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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 1, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit and that breaking news is in san francisco where a woman was shot and killed next to the ferry building tonight. witnesses say she was on pier 14 with a family member when she was shot in the torso. police say a person of interest has been detained. they are questioning 20 people at the scene tonight. pier 14 is on the south side. a section is closed while police investigate. this is a busy place where
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tourists and restidents gather. our reporting tonights on twitter. follow us and we'll have live updates from the scene on abc 7 news at 11:00, over on channel 7. a woman shot and killed by the ferry building in san francisco tonight. good evening i'm dan ashley. ama daetz has the night off. to the bay area weather that lived up to its reputation for micro climates. people flocked to this fountain. children could not resist getting in the water. doesn't that look refreshing? in the south bay the weather turned from sunny and hot to cloudy and rainy. david louie tweeted this video and here is what it looks like now looking west as clouds and cooler air welcome cooler air move in. let's check in with sandy patel and live doppler h.d. >> things changed very quickly. let met show you live doppler
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seven hd and what it looks like now. most of the showers across the bay area moved off over the ocean. here a closer view. they are moving away from our area. take a look at what developed. this moisture started coming in from the southeast and started moving northwestward, which is why slowly but surely, we started to see showers developing and moving north into the north bay. lightning strikes reported at big sir and livermore earlier today and we certainly had the hot weather in the inland areas. livermore 105 and 31 degrees cooler and 64 today compared to livermore. so the nice summer micro climate with us. the cloud cover helped to take the edge off the heat so temperatures started to fall today, and as you take a look here, the heat eases as we head into thursday. we'll be out of the triple digits. the question is, do we still have the possibility of seeing some more thunder and showers? and how the cooling will last?
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i'll let you know with the holiday forecast coming up. >> thanks a lot. in the middle of the afternoon heat, several vta light rail trains stalled in san jose today. a spokesperson says there was a mechanical problem with the overhead power line at least eight people on one train had to be evacuated. transit officials have not confirmed heat was in fact to blame. certainly didn't help. the problem did cause some major disruptions in light-rail service today. and for a second straight day, the operators of the power grid called a flex alert throughout california. that alert expired just a few minutes ago, in fact. the worst part of the heat spell hit the east bay earlier today threatening the health of people and animals. here is laura anthony. >> reporter: people aren't the only ones who heat up when its hot. animals do, too including those at the alameda county fair in
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pleasanton. staying cool on day two of a heat wave is job one at the fair, especially for the 4 h and future farmers, trying to keep prized animals safe and healthy. >> it's really important because if you don't you've done this work for nothing. they could get sick or get really dehydrate. it's important because you've done this work for a year and then comes out to nothing. >> reporter: how do you know when they are in trouble? >> they start panelling andting and ears will go back. >> reporter: the showers getting ready. >> to keep them cool, we hose them down or take their blankets and dip them and put them back on them so that way it's like taking a dunk in the pool. >> reporter: in concord, keeping cool was pretty easy at least for the children. >> we are hanging out trying stay cool although we're in the
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sun. >> kids can play for hours and just enjoy it the nice weather. >> reporter: the park's opening was delayed for three weeks because of the drought but now the water flows. >> in this heat you don't want a grass fire that broke out late today. it started just before 7:00 and burned about 25 acres. the fire department ordered several trucks to the scene and put it out quickly. it's unclear how it started. the satecity of fairfield declared it so bad it closed three parks for the weekend. rock field hills, spy glass and the surface ranch rolling hills open space will be closed from 8:00 friday night until 6:00 p.m. ever a.m. monday. yosemite is implementing stage one fire restrictions and that will mean no campfires of any kind even a cooking fire in
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most areas of the park. cooking fires will be allowed in designated picnic areas however, and the park is imposing a smoking ban below 6,000 feet. now, you can track the conditions where you live with the abc 7 weather app. go to slash apps or download it free from the apple app store or google play. moving on, a tragedy at the san jose airport this morning. one person is dead and several injured because of a crash in front of the parking garage at terminal b. a 25-year-old woman driving the red pontiac at a high speed crashed into the audi suv carrying a family of five. the woman in the red car died at the scene and the family in the suv were taken to the hospital and will be okay. >> sometimes these are the results of people not being careful and driving slowly and we don't want this to happen to anybody else. any time you have a fatality
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that's one too many. >> investigators are planning to look at surveillance video to determine exactly what happened. abc 7 news was in the mission district where hundreds of people rallied in front of an lgbt mural that has been vandal utilized three times. the mural that depicts gay couples and a transgender man was first unveiled last month. vandals spray painted it twice and this week, they set it on fire. >> it was a good neighbor, good samaritan that saw it and able to put out the fire. who knows what would have happened if that had not occurred. but i think that what you see here is a united community here in the mission saying this is not what our community is about. >> that's san francisco supervisor david come poeampos. they spent $3000 to get rid of the spray paint and the gallery
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has to spent more to get rid of the latest mess. we have a lot more ahead here at 9:00. a former state senator strikes a deal with federal prosecutors. the prison time he could face after pleading guilty to a racketeering charge. the governor asked us to cut water use by 25%. the latest numbers by how much californians are actually saving. and meteorologist sandy patel will be right back with
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands
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the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. disgraced former senator lelald lee and three others changed they are pleas today. vic lee has the story. >> reporter: former state senator leland yee was arrested following a long fbi sting.
