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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 25, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight, a sexual predator that could be back on the streets. and volkswagon under fire for a pollution scandal. bridging the divide between police and the people they're sworn to protect. the message in the bay area tonight from the nation's top cop. >> and the i-team goes after a surveillance video that could answer a father's question about what happened to his son on a school bus. a sexual predator could soon be roaming the streets, homeless, unless local officials resolve their differences. good evening, the predator is a 51-year-old, frasier smith is due to be released from the
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hospital. but officials have been unable to agree on where he will live. >> reporter: the $64,000 question is when? and where? the question came up during a court hearing about seven months ago for smith on this subject. and today, after that seven months, well, the state agency supposed to look for housing for smith finally told the judge we give up. the judge gave solano county prosecutors until october 13th to find a home for frasier smith. the 51-year-old convicted rapist is soon to be released from the hospital. the judge threatened to release smith as a transient. liberty health care contracts with the state to help sexually violent predators reintegrate says it looked into 4,000 places, which means jessica's
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law district restrictions on distance to schools and parks. it's most ever conducted. the last being 3,000 inquiries. in this case, they found only three homes, two in solano county, and one in contra costa county. >> the rights of the villians should not take precedence over the rights of the community, our neighbors, our lives. >> reporter: because of fierce opposition from neighbors, those offers fell through, including this one, on wilota drive, fairfield. >> it's just a safe, beautiful community. want to it stay that way. >> i'm a home schoolteacher as well as a full time teacher. i have students in my home. >> reporter: he may be moved every five days. the d.a. saying it's virtual limb possible for his office to investigate whether motels are
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in appropriate areas. vic lee, abc7 news. we have breaking news out of san pablo. what appears to be a head on collision at castro ranch road. ambulances are on the scene and a rescue helicopter is on the way. authorities haven't said how many people were hurt here or the severity of the injuries. right now, the road is closed in both directions. you can see it's causing major back up there. our breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area and san jose police say the man shot last night was trying to grab a shotgun out of the police cruiser. the officer arrived and police say woods refused to comply with the demands. the officer attempted to pepper spray. that didn't work.
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when attempting to reach for a shotgun case, he was shot. woods is expected to recover. a lawsuit was filed on behalf of volkswagon owners and two stanford professors. this following the company's admission it's been rigging the emission readings on its vehicles for seven years. the epa announced sweeping changes to the way it tests for diesel emissions and volkswagon named a company veteran to take over for the chief executive officer who resigned this week. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live right now with more on today's lawsuit. tiffany? >> reporter: and natasha, i'm told those two stanford professor bought passats because they're environmentally friendly. sure, it's dirty on her outside, but marcela never thought it was polluting the air.
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>> i did buy it because it was diesel and we're looking for gas mileage and something that wasn't going to pollute a lot. >> reporter: campbell is considering joining the suit filed in the bay area, at issue, light duty diesel vehicles sold between 2009 and 2015. vw admitted it install aid device toallow the cars to pass california emissions tests but failed in real world conditions. >> this is a massive fraud. >> reporter: the california air resources board says it can exacerbate asthma and cardiovascular disease. >> they bought a car they thought is going to be friendly to the environment and not hurt people. and te have a car that is hurting people 40 times worse. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims the lab could involved in the cover up. >> what was going on in belmont as one of their fore most
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electronic research facilities? what is going on in oxnard? com handled back at volkswagon to have led the public to be deceived over this significant period of time? >> reporter: they're working to understand how bad the problem is and what can be done to fix it. this attorney says her clients have a suggestion. >> do the right thing. buy the cars back. >> reporter: volkswagon did not respond to our request for comment today. volkswagon investors are not happen each a separate lawsuit claiming u.s. stockholders lost hundreds of millions over the emissions scandal. vw shares have fallen by a third so far since the scandal broke last week. and emissions standards in california are about to get tougher. the state air resources board voted to require fuel manufacturers to produce fuels that are 10% cleaner within the next five years. oil producers say the roles are
