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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight, live team coverage on the crippling effect of triple digit readings throughout the bay area. the governor strikes a deal to get a climate deal passed. who would scrawl a hateful message like this one in a san francisco neighborhood? police say they know and he's in custody. and the san bruno explosion, five years ago. is safety really job one at pg and e? >> the classes are way too hot. not cool. >> not cool is an understatement today, especially if you go to
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school with no air conditioning. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. swimming pools are filled and cooling centers are open as people cope with blazing temperatures of a september heat wave. >> abc7 news was on the san francisco water front to get these pictures. only one city came close to breaking the temperatures. >> there is a thin, shallow layer of fog so the rest of the bay area is just sweltering. oakland airport, 103. 107 today was the high in antioch and livermore. those weren't records, but pretty hot. 100 the high in redwood city and
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86 here in san francisco. we have a heat advisory in effect in san francisco. and there is also increased risk of heat-related illness. >> let's turn to our reporters in the field now, some schools let out early today and laura anthony is in the east bay where temperatures were well over 100 degrees today. laura? >> reporter: there are people making their way out here, in shadow creek park. 105 degrees last we checked. uncomfortable for people, but not for everyone. with temperatures climbing, this is the place to be in
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pleasanton. space in the shade is at a premium. >> it's 105 out here, are you comfortable? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: does it bother you? >> does it look like it's bothering me? >> reporter: running sprinklers? not a good idea during the drought. >> there is refrigerator was bottled water. if you need to cool off, you can get bottled water or, then, they have the building that you can go, sit in. >> any time the weather is 80 degrees or higher, you have to have procedures in place. water for the guys and a cool down station. and we have a cool down station in the basement. it's almost always 63 degrees. >> reporter: in oakland, the
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main way to cool off is closed off thanks to an algae bloom that left swimming off limits. >> can't go swimming here. >> i know. it's too bad. we used to swim around here. >> reporter: tomorrow is supposed to be maybe a tad warmer. >> even better. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc7 news. now to millbrae, live, one school let students go home early. how did they find relief? >> reporter: hikers are reminded of the fire danger around here. but you know this trail is popular with hikers. you just don't see them today. you haven't seen them this afternoon. because as we know, as we move south it got hot. and hotter, hottest. >> i want to go swimming.
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>> reporter: a request brought by a 5-year-old. janice brought her son to the pool only to find out it's closed in the afternoons. >> i guess we'll try another pool. we have until 3:00 to get back to san francisco. we'll try something else. >> reporter: with high temperatures, many opted to stay inside instead. at west lawn high, there were lessoned learned. the school district decided to send students home early today. >> most classrooms don't have air conditioning. we do have a fan but it makes no difference. >> i never dressed like this in public. it's just so hot. i have no choice but to wear basketball shorts and a muscle tee today. >> reporter: with high temperatures and no air conditioning, parents supported the decision. >> the school thinks it's the right thing to do, it's probably the right thing. >> reporter: practices for
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sports were cancelled. students were left having time on their hands. >> just want to go home, eat food and sleep. and do home work. >> yes. >> still home work. >> sure. >> reporter: tomorrow is expected to be a repeat of today. in campbell, abc7 news. the heat is making it has did yous for people who suffer from asthma. it's not just because of increased air pollution, thursday has been declared a spare the air day because of the particulate matter. the heat can be a trigger when asthma sufferers go from air conditioning to the hot outdoors. >> any changes in humidity or temperature when air is breathed in can trigger wheezing. >> doctors say it's important for asthma sufferers to recognize the early warnings of an attack.
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because of the heat, many cities have opened cooling centers where you can get relief. some may still be open. for a list of where to go tonight or tomorrow, in this heat go to and to see how hot it will be where you live, down load the abc7 weather app for your smart phone for free at the app store or google play. breaking news south of placerville. a wildfire is spreading quickly. you're looking at a 100 acre plus fire in jackson. it's been growing so quickly, we're expecting the next acre s estimate to be higher. no structures are damaged but officials say there are homes that they're working to save. if you have photos or videos of the fire or the one in the south bay, you can share with us using #abc7 news now.
