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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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what happened is that climate change is pushing us to work faster. scientists are tackling a plan to help the rising sea level in the bay. two earthquakes in the east bay, just six seconds apart. and the opportunity radar nation is about to get to make a direct pitch to the nfl to keep their team in oakland. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm aum wra dates. we begin with breaking news. another series of earthquakes hit this afternoon in san ramone, including the strongest in the recent swarm of quakes.
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take a look at our seismograph. you can see when the quake struck around 4:00 this afternoon, hitting just six seconds after a weaker 2.8 quake struck, leading the usgs to believe it was measuring identical twin earthquakes. a weaker one hit about 12 minutes ago. they've all centered around san ramone. seismologists say swarms like this one are not unusual. and are not any reason for extra concern. they are starting to worry residents, however. >> it's enough to where i'm thinking about calling to get earthquake insurance. >> you feel the house move a little bit. and you think bit. like, oh, man. you know? that is an earthquake. >> residents tweeted as soon as the first quake hit.
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mark tweeted a boom shake, and dan said just had another earthquake in oakland hills. sea level rise is going to start accelerating. >> faster and higher, there is new concern sea levels in the bay area are heading to potentially catastrophic levels and sooner than we this. osha believes all of the low-lying areas highlighted over water to address the rise in sea level. and that includes most of san francisco international airport and both sides in the bay. >> more on how one city may align. >> reporter: 85% of the wetlands here in the bay area have been trained. the process of restoring them is underway, but now, scientists say the effort needs to speed
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up. scientists say time is running out. sea levels are rising faster than expected and restoring wetlands is a key to keeping animals and people safe. >> climate change is pushing us to work faster. sea level rise is going slowly. in 2050 or 2070 it's going to ramp up, quickly. >> instead of relying on levies and sea walls it would be better to let nature do the work. wetlands can knock down waves, absorb waters and filter pollution. >> this is getting warmer. the seas are rising. storms, over time are going to get worse. the only question is what do we do about it. >> we need to restore the wetlands faster, and redesign
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how we manage the land and water so streams keep over time. >> some of the work is being done, but there is a lot more to do and not a lot of time to do it. police in san francisco arrested a man accused of stealing $300,000 in art from a pacific heights home. he was told leave the washington street property yesterday afternoon by the listing agent. he tried walking away with art and property. the agent called police who took him into custody for burglarizing the home. the art has been recovered. faculty members of all 23 campuses of california state university began voting to decide whether they'll strike. a majority of the 25,000 union workers are expected to authorize a strike. this month, contract talks broke
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down. professors and teachers want a 5% raise. csu is offering 2%. >> it's inadequate. we, you know, faculty are some of them are living in cars. the typical faculty is making $43,000 a year. >> officials say a #% raise is all the system could afford. the turf at levis stadium under the microscope, this time, while a player slipped and grabbed a piece of turf to see how loose it was. wayne freedman is live with what the team is saying about this problem. >> reporter: the 49ers warned us before today's press conference they'd not be taking questions about the trouble some turf.
