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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 4, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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gent alone. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00 a wet and gloomy day turno night as the bay area braces for what could be the strongest el nino-fueled storm of the season. >> right now live doppler 7hd is tracking scattered showers but we are hours away from a big system that will bring us heavy rain strong wind gust and a chance of thunde evening. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. let's take you out with a live picture from our roof camera. it was mostly calm, but it was a different story when we saw heavy downpours and fall entries. fallen trees. >> we have live team coverage for you. our reporters are in the north bay as well as the peninsula coast. we'll start with sandhya patel
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and live doppler 7hd. >> this is a potent storm that will come in tomorrow. let me show you where the showers are right now ahead the storm. they are light to moderate in intensity as we take you closer to level radar. 680 san. we are also seeing lighter showers around thnta cruz mountains and pushing to watsonville. as we put the radar into the north bay you will notice riaround san rafael and lucas valley and wood acre we are tracking pockets of moderate rain and when you lo here, we have been watching lightning develop off coastline here. obviously it didn't reach the coastline. it is not out of the question to see more lightning activity over the next couple days. we have been rating them. tomorrow is a 3. one to two inches of rain for the lower elevations and gusts over 50 miles an hour possible. with the heavy rains flash
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flooding is possible along with debris flows in lake county. saturday at 4:00 p.m. until sunday morning. wind advisory for the entire bay area saturday noon until 11:00 p.m. downed trees and power lines are not out of the question as the winds will be how howling. i'll be back to know when the worst will hit for saturday and the second storm coming up. ama and larry? >> see you in a minutes. new video shows steady rain in san rafael. it's been off and on all evening. >> that's where we find melanie woodrow. she continues with the problems the people in the north bay are facing ahead of the storm front. melanie? >> it is raining in san . people are telling me for the most part they are used to it. it hasn't been too bad, but that can change in an instant. people outside soul food didn't seem to mind. >> gosh no. they have an awning so that works out well. >> a little rain now with a lot more on the way.
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>> i just heard about the big storm coming. >> the heaviest rain is expected on saturday night. the southern marin fire district spent the day doing community out reach. >> the concern with the wind is trees down and wires d >> wird came the ca >> right now the nd theescue will be dispatched to a tree down near apartment complex in the district. >> firefighters added caution tape aroundhis tree in mill lley. the trunk split so high up they say they will need a bucket truck to cut it. a scene they expect will repeat itself. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> strong el nino-filled storm bay area boaters are sounding warning to anyone thinking of g into the water. abc7 news reporter s quintana picks story. sergio? >> ama, it is not just the rain ande waves. it is also forecasted gail
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force w that have a lot of the boaters and the coastal residents concerned about the coming storm. >> in half moon bay the harbor master toown the california flag for the night but the red pennant will remain. there is a small craft advisory in affect overnight. >> the red flag out means something. >> it means you better get ready. it is fixing to get ugly. you're gonna a bad evin >> he is staying aboard a 27-foot bowed moared here. >> i think they had a boat sink. the wind blows hard enough you are on the bottom. >> they installed a few extra bumper by wees to make sure -- -- >> it is the strong -- strongest of the season. >> in pacifica, massive waves chased t the ocean front. they continue to naw a the coastal homes and properties that have been
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compromised by the early storms. the coast guard and the local fire departments are warning thidents to tie down anything that could take off in the wind and that includes surfboards and kay are pulled into the trng false alarms for the emergency crews. abc7 news. roads are slippery and vered in snow in the sierra. chains are required o part of i-80 and highway 50. a lot more way. the highest elevations could see up to three feet of snow. >> of course we will being tracking the storm all weekend long. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. to see how it develops. from you sleep enable the into us app and get updates on your mobile device. police in the eas bay are looking for a man accused of stealing somebody's identity and goin shopping sprees. this picom latery shows a shopping cart full of items purchased at the costco store in concord. police believe he opened several bank accounts in someone else's name and then
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used the accounts to fund his shopping trips. >> there is a war of words ahead of a ribbon commission. sheriff lori smith is firing back at the judge. the sheriff claims she insinuated she allowed an inmate to happen for tical benefit. tie is is live at the santa clara county jail with the new details. >> ama, in the hours aft the fight, the commissioner questioned if jail staff should have known to keep certain grouped inmates she says the remarks are insulting if not illegal. first came the cameras. she bought them with her own money. they captured this inmate fight. the chair of the jail reform commission has since commented in the me that the fight could have been avoided if those particular inmates hadn't been allowed to mingle. sheriff smith took offense and fired off an angry letter.
