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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 29, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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d! >>k protestors clash
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chauffeur through crowds of protestors. but they decided to stop on the side of 101 frichlt there the entourage walked on foot as you can see a cross a grass strip into the back of the hotel. >> that was not the easiest entrance i have ever made. went under a fence and through a fence and oh, boy felt like i was crossing the border actually. >>reporter: we do have team coverage on trump bay area visit beginning with 7 news reporter lee ann. >>reporter: protestors chain link themselves in burl game forcing the closure of old bayshore hoychlt republican supporters tried to get through were forced to turn back. >> that's not necessary lay good thing but it was harmless. so that's no big deal. i'm on my way. >>reporter: but not every attendee agreed with the demands. this is what happened when republican supporter nick saint royal of orange county tried to cross a line full of trump protestors.
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eventually protestors pushedj him away as he demanded that he should be allowed to enter through the front of the hotel. >> if you don't like a candidate by all men you don't have to like them but to block people from walking on a public sidewalk is just utterly absur absurd. >> trying to block donald trump from speaking at the convention here today. don't want to give him a platform for the hateful racist anti-muslim anti-migrant anti-black rhetoric. >>reporter: with this amount of protestors republican candidate trump and his entourage reports stop the car on highway 101. from sky 7 hd they are seen walking through two concrete barriers and entering through the back of the hotel. trump quickly departed the hotel following his speech yet demonstration continue. at one point protestors tried to burn an american flag. flag was eventually taken away by another demonstrator. >> this is not america we want. we want politic of inclusion.
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love. kindness. compassion. >>reporter: this weekendf convention expected to attract more protestors. in burlingame, lee ann, abc 7 news. well it wasn't all chaotic. conversation this morning before trump arrival between protestor and police officer ended with a handshake. >> despite the chaos outside the scene, inside the hyatt relatively calm as trump tried to solidify the support among california republicans. laura has that part of the story. >>reporter: after making most unusual entrance into the burlingame hyatt donald trump used it as opening line to california republicans. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence and oh, boy felt like i was crossing the border actually. >>reporter: trump was speak to go room filled mostly with supporters. who paid 100 dollars a plate to be there. >> latino for the law. by angry protestors
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on the way in. >> we are tired of supporting people like you. >> if there's not unity and i mean really good solidarity unity. >>reporter: trump alluded to union finding the party throughout his address he also pepper it with the famine sult of rival past. >> jeb bush didn't support you. big deal. >>reporter: and present. >> if cruz got like 12 and if i got 62. >> i think he made the case for why he can't unify the party. he's bnill object saysing and insulting bush out of the race for a month and a half. >>reporter: san francisco believes trump can ultimately unify both the party and the country. >> i think that he has to set the standard the tone you heard that today in terms of trying to unify but again you have to have everybody else willing to come to the table. >> i know they are waiting to. they will take me under1x a fene through a field. >>reporter: trump did ask california republicans for their support but said little
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else about the state upcoming primary. one that could finally matter for the first time in decades. in burlingame, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> senator cruz is campaigning in indiana today. next state to hold the primary which is on tuesday. today he received a support of indiana governor mike pence. >> governor pence is a strong principaled conservative leader. some one earned the respect of hoosiers and respect of conservative across the country. >>reporter: cruz in california tomorrow for the state g.o.p. convention speaking at lunch banquet at noon followed by a dinner event with his running mate vice-presidential candidate carly. on the democrat side bernie sanders didn't have any campaign events scheduled toda today. tomorrow his campaign will open its first northern california office in oakland rock ridge neighborhood. we were in oakland yesterday for the opening of hillary clinton's first california campaign headquarters one of 7 coming in the state. it's located in downtown oakland. bay area soup pack has
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launched an ad attacking republican trump and cruz on the environment. >> all of this with global warming and a lot of it is a hoax. >> this is tv ad by climate action it's part of 25 million dollar voter registration drive headed by the san francisco billionaire and climate activist. the campaign intends to rally millennial around environment issue. >> we'll try to go to voters to try to educate, energize and work through groups already on the ground so there's a lot of vote tore voter con taichblingt more than 7 million californians eligible to vote but not registered. that is changing. democratic registration in the state is up 185 percent while republican registration has jumped 63 percent since 2012. deadline to register to vote or to register for particular party is may 23rd. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of may
