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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 23, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. a para glider died after crashing in national park in san francisco. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon. firefighters say the man fell 15 feet down a cliff after the impact. they believe he lost control. wind speeds were able normal for the area at the time of the crash. today a community in santa cruz is remembering a young girl
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whose life ended too soon. matty was found strangled to death last month. tonight hundreds gather to pay respects to her and support her family. serg sergio has more. >> reporter: the began with a bag pipe procession that included the hotter and close friends but the event turned into musical tribute and celebration of the girl most called madi. the mayor read a proclamation to commemorate her upcoming ninth birthday. >> i do here by proclaim october 5th, 2015, as maddi middleton day in the city of santa cruz. >> reporter: her mother said a few words thanking the few hundred people that showed up for sthis event. >> i would like to thank all of you for your kindness and support. i also want to share with you two things from madi so you can get to know my daughter a little bit better. >> she went on to read an entry
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from madi's diary and showed a video from her video blog. madison was found dead near where she lived and suffered stab wounds and died of affixation. 15-year-old adrian gonzalez has been charged with her death. he also lived in that community. he's facing adult felony charges of murder and felony kidnapping. with the musical tributes, there were also speakers that mentioned forgiveness. in santa cruz, abc 7 news. >> the three americans hailed as heroes were reunited today in paris to relive details from friday's ordeal. sacramento state university student anthony sadler, spencer stone and alex were taking the train from amsterdam to paris when a gun went off. >> alex hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> stone tackled the gunman and
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kept him in a choke hold. the man identified as a 25-year-old is accused of pulling out a box cutter, cutting stone's neck and severering his thumb. the friends held him down and stop the victim's gunshot wound from bleeding. >> other than my finger i didn't feel anything. i didn't know they were that bad. i went over, pushed down and the bleeding stopped. >> friends put him on a terrorest watch list in 2014. his lawyer says he only planned to rob people on the train. >> tomorrow marks one year since the napa earthquake and the city is coming to terms with the impact. some 62 properties are red tagged. building inspectors are reviewing yellow-tagged building but estimate 1,000 properties are eloqueyellow tagged. abc 7 news will be broadcasting live from napa tomorrow as we mark the anniversary. at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., dan
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ashley will show us how things changed. we uploaded snap shots from reporting to you can visit our website to see what a difference a year has made in napa. time to take a live look outside now from the emeryville camera. see the eastern span of the bay bridge. a beautiful weekend and warm weather should continue into the early workweek. drew tuma has more with live doppler 7 hd. >> what a winner of a forecast saturday and sunday. plenty of sunshine. we'll take a live look. we notice the low clouds and the marine layer thickening once again. what a nice weekend in terms of temperatures. no intense heat. most locations around normal for this time of the year, 77 san jose and a high of 81 degrees. to head into the new work and school week, warmer air set to arrive. we'll detail the weathers with the seven-day forecast in a few
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minutes. >> thanks, drew. things are back to normal after a toy grenade shut down terminal two. tsa screeners found the toy inside a passenger's bag at the check point and found it looks suspicious. bomb squad will check things out. lar large crowds were working their way towards screening. that led to long lines inside. authorities cleared the suspicious item and reopened after 2:00 this afternoon and questioning the man who owns the luggage. scientists are one step closer to cleaning up the great pacific garbage patch. an area of the ocean between the west coast and hawaii where tons of plastics pollute the water. abc 7 news was at pier 32 in san francisco where crews returned today from a 30-day expedition. they mapped and measured the garbage to help them build a barrier to clean it up j the golfs to take more samples in three weeks time than in the past 40 years combined.
