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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 18, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. >> san jose police have revealed a lot of new information tonight on 2 fatal officer involved shootings that are related to murder last thursday. officers killed suspect matthew castillo sunday night on center road. last nature suspect richard if juarez shot and killed on kirk
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haven court. police looking for the third suspect who is still on the loose. he's described as having a heavy build. 5 foot 10 to 6 feet tall and investigators do in the know his race. all 3 suspects are scene in the joyed from last week. the 3 allegedly killed christopher inside office building on monday avenue. meanwhile cell phone video ofless night officer involved shooting. shows an officer standing over one suspect. moments after the unarmed man was shot. undercover officers had followed him to relative home in south san jose. detectives identified him as suspect in the torture and murder last thursday. they feared would he kill again this time a woman who had been in his car. >> we know this person has suspected of having murdered someone else earlier this week. sought officer fired at the suspect once he did not comply with officers commands. the suspect turned around and
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officer fired again. >> suspect turned out to not have a gun on him and was shot first in the back. l we have much more in leif report tonight on news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> in the mean time. familiarityly of mother of 3 shot to death in san francisco bay view district makes a plea tonight for help in catching her killer. she was gunned down several months ago in a drive-by. so far there have been no arrest. vic lee with the latest on the story. >> barrage of gunshots that seemed to last forever. when it ended 14-year-old briana's mother lay dying. >> i really look for her as a mother. she loved everyone. >> afternoon of january 27 near ingle street in reveer avenue.
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maria a 36-year-old mother. bystander. killed in the cross fire of a drive-by shooting. murdered as her children played outside their home. today her grieving father and family pleaded for witnesses. anyone who come forward and help police find her killer. >> she was run to go her children to protect her children when this happened. >>reporter: shawn richard who founded brothers against guns says those whose have information may be reluctant to come forward. >> don't want to talk about it because they are afraid to get involved andless their lives. >>reporter: police believe the volley of shots came prosecute this dodge ram pick up and that the shooter was firing at an suv inside that car the one man killed. female passenger wounded. police quickly cordone off the area but killer got away. police source tells 7 news the shooting was gang related. details that really don't matter to the soes a family.
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>> i just want to find the person whoever shot my mom. sf and i want justice for my mom. the. >>reporter: vic lee abc 7 cl guard rescue team just araved near cargo ship in the pacific trying to save badly injured man. crew based at moffitt federal airfield flew 900 miles to reach the ship. green ridge carries vehicles. crew called for help because open board medical staff was not equipped to treat the man. highly trained air national guard medic just parachuted into the open ocean. putting inflatable craft in the water to get to the ship and stabilize the patient. >> well now to the all out war on the fire line in california. to the north west. 92 mainly fires burning tonight. conditions are so bad rate now that american soldiers are gearing up to battle wild fierce for the first time in nearly 10 years. brandy has
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more sfishtion with at least 90 large wildfires burning in the west 30,000 firefighters on the ground are stretched so thin the army is now being called in for the first time in nearly a decade. >> soldiers you know we are hard workers and the just comes natural to us e-few hundred active duty soldiers from joint base lewis mccord deploy entered washington state. to battle relentless flames tearing through chelan. here you see a blackhawk helicopter craw gathering water and seconds later making this airdrop over a northern california wildfire. that military might also desperately needed to save hundreds of homes threatened in washington. >> we had a really big big living room. carol jinx instance home one of dozens destroyed. >> i didn't take any family pictures or anything like that. i did not think anything was going to happen. >>reporter: in northern idaho more than 40 homes are gone. another 2 dozen lost in oregon.
