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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 18, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, new lanes in san francisco just for bicyclist. how it will protect them and drivers. >> a drivers hangs on for his life after his car plunges into the ocean in santa cruz. witnesses describe the frightening moments. >> why move an entire house across the street? abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. look at that happening right now. rain in part of the bay area, and a flashflood warning for solano county. thank you to jennie william and the community for tweeting us this video from vacaville. >> let's get right to lisa argen
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who is track thing storm. >> we are just on the periphery of this. if you go to live doppler 7hd you can into in the last four hours this loop where the heaviest rain was from 2:00 with the thunderstorms through 4:00. now the sun setting, things are definitely quieting down but these thunderstorms continue to move into the sacramento valley and there is a risk of some flooding because this is moving right over the burn scar area of the rag fire, and they received an inch and a half of rain just by about 4:00. so for that area, solano county, yolo county, still could see some heavy downpours as the moisturemans into the sacramento valley. for us we have a few areas of green around the bay. could see some showers here through the overnight hours. but then, we're talking about a big warmup. details on the forecast which includes offshore winds. >> there's a new plan to make part of market street in san
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francisco a little bit safer for those cyclists and drivers. construction starts tomorrow on a special lane. lillian is live right now. >> we're only talking about two blocks but these are heavily traveled two blocks and starting are tomorrow crews will be working on ebb mash between goff and 12th street for three four weeks. workers will be raising the bike lanes several inches so it's higher than at the street and lower than the sidewalk. the posts will remain in place. the vertical separation between cyclists and motorists is a pilot program for san francisco. another way for the city to explore new ideas regarding bike safety. if it goes wail we could see more raised lanes in san francisco. >> raised bicycling will make it harder for cars to enter the lane and encourage people riding
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their bikes to ride in the bike lane rather than they sidewalk, and by upgrading the bike network is another way to bring more safety and convenience and comfort to people who are riding their bikes, walking or driving along market street. >> they will be launching a online survey on the elevated bike lane is up and running. public feedback will be critical in determining whether it will be spread citywide. crews will not be working during commute hours. live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> very interesting. now to developing news in the east bay. a earthquake swarm at 33:00 these afternoon. a 3.3 on the calaveras fault. larry beil said he felt a small shake in danville. another quick hit at 5:15 this
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morning, 3-point 4 , centered just nest of the geysers area. no reports of any damage. >> developing news right now. san francisco police are trying to find out more about the body of a man found floating in the bay this afternoon. firefighters broking the man's body back to the fire boat staggs along the embarcadero, bolter sported him floating between angel island and treasure island around 3:30 p.m. the medical examiner will work to identify who the man and is how he died. new details on a bizarre crash off a santa cruz wharf. a car crash loud the guardrail and into the frigid one. one man is dead but the other survived despite being sub mentalled in the cold water for 20 minutes. cornell bernard spoke to witnesses who say the car was speeding down the wharf right before the crash. >> we heard a crash, and people started screaming, and to call the police. >> witnesses describe a scene of chaos. a white cadillac pulled from the
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waters below the wharf after it crashed into the water about 8:20 saturday night. >> we flew something major happening. didn't know until today something lost their life. very sad. >> a good samaritan jumped into the water to help. minutes later, six rescue swimmer from the santa cruz fire department were diving into the deep, dark water. >> a lot of it was done by feel. >> divers found the car at the bottom, upside down. >> remarkable what they did, especially considering they did it with no scuba tanks. going 25 feet down, searching, coming back up, taking a big gasp of air and going back down. >> 28 minutes later the driver of the car was cut from his seat belt and pulled to the surface but still alive. the car's passenger did not survive. this witness who wants to stay anonymous says the car barely missed four people walking together. >> definitely a family there. could have been hilt. >> wilts say that cadillac wag
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driving too fast down the wharf when subtly it jumped this surf and crashed into the guardrail, plunging into the water. >> it was why are these people driving to quickly in an area where their tons of pedestrians? >> reporter: the survivor of the crash nit critical condition on life support. the cause of the crash is up known. thousands of california state university faculty members will begin voting tomorrow to decide if they're going to back a strike. contract talks between -- broke off between the california faculty association and csu officials this month. the california faculty association wants a 5% raise. csu counteredered with a 2% boon pay. >> we have not had raises for seven years. and even before that, the raises were -- if you look at a ten-year average of what faculty have earned, we haven't kept up with inflation.
