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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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acc basketball is being brought to you by: >> tom: here in blacksburg, statues o the war memorial on campus, 76-67, 2:57 to go, louisville in front.
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virginia tech has been involved in very close games, especially in acc play. six of the seven decided by five points or less. that includes a win against no. 4, virginia on january 4th, 70-68. only win against a ranked team this season which louisville is. 16th in the country. lee at the line. >> dan: louisville has done a great job keeping the pressure on the hokies from the offensive end of the court. they are shooting over 57% as a team in the second half and damion lewis, who made six three-point shots is now 8-8 from the free-throw line. what a performance. >> tom: 26 points for lee. that is just one shy of his season high onuaku had the block, all in one motion, louisville basketball, what a play. >> dan: no reason for onuaku not be aggressive. four personal fouls but at this point in the game you play. he blocked the shot, recovered it and bounced off
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zach leday. >> tom: nine different players scored for louisville tonight as opposed just four for virginia tech. 2:30 to go. from blacksburg, cassell coliseum. lewis trying to get around the edge. a foul against virginia tech. >> dan: he turns the corner against leday, no, they called that an illegal screen on onuaku. i thought they called that foul against leday, but 32 white, not black. that is five on onuaku. so his double-double streak will come to an end. >> tom: nine points, 5 rebounds for chinanu onuaku. >> dan: has fun with the students. the hokies got a turnover,
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now have to get a basket. >> tom: hudson, 24 points, rolling on the floor. picked up by lewis. >> dan: we have seen seth allen do that earlier getting through the traffic, couldn't do it that time. that is jalen hudson, i believe. >> tom: awkward fall i think johnson 10 in white. >> dan: you're right. >> tom: the elbow is not meant to be bent that way. purely incidental. blackshear was also going after it. >> dan: oh, oh, oh. jaylen johnson nine point, will get a round of applause.
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>> dan: auto zone in the zone, get in the zone with auto zone. who has been in it? couple of guys in it throughout the game, damion lee, he knocked down four three-point baskets in the first half, added two here in the second half. 6-7 from beyond the arc. also has eight free-throws. a big, big night for damion lee. but he's used to having big nights. the hokies get a steal. >> tom: this is allen, hudson, trying to beat his man and he does! jalen hudson, 26 points on the night. lee, trying to shake bibbs, here comes allen with the double. >> dan: stepped outo out of bounds. >> tom: stepped on the sideline, dan. a time-out being called by
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rick pitino and louisville. lee was having a discussion with the official michael roberts. it was one-sided, roberts wanted the ball back. >> dan: he stepped on the line. i think he was trying to tell michael roberts he got pushed but looked like he was sliding. and you can't very well refuse to give up the basketball. you said he was having a one-sided discussion with the official. are there any other kind of discussions with officials? >> tom: roberts wanted the ball, did not want to exchange pleasantries. damion lee, 26 points, hasn't missed a free-throw. one below his season high of 27. the graduate student from baltimore, mt. med. grea maryland. >> dan: for the hokies, simple, you get a basket. >> tom: thank you for joining us on the acc
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network. tom and dan with you, outstanding crew in blacksburg in the final 1:40. bibbs, fires, leday got it. >> dan: rebound by leday. time-out called by buzz williams. he was in all kind of traffic right there. the hokies continue to have trouble shooting the three and leday is inside and lewis is trying to back him out, but simply can't do it. and lewis looking around at the official, he thought leday was over the back, that is a good rebound by leday. just because somebody is behind another player and gets the rebound doesn't automatically mean he's over the back. >> tom: zach leday, junior from dallas, texas, 20 points in the game for
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leday, the seventh time this season he has gotten to the 20 point threshold and beyond. 6-11 from the floor. transfer from south tkphra florida. >> dan: jaylen johnson is back for louisville, that is a good sign. >> tom: will inbound the ball guarded by shane henry. out of bounds. the arrow is favoring louisville. i think what michael roberts is saying both players were touching the ball at the same time? we have to look at that, dan. arrow favors as i look at it, favors the cardinals. >> dan: it is possible that he was right on top of the play, but was blocked out by johnson. i think they called it a
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held ball because he didn't see who kcked it out. but the officials, this is the situation the time of the game under 2:00, they can go over and see who knocked it out. that is what they're doing. >> tom: bryan dorsey and michael roberts reexamining the replay. coming up this saturday, miami comes to raleigh to take on nc state, mcclellan having an all acc year for the 'canes, they take on the leading scorer in the conference, cat bore beer an barber and the wolfpack. visit, that select games are streamed live for free on the official acc mobile app. >> dan: officials coming out of the examination have determined that it is louisville's ball. the interesting thing is let's see if they change the possession arrow.