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a burning truck burned a grass fire between gilroy and loss banos this, is the truck officials say likely started the fire in santa clara county. cal fire has not shut down traffic on 152 yet. one lane is closed. a victory for big oil in california. the governor agreed to change a bill to combat climate change. facing a holdout, the governor decided to drop a 50% decrease by the year 2030. despite the confession, he says he's committed to the cause. >> you are going to see efforts to ratchet up the state commitments to cleaning up our air, reducing carbon solution, and setting an example for the rest of the world to try to save us before it's too late. >> democratic opponents believe it will cost the price of gas
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and utilities to soar. a san francisco man is in police custody accused of painting racist graffiti in a predominantly asian neighborhood. witnesses came forward to help identify the suspect. >> reporter: the police department's special hate crime unit investigated. the no more chinese messages spray painted in orange at six locations in the bay view district. investigators say this man, 62-year-old was motivated by hate. tips from the public and other evidence led to his arrest. >> as you know, the chinese community as well as the community where it happened are rallying around our chinese brothers and sisters. this is a very diverse city. >> reporter: the graffiti shocked and hurt people who saw
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it. >> i don't know what we did to deserve this. >> it's sad to see kids walked by and saw that. >> reporter: it is the work of someone who lives in the neighborhood. one message was on the street outside of the suspect's home. he has been charged with five felony hate counts and five felony counts of vandalism. >> one thing to have your opinion, but another to, you know, put it on a wall, you know make other people feel unsafe. >> reporter: an arrest has been made, but police are looking for more information and any surveillance video. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. a san francisco man is suing the police department in a federal civil rights lawsuit. 23-year-old travis hall says that back in april he was in a car with two friends who were
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also black when plain clothes officer approached. he says the officers began questioning the men but won't say why. he says he grabbed his phone to call his family, he was yanked out of the car. >> they forced me to wait hours just to call my family. >> hall was never charged with a crime. both police chief and city attorney refused to comment on this pending lawsuit. another investigation into the safety culture at pg and e on the anniversary of the san bruno pipeline explosion. five years ago an aging pipe erupted, bursting into flames and killing eight people, destroying 38 homes. we're live tonight and vic, the neighborhood hasn't recovered. >> well, ama, most of the work
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has been in the underground infrastructure, things you can't see. things like replacing storm drains, water pipes, that kind of thing. so above ground there is still a lot of work to do. now, pg and e still having major legal problems including a fine and now, more legal troubles are ahead. >> reporter: pg and e says it's installed valves, decommissioned old pipelines. but it still faces criminal charges for violations and obstructing justice. this week, pg and e asked the courts to throw out the charges and regulators are asking if safety is a priority. lawyer frank petrie represents homeowners and shareholders. >> i'm not sure pg and e learned it's lesson.
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>> reporter: patrick yu's home sits across the street from the epicenter. it's 150 feet from where the 30 inch gas line burst. the explosion awakened him from a nap. >> my roof, top of the roof falling down. i almost died that day. >> reporter: he rebuilt his home. this home was safe on the other side of yu. firefighters took a stand in front of his house. it's been five years, time passes but mcnichols wants to get back to his life. you can still see the scars here in the ravaged neighborhood. empty lots, construction equipment, half finished homes. it leads to frustration. >> they say next year we'll have a new street, new lighting. new sidewalks.
