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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 30, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. accusations of drugging at a cal fraternity worries students. why police say they cannot investigate. a little girl, hit in a crosswalk. the warning to make sure it doesn't happen again, plus... >> graduation day for police. what makes this year's reinforcements important. and ruining important archaeological sites on purpose? an investigation abc7 news has been investigating more than two years. >> very scary. i wasn't aware this happened. a report of a drugging shakes up students ahead of a big party weekend.
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tonight, many are worried the university and police aren't doing enough to find out what is going on. >> it supposedly happened at cal fraternity row. the complaint was not specific, so police say they don't have very much to go on. we have more now from the cal campus. halloween celebrations started at uc berkeley. students are getting hit with scary information. a report people may have been drugged at a fraternity party. >>. it's scary. >> police are alerting stewed yent -- students of possible dangers. >> we wanted to get the word out that this activity is alleged to have occurred and to be safe if you're out this weekend. the investigation ends
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there. that is because this is a third party report. one of nearly a dozen filed in just the past couple years. in april, someone reported a woman had been sexual assaulted at a fraternity. in october, five people were allegedly given roofies and attacked. at that time, a fellow member of reported one of his frat brothers was sexual assaulted. in this case, they don't know the name of the accused fraternity. >> we don't have a lot of detailed information to investigate. >> students say the little information out there still serves as a good reminder to be aware of surroundings. >> by never put drinks down if given a drink we have to watch who is making it. >> anyone with more information is encouraged to tell police. there is a push in california to lower the drinking age to 18. the secretary of state cleared
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the way to begin collecting signatures from possible ballot measures. lynn sees it as a civil rights issue saying 18-year-olds can vote, fight for their country but can't buy a beer. a bay area group has been cleared to get legalized recreational marijuana use on the ballot. they're behind the 10th effort and say the state can makeup to $100 million by licensing and taxing it. they have until april of next year to collect 365,000 signatures. police are looking for a gunman who shot a man while he was just sitting in a driveway. it happened before 5:00 at a home on karen road. officers arrived to find the man slumped over. the victim's mother identified him as daunte alexander and is
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offering a $10,000 reward to help find the shooter. >> now, i'm in pain. and whoever, whoever, whoever, you're going to be found. >> she says this is the second son she's preparing to lose. three years ago, her other son was shot to death in oakland. a san jose man is in custody after police say a man stabbed a man repeatedly in front of his 5-year-old child. police say travis painter got into a dispute driving in the cross gate neighborhood last night. the man followed painter home during a fight, he stabbed the man several times, authorities say. he followed the man back to a car where his son was waiting and stabbed him several more times. his father forced him to stop. his mother called police. this man is now charged with several felony counts for shooting a rifle inside of his apartment in san jose, injuring
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himself and a boy who lives below him. it happened at 5:45 wednesday morning on almaden road. smith shot himself in the foot and it went through the roof, wounding a 9-year-old. a san francisco toddler is in the hospital after a driver hit her in a crosswalk. her father spoke about the injuries. abc7 news is live where that accident happened in san francisco, with more on what is being done to keep kids safe. >> we've seen several close calls here in san francisco. and while warnings from the mayor and chief are important, nothing brings this point closer to home than hearing from the father of an injured child.
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3-year-old hayden kim models a costume he won't wear on halloween. >> everything is gone now. >> instead, she's hospitalized, with severe head injuries, after being hit in the crosswalk by a car yesterday. >> it's someone, if she's very serious. >> he says his wife was pushing a stroller. she's not injured. police cited the driver failing to yield in a crosswalk. a reminder for all drivers nearing halloween. >> just everybody needs to slow down. everybody needs to get where they're going. a lot of them are small. they're below the car line. make sure you see them. >> reporter: the police chief and mayor appealed to a young audience at sherman elementary. >> this is my costume. i just look like the mayor. the real mayor is taller.
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>> reporter: with pedestrian safety lessons for a new generation. >> as little kids it was look both ways. >> reporter: looking both ways is not enough in this city because all should make it home to enjoy their trick or treat candy. >> be safe, have fun, okay? >>. critical mass organizers expect the biggest ride of the year when they ride. it is always a spectacle. acknowledging it's not an easy time to become a police officer, oakland rolls in three dozen new cops today to a department that has been under staffed for years now. laura? >> reporter: this is part of a
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larger plan to beef up the police force after today's graduation there are now 735 officers. the number will reach 800. it's something victoria denardi dreamed of, becoming an oakland police officer. today, a dream became a reality. >> i knew this is what i wanted to do since i was young. so i applied. >> reporter: she was among the latest class of oakland police officers. they include seven women, speaking five languages. 12 were born, raised or live in oakland. most come from california.