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>> even if professors vote to strike it could take months for them to actually walk off the job. that's because the upcoming vote only authorizes union leaders to consider calling a strike. >> san francisco police will host a community meeting tomorrow to talk about an officer shooting and killing a man. 27-year-old herbert benetiz died after a sergeant shot him on thursday. police say that sergeant opened fire after benetiz grabbed another sergeant's gun during a struggle. the meeting will tapes at the bill graham civic auditorium. >> a suspected hazmat situation in daly city was a discarded bottle of bleach. this is cell phone video cement by a viewer. that where police and firefighters responded. hazmat crews closed down this area to traffic around 9:30 a.m. after discovering an unusual substance left abandoned on the sidewalk. >> it had a weird smell, so they were called out and didn't know
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what it was. could happen been trash or could have been a chlorine bomb for all they knew. >> hazmat placed fire retardant on the container as a precaution, the walk was closed three hours before it was determined safe. >> this is something that will get your attention. crews in oakland did this. they moved an entire house down the street. the ucsf children's hospital little white house is going away from their campus to make room for the hospital's new outpatient center. >> you don't see this every day, that's for sure. we didn't -- we were all hoping it would work, and it did. >> it was quite a sight in the early morning hours, house was ever so slowly, so carefully, moved off the grounds of ucfs children's opt oakland. unlike the pixar movie "up" no balloons to lift it. a flatbed truck did the truck. >> worried about right now.
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>> i still wonder. >> for the past 13 years after the owner died, the little white house served as offices for the hospital. but now a new outpatient center will be built there. officials did not want to tear down the 1934 structure and began to search for someone who could take the house for free. as long as they could afford to relocate it. to help with the moving expenses, the hospital chipped in $20,000. >> very nice to maintain and serves the neighborhood. >> the tiny house only moved a block away but what a journey. inching down martin luther king, jr. way and 52nd street. close to the bart tracks. neighbors looked on and the new owners and the hospital are pleased. >> we are thrilled that our little white house has a new home. >> abc7 news.
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>> so nervous. >> the new owner seemed really sweet. >> they do. i'm so glad. >> the force is about to awaken. still ahead at 6:00, how you can get an exclusive new look at the new "star wars" movie before it hits theaters. >> rioting for recovery. the one thing all of these bay area
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more than 200 injured veterans and their supporters began a week-long journey today. you can hear the cheers filled the air as the united health care ride to recovery california challenge began in palo alto. ride orers provided the video for us. riders will spend the night in carmel and finish los angeles on saturday. ride to recovery features cycling as a core activity to help vets recover from both physical and mental wounds of war. >> a not long time from now in a galaxy not far away you can get your tickets to the new "star wars" movie, movie two months from opening. >> chewie, we're hope. >> you can get an exclusive new look at the highly anticipated "star wars: the force
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"star wars: the force awakens" during the "monday night football" on espn. tickets for the film go on sale, i believe it's right after that exclusive look is over, and it will be on sale everywhere that movie tickets are sold. it's the dark side and the light together on the new official movie poster just released today. the movie opens december 18th. "star wars" franchise is own by disney, our parent company. >> five stars used to mean the best, right? >> a new lawsuit says that's not true anymore. coming up, one online company's effort to stop fake reviews. >> the niners end their slide wh a victory in levi's stadium and everybody got involved in the total team effort. are the 949ers back?
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this is glowing up on twitter right now. samson is now suing people for posting fakeer reviews. >> the lawsuit is against more than a thousand who asked for money to write about product for sale. some web sites offer to pay people to write and post five star fake reviews.
