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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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a woman badly injured in a paragliding accident. >> and golf course in san jose, taxpayers on he hook. >> gas prices are falling here in the bay area. abc7 news starts right now. >> with start with the developing news in the south bay. a paraglider crashed into the side of a hillside and is in the hospital tonight. good evening. >> that crash happened around 1:00 this afternoon at ed levin county park. the woman was caught in a gust of wind and then slammed into the side of a hill.
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lilian kim is live with new information. >> reporter: the female paraglider being treated for injury to her face, legs, and back. she was airlifted to stanford after slamming into the hillside. witness says the woman was on top of a 600-foot hill here at jed levin park when the winds pick up, causing her to launch prematurely. she branched right and crashed. her injuries are serious but not life-threatening. we have been told she is is a p-2 rated pilot and that completed the appropriate training for paragliding. fellow gliders described what happened. >> at that point in time she popped up probably about 10, 15, 20 feet in the sky, body kind of swack outwards as the paragliders have a pendulum effect to them, and in doing so wound up getting swung back into
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the hillside. i turn around where she was about ten, 10, 20 feet in the sky and come back around into the hill side. >> ed livein park is a popular spot. rangers say people who tike part in the sport do a good job policing each other and taking safety precautions. >> ed levin county park is a popular spot for gliders. in january last year a hang gliders pilot was stuck in a tree. the highway patrol used a helicopter to get him out. >> to other news now. two men considered armed and dangerous remain at large wanted in connection with a deadly shoot neglect livermore parking element jayson brown of oak lean is believed to be the gunman.
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abc7 news what there when the police served a warrant. he was not home. police believe brown used an assault weapon to kill one man at the cvs parking lot and wounding another. >> one of the biggest tech conferences on then planet -- this is a live look to oracle's open world conference. larry elofson is about to speak. on wednesday night, elton john is going to perform at an event on treasure island. the conference ended on thursday but expect traffic delays through next saturday. >> san jose tax dollars are paying for rounds of golf. a new audit says the city is paying more than $2 million a year to keep the three public courses open. we're live at the municipal course with why some courses could be closed.
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>> reporter: the san jose municipal course breaks even and sometimes makes a profit, but the other two cost the city and therefore taxpayers, money. which may be fine if you're a golfer, but one council member is asking whether or not that a good use of public funds and he suggests sell something of the land possibly to pay off the debt. should people be putting on the san jose taxpayers' penny? >> the city council is like we'll get into the golf course business and make lots of money and that's not what happen. >> reporter: council member says prior council members financed three golf courses with bonds ball recent report is showing little return, if any, on the investment. >> i know profit is the main goal, but i think a lot of the taxpayers' money are worth keeping the golf course open, just like keeping a basketball court open for other sports. >> reporter: two courses suffered a combined $600,000 in
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operating losses during 2014-2015. another 2.2 million from the general fund went toward paymentses on the debt for the land. council takes up the issue november 24th. with options like selling part of the land to pay off the debt. >> think that would work. we can compromise, we can keep partial for this to be here. >> many golfers rely on public courses because it's cheaper. >> other people can't afford to spend money to pay for memberships. >> reporter: but camas says he has to make sure 2.2 million is being spent in the right place. >> we could get 13 police officers bade for annually. we can start a brand new soccer field annually. >> subsidizing a sport. a debate camas is ready to tee off. in san jose, abc7 news. >> chp investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly car crash in san possible --
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pablo this morning. a silver honda odyssey wound up on the right-hand embank. on the westbound leans. emergency crews had to cut the woman out of the car. she later diedded a a hospital. the chp is asking for witnesses who saw the crash to contact them. >> two men in sonoma county drove their cars into large group of people apparently because they were angry at them. sheriff's deputies say as many as hundred people were celebrating a birthday last night in santa rosa. one person was run over and suffered a leg injury, while two others were sideswiped. both suspect vehicles and one of the suspects were found an hour later. >> davis police are seeking three men they say sexually assaulted a uc davis student on wednesday night. the victim met her attacker in a downtown bistro. they took her to the park and attacked her there.