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and in drought stricken california where 18 wildfires are tearing through hot dry terrain if, firefighters are using the weather balloons to coordinate their attack and keep fire crew safe. >> so they know what to expect. how the weather is going to affect the fire behavior. >> national guard troops already called in to help fight the fires in several states including the army and they are getting help from l australia and new zealand. fight san francisco bar open for almost 75 years has been gutted by fear. take a look at video taken by neighbor of the rip tide. heavy black smoke billowing over the street in the outer upset district. fire started at ten this morning before the bar opened. no one was inside at the time. >> heard a had the of syrians and our parents were calling us saying there is a lot of smoke. came out around the corner. >> we have smoke and fire deep season in the building and once
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we did ventilation. fire needed oxygen and got visible fire showing. >>reporter: it took firefighters more than an hour to get the fire under control. flames also destroyed part of small market next to the rip tide. daniel estimated at more than 1 million dollars. >> the state health officials are investigating a second case of human plague at yosemite. they say the patient had been vacationing in yos smit. sierra national forest and other nearby areas this month before becoming ill. now plague is an infectious bacterial disease carried by squirrels and rodent. the meadow campground is closed through friday to spray for the mraeing. 2 squirrels died there from the disease last week. take a good nroobing your yard. no doubt browner than it used to be. more closely at your tree there also suffering in the california drought. here's fv wade. >>reporter: in front of homes around the bay this is unofficial badge of water conservation. brown lawn.
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they tell us it's the right thing to do but now we see unintended victims. >> we are lacking at coast redwood and this tree is in trouble. >>reporter: note the peeling bark. brown branch. ability to see sky through canopy. kirk of the tree ♪ concord says tree like this coastal redwood are dying of thirst. >> the drought isn't necessarily going to kill them but it weaken them so other things come in. bug. fungus and that often the whole thing is what ladies to their did he children and sometimes death. >>reporter: wee see the results indirectly when weaken tree fall on homes or across hoychlt more of this winter when they give way during heavy rains and many of us are worsening the crisis by for getting to world trade center our trees after we have turned off the sprinklers to our laichbilitys i was under wate watering. she was more than 3 decades of will have and care into her back yard. this drought her has been the biggest challenge yet morning a
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little help from her gardener. >> drought is serious. this is a 4 year drought. the drought we have the drought in 90's, 70's and 80's and trees here today had to get through all of those. >>reporter: his method are tried and true to drip irrigation to building small well around the base of the tree tone rink the soil with mulch to watering at night. gail yard has responded even in this difficult summer and without over watering. >> okay to have some things not look as attractive or esthetic but maintaining the tree is most important think because those are long-term investment and i believe it actually helps the environment to have the trees survive. >>reporter: nothing is perfec perfect. not even in a drought year. except maybe finding a balance between water cons vision and holding on to long-term trees and the yard we love so much. from walnut creek abc 7 news.
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>> new report out of uc davis tonight show the drought tightening its grip on california ago. the report predicts the state farmer will lose 1.8 billion dollars in year. more than 10,000 farm workers will lose their job and more than half million acres have been left idol again this year. losses are about 30 percent higher than last year but because many farmers have been able to tap that ground water supply to make up for most of the surface water shortage the state agriculture economy continues to expand over all. but the report warns that if the drought continues into next year farm production will begin to erode. >> we have much more ahead for you here on abc 7 news at 9:00. come up. a little pink pill to boost the sex drive of wome women. but at what cost? >> also. surprise tonight from jared the subway sandwich man. the plea he's expected to enter on child pornography charge. >> sandhya is here with our weather. >> our cooling marine influence came to the rescue. i'll let you know if the cool down will
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continue. >> thanks sand yeah. peninsula high school senior aiming much higher than just student government. government. >> 7 news at
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>> major decision from the fda tonight. agency approved sought called female viagra. the little pink pill first official drug to boost sexual desire in women. abc news reporter breaks down how it works and how much it will cost. >> breaking news tonight. fda deciding to approve this drug called the female viagra after 2 failed attempt by the develop tore bring the drug to market. >> the aiming of taking action. >> where viagra treats problems with blood flow in men this drug which works with key women cal in the brain trets hypoactive sexual desire disorder. which affects approximately 1 in 10 women. like 52-year-old amanda parish who says the drug saved her marriage. >> i will be the first one
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waiting for my present scichlingts once a day pill taken at bed time is the first of its kind available to consumers. but may come with side effects including dizziness nausea fatigue low bloop anxiety and insomnia doctors also say women taking the pill should limit alcohol intake. the drug the maker telling us the drug will be available october 17 and with insurance will cost out-of-pocket 30 to 75 dollars a month. about the same as typical month supply of men viagra. rebecca jarvis abc news new york. >> the pill will be marketed as addie. >> former pitch man for subway sandwich is expected to plead guilty to child important nothing raves charges. law enforcement officials tell that you say jared fogel will make the plea tomorrow. fbi agents raided his indiana home last month and seized electronic. at the time subway reless add
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statement saying the raid was believed to be connected to the investigation of the executive director of fogel non-profit foundation. subway says tonight it has cut all ties with fogel. who became famous for losing more than 200 pounds eating subway sandwiches. >> senior busy preparing for the college application essay one south bay student planning to run for public office. tell chris has more from portola valley where the candidate guess to school. >> 18 year-old monica may seem like average high schooler. >> i started tae qwon do at 12 years old and i'm probably getting my black belt very soo soon. >> but closer look revealed ambitious spirit beyond her years. >> i'm running for district 5 supervisor in santa clara county. >> fifth district span across northern santa clara county including the city of saratoga which is where the woodside have lived for the past few years. >> might think too young or too inexperienced and almost impossible for me to win.