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>> reporter: the family who's sued have settled claims with pg and e for the most part. still, the mayor says pg and e has yet to accept full responsibility. >> this was not an accident. in my mind, someone should do jail time for this. >> reporter: pg and e declined interviews out of respect for the victims. still to come an update on the rust fire and a refuge for big cats is being evacuated. >> abc7 news i-team looks into the politics behind a ban on kangaroo products. >> and a memorial they're planning for kate
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a nonprofit organizations that offers a haven for lions, tigers and other rescued zoo cats is under a fire investigation. the five consumed 100,000 acres and containment is nowhere in sight. >> reporter: big cats like this one will soon be moved to a new home as cat haven in done --
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dunlap is closing doors. >> we'll wait until this gets through. hopefully, we'll have something to come back to. >> reporter: the foot hill communities are only under evacuation warnings, that means being prepared to leave at a moment's notice. >> if next week, you didn't have to put those valuables in the car and we laugh about it, great. if you, if the sheriff knocks and says go right now, i'd know that i'm ready for that. >> reporter: fire information officer says there is a contingency line west of hume lake. the grand quarry area of king county park is also under warning. >> i says how is the fire going? she says it's going. >> reporter: the fire burned 5,000 acres of national park land, the giant trees are still
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standing. it would be a challenge to move them and put stress on them, at least the 34 wildcats halfway down the hill will be protected. >> we have had bad things happen and got through them. so it's it kicks you in the teeth for a while, but we'll get things done. >> reporter: evacuating now, hoping to return, soon. >> that was brian johnson reporting. the fire is the largest active fire in california. a bill to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives moved closer to passage today, it was a contentious, and at times, emotional debate as the california assembly voted to amove forward legislation to allow doctors to prescribe medication. the senate is expected to endorse the bill soon. >> several dozen turtles are about to get a new home in san
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francisco. these western pond turtles were take kwen into protection two years ago by the san francisco zoo. young turtles can die quickly because it's hard to protect themselves from predators. they'll move to the presidio. >> we'll monitor them for 5 to 10 years to make sure the population is stable, that there aren't predators getting into the eco system and people aren't keeping pet turtles. >> the western pond turtle is the pacific coast's only native fresh water turtle. >> cute little guys. >> yes. >> we need fresh water here. it's evaporating. >> definitely. >> the heat is leaving at a turtle's pace. >> moving like a turtle.
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>> we have sunny skies and hot conditions across most of the bay area. relief is in sight, developing near coast now. we have a shallow layer of fog. it's dropped temperatures today near our coastal areas. but we have a beach hazard alert throughout the evening and large breaks are possible. so here is the view from our camera looking towards west northwest. good news is that there will be improvement friday so things are looking up. over san francisco, warm conditions now. 77 degrees here in san francisco. oakland, 82. 99 in santa rosa. 102 in fairfield.
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and it's clear at the golden gate bridge. we have two more days of suzelling weather inland. and cooler this weekend with fresher air. satellite composite shows a mass of hot air will continue to do so. here is our forecast animation. a shallow fog layer retreating a little bit tomorrow morning. so again, comfortable conditions near the coast and around the bay tomorrow. but not so much inland. the week ahead will bring us temperatures like this in downtown san jose. average high is 83 degrees. friday, 96. down average over the weekend and below average by mid week next week. that is typical of what the bay area will experience.
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overnight, mild, low temperatures low to mid-60s. tomorrow, south bay sizzle once again. 98 in san jose. mid to upper 90s on the peninsula. mid to upper 70s in some coastal locations. upper 90s to napa. east bay, 96 in castro valley and fremont. inland east bay all triple digits again tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. after friday, looks like triple digit heat will move out of here. we'll have mid-90s inland saturday. and down to about 90 inland sunday. next week, more comfortable and average range of highs. more bearable. >> right. right. >> thank you. >> coming up next, new ipads, iphones and a pencil. >> a look inside
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the future of apple is on display today. upgraded iphone 6, and a brand new apple tv were the main attractions. another big thing, you'll be able to talk to siri and use the new apple store on the new apple tv. >> we believe the future of television is apps.
