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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 9, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. president obama arriving at san francisco international just a few minutes ago. he is here tonight to raise some big money for the democratic party. good evening, i'm dan ashley. and i'm ama dietz. after the president stepped down he was greeted by governor brown
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and mayor ed lee. he was in the market area, those attending will be paying >> tomorrow he will attend an event on market street, featuring a concert with a musical performance by kanye west. >> the committee will support the democratic hope fund. we'll have team coverage on abc news at 11:00. the president arrived here for visits in seale and roseburg, oregon, where he met with victims after the school's mass shooting. new details tonight in the murder of a young canadian woman whose body was found at golden gate park last sunday and the gun that was used to kill her. >> three people involved in her death have now been named. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has more. >> the 23-year-old canadian wanted to see the west coast. >> taking in the sights, doing what young people should be
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doing, exploring and having fun. >> she was in the bay area for a week, attending the bluegrass festival, and camping out. her body was discovered the next day. police found trauma, she had been shot in the head. commander tony chaplin was heading the investigation. just two days before the sad discovery, the owner of a gun reported that his weapon had been stolen from his car parked nearby. >> the vehicle was unlocked and he had the weapon in his vehicle secure in a lock box which was stolen. >> two days after carey's body was found, the meditation teacher's body was found in marin county. he had been shot and his car was missing. san francisco police noticed similarities and contacted marin county. >> there was not a great difference in time when both homicides occurred, both in wooded areas. >> then, the investigation
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fast-tracked and things happened quickly, with the three suspects arrested in portland. investigators found carey's camping gear in the car and the stolen gun. >> the weapon used was then tracked back to a burglary that occurred here in san francisco. >> police are still continuing their investigation to see if any other unsolved crimes could be linked to the drifters, vic lee, abc 7 news. very little was known about the victims, a sheriff's deputy said none of them had a driver's license or car. lila alligood went to school in hawaii, she was born in santa barbara county. she had problems growing up, one source said, including problems with drugs. her mother is heartbroken. and the others involved were facing charges, less is known
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about sean michael angold. >> because of that we're having to take a lot of extra steps to confirm who these people have been. and beyond that, their activities and their life, leading up to this. these individuals i believe have chosen to stay off the radar and not to be people who could be easily identified or recognized. >> despite being anonymous, tipsters were able to identify them with pictures and even video. and the police are looking for a gunman in pitsburg. the man was driving down the street when a bullet hit him in the neck, two children in the vehicle were not hurt. sky 7 hd searched for evidence, the victory is expected to live. spencer stone is getting better after being stabbed outside a bar in sacramento.
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he is in good condition in the hospital, from serious to fair. police have not made any arrests following a fight captured on video, it ended with stone being stabbed three times. the detectives emphasize it was unrelated to the terror fight that stone stopped in paris weeks ago. and more on the precision flying. you may have heard or seen them over the city today and you will be able to enjoy their show all weekend. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman has more. >> reporter: they came by land, they came by sea. they came by selfie stick, but the camera would not be pointed at themselves for long. not with blue angels approaching from all angles, welcome to san francisco's front yard. >> speed, i want to see a lot of speed and noise. >> this is the annual event and the need for speed.
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every year the navy's blue angels start, and every year their show stops the city, literally. >> we're going to be checking out those pilots, for sure. >> although the navy would expect us to check them out on a broader scale. for a kid like 11-year-old edwardo this is amazing. >> what does an 11-year-old take away from something like that? >> something i want to do when i grow up. >> the navy presented plenty of options beginning with their parade of ships, pilots and planes from past generations took to the skies as did the united airlines, where they went 350 knots. >> not with passengers, no. >> this is what people came to see, we heard them before we saw them and the ground shook long
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after they passed. with pictures like these, who needs words? from the marina, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. cool, now some of you in the community are sharing your selfies from sailors to ships and of course the blue angels. >> we would love it if you shared your photos with us, you can watch a live event saturday and sunday at 3:00 on and also you will find a week's worth of activities. all right, coming up, twitter making a drastic cost-cutting move. and nationwide, how bay area muslims are turning some item into something positive. >> yes, we'll let you know if it is continuing with the weather. and on capitol hill today,
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still no word who may be the next speaker of the house or if
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social media giant twitter is planning companywide layoffs starting on monday, according to
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one source, twitter had 4200 workers at the end of june. that is more than double the 2,000 employees the company had in 2013. twitter had apparently shelved plans regarding a market. twitter officials say they will not comment on rumors, they say. bay area muslims responding to two days of rallies and protests, calling itself global rally for humanity. no protests have surfaced here, but locals are responding. >> reporter: the anti-muslim protests are being organized on social media, calling for rallies outside mosques and businesses, one graphic depicts rifles, and in a video, the organizer takes the gun and shoots the quran.