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he was the most prominent, the big fish. turns out he was the first to make a deal with the feds. he left the courthouse immediately after entering his plea and did not respond to reporter's questions. he was set to go to trial on political corruption, money laundering and charges. instead he agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors guilty to one count of racketeers of taking part in a criminal enterprise to use as political position to accept bribes. three other defendants also pleaded guilty. form erer san francisco school president keith jackson pleaded guilty to the same racketeering charge. they blasted the fbi for insnaring his client. >> is this government doing what we want them to do? do we really want people sitting back there doing this? and my answer is no, we don't.
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>> reporter: jackson's son brandon pleaded guilty but to a separate racketeering charge linking him with a china town fraternal group headed by mobster raymond shrimp boy chow who is also indicated in this case. sports agent marlin sullivan pleaded guilty to the same racketeering count with these underlying crimes. >> he associated and helped in the transfer of guns. the attempted purchase of ten kilos of cocaine and a conspiracy to commit murder. >> leland yee and three defendants will be sentenced later this year. the others face sentences ranging from four to ten years. a federal investigation has cleared a sonoma county deputy in the shooting death of a teenager in 2013. andy lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked like an a.k. 47.
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he was on his way to a friend's house when he was shot on a sidewalk. residents were outraged calling him the victim of racial profiling. deputy eric galihous thought it was an assault rifle. a propose toll make it easy for more people to get involved in the government could be headed for a november ballot. more than 16,000 signatures were turned into san francisco city hall's election department today. caroline tyler explains. >> reporter: there is no one like walter paulson at city hall most san franciscoens can't make it to speak, let alone to sing. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: as a class assignment, these students have come up with ideas designed to make it easier for more people to participate and believe they collected more than enough signatures for a ballot measure. >> it will help for all of their voices to be here. we don't want to exclude these
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groups just because they can't be there. >> reporter: david lee is their professor and says the measure requires all public meetings be streamed online allow the public to comment virtually rather than in person and mandate specific times for items to be discussed if enough people sign up in advance. >> in san francisco the epicenter of technology it's time to bring city hall into the 21st century. >> i think the idea is practically speaking, not sure how it works. some meetings are incredibly long. >> reporter: tom nolan is head of the mta board covered by the city's tv station. proponents say the infrastructure is in place to stream all meetings live. mayor ed lee tells us he's on board. >> real day life is not about hanging out in line at some hearing in the middle of the day. so yeah. >> reporter: at least 9,000 signatures need to be verified to put the measure on the november ballot. in san francisco, caroline
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tyler, abc 7 news. well here is good news californians made dramatic cut backs in water use saving 29% compared with the same month of 2013. the state water resources control board made that announcement today. that's well above the 25% governor brown asked for all of us to save in april. state water officials say this a cooler and wetter may may have helped. in the bay area hillsborough cut back 49%. overall, water use in the bay area was 32% less with bay area residents averaging just 66 gallons per day. that is the lowest for any part of the state except the north coast. with temperatures on the rise today, pet owners were taking extra precautions to protect animals from heat-related illnesses. not just people we have to worry about in the south bay. veterinaries are encouraging pet owners to make sure dogs have extra water. if your dog has a small nose, it's far more likely to
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experience heat exhaustion. symptoms of heat stress in pets is excessive panelling, thirst and unwillingness to continue on walks. >> i'll keep them outside and make sure the there is tons of shade and water and that they are not moving around too much. >> if your pet starts to show symptoms of heat exhaustion, vet vets recommend to cool them down with water and take them out of the sun and if symptoms worsen take them to a veterinarian to be checked out. >> that's what happens to me i start panelling and refuse to continue to walk. at least it is cooling down. >> yeah make sure you're not in hot water. we don't want you panelling. temperatures will continue to come down. somebody wrote to me on twitter and said why aren't you talking about the hair frizz factor. good point. it's muggy out there. don't look at our hair right now. >> that's a daily problem for me. >> me too. live doppler 7 hd now.