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but you can't stop a guy from trying. to paraphrase the 49ers, there are 140 plays in the game against the ravensvfg÷/u 6j held up well in all except one. in a league that aims for perfection, could this be an iss issue. uñ fields? other turf? and your kicker slipped, would you accept the turf was in good condition? >> yeah. i mean, yes. that field to me is great for us. >> if this had been a single incident, perhaps it could pass, but the 49ers replaced turf five times now. why it doesn't grow in remains a mystery to staff and fans. >> it couldn't be any worse than candle stick was. >> remember the 1991 playoffs? not only did players slog
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through the turf, some wore it. and the next week, the league replaced much of the turf. >> if this were a patient in a hospit hospital. the they install acre upon acre, working well through the san jose earthquake and the cardinals but levis stadium, not so much. >> reporter: 49ers did not want to touch this topic today. our best glance at the grass, from sky 7. coach? >> are you satisfied with the field? >> i'm very satisfied with the field. >> easy to say when it's the other team's guy that slipped. raiders nation will get a
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chance to see how badly they want to stay in oakland. the meeting in oakland is scheduled for the 29th at the paramount theater. fans will be able to ask questions about the relocation. anyone who wants to attend the meeting has to register ahead of time. you can find a link on a vandalism suspect accused of slashing tires on 16 cars was arrested this afternoon. police say the unidentified 35-year-old punctured tires on cars parked outside of the parkside commons apartment complex over the weekend. officers say the man was visiting relatives who lived in the apartment. he walked around the parking lot, attacking tires. residents asked for beefed up security. >> what we've done is covered
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80% of the report. 80% of the property. where are the security guards? >> police are trying to figure out the motive. the man arrested will appear in court on felony vandalism. a santa cruz man has been identified as a victim in a deadly crash over the weekend at the city's municipal f÷pwharf. the 19-year-old died when his car plunged into the wharf saturday night. another passenger was rescued and is in critical condition. police say he's 20 years old and from santa cruz. the cause of the crash is under investigation. witnesses tell police the car was seen speeding before the crash. police in san francisco are searching for a loaded gun belonging to a chp officer, stolen from his personal car last night. this is the latest in a series of such thefts.
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>> reporter: it's becoming a familiar story in the bay area, guns, stolen from cars. sometimes, taken from people who work with them every day. law enforcement. in august, both the hayward police department and uc berkeley chief had their guns stolen. kate steinle was killed on pier 14 by a gun stolen from a fraeth's car. last night, a loaded handgun was taken from vehicles of an off duty officer on 8th and howard street, in a backpack. one attorneyq%lo law requires. >> you have to keep that firearm in a locked container which can be the trunk, or a separate box container in your car. >> anderson is with the law center to prevent gun violence. >> any time you take a gun out of your house you're making it more likely that that gun is going to be used against you, or against members of the public,
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accidentally or intentionally. or its going to be stolen. >> three drifters accused of killing two people were found with a gun and lock box belonging to a civilian. san francisco police chief says officers are encouraged to keep firearms with them. >> under no circumstances to leave guns in cars overnight. sky 7 hd shows where crews have filled in a large sink hole in union city. the work went on day and night after it opened up on wednesday. it grew to a size of 35 feet by 40 feet. crews had to replace lines before they can fill the hole. officials don't know what caused it to develop and hope to have the street open again, tomorrow. you can see from sky 7 hd where a new hov lane will open tomorrow morning along 880.
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it will stretch to san leandro, connecting to an existing lane running to milpitas. >> it's a main north south commute route in the east bay. any time we give people an option of anything than solar community, it's going to ease congestion for everybody. >> the lane is reserved from 5:00 to 9:00 a.m. for carpools only. angry east bay parents want answers if the school district. >> three drop offs and three pick ups. we didn't plan on that. that is imposed on us. >> lawsuit over school placement. why the district says it has no other choice. plus... >> a big change for drone users. the move the government is making to regulate the industry. i'm spencer christian. the week off to another warm start. looks like it's going to get warmer.
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i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> identifying concussions, quickly. quickly. a look at gam
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a battle over new homes and space in one community is heading to court. developers in patterson ranch community filed suit against the fremont unified school district. they want the school district to assign a school to that new
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community. officials say that is just not possible. abc7 news reporter joins us with more. natasha? >> reporter: it's such an emotional issue. there are more than 2000 kids here in fremont who can go to their neighborhood school many parents say they're worried the new relment isn't going to help. take a look. you can see the construction going on for 500 new homes, children will play on the front lawns but will they be promised a spot in a school? the developer is suing the school district. you're looking at two of amanda's three girls, all three attend different schools in fremont with overcrowding, little 6-year-old lillia has been transferred twice since august. >> she's been like the perfect kid. and then, we met with the teachers saying she's crying and melting down. it's the juggling of different
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teachers and environment. the stress of me trying to shuffle everybody. >> this is my 36th year as an educator. i think sending kids away from neighborhood schools is wrong. >> reporter: wrong, but the superintendent says overcrowding is at its peak. fremont parents worry the new development will make the situation worse. 500 homes going up for move in next year. the school district has designated this area as unassigned meaning the children will have a seat somewhere, but no guarantee of a close neighborhood school. now, the big developer, kb home is suing the school district, alleging the school district is demanding a legal mitigation payment and using school boundaries as leverage. the statement is quote, they're asking the fremont unified school district to abide by the plan agreed to and signed off on in 2010. the superintendent says his hands are tied. >> our current reality is that we're out of classrooms.