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this person converted to being a muslim a year ago. >> this is hatred around us in the world. we just want peace inside. that is what islam teaches us. >> reporter: however, at fresno state, the provost discussed excusing the students who may be at issue for their safety. the anti-muslim sentiment is rare, that may not be true elsewhere. >> if they knew who the muslims were, they recognize they're their neighbors and co-workers, they wouldn't have such negative feelings. >> reporter: the council on muslim relations says the sentiment is growing as candidates ramp up their campaigns. >> and we have been very concerned about ben carson and donald trump's anti-muslim remarks. and so they're leading in the polls. we feel like it gives political cover to the organizers of this
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rally. security and others gathered to have a conference call to assure them they have their support. david louis, in santa clara. the man accused of killing police sergeant scott lunger, the appearance comes as lunger and others who died in the line of duty were honored today. more on the court hearing this afternoon for lunger's accused killer. >> reporter: it's called a blue map. the traditional service to honor first responders including those who lost their lives. in this one, the family of scott lunger played a special role. >> it's a great honor for many, not just my son. >> for those who served the legal and medical communities. >> this 14-year-old's father is also a hayward police officer.
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>> i think it's important because the police officers always go out to save people. and they risk their lives every day for it. >> reporter: later, in hayward, the man accused of killing scott lunger stood before the judge. mark estrada's attorney said his client is not yet ready to enter the plea in lunger's murder. >> the discovery process is long, and in this case it will be tens of thousands of documents. >> reporter: estrada is accused of shooting the 48-year-old lunger at close range when he made a traffic stop in july. >> he is a good person, he has never been in trouble, he doesn't have a criminal record. >> reporter: like estrada, the lunger's family plan to attend the court hearing no matter how long it takes. >> it's important for me to witness it just taking place. and my son demands justice. >> reporter: mark estrada will be back in court for another
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hearing on january 15th. in hayward, laura anthony, abc 7 news. the founder of silver oak line passed away. he founded an oil company and built a ski resort before coming to napa valley. in 1972 he bought a dairy farm and converted it into a winery. since then, it has become one of the most well known brands, he died at his home in denver, he was 84 years old. and goes across miles in san jose, the first ever will stretch from downtown to east san jose linking several city parks from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. you may notice signs along streets like this that will be car-free on sunday. it will feature activities for people of all ages, some highlights include a chance to see the super bowl trophies won
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by the raiders and the 49ers over the years. that would be fun to see. all right, time to turn to our forecast with so much going on outdoors this weekend. >> we are jam-packed as we need great weather. >> i'm going to do my best. it won't be as clear today but still will be beautiful. tomorrow, fog in the morning. high clouds as well for the rest of the day. as we look at live doppler 7 hd, fog has closed in on the coastline. a view from the camera is running low, you want to be careful if you have early weekend plans, mid-60s, san jose, morgan hill, currently 63 degre degrees. from our sfo camera, temperatures in the mid-60s around santa rosa, novato, livermore, concord, low 70s, look at this view from our emeryville camera, the eastern span of the bay bridge, higher humidity, warming trend begins
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sunday. it is going to get hot inland, the radar and satellite will show you what is going on, low 70s to low 90s, tomorrow it will change in the form of a drop in the temperatures. left over from former hurricane ojo, making a beeline around alaska, british columbia, canada, that is where they will see the rain and wind. wind advisories are up for them. but ojo, you have to watch out for this, besides the fact it will be a bit sticky tomorrow with the clouds from ojo, cooler, the swell will be up. we're looking at a long period swell that will have energy, tomorrow, beach hazard statements, the entire coastline covering the monterey bay, as well. it means a higher chance of seeing strong rip currents so you want to be extra careful if you go to the coast. you will notice the difference with the fog back in the picture tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s, at the