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unworkable and will drive up gas prices. the state estimates a computer will pay $24 a year in 2017 and $56 more in 2020. and now, to the latest on the valley fire in lake county. the sheriff's department said said all traffic restrictions will be lifted tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. in cobb and surrounding neighbors. much of cobb was destroyed in the fire. the road blocks will be removed, not all utilities have yet been restored. the fire is now 90% contained, but 2400 firefighters are still on that scene. and a bay area family is among the injured from a deadly duck boat and bus crash in seattle. take a look at the facebook pick u're of 21-year-old katie moody recovering. she broke her collar bone and damaged an artery. her father suffered cuts to his
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face. they were both thrown from the duck boat. they were among the lucky ones. four people died yesterday on washington's aurora bridge. passengers say the duck boat began to swerve right before hitting the bus. the four people that died were international students at north seattle college. amid pressure from conservative republicans, john boehner announced he's stepping down. quite the surprise. the announcement was unexpected on capitol hill by many, but likely successor will be kevin mccarthy from bakersfield. we are in the newsroom with more on the possible impact of boehner's resignation to us in california. lyanne? >> reporter: let's take a look at kevin mccarthy. he wants to drop the high speed rail project and wants to divert water to farmers which would have an impact on the eco system. with that said, insiders say mccarthy will be more preoccupied with taming members of his party who are now more
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divided than ever. speaker john boehner told reporters i was moved by the pope's speech, encouraging those in congress to follow the golden rule. >> i started thinking about this. and this morning i woke up and i said my prayers, as i always do. and i decided you know? today is the day i'm going to do this. it's simple as that. >> reporter: for the 65-year-old it became harder to reason with the hard right members of his party. he was under pressure to defund planned parenthood as part of a deal to keep the government open. by stepping down, he avoids a shut down and fear of being forced out by his party go as way. the former chairman of the san francisco republican party. >> there are people happy to see him gone and people that are not. but the bottom line is that country moves forward at a great pace, bigger changes. >> reporter: minority leader nancy pelosi had this to say about the resignation. >> he is the speaker until giving up the gavel.
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so we'll continue to negotiate th speaker boehner. and you and we will find out together what comes next. >> reporter: insiders say kevin mccarthy, a republican from bakersfield will likely become next speaker, today, planned parenthood issued this statement. it looks like leadership in the house may go from bad to worse. today, former speaker of the california assembly, willie brown said mccarthy will have a tough job. >> the nation doesn't care their view on the planned parenthood issue. and it would be foolish to walk off the plank. i don't think kevin mccarthy will let that happen. >> reporter: now, if mccarthy becomes speaker, two leaders in the house will be from california. the other, of course, nancy pelosi. thank you very much. and here is president obama's reaction moments after the news broke this morning. >> we have had a lot of
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disagreements, but he is always conducted himself with courtesy, and civility with me. he has kept his word when he made a commitment. >> the president called boehner a good man and a patriot. >> attorney general loretta lynch came to richmond to take a look at a city that has become a model for police and the community. >> reporter: u.s. attorney general lynch says her decision to visit richmond has something to do with its troubled past. but also, it's bright future, and efforts to improve relations between police and the community. >> it's clear richmond is working towards a holistic approach to public safety. >> reporter: richmond received praise for its drop in violent
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crime under chris magnus. >> the city struggled with tough challenges. >> our good attorney general has a different world view for the oscar grant committee. >> reporter: prior to the attorney general's arrival there was a protest outside by demonstrators who claim last year's case of police brutality. she says it's one step. >> it's more than just an arrest. it's more than just, you know, identifying a suspect. but it's trying to identify the root causes of many of the problems. >> at the end of the day, successful community policing and the important part is trust in the community. >> rich beyond will receive $26,000 toward hiring of five additional mofrs. in richmond, laura anthony, abc7
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news. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00, the silicon valley visit of india's prime minister. why some consider hichl a rock star, others are calling him a criminal. and we'll follow up on that rob robot standing in line for a new iphone. >> and a refreshing sea breeze brought us relief from the heat and the cooling trend continues into the weekend. the numbers are ahead in accuweather. a couple about to get married finds out their tuxedo shop has gone bankrupt.