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>> tom: georgia tech has beaten nc state tonight, 90-83. >> dan: the call on the floor was a held ball but in examining the replay, they decided it was off virginia tech, so louisville's ball. so the possession arrow will stay the same. now they are trying to get the shot clock re-set. >> tom: lee in the backcourt. johnson ahead of everybody. in the frontcourt, he puts it in and fouled. >> dan: that is a nice pass. hard to throw that kind of a pass. and who is it throwing the ball? damion lee. >> tom: leday picked up the personal foul. johnson gets in double figures, a free-throw coming. on the pass from damion lee. here is bibbs returning.
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first trip to the line for jaylen johnson. >> dan: oh, my. maybe that wrist isn't -- >> tom: i think was that was a byproduct of the wrist, dan. >> dan: if you shoot it like that you have to indicate something is wrong. >> tom: december paeut the miss, 11 points for jaylen johnson. incredible finish last night, virginia coming back with nine points in the final 15 seconds to beat wake forest. this is a three. from bibbs! >> dan: that is how virginia did it, they made threes. the hokies have a big hill to climb but making that three-point basket they draw to within six. this is an excellent pass by leday. the hokies have not been
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successful from beyond the three-point arc, that is only the third three of the game. second one for bibbs. >> tom: virginia beat wake forest 72-71 last night, a 9-1 run. >> dan: they were down seven with 15 seconds left in the game. then they won the game of course as you have to do, you have to have miraculous things happen, that last shot banking it in, falling out of founds. >> tom: are we in for a finish of that incredible fashion again with virginia tech down by six? they called the time-out, 1:19 to go. >> dan: i think in this situation the hokies are now out of time-outs, but i think in this situation you have to get some if you're virginia tech and you come back and win the game you
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have to get cooperation from louisville in the form of turnovers or missed free-throws. now, based on this line-up that louisville has out there, i think if i was virginia tech, i might want to try to force the ball in the hands of spaulding and foul him. only a 40% free-throw shooter. >> tom: see what strategy buzz williams employs, as dan mentioned, virginia tech just 3 of 12 from long distance tonight and bibbs has two of them. that is lee on the baseline. mahmoud up ahead to snider. skillfully broken by the cardinals and there is the foul. wilson grabbing ahold of snider. >> dan: snider, 68% free-throw shooter in acc play. and 68% on the year. >> tom: the sophomore from louisville, kentucky has not been to the free-throw line
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tonight. >> dan: double bonus so he has two free-throws. >> tom: louisville 3-0 away from louisville louisville, kentucky in conference play, 5-1 in the acc this season, trying to get a win on the road against virginia tech. >> dan: he made the two free-throws, and what your strategy has to be you get a three. at this point in the game you're willing to trade baskets as long as you're trading three for two. >> tomallen got fouled. >> dan: you don't want to commit the foul but that is not poor defense on the part of louisville you want to defend the three.
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>> tom: anas mahmoud picked up his fifth personal foul. told you, dan, the first visit to blacksburg since 1995 for this louisville program. the last time virginia tech won in the series you have to go back to 91 and it was here. 72-56, they have work to do with 1:06 to go. >> dan: very important if you're seth allen you make both of these free-throws. he has been good from the line tonight. made all ten of his free-throw attempts. >> tom: wilson back in. >> dan: that is a big miss.