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>> moms like amanda say they moved to fremont hoping for a great education for their girl. >> now, i won't be moving to fremont until the city council could figure this out. oakland city leaders marked the anniversary of the fire storm that grew quickly, sweeping through the oakland hills, 25 people died. the flames destroyed more than 3,000 homes, including the one where oakland mayor grew up. >> it's devastating. more than just the loss of a home. it's the loss of memories, of communities. it's critical to make an effort in regards to fire prevention. >> the oakland hills face increased fire danger because of the drought. the days of buying a drone and taking it out of the box may
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end soon. the federal government may require everyone to register drones because too many are starting to interfere with airplan airplanes. >> reporter: justin anderson sells drones and he says some people are just reckless, he says is he all for registering drones. >> this is a step in the right direction. >> if you don't register you may have fools maybe fly explosives that, you know, at least we'll know how to track it down. >> drones can fly high enough to endanger planes taking off and landing. there have been close calls including one involving southwest airlines flight from austin to lax. drones grounded water dropping helicopters and tankers this summer. >> the fire department welcomes legislation regulating drones
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being in the air while doing emergency operations. >> . >> reporter: he tells summers to obey the law. >> can't fly above 400 feet or five miles within an airport or five miles of a military base or national park. >> reporter: the biggest problem is tracking the drones back to owners. u.s. officials are hoping a call to register will solve that dilemma. >> we're now moving towards a registration requirement. i think many, if not most users will comply because of the attention we're giving to this issue. there are penalty as associated with using these devices in the national air space. >> today, we are so restricted from this. i do think that the government
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is. >> big of a business today. >> it was a beautiful day this afternoon at lake tahoe. look at that. that is a time lapse of clouds throughout the afternoon, always so pretty watching that. >> it is. clouds and there is a look at our weather here. >> clouds got darker later on in the afternoon. a lovely view. so high level clouds. we have these in the bay area now. looking at live doppler 7 hd, sunny skies and we have seen an increase in clouds in afternoon but some of them contained moisture. there is some scattered showers to our north. a couple thunderstorms earlier around clear lake and showers moving into the sacramento valley now, light, scattered showers moving through the north bay into brea.
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this is our looping radar. this is the view from our south beach camera, looking east. just a moment ago there is a gorgeous golden reflection of sun from the western sky. oakland, 69. mountain view, 67 degrees, 69 morgan hill. 63 half moon bay. here is the view. clouds are getting darker and the sun going down. and 74 degrees here in santa rosa. 72 fairfield and check out this view of clouds, clouds over the east bay from clearing overnight. a departure of the low as well as shower activities on the weekend. it's still wrap around moisture kicking up some moisture in our
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direction. that system will be replaced by high pressure bringing us more warm weather. we have hurricane, excuse me, weekend cold is getting me there. there is a powerful storm moving away from populated areas. expected to move away from hawaii and other populated regions. back in the bay area, clear skies. low temperatures mid-50s to upper 50s and tomorrow, sunny skies and warm. highs into low 80s around los gatos and mainly low 80s on the peninsula. low 70s on the coast tomorrow. up in the north bay, mid-80s in the north bay valleys. highs upper 70s to low 80s and mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be a warm week inland throughout friday. highs upper 80s and low 80s
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around the bay. and we'll see temperatures to maybe 4 or 5 degrees this time of the year. >> thank you. hope you feel better. >> thank you. >> check it out. a look at the galaxy far, far away. we're going to show you clips of the force awakens just minutes before a new explosive clip deeb
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native american chants could be heard as a group of native american swimmers completed a mile-long win from alcatraz. they learned how to lose weight and manage diabetes. >> i learned about eating healthy and just being more in control of yourself. and that you can set out to do something and make it happen in a short period of time. >> the goal of the program is for swimmers to take what they've learned back to their communities. >> journey back to the galaxy far, far away.