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>> we take them veer seriously and investigate them thoroughly. >> investigators are looking for help from anyone who may have seen something. they say there's no indication that this is the work of serial rapists. >> in san francisco, a water main break flooded a street in pacific heights. pacific fire got a call about a leak on buchanan street. officials say water was coming out of the metal plates on the corner. there was a bit of damage to the sidewalks no water got into anyone's homes. >> probably noticed something we don't see too often or often enough in the bay area right frow. gas prices below $3 a gallon. we were the berkeley where we saw one gas station selling regular unleaded for 2.69 a gallon. that's not far from the national average price of 2.24. and analysts say gas prices have fallen ten cents over the past two weeks but that could end if crude oil costs remain at current levels. the lowest praises in the bay area are in vallejo where gas is
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around 2.25 a gallon. >> the problems with the bay bridge could be worse than initially thought. still ahead, the new information about crackness the bridge's rods. >> high-speed overending. how money problems could delay the new rail line from los angeles to san francisco. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. that sun setting this evening. a gorgeous shot from the emeryville camera. notice the clouds will bring about changes to the temperature
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more trouble for the steel rods on the bay bridge. an engineering found similar cracks on three other rods on the bridge. to the chronicle, experts say that cracking could make the rods weaker down the line. caltrans has downplayed the cracks and admitting it did not inspect the new rods upon deliver, chase violation of the agency's rules. >> more transportation concerns, this time about california's high-speed rail from l.a. to san francisco. construction has just begun and it's already likely to go over its $68 billion budget.
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according to "the los angeles times." the project will likely miss the 2022 deedline, challenge such as drilling through 36 miles of mountains, some with unmap earthquake faults were underestimated by the officials. >> the most powerful moment during the annual ceremony for fallen world war ii a mariners. >> the bay area could be in for some ryan later this week. meteorologist drool drew tuma tells us when and how much. >> the raiders starting to look like an nfl team. firing on all cylinders in san diego. all your highlights coming up in
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u. >> crew members who lost their lives in world war ii in sub marines were honored on mayer island. abc7 news was in valleho for a the rendition of the solemn event. the ship areas produced 23 sub marines for the war, seven went down along with 575 crewmen.
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the men are now on eternal patrol. >> the post powerful thing about holding the service every year is to think of the sacrifice that these young men made to give their lives in service of their country, and that we're standing right here on the shore of the island where they set sail for the last time. >> the eventes sponsored by the island heritage trust. >> a live look at the muss scone any center. this is the opening statement today for a huge event happening with oracle. they're expecting 60,000 people to attend this event over the next several days. >> of course all eyes on ceo layer el -- eleffson who will be answering burning questions. hundreds of thousands of people are watching this live right now. >> drew tuma brought in elton
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john to perform. they have a good rolodex. >> on wednesday, a chance of some rain and a cold front. how much and when? live doppler 7hd right now show you it is a mainly quiet picture, some clouds up above, so we'll take you outside. this is a gorgeous shot. the sun is setting in a few minutes and painting a beautiful picture. right now, 67 in oakland and mountain view. san jose. morgan hill at 70. equally beautiful picture. live from sutro tower camera. warmer at 73 in concord and livermore, 72. the live doppler 7hd and satellite will show you the story. first this area of he pressure
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moving moving into vancouver and salt. moved a cold front through this morning. probably noticed the early morning clouds. now we have mainly clear skies for mondays future tracker, tomorrow morning, waking up to temperatures in the fives in, a bit of bay fog could be expected but as high pressure moves in, warmest locations warm into the low 80s. a day of transition on tuesday. high pressure moving out. increasing cloud cover through the day on tuesday, all ahead of a cold front. live doppler 7hd and satellite you can see the cold front nicely in our satellite imagery. we're looking at rain with this front but several computer models have toe figure out what the front will do, and they're painting two very different pictures. here's the european or the euro weather model for wednesday. a very wet solution, you could call it, by mid-day on wednesday. we could expect if this solution
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comes to fruition, anywhere from a quarter to a half inch of rainfall. conversely, the gsf weather model takes the front and splits it apart across the region. what that would mean for us on wednesday, we remain completely dry. we'll get new information in the next 24 hours on the cold front so we'll fine-tune the details over the next 24 hours. overnight, temperatures in the 40s. clouds on the coast and bay fog. elsewhere, 50s. le south bay, sunshine, 70, san jose. peninsula, 76 redwood city. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 70. 64 daly city. sunshine north bay. tomorrow, 75 in oakland, 77 fremont. 74 berkeley. inland, 80s. 84 livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow, sunny skies, warming trend, clouds thicken on
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tuesday. wednesday, that's our chance for shower. otherwise by thursday and friday, with some nice full afternoon, halloween looking sun-soaked and sunny and seasonal for sunday. new information on the rain coming in tonight. then an update at 11:00. >> elton doesn't perform in the rain. >> i feel pressure now. >> you should. >> san diego, super chargers. >> she was a charger fans but switched allegiance when she moved up here. >> i'm glad i did because they're doing well. >> raiders came off a bye week with a new knewed purpose that's man-handle the chargers in san diego. one of the greatest rivalries tating back to the afl games. philip rivers, anything but great. threw two interceptions. smith the first returned to the chargers' two. river, three td passes.
