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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 14, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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is easing a bit. show pieces versus real security. we find out why many surveillance cameras don't actually work. why power ball winners in california are getting less money than in other states, and it's not because of taxes. also, go underwater with the first consumer friendly submarine designed here in the bay area. looking live across the golden gate bridge, you can see we're not done yet with the storm and the next one is headed towards the north bay, first. >> today's weather triggered chain controls.
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heavenly reports six inches and it is still coming down. >> are we seeing any impact on the drought? good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. we're looking at the short and long term effects of this el nino enhanced weather. >> let's begin with abc7 news anchor spencer christian. >> let's take a look at what's happening now. we have a wide path of light rain covering much of the north bay. we have had down pours east of 29 now, moving toward solano county. and a storm impact scale indicates usually expected impact of the storm. one is a light storm, three is a
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strong storm, five is severe. the current storm is ranking number one, a storm of light intensity. this evening it will be swinging south ward and eastward. and you'll see there will be pockets of rain but the main intensity of the storm will have passed. >> now, let's go live to wayne freedman to check on the impact the storms have had on the drought. wayne? good evening, ama. the effect of the drought is better than we'd feared but not as good as hoped. while i talk in the dark, let's just continue. there is a group that keeps
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track of broughts around the country. >> here it comes, again. another storm, another opportunity to not complain. california continues to be a state in a state of drought. >> it's still early in the season. and from our perspective, we need to get rain throughout the spring in order to be comfortable going into the summer. >> that is pam king, who remains haunted by the memory of lake mendocino. we're still not at a 10-year norm. not here, nor lake sonoma. >> we have accumulated about half of what we need to be full in lake sonoma. >> keep calling it a drought.
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and keep ordering the glass of water if you still want some. from sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> you can get a notice right on your smart phone, just down load the free app and enable push alerts. details about security on the bart system. you've seen the cameras, a man suspected of shooting a passenger. but what about footage from on board the train? we have learned not all of them are functional. we're live with new details from the police chief. katie? >> if bart is receiving millions we asked where is that money going?
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is that money keeping you safe? saren yated, riders say they feel safe. >> for the most part. yes. i'm not worried about anything. >> we have a security system that works and it is safe. >> the police chief says despite saturday's deadly shooting, violent crime is down by 10%. questioned about whether or not the on train cameras recorded the killing. >> i'm not going to get into our camera system. >> in 2013, the agency received $12.8 million that went to fixing the transbay tube. >> to purchase body cameras. >> there are 210 sworn bart officers but both the chief and passengers say that is not necessarily what makes you feel safe.
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>> there are 420,000 people that ride the train. >> everyone is there. >> additional officers will be scheduled for the super bowl festivities and new trains will be equipped with cameras but the chief questions if cameras are the solution. >> if someone has a gun and want to shoot someone, will a camera stop them? >> cameras did record these images of the suspected shooter. police are asking for help identifying him. a grand jury in sacramento indicted a refugee from iraq now living in california on terrorism-related charges. prosecutors say he claimed he was visiting his grandmother but went to syria to fight. his defense attorney says he planned no violent actions in the united states. twitter is being sued by the
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widow of a man who died in a terrorist attack. the suit claims twitter knowingly allowed isis to use it's site to advance operations. twitter says it's not responsible for the content posted by users. >> there is a new proposal that would close a loophole of the california assault weapons ban. the bill would require the owner of a weapon without a fixed magazine to register with the state. the gun on the top is legal because you can't push the bullet to unload with your finger. you can do that if you use a bullet, pen, or tools. >> the deadly aspect is detaching and reloading. >> one of the san bernardino shooters used a bullet button semi automatic button. >> the subsidiary of uber has to
