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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 9, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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now even stronger to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. broaast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, live doppler 7hd is tracking the first of four storms set to keep us wet through the weekend. >> and as weake a live look from our abc7 roof camera one of the storms on the way is gaining strength. some areas could see up to eigh inches of rain. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we have live team coverage on the wet weather coming our way. >> let's start with sandhya patel on live doppler 7hd. >> we have back to back storms the income two ds that will -- in the next two days. it hasn't started raining just yet. we havewo storms thursday and friday. tomorrow's storm that is
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coming in is tapping into subtropical moisture. it is what we call the pineapple connection and it is aimed toward the bay area. the heaviest is coming to the north bay. on our storm impact scale one is light and fve is severe. all winter we have used it to tell you what to expect. tomorrow it is a moderate strength sto. one and a half to two inches rain. flash flooding is possible. friday heavy rain on top of the already saturated ground and the wind gusts could take down the trees and the power lines. that wasn upgrade to a three. flash flood watch for thursday at 4:00 a.m. throughunday night we are expecting the small creeks and strms to see flash flooding. we also have the low-lying concerns and a flood watch has been posted. it covers the rivers as well. as we look at the time line, moderate to heavy rain in the rth bay for the commute. i'll let you know when it will reach your area and what's in store for th weekend which does include t more storms
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coming up. >> thanks very much. abc7 news reporter katie marzulo has more cerage. >> she is live with the prepations before the storm hits. katie? >> dan and ama, a lot of fir stations in the north bay right here have sandbag stations set up and everything you node to make yourwn of the i talked with a fire chief and he is definitely recommending these for anyon whose home has flooded in the past. a nice view of t russian river. but the seating area is flooded. they have a flood ncern closer to home. >> the creek getseally full and our neighborhd processes the water. our front ya will turn into a lake and the bkyard will turn into a lake. >> the backyard is under constructi. >> it is the foundation. it is not a swimming pol. so we sandbagged off the back of the main house. >> we caught up with the myers on vine street. the parkin lot is filled with
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water, deep enough for could kayaking. theire chief remembers 2014 as well. he says this next storm could beimilar. >> our crews will be called preventing him from entering the residence. and then we also deal with a lot of trees that fall. >> he is urgingeople to be prepared especially f power outages. >> do not use candles. we often have candles used during the power outages. >> the army corp of engineers got ahead of the ra and releasing water from a buing sonoma lake. >> when the is a threat of flooding downstream we pretty much shut this down. >> in the north bay, abc7 news. >> track the wet weather with the ab news alert. download it for free and enable push alerts to get updates on severe weather as it happens. new tonight, anyone in the east bay may haveelt a small jolt. a magnitude 3.0 ethquake
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struck about is 7:40 along the greenville fault eightiles east of livermore as you can see on the map. there are no reportsf damage. >> and we are getting an inside look at what passengers and first responders faced after it derailed. yoare looking at just released picres from the alameda county fe department. you can see things appear out of place and that's because the commuter rail car landed on its side and in alameda creek. the train deraid because of a mudslide. nine passengers were taken to the hospital. ace resumed service beten stockton and san josehis morning for the first time since monday's accident. tonit we are getting a new look at the gunman responsible for the murder of a pasnger on board a bart train. bart police say the new video shows t gunman as he left the west oaknd bart station after shooti a 19-year-old victim several timess the train pulled into the station. sergio has new details. >> the new deo shows the
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suspect at two stations. in the first clip the allege gunman is walking into the ttsburgh bay point station where he first boarded e train. >> video shows more than a still photo. you can see how he walks and his man gnaw riches and how he -- man riches and how he customers himself. >> the last time they released pictures of the suspect they say it was a tri-delta transi bus he may have been riding with the vic i'm it. police have not said much about any interaction between the gunm and the victim. the second clip released shows the accused murderer ater he shot her and exed the west oakland station. whats not available is any video of the actual murder bus the cameras on board the train car they were riding may not have been operable. they are working to replace the decoys with the working cameras. >> they need more cameras and more safety and more police here. >> and then we hear about how cameras don't work on rt --
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work on bart. >> you wonder where your money is going. >> a $,000 reward is being offered to crimestoppers for information that may lead to the aest of the accused killer. abc7 news. tonight we are learning the identity of the man police shot and killed on monday evening after they say he stabbed two people in a san jose home at third and martha street. an officer fired a 45-ye-old byron rosas after he refused to drop his knife. theyay it was a domestic dispute. both stabbing victims are expected to survive. police arrested a man th say painted racist graffit at a school district office. >> it happened on june -- juniper street and that's where lilian kim is live. >> they arrested the man late this afternoon. they say he grew up in san leandro and lived i this neighborhood. >> an employee went to work at the juniper annex building to
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discover aisturbing message. racial slurs along with the words "whiteower" spray painted on the door. e person who took it wants to be anonyus, but has dn drebng with the goal of informing the public. it is not okay for people to have to go to work and be subjected to what the employee sawhat morning. >> robert mcman nuss says officers honed in on a suspect after checking police logs during the time they think the crime occurred. they discovered that several people were stopped in the area and fromthere investigators narrowed it down to a 21-year-old man with a criminal record. >> when they found him le than a half a mile away, he was riding a bmx-style bicycle that appears to have been freshly spray painted in red and white colors. >> the same colors used at the district office. police are not identifying the suspect and e motive is unknown. neighbors are relieved to hear the arrest. >> i lived here for 30 years. we don't like to hear about that.
