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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 1, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> developing news at 11:00. the fbi raids a san francisco home, and now tonight, the man at the center of an excessive force investigation is back in the hands of law enforcement. good evening. >> the fbi responded to a home this afternoon in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. >> our reporter mel lee woodrow was first on the scene and has video of the raid you'll only see on abc 7 news. she's live tonight at the san francisco county jail. >> this is where will petrov was
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previously booked and released. however, in that instance it was sfpd who arrested peov but he was never charged. tonight, arrest warrants were awarded for petrov and a woman who is said to be his girlfriend. an fbi s.w.a.t. team demanding he come out. >> come to the front door. hands up. >> reporter: sources say multiple people including petrov and his girlfriend stay here. a woman wearing pajamas is also in handcuffed. >> overnight, neighbors say someone was shot outside the house. >> i didn't know any suspicious in ig was going on.
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>> it wasn't the first time fbi agents raid the home. abc 7 news released video of a raid. petrov wasn't on their radar, but when agents entered the home, he was inside. during that raid, he was arrested in connection with controlled substances and a firearm. but he was never charged. in an exclusive interview with abc 7 news wednesday, he said it wasn't him. >> i don't know what you're talking about, man. >> federal sources say the latest raid is independent of the overnight shooting. agents walked him away the home and put him in this ford before driving off. >> fbi sources say the warrant and search warrant are sealed for now, but will likely be unsealed after his initial court appearance, and that's very likely to be on monday. reporting live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news.
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>> melanie, thank you. new at 11:00, chp had to call off this chase after it got just too dangerous. speeds topped 100 miles an hour as the stolen car headed south across the godden gate bridge. after the driver started going the wrong way on one-way streets in san francisco, the chp called off this pursuit. the car was last seen on chestnut street. new video tonight shows smoke and flames pouring out of a garage in oakland. that fire started just before 6:30 evening. a car and a garage were destroyed. firefighters were able to save most of the home, though. >>mateo, this man is missing and may be in need of medication. he was last seen in san mateo. he may be driving a gold 1996 toyota camry. 4 mjt 621. please be on the lookout. a convicted serial sex
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offender is temporarily homeless after being released from jail today. as part of his probation, 23-year-old jonathan michael hopner has five business days to update his sex offender registry, which requires a place of residence. he spent a year and a half in jail for misdemeanor sexual battery and molesting a 15-year-old girl. he's been convicted of sexual battery seven times in three years. two of them at santa rosa junior college. yesterday taluma police issued a warrant about his release. the hotel he was supposed to stay in found out and canceled his rooms. state corrections officials have not said where he is staying tonight. >> tonight, the cal campus hosted not one clinton, but two. former president bill clinton and his daughter with there to speak to faculty. we're live in berkeley with the store story. >> reporter: a heckler brought things to halt for a moment.
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there was no mention of candidate hillary clinton tonight, but there was a lot of talk about changing the world. >> as a stanford alum, i never thought it would be so happy to be at berkeley. >> boos for chelsea clinton who opened the night at the university forum. 1,000 student leaders seeking solutions to world issues. >> i hope that what will be clear to all of you at the end of the weekend is that we believe that no one is ever too old or ever too young to make a difference. >> her father, bill clinton, challenged students to make a difference in their communities and never be afraid to fail. >> remind me of what winston churchill once said about the united states. he said we always do the right thing after exhausting every other alternative. >> outside, protesters blamed clinton for his 1994 crime bill, which they say caused the prison population to expoed. one heckler got inside and interrupted the former president.
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>> we are not at a political event. so i will not i will not answer that. >> the clinton found zags has received funding from countries with poor human rights records. >> it's an issue you don't want to discuss and say we're clean, we're clean, we're clean. when people are saying you may not be clean. >> at the forum, entrepreneurs and activists urged everyone proud and vocal about who you are. >> at the end of the day, those stories with what make us human and allow us empathize with each other. >> abc 10 news. >> two more counties reported
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cases of zika virus. health officials say there's no risk of it spreading locally. it's mostly spread from mosquito spoe sees and not common in the united states and has been linked to birth defects in children. the white house held a summit today on how to fight it. federal authorities issued a public stacy alert today now that nine people in the sacramento area has died from a counterfeit drug since march 24. investigators say it appears people are trying to buy norco tablets on the street. but instead the tablets are packed with phentinol. the dea is trying to track down the source. >> women and girls across california can now get birth control without a prescription, but they'll have to speak to a pharmacist and fill out a questionnaire.