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>> it's not just about wing. she's serious about micking a statement. her hope to ensure the voicef her generation are heard. >> i just want to influence about politic in silicon valley and just help with a lot of problems that are going on. >> she's the first to tell you she know her chances are slim. current district 5 supervisor joe himself proponent of getting young people involved in the political process look forward to having her as challengeen jivrment i was myself 22-year-old candidate for the local school board if palo alto some years achlingt i lost the first effort. came back years later to run and win a seat on the school board and that was what started me in my public service career. who knows what is in the young woman future. >> in the mean time she will carry on insisting she didn't doing this to beef up the resume. >> people here really pursuing the dreams and i just want to be a part of that and help stand up for the people. >> primary election will be held next spring. chris winn abc 7 news. >> about cal-trans wants permit
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to use explosive to take down part of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. says it would be more cost effective and actually have the least impact on bay area wild life. much of the old bridge is being taken down piece by piece. using that method would it take mont months to rae manufacture the largest remaining pier. it's 2 68 foot tall chunk of concrete set deep in the bay mud. cal-trans says blowing compressed air around the pier using hundreds of small explosive would bring it down in 6 seconds. biggest risk to wild life is the noise from the explosion which could injury or even kill some marine mammal. >> it's time to turn to our forecast which is if starting to level off a bit now. >> this is nice. i could get used to this sand why is here. >> we get out of the triple digit. hot spots only in the low to mid 90's today. so that's an improvement from yesterday. a lot of people really enjoying the cool down. nice to step outside as you
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look at live doppler 7hd. fog making a push into the north bay. it's also starting to advance towards the east bay. so this time around marine layer is deeper and we have a stronger delta breeze close to 40 miles an hour at fairfield. that's going to help to transport the low clouds and fog all the way into some of our valley from our golden gate bridge camera right now. visibility looking kuwait fine. low mid 60's san francisco oakland 67 san jose 63 half moon bay. good 5 to 18 degrees cooler this afternoon compared to yesterday. from our sfo camera we look at the marine layer there. 59 santa rosa. low 60's for nap a.novato. 69 fairfield 68 livermore and live look from the emeryville camer camera. we are watching basically pretty good visibility rate now but we will see some changes follow expands overnight tonight i average temp improving and over cast from our financial district area from our exploratorium
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camera. we look at square out wp on wednesday to still remain like today. moderate due to some of the smoke from the fires in northern california. but look on thursday. we start to get good air quality entering the picture and friday and saturday it will be much better air quality so at least there is some end in sight with all the smoke from the fires and the haze. high pressure showing signs of weakening and that's why the cooling started t.spreads yesterday and today and we are going to continue with that trend. where does that put us average august conditions as the high pressure weaken and you look at san jose you will notice the temperatures really hovering in the low 80's close to where you should be 83 is the average high very also change expected for the next 7 days. season joyt while it last because you know we can get some swing in our temperatures first thing tomorrow morning mid 50's to low 60's. there will be fog around. it will be a little more wide spread for your morning commute. so there will be some murky spots just give yourself a little more time. for the afternoon hours 81 in the south by san jose cupertino
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87 gilroy, 79 milpitas, sunnyvale peninsula menlo park redwood city 76 san mateo o. fog rate interthe coast. 67 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 6865 in daly city. north bay you will see the temperatures up into the 90's around ukiah lake port but 60's at the coast with fog around so definitely micro climate showing up. 81 santa rosa. 77 san rafael. 75 virginia ray oh, east bay oakland berkeley low 70's along with richmond 78 free mont inland spots you will be warm 89 fairfeld and livermore but not too hot. 90 antioch. the accu-weather 7 day forecast temperatures will continue to drop thursday, friday we reach our low point that i don't think too many people complain b.mid 60's to mid 80's quite pleasant then temperatures women really flux ate very little over the weekend. we call it steady as she comes as didn't likes to say. dan and amma. mid 60's to mid to upper 80's for the
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upcoming weekend. >> really nice. >> sounds good. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. google new row boy. washington it can do that makes it so human like i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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>> east bay water officials still working to repair water pip that rupture during the earthquake yesterday. officials now say there were a total of 9 water main break. 5 in oakland near the quake epi-center near the high school not far from mount view cemetery. 5 pipe fixed yesterday. rest worked on today. people across the bay area felt the quake along the hayward fault. it felt strong because it was shall o. experts say 5 percent chance of a larger earthquake on the same fault over the next few days.
