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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 7, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> and the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> well, there is a party going on in the south bay tonight. e denver broncos are celebrating. good evening, everybody. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. i called it. super bowl was expected to be a changing of the guard, but not the case. >> you were right, kristen.
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i thought carolina was going to win it. most people thought carolina was going to win. most people going to the game thought the panthers would roll thanks to league mvp cam newton. but the denver proved it was nfl's top defense. warriors guard. panthers fan steph curry was pounding the carolina drum. but it was the broncos d that would do the real pounding. ron miller strips the ball. and denver an early 10-0 lead. carolina still within six with under five to play. but miller once again gets to newt. on the and tj ward rovers. that set up the touchdown run by cal product dj anderson. a two-point conversion made the final 24-10. so manning could ride off into the sunset with a second super bowl trophy. von miller, who had two and a half sacks was the game mvp. >> we know what type of game we can play and we focused around that enjoyed the moment. i enjoyed being with my guys, spending hours and hours with those guys every day this week.
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and it was great. we played our game. >> by the way, it was also a very special win for broncos owner pat bowlen who had to give up control of the team because of alzheimer's. i'll have more highlights and postgame introduce later on in sports. >> looking forward to it. thanks a lot. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live at levi's stadium where the broncos faithful are celebrating tonight. when you talk to one fan, the story transcends the action on the field. >> i did. at the stadium tonight, it is all over now except for the cleanup, the traffic jam, the residual analysis. the stadium over my shoulder a shining moment. no, the 49ers were not at the center of it this time. but maybe they will be in the future. but it is a day for fans who came here from around the world. one man, as you said, one man made a very strong impression. if you happy to see army master sergeant cedric king in the stands today, you might not have even noticed. but look down. two limbs lost in afghanistan.
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replaced by artificial legs and a genuinely grateful heart after all that he has gone through. >> losing these two legs made me really understand what is on the inside of me. it made the good in me come out. >> reporter: if you look around these fans, everyone in the stands has a story about how they got tickets to super bowl 50. master sergeant king got his from the panthers themselves. that shirt he wore a gift from cam newton. this day marked the end of many roads. but after three years in the hospital, for one man, at least, it felt like a lot more like a beginning. >> people really do get it. when troops come back home and they fight for their country, we know that the only reason why we have super bowls is because somebody is overseas right now in harm's way. >> and they told us it's only a football game. after seeingsergeant king, i have a different opinion about it. he told us he just retired from the armed forces. he lives in charlotte.
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he said he is disappointed by the outcome. but we have a funny feeling that if anybody can deal with disappointment, it would be master sergeant cedric king. we'll have more for you at 11:00. live from levi's stadium in santa clara, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> i think we can bet on that. thank you. crews wasted no time saying goodbye to fan village super bowl city. the teardown process began before kickoff. everything closed at 3:00 p.m., and crews got right to work pulling cables, taking down lights, ripping out the floors, and doing whatever else they needed to do to break down as quickly as possible. police told us even though thousands of people visited every day, there were very few arrests. only 12. and most were for public drunkenness. >> many decades ago somebody came with the phrase the city that knows how. i think san francisco did that again. it's a baseball term. grand slam. maybe in this case it was a touchdown for san francisco. it went off really, really well and we're really, really happy. >> i heard super bowl reaction
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to the whole having it here, i think it was really fun. it brought the community spirit alive. it was really good. i glad i got to experience it being from here. >> the people took pictures with you. and it was just very nice. very well put together. very organized. >> some nearby businesses are happy to see super bowl city go away. many of them saw a plunge in sales as regulars stayed away because of blocked off streets. streets will reopen they say no later than february 13th. take a live look outside right now at our exploratorium cam. you see the transamerica building lit up in the color of the broncos, blue and orange. football fans enjoyed a warm winter day, then broke some records here in the bay area. and could we see more records fall? >> i think it's likely, especially tomorrow afternoon. but today it was warm as could be in santa clara. a high of 76 degrees. not a record there. but we did break a record at oakland international, coming in at 74 degrees. beating the old record of 69 set