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beaches all the way to the 80s, inland, warmer for you on sunday. 80s, 90s, inland, monday, heating up. people are talking about it on social media. talk about this heat, low-to-mid 90s, inland, 70s at the coastline, a look at the temperatures for fleet week festivities, it just looks fantastic, mild conditions, cooler day tomorrow, little more cloud cover, sunnier, just gets warmer, sunday going into monday the mornings will be quite comfortable in the 50s, temperatures 50s, 60s, fog around the bay, near the coastline, as we head to the afternoon hours here is what you're looking at in the south bay, 79, sunnyvale, on the peninsula, 56 in pacifica, south san francisco, low 70s, north bay you will be in the 70s, 80s, except near the coast, 81 in santa rosa, 77 vallejo, east
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bay, 77, oakland, 78, fremont, a few high clouds, accuweather seven-day forecast we'll turn up the heat starting on sunday, not bad until monday, tuesday, when it is summer-like. 70s, beaches, in cool off until the weekend. still searching for rain. thank you. well, still to come on abc 7 news at 9. >> what you're likely sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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[ chuckling ] women don't have jobs. is this guy for real? modernizing car insurance with -- that's enough out of you! the name your price tool, only from progressive. where is your husband? novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. okay, listen to this. october is such a busy month for urban out fitters, they
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reportedly asked their employees to work for free. they asked salaried workers to come and work on the weekends without pay at its shipping facility outside of philadelphia. the e-mail said the company will pay for lunch and transportation and since the no-pay request, they call it a team-building activity. and releasing a monthly rent report, the site claims a new price for a one bedroom in san francisco, over $3,000, the medium price for a two-bedroom rental, $5,000, san francisco is the most expensive city in the country for rent, statistics show. and facing an uphill battle. the district's board of directors had their first meeting since they charged pedestrians and bikes to cross.
9:24 pm
the bridgeport voted to study if they would help to close the budget deficit. a pedestrian bike toll would have brought in $2 million. the district faces a $33 million shortfall over the next five years. all right, another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is coming up. next, the president's visit to roseburg, oregon. organizers gathering by the hundreds to protest, why they are angry with the president. also, joe biden pondering his next move tonight. will he make a run for the whit [announcer] you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening, once again we'll begin this half hour with president obama who is in san
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francisco tonight. >> he arrived at sfo about an hour ago, met by governor jerry brown and san francisco mayor ed lee. >> right now he is attending a private fundraising at a home south of market. earlier he made stops in oregon, in roseburg. >> one family didn't actually go see him. more on the very divided reception in oregon. >> reporter: in oregon today, the president found himself in hostile territory during a visit he said was all about consoling victims. >> i have very strong feelings about this because when you talk to these families, you are reminded of the agony of losing a child. >> reporter: many of them angry that president obama made a gun plea to the nation just hours
9:29 pm
after their loved ones were murdered. one of the shooting victims even told us from a wheelchair that if another student was armed, lives could have been saved. >> if he would have had a gun i feel like a lot more of us would have been here today. >> reporter: her father went so far as to say he would refuse to meet with the president. >> i am you know, in disagreement with his policies on gun control. and therefore, we will not be attending the visit. >> reporter: but the president did have supporters. >> i think that you should respect your presidents, regardless of whether you voted for them or not. >> reporter: the president's visit here was private, no photo ops of victims of the shooting. had he said he was just here to console, not politicalize. >> and one person dead, three others wounded. the suspect is a fraternity pledge, steven jones opened fire after a fight with other
9:30 pm
fraternity members this morning. jones claims he was trying to get away from a group of people. >> we are of course shocked and deeply saddened by the circumstances that bring us together this morning. our thoughts are with the victims and their families and our entire lumberjack family. >> jones remains in jail, the judge set his bail at $2 million, he faces one count of homicide. and a shooting at texas southern university in houston. one other person was wounded but is expected to survive. police have detained two people for questioning, police say it happened during an argument. paramedics took a surfer to the hospital after he was attacked by a shark off oahu. a friend of the surfer helped pull him out of the water.