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visit our web site and click on prepare nor cal. find out how to make an earthquake survival kit. >> google has invented a new robot with mobility really just like pattern. >> meet at last. 6 foot robot. tell it can run through the woods walk over rock and balance on one leg. >> unbelievable. created by boston dynamic. thinks the first time that google robot company shared video of the robot on out door excursion like this. at last fought ready to venture out on his own yet. robot connected to power source as it ran through at the time woodsment we are all going to end up working. >> yes. >> working for or running from. depending on how it goes. >> as larry says enslaved by the robotment another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 coming up. rough landing for u.s. airway turbulence hit passengers shaken up. >> we turned over everything the that was work related. every single thing. techlts
9:27 pm
here. hillary clinton gets in a heated exchange with a fox news host in las vegas. going to hear what she had to say. >> and it appears days are numbered for american apparel why the clothing retailer may have to shut down. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 against right now here at 9:00 against right now here in just a moment technology.
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you. >> good evening again. we begin this half hour with rough landing for passengers aboard a u.s. airway flight. >> happened in charlotte, north carolina. plane hit runway lights and sustained significant damage. >> 159 people on board. they are all safe but they were shaken. >> here's david curly. >> near disaster in charlotte. wind sheer. slamming a jet laneer to the ground. >> bounced it. went around and
9:31 pm
he had the tail strike damage. had a tail strike the might have dropped some pieces all the way down the runway. >> plane is trying to land and is hit by the sudden downward burst of air. wind share it can be sudden and strong pilot of the jet with 153 passengers on board approaching charlotte from atlanta saturday was hit by wind sheer. he abort the landing. hits the power to go around and tray again. the. >> we have about 20 knot wind sheer. lost speed at 10 feet above. >> washington the pilot don't realize at the time is that they hit some of the landing lights. damage the under side of the jet liner. >> tells me this came as close as you possibly can to having a major catastrophe. he hit the ground. he hit the later. he ran the tail along the ground before he was able to get airborne again. >> once on the ground the damage apparent and the runway debris from the lets shut down.