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back in 1963. even oakland museum beating their old record of 72 set back in 1987. look at these numbers out there right now. san francisco currently 61 degrees. that's one degree above your normal daytime high this time of year. 63 san jose. 61 in fremont. 53 concord and 53 in napa. overnight tonight, clear skies out there. rather mild. upper 40s to lower 50s. and this is going to give us a launching pad for a very warm day tomorrow, likely more records are going to fall. we'll detail the numbers in the fall accuweather forecast. there is stuff on the streets have to stop. >> a mother is devastate affidavit the sudden death of her son and his father-in-law. the two were killed during a brutal fight in the north bay. the fight happened early this morning on cole drive in marin city. cornell bernard has the story. >> what are they going to tell the kids? they had two kids. >> relatives can't believe a young father is one of the dead after a brutal fight. lashawn fourshey says her son,
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29-year-old jacari cook was killed. >> i don't know who did this to my son. my son was a good guy. and i don't know why him. >> she says jacari's father-in-law was also killed. both were good friends. >> very close. and they died together. >> lashawn says the two men may have tried to intervene in a domestic dispute. >> there was some type of fight, an altercation taking place involving persons armed with bat, knives, stick, things of that nature. >> but that fight ended in gunfire, leaving another man wounded. >> two lives lost here. >> oh, it's sad. two very nice guys. it's just hard to understand. >> family friend herbert wade is shocked by the senseless crime. >> we're not having a very good super bowl sunday in marin city today. >> we don't see or recognize that there is any further threat to the community. >> officials say no suspects are on the oose. detectives still piecing together details of the crime. meantime, a mother grieves for her son, who leaves behind a
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wife and two young daughters. >> my son was only 29 years old. this stuff on the streets has to stop, today, right now. >> in marin city, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news has cell phone video from a viewer showing the fiery fatal car crash in san francisco last night. chp officers spotted three men driving they say recklessly near fifth and bryant streets in a white chevrolet. the driver led officers on a brief chase westbound on brannon. the chp says they called off the pursuit for safety reasons when the car began speeding through red lights. the chevy crashed into a taxi cab and then a light pole and burst into flames. the three men inside the speeding chevy died. the taxi driver suffered moderate injuries. san francisco police are searching for two cars involved in a possible road rage shooting. it happened around 11:30 this morning near silver avenue and university street. officers say a white lexus hit someone on that scooter while trying to escape gunfire from the other car. both of the drivers took off.
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the person riding the scooter went to the hospital and is expected to recover. >> among his peers, he was considered a star. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, the bay area loses a musician whose music was revered but never broke through to mass audiences. and fishermen, a fisherman, many of them actually took a major financial hit after crab
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pioneering bay area music figure dan hicks has passed away. >> oh, elvis? yeah, hey, elvis, i haven't heard from you in a while. >> hicks' wife confirmed the singer/songwriter passed away yesterday after a two-year battle with cancer. hicks broke into the early '60s
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folk scene before moving on to rock. he did have faithful followers. musicians like elvis costello, tom waits and willie nelson were fans of his gypsy jazz style and recorded songs with him. dan hicks was 74 years old. help son the way for bay area crab fishermen who haven't been able to work because of tainted crab. tomorrow and tuesday, the small business administration will be at the santa cruz yacht hasher to help crab fishermen apply for low interest loans. crab season was supposed to open in november, but an algae bloom made them unsafe to eat. something whimpering in a storm drain in the south bay. coming up, the cute little guy officers rescued last night. and could we see record temperatures this week? this view is from our camera on mt. sutro. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. i'm rick quan coming up in sports. highlights and interviews from super bowl 50 as the denver broncos defense turns in a super performanc