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breaking news in burlingame. take a look. a car hit the train on the track there. this happened a half hour ago. we know the train was traveling northbound when it hit the car on the tracks. no word on injuries at this point. the crews are just getting tre now. buses are now taking people from daily city to palo alto until cal train resumes service there. stick with abc7 news on twitter for latest on the story and if you have photos or videos share it on social media with #abc7now. police are investigating what they call a suspicious death. they found the body in a burning car in a parking lot of the kirk community center on foxworthy avenue. the discovery made at midnight. someone flagged down an officer.
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this man has been arrested for spying on people in a dormitory bathroom at uc berkeley. police say he secretly recorded 100 people with a camera, found in a residential rest room in may. investigators say there may be more victims. the prime minister of india will headline a massive community reception in silicon valley this weekend. in fact, more than 18,000 tickets have been distributed. many are thrilled about his trip, others are questioning his motives. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story. >> sunday, indian prime minister modi will take center stage. >> they all want to share in the pride of having the indian prime minister. they like his style, he enjoys being in large venues. this political science
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professor says this plays into the strategy to introduce new technology to india. >> this is a great opportunity for them to enter the indian market with the support of the indian government. that probably what lies behind their invitations. >> managers say requests for indicatoring and reservations have gone up since he said he'd be coming to town. >> he's talking about let's all come together and work towards the process of everything country. so that is what i believe he's looking at the pictures. >> reporter: he is saying he is trying to convert india into a hindu-only nation. >> we wanted to have the complete religious freedom for every minority, every religion like in the united states. we wanted to have a same model
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in india. >> reporter: politics aside this will be the first california visit of an indian head of state in three decades. the most talked about person in line for the new iphone this morning wasn't physically there. this robot made its way inside. a woman works for beam, the company that makes the robot. she was in san diego. the doors open, she wheeled it in using her keyboard at home. she told the clerk, where the money was in the back of the robot, paid, and was able to wheel back out of the store without a problem. >> i thought it would be a truly techie way to experience this. it's a fantastic experience. i'd do it again in a heartbeat. >> she was in and out and became the star among fellow customers and apple workers. >> what a san francisco way to do things. bay area way to owe -- to do
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things. >> definitely. >> we're going to see a cooling trend here through early next week. live doppler 7 showing you a quiet picture, this evening, you'll notice acdc is there. 68 degrees by 7:45 so a comfortable night. looking at sports, look at this. clouds looking like paint brush strokes. it's a gorgeous friday night. right now, 65 in san francisco. oakland, 70 degrees, mountain view, 74. and morgan hill, 82. and half moon bay, 63 degrees. a beautiful picture, just a light chop on the bay water and high, thin clouds out there.
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and livermore, 85 degrees. we're not seeing clouds forming just yet but coastal clouds will happen overnight. this weekend, we're talking about cooling across the bay area. there is a mild pattern and we do notice a warming trend. here is a front that brings us cooler changes. it's inching toward the bay area, and we'll take you to hawaii now. we're tracking a storm right now. this is 50 miles per hour moving northwest at seven miles per hour. we do have a tropical storm in hawaii but we do notice the forecast track takes the storm affecting rain and wind. in the bay area, coastal clouds
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around half moon bay. 52 degrees. it's clear and temperatures into the 50s across the bay area. saturday there is a thin veil of cloud cover. the same in mountain view. 78 san ma dayo 64 daily city. into the north bay. 88 santa rosa. and oakland, 78. 81 fremont. 77 richmond. 87 concord, 90 in antioch. accu-weather forecast shows you if we chop a couple degrees off. but nothing any intent and thursday, october begins. >> where did september go?