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and once again california primary is.:cm scheduled for jue seventh. @s wind is about to pick upyn the.# next few hours even more throughout the day. > that's right. weather service is even warning about the possibility of falling trees. >> yes. the= winds will pick up in the hills. already starting to do that. let me show you live doppler 7hd and you will notice that most areas are clear e fept for áhp)ound. wind advisory starts in about two hours at 11:00 p.m. for the north bay east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. runs until 10:00 a.m. tomorro tomorrow. gust to 45 miles an hour could knock down power lines and trees right now we are alreadyáñ seeing middle peak gust to go 40 miles an hour and at last peak wind direction will change and that will bring about some changes for the weekend. we'éqbáalk about that coming. >> thanks so much. big story in sports tonigh
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tonight. warrior assistant head coach luke walton has agreed to become the next head coach of the l.a. lakers. earlier this season walton filled in remember for head coach ker back of the back problems. they got off to a best start in nba history he begins the new job with the lakers at the end of the warriors season. warrior fans now is your time tickets to the next play off games are on sale to everyone now and we could know tonight who they will play in the next round. portland trail blazers lead the series 3-2 with the clippers. if the blazers win the warriors play this sunday. much more ahead on this friday night coming up. first time we are seeing one of the san jose brothers accused of killing their parents. what one son is admitting in newly released documents. every san francisco police officer has been ordered to two through new training. why he believes it's time to reeducate the entire department on communicating with the public and each other.
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and much more on the strong winds ahead. sandhya is back with the full weekend forecast. weekend forecast. >> 7 news at 9:00 will be
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>> people pay the final respects in san jose to couple found dead last weekend their two sons plead not guilty to the murders.
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22-year-old steve an his 17-year-old brother omar being held without bail tonight as they face these charges. chris winn is on the story. >> at the muslim community association mosque mourners gather to pray for san jose cup whole police say were murdered by their own children. >> in state of disbelief and shock. something so violent could have happened to some one so gentle and kind. >>reporter: the victims 57-year-old and her 59-year-old husband. immigrant who came from bangladesh nearly 35 years ago. >> very humble and smile was always on his face. i'll miss them forever. >>reporter: as the prayer service got under way a different scene over at the county half justice. 22-year-old and his brother were arraigned in court. both of them pled not guilty. but according to charging documents san jose police say the one admitted to shooting
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their father but said it was strangerwtm who shot their moth. omarp on the other hand told police that his brother killed both of their parents. >> whenay i hearáthat thefi tragedyax that i'm still trying÷ to reconcileu to. the service city mosque family friends travel to cemetery for private burial. they are due back+a in court on may 9md. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> in the wake of the latest texting scandal san francisco police chief has ordered all of his officers to attendnv classes in preventing acts of racism and homophobe yeah here's vic. >>reporter: police chief ordered sensitivity training
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classes for all 2000 plus officers beginning next month. >> no one can say thatdt they didn't know it was or wasn't acceptable in the workplace. >>reporter: community members stood behind the chief as he made his announcement all supporting hisu%m actions. stand in unity againstsp this ugly poison that has infectedíj our great city of san francisco. >>reporter: among them officers for justice. group repa/áq'ting african americans on the force. >> it has been a problem that has been kind of glossed over for years and now is being forced to the light. >>reporter: text messages released by chief are just as offensive as the first batch given to reporters by public defender jeff early this week. >> they are clear example of bias existing in the san francisco police department. >>reporter: text contain racial slur and disparage african americans and other racial and ethnic group and gay this time they are even photo
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with offensive caption. picture of a fire the sender says maybe it's a korean barbecue or slave ship ablaze. officer lie and 2 other officers implicated in the latest scandal quit the force. the fourth is fighting termination. the police union is alsokox behd the move but wants to make one thing clear. >> it's only a small fraction of members that brought discredit to the department. >>reporter: yesterday mayor lee e mailed this letter to every officer in the department. a letter urging them to fight intolerance and turn in bigoted cops. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> san francisco police announce the arrest of another officer today the. officer is accused of felony document and perjury. accused of living on dmv confidentiality form. department started investigating the officer last summer because of a tip from another officer. he is a 9 year veteran of the department and has been suspended without pay.