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these clouds, subtropical adding more mugginess to the air which is why it's feeling sticky in case you're feeling uncomfortable and right now, no rain drops showing up here but this is why i have to keep it in the forecast. sierra saw the thunderstorms, lightning strikes over fresno. some of this moisture continues to move from the east and it is going to continue to move westward. here is a time lapse from this afternoon looking toward mt. diablo. thunder in the clouds and showers that moved through. so pretty cool view. here is an equally beautiful view a full moon frthe explorery camera. temperatures mid to low 60s. tower camera fog is not a problem from this vantage point but we do have fog along the coastline where half moon bay is reporting reduced visibility. temperatures in the 70s.
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santa rosa napa concord and livermore in the 80s now. from the east bay hills camera, lingers clouds and a look at the forecast. shower and thunder chance into the morning inland heat eases and it will be mild to warm for july 4th weekend. so what happened? you're probably wondering, there was a swirl of subtropical moisture. circulation came up. the monsoon moisture that stays over the sierra nevada shifted more in our direction because of that circulation and that's why we saw the instability earlier in the day. hottest air is swinging inland so if you don't like the hot weather, especially in the inland communities, there is relief coming and it will be noticeable. tonight fog at the beaches and a slight chance of showers into the morning commute and when i say slight there are a few locations showing moisture for the start of the commute. continuing until 8:00 a.m. and then we'll just see some cloud cover going into your friday, fog increases stronger sea breeze and that cooling trend
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continues for the end of the workweek. full moon tonight, temperatures mid 50s to mid 60s first thing tomorrow morning. you're going to notice it's not as warm as this morning but certainly will still feel on the muggy side. afternoon highs 94 gill roy and santa clara 93. still warm just not as hot as it has been. 83 in redwood city tomorrow afternoon. 78 san ma theteo. 61 67 downtown san francisco and quite a bit of filtered sun in the north bay. 84 santa rosa, low 80s, sonoma, east bay, berkeley, oakland. 84 fremont and inland 90s. accuweather seven-day forecast, no more triple digits tomorrow. down to the 90s and then by this weekend, 80s for the warmest spots for the 4th of july, dan low 60s.
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really quite comfortable weather we'll have the marine layer around and then we'll just keep it as you like to the say, steady as she comes. >> oh yeah, in the 80s is nice. thanks. all right. well still to come here on abc 7 news at 9:00, life on the rock. >> normally used for a walls or trucks drunks. >> the $3 million makeover, that's next.
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my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our employees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve the safety and reliability of our pipelines.
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my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power, we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, we're building a better california.
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hills burg is the first city in california to stop sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21.