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pay a $7.6 million fine or will be shut down. the california public utilities commission ordered the fines for failing to report requirements and didn't provide information on a number of topics including the number of handicapped riders and accessible vehicles. >> after a couple weeks of uncertainty, 49ers named a new head coach. chip kelly gets the job. >> larry, they're calling this a bold move. >> extremely bold. last year the 49ers wanted warm, fuzzy and likable, so they promoted tomsula. now, you're hiring chip kelly. he is never going to win mr. congeniality. fired after three years in philly, he traded away eagles best players and alienated many
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of those that remained. how is he going to get along with new niner players? and the general manager? what does this mean for collin kaepernick. did he learn from the time in philly? can he change? steve young thinks he can. >> i think in the long term, you look at shanahan, and you look at belictime, they learn. they fix the things that are wrong. he comes into a situation where he can make amends and do things he wants to do. i think it's not a bad spot for him. they seem to be getting along and making sense. so that seems to be a positive, maybe more so than jim and harbaugh. >> can chip kelly figure out how
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to take his schemes and adapt them better than they worked out with the eagles? this is going to be fascinating to watch. and the one thing that is guaranteed is that 49ers will not be boring. >> hopefully in a good way. >> we don't know what way, but this is a guy who -- there are going to be situations with him. >> one oakland chef is feeding customers and funding schools. >> what inspired this native to give back to his community. plus... >> what can i say? there is an app for everybody, now, there is an app for this. >> calls to bay area residents claim they never paid pg and e and power is about to be shut and power is about to be shut
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and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit breaking news for bart riders and people waiting for someone to get home on bart. bart says there are major delays because of a person on the tracks at the civic center station. that means no one is going anywhere. we'll update the situation as it changes. just enable push alerts to enable notifications. >> one oakland restaurant owner is paying it forward. >> he is donating to oakland public schools and hoping others
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will follow suit. >> we're live with the story of community giving. hi, lyanne. >> hi. you know it's great because this coincides with restaurant week. and also supporting kids. >> we have two small children and have been here 30 plus years. >> the chef and owner of three restaurants here will be donated to the childrens' fund. >> we will work to identify commonly held needs across the schools. >> three restaurants are included and last year, the chef
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raised $5,000. >> my hope to have others to latch on. >> we met the oakland residents that were enjoying lunch knowing they'd help students. >> i have a child of my own. it's good to see that businesses are caring about the youth. >> the dine out and give back fund-raiser goes through the end of the month. in oakland, abc7 news. >> a california store owner that sold one of the winning tickets is $1 million richer. he says he will give some to charity and share with employees. the winner has not come forward yet. there are reports saying she's a night shift nurse and her boss
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bought the ticket. officials say photos show it was sold at a different store and not that 7-11. so we'll have to see. >> well, a dozen tickets in california matched five of the six numbers. >> four of the tickets were sold in california. abc7 news anchor has a look at the winners and stores that sold the tickets. >> that is right. i just got off the phone with california lottery officials. they tell me the sandhya cruz winner walked in to the sacramento office this afternoon. now, they include looking at security video where it was purchased so stay tuned. now, three others were sold in northern california, santa rosa and vacaville. abc7 news was in santa rosa today at the 76 which sold one of the tickets. the store doesn't get a percentage of the winnings, just
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a commission of $0.12 per ticket but the lucky reputation is priceless. >> if you don't buy a ticket, then no luck. if you buy the ticket, the luck came with that. >> are you the winner? >> i think i'm a winner here. >> i win $9. >> what did you spend? >> $20. >> they typical sell 200 tickets per drawing and you can bet from now on it will be one of the go-to stores. >> thank you, kristin. >> we were playing the same game, but unless you're a big winner, how much you walk away with varies dramatically based on where you live. >> reporter: the record breaking jackpot reached $1.6 billion. three tickets hit all of the numbers. in california, in tennessee and florida. the payout for those winners is