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novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> welcome back. a successful rescue in san jose last night. around 10:00 p.m., an officer heard whimpering from a storm drain in the heritage neighborhood. he went in to inspect and he found. >> aww, a puppy. the little guy was stuck down there. another officer came to help out. and together they pulled the cute little puppy free. it was not hurt. officers are trying to find out if it has a home. >> well, we know it wasn't down there trying to get out of the weather. it was great. >> too nic at least it didn't get cold while waiting torres skewed. >> it's going to be mild overnight tonight. likely some record-setting temperatures. warming up very nicely tomorrow
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afternoon. live doppler with the pattern we're in, it's quiet. so you don't see any rain on live doppler 7 hd. but we do have a beach hazard statement in effect monday afternoon. we're still going to see pretty active ocean current. waves could get as high as eight feet. likely that means strong rip currents. if you are headed to the beach tomorrow, note that the ocean is rather active. outside we go, live look from our east bayhill, showing you a beautiful view of the bay area. under clear skies and mild temperatures. look at this. san francisco 61 degrees right now. oakland at 56. mountainview 65. 63 currently in san jose. morgan hill 56. in half moon bay along the coast at 55 degrees. live look from sutro tower camera from market street heading to san francisco, the bay bridge, even the east bay, all is dry. 53 currently in santa rosa. 53 in novato. fairfield one of the cooler locations, 4. 53 concord and 52 for livermore. take a look at your mondayner. pretty much a carbon copy sky
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and warmer temperatures on the way. starting off in the 40s by noon, we're already into the 60s under the sunny sky. by 4:00, most of the locations are going to get into the 70s and probably challenge some of the records tomorrow. the forecasted high for san jose on monday, 77 degrees. that would beat the record of 75 set back in 1987. at this moment, both oakland and san francisco, it looks like your records in the mid and upper 70s are safe tomorrow. napa looks to beat the record of a 73 with a forecast high of 75 tomorrow. and livermore, a forecast high of 73 would beat that old record of 71 set back in 2006. watch what happens on tuesday. future tracker temperatures is hinting at the possibility in the south bay. we get a nice warm wind kicking in that some cities could touch 80 degrees by tuesday afternoon. that's how warm this air. overnight tonight, plenty of stars out there. temperatures only going to drop to the upper 40s and lower 50s. that sets the stage for a very warm monday on the way. so in our microclimate, we'll start in the south bay.
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77 high in san jose tomorrow. lots of sunshine. same in santa clara. 76 sunniville. 76 milpitas. along the peninsula, lots of sunshine, 73 san mateo. 75 menlo park. half moon bay nice and warm at 71 degrees. downtown san francisco tomorrow 70 under sunny skies. 64 the high for daly city, into the north bay equally as warm and bright. 74 sonoma. 73 vallejo. in sausalito into the east bay, 47 in oakland. 73 fremont. 68 in hercules. and inland sunny skies. 63 pittsburg, 73 pleasanton and walnut creek a temperature of 73 degrees. february is one of our wettest months in the bay area. but in the next seven days, it looks like most locations will not see a drop of rain. we're going track a chance of a light shower on friday. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll track the records likely tomorrow. sunny and warm. cooler wednesday. a beauty on the way for thursday there is the chance of a light sprinkle. north bay on friday. otherwise both saturday and sunday quiet as could be.
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lots of sunshine and temperatures well above normal. so a dry pattern for the next seven days. >> i know. spring fever too. >> totally. >> well, on paper, the carolina panthers should have dominated that game. but they don't play on paper. >> that's right. and kristen was right. >> should have bet money on it. could have been. >> we thought carolina had it. well, there is a d in denver. just ask carolina and quarterback cam newton. today at super bowl 50, the highest-scoring team in the league was held to just 10 points. let's go out to levi's stadium where warriors guard and panthers fan steph curry was pounding the carolina drum. the story is 39-year-old peyton manning playing in perhaps his final game. but it was the broncos defense that stole the show. von mill strips the ball from newton. denver an early 10-0 lead. carolina has a pretty good defense of its own. luke keuchly takes down manning on third down, forcing a punt. the panthers cut the lead to three in the second quarter. jonathan stewart flying over the power.