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oregon and washington have lar laws. >> federal agents were able to open the locked iphone seized om one of the terrorists behind last year's san bernardino attack. for months, apple refused to unlock the phones. the government's battle with the kupcoup cupertino company after the fbi found someone to unlock the phone. >> serious disappointment tonight for the warriors fan. >> the dubs had their first home loss in more than a year. >> the warriors needed five of the last zen to win the all-time wins record. i have the celtics came in and
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took them out. a desperation loss. 109-106. we will have the post game reaction from head coach steve kerr coming up in a few minutes in sports. didn't expect it. steph is the best shooter in the world. >> hundreds of thousands of people can't wait to get behind the wheel of tesla's all-new more affordable electric car. >> and all of those cars will be made in fremont. what it means for the entire city. >> and caught on camera, the out of control ship slam into a california dock. and bistanders who had just seconds to get out of the way. >> and obama versus trump. tonight, the president is take on the man who wants to replace him in the oval office. >> i'm abc 7 news. the calendar says spring, but we
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have summer-like heat coming. i'll have your weekend forect and beyond straight ahead. >> a first year look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> i was awhack for some soft day preparing this for you. >> what's your favorite mc hammer song? >> it's not on there.
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>> it's been a little more than 24 hours since tesla took the wraps off this model 3. hundreds of thousands of eager
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drivers have placed their deposits. >> really incredible. all of those electric cars will be made in fremont as tonight city leaders see the car as an economic boom. >> abc 7 news reporter is live in fremont with the story. >> 232,000 ortders have been placed. city officials say they have a great partnership with tesla and the bigger the company gets, the better. >> tesla 3 presales are through the roof and it' muse into the ears of city leaders in fremont, home of the tesla factory. we look look forward to meeting their needs in fremont. >> reporter: for every tesla sold, more than two manufacturing jobs are created. >> supply logistics and manufacturing companies. almost 80 companies in the 30 mile radius that can support tesla and this area.
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>> the fremont location is making up for lost time. a plant owned by general motors closed in 2010. >> 4700 people lost their jobs. 20,000 regionally. so this is a great shot in the arm for the whole economy. >> city council member suzanne lee chan is a tesla owner herself. in fremont in the 9439 zip code, we have the most tesla owners per capita in the entire country. so we are reallyommitted to our teslas. >> the tesla plant is also a show room and the mayor points out the city will also benefit from the sales tax on each car sold there. >> and the preorder surge helped boost shares of the company. shares closed more than 3% higher today. >> president obama is attacking
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donald trump for his nuclear policy. president obama said there's the republican presidential candidate doesn't understand. trump said this week a japan and south korea should consider building their own nuclear weapons. >> a person who made the statement doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> those countries are protected by the u.s. nuclear umbrella. the president said that concept has long prevented nuclear escalation and helped keep peace and prosperity in the region. >> new video out tonight shows the moment a cruise boat slammed into a pier in san diego. watch now.