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roughly $529 million a piece or the lesser prizes gets tricky. if you match all five numbers but no power ball in the state like texas, you get a flat $1 million but here in california it's different, based on the number of winners and sales here. last night, the pot reached $7.6 million. so a single ticket if it had hit every number but power ball, that winner would get the whole thing, however, 12 tickets hit those numbers so the winners will split the pot and take home $638,000 each. this way, it may seem like sometimes players in california get short changed but lottery officials tell me that is not the case and there are more ways to win here in the golden state. >> the way we operate, we can't win prizes, last fiscal year we paid out $60 million a week in
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prizes. that includes scratchers. but that really goes to show that people win every day and our system seems to help people. >> keep in mind the prize money does not include federal taxes so the numbers will change, again. abc7 news. >> that is fun while it was lasted. >> it was. >> on to weather forecast. raining again. >> yes. and spencer christian has more. >> we hit the rainfall jackpot. >> we did. >> got the winning ticket, here. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. not so wide spread rainfall as it was earlier. you can see in the north bay, it's pretty wet. in the sierra, it is showing. rains are required into and out of the central sierra. there is a winter storm warning. we expect 6 to 12 inches of snow. and snowfall animation means
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we'll probably see seven inches. 15 inches in tahoe city so a good serving for the gion. here is a live view of the golden gate bridge. you can see wet pavement. traffic seems to be flowing easily now. rain eases overnight. next storm tomorrow night and stronger storms sunday and monday. we have a series of wet weather series coming our way. tomorrow morning there will be patches of light rain and wet pavement and mainly drier, later tomorrow, clouds thickening and our next storm system. it will be a storm of friday night into saturday. south winds so let's get the forecast animation going.
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by 9:00 we'll see the first wave of rain pushing into the north bay. two hours later at 11:00 rain will have spread through most of the bay area, there will be pockets of moderate to heavy rain into saturday morning. same thing, 1:00 a.m. pockets of rainfall. a wave of intense rainfall later in the morning hours. by mid day, we'll see rainfall breaking up into showers. rainfall totals, most locations will have received around half an inch and more into the north bay locations we'll see two thirds to maybe 8-10ths of an inch. sunday morning at 4:00 storms number 2 and 3 start to move in sunday and monday owe. we'll have stronger storms.
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and three days of wet weather until tuesday of next week. mainly mid to upper 40s and tomorrow, partly sunny skies and high temperatures upper 50s at the coast. and 60s around the bay. and 50s in the north bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. here comes the storms. sunday and monday, storms will be hef heavier monday. martin luther king day. wednesday, looks like the driest day in the forecast until perhaps another series of storms. >> nice. >> thank you, spencer. >> well, coming up, public transit on demand. transit on demand. next, changes in the south bay
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. today, the dow had the best day since early december, at 16,379. >> what do you get when you cross public transit with a service like, say, uber or lift? >> abc7 news looks at a new app and that could have a big impact. >> amid fresh stucco there is something that local planners don't like.
7:26 pm
cars. there is a light rail station nearby. >> what can i say? there is now an app for this. >> you may have noticed little squares and buses popping up to them. the vta called a flex bus. >> and can government become as innovative? >> just like uber and lyft, it tells you about the app it gives walking directions to one of 100 bus stops. >> so this brings convenience of uber and efficiency together. >> they think it would be perfect for suburban parts of silicon valley. things are still father apart. >> we live in north san jose. there is a lot of sprawl.
7:27 pm
and. >> with small businesses on demand that can change. the driver doesn't go anywhere until you request a ride. >> we schedule to come and get you and pick you up. >> it adds little detours and the magic is in the software. >> believe that transit across the united states will function like this in a couple years. >> remarkable. >> a december nation that could cause to $1,000 per year. >> this is bruno. are you leaving? i said bruno? i know this is a scam. >> she was right.