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>> tim cook also introduced the apple pencil. the electronic pencil is an ipad accessory that will let you write or draw on documents and e-mails. wall street was apparently not impressed with today's apple updates. stock fell more than $2 per share. the dow jones lost ground today, down 239 points. nasdaq lost 55. a closing brand popular with surfers filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. quicksilver, based in huntington bebeach plans to continue with store closing plan throughout the country. nfl season gets underway this week. and san francisco is taking center stage. the host committee of super bowl 50 is getting things started with a two-day event called kickoff to 50 celebration. among those on hand, super bowl
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mvps jim plunkett and steve young. >> i'm here to look forward to next 150 days but importantly how people see us from around the world. us in the bay area in a great light. >> fans are encouraged to dress up like a raider or 49er like that woman did. you can have your picture taken with a super bowl legend like willie brown or niners standout, ricky waters. but the hall of famers are on display as well. the event wrapped up with a free concert featuring the band train. just ahead, they call it the world's largest wildlife slaughter. looking into the ban on kangaroo products. you're going to hear from the family of kate steinle on the memorial they're planning at the site where she was killed. when using a credit card, sometimes you sign, sometimes,
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a battle over kangaroos is giving insite into how the legislature works. >> abc7 news reporter dan noyes is here with the investigation. dan? >> reporter: it's been 45 years since california first banned products made have kangaroo skin. the ban is set to go back into effect by the end of the year. >> he's open about where he got the idea about his latest mess sure. >> the australian government has, was, has approached me. >> reporter: gibson says his constituents enjoyed the items
7:33 pm
made from kangaroo hide. >> not to mention jobs that will be placed in jeopardy. >> reporter: which jobs? >> the job that through this particular bill, imports and exports. >> reporter: import, export? >> reporter: the humane society calls it the world's largest wildlife slaughter and opposes gibson's efforts. >> i think everything about this stinks. i think it's meant to be done in secrecy. >> reporter: gibson did not follow a normal procedure of introducing early. he took a bill on gambling and gutted it and amended it, turning into the kangaroo bill. he will need a two thirds vote
7:34 pm
by friday to pass the measure. >> very to get a 54 vote in the state assembly and 29 votes, i believe, in the state senate in order for it to pass. >> reporter: in three days? >> three days. >> reporter: is that a rush? >> no. >> reporter: gibson believes he'll hold a committee meeting. >> sometimes, ten other bills will join them. and it will be a quick hearing. >> reporter: sacramento state government studies professor says gut and amend is a california concept. not seen in other states, or the federal government, that oversight is weakening. >> there used to be a process where they can review the changes and it had to be at least the same topic. that has gone away. if you're going to do a gut and amend, it's disappeared. >> reporter: there is a complaint saying the australian
7:35 pm
government funneled money through a sacramento lobbyist to influence the debate. a check of political contribution records show 14 lawmakers received money from that lobbyist. including a thousand dollars to mike gibson. >> you're asking me am i carrying this bill for that reason, the answer is no. >> they continue. we have seen members of the consulate lobbying alongside these paid lobbyists. they should be concerned about a foreign government's influence here not being disclosed to our people or theirs. >> reporter: the l.a. times and sacramento bee bill says he should drop the bill partly because of his gut and amend tactic. >> that is interesting. >> yes. it is. >> six co-defendants of chinatown leader raymond shrimp
7:36 pm
boy chow pled guilty to money laundering, selling contraband goods and gun possession. the lawyers say there was no plea agreement with prosecutors. lawyers for chow say he'll go on trial and will not consider a guilty plea. he and a dozen others are awaiting trial. a judge today said a prison program that reunits mothers with their children should be open to men, too saying it violates the equal protection clause of the constitution. the program was authorized to accept men and women but has opinion restricted to female inmates because of budget concerns. the brother of kate steinle, the woman shot and killed on pier 14 in san francisco opened up about the suspect accused of killing his sister and memorials to be built in her owner. chris nguyen has the story only
7:37 pm
on abc7 news. >> reporter: for this proud brother, brad steinle doesn't shy away from showing his love for his sister, kate. >> she had will, drive, and such a free spirit. >> reporter: 32-year-old kate steinle was shot and killed at pier 14. an undocumented immigrant and convicted felon will now stand trial for murder. the steinles say ross mirkarimi is to claim. >> he overstepped his boundaries as sheriff and it resulted in kate's death. >> reporter: the family says they've filed a lawsuit against the sheriff and federal authorities saying something needs to change. >> the largest mistake is mirkarimi's mem rando not to cooperate with ice and
7:38 pm
communicate we're about to release a felon on to the streets. >> reporter: he and his parents came to visit the pier where kate was lost. >> you think of us going to giants games. we love the embark daro it's sad to see the place she fell and took her last breath. >> reporter: the family says the port authority has plans to put up a memorial bench in honor the kate. on it, one of her favorite quotes. whatever is good for your soul, do that. >> no matter what comes across, no matter what tragedy, or obstacles you face in life, that you overcome it and make sure you live and love the best you can. >> reporter: a family turning their grief and sorry into a call for action. >> just ahead tonight, credit card transactions to sign or not to sign.