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>> i want to make it clear e allegations are not factual. it is aie and dishonest. >> she declined an on camera interview saying she doesn't want to distract from the work of the commission, but she wrote her own letter. it says i was clear in my statement of the broadcast thaters kn those in 4a do not get along it would not make sense to be let out at the same time. she goes on to write sheriff, me thinks you doest protest too much. sheriff says cordell i wrong. >> we don't segregate on race or ethnicity. not only because we don't thatit is not the right thing to do, they said its illegal to do that. >> shairt riff is cay -- the sheriff is asking for e-mails and documents pertaining to jail operation cordell is asking for an expert to review the fight abc7 news. two decades after the trial of the century the o.j. simpson murder case is once ain capture -- capturing the
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nation's attention. enforcement source close to the case reveals new details about the knife that was found at simpson's old brentwood estate. >> and hundreds of thousands of high school students will take the s.a.t. tomorrow morning and it i unlike anything they have ever seen before. >> live doppler 7hd is trac strong storm that is set to soak the bay area. sandhya patel will be back hour by forecast. >> here is a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" . >> what's happening here? what is going on here? >> what the hell is going on here? >> why are you touching me? >> i am not touching y
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cupertino, wine cotry and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. a finding that sent shock waves across the c from a double murder case more than o. >> police in los angeles are
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testing a blood-stained knife found at o.j. simpson former estate in the late 90s. here i latest from los angeles. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: the o.j. simpson trial was settled decades ago, but today w twist. >> regarding an alleged knifeat may have been recovered possibly in connection to the o.j. simpson case. >> reporter: los angeles police department today saying the knife was allegedly found by a construction worker on o.j. simpson's property in the late 19 the estate was demolished in 98. individual wanted to over to law enforcement. >> reporter: the lapd says this knife is being carefully scanned for possible dna ce that could te weeks. an lapd officerw retired was allegedly given the knife by the constructio and held on to it for 18 years. o.j. simpson was acquitted of murder charges in the 1994 stabbing death nicolerown simpson and hfriend ron goldman. simpson still says he is innocent. many tv viewers are reliving the trial in a new fx mini
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series "the people versus o.j. simpson." no goldman's father is talking to the daily news about the knife. i hope they test it and i hope it turns out to be the weapon. it is one more nail in simpson's coffin. as for what the new discovery would mean? >> double jeopardy. he was tried once and acquitted. you can never try o.j. simpson again. >> reporter: police are still vetting this story. they say over the years igators have looked at up to knives none were found to be the weapon. abc news, los angeles. >> and late today los angeles police said the knife is likely not the weapon usedo kill nicole brown simpson and . the real murderweapon was larger. bart will spend the weekend trying to fix a technical problem delaying it was at the west oakland stations where one of the power sources were off line to stop the problem. since last month 80 cars hit with mysterious voltage spikes that damage the
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each time a car has beenll service that means more people h to pack in the remaining cars. >> definitely more crowded. especially here it is packed and people don't want to move for you. r since the strike it seems like there is somethinge) going wrong. it is just par for the se. >> bart is trying to track down the exact s frob -- the problem and they expect be back in on monday. what are your thoughts on the crowded trains? use the # dear bart. this is from the 2013 bart strike when viewers had a lot to say. share your commenusy tagging us with the # dear bart. tomorrow is the first time students nationwide will take the s.a.t. after a major overhaul of the e college board said the redesign test will berry flec what students -- better reflect what students learn in the classroom. no mor obscure vocabulary words and a more modern math and the essay is optional. multiple choice will h four answers instead o and more than 277,000 people will take the test this week end.
