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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 13, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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another night of storms in the bay area. several days of rain has damaged trees, hills and homes. the good news, there's relief coming for those overwhelmed by all the wet weather. good evening, i'm eric thomas. umbrellas were important today on the streets of san francisco. the rev of chain saws could be heard all over the bay area. crews had to take care of this tree in the east bay hills. right now, rain is still coming down in some areas. but there are dry days ahead. for more, let's check in now with meteorologist drew tuma.
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>> we're tracking the tail end of our storm system on this sunday evening. still tracking some pockets of light rain around gilroy, morgan hill right now, the light green. light rain falling in the region. as we slide to the north and to the north bay right now, widely scattered showers in the region as this system begins to depart the region. a couple light showers around livermore, but that's about it in terms of activity. we certainly got soaked this weekend. look at the 48-hour rain totals. whoa! a lot of places in san francisco, nearly 2 inches, over 2 inches in oakland, 1/2 an inch in san jose, mill valley, 1 1/2 inches of rain. future weather as we plan your monday. monday morning 7:00 in the morning, not out of the question we could have a lingering light shower. most locations monday morning we'll wake up to mostly cloudy skies. any chance of wet weather gets out of here mid-morning, and by
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afternoon, features a lot of cloud cover and peeks of sunshine. after monday, temperatures are off to the races, and more sunshine is in the forecast. the full forecast coming up, eric. >> drew, thank you. a traffic pole fell into a sinkhole today rupturing a gas line. the sinkhole opened up near the ring valley shopping center earlier this afternoon. emergency services closed off the intersection. they evacuated a full mile radius from the shopping center. crews worked to shut off the gas and they are fixing the pipe. heavy rains caused damage to a hope in danville. a drainage ditch filled quickly. mud was sent pouring into the street and into the home. crews spent the day cleaning up the mess from the streets. in more oga, a landslide ripped two homes from their foundations, on augusto drive, and at any moment a shift in the soil could destroy both. abc 7 news reporter cornell
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bernard say the homeowners are blaming a public utility. >> i've never seen earth move like that. >> reporter: his home is hanging by a threat. a small landslide which began last tuesday has now claimed much of the hill. and ripped his home's foundation away, leaving it in shambles. >> it's been a slow-motion process, but it's dropping numerous feet a day. >> reporter: the house next door also in bad shape. the landslide is swallowing earth below the home. >> it's falling another four, five feet overnight. it's getting precarious. >> reporter: neighbors are pitching in to help both families move clothes and belongings out of their homes that are now too dangerous to live in. >> we want everybody to know they're in our prayers and blessings and we're trying to get their valuables moved as quick as possibly. >> reporter: neighboring homeowners are worried they're next. laura ferguson said east bay mud owns the hillside. she and others blame the utility for not doing more preventing
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landslides. >> to think a utility would know something like this was a possibility, and to not warn the community about it seems really negligent. >> reporter: east bay mud said a recent soil study never showed more landslide danger here. >> as far as all the specifics, i think what we're focused on is the immediate situation. the slides occur throughout the bay area, and it's difficult when mother nature has plans that don't align with ours. >> reporter: east bay mud plans to bring in geotechnical experts to assess the danger and make a plan to prevent more landslides from happening. >> we looked for a rental. we'll try to figure out if the house is saveable. >> reporter: more rain keeps falling. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. as it rained here, skiers and snowboarders enjoyed new snow in the sierra. the resort provided this video. ten inches of new snow fell in
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north star, heavenly mountain and kirkwood mountain overnight. they've seen more than 30 feet of snow this winter. you can track the rain anytime where you live. live doppler 7 hd on our free abc 7 news app to get the latest conditions, road closures and flood updates. download the app and enable push alerts. millions of americans vote in their state's caucuses and primaries tuesday. tonight democrats made their cases to voters and donald trump responded to criticism over an increase in violence at his rallies. abc news reporter reina has the details. >> reporter: the democratic candidates for president agree completely on only one thing. >> he actually incites violence in the way that he urges his audience on. >> reporter: donald trump is to blame for the violent protests at his rallies. >> trump has got to get on the tv and tell his supporters that
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violence in the political process in america is not acceptable, end of discussion. >> reporter: but trump blames outside agitators. >> it was totally organized troublemakers. troublemakers. they're not protesters, they're disrupters. they're supposed to disrupt. >> reporter: campaigning in illinois sunday, the front-runner was again repeatedly interrupted by heckleers. >> get them out, now. >> reporter: trump said he and his audience are the victims of the demonstrators. >> so loud, so vicious, they stop us from really our first amendment rights. >> reporter: as they gear up to go head-to-head again in five states, trump's gop rivals are cutting him no slack. >> if donald trump is the nominee, hillary clinton sh in all likelihood the next president. >> reporter: still, polls say donald trump will likely be the biggest winner in tuesday's voting. only john kasich of ohio leads him. hillary clinton hopes for a
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dramatic sweep tuesday. she leads bernie sanders in all five states. their closest fight in illinois where she leads 51% to 45%. abc news, new york. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, why ted cruz's biggest supporters may have been at risk of having their personal data stolen. and a new mission to mars launching tomorrow. about more than a search for alien life. we'll be right back.