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hills burg's former mayor co-sponsored a bill to take that ordinance statewide. santa rosa is cracking down on smoking. the city banned smoking in apartments and condos and city parks and properties and banned smoking in lines for atms, food vendors vendors, movie theaters and buses. the measure is expected to be formal utilized next week and would go into effect in august. the band exempts medicinal marijuana and e cigarettes. something very old is new again. abc 7 news was on the island the this morning for the unveiling of the historic military guard house. it's been restored to the civil war era condition for visitors to see. there is an area known as the dungon. >> every military post has a guard house and the soldiers use it as a gathering spot but
9:25 pm
every guard house also has is jail cells, normally used for a walls or drunks or other minor infractions. >> the guard house has been covered by a boat house since 1918. most of the restoration was paid for by ticket sells. coming up soaring airline prices. tonight the new investigation into the possible price fixing. also, the apology from whole foods to ceos, what they are promising to do after complaints were they over charges their customers. the trailer for the new steve jobs movie is out. a previ
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good evening once again. we begin this half hour with a strong warning from the u.s. defense secretary about the 4th
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of july. while there is no specific threat security urged local police to remain vigilant in the wake of the attacks in tunisia kuwait and france. here is brian ross. >> reporter: in the wake of a series of deadly isis attacks on a beach in tunisia and today in egypt the american intelligence community tonight is on an urgent search for any sign of isis followers plotting a july 4th attack in the u.s. looking especially closely at social media sites. >> there are self-radicalized people on social media. we're concerned about it. >> reporter: authorities say the social media sites are not doing all they can to help. the man that led the attacks on the mohammed cartoon contacts in texas was in open communication on twitter with a known isis recruiter that said it's time for brothers in the u.s. to do their part. while social media companies say
9:30 pm
they aggressively act to stop such traffic, most don't have a policy to routinely notify about it. >> if social media are aware of child pornography, they have to tell police authorities. but they have no such obligation if they are aware of terrorism or terrorist plots. >> reporter: as british authorities discovered as two jihads beheaded a london soldier. before the attack, one posted a message reportedly on facefacebook, let's kill a soldier but authorities were not alerted on facebook until after the mudder. the senate intelligence commit committee required a bill to require sites to report activity. that could turn social media sites into secret police. our request for comment to twitter went unanswered. facebook works closely with police when it deems there is a genuine threat with authorities say that is still not good
9:31 pm
enough. brian ross, abc news new york. the department of justice has launched an investigation into the airline industry. it wants to know if the carriers are working together to drive up the airfares we pay? with more than 3 million american expected to fly this holiday weekend, will we be paying more than we should? more from abc news reporter david curly. >> reporter: plainsnes are packed but is that because airlines are working together illegally to keep fairs you pay higher. it's investigating unlawful coordination by certain airlines after a call for investigation by a u.s. senator. >> call for supply, economics 101 is a violation of law if it is misuse of market power. >> reporter: united delta american and southwest that control 80% of the market have been told to produce statements and decisions for the past two years about the size of their
9:32 pm
fleets. the theory is the airlines are working together to keep the fleets the same size so the airlines could keep fairs up. they complete vigorously every day. >> the definition of collusion is that the airline executives are calling each other up, there is no smoking gun there. >> reporter: senator blooming the thal is calling for the investigation. a big and unexpected delay on a delta flight when an evacuation slide was released. ryan coleman was on the flight and tweeted these pictures. a gate agent said it was the fault of a flight aden tentttendant opening the door to load food. the gate agent said take a look out the window if you want to see why we're delayed for two
9:33 pm
hours. a shark attacked another swimmer in north carolina. that's the seventh shark attack since early june. rescuers carried the injured man from the beach after he was bit in a several places, apparently this follows two people being attacked last week. in mid june a 12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy both lost arms in shark attacks. macy's and donald trump have ended their relationship and now they are arguing over who broke up with whom. macy's sold a trump mensware line. they severed ties with trump after 728,000 people signed a petition following trump's comments about mexico when he launched the presidential bid. trump issued his own statement saying that he ended the partnership. whole foods, two ceos apologized for selling packaged foods the at the wrong price and in a video posed on youtube they promised to make things right. >> if for any reason you think
9:34 pm
there say mistake in any of our fresh products ask the cashier to check on it and if there is a mistake that's not in your favor, we promise to give you that item for free. >> whole foods came under fire last week after a new york city inspector claimed it was the worst case of over charging they had ever seen. in the apology video, the ceo said the over charges were unintentional and they plan to retrain employees in new york and around the country. stay here with me, more to bring you. just ahead new environmental battle over a north coast highway project. cale trans under fire for a plan to use poison at a sensitive constru
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now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better. government officials on the north coast are demanding that cale trans put a stop to the plans for using poison on land