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>> you're looking at a clip of the star wars movie "the force awakens". now, in just minutes our sister network will air a new exclusive longer clip of the movie during the half time of monday night football. and advance tickets for the december 18th opening are listed on fandango and demand is crashing the site. the star wars franchise is owned by disney. >> exciting. still ahead here tonight, a local city's big plan to fix it's shoddy roads. >> also, will he run? could a decision be coming for vice president biden? >> why barry zito says he's
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san francisco police are reviewing information about what the police chief says is the fifth officer involved shooting this year. >> abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler was there. >> police chief says the man shot and killed by police had
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been at the library with his mother before the encounter. the 27-year-old was shot to death at the busy intersection of 8th and market streets afternoon on thursday. investigators say it began with the man throwing bottles at a construction site and ended when he got into a confrontation with a y struggled over the weapon. the sergeant looking down the barrel of his gun, yelling now, he's got my gun, shoot him. >> what protocol methods were exercised? >> the sergeant did attempt to create distance, however, mr. benetez escalated the situation. >> the rationale seems to be old folks don't matter as much as
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policeman. >> what is stated to you did happen. >> the chief heard from a friend of the victim. >> the herbert that you're describing is not the herbert i knew when i would see him tuesday nights in bible study. >> the chief says would it have helped if officers had body cameras. a pilot program for body cameras could begin in january. in san francisco, abc7 news. still, no official word on whether or not vice president joe biden will run for president but one major newspaper made the call. an article appeared on the washington post claiming mr. biden will run. it was pulled from the site. abc news was told biden has not made a decision and he is nearing a decision. >> he understands the timing
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pressure he's under, but he will make a decision when prepared to make it. >> he is talking to the head of firefighters union. >> the campaigns are dipping deep into pockets of californians. all candidates filed their reports. hillary clinton raised $5.5 million in california. jeb bush, nearly $1.8 million. bernie sanders $1.3 million. ben dars on, just under $1 million. and first, jeb bush will stop in a private event in pacific heights then head to the home of money manager edwards.
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the fbi is investigating an altercation that forced a southwest airlines flight to return to los angeles overnight. a witness tell police the commotion began when a woman reclined her seat and a man allegedly started choking her. mark curry shot video. >> i remember looking behind me. i don't remember if someone was on the floor. i was like what? what? people were talking and screaming. the flight attendants went into a mode you know? put the garbage can in front. it was tactical. they got tactical. the situation got tense. very seriously. >> the man was taken off the plane. the airline moved all of the passengers on another plane. a 24-year-old man died on
7:36 pm
board an air lingus flight after he attempted to bite a fellow passenger. the doctor and nurse on board were not able to revive him. the bitten passenger was taken to the hospital. the plane was heading from portugal to dublin but was diverted to the irish city of cork. >> oprah winfrey bought a 10% stake in weight watchers. >> investors like it. weight watchers stock soared today, doubling up at 105%. the markets have a solid day. the payment processing company square lured away jackin sweeses.