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>> seven people were hurt when it slammed into the dock yesterday. it's the third time that ship has had a mechanical problem and it's now banned indefinitely from taking on passengers. >> wow, scary. >> the weekend is upon us. time to find out how the weather is going to be. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. take a look at live doppler 7 hd 3 by now hopefully you're used to this pattern of low clouds and fog. pretty extensive tonight on our ray zar. take a look at the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. a live look from our abc 7 news camera looking at the financial building in san francisco from pier 15. you can see the gray skies there. low clouds and fog overnight tonight. mild bay and inland this weekend. there is a possibility of records next wednesday. wait till you see those temperatures. first thing in the morning, we're going to start out with the fog, the low clouds. temperatures in the 40s, 50s. you may need that extra layer to start off your morning with the overcast skies where your
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saturday. but watch what happens the clouds will peel away. you'll enjoy the sun. along the coast, you'll see some sun as well, but a few patches of clouds will linger. cool in half moon bay, 59 degrees, downtown san francisco, 61. you'll feel that sea breeze coming in. that will hold the temperature down. 66 in oakland as you head inland. walnut creek, sunshine, 73 degrees, antioch will be mild. here's a look at the other highs for your saturday. 66 in valejo. head out towards the livermore concord area, you'll be up into the low 70s. and then we really want to show you this photographic here. with the nice weather a lot of people might be headed to the coast. you just want to be careful. the rip current danger is running high right now. it will remain high until saturday evening, which is why it's up. 63 tomorrow afternoon.
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uv index. a you'll notice not only the low clouds, but higher clouds will be moving in as well. and then on monday, it will be cool at the coast, but mild inland. get ready for some warmth. warmer shift in the wind. we'll bring in the 80s on tuesday. and wait until you see what comes after tuesday, wednesday. this is encouraging. there is a slight chance of showers next friday. some of that moisture moving in, going into saturday. we're going to keep in the possibility of some of that wet weather. really, a little bit of something for everyone. the weekend will feature morning and night, gray skies. sunshine in between. low 60s to mid 70s. temperatures start to head up tuesday in the low 80s,est spots. wednesday, near 90 degrees inland. close to 80 at the beaches. we'll keep it warm thursday. but then there's that slight chance of showers friday with much cooler weather.
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>> well, still ahead here on abc 7 news at 11:00, celebrating 40 years of apple.
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how do you celebrate 40 years if you're the world's most popular company. apple hit the big four-oh today. a big party at apple's headquarters. the flag was also hoisted on the campus today. members of the original ma kr say it was to keep a sense of rebellion and independence. >> it changed our lives. >> i remember when their stock was $77 a share. didn't buy it. oh! >> and you're here. >> in sports, i feel like the
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warriors do right now. they hadn't lost a home game since january of 2015. that streak of 54 straight games ended tonight. what does this mean? the chase for history? and the bebe
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>> good evening. road to 723 wins just got tougher. warriors upset, putting this run to history in serious jeopardy. the dubs turned it over 13 times in the first half. steph had seven turnovers himself. boston was very good, but the warriors were sloppy. everyone turner for three. an 8-0 celtics run and the c's
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are up two at the half. third quart erk steph started to heat up a little bit. klay goes out of bounds. the turnovers continue to plague golden state. 22 for the game. draymond green, bad pass. isiah thomas going the other way. celts up by two in the third. then steph deciding i'm going to shoot from, i don't know, neptune! splash. finished with 29 points, but the nine turnovers were deadly. fourth quarter, celtics up seven. step back to beat the clock. boston by ten. 1:30 left. c's by four. steph to the hoop. now they're down two. and then a key dry monday green turnover. eight second left, down three. curry is going to get a great look at a three and no! harrison barnes desperation heave. warriors, no.
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their perfect 36-0 record at home ends. 109-106. they're 68-8 pl got to win five of their final six to break the all-time record. >> to compete night in and night out when you're worn out. it takes a lot out of you. especially when every game, you know, is the other team's biggest game. people are coming after us. so i told the guys how proud i am of them for putting together an amazing streak, and we got beat. boston outplayed us. they deserved to win. so we'll start over on sunday. >> game two of the bay bridge series. sparky dropped his corn dog. five-second rule, alive and well. that's all right. two on for buster posey, three hits last night. doubles down the left field line. and quickly giants off to a 2-0 lead. top of the second, matt duffy, flashing leather with the dive there. the stab and throw on the
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one-hopper. top three, two down. and pak peavy will strike out. peavy like samardzija, five scoreless. the giants win it 3-0. series finale tomorrow afternoon in oakland. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. andrew bogut, bruised ribs. do you rest steph, do you rest klay? rest versus the record. it's going to get dicey for steve kerr. a lot of decisions. >> abc 7 news continues now online, twitter and facebook and all of your mobile devices.


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