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could it be a game changer for electric cars? orders coming in for tesla's model three. why a tech shuttle provider can no longer operate in san francisco. a problem like you have never seen before. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. and california takes center stage. president obama, the clintons and ted cruz are all set to visit. sky 7 is live over breaking news in san francisco at visitation valley. the fbi is raiding a home where a man was shot several times earlier today. >> we have seen three people in handcuffs outside of the home. the home is linked to the man
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beaten by two alameda county sheriff's sources tell us that is why the fbi launched this raid. you can see from sky 7, intense police presence. >> now, we have home video from a neighbor showing the raid. police say the shooting victim is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. sources tell abc7 news he visits that house often. they don't know if he lives there. >> abc7 news5#y talked with çof this week. his attorney filed a claim against the department and alameda county. >> above the scene, federal agents are at this house on teddy avenue in san francisco. you can see people standing on the sidewalk, hands behind their backs and handcuffed. and police out there with their gear, taking this raid in san francisco. >> in full tactical gear.
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it's a very, very strong presence there in visitation valley. we're go toing stay on top of this, of course. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> coming soon to a parking lot near you, preorders of the new model 3 are taking off tonight. can the company meet the demands for the newest car? >> yes. tesla's ceo is saying they need to rethink production planning. >> so many people have placed their orders for this, an incredible response. >> reporter: the numbers are extraordinary. 198,000 orders and going. the east bay economic development alliance says that
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means more jobs. >> a greater space. it's a car center now with parks. it's fantastic. >> the factory and showroom are in fremont. bill says at least 80 other companies throughout thefá bay area support tesla by making parts. >> the multiplier for every time a car is made by tesla is almost 2.2 to 2.5. >> other businesses across from the plant are happy to benefit from the employees who need a place to eat. >> we have been having people come in every day. now, it seems like everybody has been here, most of the factories here. >> it wasn't always like this in fremont. this day in 2010, the numi plant jointly owned by toyota and general motors closed. thousands were without jobs. tesla moved in and rehired some workers. the popularity of the electric car giving a much-needed jolt to
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fremont's economy.ú a couple killed after crashing their s ucht v into a fighter jet in the central valley was from san jose. the victims identified todayjod anthony casillo. the chp says officers were trying to check on a car but it took off and a chase began. tonight a little girl is recovering from injuries after a family dog bit her on the face. it happened this morning in pinole. laura anthony is live with the story. laura? >> reporter: the dog involved is here at animal services in martinez. she will be checked out for the next week and a half to determine if aggressive, that will help them togn figure out what happens next. it happened inside of this home on jones street. a 3-year-old girl was bitten in
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the face by an american bull dog owned by the uncle. >> we're told is that the dog was alone in the house with the little girl. there were other adults in the house just not in the room at the time. we're trying to find out if there was a provocation or if this just happened naturally. >> according to animal services, the girl was taken to children' hospital oakland for treatment of 21-inch lacerations to the face. her injuries not considered life threatening. as is routine in a case like this, the 3-year-old dog was taken to animal services where it will be held for quarantine. during that time, the dog will be tested for rain ease and assessed for his behavior. >> what we like to tell people is that provocation or not, when it comes to young children, animals should be trained to be around children. and these incidents, you know, should be avoidable. >> at the end of the period, the
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owner could decide to surrender or petition to have it returned to him. news. >> one day after san francisco's d.a. announced a new police texting scandal, the public defender demanded to see the texts. yesterday, the d.a. announced four officers were suspended last fall because of racist, homophobic and sexist text messages and sent between officers while the city investigated a different scandal involving 14 other officers. today, thexd public defender believe there are other cases in which your office secured guilty pleas based on testimony providedbox by officers. he wants extensive background information and any cases that have been investigated. > late word from the petaluma police department that a convicted sex predator will not
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be paroled in that community after all. he spent 18 months in county jail after groping two women on the junior college campus. wayne freedman is live in petaluma with the story. wayne? >> there would have been no welcome wagon. we don't know why the department of constructions changed it's mind. it might have been the community, and might have been something else. >> whenever he is released, he will have no anonymity in the north bay. photos pretty much guarantee it. >> if the picture is up and around we had to e-mail out to staff and yes. so everybody is aware of it. >> in 2013, and 2015, he groped women on or near campus. if he sets foot after parole it