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developing news tonight. pleasant hill police looking for missing teenager with special needs. graves didn't return home after school from alhambra high school martinez yesterday. she's believed to have taken a áupáion. off. now if you have seenññ this 15-year-old7a, please contact te pleasant hill mr. is. california highway patrol8: to recruit more women and minorities saw resultlto%t y today. 78 new(÷ chp officers graduate ateed at thef/ state capitol for the first time 10% of the graduatingmñ cadets were women. an exact number the chpu7 says today graduating4[7b class a hir number of minorities. >> i=] look to be an examt for other minorities3a and notóñ minoritiesac as ae whole to maye department well. >>reporter: chp offic!ls say they hope6w any eligible person
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the plan take off of solar powered airplane from santa clara county. sunday will be the next opportunity for the solar impulse 2 to continue][ñ the trp around the world.'ç pioneering plane landed moffitt field last weekend powered entirely by the sun without any fuel. mission started more than a >> but made it feel aqrátle cooler than it:ap. >>" absolutely.9e on shoreox winds coming off the cool ocean water that's why it feels so much cooler but we see reversal of the wind and that is what is going to bring us the warm weather. blowing towards the coast and by the way the solar plane should be able to take off on sunday as winds will lighten u up. here's a look at our radar. we have fog at the coast line and in the sierra nevada we track snow showers a system that is moving through the tahoe area right now with some snow.
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there's thunderstorms in the vicinity right now no chain control but once the system continues south ward high pressure pushes in and that's what brings us the warmth and the stronger winds for the hilltop. right now gust to go 35 at sfo. close to 50 earlier so believe it or not they have come down 30 miles an hour in san carlos. temperatures right now low 50's to the low 60's in some of our inland community and here's a live look from the kgo roof cam are as we look at the flag still swaying in the wind. gusty winds over the hill tonight. warmer days this weekend and look at turning cooler early next week. not only gusty over the hills but tonight at 11:00 still see the strong winds along the coast line. we go no the early morning hours if you have plans the winds will be around 25 to 30 miles an hour at 7:00 a.m. stronger over the hills. and then they will start to ease up as we head towards 10:00 a.m. but notice the wind direction north northeast. that's what is going to bring us the warmer wchblingts it is going to be breezy tomorrow morning if you have early plans
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mid 40's to low 50's under mainly clear conditions and then we have a variety of weather warmer everywhere but not hot everywhere not too warm everywhere. half machine bay is 71 degrees mild day downtown san francisco 74. a little breezy. oakland 78 degrees ment walnut creek is warm. 82 and 86 degrees in antioch one of the warmer spots. if you do like the warm weather head inland. here's the other high for your saturday. 80 in the south bay. los gatos 79. sunnyvale san jose excuse me sunnyvale 78 morgan hill 79 on the peninsula. redwood city menlo park los altos upper 70's. 71 half machine bay and the sun set district. downtown san francisco south san francisco mid 70's daly city 70 degrees pretty warm day in the north bay with nothing but sunshine. 80 degrees in petaluma. vallejo 83 santa rosa napa 79 san rafael. east bay you will need the shades. upper 70's oakland hayward 79 fremont inland spots 84 concord livermore.