9:31 pm
he lost his left leg above the knee and may have lost fingers, lifeguards were warning people to get out of the water on north shore beaches. and in washington, there is still nobody who has been voted to take the job of speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy has pulled out of the name. now a new name has emerged as a leading candidate. here is abc 7 reporter karen travers. >> reporter: house members are trying to get a reluctant paul ryan to run. the former vp candidate has repeatedly turned down the job. but some republicans say it is part of his appeal. >> he is more humble than most members. >> reporter: the house leader kevin mccarthy withdrew yesterday. saying that many believe they need others for the party.
9:32 pm
ryan is a person they believe can do that. >> if he decided to run, he would be elected unanimously. >> reporter: one source said the congressman is discussing the possibility of pursuing the job with members of his family. meanwhile, another candidate for the job, congressman daniel webster of florida, says he is ready to fill the shoes. >> i am not running against anybody or a personality or a name. >> reporter: also, chaffetz said he would back ryan if he ran. >> i would support him and would hope he does it. >> reporter: and on the campaign trail, gop candidates capitalizing on the political turmoil on capitol hill. >> i have heard every republican in the house to do with the next speaker of the house should be a strong conservative. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. and the big question, will
9:33 pm
joe biden get in the race? he is meeting with his family and aides on the rules for a possible run. >> reporter: tonight, joe biden behind the security barrier and inside his delaware home playing the political decision of a lifetime. sources close to him say biden believes he has about a week to make up his mind. this week, biden joking about his political future. >> if i don't move, i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. that is a joke. that is a joke. >> reporter: but behind the scenes, sources say his aides had a very serious meeting with democratic party leaders to discuss critical rules and fast-approaching ballot deadlines, what it would take to launch a campaign. >> things can change in a heartbreak. >> reporter: and now, an emotional exchange about the car crash that killed joe biden's wife and daughter.
9:34 pm
the ad was supposed to air next week but that has changed. former obama adviser david axelrod calls it tasteless and exploitive, and biden himself didn't want the ad to run. we'll hear he is likely to push this past the big debate on tuesday. well, surprise winners of the nobel peace prize. the award was handed to the tunisian quartet, made up of four organizations, formed in 2013, and helped tunisia's move to democracy. and possibly discovered, a million years old. find out what has been found in the dirt in fremont. and abc 7 honoring hispanic heritage month with
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and foster farms fresh chicken is 25% off. honey, can you bring the truck? the safeway stock up sale. it's just better. dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. a construction project in fremont uncovered age-old fossils dating back almost 2 million years. it is a treasure trove that included many surprises. >> reporter: these fossils are what are left of some of the bay area's residents, now extinct
9:39 pm
species of camels and bison. >> we never saw them before. >> reporter: but soon you will be able to see them at the children's history in fremont. >> very important find that will not be just in some backyard scientific collection gathering dust. >> reporter: the fossils are a gift from the san francisco public utilities commission discovered at this site in the warm springs district of fremont. >> while we were constructing that project we uncovered what turned out to be an age-old fossil, and then we found more and more specimens. >> reporter: the work is part of a seismic upgrade of the water system which supplies water to more than 2.5 million people in the bay area. >> we are not in the fossil business very often, we're definitely in the water and power sewer business so this is a little different for us. we have experts around just in case. >> reporter: this is the first time fossils have been found in fremont.