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will not be for long. >> we is the authority to arrest him. >> until the change of plans this afternoon, he would have been living in petaluma. a city with 60 other paroled sex offenders inside of its limits. a number that surprised residents makes me scared. >> 23 years later, petaluma still feels pain. >> it's still an experience that still lives here. each time we hear about one it brings it to light, again. >> his mother wants to reassure the public he is not a threat. she wrote to abc7 news that quote he never spent a day in state prison yet the justice system labelled him a state felon and continues to punish him for his mental disability. he was convicted of misdemeanors
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and served only in county jafl. it would have made no difference to the rest of them in petaluma. >> i'm not going to go looking for him but i'm goingfá to be aware. >> we have new information on a shooting involving a south san francisco police officer on hemlock avenue. police were investigating a report of two men fighting. one man reportedly brandished a firearm. abc7 news revealed the man will be taken into custody. >> the widow of kent stabler is fighting to get his share of a concussion settlement. rose stabler just joined a civil lawsuit. the hall of famer died from colon cancer but the suit says he also suffered from chronic brain damage. >> we learned tonight the president is coming to the bay area, in san francisco a week from today for at least two
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fund-raisers and we have learned ted cruz will speak in burlingame april 30th. and bill and chelsea clinton are set to speak in berkeley. we'll have more on the clinton global initiative address coming upxd later. >> as we continue, kicking off a big weekend at fisherman's wharf. we're going to take you to the big party celebrating the long delayed start of crab season. a heart warming reunion. a woman meets a cat she lost months ago during the valley fire. >> we have a big warm up and a chance of rain. accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. why drones could become the next line of defense to stop
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fires from spreading. the fbi is raiding a home where a man was shot today. this is a
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sky 7 is live over theç visitation valley san francisco. the fbi is raiding a home on teddy avenue. >> police say several people were arrested by agents wearing full military type gear. armored vehicles on the street as well. and a man was shot several times this morning outside of the home. sources tell us the interest is that one of the men is the man beaten by two sheriff deputies.
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>> sources say he visits that house often. and they don't know if he lives there, though. >> the man in this video being beaten by deputies in november in clinton park. >> his attorney filed a claim against the department but we've learned since then, that petrov has a long history with police police and been in trouble several more times, going back live now to sky 7 hd, fraekts are at this house in san francisco for this raid. we're staying on top of this and will bring you the latest on abc7 news bay area. >> stay with us. but let's move on. at long last, crab season is underway. as abc7 news reporter jonathan
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bloom explains it was toxic for a fragile part of the economy. >> reporter: joe and his crew just unloaded these, now, they're enjoying the moment. >> that is really good.÷ú waiting. mayor ed lee couldn't be more relieved. >> this is thanksgiving in april. that is no april fool's. >> for four and a half months, the crab fishery was closed. unusually warm oceans led to toxic algae. now, officials assuring the public. >> with 100% confidence that this crab is safe to eat. >> reporter: it nearly broke the local grab industry.
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>> guys i had to move out of my house. now, i'm living on a boat here, hoping i'll be able to get it back. >> i had guys calling day and night, asking for money. please, i need groceries and have to save my house. >> people losing their boats, houses, homes. these guys are trying to make ends meet and their wives leave them and they're on the streets. >> they want to know why it happened. >> i'd like to think it's a one time think but it's really start to better research. >> the san francisco chronicle said goodbye to a long time
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columnist. chip johnson had been writing for the paper since 1997, covering from everything from politics to crime. he plans to move back to his hometown in ohio. san francisco transportation agency denies a permit it needs to operate a shuttle service. >> the reason? complaints. >> others say it's politics. david louie is live with more on the dispute. the reason has more to do with an ongoing despite between the teamsters union. 80 of the 400 employees operate those shuttles. >> the permit means buses won't
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the transportation agency says the reason has to do with public complain complaints. >> wed8-q(qrked complaints abou the company using muni stops when they're not supposed to and not having permits and others. >> others say it has to do with a failed attempt to organize with the union. san francisco supervisors passed a resolution after the election to deny permits to companies involved in prolonged labor disputes. his attorney arguing it will have an adverse impact on passengers and drivers. >> we're moving thousands of people per day.
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work. bower says the buses will operate and he's confident he will prevail. teamsters level 853 has been arg niezing and tension between bowers and teamsters union isn't over. the union filed a complaint with the national labor relations board over the election. a woman finds her cat after it had been missing since the valley fire. >> yes. the animal hospital posted this individual photo. look. >> the womanç has driving clos to home and she stopped, it came to her.