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have you ever gone into a store, used a credit card and have the clerk not ask for a
7:42 pm
signature? >> it happens more and more, which begs the question, why? >> more and more people are asking that question. most are pretty sure they know why, but aren't certain. >> reporter: here at the ferry building everybody we saw using a credit card was asked to sign a receipt. that is not always the case. often, you'll just be handed a receipt nochlt -- no signature recipe. >> the speed of the day? >> reporter: credit card companies put a lot of work over when to get a signature and not. >> usually under $25 you don't have to sign. >> reporter: that is stephanie ericson with visa. she says it's about not getting ripped off.
7:43 pm
to that end, visa is keeping an eye on our behavior and actions of the bad guys. >> today, we allow all merchants to accept transactions up to $25 without capturing a signature, some merchants can do it up to $50. we don't see a lot of fraud in those values in those stores. >> reporter: so the merchant is protected, visa feels safe and you should, too. >> we're still scoring those in the system against our fraud analytics to make sure they continue to remain secure. consumer is never liable for fraud on their cards. >>orter: if you have a question about credit cards or anything else, let me know. go to and look for the 7 on your side page. you'll find my past reports there as well. >> thank you, michael. >> okay. >> just ahead here, the war on ebola. it's not over yet. it's not over yet. >>
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a limo caught fire on 880 southbound. that exit there. you can see the fire.
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>> authorities tell us there was a short in the electrical system and the driver noticed flames and pulled over quickly. they were able to get out safely. sky 7 is on the way to the scene and we'll update you as soon as we have new information. >> you may remember in september, governor brown signed a law imposing stricter safety standards that came after that accident in august, 2013 when five women were killed. all thousand have to be equipped with fire extinguishers and inspected by the highway patrol trail . a bay area doctor will treat ebola survivors still experiencing symptoms after defeating the virus. the effects can be lasting.
7:48 pm
>> 25% of survivors can have a problem in their eye. even if there is no evidence of the infection remaining, blood tests and that kind of thing. you still could have some of the remnants of the infection as a chronic disease. that is what i'm going to study. >> last year, the epidemic killed 11,000 people. 15,000 survived. that means 3750 people could still be suffering symptoms from the virus. >> the president and first lady will welcome pope francis. the white house says the obamas will greet the pope when he touches down september 22nd. the pope will meet with the president, speak in philadelphia and address the united nations in new york. i will be in washington for the pope's first stop. join me as abc7 news follows the pope on this historic trip. >> that will be remarkable. let's update this heat. >> yes. spencer christian is here with
7:49 pm
the latest. >> we can see the beginning of the end of the heat wave. here is live doppler 7 hd. there is shallow fog layer bringingcooling. in southern california, thunderstorms earlier today. but now, early evening hours, showers tapered off. but still have tropical storm linda pulling away from populated areas which is good news. as it weakens it moves towards the north, northwest. it's going to kick high clouds into our direction. and statewide, high temperatures inland well above 100 once again. and down south in morgan hill and on the coast, around the bay, we'll see temperatures beginning to moderate just a bit. here is the accu-weather forecast. two more days triple digit heat.