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>> this is gentle, like a falling leaf. >> yes. a revealing documentary on the
7:24 pm
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you're about to hear o.j. simpson admit to hurting his
7:26 pm
ex-wife. >> they're from the deposition tape. >> the goldman family attorney spent days grilling simpson about the injuries. >> see those bruises on her face? >> no. >> you don't see anything? >> no. i mean i see this eye thing. >> you don't think this picture reflects any bruising or injuries or marks on nicole's face? >> no. i don't. >> what do you think this was from? >> reflection during a movie we're doing, we're doing makeup. >> never struck anyone in the face correct? >> correct. >> you never hurt your wife, either, correct? >> no. i hurt my wife, yes. >> you never struck her with your hands? . >> i never punched her. >> you had your fingers around her throat, correct? >> i could have touched her neck. >> this was violent, wasn't it? >> yes. it was. >> simpson was found not guilty of murder in criminal court but the injury in the civil case found him liable for the deaths.
7:27 pm
>> you can see more of the tapes on 2020 tonight at 10:00. >> we have more still to come here tonight at 6:00. just ahead, we're going to sw you the rock star treatment pope francis is getting after a day in the big apple. and abc7 news i-team goes after video that could answer
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that is the sound of 80,000 cheering people that lined the streets of central park in new york today to get a glimpse of pope francis. the professional was one of several opportunities for followers to see him. we have more about the message he shared during his first two stops this morning. >> reporter: pope francis began speaking to the united nations general assembly, urging 170 world leaders to take action on several fronts like climate change, human trafficking and eliminating poverty.
7:31 pm
>> he emphasized our moral duty. >> the pontiff made special mention of the iran nuclear deal. >> the recent agreement reached on the nuclear question in this sensitive region is proof of political goodwill and law. >> reporter: the day then took on a somber tone as pope francis arrived with the national september 11th mem yichlt then, in an incredible show of religious solidarity, he led an interfaith prayer service. >> eternal life and peace for all who died here.
7:32 pm
>> and inside of a school, he spoke to about 150 immigrants and refugees. >> the pope wrapped up the day with a special mass at madison square garden. he talked about the need to embrace those who feel marginalized. he'll head to philly for two days of events before traveling back to the vatican. president obama is hosting a state dinner in honor of the chinese president and his wife. today, the two leaders discussed a range of global and regional issues. among the guests the were larry el yi son, mark zuckerberg and tim cook. a san ama dayo county school bus driver lost her job because of how she treated a 9-year-old boy with autism. >> his father is having a hard time finding out what happened so he turned to the i-team. >> yes. dan noyes is here to tell what yous he found out. >> repter: if there were a
7:33 pm
video of your child being treated badly by a bus driver, would you want to see it? would you have a right to see it? the police, school district and bus company didn't let the father see the video. he can't understand why. 9-year-old royce santos has autism in daily city. he is a happy boy who learns how my tv camera works. >> you broke it. >> reporter: but something changed after school one day in may. his grandmother met him at the bus stop he wasn't his usual self. >> my mother just asked, he was scared. he hugged her. >> yes. >> reporter: looking at the bus driver like this. grandma, i love you. i love you. >> reporter: other students complained the driver grabbed lloyd after he refused to sit in the bus. a surveillance camera captured
7:34 pm
the incident. >> he saw the video. i requested to see it he said he wouldn't possess it. you'll get madder. >> reporter: after that peting, jason tells me police would not return his calls so i began digging. after weeks of requests, i obtained a copy of the police report. the detective recommended a charge of willful cruelty to child. students told police the bus driver got rough with lloyd, picked him up and pushed him into the seat. lloyd began crying and yelled baby bus driver stupid. the driver said she didn't touch lloyd, only his clothes. but the d.a. decided not to prosecute. >> and we determined that though it was not necessarily appropriate conduct by the bus driver, it does fall short of criminal conduct.
