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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 15, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. now at 11:00, it's a muddy mess in southern california as several mountain communities get an early taste of the el nino storms that are expected this winter in california. good evening everybody, i'm lar larry biel in for dan ashley. good evening, everyone, now the roads are closed, vehicles are stranded and property owners are assessing the damage. >> the flooding affects liona valley, and lake elizabeth about 60 miles north of los angeles. we have team coverage for you tonight beginning with abc news reporter alyssa harrington. >> the flooding really caught
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people off guard. hundreds of drers got stuck, some rann etrapped for hours, o were rescued, meanwhile, debris was cleared from the roads. >> reporter: this is part of interstate 7 in california, cars stuck in the mud, the drivers stranded for hours. the connecter in the central valley is completely shut down. kevin tran was expected to drive his big rig to sacramento, his trip cut short when he was trapped by not one, but two mudslides. >> i tried to avoid it but i can't. it was coming down too fast. and i stopped and it just pushed me up. >> reporter: severe thunderstorms triggered flash floods devastating areas of the county. the fast-moving water flooded homes near lake hughes and lake elizabeth, this family ran into
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trouble. >> a couple of cars were stuck, the land caved all over the road so basically we're just waiting. >> they did the right thing by not trying to cross the area with their vehicles. they truly did the right thing, staying in the safe spots. >> still, firefighters were called to numerous water rescues throughout the area, crews are searching cars to see if anyone was trapped inside. >> this is also causing a traffic nightmare down there. the area was closed for hours. >> all right, thank you so much. and meteorologist sandy patel is tracking that. >> yeah, ama, i want to take a look back at what happened in southern california. hundreds of lightning strikes, thunderstorms developed, as alyssa mentioned, strong thunderstorms, some severe. so you take a look based on radar, and most areas were
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between two and almost three inches of rain when you get that much of a good thing and it is coming down so fast, it has nowhere to go, which is why you saw the flash flooding, the mudslides, even hail and obviously the heavy rain and lightning. now if you take a look at the present radar we do until have some development down towards the southern end of california, the southeastern portion of the state. the flash flood watch has already been posted for parts of southern california from noon until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. they're not done with this yet. for us here in the bay area, although it is quieting down, not the case south of us, we still see moisture moving in. we'll let you know about another system coming in that brings showers over the weekend. larry, ama. well, new tonight, vice president billy bean is one of the top excessive users of water in the alameda county area. the agency requested records and
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they gave them to us tonight. the east bay users are allowed about a thousand gallons a day. in the 60-day period, george kirkland of danville used over 12,000 gallons a day, next to palamo, and billy bean used about 50 gallons a day at his home. he says he has tried to reduce his water use but he says he has a large landscaped yard. >> now, one of the homeowners on the list explained to abc 7 news how he used so much water. dane bigham claims there was a water leak that was not found for months. after he found the leak gardner
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fixed it. >> i thought it would be a $700 bill or something like that. >> that bill was actually immediately to explain alled the situation. now east bay is holding a news conference to discuss the usage records, abc 7 news will be there and bring you a full report. >> two san francisco police officers are in the hospital and a man is dead after officers opened fire today. today's shooting happened at 8th and market street. melanie woodrow has more on what happened. >> reporter: ama, tonight, sfpd is saying the two sergeants are in stable condition. they're releasing little information about the man shot and killed. all they said so far is that he is hispanic and in his 20s. meanwhile, people came together early to protest the police force.
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>> they kill three people a day. >> reporter: as word spread of the officer-involved shooting, this woman says it was all the reason she needed to join protesters at market and eighth. >> it starts with us as a people to educate ourselves about the system. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the area was filled with law enforcement. initially, two sergeants were flagged down. somebody was throwing glass bottles at the construction site. a safety concern that was even more drastic when the sergeants attempted to cuff the man. >> a violent fight ensued. the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner, he is getting my gun, he is getting my gun, he has got my gun, shoot him. >> the chief says two shots were fired, killing the man. also that the sergeants involved are senior officers.