9:40 pm
in 1940, these boys made headlines across the country for their discoveries of ancient fossils in a quarry, phil gordon was one of those boys. >> between 1950 and 58, sometimes every saturday or mid-week we went to this quarry, this gravel pit, and dug the fossils. >> reporter: their discovery was groundbreaking, now any fossils found during that time are named for the irvington district of fremont where gordon and his friends first discovered them. >> our motto, as boys, was what we found belonged to the public domain of science. >> reporter: so they gave most of their collection away. >> and so we gave them about 20,000 specimens which were now in the collection of uc berkeley. some are here. >> reporter: the new fossils will join the older ones on display, giving older and newer
9:41 pm
scientists more material to discover. the museum hopes to have the new bones on display and available for study within the next six months. among the fossils, another mysterious find. cattle bones, experts believe they gave back to the mission period. the museum will work with the researchers to figure out what the bones are and whether the unidentified fossil fragments identify any new species. all right, we will coming up, on board the uss coronado. >> yes, behind scenes on one of the most technically advanced ships in the navy.
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9:44 pm
well under way in san francisco, one of the best parts is getting to meet these service
9:45 pm
members. but the other attraction is the giant navy ships on display. sky 7 hd was on hand for the ships, the ships like the uss coronado like we're looking at now have a lot of technology you cannot see. abc 7 reporter jonathan bloom has more. >> reporter: this is the most advanced i have seen. the latest and greatest toys. electronic technician hector galvan knows the ship like the back of his hand. what do people say it reminds them of? >> i would like to say the star trek. the ship can walk sideways. >> reporter: gone is the old fashioned helm, replaced with the joy sticks you may find on an airplane. >> the ship will have the levers move by itself. >> reporter: meaning the ship's captain can look more in other areas. >> it is their job to safely
9:46 pm
navigate the ship. >> reporter: just about everything is different about the ship, including what it is made of. turns out that is what the uss co coronado has in chosen. >> they say it's made of aluminum, which is one of the reasons we can go as fast as we can. >> reporter: aluminum is more flammable than other steel ships, but it is important to have it be fire retardant. >> this is a swiss army knife of ships. >> reporter: in fact, that is the point of coronado, right now set up for an anti-piracy operation, but turn a key and it can send out missiles or shoot out a sub to root out mines. of course, such a versatile ship requires a versatile crew, so when he is not wiring networks, galvan is tying down helicopters. >> and i'm the ship's barber.
9:47 pm
>> reporter: johnathan bloom. >> the uss coronado is opened between 9 tomorrow and sunday. and a new law in california will prevent communities from banning fake grass lawns, the governor signed the bill to make it easier for residents to install artificial turf or drought-type landscaping. californians responded well to the drought meaning the governor's 25% water use reduction for three straight months now. >> all right, well, and there is no rain to be seen unfortunately. >> and we need it desperately, but maybe not during this weekend with all the activities going on. meteorologist sandy patel is back. and unfortunately it is dry, live hd says the fog has returned, bringing cooler weather for saturday, along the state, heat continues for los
9:48 pm
angeles, 99 in palm springs, tahoe, 74, a bit of a wind tomorrow, 67 yreka, 77 in monterey in the bay area, and in the 80s, inland, low 60s and 70s, really you can't go wrong. low clouds and fog in the morning, high clouds in the afternoon. when the raiders take on the broncos, it will be sunny and warmer for your sunday afternoon, low to upper 70s. you will need the sunscreen if you're going to the game. warmer sunday and even beyond, monday, tuesday, it's going to feel like summer-like heat mid-90s inland. low-to-mid 70s at our beaches, temperatures holding close mid-week, we'll hold off thursday and friday of next week. >> okay, thank you, sandy. all right, coming up with sports. lots to talk about. >> wall to wall baseball games and the playoffs filled with former a's, plus another bay area con
9:49 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00, president obama is inside the san francisco skyscraper right now for a pricey dnc fundraiser. the big money at stake and what is next for the commander in chief while he is here. we'll have live team coverage. and what the angels are expected to cause this weekend, with the excitement. this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. all right, yeah. >> all right, well, it would be a greater time if the giants -- >> all right. >> well -- >> no bay area teams to root for this post-season but you can always root against the dodgers. that is fun. >> i can do that. >> but ama dietz can sign up for that. clayton kershaw, great in the regular season, but with an e.r.a. over five, kershaw finally put together a nice