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85 degree ins pittsburgh. accu-weather 7 day forecast low 70's to mid 80's the next two days after that get ready for the temperatures to come down. mid 60's to low 80's monday. a little b of fog there and then the clouds will begin to increase. temperatures decrease. we'll be looking at slight chance of a few showers on wednesday. model are still really not in agreement on this one. one model is bringing the showers in on friday. system is disorganized so it will slide along the coast line and we'll see what happens. >> okay thanks. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. what uc researchers say you can do to reverse the damage from eating too much sugar. >> and the weird creatures spotted deep in the ocean. researchers are saying about
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center for disease control today cop firm the first u.s. death linked to the zika virus. agency says the death involves a man in puerto rico dealing with blood ailment. researchers say they have detected the virus news mosquitos known as the asian tiger. this increase the number of states potentially at risk for transmission of the disease. comes day after the fda approved the first commissional test to diagnose zika. possible negative health effect of sugar. researchers claim that trubing tows can damage brain cell and lead to wide range of disease to alzheimer's and heart disease and adhd. fructose is type of sugar naturally found in fruits and vegetables but also used in soft drink and sweets. on positive side researchers found that an omega 3 fatty acid found in fish and fish oil appear to reverse the dangerous
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effects of fructose >> another 30 minutes of news at 9:00 coming up next. >> i'm here to block trip. wrap up of contentious day in the bay brought on by donald trump visit. >> new image of that night in illinois when a plane carrying prince made an emergency landing. >> and two air emergency in 10 minutes at one airport. >> stay with us another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 coming before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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good evening once again. begin this half hour with the pro at the time at donald trump event in burlingame. >> take a look. this was the scene at the hyatt airport where the california g.o.p. convention was being police held back hundreds of protestors but some broke
9:29 pm
through forcinglt trump motorcae to go around to back entrance. >> we have more. >> tonight throng of angry protestors in san francisco. blocking roads. knocking down barricades. clashing with police in riot gear. when donald trump jet touched down the crowd was h?ady. josh right there. >> prosecute testúíáors outsidey q'trance they ce andvv stop donald trump from speaking here. >>reporter: republican front runner forced to take a detour. watch as trump leaves motorcade surrounded by secret service jumping down from walkway cross ago grassy medianñq9eñ on foot o get into the hotel.m
9:30 pm
i was]s crossing the i got here. >>reporter: at his rally overnight protestors jumping on cars driving do nuts nearly 20 arrest. but the trump show out west a marked contrast to the campaign in indiana. trump recently visitingñauuu/x a governor mike pence. butfñ today pence sayingr he's i will be votingo oming republican ruz what happens if he losesbo indiana. happens if he losesbo indiana. >>ny logpu, it té6es to win. >> what i can tell you indiana entire country the eye of country on indiana right now. >> that's is he sell 82 reporting. when political or any news breaks by down loading the 7 news!h app and enabling push alert. app÷ñ free to down load for apph and android device. >> tonight new image of ambulances1u meeting prince plae
9:31 pm
on the tarmac after emergency landing 6 days before he died. happened in month lean, illinois. we obtained this video. sources sa9he superstar was6ç unresponsive. investigators were looking into that incident whether prince died from a drug over dose. sources also tell us prescription c medication was found on prince and in his home after he died word yet on the cause of death. toxicology results still weeks away. move now to the bomb scare at baltimore tv station. tonight the man who treaty end an explosion recovering in the hospital and facing charges. pierre thsátj has more on what we know about the man tonight. >> moment chilling. that newly released surveillance video man dressed in bizarre costume]ñ in the loby of the fox 45 tv station ripping occupy the jump seat he reveals suicide bomb vest. take takes out a flash drive
9:32 pm
threatening to blow himself up if the station doesn't air it. s.w.a.t. team swarm n.stand off continuing suspect leaves the building.zp shot several times. tonight new image of that potential suicide vest.3g complete with wires. circuit board and pack thaet look like plastic explosive. but look closely. those packet only contain chocolate bars and police are soon able to at that time wounded suspect to the hospital identified as alex grieving father says in recent day his son mental state had be9 unraveling. >> he just broke one his girlfriend. look like he just he's just had mental breakdown. >> pierre thomas abc news washington. >> russian fighter plane flew dangerously close to plane flying over the baltic sea this morning latest in the series of incidents in which russian aircraft buzzed american planes or ships operaitng the region. earlier this month russian attack planes buzzed the guided
9:33 pm
missile destroyer cook. pentagon calling it unsafe and unprofessional. one military official says the" russian pilot did a barrel rollover the top of the american aircraft today the closing in within 100 feet. u.s. release footage today showing airstrike in iraq. pentagon says the target was isis weapon storage facility and car bomb factory. the iraqi security forces and meant to support an event aloe offensive on mosul currently under isis control. senate confirmed robinson as head of northern command first woman to serve as commander. early this month "time"magazine listed her as one of the 100 most influential people for 2 2016. >> next to the total ground stop airport in philadelphia this morning because of not one but two emergency landings within minutes of one another.