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we have very little crime. >>t is unclear what the suspect will be charged with. police are hoping to cvince the d.a. to charge him with a felony. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:0 in his own words for the first time we are hearing from the young bay areaan now accusing his adoptive parents of abusing him for years. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> and one day after bnie sanders' michan miracle, the vrm verm -- vermont senator goes head to head with hillary clinton. >> and sandhya patel will be back with a timetable for this wet weather. >> first here i a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy? >> thanks, dannd ama. here is a preview of tonight's show. please turn your cell phones off. >> you see your friend there and you say it is nice to see ur friend. you are like, hey. you are like, hey. oh.
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have died after a shooting near pittsburgh and two gunmen e on the loose. police say thehooters ambushed a group of people having a backyard party in the burrow of wilkinsburg. they heard 20 gunshots in a usually quiet neighborhood. authorities are no sure what the motive was. tonight we have a foow-up to an exclusive eye team investigation. we uncoved a los gato couple facing charges for sexually abusing their adopted is now filing a lawsuit and he is telling his story for the first time. >> here is melanie woodrow. >> reporter: in 2000 a little boy from russia named dennis was given what he tught was a second chance.
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>> i lost everything. especially being an orphan. this was my way o living again. >> reporter: a news profiled the story of russian orphans and the couple who was soon dennis' parents. >> we were interested in the possibility of adoption. >> reporter:6 years later they are facing 44 criminal charge including contial sexual abuse of a child and unlawful intercourse and incest. now they are facing civil litigation as well. >> they are still living in denial. >> reporter: according to the court recos, he started abusing him shortly after he arrived in the u.s. when he was 9. >> there was aot of fear because i had just gained something that i believedwas a gift. >> reporter: he said colyn joined in when he was 15. after 10 years dennis sayse attempted to report the abuse and he says he called 9-1-1. denness says because he -- dennis ss because he was
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older then, 18,the report was brushed aside. >> bury it and go on with my fe. >> reporter: a psychologist who was a mndated reporter also called the sheriff's office. in january sheriff lori smith told the abc7 news eye team "weill examine how this initial report was handled." ralph and carolyn flynn's attorneys declid to comment in the criminal matter due to court orders. both said they may not be representing their clients in the civil litigation. >> now is the timeo make it right. >> at 23 years old dennis says he is finding his voice. >> as i told my truth i realize iot more strength and integra integra -- integrity. >> he says he can a voice for other sexl abuse survivors. i reached out to the sheriff's officebout how the initial complaint was handled several years before the flynns were arrested. a spokesperson for the sheriff's office sayse
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looked into how the 2012 case was handled and we have addressed that internionally. in san jose, melanie woodrow abc7 ns. >> it was at times a contentious democratic debate with less than a week before the primary. the c event touched on immigration when a mother of five was emotional. she asked both hillary clinton and better intoe sanders what ey would do to help reunite her with her deported husband. >> ma'am, i will do everything that i can to reunite your family your children deserve to be with their mother. >> i don't think there is any doubt we must do more to let stories like yours be heard more widely. >> both candidates are looking aheato tuesday when five more states are set to vote. and now back to the weather forecast and aeries of storms on the way in. >> they are lining up. sandhya patel is here to tell
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us when we will see the rain. >> tomorrow morning, dan and ama. it is beginning i the north bay. there are four systems and we'll explain those in a moment. live doppler 7hd is showing you where the rain is. it up around the mendocino coast. fort bragg with some moderate rain. the heaviest rain is still to the north and it will eventually sag southward. the temperatures are really mild. 60s from the coast to e bay and a live look from o emeryville camera across the bay. it is dry right now, but it is going to turn stormy e next two days. heavy rain in th north bay and weaker systems arriving this weekend. it is a modere storm too. an inch and a half to two inches of rain expected in the north bay. and that's wy the flash flooding possibility. friday's storm is a strong storm . it is a three. the wind gusts of theater -- hirt 5 to 40 miles an hour could lead to mudslide and deis flow and trees could topple. it is not out of the question and as youook at the time line hour by hour tomorrow