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some wonder about the mental state of the man shot. >> these police are coming up against these people that they don't have the training for. >> public concerns that the police could address about the town hall tentatively scheduled for monday. in san francisco, melanie wou woodrow. >> and happening at 5:30, luckily the people inside could get out safely. kristen hanes was on the break and shared a picture with us. you can see it moments before the fire was put out. the northbound lanes had to be closed until they were sure the flames wouldn't spread to other cars. >> it could take until next week for crews to repair a gaping sinkhole. that is four times larger than it was yesterday when it was first discovered. workers are digging ten feet below alvarado boulevard to determine the cause.
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they suspect a water main leak and hope to have it open by next tuesday. and the french train hero stabbed last week is out of the hospital. airman spencer stone posed for this picture with his caregivers, stone was stabbed three times while protecting a fight during a fight a few days ago, the police are looking for his attackers. stone and two others stopped a terrorist attack on a train in paris in late august. and your smartphone could keep you up late at night. >> it only captures the blue lights, so it captures the blue lights and makes your body activate it. and coming up, the glasses, and maybe the pollution is the high tech problem. >> and the first commuters around the bay rely on uber for a quick and easy way to get around. that may be a problem starting later. and later, the birthday surprise for the world famous
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guerilla that calls the bay area home. first, here is a look at what happens on jimmy kimmel live. >> here is a sample of tonight's show for free, there is really only one detail from the wedding that you revealed on good that you revealed on good morning america, and it
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wow. that's a clean sweep. . novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. upset uber drivers say they will stage a three-day work stoppage and protests in front of the company's offices tomorrow. they demand that uber hike rates at 60% at a tip action and raise fares. they call it a strike action
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although technically only the company can stage. they want to be compensated evenly, they say. >> we're all fed up. we want to see the changes so we can pay our bills, pay our rents, and whatever we have to do. >> uber says they always welcome feedback from their drivers on working conditions. do you have trouble sleeping? your computer or smartphone may be partly to blame. now there are glasses that could help to protect you from the side effect of those blue screens. cheryl jenning has more. >> reporter: they could strain your eyes, but could the wave length actually disrupt your sleep? >> this is a blue light, and with the regular glasses you can see the blue light go through it. >> reporter: he is with the japanese eyemaker which just opened their first store in san
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francisco. their glasses are designed to limit the amount of blue light reaching the eye. the theory is that the blueish light affects the body in the same way as daylight. >> what it does is capture the blue light and makes your body activate it. >> reporter: he says studies in japan and elsewhere have linked the light to sleeplessness and lower levels of the sleep item, melatonin, this blocks at least 25% of the blue spectrum. other brands are appearing on the market, still, experts believe studies are needed to identify this matter. >> there is a lot of other variables going on in addition to you know, blue light exposure. >> but, as computer and cell phone users struggle with long ho hours of screen time, glasses like the gym screen are popular,
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all in an effort to keep technology in better balance with our body's natural rhythms. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. and novatos looking at sites to shut down, saying they're operating in the state without a gambling license. they insist they are not chance-based wagers and therefore are not subject to drafting measures. customers took daily lineups, and compete with each other to earn points and win money, in some cases more than a million dollars. this ruling affects only nevada residents. and october is prevention months, time for people to bring importance to the awareness issue. >> like the harlem globetrotters, they teamed up with a message as simple as abc.
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>> the globetrotters are committed to spreading the anti-bullying message across the country. >> and show us how you're taking a stand against bullying, post your photos on social media with the hash tag abc 7 now. and it looks like her dress is blue, but it's purple. >> and melanie, this shows up blue on camera, she is wearing purple. >> and do not adjust your television set. >> that is right, it is purple. and i do see that ama and larry have their purple on, arres wel take a look, cloud cover, big sur, still seeing a few drops there, look at what is happening north of fresno, this stuff is rotating back, parts of san bernardino and monterey county still seeing a few showers.