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we can already say that it has been a tremendous success. crews found more plastic than marine life. they collected bottles, fishing buoys and more. vice president joe biden is not currently a candidate for president but that could change and donald trump weighs in on the democrat contenders. devin dwyer has details. >> reporter: a surprise sit down. new signs vice president joe biden is nearing a decision on a run for president. over the weekend, biden met with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, a last-minute huddle fueling speculation he was appealing for support. current candidate martin o'malley says the more the merrier. >> he's a very, very good and descent man and nice to have one more lifelong democrat in the
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race. >> and abc news obtained a memo from a grass roots group draft biden doesn't ask for money but instead urges democrats to keep an open mind about a biden candidacy. today clemsan clemson supporter against a biden run. >> i don't think he gets in. i think the personal situation he's going through and the fact that hillary clinton is way ahead, i don't think he gets in. >> donald trump weighs in on the vice president. >> would he be a tougher opponent than hilary? >> i don't think so. >> polls show trump dominating the gop rivals using issues like illegal immigration to electrify supporters. so far trump hasn't detailed the plans. >> how will you round them up? where will you get the money and forces? how are you going to do it? are the specifics? >> it's called management. the first thing we have to do is secure the boarder but called management. >> do you expect neighbors to
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turn in neighbors? >> i don't know what's going to happen. >> intrigue and uncertainty on both sides of the political isle. still ahead on abc 7 news at k k 9:00 why apple is replac
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some iphone owners may notice their phones are taking blurry pickers. apple may replace your phone for free. they issued a recall sold between september 2014 and january this year. there is a problem with the eyesight on the back of the phone. not the lens, the other one. apple will replace effected phones for free if you qualify. head to apple's website to find
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out if you do. tesla is teaming up to make travel easier. tesla will install charging stations at dozens of high-end properties for free. to be eligible, you have to list the home, have more than five bookings and average rating of four stars. property owners will receive a free charger but pay for the hookup themselves. tesla hopes it gives car owners the confidence to travel father. now just a dozen properties have them listed. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a lot of hard work will make back to school easier. if you thought this was a great beach day, see what the end of this week has in store. drew tuma is up next with the forecast. the dodgers keep losing. problem is, so do the giants and once again the niners most explosive weapon is the former rug by star having his way with the cowboys tonight.
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thousands of children in the east bay will start off right thanks to volunteers. abc 7 news was at berkeley today as volunteers put together school supplies and dental kits. this is the fifth year the group pitch in to help homeless and low income kids. it expanded to every county in california. >> ages 50 to 70 and says a lot about how much these people care about the community. >> what do you feel about volunteering? >> i like it. [ laughter ] >> what do you like about it? >> i get to help other people. >> the volunteers put together 3500 school supply and 6,000 dental kits this year.
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always good to see those kids starting early there. >> yeah. >> you know, with the school year starting usually a lot of kids are getting baked at school, or i'm sorry, let me rephrase that because i don't want there to be confusion. many kids are at school really hot because it's sunny outside. [ laughter ] >> and warming trend heading our way. >> i need to be careful with my words there. >> they aren't going to get baked weather this week. live doppler 7 hd, quiet night out there. we'll go outside earlier from the camera. that's -- [ laughter ] >> sun going down at 7:52. i can't stop. the clouds are moving in from the ocean. the marine layer is thickening once again and will greet students as they head off to school tomorrow morning across most locations. temperature-wise right now at 62 in downtown san francisco, 66 in concord this evening. right now 6 in san ramon and san jose, currently 65. live doppler 7 hd with
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satellite, we'll show you an area of low pressure off the coast helping keep the marine layer in place along the coast of california but it's also bringing us high clouds, southerly surge of moisture. we're watching high pressure to the east. this will be the game changer in the forecast in the next couple days. over new mexico it's going to slide back to the west. what it will do to compress the marine layer and bring us warmer temperatures through the next couple days, future weather shows you tomorrow morning the marine layer in tact so to speak and fog around the bay and by the afternoon typical august pattern. the clouds hold back to the coast and away from the coast you see sunshine. in terms of temperatures, back to average in most sports for tomorrow. livermore for example average high 89. that's where we'll sit for monday. by tuesday and wednesday, it's high pressure moves in, temperatures bump up into the low 90s. final weekend of august a cool end to the month. tropical satellite, depression
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out there still 35-mile per hour winds moving at eight miles per hour and you do notice, watch as it does strengthen into a category one storm and takes a turn to the west. so looks like she will stay away from hawaii as she progresses through the pacific. good news there. overnight lows tonight here in the bay area mid 50s and partly cloudy and nice sleeping weather overnight tonight. 59 in san jose and 57 in antioch. highs for monday starting in the south bay. sunshine and few morning clouds, 82 san jose and 78 the high in sunnyvale and 79 mountain view and 65 the high in pacificia. tomorrow into the north bay, 7 santa rosa and 78, inland 82 or 72 for oakland in the east bay, 76 and 78 fremont and inland east bay.
