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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 4, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. new at 9:00, police arrested a man suspected of killing his mother. someone spotted 31-year-old omar on the back porch of a home in kensington. he's accused of killing his 61-year-old mother inside their fremont apartment. he is expected in court tuesday. a sales force employee last seen in east bay lake died.
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crews will try to retrieve his body from that scene. he was on a boat when it suddenly started taking on water. he jumped into the lake to swim to shore. he was never seen again. >> abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has more from livermore. >> reporter: regional parks police spokesperson says the owner of an aluminum boat that took on water friday night was making that final trip to shore with a group of sales force employees. the boat owner shuttled multiple groups. the last group may have been over the boat's capacity. seven people swam to shore, but 31-year-old didn't make it. >> the search area is approximately the size of a football field. the depth ranges from 10 to 50 feet. the bottom is hard-packed rock and they are search buying hand. >> reporter: a sales force
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spokesperson confirmed the missing mans a contractor. in an e-mail statement, the spokesperson said our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time. we are receiving updates but have no further information to share. several sales force employees were at the lake today but did not want to speak on camera. justin guslster said they checked for mussels that could harm the lake. >> they require a life vest for every boater coming on. >> reporter: none of the boaters, including the missing man were wearing life jackets. >> it's best to take the recommendations of your craft as well as local staff. >> reporter: all boats are supposed to be off the lake at 6:00 p.m., but this boat's owner was bringing back that final group to shore around 7:00 p.m. abc 7 news. >> san francisco police are in search of a gunman tonight caught on surveillance video attacking another man in a garage this morning. the victim wrestled with the
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suspect to get his gun away from him. he does succeed. later he runs out of the garage with the attacker chasing afthe the suspect then took off running. >> there is a manhunt under way in oakland tonight following the smoothing death of a well known neighborhood ice cream vendor. he was selling ice cream and candy on peach street when a man began shooting at him yesterday afternoon. he ran through back yards and was able to get away. police have not determined if anything was stolen. >> to thursday's deadly school shooting in oregon. governor jerry brown is considering a banff concealed hand guns on schools and campus necessary california. current law makes it legal to bring guns within 1,000 feet and college. governor brown has one week to sign a legislation that passed in september. a vigil for the victims tonight, members of the brady campaign
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against gun violence support the bill. organizers say thursday's mass shooting at umpqua community college is the latest tragedy and a reminder of what they work to prevent every day. brady campaign wants to see increased background checks and more education saying that could have made a difference in roseburg. >> we are in a crisis. not only an embarrassment in the world because of the gun deaths we have every single day, but this mass shooting is a reflection how we are empowering people to use these guns to solve their problems. what we want to do is keep guns out of dangerous hands. >> reporter: nine people on oregon's umpqua college campus were killed thursday. investigators are investigating chris harper's apartment for any clues. he is the lone gunman who died. there is a petition to give
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armey vet chris mist the medal of freedom. he was shot seven times trying to stop the shooter. >> i'm overwhelmed by the support i've gotten from everybody. >> the pastor's 18-year-old daughter lacy scroggins was partially covered by the body and flood of a fellow student. he thought she was dead and step order her. >> i've seen i got her back with you others don't get theirs back. grateful in a very explained way guilty. >> many have chosen not to focus on the violence but heroic efforts of first responders. a major storm system continues to dump record rainfall in the carolinas. it's not finished yet.
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rob is in charleston with the latest. >> the entire communities in south carolina swallowed by water. rescue crews plucking people out of the floods. the powerful currents knocking them down as they walk to safety. >> the water is getting closer and closer. >> reporter: in the capital city of columbia, historic and catastrophic rainfall, streets inundated with water. >> i started on foot and that the we would die. >> everything i own has been destroyed. all my memories. everything i worked for is gone. >> reporter: roads so what thorred are giving way for the onslaught. hopefully it won't get deeper for you guys. it's been rough. those who can are getting out. families sometimes forced to walk, not drive through the water. for many others, it's just too late. everything in sight submerged. >> tried coming this way.