7:35 pm
>> reporter: deputy district attorney told me it didn't help the case that lloyd santos would not tell the investigator what happened. >> because of his developmental disability that he was not able to have a conversation with them. >> reporter: but lloyd was very clear with me. he said he doesn't like sitting at the front of the bus with the girls. he likes it near the back with his male friends. >> he doesn't like me to sit with boys anymore in the bus. >> reporter: lloyd said he was scared when the driver came back to get him. >> grabbed me. >> reporter: she grabbed you? >> yes. >> reporter: grabbed you where? >> on the hood. >> . >> reporter: of your sweat shirt? >> yes. >> reporter: my public request for the video took me to the county office of education who refuse toed release it on grounds of student privacy f they wanted to, they can protect
7:36 pm
the identities of the students on the bus, by blurring their faces. you've seen that before. >> i think that that is a very strong argument. >> reporter: peter sheer says there is no good reason to record the video. >> letting officials know they need a way to exercise considerable discretion. >> reporter: one public official has gotten the message. >> that is not right. >> reporter: daily city council member is pushing the county office of education to release the video. >> we have to learn from these events. and the more that we don't disclose or reveal it, how are we supposed to learn to prevent these in the future? >> reporter: the school services confirms the bus driver lost her job. that is not enough for santos. he wanted her prosecuted.
7:37 pm
still, he doesn't plan to sue. >> my friends would tell me you'll get money out of this, that. i don't want money. i just want justice. that is all i want. >> reporter: after all of my inquiries the company this week called to say they'll let jason come and see the video but they still won't let him have a copy of it. if you have a tip, call me. or e-mail me on >> we'll hear back from you next week. >> absolutely. next week. switching gears a little bit here is a school official with a sense of humor. take a look. that is the principal, michael fong in santa clara. duct taped to a wall. >> it took 21 rolls of tape. he challenged kids to collect change. >> michael finney is next with
7:38 pm
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when a felix formal wear store closed down, it left people without their items. >> that is where i got my prom tux. >> it was a beautiful blue one? >> it was slick, baby, light blue. one couple was about to get married and a groom thought he had a tux lined up. and then, he saw my report about the stores. christine and ray are excited about their wedding. in a spectacular setting at the end of this pier. >> they put chairs on the pier. >> a thousand feet over lake tahoe. they prepared months ahead of time. christine ordered her gown and ray got fitted for a tuxedo. >> so he can feel special as i do. >> with the wedding just day as
7:42 pm
way, the couple found out ray doesn't have a tuxedo. >> i called and got the number has been disconnected message. i thought that is odd. >> ray ordered from the century old formal wear shop. >> i google. bankruptcy. oh, no. >> reporter: she found my report. >> i said no way. there is no way they could have closed. >> reporter: now they had to scramble for another tuxedo. >> it to work out but it's a different experience. >> reporter: they had to place a $100 deposit. >> i contacted you guys hoping that there is more information. >> reporter: we discovered the customers who left deposits can claim the money back using this form. >> there is a deposit out there with my name on it. f if it works out that money is left over.
7:43 pm
>> reporter: ray found a tux and here is picture proof it worked out. if you put down a deposit, the bankruptcy trustee says there is a good chance you'll get it back. you have to attach proof of payment. go to and look in the sections tab. click on 7 on your side. >> i want to see the prom photo. the "dumb and
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governor brown has two weeks to decide if he will block a proposal to change a pedestrian toll on the golden gate bridge. not everyone likes it. abc7 news followed assembly members as they walked,>p acro the famous span today and67rcñ authored a bill prohibiting tolls for walkers and cyclists on the golden gate, and state-owned bridges.
7:47 pm
>> to reduce green house gases, charging people is the wrong way to go. >> charging a sidewalk toll would raise up to $1.5 million annually, the bridge faces a $34 million deficit. a horse that bolted during the flames of the valley fire is back with his owner. randy sternberg reunited with his horse, lightning. the horse was a little beat up. while gone, he got into a tuesd with a stallion. >> he got the bad end of the deal. >> lightning looks like he's doing just fine. >> love that. now, an update with the forecast. >> no lightning.
7:48 pm
there is great news there. but we'd like rain. the next seven days towards october of next week. the night off is quiet out there. the reason why the pope will be in philly tomorrow, and there could be rain for the outdoor mass. in california, warm to hot in most spots. plenty of sunshine. 91 yosemite. 106 palm springs. 70 monterey. 93 in sacramento. the bay area, we'll back off numbers just about a degree or two from today in most spots. 87 in concord. 78 oakland. and 83 san jose. 88 in santa rosa. this weekend, at 10:00, 62 degrees. cloudy and 656789 late day clearing with peeks of sunshine.