9:32 pm
this is a serious incident. national transportation safety board safety board is investigating. it already has both black boxes from that aircraft to find out what happened in the last couple of seconds and how the pilots reacted. david curly abc news reagan washington airport. >> rosie made public plea for help when her teenager daughter missing for a time. she's safe now but disappearance raise another issue. here's lindsay davis. >>reporter: late word tonight the 17-year-old did you tell us of rosie o'donnell has been found. o'donnell tweeting chelsea has been found and is safe in police custody. after an alarming tweet from rosie earlier today alerting her follow that's her 17-year-old daughter chelsea was missing. o'donnell tweet about her daughter and her therapy dog. chelsea and her dog bear in new york may be in new york city. the 17-year-old was last seen a week ago. missing person report was filed sunday and today a rep said chelsea like millions of people live with
9:33 pm
mental illness. it has been a difficult road for chelsea and her family and they just want her back safe. parents across the country deal with mental illness every day. it's said to affect 11 percent of young people between 9 and 17 years old. approximately 4 million people. o'donnell often raises awareness. >> we are dealing with some fairly significant mental illness which is another horrible crisis in the united states. how do we treat mean meantally ill children. >>reporter: chelsea was adopted bio done el when she was just two months old. o'donnell biggest concern was that chelsea was in need of medication. both 0than dole and the police just saying that they are thankful she is safe. lindsay davis abc news, new york. >> the u.s. navy announce indicate plans to open the elite seal team to women. they have to pass the training regimen in order to get n.officials say the army and air force also plan to open all combat jobs to women. this comes tell this effort to
9:34 pm
integrate comes after news broke that 2 women passed the army ranger course. those 2 women will be the first female army rangers in history. this is the first time any woman has completed the swamp phase to earn the ranger tabb. pentagon says ranger school is the army premier come about the leadership course. it teaches students how to overcome fatigue, hunger and stress in small unit combat operations. >> ranger school is salute toughest course in the military. not just in the arm army. i think actually in the military. >> 62 day course pushes candidate to the minuteal physical limit. the course includes scaling mountains. crossing chest deep river with fully loaded pack. graduation ceremony will be held for the new rangers later this week. >> now to the race for 2016. democratic presidential candidate made tr way to las vegas in hopes of winning the labor support. among them hillary clinton who answered reporter question about his her controversial e-mail server. stephanie reports.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: campaign trail led candidate hillary clinton to las vegas where she got into a heated exchange with fox news host ed henry over the e-mail drama. >> what i did was legally permitted. >>reporter: the 2 then go back and forth with clinton financially saying. >> we turned over everything that was work related. every single thing. personal stuff. we did not. i have no obligation to do so. and did not. >>reporter: clinton then thro throws her hands up and walks away appearing exasperated. g.o.p. front runner donald trump may be off the trail today but still got an attack out against clean to. posting a video on instance fwrm attacking clinton. using her own words while clip of benghazi. >> it doesn't matter. >> front page story about the e-mail drama. >> what difference does it make. >> flash on screen. mean time another busy yet rainy day at the iowa state fair. republican presidential candidate rubio taking note of
9:36 pm
the weather. >> maybe even lightning later. >>reporter: g.o.p. presidential riffal walk interminnesota outlining the first major policy initiative of the presidential campaign. saying he will repeal president obama health care law and replace it with his own mraichbility by rae peeling obama care entirely we get rid of the spending and the taxes which pains this is a tax cut. >>reporter: former florida governor jeb bush took his campaign to the south neurosurgery carson to the west. presidential conditioned at that time certainly making their rounds. stephanie ramos abc news washington. >> mean time donald trump is also taking aim at facebook ceo mark zuckerberg over immigration. he called for more open immigration policy and wants more h 1 b veath's a so company can higher more skilled foreign workers but trump wants to require workers to pay those workers more money discourage company from hiring them and improve job pros text for americans. >> america perfect it warning
9:37 pm
it could soon go out of business. los angeles base clothing companylessing money and may not be able to sustain operation for another 12 month months. company blames the foreign exchange rate store closure and the look of new spring and summer fashion line lines. >> google has introduced a low price smart phone 6 african country. android hot 2 phone says for just 98 dollars. it will be sold in stores in nigeria and offered on line in egypt ghana ivl ri coast ken why and morrocco. already sold out late today. it's the push to get in net access into less developed areas of the world. >> next on 7 news at 9:00. if up for night on the town take you to a great local place. >> it was just named the best new restaurant not just in the new restaurant not just in the bay area. no no. entire