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this lawsuit involves the people riting the reviews. many amazon buyers look at the feedback before they buy. they say fake reviews are destroying customer trust. >> we have a warmup? >> we do unfortunately because a lot of people are getting excited for the rain. this was exciting, by the delta, fairfield, vacaville, we still have a flashflood watch in effect, so an area of low pressure over northern california and have are downpours with brief lightning and over an inch and a half of rain near the burn scar area of the rag fire. the national weather service is concerned about mudslide possible if this moves towards the area. so keep that find. the north bay is where you can see a slight thunderstorm. overall, though, with the sun setting in another hour, things are quieting down. we're right over, say, 58 a near tracy, and the hills near livermore could see some shower
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activity, make for some pretty sunsets. you can see some clouds. 63 in the city. 67 in mountain view and san jose. 61, half moon bay. very fall-like today. cumulus clouds, breeze and, we're going back to summer for a portion of the week ahead. 67, concord. novato, 64. so speaking of our east bay, this is walnut trek right now. you can see the cloud cover. fog is moving in and we could see a possible shower tonight. mainly along the peninsula, the santa cruz mountains and the south bay. otherwise little warmer tomorrow. the big warmup comes on tuesday and wednesday as offshore winds bring us a fire weather watch in effect for the north bay mountains where some winds could gust over 35 miles-per-hour. good news is a it's only brief. a day and a half. and we'll look for some more fall-like weather perhaps by the end of the seven,day. soover night lows, 50s to near
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60. a good possibility of light showers towards dawn, all because of an area of energy moving down the coast from this system here. so, once that slides to the south, overnight, we'll wake up to more sunshine and this area of high pressure builds in and that's bringing us the offshore winds. so, for the next couple of hours, you'll notice 8:00, 9:00, most activity to to the north, and then as we go through 9:00, 10:00, you seek few areas showing up around monterrey, mountains as well. the five weather watch in effect through tomorrow morning, tuesdaet to into effect monday night and then through wednesday, we'll see 15 to 25% relative humidity with the dusty north winds. so highs tomorrow, 72 in san francisco. 73 palo alto, santa cruz. 76 san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, slight warmup tomorrow. big warmup tuesday, wednesday, even thursday, we'll keep it pretty toasty inland. well above average.
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then even the rest of the week just a slight cooldown, but looks like things are changing beyond next weekend. >> so we can hope to get a few showers in here. >> thank you so much, lisa. >> all right, shu. >> couldn't wait to get the win. >> can't wait to talk to you. >> a must-win situation because only one team with a 1-5 record in the history of the nfl made it to the playoffs, the 1970 cincinnati bengals. second quarter, 6-3 niners. 76 niners up 16-6 at the half. third quarter, ravens at the san francisco 41. joe flacco scrambling for the second pick of the game, led to a 49er feel goal. flacco with a good pass. a little pushoff but about away
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with it. 19-1 niners, tucker, who made two field goals, slipped on the turf, ball hits the post, big break for the niners, that field pays off. kap, 16-27, 320 yards, deep to anquan bolden. he had a monster game. five receptions, 102 yards receiving. later, kap dancing around. patton in the end zone, first career touchdown. wright burned again. 25-13 niners. game one over. ravens made it's five-point game. flacco, he mail mary with no time left and it's knocked down. 25-20 the final. >> we felt lick as a team if we come out and play the way we capable of playing, we'll be okay. the -- today we were able to finish, last we week we weren't. we're happy about that today. we'll see where this takes us. >> any win at this point, take it one game at a time, see what
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happens. but we played well overall as a team for the first time in a while. >> i think our team is building. we're gradually picking up momentum, playing better and better. >> seahawks and panthers, carolina ha four 80-yard drives the game, thousand three, 36 seconds to go. cam newton, panthers now 5-0, beating the hawks in seattle. hawks and niners 2-4 and face off thursday at levied stadium. cardinals in pittsburgh. landry jones threw two touchdowns but bryant did all the work on this one. 88 of his 137 yards right now. he had two touchdowns. cards drop to 4-2. 25-1 the final. raiders get some much needed rest with a bye. face the chargers next sunday in san diego. chargers taking on aaron rodgers and the packers, third quarter, rodgers to james jones, second td pass of the game.
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24-17 green bay. san diego marched down a minute left but the packers defense, big goal line stand. green bay now 6-0 with the 27 torn victory. >> broncos and browns, peyton manning threw three interceptions but threw his first td in nine quarters,, game was decided in overtime were brandon mcmanus kicked his fourth field goal. bron doze 6-0. 26-2 the final. >> silver road country club in napa. the fry's open. it was a free-for-all. on 18 for the outright lead. got it. he is 15-under them leader in the clubhouse. now kevin na right behind him. train drains his bird to send it to a playoff. on the par-5 18 in. gri owe, great approach. going to have their birdie putt to win the event. kevin na misses his for the win. oh! rims out.
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both par, and the sudden death is extended. we'll have your winner coming up amount 9:00 and 11:00 issue this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. nlcs game to two tonight and colts and patriots. >> the martian sass some scary competition. >> the family friendly
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another goose bumps at the box office weekend. >> that's right. >> that new family friendly horror movie which sounds like it's not possible but is. stars jack black. >> goose bump earned $23.5 million this weekend, bumping the martian out-the top spot. bridge of spies came in a modest third. followed by the goth thick romance claim son pink. >> here's a good news. during the commercial break she toll us everyone who is watching will get ticks to the new "star wars" movie. >> thank you. >> oh, gosh. throw me under the bus.
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>> thank you for watching. see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> have fun out there.
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