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>> tom: 19 points, seth allen. only four virginia tech players have scored, they all have double figures. allen, bibbs, hudson and leday. that will be trey lewis going to the free-throw line for louisville. two attempts in the game. both in the second half and made them both. third personal on jalen hudson, also a mon ter nigh monster night with 26 points. >> dan: lewis 86% at the free-throw line you're comfortable if you're louisville having him there. a double bonus, so two free-throws on every shooting foul from now on. >> tom: lewis has done it from beyond, four made threes, second half for lewis. he has 19 points. rick pitino working the
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sidelines trying to get career win no.739. >> dan: at landfall time, lewis hahalftime he had 2 points. he has had a saoupblg secon second half. >> tom: lewis and lee combine forward 46 points. 16 more than the season average together. allen, final minute, he's got it. 21 points seth allen. >> dan: if you're louisville you don't mind the two in that spot. >> tom: get it to mitchell. there is the foul. on lee. blackshear grabbed him, that will be five on blackshear. >> dan: louisville did a nice job moving the ball right there making it hard for virginia tech to foul and the other thing that
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louisville has done is they have kept the ball out of the hands of spaulding. we mentioned if virginia tech forced him to hand em the ball he's a 40% three-point shooter they might have had success. >> tom: the cardinals trying to close out business tonight. here is what they have coming up. will host virginia, which came up with the win against wake forest yesterday. that game to start february, dan you like that one? >> dan: look at those games coming up. they have four of the five teams on that schedule are ranked teams. the numbers on the left side are the dates but the other numbers,. >> tom: the b c game on the acc network. on february 6th. north carolina is perfect in conference play. 7-0. saturday they host boston college. this is lee at the line. 27 points for lee of the he
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has not missed a free-throw, either. >> dan: there is oh knock cuss fouleonuaku fouled out, mahmoud fouled out. >> tom: new season high for lee with 28 points, pe perfect from the free-throw line, six made three-pointers. stuffed that stat sheet in a big way tonight. might have flagged mitchell on that one. that will be the third on mitchell. >> dan: there is no reason to commit that foul all you have to do is at this point in the game, defend the three-point line, at the drives past you to the basket, good luck to him. i don't think there is enough time in the game, even if they can create turnovers for virginia tech to win the game shooting twos or free-throws. >> tom: jalen hudson, 12-13. >> dan: he shoots 60% from the line on the season. >> tom: 27 points.
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what a night for jalen hudson. first trip to the line in the second half. despite the miss, 27 points. allen commits the foul. lee fires up to the official. will run to that free-throw line. >> dan: run over to rick pitino who had something to say. >> tom: little detour. rick pitino went the graduate way, damion lee, transfer from drexel. > drexel, lewis from cleveland state. they have delivered in a monster way tonight. >> dan: not only are they great basketball players, they seem to be quality young men. they are veteran guys. >> tom: exactly. >> dan: they have college degrees. obviously, a great deal of experience. each of them wanted to play at a higher level.
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nothing wrong with that. >> tom: coach pitino told us prior to the game, best group character-wise. >> dan: you don't need to foul in this situation. >> tom: wilson back in. seth allen has been to the line a lot tonight as well, dan. shane henry back in there. >> dan: seven-point game.
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>> tom: there is a foul. >> dan: first time they have been able to get him to handle the ball. if you were virginia tech that is your strategy you foul. spaulding has made two free-throws tonight. >> tom: louisville has shot 28 free-throws. virginia tech, 38 free-throws. >> dan: we had a lot of free-throws in the game. >> tom: cards as a team, 12-18. >> dan: so much for that strategy. the one thing you have to say, virginia tech play interesting games, don't they? they are very exciting, fun to watch. >> tom: almost won at notre dame. two-point game. >> dan: that is a nice effort by spaulding to go to the lin spalding. now stay out of the way. >> tom: 30 seconds, dan.
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traveling against jalen hudson. one of the few things he has done wrong. 27 points, for that young man. sophomore from richmond, virginia. career high is 32. eclipsed the season high which he had against nc state of 23. 26.2 seconds to go, appears that louisville will win the 11th straight in the series and fifth in a row in blacksburg, although as we told you tonight, been over two decades since they have been here in this part of the current try to play hoops. damion lee, trey lewis added up, dan, 49 points. >> dan: outstanding field goal shooting. damion lee, 6-7 from bion the arc. missed the only two point attempt he took. >> tom: made from three-point range for trey
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lewis. >> dan: had 2 points at halftime. >> tom: whether louisville needed clutch shots, lewis hit the these. those were not wide open threes. >> dan: very interesting in the first half when louisville was trying to take control of the game, it was damion lee hitting the threes including that big three-pointer right at the halftime buzzer. >> tom: allen, that's a three. >> dan: virginia tech has no time-outs. six-point game. >> tom: 26 points for allen. 12 seconds. allen commits the foul. >> dan: they were trying to foul mitchell, but got rid of the ball. >> tom: lewis, 4-4 from the free-throw line will head there now. trying to add to 20 point total.