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bart service is recovering after bart police removed a man
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from the tracks between san francisco powell street and civic center station. you can see the people that are there. bart confirms the man is okay and for a time, all trains were stopped and now they're delayed about 30 minutes. welcome back. >> let's move onto the storms hitting the bay area now. >> yes. we're keeping an eye on live doppler 7 hd. these storms can cause flooding. >> according to the federal government, parts of redwood city are now at a higher risk of going underwater. >> abc7 news reporter david louie takes a look at how much that will cost. >> reporter: downtown redwood city is part of a proposed change by fema. the plan would encompass the chp
7:32 pm
service office and a residential area designated historic district. >> when buying a property now, it's going to come up on the disclosure statement. you know, you're in a phone shall flood zone. and it's going to be required insurance. >> fema says the premium is $850 per year. this is a map that can tell you if it is in the proposed change area. >> you have to look at the map carefully. all houses on this side are included. however, going across the street, homes on this side are not. redwood city is planning a pub rick hearing to answer questions. insurance agent michael glazer says homeowners can get flood insurance before maps are
7:33 pm
finalized next year. >> this does not cover surface water on the ground. it takes care of broken pipes but not the flooding that we see on the news. >> super bowl 50 is approaching quickly. the game is just one day, starting next week, officials are urging you to avoid driving in downtown san francisco unless necessary. most centered around the nfl experience. the big game bring estimated 1 million fans into san francisco. muni lines will be rerouted and changes will take place once visitors arrive. >> we do have good experience. >> the city estimates it will
7:34 pm
cost $4.7 million. >> new video just in shows up close the final moments of the worker rescued from a sewer in oakland. the plumber had been trapped for 13 hours tuesday night into wednesday morning. he is still recovering after a trench collapsed while working on a sewer line. the state is investigating. >> has this happened to you? people getting calls and e-mails claiming they owe back payments to pg and e. >> even though they paid their bill. >> we just had a question about the other day on our 4:00 news. san francisco wanted to alert you to this problem. she was faced with a threat if
7:35 pm
she didn't act, her electricity would be shut off. linda barely recovered from jet lag, she got a shocking phone call. >> i'm bruno, i'm getting ready to turn off your power unless you pay the bill. >> she was sure she paid, or did she. bruno gave her a number to call. >> i get a hold of a guy named james saying you owes two months payment. i said wait a minute. no i don't. >> linda found proof. two checks. i said wait a minute, james. the checks were cashed. >> the man said mistakes would be cleared up later, right now, linda had to pay. >> you're going to need to take money over to a vvs pharmacy and pay it there. i said cvs? why cvs. >> the man said his technician was about to cut the power. >> i hustle and take a shower.
7:36 pm
>> she was arguing to get more time. her girlfriend called on another line. >> i said gwen you're not going to believe what happened. >> the friend told her to call pg and e. she called and got a surprising prompt. pg and e confirmed she didn't owe a dime. right then, the scammer called back. >> this is bruno. are you leaving? i said bruno, i know this is a scam. >> linda contacted 7 on your side to warn you. >> they're so good at what they do. you can fall for it. >> pg and e says it will never call or e-mail you, threatening to cutoff your power and certainly never demand you go and pay cash in a drug store.
7:37 pm
conartists are also claiming to be from the phone company. if you're unsure, call us, here, we'll help you out. we hear people say i would never fall for this. these guys are pros. yes, you would. >> local film makers are among the new oscar nominees. >> yes. on abc7 news who received one of the biggest honors and who was left out. and... >> batteries are good, and powerful. >> still ahead, details of the first consumer friendly submarine designed by a bay
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it's surreal. other than wow. it's exciting. >> it s these two women are nominated for an oscar for best documentary short subject with their film last day of freedom.
