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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 3, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> moments from tragedy. 2 san mateo county sheriff's deputy hailed as hero tonight. >> they pulled a machine to safety seconds before the train crashed right that the car. >> it happened at north merry avenue in sunnyvale just after 6:30 tonight. >> and that's where lillian is live with the story. lillian? >> the video really tells a story. those 2 deputy saved the man's life with only seconds to spare. witness posted this video on you tube. shows the deputy escorting the driver away from his vehicle which crashed in a crossing arm moments before. but as the 2 are walking away the driver falls to the ground. deputy
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then pulls him to safety discuss before train klaidz that the car. >> this is what we are trend to do. right place at the rate time. >> the deputy in the video and partner was on the track. waving to the oncoming train to slow down. the precious seconds electrically made all the difference. neighbor saw it mangled car as it was being taken away. >> by looking at the car do you think he would have survived if he were in the car. >> gosh no. no. i mean there was barely any formation of the car that was smashed up e-driver was believed to have been under the influence which may explain why the deputy had to remove him from the vehicle. both say they were just doing their job. >> i don't think there was time to be scared. kind of do things as safely as you can and respond and that's it. kind of just happens. >> driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. fortunate ending thanks to 2 deputy who were ready when it counted most. in sunnyvale lillian, abc 7 news.
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>> wow! how close was. that incredible work by the deputy. >> now to the out of control wildfire that has reached historic levels. it's burning near the town of lower lake north of santa rosa a and spread from lake county into concludes a and yolo county now concludes a and yolo county now. it charred 62,000 acres, now. it charred 62,000 acres, about 97 square miles. the fire has destroyed at least 2 dozen homes. 6300 homes and other structure are threat and by the flames. tonight the fire is bearing counsel on the spring valley community and double eagle development. al help is live near clear lake with the very latest from the fire lean. alan. >>reporter: this highway is what stood between the people of spring valley and the double eagle ranch. tonight most of them have been evacuated even residents who say they have seen it all weren't willing to risk staying in their home. >> the rocky fir has broken through the main line of defense in two places along highway 20 and tonight the crew from marin county is trying to
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stop it from breaking through again. >> low winds now but in 5 minutes it could be 15 miles an hour and that's the challenge for us. >> fire now threatening the residents of spring valley. air tanker painted this ridge to keep from it racing into the community where the miss will so that lives. >> we got all our animal out. that's the important thing. >> this isn't the first fire and evacuation but it's the first real scare. >> this is the first time that i'm really feeling afraid that the i could lose my house. >>reporter: what is scaring everyone are these erratic winsdz that haven the most veteran firefighters shaking their heads. >> i was standing in one place for about 5 minutes an felt wind from every single direction during the 5 minutes. >>reporter: one surprise after another. in fact today breach of highway 20 happened after several back fires essentially back fired and jumped the highway. >> if we kind of control the fire and put a little bit of fire on the ground at a time in most cases we are able to
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control it very well. >>reporter: with flames headed towards spring valley the residents are now hoping the unpredictable will work in their favor and shift the winds the other way this is abc 7 news. >> really dire as you can tell. fire is just 12 percent contained. weather key factor in getting the fire under control and you heard the firefighters there talk about how the wind pick up quickly. let's check in withdrew. >> next few hours when firefighters really make some big gain on the flames. relative humidity on the rise and the wind are calming down. great news there current condition interthe rocky fire 62 degrees that's the air temperature. all important relative humidity the on the rise. high 57 percent winds really calmed down rate now. latest gust only 5 miles per hour. the perimeter you see right there out lined in red we said it's 97 square miles. naught in better perspective for you. we trans is the map over the city of san francisco and you can see the perimeter
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of the fire would engulf the entire city and then some this is the big flame firefighters are dealing with at this hour. wind gust really light through the morning hours and then by the afternoon they will pick up a bit out of the south west 8 and 12 miles per hour. let you know what you have in store for your tuesday across the bay area where you live with full accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a few minutes. >> all right drew thank you. >> there is a delicate balancing act going on in the state right now. crew from around california are heading to lake county to fight the rocky fire. but local communities still need to be protected in case of fire. cornell joins us live from the fire station at harrison and embarcadero with the story. cornell? >>reporter: fire resources are being stretched very thin across the state tonight exploratorium already has fire crew at the rocky fire. it says it's willing and able to send more about of the department can too as long as local fire protection isn't