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it's supposed to be protecting. it's the latest battle over a troubled project we've been investigating for two years now where cal trans is building a highway by pass. the six-mile freeway bypass is 70% finished and expected to open next year. they now face new controversy over plans to use herbicide to speed up the removal of non-native blackberries. >> in supposedly mitigating and improving the wet land habitat what they are proposing is to poison it. >> the buy pastieypass runs through protected streams. they are required to do the large estimate gagesst mitigation in history to create new wetlands a massive plan that may cost as much as
9:39 pm
$100 million with very little public input. >> the whole mitigation planning was done behind closed doors. >> but the project's permits are public and they said herbicides and pesticides should not be used unless certain conditions are met. >> there is no question that the use of herbicides can present water quality problems and it's why we have a permit associated with the use of herbicides. >> cal trans does not have that permit yet but the agency put out a call for bids for work that include as herbicide use plan that can poison 67 acres of blackberries and three pages of approved chemicals, the documents require if cal trans considers herbicides it must consult with a county board of supervisors. cal trans did not do that. in fact a few weeks ago the
9:40 pm
board voted unanimously to oppose using herbicide on the project. the city counsel voted 4-1 against herbicides and local indian tribes oppose it. cal trans should stick to a plan to remove them by hand or with machines or just leave them and focus on removing other more harmful invasives. at a recent w board hearing, concerned citizens demanded cal trans keep the chemicals out of the environmentally sensitive valley. >> it's never been subjected to broad scale use. they are enunknown in little lake valley. >> they did not appear because it wasn't on the agenda but a spokesman said we must use herbicides to meet goals and timeline. it will follow all best practices and laws. cal trans will apply for the proper permit but the water board will block it. >> we have concerns but have yet
9:41 pm
to see exactly what caltrans proposal is. >> cal trans is planning a public meeting and there will be 30 days for public comment but no date announced. we'll let you know. at you'll find a link where the agency provided early details of the plan. coming up next, a baseball team that could use your help. how will they get to the
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all right we have more breaking news in san francisco. there an accident on market street. our crews are on the way to the scene a. live report at 11:00 and we'll update the breaking news at the top. a woman shot tonight and killed at the ferry building in san francisco. one last time let's update the weather forecast. heat finally abating a bit.
9:45 pm
sandy patel is here. >> dan, we'll continue to see the cooling trend. live doppler showing you subtropical moisture that is moving across the area in the form of clouds. tomorrow you're looking at thunderstorms, at least a possibility around yosemite 89 in tahoe and los angeles 81 with a slight chance of morning showers, same thing for san diego. hot in sacramento and chicco. highs for thursday, hot inland but not as hot as it was today and temperatures along the coast in the 60s. you'll see quite a bit of high cloud cover tomorrow and that means it's going to be another muggy day ahead. a look at the seven-day forecast. 60s to 90s the spread for friday. if you're getting away, looks quieter. the weekend will feature cooler weather for the 4th of july. low 60s to upper 80s and the second half of the weekend even a slight drop inland. so really quite pleasant weather
9:46 pm
here in the bare area dan. >> now we're talking. >> thanks. we want to give you a first look at the trailer released for the upcoming steve jobs movie. >> i built the circuit board. the enter piece was stolen so how come ten times in a day i get steve jobs is a genius, what do you do? musicians play instruments i play the orchestra. >> it's mainly his family and business conflicts. a team of very young baseball players won a regional championship and now the 5 and 6-year-olds hope to take the northern california world series in monterrey county but to do that they need help getting there. as abc 7 news reporter explains, not every family can afford to make the trip. >> reporter: last sunday night these 5 and 6-year-old boys claimed the east bay regional
9:47 pm
championship. >> it felt good because we won and we have won the game and won ten games. >> reporter: it's not surprising that they are now the of attraction here, a small east baytown that loves baseball. after all, this is where lefty gomez was born a left-handed pitcher who played in the world series in the 1930s with the new york yankees. there is even a plaque and field. many wanted to follow in his footsteps. today some of the older boys came to the field to help encourage the young team and to offer some valuable advice. >> stay focused in the game and try your hardest and don't give attitude to the coaches. >> reporter: but getting to monterrey county for the world series is impossible for some families who can't afford it. >> you know, the hotel expenses travel expenses cost a lot of money and we're from this small town. not a lot of us have $1000
9:48 pm
laying around to go. >> reporter: the families are asking to support them by donating to the go fund me website. if they get there, the baseball team will try to make history no other group of boys has ever won. >> shoot for the stars, do whatever you can whatever you put your mind to do it. >> reporter: the series starts tomorrow through july 7th. eight young teams holding on to their dreams. in rodeo, abc 7 news. >> if you want to help them, we have a link on the site, let's move on. larry beil is here as always. >> want to hear a crazy stat? >> yes. >> okay. >> you don't have a choice, i was going to give it anyway. [ laughter ] >> thanks for the illusion of participation. anyway, so steph curry coming into the season with the worriers is -- warriors is going
9:49 pm
to be the sixth highest paid. draymond green returns for a ton of green. what happened my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our employees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve the safety and reliability of our pipelines. my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends.