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85 san ramon and up to 90 degrees. here is the seven-day forecast. tomorrow turning warmer by tuesday partly cloudy wednesday we'll track at least the chance of morning drizzle for commuters. thursday and friday beach weather sunny, nice and saturday and sunday cool for august. some locations could be ten degrees below normal to round out next weekend. >> yeah, all thank you, drew. >> sure. >> colin joins us with sports and cool to see during the training camp and preseason games the rookies coming in trying to make a name for themselves. >> jared in particular, the instincts from rugby is amazing. two games into the exhibition schedule, you think jared haynes the real deal yet? niners hosting the cowboys. takes down the former raider darren mcfadden in for three plays, had three tackles. great to see him back in the mix.
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well-deserved hug. he stood out in the opener against houston better tonight. great grab. turns it into a 27-yard return. doesn't have blazing speed but great feet and led to a field goal. his second power turn. elusive in the vision uncandid. 34 yards and doesn't go down easy. carry in the back field and 6-0 game. justin picked by mike, the 303 pound defensive tackle. 37 yards to the touchdown. move fourth. patton got to block the punt and gather it. the niners get a defensive touchdown and one on special teams, add three field goals and impressive 23-6 win and an impressive return to action for bowman. >> if i would have played longer, you know, felt good, though, felt, you know, felt great. early on in the warmups, i was a
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little emotional being back out there and just seeing the fans, you know, crowd and got me going. i missed it. >> great to have them back. college kicks off in less than two weeks and sanford will open with the top 25 ranking. cardinals will be ranked 21st when they start the season september 25th this is familiar territory. all five years he's been at the helm. stanford started the year ranked in the ap top 25. those five years in a row, a school record. the top six look like this, defending national champion ohio state receives all 61 first place votes. the buckeyes followed by tcu, alabama, bailor, michigan state and auburn. pact 12 well represented and oregon number seven and received one vote the bears still open at home on september 5th. right now, it's as though the dodgers are begging the giants to over take atop the division. for some reason, the giants
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unwilling to accept charities right now. finale in pittsburgh, hit two home runs yesterday. if you want to be careful, not that careful and ryan walks him with the bases loaded for the game's first run and base hit to right, pirates put three on the board in the first. top five runner on first. one out here. buster posey big league pop up, little league fielding. walker and alvarez and duffy advances. next batter marlin bird chopping to third. ramirez the throw dropped by alvarez. duffy scores 3-1. giants within one but sixth inning mccutchen solo shot. pirates, they take three out of four. 5-2 the final. the giants lost 5 of 7. the giants remain one back, astros complete a three-game sweep of the dodgers today. that's jason castro with a walk off homer in the tenth. first five-game losing streak.
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a's trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of the rays. seventh inning, brett lowery up the middle with two men on. valencia is going to score. here he comes, great throw. great tag. fortunately, that decision didn't cost the a's. two batters later eric drives in lorrie and butler. 4-2 oakland. bottom of the seventh would take 30 minutes, oakland batting around and then some and score, big blow here. bases clearing triple. he's been on fire. four rbi day for him and a's get the win. tonight at 11:00, star power and the late highlights, roger federer and serena williams, tiger woods and bolt. drew, matt, i suggest you guys partake. you should join me here.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 a book club kicked off the wayne train. train officials said they were loud and the group says is the real reason. >> one year after the napa earthquake, recovery efforts underway and the church is picking up the pieces. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. "straight outta compton" topped $111 million. it easily took the top spot with under $26 million this weekend. "mission impossible rogue nation, sinister 2 and man from uncle" rounded out the top five. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. the next newscast is over on abc 7. have a great night, everyone.
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