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>> that is great. >> it is. >> let's go outside. look at this beautiful picture at our mount tam camera. we'll have a spectacular weekend. >> i would say, right? >> there is no thunder. >> we've got sunny skies across the bay area. notice advancing low clouds and fog rough surf developedmy and bare that in mind. the weather is calm, here is the view. it's 56 degrees here in san francisco. 60 across the bay in oakland. morgan hill, 68 and 55 in half
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moon bay. and 64 in livermore. these are the forecast features. low clouds and fog and temperatures rising into the 80s inland. so low temperatures up to 505v oakland. andml9z) so cloudy start to th. here is ap look at our conditioç tomorrow. across the bay in oakland, warming up to 66 tomorrow and
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inland, walnut creek warming to 73 and antioch, a high of 75. and to sunday, clouds and highs climb into mid to upper 70s. andlp looking into the south ba upper 60s to 70 in mountain view. up in the north bay, highs of 73 in lake port. and we'll have low to mid-70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warm up. mid to upper 80s. that is what you call beach
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weather. friday, a slight chance of showers. >> a ghost catching device is ready to hit the market. sort of. >> the be
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we're putting something between you and the world. what we wanted to do is make
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something feel real. this is the first head set or actual reality. >> full disclosure, it's april fool's day. every yearu it seems like more and more companies get in on the action. >> and sony said it developed the first ghost catching device, sony says it will appear in the u.s. on july 15th, and the release date is the same as the ghost buster's company. >> toilet paper maker said it's rolling back to rustic weave. >> we should go back toc3cwz future. >> yahoo posted a prank saying trader joe's will close stores by next year. that prompted a backlash online.
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it's not clear why yahoo decided to pick trader joe's. google removed a send button to allowq users to end an e-mail b dropping the mic. everyone would get the message but couldn't çrespond.fo1 several people reported accidentally losing friends and their jobs. >> sometimes, it can backfire. >> next at 6:00 why family members are furious about the plan to move pash wrents with mental illness. and we have an update on breaking news we brought you during this hour inr> san francisco. melanie woodrow on the scene of melanie woodrow on the scene of this fbi raid going on
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we new information now on the breaking news we've been following since the top of the newscast. an fbi raid on a home in san
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francisco's visitation valley is happening now. this is sky 7 hd, live over the scene. >> the man police are looking for, listen to what a neighbor caught on the scene this afternoon. >> neighbors caught the beginning of the fbi raid. abc7 news reporter9ko melanie woodrow is live at the scene. what else have you learned? we have seen several people arrested. >> what appears to be a ford vehicle we did see petrov just up the street we saw one other person in handcuffs. that may or may not have been
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his girlfriend, and we know there is a shooting at the home today with an individual taken to the hospital and we believe is okay. at first there were a dozen, two dozen fbi agents and many sfpd officers on the ground.zvjf itw3 takes two individuals out the house, and you heard in that video a witness who lives on this block and has been taping videos for us and fbi agents were telling petrov to come out of the house with his hands up. and it was back in november that petrov was involved in an incident with sheriff deputies in what has been called perhaps
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an accepted use of force incident involving at least two deputies that have been put on administrative leave. this week we found out there was a third alameda county sheriff's deputy put on administrative leave in connection with an alleged bribery that might have taken place of the witnesses that saw that past use of force incident in a san francisco alley in november. subsequent to that, this year, just ran into him where he was appearing on felony drug charges from back in 2014. i asked him about another incident we heard about. another arrest involving san francisco police on march 8th. some type of raid that took place where he was. there were drugs found and a gun. i asked him about that.
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he was not charged in that case. he told me it wasn't him and then, two days later we're now jumped off of teddy avenue and san francisco. the fbi agents look like they're wrapping up the raid at a home. some victims taken to the hospital. he was placed into a nonmarked vehicle, looks like a silver here. and we thoughtok one other pers actually is not clear who she was. but there was some thought that maybe there was a girlfriend or someone he had known to visit. right now, a different scene than when i first arrived on the ground. there is a hand full of vehicles
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left here at this point. >> things have calmed down but looking live, still, police presence there at visitation valley. >> moving on, the legislature received a proposal to shut down the reminuting institutions for the developmentally xdçdisable. >> sonoma developmental center in the town of eldrid.zv it is one of thee large state run institutions that care for patients with severe developmental disabilities. >> it's a legacy of caring and a place of last resort for folks
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who have not been nbsuccessful >> kathleen miller is talking about her autistic son, dan. >> he's been kicked out of every community. the state is closing other two facilities. one in÷ú 2021. the group supports the idea, saying this is not just about savingc money. >> we've seen from 40 years, that when people move from developmental centers to the community they're better off. >> miller, who heads a group representing family members disagrees. >> the brown administration, i think, wants to save money. >> the average cost of care
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according to the legislative analyst is half a million dollars per year, per person. it will open up 900 acres of prime real estate in wine country. >> happening now, prettiestors are gathered at uc berkeley as foerper president clinton and his daughter get ready to kick off a three-day event there. the event brings students, celebrities and corporate leaders together. >> she's continuing to attract activities without clinton participation inht the manageme of the operation. >> the professor says they should find others to run it if hillary clinton is elected.