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more than 46,000 nissan leafs have been recalled. it covers lease leafs in 2013
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and 2015. they may experience braking problems in extremely cold weather. nissan said the computers in the brake system need to be reprogrammed. the brakes will still work without the fix, but you may have to push harder on the pedal. republican presidential hopeful ted cruz's campaign says it has fixed problems with the candidate's mobile app following an independent review. a computerurity firm found flaws that could allow hackers to access personal information of cruz supporters. a new journey to determine whether mars has ever had life. they will collect data and analyze the red planet's atmosphere, specifically the components that make up less than 1% of the atmosphere. details of life could be hidden there. they'll evaluate geochemical and water issue. they want to figure out how to land big payloads on mars and how to utilize solar electric
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power to help future missions. both spacecrafts should arrive in seven months. we've seen several days of stormy weather. a look at some of the damage ahead. meteorologist drew tuma will tell us when it will be dry again and for how long. >> the anticipation is over as the ncaa basketball tournament brackets have been filled out. cal bears have their invite. it could be a sleeper team with all their talent. twhen a wildfire ragedt dthrough elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay.
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thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with a complete view of her finances, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it.
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jnchs after days of rain and wind across the bay area, there's a lot of cleanup today. debris poured onto edgewood
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boulevard near 280 in san mateo county today. crews are scooping up the debris, but it continues to fall, creating dangerous driving conditions. and in the oakland hills, a fallen tree blocked this driver today. it took out some power lines and covered homewood drive. but it didn't damage any homes. pg&e is working to fix the lines. and you can see a tree that fell during today's storm in the oakland hills. fortunately nobody here was hurt. and nothing was damaged when the tree toppled off the trinidad avenue near holy name's university. you might encounter sights like this along highway 84 in the san mateo county hills. abc 7 crews found at least three mudslides along the two-lane road just west of where 84 meets highway 35. traffic has been able to squeeze by. cal tran said it's keeping an eye on the mudslides. rain or shine, demolition crews say they'll keep working to knock down an apartment building atop a crumbling cliff in pacifica. tenants moved out in 2010
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because erosion had weakened the ground beneath their homes putting lives at risk. the erosion has accelerated this winter. let's find out more about the widely scattered showers out there. and the fact it's going to go away pretty soon. >> tonight, it's really going to be a long time before another significant storm. dry period is really on the accuweather forecast. widely scattered showers at this hour. we'll press in a little closer. and where the most activity is right now, it's around mt. hamilton, gilroy, the summit. this light rain will be pushing out overnight and we'll still have the clouds with us for much of our monday. we still have a winter storm warning in effect in the sierra. this will last until monday morning, 11:00 in the morning. you can see we currently do have snow falling in the region. they can expect up to six more inches overnight as the system pushes off to the east. we have a high surf advisory
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along the entire coastline 5:00 in the evening. waves as high as 8 feet possible. there could be dangerous rip currents overnight and early tomorrow morning. look at the 13 days so far in march. it has been incredibly wet across the region. san francisco closing in on seven inches of rain just for the first 13 days of the month. that's four times our normal rainfall for this time of the year. santa rosa, 340% of normal. san jose, 328% of normal. and these numbers are going to kind of hover where they are right now. the next seven days we're tracking a very dry weather pattern taking shape. right now 57 in san francisco. 58 in san jose. 58 in concord. 57 in napa. a lot of clouds upstairs. the clouds will hang on overnight tonight, temperatures not too far from where we are right now. overnight isolated shower. 52 in san francisco. napa falls to 47 degrees overnight tonight.