9:53 pm
outing. 6 and two thirds, 11 strikeouts. got yoenis cespedes twice. but there it comes, there it goes. daniel murphy gets all of this one, a solo homer, 1-0 mets. jacob degram, lights out, seven scoreless, struck out seven, andre ethier, they will all get nothing and like it! don mattingly pulls kershaw, mistake, you kill your team sometimes. david wright knocks in a pair off pedro baez, and right now the mets are leading 3-1, bottom of the ninth, last up for the dodgers. john lackey, a gem, had a no-hitter, through five, struck out five, meanwhile, cubs pitcher john lester struck out nine. including this bomb from a career minor leaguer. first post-season at-bat right now. two batters later, the former
9:54 pm
stanford star, steven piscotti, kids coming through huge for the cardinals, they take the series opener 4-0, and left yesterday with a head injury, he looks fine right now. bottom of the first, crushing his post-season run, toronto up 4-3, look at him, mike napoli, in the 13th, staring at a ball that goes foul, but the pitcher, kiala didn't like that, they start to scream, the bench is clear, they go back to the respective corners, he strikes out donaldson, alberto, two-out base hit to center, slides in, sideways and safely. 6-4, texas as the rangers take a
9:55 pm
2-0 series lead. they can clinch it on sunday. and the royals look to become the first home team to win in the playoffs. astros, not so fast. colby erasmus, look out, his replacement, oliver perez, walks salvador perez. second rbi of the game, singling escobar, royals win 5-4, she is happy, little kids happy, on to football, biggest game for the cal football program in years. tomorrow night on espn, bears and the utes, last two undefeated teams in the pac-12, going to be a lot on jared goff who could be the top quarterback in next year's draft if he decides to go pro. the utes counter with a physical defeat, has yet to allow more than 24 points this season.
9:56 pm
turnaround, the 5 and 0 really has brought respect. >> just the atmosphere, the buzz around this program right now is really exciting. we haven't been ranked in a while, haven't been 5 and 0 here in a while. just very excited to just go out there and see what we can do. there is no secret to success and it's just hard work. and the coach does a great job of preaching like nothing is going to change, so what this game is on speespn, it doesn't matter. we still have to work hard during the week that is the only way you will be successful on saturday. and to the pros, flying across country today, everybody will be watching the niner offense, in particular, colin kaepernick and the body language of the receivers if things go wrong. the niners are so frustrated. you see anquan bolden, throwing arms in the air, yelling on the side lines, look at these throws from colin kaepernick, just like
9:57 pm
ground ball to short. sideline outbreaks don't have a shaky quarterback. >> he has had a great week of practice. it has been awesome watching them all get after it. and he is passionate. and he is a terrific football player. just -- focused. just like anquan -- >> aldon smith, the 49ers, sack last sunday against the bears, on the other side this weekend against the broncos, broncos lead the league with 15 sacks in four games, opening season on quarterbacks sunday at the coliseum. >> there is definitely going to be fire out there. you know, with all the -- everybody on this team does a good job. especially the quarterback. the quarterback will be getting his on sunday. >> and a huge game sunday for the raiders.
9:58 pm
abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> big game for the 49ers coming up, too, because they really are up against it. >> they are. >> i mean, it's so hard to watch colin kaepernick right now, you look back two and a half, three years ago this guy was one of the superstars of the league. he and rg3, winning the read option. >> expectations go up when he signs the huge contract and there is added pressure. >> got to perform well. >> all right, thank you. >> that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dietz, thank you for joining us. >> we leave you now with images of blue angels performance along the san francisco waterfront. absolutely stunning. >> yes, check this out and check out that again at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, teen groupies using social media to rob the homes of celebrities they idolize. but these delinquent bffs are in for one big omg as cops put out the apb on their criminal clique known as the bling ring.


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