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>> hillary clinton is being accused of accepting four and a half million dollars in fossil fuel donations. two days ago, clipt onsays the sanders campaign is lying. today she focused on green energy initiatives. >> i would like to see enough clean energy to power the country in my second term. >> an important perspective from the sky. >> next, are drones the next line of defense in
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photographer's quick thinking may have helped firefigrim fight a fire in menlo park. >> it's believed to be thec firt time a bay area fire department
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used dronefáç technology. >> i was able to know where they need to go to figure out how to help it. >> the fire caught many by surprise, the photographer first heard about it on the radio. he drove over to adams drive and and initially had a toughfá tim fighting the fire. there is situational awareness, how far the fire was from the houses and that kind of stuff. it's a better view. >> menlo park is pursuing it's own drum program through the xda and stresses technology can be helpful when properly used by a trained operator. he says he was glad to help,
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transmitting in realtime. >> safety is number one when you fly. and also, making sure that people on the ground are safe as well. >> as for who started the fire, police identified a possible suspect who may be connected to a nearby homeless encampment. right, still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a possible hate crime sparks fears of a santa clara apartment complex. >> the
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police are investigating a possible hate crime after what someone left behind on one man aez car. >>xd kristin zee has the story. >> reporter: detectives say someone left antigay writings on a windshield. a man made the discovery on his car. he found a book, a dvd and a message in the same handwritingd bashing gays as well as smokers. >> i looked up and it said die on the windshield.
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>> being gay and smoking is bad for you. do what god wants. >> he says the week3w has been difficult but he isçñr sufferi from panic attacks and feeling fear and anger. david's landlord plans to install security sam ras this weekend. >> low clouds and fog a little bit beyond but will pull back tomorrow, giving us mainly sunny skies by afternoon. high temperatures from upper 50s on the bay. looking one week ahead here is a
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forecast animation for you. friday, at 12:00 a.m. we'll see a slight chance of showers working their way into the bay area. we're hoping. tuesday and wednesday, mid to upperff÷
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good evening, warriors owner apparently feeling good about team success and status in the nba telling the "new york times" we have crushed them on the basketball court and going to for years, we're light years
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away from every team. warriors host boston tonight. if they win they have a 98% chance of tieing wins. so etc. important. the celtics tonight and the spurs, t wolves and spurs, i mentioned spurs twice there, i'll get that fixed. >> now it's a matter of considering and you can't simulate what you do in a game, in practice but ron adams and coaches are doing their best to get me into game like
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activities. so it feels good. >> today wasn't a good day. the night is the worst part of rehab. it's all day. >> now, apparently the cake toss was not enough pay back. he got pay back when iguadala arrived. >> i didn't get him well enough with the cake. you know? so i got it good this morning. >> he was just upset.
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so he punched me in the face with a cake. yeah. >> he connected? >> yes. he connected. we have fun with it. >> i'd like to see that. tip off tonight at 7:30. a's pitcher jared parker his process continues. and parker determined to pitch again. game two of the series tonight at at&t park. jake peavy tonight for the giants. peavy struggled in the cactus league.
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>> it hits you in the face. you're seeing spring training. there is no defense for some of the stuff that goes on. and pitchers get frustrated by it. >> these bobble balls, buffalo sabres went next level, the lunch room is being repurposed into knocker ball arena. >> i'm coyou. >> i got the spurs on my mind. >> we're not going to get the benefit of the ballpark. >> still mad.
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>> yes. yes. >> we'll let you sit down. i have a feeling you'd like to sue. >> yes. >> thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 and here at 11:00. we're following breaking news. >> we're the first to report one of the men is the man who deputies were caught on camera a beating in november. and be sure to june us at abc7 news at 11:00. >> finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. five star players in women's soccer are suing the body, demanding equal pay claiming
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they make half as much than their male counter parts and less. this difference is fan base and revenue. lpga generates less in revenue. u.s. womens' soccer is more popular and profitable than the men's league. it's also the case in womens' tennis. thanks to the massive stars past and present, load by billy jean king who formed the women's tennis association to begin the fight for fairness. soccer is every bit on par. what matters is that they be paid that way.
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let me know what you think. >> look for breaking news on twitter, thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. you're looking live at lake tahoe.
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- yesterday, angela may or may not have figured out that i'm having an affair with her husband. so i just have to wait and see. when she comes in, if she's cold and awkward and cruel to me, then great, it's business as usual. good morning. [clears throat]


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