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>> we will be made by oakland. >> reporter: alexis lived in oakland since he was three years old. . >> i think living in oakland is knowing how to communicate with people will be a big factor. >> reporter: chief sean nguyen acknowledged that the job brings certain expectations. >> the role is as a guardian of the community. not warriors out there. it's a protector role. so they have to understand the difference between thetwo. >> reporter: these officers will spend 16 weeks field training before being assigned to a new beat. troubled bay area freeway project is back in the spot height tonight. >> you are destroying our culture. claims by native americans
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that caltrans knowingly destroyed important archaeological sites. and turning el nino into drinking water. what farmers are doing, and how it could impact our water supply. tomorrow is halloween, will it be ghostly or spooky? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. and juanita. the latest turn in the push to get this duck back home.
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indian tribes are claiming that there has been destroying of archaeological site. caltrans is building a bypass around the town of willis. one of many spots indian tribes say caltrans is wiping out history. >> you're destroying our culture. >> caltrans is building a freeway through an area once dotted with villages. the tribe's attorney says caltrans is destroying historic and sacred sites.
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>> this is as if caltrans decided to bull doze your church. >> reporter: caltrans claims it followed all legal requirements, searching for archaeological sites. but the tribes say caltrans failed. >> once caltrans started construction it found over 30 sites and is clear caltrans did not do a proper investigation because there is no way caltrans should have missed these 30 sites. >> reporter: a year ago, caltrans admitted impacting one site but blamed it on a mapping error. the attorney says it was no accident. >> caltrans had trucks come in in the dead of night, and destroy that site without alerting the tribes in advance. >> reporter: the tribes say crews are still finding more artifacts. >> we understand caltrans is finding areas that suggest not
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only human remains but grave sites. >> reporter: caltrans spokesman told us by phone they work with the agency in good faith. >> we work with federal agencies throughout this project and have not destroyed any villages or cultural areas. on this project, and we have been working diligently for the last almost two years with all three local tribes. >> reporter: the willits bypass has been plagued by major environmental issues and a construction collapse. in drought news, california state officials are showing they're serious about water conversation, handing down fines to four so cal cities. beverly hills, indio, redlands
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and coachela are going to pay $16,000 each for not meeting targets. and coachella was one half billion off target. sacramento is taking a proactive approach, residents of the xl city will be allowed to water lawns just once per week, down from twice a week. and farmers hope to use rain water from the el neeno winter wisely, building a recharge basin to catch runoff. growers receive no water deliveries, relying on pumping to irrigate crops but wells have been running dry. >> if we can get this pond and we can let that water settle into our basins it's just like having water behind the dam.
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it will be able to hold 500,000 acre feet of water, allowing 3,000 each month to soak in and refill the aquafor. they believe they nooet need a wet winter to prove it. >> time for bay area business watch. chevron announced it's cutting up to 7,000 jobs because of declining profits. average prices for barrels is currently at $42, down 51% from this time last year. not clear yet how many jobs the company plans to slash at headquarters. investors approved cuts, the stock finished up. the markets have a down day, solar city stock tanked, down 20% after a lower than expected earnings report. we're tracking a story in southern california. rescuers are trying to free a whale caught in a fishing line.
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this shows the whale thrashing around and in distress. the team arrived around 2:45, working to free it ever since. this is the time of the year they come to see. a celebrity duck may soon be reunited with a group of seniors in marin county. juanita will be returned to bell gardens assisted living center. that is after a promising conversation between congressman jared how farman and representatives. that neighbor called for help, triggering the onset of wildlife protection regulations that prevented her from returning. it looks like it's getting worked out. >> i'm so glad.
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>> all eyes on the halloween forecast. >> yes. yes. things are looking nice and shows clear skies across the bay area. stockton, 85 degrees so there is mild weather looking westward. it's 72 degrees in san francisco. and 75 in san jose. 64 in half moon bay. here, looking over san francisco, 79 in santa rosa. here is the view looking over
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the bay and across embarcadero. rain arrives sunday evening and there will be snow in the sierra. hi pressure brings us calm, mild, dry weather one more day. then, this frontal system makes a run with cold air arriving sunday evening. later in the evening we'll have clouds creeping in in advance of the rain we're getting sunday. rain spreading into monday morning and looks like we're going to get quite a bit of rain
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and snow. so what will be left behind? rainfall totals across the bay area from a quarter inch to half an inch. in the sierra a foot, or more of snow low temperatures, clear skies and tomorrow's highs from upper 60s to 70s around the bay to upper 70s and low 80s inland. we're going to have showers and a cool don't forget to fall back. >> getting to know someone else's stomping grounds. >> friendly competition to show off work spaces and why it might
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we'll see a parade of costumes but this morning a parade of techie use. it called the tech crawl. there is a good reason a guy in a space suit is leading this army of techies around the corner. it's become an annual tradition. >> what is up with the suit?