7:49 pm
and so enjoy. a cooler pattern throughout next week. october begins on thursday with lots of sunshine. >> i feel rushed into halloween and christmas. where is the time? >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> really cool story. >> yes. a reunion, larry? >> it's going to be fun. a unique bay area reunion coming up this weekend. barry zito and tim hudson came in
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
giants and a's are playing in oakland. both teams ever -- are out of playoff contention. barry zito is going to face tim hudson. now, a's balked at bringing him up at the minors but he's going to face hudy, who is just weeks from retiring. hudson came up with oakland,
7:53 pm
both pitchers looking forward to starting and facing each other in a throw back game. >> kind of funny. we started within a year of each other. 99 and 2000 in the big leagues and you know, we're both at the tail end here. it's happening at the same time. and also, against each other and in the bay. i mean those things just crazy how they line up. . >> i couldn't have thought of a better way to go out, you know? just ideas for us and, you know, the fans of oakland and san francisco. it's a a storybook ending. >> the nba champion warriors will open training camp filled with appearances and parties. now, it's time to get back to work. they have pretty much the entire championship roster back with the exception of david lee, who was traded to boston. they're going to be the team to
7:54 pm
beat. >> very short off season. not nearly as many guys coming in. which is fine with me. i don't want them burning out. the mentality changes a little bit. part of it is a deeper level of confidence. you have to be wary of feeling too happy and there is nothing left to accomplish which isn't the case. >> players media day is on monday and will be jason thompson's first one as a warrior. he's going to be our special guest tomorrow night at after the game. he wants to be a sportscaster. i hope he's not too good. stanford are on the road against oregon state. kickoff in about ten minutes. as for cal, also on the road, but tomorrow afternoon, against washington. bears looking to start 4-0 and with a win, might sneak into the national rankings for the first
7:55 pm
time. last year, huskies just whipped cal. the loen cal touchdown did not come until the end of the third quarter and the bears remember the game vividly. >> we need to be content with getting those 5, 6, 7 yard games and moving up the field. and converting third downs and everything. because those opportunities for those deep balls may not be there. >> to atlanta. second round of the tour championship. jason day hooking into the pond and, splash. bogey with even par nine off the lead. jordan speith in contention. he's three behind swenson, the swede. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. i'm told they're selling standing room only tickets for
7:56 pm
this a's-zito game. >> cool. >> thank you so much. join us tonight at 9:00. the familiar local supermarket chain about to launch an ipo. >> then, at 11:00 7 on your side is partnering with consumer reports to test out apple's brand new iphone. the first review on the hot gadget, on store shelves. >> a good line up in prime time. the season premier of "last man standing" followed by the muppets, "shank tank" and "2020". >> and then followed by jimmy kimmel live. if you have comcast, dish or direct tv you can get all abc programming on your smart phone, tablet or computer. go to >> finally, tonight a few thoughts about what really matters thchl week americans of all faiths have been fascinated
7:57 pm
and moved by the papal visit. pope francis arrived in washington tuesday, then new york, and philadelphia. his first visit to the united states not just as pope but ever. thousands of people are lining streets to cheer the pontiff, and just to get a glimpse of a man who is reinvigorating the papacy and the catholic church. ama daetz is covering the visit. in 1999 i followed him to st. louis. i'm not catholic but you don't have to be to appreciate how moving a papal visit is to those who are. in mexico i saw a stadium packed with people and filled with joy that i had not seen before, or since. it filled the air. and i'll never forget it. pope francis leads the catholic was kindness and humility. but what really matters is how he's leading all of us by example.
7:58 pm
let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. dan ashley, abc7. >> what is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. >> i'm dan ashley for all of us here we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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8:00 pm
(michael) david. oh, michael. are we all set? isn't... our interview tomorrow? yes. i just happened to be in the neighborhood, thought i'd drop in, say hello. just happened to be in midtown manhattan? thought i'd catch a show.


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