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as we go hour by hour, monday morning, first thing 7:00 in the morning, there's a chance of an isolated shower. it will not be anything widespread. most areas just waking up to a lot of cloud cover. by the afternoon, the rain chances are out of here. but the clouds will stick around. that's going to keep temperatures on the cooler side. 59 the high in san francisco. tomorrow 62 in san jose. a few peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. 61 in oakland. 58 the high in richmond. napa up to 60 degrees for monday. our rain chances for the week ahead, the storm door is going to temporarily close. we are dry for the next seven days. the dry weather pattern does come with some warmth. temperatures show you the warmth will peak on thursday, upper 60s to upper 70s, some ten degrees above normal for this time of the year. isolated morning shower possible on your monday. afternoon features a lot of cloud cover and peeks of sunshine. it's total sunshine on tuesday with warmer temperatures on
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wednesday. that warmth will peak on thursday under total sunshine. it's still rather mild on friday. saturday, spring arrives with a few clouds in the evening. by sunday, it's just a mixture of sunshine and clouds and temperatures very seasonal. the atmosphere will quiet down the next seven days. >> which means, of course, we it put our golf clubs back in the cart. >> he's planning his days. >> that's one kind of madness. we have another madness this march as well. >> we like to call it march madness. proud alumni around the nation, as the alma mater got the invite to the big game, including the bears. now heading to the ncaa tournament for the first time since 2013. listen up. >> moving on, the fourth seed in the south and second team out of the south, golden bears. >> they face hawaii. spokane with the first round matchup friday at 11:00 over on
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tbs. the bears are a young talent. because of their youth, they don't have much experience in the postseasopostseason. >> great. haven't been since my freshman year. >> it would have been disappointing, i feel like a team with this much talent didn't make the tournament. so this is what i came back for, to have a chance to make a big run. >> this is a great time of year. you know, you work so hard to get to this point. now just really having a lot of fun. it's win or go home, it's that simple. but i think they're excited to play. >> ending 27-5. did not get an invite. but at the regular season west coast conference champs, hosting the next game tuesday night. not the big dance, but the postseason nonetheless. oregon the number one seed for the ducks in their school's
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history. kansas overall top seed. north carolina beat virginia for the acc title game. they are the other top seed putting virginia over michigan state ranked second in the country. doesn't make a whole lot of sense. and in addition to cal, and oregon, the pac-12, five other teams making the field, arizona, oregon state, utah and colorado. tied for the most in the field. the warriors with a day off. they won the pacific division. monday steph curry's birthday. his sister called him during his post-game press conference last night after the win over phoenix. >> i'm doing media. i'm doing media. hold on. say hi. >> hi. >> hey. >> great finish in nascar. kevin harvick in the lead. but carl edwards making a charge to take the lead. but harvick stays in control.
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bumps back on the straightaway. only .001 of a second separates the two at the finish line. harvick by a nose. he's won 6 of 8 in phoenix. in the pga, one back of bill hass. the birdie to drop the 18th hole to win. first play-off hole. didn't get up and down. two putts for par. mls champion timbers. 30th minute. the goal. 1-0 quakes. just before halftime, this is phenomenal. look at that. into the top left corner. 2-0 quakes. they hold on for a 2-1 victory.
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first time in franchise history they started the season 2-0. spring training coming up at 11:00 p.m. over on abc 7. we're going to watch the brackets anyway. >> we are. we're good losers. >> yeah. >> i was going to say, who's over it? i'm not over it. next at 9:00, a lot of mystery surrounding ten cloverfield lane. we'll show you how moviegoers responded to the shrewd marketing campaign coming up next.
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coming up at 11:00, the heaviest rain is behind us, but it left behind a lot of damage around the bay area from crushed cars to gushing water pipes. we'll show you the worst of it. the fast evacuation.
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the flooded creek that forced nearly 200 people to spend the night away from their homes, tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. disney's is a global sensation earning $83 million this weekend just overseas. critics praised the animated film for its social commentary on cultural differences. it earned $50 million in the u.s. this weekend, and so far has earned $430 million worldwide in just ten days. cloverfield lane debuted with $25 million. dead pool, london has fallen, and whisky tango fox trot rounded out the top five. we've got to get out and see some of these movies. >> the animated movies for the kids, you leave sometimes saying, that's for me. utopia appeals to everybody. >> you've seen dead pool?
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>> i have not seen dead pool. >> i haven't seen any of those. i just saw spotlight. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on abc 7. for updates on any major story anytime, download our abc 7 news app for push alerts. see you at 11:00.
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♪ it's the michelle meow show, your a to z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. ♪♪ here's michelle meow. welcome. thank you so much for joining us. i'm michelle meow, your host. welcome to your a-z, covering the lgbtlmnop and everyone in between show. speaking of everyone, tonight is a special lgbtqapi show, meaning we'll feature three great interviews from the asian-pacific islander community. so, we have an interview with melissa king, who was a finalist on bravo's hit show, "top chef", season 12, and we also have an interview with khmera rouge, who is the current empress of the imperial court of san francisco. before we get started with our incredible interviews, we'll check in with the world, we'll check in with the media, and see what people are saying about the lgbtq community.


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