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>> it's something i'm stuck with. i put it on for a first crawl two years ago. and is now part of the brand. >> i'm a muse. >> 12 start ups opened their doors to show where the magic happens. >> you get a vash wall and it might inspire you from fun to unconventional. >> we live and work here. >> it's the culture behind the create activity. >> and not and drink that fuel it. >> the start up world is known for moving fast. >> that is good news for alexander. >> i would like to live in this story. >> recruiters are here and
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impressed. they gave way prizes. for folks like al yammander, the grand prize is a job. >> i hope to meet people that might be my next employer. >> how good did that soft taco look. >> keeping track of children trick or treating will be a top concern for parents. tonight at 11:00 michael finney checks out new kid trackers that
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promise to pinpoint youngsters if they get lost and one bug that needs to be worked out, at 11:00. >> some bay area cities are getting away with murder. tonight the ibc seven news i team is looking into why many homicides go unsolved. >> and what raiders say they need
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criminals have a good chance of getting away with murder in several cities. >> police departments do a poor job of solving cases compared to others around the bay and nation. >> yes. dan noyes is here with the story tonight. >> experts say the best thing to do is expose the problem and pressure our police department to take action. no one should have to hold their best friend as he dies from a
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gun show. >> 10, 20 shots went off. >> but espinoza matthews did. >> he was shaking. that was it. he walked out. i couldn't stay there. >> he says the 16-year-old was a good kid who stayed out of trouble. and just loved basketball and riding dirt bikes. still wearing his motorcycle helmet when he died at the home he shared with his grandfather. >> we raised him since he was two months old. >> police called it a case of mistaken identity. his grandfather hasn't heard a word from authorities since. >> what does it make me feel like better. >> if they found the guy? >> yes. if they found the guy. yes. >> the death is among 230,000 unsolved homicides since 1980. >> it's like a war.
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if you count as a conflict, the murders committed since 1980 are some of the worst wars experienced. >> thomas hargrove launched the murder accountability project. their data shows the number of murders solved dropped to 60%. largely because of type of murders changed. fewer crimes of passion. >> we're less likely because of better intervention techniques to kill a spouse or a girlfriend and so what are left are murders that are more difficult to solve. >> such as gang gang, drug elated or monetary gain. data shows several police departments are doing a bad job of investigating homicides.
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these are the cities with the clearance rate. richmond had 128 killings but cleared just 32%. the worst, east palo alto. 35 murders, 8.5% solved. >> if you study how can you not have a sense of outrage? >> there is hope. oakland has the most homicides of any city in that time frame. 515 killings. homicide detectives were overwhelmed. and enter the fbi. >> we're coming in to say how can we help? how to mick a difference? >> fbi assigned five agents full time. they're building a command center to work in the same space as detectives and i saw
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firsthand this past friday how it is working. after a gang hit, the task force launched six raids, arresting 15 suspected gang members, confiscating a rifle with 100 round drum, pistols, and pounds of marijuana at this grow house. >> there is no way we could have pulled this off without our partners. >> oakland's clearance rate jumped to more than 60%. >> i don't want it to be fbi came in and did something magical. no. with detectives just gave them resources. >> it takes man power in those crucial 48 hours. the experts say the chiefs have to help victim families and make cases a priority. politicians and voters need to
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give departments resources they need. >> this is based on numbers but local agencies report to the fbi but police tell me their clearance rate is 47% not 32. they have a lot of work to do. i'm hosting the list on a san jose bar has been shut down by authorities, citing them for several violations among them, serving liquor after hours and having live nude entertainment. and they failed to report a shooting on their own. the run away blimp continues to linger.
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and part of the pole has been stuck in trees, when it broke lose and floated into pennsylvania. it's part of a 2.7 program designed to detect missiles and threa threats. >> you can say it's just passing by. and you can take in the site at in oakland, nasa nicknamed it the great pumpkin, passing 300 miles from earth, which is close. >> yes. >> the party runs into morning hours. it will not come this close to earth again until 2027. >> i'm okay with that. i'm okay. >> just ahead at 6:00 special program that helps families with blind or visually impaired children. >> why early intervention and
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a bay area program that helps family was babies and
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toddlers who are blind or visually impaired is marking it's first anniversary this year. abc7 news takes to us meet a family getting some help from the new partnership. you're looking at part of team mckenzie. the singer and signer is her brother, 6-year-old taylor. and next to him, devon. mckenzie has a severe visual impairment and hearing loss. mom and dad are part of team mckenzie. shiloh and john mays. >> mckenzie was born with the leading cause of congenital deaf blindness. >> michelle kim visits to help and offer advice. >> giving kids education on what
7:41 pm
it is, what it means and implies in terms of access to eating, going to the bathroom, playing with toys, being outside. >> we let her know mama is here, d.a. is here. >> michelle goes to the preschool and works to include mckenzie. >> they might be reading a book and mckenzie can't access that book, maybe. if pictures are small. >> michelle taught mckenzie how to use things on the floor, using colorful pool noodles to keep her from bumping into them. michelle goes on doctor visits and helps with glasses for mckenzie. >> she can see through little
7:42 pm
pock writs or holes so whatever she has, she's using to the fullest. and i think that blind babies working with her work that out. >> research has shown 100,000 visual images are seen by an infant in the first year. 80% of early learning is visual. >> that is why early intervention and support are so crucial it's been around 66 years. they host to bring families together, including family camp where she will sit on a horse. and beeper egg hunt which is a big hit. >> she loves big eggs that beep. just helps support you.