7:41 pm
after, going for oscar gold, ilm, industrial light and magic. the force is strong. >> it's a fantastic day. we're honored to be part of this incredible event. >> they got five nods and a thousand people worked on the visual effects. >> this year's nm nations are being criticized again, for a lack of vie verse ti. >> critics are upset not one person of color was nominated for top acting categories. >> we're pleased to announce the films selected as best picture nominee. >> as soon as nominations were
7:42 pm
announced this morning, the stories started to fly about the lack of diversity. no minorities in acting or best picture. >> your flag ship event, your flag ship award is all white. >> everybody wants to see some representation of who they are, what they do, what their life is about. this year we had a good amount of films that represented that. and i am disappointed we didn't see them for nominations this morning. >> some were upset the bio pick "straight outta compton" was all but ignored. >> it got one nomination for screenplay for two caucasian actors. >> he doesn't believe the academy is racist but says change comes slowly. >> i do wonder if enough of them
7:43 pm
saw "straight outta compton". a couple said this is not my kind of music. i said it's not a music video. >> the president of the academy admitted she's disappointed and stressed they're pushing for change. >> what is important is for us to include stories about people from america and around the world. >> chris rock hosts the oscars. join us to see who wins. >> a local designer went for the water and created a commercially available personal submarine. >> i'll have the story on the
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. uc berkeley students can now order on amazon and pick up that day on campus. there is a brand new pick up location. in addition to same day pick up on 2 million products, students can test out the latest gadgets. anyone can choose to ship there, not just students. >> here is a gadget. now available the first consumer friendly submarine. it was built by a designer that wants to change the way we experience the ocean. first, it looks like someone dropped a race car into the ocean but this is a different kind of high performance vehicle. it's a personal submarine. >> batteries are good and powerful. >> it is the brain child of
7:48 pm
reaching the deepest point in the ocean. he says this is unique and safer. >> instead of filling up, it e uses 4 thrusters to drive down. so if it fails, it's designed to float. >> there is a safety advantage. just push it forward and you go down. >> he says inspiration came from popular drones. he sketches prototypes and randall fletcher turns them into plans. >> the result is a pub that can stay underwater eight hours and
7:49 pm
be safe enough for novices to pilot. hawk says the sensation is like flying. >> that suddenly seemed obvious to me to float in the water. >> he hopes to introduce a generation to a world few have experienced. >> he said i think you'll see is this magic. >> for most of us, it's likely to come at a group setting because the price is currently listed at more than $1 million. out of reach for the vast majority of people. >> the rain is not out of reach. it's here. >> it's upon us. yes. in the north bay, we've got
7:50 pm
showers and areas of rain to clover dale through santa rosa and into marin county. there is periods of rainfall and showers. rainfall totals, spanning a wide range from just a couple hundredths of an inch to about a quarter inch in napa to nearly 6-10ths up in kentfield. the remainder of the state will be dry and that includes the bay area. and we have three more storms including two more ranking number two sunday and moan. going to be a wet weekend. >> yes. >> big news in 49ers land. >> is it good for bad?
7:51 pm
>> that remains to be seen. it will be extreme one way or another. 49ers just got more interesting. reaction from players to the hiring of chi
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
good evening, 49ers made a fascinating and perhaps scariest move in the nfl hiring chip kelly to be their coach. his opportunity in the nfl was a disaster. now, assuming that he can get along, this could be a riveting football experiment. the history is what he had in store for collin kaeper nick. i said i loved to see what he can do. and. >> what chip demands is recall.
7:55 pm
now, chip realized if you're going to go fast in the pros that means you may not have a deep library but what you have has to be embedded in your lives. call is going have to do-to-do serious school work. >> tori smith had this to say. guess i better start running now to get in shape. news conference should be late next week. after a rare loss last night, warriors are back at oracle tonight, hosting the lakers. draymon green is expected to play as well. bryant in the middle of a
7:56 pm
farewell tour. steph curry has great admiration for the five-time nba champion. >> other players believe that watched him growing up, like myself, were impacted by what he he did on the court. and so we appreciate all he's done. he's a great example what to do on the court. we want to, myself, i want to take that and keep it going. >> st. mary star hoping 16 points so far. cvs up 16 at the break.
7:57 pm
and if they win, it will be the first time they've won home games. standing in their way, the winningest coast, todd mcclellan returning to san jose. >> i remember the people i worked with. we had some real good years but players in flar, but it's different. >> abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> join us tonight at 9:00, this is weird. the massive fireball gas burning millions of light years away. >> then, at 11:00 a power ball mix up in southern california?
7:58 pm
the hope that may have fooled a woman into thinking she won part of the $1.5 billion jackpot. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. >> from the entire abc7 news team, we hope you have a nice night. be it a wet one. >> we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪music
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