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lewis has not missed from the line, 5-5 and 21 points. >> dan: a really impressive win in a tough spot. this is not an easy team to play under any circumstances, but in this building they have been really good and louisville will come in here and come out with a win. >> tom: 51 points between lewis and lee. robinson, that will not do it. .3 seconds left on the clock. so four-point halftime lead for louisville, they maintained that lead throughout the second half. and they will go on to victory, that shot will not count. and now 11 in a row, five in a row for the cardinals in their history, rick pitino getting 385 as the head coach for the louisville
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cardinals. no double-double for onuaku, lewis and lee, 29 for lee, 22 points for lewis and combined they made 10 three-point baskets. the rest of the team had one. jaylen johnson had a three. 91-83. the louisville cardinals by the way are now perfect in conference away from louisville, kentucky. they are 4-30 o 40 on the road, hello, now of-1 in conference play and 17-13 for the no. 16 team in the country. they win it 91-83. let's check in with dan, he has the star of the game or one of them, damion lee. >> dan: tom, thank you. damion you had the stroke going tonight, what was going on? >> you know really just give
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credit to my teammates, they were able to find me, drives, open kicks, knocking down open shots. >> early in the game they were running the ball down the court getting easy baskets, what adjustments did you make to stop that? >> we were talking about all week that they want to score in the transition, just drive, to get fouls. we let them play to their strength, in the second half we backed off the pressure and made them try to atab us in the half-court. >> watch you guys play one has the impression you're rolling what do you think? >> just another win, for us just getting back to the drawing board tomorrow and getting ready for virginia on saturday. >> thanks, congratulations. >> tom: damion lee, 29 points, that is a season high, 91-83 the cardinals come to blacksburg and win it. for highlights and must-see moments from this game and others, check out our next telecast will be saturday at 3:00 eastern the cards celebrate the victory,
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miami takes on nc state in rally you've been waving coulcoverage of atlantic coast basketball on acc, an exclusive production of raycom sports. cardinals over the hokies, 91-83 at cassell coliseum. on the acc network. thanks for watch, everybody.
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new at 6:00, 1 on one with president obama as he weighs in on the racial diversity debate surrounding this year's oscars. a med l technician can get a reading and follow that. >> that device that does what no other health monitor can, plus. >> the school would say go to the doctor. the doctor would say, the school. >> abc7's charl jennings takes you beyond the headlines with the agency that helped this dyslexic student get the ed indication he needed. >> san francisco is preparing
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for up to a million visitors during super bowl week. most will be from the bay area, which, as you might expect can be a security nightmare. police gave us insight into the plans to keep everyone safe. good evening, thanks for joining us tonight. >> the bay area is on heightened alert for super bowl 50. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee is live to explain the plan. vic? >> reporter: ama, you know that adage, police still say that the best way to stay safe is be alert and tell them, tell police if you see anything suspicious. now, today, the city's police and fire chiefs briefed reporters on the measures and one thing is for sure. there are going to be a lot of cops here, on the streets, both in uniform and those you won't notice.
7:32 pm
bomb-sniffing dog time off has been cancelled as time off for officers. first responders have been training for emergencies on the bay and the security screening devices are set to be placed at entrances to super bowl city. bags up to 18 by 18 inches had been permitted, they'll be checked for explosives and contraband. >> everybody is going have pass through a magnatometer when they get in. >> mingling with crowds, lots of plain-clothed shops. still, the best line of defense, you and me. >> there is no substitute for a million people coming to san francisco and if they see something, say something. >> reporter: in the city's transportation agency is providing eyes and ears on the ground. >> we'll have folks out, on the streets, about 70 traffic controlled officers, up to 40
7:33 pm
other ambassadors. >> reporter: the fire department was struggling with a lack of ambulances and slow times but the chief says that changed, she now has per diem, emts and paramedics. >> there is a fall back, if you will, to fill in. >> reporter: city officials have been planning for three years. now is the time to implement what they have learned. and everyone hopes this isn't a prelude to what may be seen. a tourist, attacked and robbed at the top of twin peaks overlook. the two robbers sprayed her with mace. >> she got to the bottom of the hill there was no conversation. the suspect pulled out a can of mace and sprayed her face. >> neighbors tell us they're concerned crime could increase
7:34 pm