7:37 pm
and the focus of a ballot measure coming up november 3rd, it will extend part of the nine and a quarter percent sales tax another 30 years. david louie looks at the arguments for and against. >> streets of san francisco have scars that beg for repairs. the city estimates 19 miles need to be fixed but it is competing with other needs to total $360 million, so taxpayers are being asked to extend a quarter cent sales tax. it would allow the city to issue bonds using rev new to pay them off. proponents say sacramento takes bigger bites from the cities. >> the state has taken $50 million from us and that hit us hard. then, we had the recession. so we have infrastructure left behind. >> opponents argue there is a
7:38 pm
post recession boon that will fill city coffers. >> it's not time to put an extra tax. had is enough revenue coming in and there are property taxes. >> it's nine and a quarter percent. it would be silly. >> measure s would monitor spending and recommend what projects to undertake. the city attorney says the revenue can be used for any purpose. david louie, abc7 news. a new bike lane in theory should be safer. but not everyone is convinced. coming up, how your ride on
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market street will change a little bit. and looking live now, the sun just set. we want you to share the sun sets with us. this picture of a sunset looking towards oakland. keep sending in your pickets. we enjoy sharing them on air and onli
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big changes for bicyclists on market street. the work is between goff and 12th street. more on how some aren't happy about this change. bicyclists say it's tense alongside cars. some have trouble imagining how they'd do it.4htlu
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>> we're looking at ability to focus. that is the main thing impaired after a force to the head. >> the team tested with soldiers in afghanistan as well as athletes and were able to scale down the desk top version into a portable model, used on the side lines of every home football game this year at stanford. they believe the speed of the evaluation makes it practical in a fast-based environment. >> the software here analyzes and gives a score. this is done within a minute. so it's quick. >> exciting to be able to perhaps diagnose concussions. >> players flagged will undergo further testing before returning
7:49 pm
to the field. he is hoping the system helps prevent secondary injuries. >> they're playing an active game. and if they don't know, can't track them, it will be another injury. the team is winning with football and expects other tests to adopt to the future. >> this is when clouds giving way to showers, there is rain coming down and rainfall movement in the late afternoon there. temperatures dark there. here in the bay area, you can see thickening clouds and pockets of light rain and this
7:50 pm
is where we may have wet spots arngs the city of san francisco. and it's going to be a warm day. upper 60s to mid-80s. throughout the week, a cool down. >> approaching late october. >> yes. right. >> yes and liary is away and mike is here. >> 49ers are starting to come e town and a favorite of the a's and giants calling it a career. and giants calling it a career. ne
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and giants calling it a career. ne it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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49ers are starting to look like an nfl team. back to back, and collin kaepernick finding six receivers on the day.
7:54 pm
the red zone offense struggled again. resulting in three field goals. but, it picks up twice to find no sack or pressure on the quarterback all day. 2 and 4 is better than 1 and 5 and seattle is coming to town thursday night. not much time to get ready for the hawks. >> it's a big game. and it is a big deal. always a good move. this is another division. it's a big game for us. >> this is like any other game. you know what i'm saying? we're going to play well. >> the bears play ucla. bears are 5 and 1.
7:55 pm
moving to number 20 in the polls. and this was the first national spotlight game in a while. and now, ucla is on deck. >> they played the game every game. and the ball forward and whatever happens, happens. and from here, it's the only thing special about it. it's not an actual game. >> stanford moving up to number ten after their feat down at ucla, hosting washington saturday. running back mccaffrey named player of the week.
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and sharks coming off the first loss of the season in new york. sharks facing former teammate, dan boyle. and johns didn't see it. and in the third, a pass, and again, enough to sneak it under. sharks lose their second straight. pitcher barry zito is retiring. he can walk away saying he got, and gave everything he could. the 37-year-old hit 15 seasons for the a's. and he then jumps across the bay
7:57 pm
with the giants, earned two world series ring was the g men. he had a career record of 165 and 143 before going o-four era. he was brought up to pitch against tim hudson and a perfect way to go out. great guy, plate player. >> thank you. >> and roads shut down after a radio active waste site caught fire in nevada. >> then, continuing coverage about that swarm of quakes in the east bay. usgs tells us whether people should be concerned. and tonight on abc7, at
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8:00, it's "dancing with the stars" followed by castle and abc7 news at 11:00. >> this is this edition of abc7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for joining us. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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