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the water was above my waist. i couldn't do it. >> reporter: they are stuck until the rain stops and the water recedes. describing the scene there. >> armageddon. waist deep as i back. in it's getting deeper. >> reporter: out at sea, bermuda is beginning to feel the wrath of hurricane joaquin, but not before it hit the cargo ship with dozens of americans onboard. officials confirming crews recovered this, one of the life rings. a disturbing discovery, no doubt, as the coast guard keeps looking for survivors. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, the big step california just took to help stop the ivory trade that is decimating elephant and rhino populations. >> a new requirement for some cal berkeley applicants have critics calling it unfair. >> the second half of our
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weekend, much less windy thanks to low pressure moving out. what's moving in is going to bring
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welcome back. today governor jerry brown signed a bill banning the ivory trade in california. it makes it illegal for everyone to sell elephant ivory oriono horn in california after july 1st. scientists say 35,000 african elephants are killed for their tusks every year. california is america's biggest market for the ivory trade, especially here in san francisco. the ban will reduce demand. oakland zoo collects 10,000 signatures from visitors to help sponsor this bill. some freshmen applying to the university of california berkeley will be asked to submit letters of recommendation. the "l.a. times" reports the new
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policy is optional and limited. it triggered a debate whether the letters could help or hurt public school students' chances getting in. supporters say it offers admission officers another way of selection. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, doggies do rags by the hundreds. >> fleet week starts tomorrow. what you can expect if you're attending those events. >> rough day for local heroes. ready to lose a tough one in chicago. niners may have the first notion of a quarterback controversy
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on the peninsula, hundreds of people came together in support of music education.
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he's got rhythm. in belmont for today's save the music festival. children depend on this event every october to fund their instrumental music program. >> music programs of our schools engage our students like nothing else. it supports their academics, brings them into schools. it makes them feel great and it's a way that the schools give back to the community all year long. >> a local band played on three different stages they year. organizers expect to raise up to 70,000 for school music programs. dozens of bay area dogs donned bandannas today in livermore. they hope to break a guinness world record. abc 7 news was at dogtoberfest. they hosted the event in an attempt to break the world record for most dogs wearing a
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bandanna in one place. current record is 764. doesn't seem like it was broken today. we are waiting on that official count of how many canines took part in this event. very nice. very cute. those winds, the upcoming week are going to bring us very warm october temperatures. it is a quiet picture. we'll take you to the east where we have something we haven't seen pop-up in quite some time this year. winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of the sierra. this is up to yosemite down to king's canyon. potential for a couple of inches of snow. 8,500 feet through tuesday morning. open up the almanac this 4th day of october. temperatures comfortable for october standards. sfo up to 73.
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oakland two degrees warmer than normal coming in at 73. san jose warmer at 81. live look showing you beautiful san francisco. east bay in the background. mainly clear skies and comfortable. the forecast calls for a quiet pattern setting up. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. average temperatures mid week. that's when the warmth arrives. out there most locations in the 60s. the only exception along the coast. half moon bay 55. 64 san jose. 63 in oakland. 64 antioch. warmer spots at 65. live doppler hd. this area of low pressure responsible for the gusty winds yesterday with isolated thunderstorms overnight. that's diving to the south. when it's slowly replacing it, high pressure off the coast. heat building with this high pressure. this will slowly march to the east over the next couple of
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days and bring us that warm-up. to the pacific, trapping tropical storm ojo. this tracking to the northeast slowly at about 5 miles per hour. you do notice it's not going to go near hawaii. good news there. maybe increased surf. the rain and the wind will stay away from the island. overnight lows, mainly clear skies. nice sleeping weather out there temperatures dropping into the 50s. gets you out the door for work and school tomorrow. grab the late jacket as the morning chill with us many temperatures in the 50s. midday, coastal fog and warming up nic in the afternoon. sunny and nice temperatures in the 60s to low 80s. highs for monday will start in the south bay. 79 los gatos. 77 cupertino. 75 redwood city. pacifica, fog. downtown san francisco afternoon sunshine. 71. 69 sunset district.