and this is the same location where french tourist was robbed recently. police say there have been a rash of burglaries and robbery attempts at the overlook and increased the number of uniforms and police officers patrolling that as a result. if anything happens to impact safety, trust abc7 news to let you know immediately. we will get prepared now. down load the abc7 news app. >> this ad banner near super bowl city isn't sitting well with the city attorney. dennis herrera sent a letter to verizon asking to take it down or face a restraining order. the ad violates the advertising ordinance. the super bowl 50 committee says it will modify the banners but a spokesperson told abc7 news this involves removing some, but not all, of the banner. some say the super bowl is one reason they're seeing more homeless in their neighborhood but one city supervisor says you
7:35 pm
can't blame the nfl. >> reporter: it's hard to ignore tents in public spaces in san francisco. like this encampment under the 101 freeway near cesar chavez street. >> they pushed everybody out of downtown for the super bowl. >> reporter: supervisor scott weiner doesn't want san franciscans to be used to them. he has written a letter to city department heads asking what the strategy is to deal with this crisis, and plans to expand shelter access. >> i do not say we should bull doze tents tomorrow. the goal is to have enough shelter so people can come out of the tents and off the streets. >> reporter: those we talked to say it's difficult to get into
7:36 pm
shelters. >> paul boden is with a group and expert on tent cities. he shared this photo of the opening of the san francisco first homeless program in 1982 and says 34 years later, the homeless are still being criminalized. >> the way you address homelessness is that you build affordable housing. if people are unobstructively living in a city, leave them alone. >> reporter: the supervisor says the tents are not humane or legal. a salinas couple pled not guilty to killing two young siblings and abusing a third. tammy huntsman and her boyfriend are accused of abusing to death a 3-year-old and her 6-year-old
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brother, shawn, in november. huntsman and curio are accused of abusing the childrens '9-year-old sister. details in the san jose murder case, police have a suspect but no victim at this point. steve hlebo was charged with murder. david is live with the latest on this investigation. david? >> reporter: you can imagine how difficult it has been for kyle myrick's family, who has been searching for him. this charred building is where detectives say they believe that myrick was attacked, inside, they found both a body part and blood. >> i am not a murderer. >> reporter: that is what 39-year-old steve hlebo told us on monday. today he was charged with the
7:38 pm
murder of 28-year-old kyle myrick, a co-worker at gp sports. myrick disappeared friday afternoon. homicide detectives say they found a severed ear, and a pool of blood leading to an exit where his pickup truck had been parked. he told us from jail he has no idea where myrick is and claims co-workers are putting drugs in his coffee. >> i think he knows what he did. of i want him to be a man and stand up for his wrong. >> reporter: the prosecutor believes this is a murder case with no body. >> i am every confidence in this case based on the investigation so far. the investigation is ongoing. we're going to get more information. and we're just hopeful, at this point, really, to focus on finding the body.
7:39 pm
>> reporter: detectives say he told a family member he killed myrick and dumped the body in the ocean. the two worked together four days at gp sports. >> all we want is kyle to come home. his parents are suffering and looking for evidence. whatever it takes for kyle to come home, that is what we want. someone stole bart equipment this week. bart says that that happened at the concord station in a storage room between monday afternoon and tuesday morning. the door to the room which is usually locked had been propped open. we have details about a fire in san francisco's vernal heights neighborhood. police say the man started the fire after being evicted. the suspect is still in the county jail. the district attorney will decide what charges he faces. >> east bay municipal utility
7:40 pm
district is apologizing tonight, following a report that uncovered errors in the list of water use abusers. wayne, the utility is admitting it made a mistake. >> well, they're calling it an error of omission and in this case, it has to do with shame on the shamers. it appears they use more water than others. today, more than a little explaining to do. >> we take customer privacy very serio seriousy. >> now, the shame is on them after releasing a list of 4200 customers that used excessive water and we've learned some were excessively wrong, or lacking context, the district said today. >> all of the names on the list are accurate. the customers that are on the
7:41 pm
list have exceeded our water use ordinance and assessed a penalty. what that list doesn't show is the time period of the billing. >> reporter: east bay mud says it released it after inquiries and a port in alamo north topped the list. the list also showed steven bird, the stormer ceo of safeway averaging 7200 gallons per day and including former warrior, also fixing a leak. >> it is a breech for me, my address, my home address was posted on the internet. and you know, to me, in terms of security and safety that is a big deal. when you give a company your information, you're expecting it to be private. >> in accordance to public law,
7:42 pm
state lay, we're required an order to release that information. >> with the address and everything? >> address and everything. >> east bay mud is the only water district to produce such a list and plans another next month with apologies in between. from oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. the super bowl prove it's not just going to be temporary for san francisco. >> the permanent benefits for the city for hosting super bowl city. >> some spots getting close to 70 degrees. we're tracking another mild day. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast. the concept of carpooling is simple, here at uber headquarters there is a team dedicated to making it work well. turns out you need lots and lot