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9:41 pm
>> bill honest for san francisco restaurant. the mission district nation top new restaurant here. lee ann has the story. >> always kirngs early this morning chef lon didn't was waiting for the call that would change his life. >> 5:30 am was huge surprise i was waiting by my phone for it to post in new york. >>reporter: the magazine named this place the top new restaurant in the country. the 31-year-old sonoma county native decided to settle in an area of the mission district away from the populated valencia corridor. restaurant is known for its innovative vegetarian dishes and heavenly french fries. he had already been named a raising star. >> i don't know. still wrapping my head around it. this is my baby, the restaurant. i'll cook the best
9:42 pm
food i can for people every da day. >>reporter: other end of the mission district is this japanese restaurant on 14 and folsom street also made the top 10 list. the owner says it's a is in way to acknowledge his work. >> for me i think it's a little bit of a value days of continue saint hours and difficult times it has been for everybody in order to get to at the time place where we are. >>reporter: this development agency has helped local businesses deal with ongoing changes in the neighborhood brought on by january try ification. organization says this recognition is good for the local economy >> as they come in, become more educated about what is here. the definitely would add vo indicate that we continue to respect what is here. help 10 to support what is here. >>reporter: there are plenty of hidden gem if the mission. in san francisco, lee an, abc 7 news. >> there are a lot of the this. freight stuff. >> coming up next at finance:00. mid-air battle. >> coming. the big leap and
9:43 pm
the incredible moment a shark tries to get a little something for dinner. for dinner. >> back in a
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if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >> canadians company is proposing building a 12 mile high space elevator to cut the cost of getting astronauts in space. sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but soft technology granted a patent for inflatable new matcly pressurize tower. top so-called space el have itor is lift off point to space. >> get off at every floor? does it open. >> now the stunning new video with encounter between a great white shark and seal. we have seen a number of shark this summer move closer to beach and putting people at risk. here's
9:47 pm
david wright. >>reporter: just when you thought it was safe to good back in the water dramatic new pictures of the ocean fiercest predator. watch again. that's a seal jumping out of the water off the coast of cape cod. grit white shark breaching right after snapping its powerful jaw as it splashes down. seals are shark favorite food. last month 2 cape cod beaches closed. after great white caught a seal and spit up on the beach. incredibly this high flying seal got away but the marine biologist say the next seal the shark encountered in the water not so lucky. researchers at the atlantic white shark conservetory said they had never before seen a grit white breach all the way out of the water lake that. that shark clearly determined to get a meal. david wright abc news rock away beach. >> determined but unsuccessful. >> update the weather forecast.
9:48 pm
>> sandhya has the latest hi zapped yichlt yes. it is looking is in for a change. the we show you a return of our marine layer. it's deeper and that men tomorrow morning is going to start out gray and tomorrow afternoon we hang on to some of the fog like we did today. today temperatures were definitely down compared to yesterday. 95 in antioch. 70 in san francisco. 68 half machine bay. 74 oakland. much more pleasant. 81 in san jose. 93 livermore. 79 santa rosa. san rafael upper 70's. napa 76 degrees. state wide we hang on to the heat in las vegas where excessive heat warning still going. looking at record to near record temperatures again. 109 there 111 in palm springs. 78 in los angeles. that was invitingth 87 tahoe. 96 chick o. bay area summer micro climate at 67 half machine bay where the fog sits tomorrow. 68 downtown san francisco. pretty mailed in oakland. low 70's. with nut creek 85 and then inland 90 degree ins antioch if you like what you see then you are a happy camper
9:49 pm
as you look towards the accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures continue to drop right on through friday and then a little bump up saturday and back down again sunday. just minor up and down. what i call a mini roller coaster. kid ride. just a kid ride. >> thanks sandhya. >> all right. we researchers think they have uncovered the mystery of mona lisa smile. the smile has fast tonighted people for century. from one angle she is smiling. of course but when you look directly at her lips well her smile flatten. researchers at this university examine a recently discovered portrait called labelle where the artist uses the same visual effect. da vinci soften the graduate transition between shape so there is no mostly clear line between her lip and the rest of hader face when you look at the lip well the spill goes away but when you focus on the eyes the smile l returns. the that's interesting. >> wu. >> remarkable.
9:50 pm
>> all right. fight stair at larry just right fight are you ever smiling? fight prefer to bring a level of intensity fight is that what you call it. >> if soon i'll be in management. >> oh, >> oh. fight didn't good ther there. dangerous. >> in sports. >> danger. >> joking people. come on. >> giants had an injury. i tell you about that and cameo by madison bump garner tonight. pinch hiting in st. louis. sports is next.