7:50 pm
temperatures moderate and we'll have a cool down into next week. >> looking forward to that. thank you. >> lots to talk about in sports. baseball. >> yes. larry beil is here with that. >> a's making news off the field in last place. they seem far from defending. why is manager bob melvin smiling? sports is
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♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you.
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so you can easily master the way you bank. some breaking news in san jose. there is a fire burning. this is happening on oakland road. >> you can see firefighters trying to put out the fire. it's burning near a mobile home park called river bend family park. it's not known if the park is threatened. you can see -- it's hard to tell that it could be railroad tracks. it's hard to tell. >> yes. we'll keep you updated on this. it's a serious situation. we'll keep you up to date. follow us on twitter on abc7 news bay area. good evening, a's manager has been given a two-year contract extension. given the roster billy bean provided i'm not sure if we can offer congratulations or
7:54 pm
condolences on this. the a's mired in last place this year. melvin admitted the mass exodus rattled him but says he's grown uncomfortable with the approach to restocking what is now a bare roster. >> any time you have one of 30 jobs you're fortunate that this is one that i take pride in. so we'll start with that. it's fun to go to cal games and raider games, too. it's being committed to the organization here. and it's been that way from day one for me. >> billy bean has taken a lot of heat for the trades to turn the a's from contenders to bottom feeders. josh donaldson leaving the blue jays to first place. bean still will not admit that dealing his stars away was a really bad idea you know my personal feeling is that we had done nothing, we'd probably be in the same position we are now.
7:55 pm
we've got one guy in the rotation. we project him to be in rotation. so pretty difficult for any time, whether oakland or yankees to lose four guys in a rotation. >> just say "i screwed it up". i say it daily. it works. just apologize. will sunday's game with the bengals be the last home opener for the raiders? just as raiders seem to be on the verge of getting good one. the games are meaningless except there were several moments it seemed clear that carr and cooper were not on the same page. >> as coaches we're concerned. we're naturally worrywarts. you know? but listen. we've had a really good camp. a productive time and off season. it's time to cut loose and go to
7:56 pm
the next stage. we're excited to have it be here. >> the 49ers figure they'd have their hands full monday night. the return of adrian peterson with vikings. peterson has not had much success, but is healthy and angry after being suspended for a year. that would scare any coach. >> it's a challenger. if he puts on a helmet and a shirt he's a challenge. you know? brid bridgewater is doing a nice job. wide receivers, obviously a fast crew, good crew. >> you know that offense is a turner offense. so put that together, they're obviously a -- we have a ton of respect for them. >> u.s. open tennis, jimmy falon and justin timberlake. roger fedderer, third set.
7:57 pm
roger from the back line. will drop it down. look at that. look at the touch there. moved south of the semi finals. clay thompson became the third warrior to visit jimmy kimmel this summer, there to give a gift to spencer stone, the man who helped stop a train terrorist in paris. >> well, it's only like 15 feet around there. there we go. >> push it, clay. clay helped give that brand new convertible to spencer stone, also give him a jersey, warriors championship hat and tickets to opening night for the up coming season. a big announcement coming tomorrow from warrior draymon green. it's very, very big. >> can't wait. thank you, larry.
7:58 pm
>> join us tonight, a discovery that could lead to an effective treatment for cancer. and a child hit by a car the first day he was allowed to ride his bike to school. >> poor little guy. we appreciate your time. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening. [female announcer] through sunday, during sleep train's mattress price wars,
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(jim) all right, let's get started. oh, first off, we're supposed to be pushing card stock this week, so...let's push card stock this week. uh, also-- what is this? tape recorder. for what? for recording. michael is on vacation, and he has asked me to record all meetings and to type up the transcripts. okay, uh, karen, any news from that law firm?


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