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that capped a 73 yard drive. later in the quarter, the panthers think jordan norwood calls for a fair catch. he didn't. norwood gets all the way down to the 14 yard line that 61 yard punt return is the longest in super bowl history. it would lead to a field goal. the panthers offense had problems all afternoon, turning the ball over four times. mike tolbert tossed it up here. cj anderson had himself a solid game. he breaks loose and gets all the way down to the carolina 26. anderson finished with 90 yards on 23 carries. but manning made his share of mistakes. this pass is going to be picked off by kony ealy. so at the half, denver only led 13-7. the panthers got the second half off to a promising start. newton finds former 49er ted ginn jr. it's a 45 yard completion. the drive, though would peter out. graham gano tries to kick a field goal, but the ball goes off the upright. no good. meanwhile, denver's brandon mcmanus was a perfect 3 for 3.
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this 30 yarder made it 16-7 midway in the third quarter. the panthers try to answer. newton goes deep for cory brown who makes a great catch between two defenders. that's good for 42 yards. but carolina once again comes away empty as newton is picked off by former de la salle star tj ward. he gets up and fumbles the football but the broncos did recover. you have to give credit to denver defensive coordinator wade phillips who kept the league mvp under control. newton was sacked six times today. still, carolina stayed in the contest. ealy led to a ganoe field goal. the lead down to 16-10. but panthers would get no closer. on third and long, miller knocks the ball out of newton's hands. he fails to go after it and tj ward comes up with the second turnover of the contest that set up this touchdown run by anderson, who bulls his way in from the 4. a two-point conversion made it 24-10.
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that would be the final. so manning like john elway can ride off into retirement after winning the super bowl. von miller was named the game's mvp. the broncos beat the panthers and claim their third vince lombardi trophy. >> we know what type a game we can play. and we just focus around that. enjoy the moment. i enjoyed being with all the guys, spending hours and hours with those guys every day this week. we didn't really pay attention to all that stuff. we just played our game. >> when you get here, there are no guarantees either. we beat a really good football game tonight. lost one game coming into the season. everybody did their part. and i'm honored and grateful to be a part of it. >> team out here played better than we did today. that's why they won the football team. they did some really good things against us. we didn't capitalize on the opportunities we had. and because of, that they won the football game. so this is the same team that a couple of years ago got beat in new york. so we have an opportunity to grow and learn from this experience. and we need to learn from this experience to give ourselves an opportunity to get back here. >> so denver pulls off the upset, beating carolina, 24-10.
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next year, the super bowl will be played in my hometown, houston, texas. and tonight at 11:00, larry and shu live from levi's stadium. stick around for that. >> thanks, rick. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a kung fu fight at the box office. office. >> new movies trying to take ♪(rock music) the steakhouse thickburger. onion strings, blue cheese and a1 sauce on a burger. at carl's jr.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we're live in santa clara on the field at levi's stadium with reaction after the broncos' big super bowl 50 win. >> also, we're learning more about the people involved in a deadly police pursuit in san francisco. one of the men who died was the son of a city official. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. you know super bowl weekend typically slow at the box office. >> well, this weekend let's see what happened. it was no different, despite three movies debuting in the top
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six. "kung fu panda" continued its run at the top. it earned $21 million. the cohen brothers "hail, caesar!" in second. "the revenant" came in third with $7 million. >> in fourth, "star wars: the force awakens" which topped $900 million in north america and $2 billion worldwide. romance drama "the choice" earned $6 million. >> and "pride and prejudice and zombies" debuted with just $5 million. there were a few things going on this week. so people might not have gone to the movie. >> really? i think so. so papa panda still takes the dumpling. >> very nice. >> it's almost chinese new year. you know how that goes. >> food, yes, right. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast sat 11:00 over on abc 7. >> yes. >> yes. the reunion continues.
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