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ifou are taking it in the bay area you will want to leave a few minutes early because driving will be a little risky out there tw the wet roadways -- out there with the wet roadws. sandhya has the storm coming in. worst part of the storm will hit tomorrow night. here is a look ae doppler7hd and we are wet weather. moderate rain is right around the c-ranch as i show you otherots that are wet these showers ah the system. san rafael and novato, highway 101 and we take you to the street level radar here in the east bay inland east bay. that is pleasant hill and you will notice around ignacio valley road it is getting wet. it will be heavier as we head toward tomorrow night. we are just getting you started with this. east santa clara and so far .20 to an inchd a half of s the entire bay area. it has been snowing at the higher elevations. chain controls on all of the roads leading to tahoe except for 50 right that's going to change. it is a winter weather advisory until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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it turns into a winter storm warning. saturday 10:00 to monday at 4 a.m. theyexpect three feet or more.4500 foot elevations if you are traveling to tahoe to enjoy the fresh powder look what you will be seeingby monday afternoon. up to 30 inches and south lake tahoe 30. kirkwood 38 inches. temperatures right now are really mild. we have a wind coming out of the south southwest and we not only have the wind that is coming out of the south, but this is a warm storm so it is sending us the warmer clouds. ill be a warmer night. you can see some of the cloud cover ook at the forecast. the stroof the year so far expected tomorrow. te storm for sunday and a chance of thunderstorms on our spact scale. this is a three a strong storm for your saturday. one to two inches of rain expected for the lower elevations. much more for the hills. two to four to be precise and gusts could breech 50 miles an hour. the worst of the winds were in san francisco be 4:30 and ir m --
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7:30 similar to that time range for the rest of the bay area. 7:00 a.m. on saturd scattered showers tomorrow if you have early plans. 10:00 a.m. as well. light to moderate in intensity. but then watch out. 3:00 p.m. we start to see widespread rain. yellows and oranges indicating the heavier rainfall. at 4:00 p.m.we are gettingched across the bay area. 5:00 p.m. still coming down n you start to see the reds there, by 7:00 p.m. can't rule out isolated thunder. 8:00 p.m. on saturday n going into 9 p.m. and it is in the east bay and south bay and then it winds down at 11:00 p.m. only to introduce the second storm. it is a moderate storm. lightning possible and winds not as strong. 20 to 35. but it will still be problematic. you may see the trees and power lin knocked down. a.m. on sunday you can see the scattered showers. you get a brief breather before the heaviest of the rain approaches. sunday night 7:00 p.m.
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10:00 p.m. it is scattered and pretty widespread. at 3:00 a.m. you notice when most of you are sleeping on monday morning, downpours are expected and then 5:00 a.m. for the morning commute. the rains ease up and and the winds ease up. as far as your rain totals for both storms combined, in the hills three inches. lower elevations one to inches. temperatures in the morning in the 50s with scattered showers. stormy for your saturday and accu-weather seven-day forecast, 3 on a storm impact scale. two for sunday. one for monday. a short break. we have two more storms after that on thursday and friday wo's. so your weekend il washout except for that window on sunday larry and ama. >> thanks sand yaw. >> success and failure for
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successful launch, unsuccessful landing. they spent the falcon 9 rocket into space after four scrubbed attempts. it is a new rocket design
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optimal conditions. the falcon 9 had a 11,000-pound satellite into space, the largest ever. an attempt to land it on a barge in ocean failed when it hit trd. they said maybe next time. >> it can't be that easy. >> it couldn't be right? we couldn't fi out. e atter landing. a flash back from the we believe wa sportst. >> the abc7 newp on the go on your news thatdb
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abc7 sports isught to you by river casino. >> not only are the warriors a ridiculous 55 and 5, they are now tied with the 72-win chicago bulls for the longest home winning streaker beating oklahoma city last night. has not seen aome loss in more than 400 days. it is since a over time defeat against the chicago bulls in january of 2015. golden state can break that bulls record on monday night against orlando. that's theame of a back to back after the warriors faced the lakers in l.a. that's sundayafternoon. steph curry says the fans deserve as much credit for the streaks the guys on the
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court. they canbe as much af this accomplishment of the home win streak. >> that's something w talked about at the beginning of every year. protect your home. >> this is not regular season the cal women's basketball team was hoping for. 4 and 14 in the conference. the bears made history today in the tournament. gotleib trying toe down arizona state and freshman of the year. a third two-point game. she's inside with the left hand making it four. 6-4 and t paint. asia thomas hitting three. bears score the upset and it is the first time a 10 seed haten a two in tournament history. >> this league is top to bottom and they prepare us -- you know we all prepare each
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other for this. i am so proud of our players you can't beat asu without being tough and that's what they were >> they are having fun. vandevere and -- vandevere taking on stanford. a game high and huskies by 16. thompson and the cardinals coming back. it is a two-point game. washington late. 73-65, huskies. who would have thought it would be cal and not stanford in the semis. shocking. one reason we showing d league highlights from delaware former warrior baron davis is playing and dunking. he is making his d-league debut for the 87ers. the 87ers is the worst nickname in history. retired but caught the bug again. the 87ers -- >> what was that? the 29ers? >> the 76ers d-league team and
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the 7ers lose too. a name change is in order there i think. it doesn'tff the tongue. >> thank you, larry. abc7 news continues on-line and with all of our mobile
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