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here is a look at a beautiful sunset from where you live. this is from the east bay camera. look at that, can i hear the ooh and aah? thank you, finally a captivating audience. it is getting cool in a few spots like the north bay and along the coastline. here is a live look from the emeryville camera, this is what you will have to deal with. fog will be around and isolated sprinkles or showers not out of the question tonight going into the wee hours of the morning, tomorrow, slight chance of showers into saturday morning. here is a look at the satellite, the radar, the low pressure system that triggered the thunderstorms in southern and central california continuing as we head to tomorrow. the sprinkles for the bay area for tonight. and really behind that is a cold front that we're watching for your saturday morning. this is a system that could affect your weekend plans. so let's start by showing you what is happening tonight going into tomorrow, morning commute is gray, fog, clouds as we head
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towards the afternoon hours. still isolated showers developing south of monterey and in the sierra, scattered showers and thunderstorms. so if you're getting away heading up to tahoe tomorrow and really over the weekend, could see some more activity saturday and sunday. here in the bay area with that cold front, saturday morning, spotty showers are possible, as the cold front comes through, generally between six and 8 or 9:00 in the morning, then the front falls apart so it's all done by noontime. if you have morning plans that is the time that you may want to have an umbrella, low 50s, 60s, watch out for the fog. it will be a murky ride if you have to go across the bay. afternoon highs continuing to come down for warmer spots, low-to-mid 80s, 84 in livermore, 81 in concord, san francisco, 78, oakland, 72, 68 in san francisco, 74 san mateo, 66 half
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moon bay, sunny peaks, a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast chance of morning showers saturday, temperatures, mid-60s, low 80s, sunday a little closer to that. as we head to next week we'll see temperatures coming up tuesday, wednesday, warmer pattern, low 70s to the mid-80s. by the way, a quick update on el nino. still remaining strong from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. it looks like it will impact the upcoming weather. a 40 to 50% chance of wetter than normal conditions here in the bay area which is encouraging. thank you. >> all right, well, what do you get with a world famous
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it's a perfect birthday surprise for cocoa, the world famous guerilla housed at the redwood foundation. he was given a litter of kittens, she fell in love with the guerilla. cocoa is best known for her special relationship actor and comedian robin williams. the giuerilla showed sadness whn shown his death. >> don't know why she would want him on her head -- >> we could have a cocoa story, nobody would be upset with us. in sports, the season is over for the dodgers, are you okay with that? >> i'm grinning. >> cocoa is happy as well. the catch of the year in college footba
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>> well, the dodgers spent $300 million it turns out to watch the post-season, they were eliminated in the game with the mets. scoring two runs bottom of the first. andre ethier, a blooper to left scores adrian gonzales, murphy killed the dodgers, fourth inning. on the walk catches the dodgers napping, steals the base, and ends up scoring the tying run. in the sixth, murphy again taking zach greinke deep, the
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mets would not give up. bottom of the ninth, then taking on the cubs for the national. and making an unbelievable catch here, catch of the year against ucla, you're going to see this play a million times. first, this is him, got a defender draped over him. how does he make this catch, ama? >> i don't know. >> the guy is pass interference all the way. you might remember his brother, chris, who also was a receiver for stanford a few years ago. and he maintains possession all the way through and completes the catch. so i mean, christian mccaffrey had this huge game, 243 yards, three touchdowns and all anybody is going to talk about is this catch, with stanford winning over ucla, 56-35. all right, huge loss for the
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raiders. a torn pectoral muscle, he got injured in the game against the broncos, he needs surgery, will need surgery, raiders have a bye this week. and 1 and 4 saints, you figured the saints will get crushed. no. punt was blocked. mile mounty with the block and recovery. the saints hand the falcon their first of the year. head coach, steve kerr, sidelined following two back surgeries, going to rejoin the dubs on saturday, not expected to coach the team, however. the rest of the game hosts houston in the preseason tonight. all warriors from the start, steph curry with the penetration down the lane, next, we'll have clay thompson drawing the defense. andrew bogut, good day, mate. bogut lost 22 pounds in the off
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season by cutting out sugar so he could get up to do this. sugar not your friend, ama taught me that. one thing you can do, at the left, 123-101. abc 7 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> all right, a lot going on, thank you so much. larry, abc 7 news does continue on line, twitter, facebook and all the mobile d


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