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>> these are all three of charge. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> coming up next, a story you'll see only on abc7, it's new, but is it
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it's nice to have someone that will listen to you. >> good grief, charlie brown, is back. a new peanuts movie opens next week. how true will it be to the original comic strip? abc7 news reporter wayne freedman spent the day checking that out with shultz's son. >> they're friendly characters we know so well, they may be as much a part of the city as the comic strip is part of us. it rings true once visiting
7:47 pm
charles schulz museum. >> you get to be old and gray and you can get different things out of it. >> it's a constant in life. >> if you look at the 17,# 897 comic strips, if you look, you'll see some new ones. this one, from 1950s has detail. but by 1990s, shultz had gone minutalist. and now we have a movie that is anything but. >> we needed to do something special. >> you may recognize this man as craig shultz who has written a new movie due to be released november 6th. and yes, it is in three d. >> when you fill it in and there is nothing to think about, you don't have to think. >> but this is a digital age
7:48 pm
with a new audience. he went into detail to keep details right. >> outline of the clouds. that is how my dad drew it in the comic strip. >> so is it possible to evolve with characters that remain the same? don't bet against it, especially when the characters ring true. >> these connections that it brings. you're going to get me choked up, now. >> people still get he megsal over that. >> it's classic. >> change is on the way. >> yes. changes are on the way but not until after halloween. clear skies and dry conditions. back here across the state,
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tomorrow we'll have sunny skies just about everywhere and 80s inland. our forecast calls for rather mild evening, going into sunset at 6-12. then, darker after that and becomes mostly ghostly later in the evening. rain sunday, more on monday. this is going to be measurable rain. next week will be mild and dry. >> mostly ghostly. >> i like it. >> let's talk 49ers football. >> yes. can't catch a break. >> it's been not just halloween horrors. it's a whole season for 49ers. they need play makers but kaep could be without two key
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this is the last thing the 49ers need now. reeling with the record and now, tail back carlos hyde said he suffered a stress fracture
7:53 pm
against the geents. and hyde is out, look for reggie bush and antoun bolden is questionable with a hamstring injury. vernon davis spent part of the week playing it down as he got into an altercation as he got into a meeting likened to a italian dining room table. yesterday, vernon denied allegation. >> no. i didn't throw kaep out. i didn't call kaep out at all. i let the coaches do that. there is nothing that can separate us. we're inseparable. we're on the same page.
7:54 pm
>> week one of last year, derek carr had a game carr remembers well. >> it's fun to look at. i have to remember that one. i threw my first touchdown there. so you know it's not the same me, the same team. nothing is similar, you know? you can't watch it. but you know, it's going to be there forever. >> cardinals may be the best and perhaps only hope the pack 12 has with washington state tomorrow night. cardinals, ten and a half point favorites. david shaw did not want the school to overlook.
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>> it's a crazy conference. this is happening week after week. you can't be surprised by this when someone beats someone else. so make sure we show up and play our best football. >> tune in to after the game with yours truly and mike shumann. i'll have highlights including reaction from the cal usc game. and earlier tonight, lebron james against the miami heat. so one of ten assists there, thompson with a denial to chris bosch going up for the slam.
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kevin love, improving with the final score. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> thank you. >> join us tonight why the company is pulling the plug. >> whether under shoes or wrists, the pros and cons of gps trackers that let parents pinpoint your children. >> finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. i spent two weeks in tanzania. the animals i saw are incredible but the people are
7:57 pm
inspirational. kind, welcoming and deeply interested in the future of their country. the talk was all about change. intense interest in the presidential election. i saw the excitement as they went to the polls sunday, but after days of vote counting we know there will be no change in tanzania. the party in power for five decades will stay in power. many calling the election rigged. many are disappointed. here at home, of course we're in the throes of choosing our next president. the process is messy, and in cases, silly, witness many of the questions in this week's republican debate. what matters is that at least it ensures will of majority and peaceful transfer of power and open and honest discussion of the candidates and issues, something we take for granted and they long for in tanzania. let me know what you think. >> we're so glad to have you
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back. >> thank you. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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happy halloween, everyone. oh, that's great. hey. happy halloween. jan called. o...kay. i know why she's calling.


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