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coming up tonight following two breaking stories in san francisco, a crash on market street where we're hearing multiple people have been hit and taken to the hospital, plus
9:52 pm
a woman shot and killed just steps from the ferry building. we'll have the latest in a live report. also, a local mother has been waiting for this day for 15 years. we'll explain why. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. well as they said in the movie, show me the money and they showed draymond green the money. >> we have extra money. >> where is my checkbook? take it we don't need it. hours after draymond green broke off talks they agree on a five-year $85 million on tract. it is $5 million shy of a max deal but plenty of cash for a guy whose twitter handle is money 23. green. $17 million a year, probably higher than the warriors wanted to go but the last thing they wanted was to see a team give
9:53 pm
dre monday with a max deal and would complicate things. draymond made less than $1 million this past season when he emerged. he now vaults past everyone including steph. here is draymond on returning to the dubs. >> proud to say i'll be a warrior for at least the next five years. it was a lounge journey to get to this point, whether always trying to overcome the odds to be in this position with the warriors is amazing. >> teammate harrison barns was at the warriors team store in down ton san francisco this afternoon during the in pass phase of the negotiation. harrison signing autographs, talked with fans and talked about dre monldaymonddraymond's hopes.
9:54 pm
>> draymond is a great teammate. he does so much for the team and to be able to lock him up for a bunch more years and come up here in the future would be great. >> and it's done. >> to the ice the sharks signed paul martin gets a four-year deal. the 34-year-old scored 20 points for the pittsburgh penguins and gives the sharks another solid veteran. a double loss for the giants tonight they lose to the marlins on a walk-off homer and more of a concern for the long haul. buster posey left after taking a foul ball off the mask. chris delivers the slider to marcel fouled straight back. posey said he got his bell rung. did pass a concussion test although he left the game in the fifth. see how he feels tomorrow. 1-1 game. d gordon last night, turns this thing into a triple as it rolls forever down there. scores very slow dan her rainon in miami miami. crawford high deep and 1 1th of
9:55 pm
the year for crawford. giants take a 4-3 lead. up 5-3 in the ninth and have a meeting. andrew says don't do this. santiago that is crushed by justin the rookie and got a lot of power. that's a three-run walk-off homer, chris he'sheston. the marlins celebrate a 6-5 win in the ninth. how about the a's? three-game set. a's and rockies. butler deep to left. raphael tracking and runs into the chevron sign. butler not known for the speed but limbers into third. he's not really country breakfast not triple kind of guy unless it's a triple stack of pancakes. checked out. he's okay. move to the third. billy burns triple. josh reddick drives him in. a's up 2-0.
9:56 pm
six innings, high heat. the a's win 4-1 and take two out of three. carlos took a no-hitter into the ninth against tampa bay. two outs and two strikes on joey butler. jason kipnis 5'11". he needs to be 6'5" to catch that. the base hit and drives in a run. goes 8 2/3 and struck out 13. gets the tenth win of the year but comes up one shy. 8-1 the final. speaking of, truly agonizing finish in the world cup semi final. against team usa and scoreless to the 31st minute we go. claire with a take down in the box, yellow card penalty opportunity and she buries it. 1-nil japan. seven minutes later stephanie goes down. maybe a little acting there.
9:57 pm
penalty kick for williams and we're tied at one. here is the heartbreaking moment in the 92nd minute. laura bassett defender's worst nightmare to get a foot and knock it away and kicks it into her goal and that ends it. bassett in tears, inconsolable after the match and you can understand why. japan advances 2-1 team usa on sunday and rematch of the same final four years ago which was won by japan. feel sorry for her. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> she didn't stop crying for awhile. >> it took a long time and the whole team around her and the coach trying to give her positive she played her heart out but people remember one kick one bad moment that happened. hard to watch. >> thanks very much. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for all of us, i'm dan ashley, appreciate your time. we'll see you again in one hour over on the big seven.
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i have got to go. bye. bye. ooh. that exact moment happened in my dream last night. yeah, and then the tops came off and the music kicked in. ♪ bow wa wa wa wa, wa wa wa ♪ ♪ wa wa, wa wa wa ♪ (imitates cymbal hits) ♪ wa ooh ooh, wa ooh ooh ♪ my mother used to kiss her friends good-bye on the lips. it let them know they were special. so i decided to do that with all of my best friends.
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