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derek carr, nice pass. fourth career nfl catch, 17-3 raiders. raiders at mode field. the quick pass to coop 'er. gets the block, reads them, has the speed and watch the cutback, 552 of his 3 -- 52 of his 130 yards. third quarter, raiders with the same play this time to michael crabtree. chargers made bit interesting but a big win for at the raid raiders. raiders next opponent, jets facing the patriots. took a lead into the third, 17-16 jets. bill belichick sweating? not for long. tom brady to rod gronkowski. 60th career td catch. 49ers next opponent the rams
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hosting the bruins. todd gurly hand for his first td of his career and then his second. browns with the 24-6 victory. their defense will be a challenge for the 49ers. >> giants have lost five of -- the last five meetings with the cowboys. dallas tied it with seven minutes left. harris goes 100 yards foe the touchdown and the giants win 27-20, that final. jamis winston and the bucks take only washington. bucs led 24-0 at one point. 28 seconds remaining, kirk cousins throws his third td park to reed. all the washington wins have come at home. 31-30 the final. >> the golden state warriors your defending nba champs open defense of their title tuesday night, hosting the new orleans pelicans and will receive their nba championship rings. the dubs have their first bit of
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adversity as luke walton will by head coach with steve kerr recovering from back surgery. stephure knows the teams will be gunning for the dubs. >> we know it will be a challenge to go through the 2 game schedule, play at a high level. we're a market team and everybody will geoff us our their best shot, especially the western conference. if we're not at our best, going to be tough. >> pay attention here. all comes down the final game. san jose earthquakes came into today one point out of a playoff spot. needed a win and a seattle sound ore sporting kc loss or draw to make the playoffs. however, they -- pay attention, drew. they were playing the best team in the conference, salt one their match and kc beat the l.a. galaxy 2-1.
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meaning the earthquakes were eliminated. would have been tough regardless bus perez garcia took a red card. the quakes were down a man and dallas takes advantage in the 79th minute. quakes eliminated, 2-1 the final. >> nascar in tall 'dega, ricky bobby country, dale earnhardt needed a win to advance to the chase. he was in first but joey logano on a green-white-check issued finish. officials ruled he got to the line ahead of junior. normally they could do not green-white-check eggerred finish but alleged has a rule they can only do it once and the race ended in a caution. dale, jr. was eliminated from cup competition, plays of the day around the nfl tonight at 11:00 and hear from the raiders' locker room. see you then and have a quiz on the last two stories. >> thank you very much.
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>> the new movie about apple's founder goes nationwide. >> good moviegoers think different about steve jobs? the weekend box office numbers are coming up
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you hear that? >> yes, i do. >> the sound of music filling san francisco, join us tonight on kofy tv 20. what is behind the day of free sound in the city. >> sounds bet when it's free. an iconic picture of the vietnam war. tonight at 11:00, here on channel 7, that goal more than 40 years later and her new chance of healing the pain. that's tonight at 11:00. >> a batch of new releases at the box office were big flops. disappointing because includes a new movie about the found over apple. >> steve jobs earned just $7 million this weekend, reclaiming the top spot, the martian, starring matt damon stranded on the red planet. >> goose bumps was second. followed by bridge of spies. and the last witch hunter is fourth, and then hotel
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transylvania two. bill measure's rock the cass kaz beau -- the hollow gram, not -- >> shu's favorite. i copy it. ♪ ♪music continues
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