7:43 pm
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. the warriors are at least three years from opening their new arena and it has a name. the chase center. the warriors confirmed jp morgan chase bought the naming rights to the building but they're not revealing how much. two lawsuits are trying to block the arena. >> next week, tens of thousands of people will descend on market street, headed for super bowl city. and just about everybody will have a smart phone. >> we know from experience that
7:46 pm
reception can be a nightmare. today, a tour of the area to see what they've done to prepare for the masses and devices. we're live from super bowl city tonight. >> reporter: we're live, look at you. look at me. we're streaming the abc7 news has pretty good quality. it requires a lot of band width and imagine, thousands of people doing it here, next week during super bowl. carriers are now saying triumph. anyone stuck in a parade without cell coverage is wondering if super bowl 50 will be different. >> i have a difficult time on a normal day so i can only imagine what this is going to be like. >> i'm hoping it gets better and hoping they'll make changes in order for it to improve. >> they say it's a new era this
7:47 pm
is very advanced because they're using new technology. it's a robust network. >> the site on wheels will be able to handle a thousand users simultaneously. they have seven of these. >> we expect during concerts that a lot of customers will gather. this is the sharingest network. at and two spent $25 million, each with small cells and hidden antennas throughout the area to ensure networks are ready. there are now permanent fixtures
7:48 pm
to enjoy the super bowl. a mosquito born virus threatens to spread and is threatening unborn babies. the federal governor just released a warning about the zika virus. >> the cdc has issued a travel alert, urging pregnant women not to visit 24 countries where you can see zika is becoming a pandemic. here, 20 cases have been confirmed across nine states and that california patient lives in los angeles. but traveled to el salvador and since recovered. the virus is spread by mosquitos, a species that can be found here in northern california. for most people, the infection is mild.
7:49 pm
80% don't feel any symptoms. if a pregnant woman is bitten her baby will have higher chances of being born with micro cephaly. now, consider with the super bowl in town, experts say it can bring more carriers to the region for mosquitos to feast on. >> i won't be overly concerned but these global events are a way they're spread around the world. some feel it might have been the world cup in brazil that brought that infection in. >> in brazil, 4,000 babies have been born with the defect, troops sprayed insect yi side and are bracing for the summer's olympic games. the health advisory focuses on flu and noro virus prevention.
7:50 pm
your best protection is avoid traveling to mosquito hot spots. >> thank you, kristin. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. spectacular day around the bay area. yes. drew tuma has when a change is coming. so live doppler 7 right now, a lot of folks have been asking it's been a wet winter. since december, look at this. we have added 488 billion
7:51 pm
gallons of water. so good news there, but we want more rain. we're 60 in santa rosa. 57 san francisco. and 54 in danville. a beautiful picture. stepping outside, a nice evening calls for patchy fog and mild day thursday. and then another chance of rain on sunday. 1 to 5, 1 is light. five is severe and tomorrow, so picking it up late thursday into
7:52 pm
friday. most showers are still in the north bay. into afternoon, they sink south and there are quick moving systems out of there. going south and east, we'll see less in terms of total rainfall. the system going to pick up the. the biggest risk with waves 16 feet high. just want to show you a chance sunday, looks like the southern half has the best chance right now to pick up more rainfall. everybody is going to drop into 40s, tomorrow, first thing, we'll see fog. you can see everyone topping out into the 60s. accu-weather forecast show you tomorrow, mild.
7:53 pm
a chance of showers saturday, but showers likely sunday, that bigger story, the temperatures, going to feel cooler than it did much of the week. >> thank you. >> uc berkeley engineers created a new fitness monitor. find out what this one does when abc7 news continues. >> join us tonight at 7:15 as mike shumann answers your questions. you can ask mike just about anything. >> abc7 news app on the go. one screen. also, weather, traffic, and
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. uc berkeley engineers created a wearable system that can analyze your sweat. >> just provides us with wealth of information about their body condition and wide spectrum of chemicals. >> the sensors areed inside of a sweat band, measuring sodium, and skin temperature, and data is received and processed in realtime and can be synced with a smart phone app. it can monitor health and warn about problems. >> if you want to be like bill,
7:57 pm
you can end up with a virus. the meme is popping up and the bbb warns it has built in permissions that would e content on your facebook page. facebook had revenue in excess of $5 billion. it makes $13 per user, frup $nine in 2014. >> stay right here because only abc7 news was allowed inside uber's headquarters tonight. >> we got behind the scenes to see how the carpool option works in a few minutes you'll know, too. >> are we making sure everybody is getting a shot?
7:58 pm
>> a child, bundled up may not be safe in a car seat. ahead on 7 on your side, how to bundle and buckl
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