from her head. both stayed in the match. toughness. scoreless. and yellow card for pulling pop down. the penalty kick for her, and she missed it wide left. everybody in shock there. 7 minutes later. gets knocked down. and outside the box. and germany can't score. the u.s. does. 1-0. usa. and that's pretty.
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the finish in front. u.s. wins 2-0. japan or england sunday. and assignment for the second time this year. likely played his final game. and three game series. in miami. gordon leading in hitting and in speed. second inning. laces the ball. and to the gap in right center. worried about gordon. going to backhand flip it. no idea that is coming. the fastest man in baseball breezes around inside the park homer. 3-1. marlins. first homer. inside the parker. buster posey answers with an old-fashioned conventional bomb. 1 rbis in the last ten games. giants down 5-3. thinking infield single here. and rojas, bare hand a better pick. at first. marlins take the series opener by a score of 5-3. as/rockies.
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starting with sunny gray, who was ill. blackmon, paulson. 1-0. as in the sixth. based loaded, brett lowery, drowns out. the as get nothing and like it. colorado. takes on another wild pitch. rodriguez. and that turned out to be the game winner. rockies edge oakland 2-1. former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh throughout the ceremonial first pitch. tigers game tonight. took it seriously. warming up. dressed in ever present khakis. wearing an old classic jersey. full wind-up. bringing it. do you expect anything less from jim harbaugh. of course not. sharks acquire the goalie of the future. jones. quick, past two years in l.a. traded from l.a. to boston. sharks give up a 2016 pick. and beat out h
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