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. closer look at the impact those charges against subway jared fogel could have on the subway brand. >> drug resistant life here in california what to do if your child gets them. >> the stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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stichltz always smiling larry biel. >> if you stare just right. >> people can't look at me that long. >> hurt your eye. >> they burn. the. >> the see your optometrist. >> league scheduled to start for the giants in st. louis. pulled ham strength hasn't healed fast enough. so ryan stepped to the mound with a cameo if by madison. came originally delayed 31 minutes by rain. get out of here bird. we have a game to play. get off the field. bottom of firs first. johnny pop up. look at justin maxwell cover ground here. over by the rail and slam this but make the catholic church and couldn't believe it. went 6 innings 2 hits struck out 5. carpenter swing and myself. the pull for pinch
9:55 pm
hitterment madison and giants have so many guys hurt and what does he do with two outs. base hit to left and bench is loving it. after 2 straight walk he kilometers home and hits bell with bases loaded. mad bum to the game and runs scored and the giants go on to win to to nothing. pence not in the line up tonight because he has an mri. diagnosis. oblique strain sew goes to the 15 day disabled list. hurt on the fly out in the 9th inningless nature. giants without hunter for a couple weeks. more baseball tonight. big mac back at the coliseum in oakland. hitting coach for the dodgers in town nation the a's frustrating tonight forcly ton. roller and kershaw drop and spike it in frustration. throw it away. it's a bad ball. then ready to pitch. if um pair calls time and that didn't
9:56 pm
maker shaw happy. he and im pyer exchange words and he cools things down. ellis a game in the eighth. the 1-wuchbility up and out. 3 run bomb off rodriguez. a's find a way to lose right now trailing 4-1 still on the eighth engine. frainers say they knew this was coming but here we good again. another player suspended this time it's the new receiver simpson who has been suspended 6 game for violating the nfl substance abuse policy. general manager said the niners knew simpson likely to be suspended when they signed him raise ago question well why did you sign him. simpson looking to make the temperature back up receiver. great after let no question about that. checkered post. previous violation for marijuana alcohol related incidents. suspended twice previously. believed to be this latest sanction stems from incident back in 2014 supposedly he has been good citizen since then but the 49ers keep repeating their
9:57 pm
mantra that they are going to win with class simply way too many of these kinds of headlines. niners made a trade today. 8 tight end on the roster so they dealt the cleveland to new england and in return they got jordan. cleveland played in 6 games last year didn't record the reception for 10 yard saturday against the texans. patrick willis and chris and smith that is open the democrats and republicans for former practice squad players to maybe step up and make the 53 man squad former establish ford linebacker and nose tackle purchase sell 2 of the candidates. 6 tackle. he hooked good against the tax an on saturday stacking on the goal line stand and he played most of the gym at 8 tackle 5 solo. >> all battle to the day my career is over so i think you have to have the mentality whether dressed or not. in the league stick around. every year is new challenge and always looking for the replacement. sf i'm fight to
9:58 pm
go the this and so is ever other guy in the room. 90 of us and 53 of us soon enough. >> eye on us so many players have left and everything so it definitely the make us try to get it even more. >> with we have been behaving badly. joint prosecute in oxnard. ram and cowboy get in a pwrul and everybody is if on this one. cowboy receiver bryant had the helmet off and he got hit in the head so hard right there. his earrings fell out. somebody has to tell him clip on don't work in a brawl. i tell you that personally. >> nice. >> from that pure sweetness last tonight 5-year-old hailey dawson threw out first pitch. before the orioles a's game this was special. she has robotic prosthetic made by 3d printer t.she has rare condition called poland affectef right happened. threw the ball out to favorite player. what a
9:59 pm
precious moment for adorable little girl. this is 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> that was really, really sweet. >> fantastic. >> really cool. >> thanks larry. >> that is our report. we appreciate your time as always. >> and for all of us here, thanks so much for joins. we see you at 11:00 on channel 7. see you at 11:00 on channel 7. >> have a good night.
10:00 pm
oh, i love my blumfy. it's half blanket and all comfy. it's my blumfy. jules, i have been chosen by the group to talk to you. you look insane. it's time to take that thing off. (chuckles) i am never taking this off, and before you judge me, touch it. hmm? i dare you. i dare all of you.


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