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morning at 4:00 a.m. the north bay is getting hit with rain. this system aims the moisture in thenorth bay all morning long. you will noticet 8:00 a.m. you will have to wait until noon to start to see the moderate rain into the east bay and the san francisco area. the yellows and the oranges are indicating the moderate to heavy rain. 3: p.m., the south bay is not getting anythinas you will notice. but most of the rest of the bay area is getting wet. 5:00 p.m., stillockets of light to moderate rain. 8:00 it is still shifted. and then by friday at 4:00 a.m., commute time, it will get the south bay wet as well. it will be windy for your morning commute. heavier rain starts to continue to come in as we head toward the tter part of the morning. you'll notice around 10:00 a.m. is when we will see the pockets of heavier rain after the commute. turning to scattered showers for your friday afternoon between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. as far as rainfall totals, t
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highest totals in the north bay are expecting close to four inches in some spots. down in the south bay, only .39 of an inch. this is covering both storms. some of the hills in the north bay could pick up as much as six to eight inches of rain with both storms combined. some have been asking about the santa cruz areas. over an inch in santa cruz and half an inch in salinas. the flood stage is 32 feet and it is forecast to come up close to floodtage. 31.5 feet on saturday a 00 a.m. we'll keep you posted and you want to stay tuned. this will fluctuate and rapid rises on the small streams and creeks. the rivers will keep that close by. the temperatures tomorr morning in the 50s. rain in the north bay. by the afterno the rain will shift into the central bay. highs in the mid50s to the mid60s. make sure you havehe rain gear with you. they are painting a wet picture forhe next two days. two on t storm impact scale
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for tomorrow. three for friday and saturday night into sunday we have a one. sunday night into monday we have a one. weaker systems this weekend. and then we dry out. set your clock forward one hour. 2:00 a.m. is:00 a.m. and then we go toaylight saving time. ama and dan is tracking the storm. >> thank you so much, sand sash sash --andhya. how an anima shelter helps cheer up a dog. >> when it happens whereou live -- >> we are following eaking news from the east bay. ance train derails. >> the ns team covers your neighborhood. your story -- >> the loco moti is pushing the cars into the creek. it must have been terrifying. >> your everything. >> we need three ambulances. >> this isiles canyon. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. >> somebody was watching over us. >> everybody
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take a look at this. e. an inspiring moment. they posted this video on facebo. it shows a frightened female dog named ca springing back to life after being reunited with her puppies. look how excited she is. her tail is going back and forth. the humane society had to convince her previous owner t also let us take the puppies because they are too young to be away from their mother. >> that's a mother's love rit there. that's really neat. >> a lot to talk about in sports. >> warriors as always. larry? >> it is unbelievable. the warriors are looking more and more like the championship team we are used to seeing an steph is his usual, ridiculous self. 55 feet,
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abc7 sports. >> the warriors have 20 games to t down on the turnoverses and get into championship form. in the midst of the he stand hosting the jazz and steph curry did it again. steve curry wants the warriors to keep it simple. this is simple for steph. a lefty behind the back to green in stride for the jam with 17 ints in this game. i got it right here. midcourteeding andrew boggit. three seconds left and you better guard steph from 55 and the bank is open. this is like every night he does this.
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52-41. curr12 points, but these girls are ecstatic. third quarter and over the shoulder and the niners need a quarterback. itit is nice to have him back. the hamstring is fine and making shots over the top of the backboard. the warriors win it 115-94. 57 and 6 and he will happy with 15 turnovers tonight. the college hoops pac-12 and stanford got smoked. the huskies were up 17 in a flash. the cardinals barely shod up in this thing.
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