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compromised. the strike team in the san francisco fire department left for lake county last week to help battle the monster rocky fire. department has prepared to send more resources if needed. other states are ready too. >> we have got than calls from the fire departments outside of california saying is there any way we can help. e-menlo park firefighters is cooking dinner for the crew at station one. but he's on standby. to coordinate meals and supplies for thousands of firefighters at the rocky fire as base cameramanger. >> got the lawn dry. got the showers. set up where the camper camp. traffic plan. >>reporter: many firefighters have gear packed and ready to go. >> this is dangerous work that the guys are doing out there. >>reporter: chief if i was ready to help the fire fight with any staffing he can provide. but his first priority? protecting his community. >> it's scary dry. and it's that dry around here too. so i
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think the balancing act is on right now. state wide. >>reporter: with bone dry conditions, fierce keep raging on. in san francisco, cornell on. in san francisco, cornell abc 7 news. >> down load our free app to get the latest information on the rocky fire. push alert for instant updates. 7 news app free to down load for smart phone, tablet and apple watch. >> oakland police sergeant had another open rigs this evening after being wounded during a somewhat without a sexual assault suspect. suspect died after the sergeant and another ofnfronted him at martin luther king jr. way and the guard street 1:30 this morning. later open police showed a picture of this the assault rifle they say the suspect fired at the officers. >> armed thieves use the story of delivering a pizza even though they didn't order the food. looshing at the sketch of the man posed as pizza delivery person description
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given by the victim. 19 given by the victim. 19-year-old woman answered the door at her home on sues app drive last night. 2 other men wearing mask burst in armed with a pistol and a knife one of them grabbed the woman's mother by the mouth trying to keep her from screaming. all robber ran away from the house. when the woman husband walked in the front room. >> we believe that at the time suspects specifically picked this family to target for victimization. >> pretty safe year so i think very surprised. >> detectives add that the robber took no items from the home. >> now you are watching security camera video that led to an air bnb bust. mr. essay janet dominguez of richmond rented a home in san francisco through air bnb forced her way in a locked room and stole more than 35,000 dollars worth of valuable. she's now in custody valuable. she's now in custody. air bnb says accidents like this one back in april are rare and they are providing the host with their full support. >> row about the room service next on 7 news at 11:00. the
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local hotel that is going high tech and you don't have to leave a tip. >> plus the fight to contain the big fire near clear lake. why some grape growers say this year crop may be tainted. >> apple new plan to change the way you leave a message. how the tech titan plans to revolutionize voice mail. >> 7
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>> carcass of 33 foot long whale that washed ashore in pacifica this weekend will be towed tout sea. it was spotted yesterday morning. marine mammal center biologist performed a test and injuries from a collision from a ship. third whale to wash ashore in pacifica since april. >> growing concern that the fires burning in northern california could affect the grape harvest. one vin yard owner selling sample september to a lab. it would affect red grape more because of the skin. >> newest staff member at south bay hotel so hard working he never sleeps. doesn't even ask for tips. the january thon bloom tagged along with the hotel helper creating a lot of
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buzz and few beeps as well. >>reporter: what just happened in the elevator. >> some sort of row pwoyshingts you have question. >> if more importantly what is it. >> it's dash the robot. it's friendly robot that can items to your room e-front desk here at the crown plaza gets request for all sorts of things. tooth brush. to toothpaste. towel. somebody stops what they are doing to bring it upstairs unless that some one is a row about the. now dash comes from famous family. parents grandparents are big p.r. 2 robot used in research and viral video. >> but what it can't do is carry french fry to your room without somebody in the el have itor taking them. this one with the locking bin can do that. >>reporter: dash doesn't have hands and doesn't need them to call the elevator. >> he uses which tie. >>reporter: dash built to be approachable and friendly. if you notice resemblance to most
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famous robot ever that's not an accident. >> remained you of anybody or anything. >> something out of a science if he can shun she. r 2 d 2. >> we did inspiration in the size and lucas got the size rate and in the friendly noises rate and in the friendly noises. >>reporter: dash built for safety januarying the ground for obstacle and doneing them to get to your room. phone call tells you the row about the arrived but dash won't open your door until you open urts after you grab the tooth brush. >> hang out for another seven or eight seconds before it levs that's healthy time. >> expect social media explosion. >> selfie a they think. >> they are definitely a thing. >>reporter: in milpitas abc 7 news. >> all right. >> cute in a way is that kind of cute. a little odd. wave flesh and blood meteorologist. >> we do. drew is here with our forecast. >> down led the app.