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69 bodega bay. oakland 75. 76 union city. 74 berkeley. 38 livermore. pretty steady pattern for the first half of the seven-day forecast by. friday, the october warmth hits us and lasts for saturday and sunday which is nice news for fleet week. everyone's outside. it's comfortable around. grab sunscreen and shades. >> very smart. it will be crowded so stake out your spots early. thank you so much. so good to have you back with us. some quarterback controversy with the 49ers. >> very good question. we saw the difference in a great quarterback aaron rodgers. kaepernicks with booed by fans. it might be time to sit him for a game.
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aaron rodgers, the best in the game. finally hits richard rogers for six. 7-3 at the half. third quarter, plenty of time for rodgers. james jones, great catch. rodgers threw for 224 yards. that led to a one-yard touchdown.bay. kaepernick, pressured all day. sacked six times. clay mathews doing the honors here. late fourth quarter. kap sacked again. anquan boldin. niners lost three straight. talked about his team frustration. >> they are play makers for this team. they want to tribute and have impact. we weren't able to get the ball to them and allow them to have
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the impact till later in the game it. understand the frustration beings yes. it's a team game. >> don't think he's lacking confidence. that's not the way i would term it. we've got to collectively on offense have 11 people rolling in the same direction. >> stay tuned. raiders are still a work in progress under the new head coach. tough to win on the road in this league. raiders handed one to the bears in chicago with turnovers and a lack of offense. >> blackhawks showing off the hardware from last year.ç jay cutler missed last week. 6-0 bears after a blocked extra point. that allows raiders to take the lead in the second quarter. carr to amare cooper. 196 yards. what a catch. 7-6 raiders. raiders down 16-14 at the half. 7:00 left in the fourth.
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chicago up two. deep in raiders' territory. cutler looking to ice the game. steve wood, second pick of the year. gives the ball to the fan. michael crabtree played most of the game with a bum ankle. a field goal here. 90 seconds left. this could be the game. fourth and 5. cutler mitts bennett for six. that's a first down. marching down the field. 49-yard field goal. raiders fall 2-2. >> this was one of those old-fashioned nfl fights. down to the wire. there was no lack of focus or lack of effort. nothing that would alarm you or anything like that. it came down at the end, they made a great play. >> these kind of games, team that makes the play at end wins.
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>> i feel safe. thank you, san francisco. i appreciate you all. thank you. >> saying good-bye to the game of baseball after four years and three world series rings. up 3-0 in the ninth. corey dickerson knocked a three-run homer. starting a seven-run ninth. giants fall 7-3 finishing 84-78. a's came in with a three-game win streak against the mariners. they couldn't get four. we'll take a look ahead to the postseason of baseball at 11:00 on abc 7. that was a good question about kaepernick. people are going to call for maybe a change. we'll see what happens. >> thank you very much.
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next at 9:00, no aliens and no jedis. how "the martian" did in its debut. >> hispanic heritage month. today we recognize stephanie bravo, founder of student a first generation college graduate with degrees from stanford. her message made its way to the
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coming up at 11:00, a new warning of the safety of the bay bridge. experts say corrosion could lead to a closure. >> fleet week kicks off tomorrow. a special guest as the blue
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angels flew into town today. that's tonight at 11:00. >> days after nasa announced the discovery of water on mars, a movie about a man stranded on the red planet dominated the box office. "the martian" stars matt damon as an restauraastronaut who has survive on mars. it earned $55 million. that's just behind 2013 "gravity." hotel transylvania" came in second. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. drew and sue back together again. join us at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7. enjoy your night, guys.
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