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>> let's go outside. live look from the exploratorium camera. a lot of stars. notice on the oh, riz a few low clouds but otherwise it's mainly clear night sought forecast calls for partly cloudy skies on the way tomorrow mild temperatures into thursday warmer air inland and mother nature can't make up her mine. cool down to know the work week on friday. half man bay 59 degrees big cloud cover. 64 hayward duplicate in san jose and concord a temperature of 65 degrees. water vapor imagery show you something pretty cool. atmosphere all connected. high clouds over us here right now actually come all the way from a tropical storm guillermo narrowing the island nation of hawaii. watch this area of low pressure offshore that moves in here on friday. give us a chance office lateed shower. future weather thursday in early friday area of low pressure no showers popping up just yet in
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the vice president of the bay area but do notice isolated showers to our north and east. there will be some instability in the atmosphere and something we track towards frichltd we are definitely seeing some showers in the pacific. tropical storm guillermo. winds right now at 65 miles per hour. 10 to track to the north west at 10 miles per hour. future weather shows you whedz morning some showers m to hawaii it's really going to parallel the island nation but stay far enough north they want seat harshest if equity from guillermo. showers eekly but we have watches for maui and big island on the north shore and eastern shore of hawaii that goes until tuesday 6:00 o'clock local time upper 50's to lower 60's. see the clouds increase from west to east then the clouds greet us first thing in the morning but tons of sunshine in the afternoon. few then cloud 78 degrees 81 los
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gatos. 77 the high in sunnyvalement along the pacifica with these l afternoon sunshine and 65 daly city into the north bay 79 santa rosa. 77 novato. 77 sonoma. or vallejo. east bay 75. richmond 79. fremont inland cool in the 80's before the heat returned on wednesday. so 82 pittsburgh tomorrow. 81 walnut correct and 80 pleasanton and 81 degrees. forecast you call sun high cloud tomorrow then we turn warmer wednesday into thursday. cool off on friday. track at least isolated chance of shower but all indications that weekend shaping up partly cloudy and nice across the area. >> that is nice. >> thanks so much drew. >> coming up next on 7 news at 11:00 there is a backlash growing over parking spot.
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>> some call these pink spaces expensive
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a. >> apple working on new voice
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mail system that change how you leave and 7 messages. here's the deal. someone reaches the voice mail apple personal assistant answers that person will leaf awe voice message and she translates it to text for you. business insider says it's because people like leaving voice mail but not listening to them. especially younger generation. service could be available next year. >> take a look what's become parking problem at airport in frankfurt, germany. growing criticism against the pink ladies parking spaces that are wider than other spots. some women say the space seep here in the you tube video are sexist and patronize sexist and patronizing. the airport defen the move saying german huh requires women only park in sections as safety measure. >> interesting. >> if i were to park in the pink spotty would get in trouble. >> you would. situation. no.
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the you. >> how many runs the giants needed tonight. 9. they didn't get them. how did they lose the game that's where every giant was thinking. beaten by annex joont. the mans the fans love to hate it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the
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school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> coming off really tough weekend series in texas. giants may have experienced the most disappointing defeat of the season tonight in atlanta. they blow a 6 nothing cushion
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on and lose in the bottom of the 12th. let's start with tom lip son called up and after hit back-to-back home interthe 2nd inning buster continues the streak batting practice off mike and 2 run shot for 4 nothing lead. crawford back for more 18th of the year in the fourth. 2 run jack 6 nothing lead for matt cain would was throwing zero until the sixth. peterson. on night when the ball was jumping. 3 run homer. cuts the lead in half. 5 ming. 4 runs but on 10 hits. giants up in the 9th. facing the former giant aj the man giant fans love to hate and hate him even more now. 2 run and dade at 7. extra in the 12 and dade at 7. extra in the 12th. this is tomlinson first mainly league at bat. sharp single up the middle. member of the family on hand. his wife was there she was so nervous she thought she would throw up. tomorrow lip son in
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scoring position at third. buster brings him home. giants up 8-7. mainly league baseball is great. breen trying to close it out in the bottom of the 12th. not so grit right now. the garcia with man aboard good tonight game over drive home safely. the eighth and final home run of the night is a walk off 2 run homer then is a walk off 2 run homer then-8 braves the final. giants blow the 6 nothing lead. they have 3 ladies in the game which they could in the hold on to. they are new 3 back of l.a. in the west because the dodgers were idle tonight. a's cocoa crisp fresh off the disabled list starting against baltimore. opposite of the gentleman's game. chris davis hay deep and goodbye 3 run homer in the first. chavez can't get anybody out. jump out to a lead in this game. jess he have. out to left center 2 run homer one of the few positive for the a's. 2
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for 4 on the night. would eventually score the a fears run of the game. a little bloop base hit to make ate 6 bloop base hit to make ate 6-one game. sf appearance of good old friend t.rally opossum good old friend t.rally opossum. the he's back. it helps if you say that enough. high pitch voice. >> so much better. >> baltimore the "newsnight"-2. back to the more mass cue line voice. adrian the tri-cycle or what have. the third time in the career here. just fourth meanwhile league player to do so in history. but he hates anybody mess with hat or head and ran away from the ice bucket there. they got him second quantity got him. they swept in the back up araves to drench the adrian and rangers beat the as trs by score of 12 beat the as trs by score of 12-nip. 7 sports brought to you by exfinity. cycle more
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rare. single double triple home run in 1 game. not that much. >> in the as sexy as pr gym or no hit. >> but it is more rare. >> if you are a cycle per year than in hitters. >> neat. >> cocoa crisp my favorite name >> cocoa crisp my favorite name. >> terrific when he's healthy. >> thanks. >> 7 news discontinue on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device was our 7 news app. >> our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning but if you have a couple of moments hang around a b
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