9:34 pm
here's david curly. >> oxygen mask hit the passenger on the head. waking him up for the emergency landing in philadelphia. >> there is an emergency coming in. smoke in the cockpit. >>reporter: emergency vehicle surrounding the aircraft 54 on board sliding down chute with passengers in the vehicle on the runway airport operation shut down long line of jet. complicated scene because there . republican operated american airlines flight gets a warning light in the cockpit declares an emergency make a safe landing but nose steering not working c equityly and the second jetó radio trouble. >> we have a second inbound emergency. they have smoke in the cockpit. difficult to steer or impossible to steer let's be clear on. that. >>reporter: first jet clears and 8:16 the piedmont operated jet with smoke in the cockpit lands and the evacuation is
9:35 pm
airport reopened. >> airline says all the.. passengers were booked mechanic now trying to figure out where the smokes" came from abc news reagan washington airport. >> games right around the prince harry responded to the first family challenge. >> message for michelle. watch it together.d >> prince harry remember when you told to us bring it at the games. >> careful what you wish for. >> careful what you wish for. invictus >> really >> really. invictus games are international sporting event started by the prince for wounded or injured veterans and current service members. games will be held in orlando may 8 through 12th. >> boom. that's funny. >> tree planting really like no other. >> the effort this weekend to preserve a piece of bay area literary history through a tre
9:36 pm
tree. tree. >> stay with us mo
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this is 7 news. >> scientist have discovered a jelly qu fish that looks a little like an alien space shift. take a look. has red and yellow lights that seem to glowñ inside the bodye. noaa team spotted it using a remotely operated vehicle nearge ,000 feet. erated vehicle nearge doesn't even look real. scientist believe the yellow light you see are actually thesy creature reproductiveltbz orga. >> tomorrowvú in sonoma county there will be a tree planting in honor of arbor day not just any tree this comes with literary heritage.
9:40 pm
state park. >> almost as if jack london never left the small office filled with tools of trade. all this stuff. just outside the wgsrtjp @migh mighty oak. the tree londonbo wrote 10 of tt 60 books and play. >>?j loved the" tree[b.&y th. >> fan appreciate the connection and chuck is one of them. volunteer at the state park where people come to visit london home and see the famous tree. >> amazing9 something can even live 50ãyears. >> question has been how much longer. jack london oak has been showing its age to the pointré where few yourself ago the state considered cutting it down. end appeared imminent. even if the tree did come down meant oak. >> oakt don't do wellrf from asexual reproduction so a corn only shot of maintaining the genetic of this tree.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: enter sam who manages the nursery at the nearby quarry hill botanical garden. she helped with the a corn effort but to everyone it felt like a long shot. >> tree was so old most of the a corn were unlikely to be viable. >> so take a lock and read the tag beneath a new sapling. >> miracle. minor one yes. >> this wean the miracle sapling with the old dna moves to sonoma open space preserve but a double twist to this because it turns out that after trimming rumors of the2hl big te death may have been greatly ex7. won't be here foreverrñ but we can'tx tell you how long it will be here. it could be another 100 years. back in the nursery unexpected bounty. read the tag beneath the other oak sapling. jack landon.% jack london. >> 15 here. >> how perfect fromy÷ the home f prolific writer most prolific tree.
9:42 pm
state park in so comb county abc 7 news. >>4j up next at 9:00. details on the high end wine fest that involves bottle worth fest that involves bottle worth thousands of dollars each.
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9:45 pm
northern california seismic expert back from equador after observing damage caused by this earthquake. structural engineer says half of the country buildings and infrastructure had damage from the april 16 quake. he says should a quake of similar magnitude happen in the bay area resident have a better chance of survivling but will need a place to live when the
9:46 pm
shaking stops. >> buildings move, shake and actually design to have certain permanent displacement. if that happens nobody can live in the buildings or work in the buildings. so yes you will see exact same thing here. >> he frequently travels worldwide to city hit by earthquake to provide engineering guidance for local officials. federal prosecutors indict two bayfñ area men in the theft of 300,000 dollars worth of wine:i from yountvillexç french laundry restaurant. >> as jonathan bloom explains]1 the charges don't end there. they are accused in two other high profile theft. >> kind of a brute force attack. they cut the chain. kicked in the front door. smashed the glass and took what they wanted. >> that was 2014. thieves took 39 bottles of wine from the steak house in cupertino and boy did they have good taste. >> best burgundy had to offer as well. >> prosecutors have indicted 5
9:47 pm
53-year-old george of mountain view and 44-year-old davis of modest to in this theft and the one at the french laundry in yountville. 70 bottle including rare expensive screaming eagle cabernet. >> they knew where the good wines were and there is a lot of great wines at that restaurant and they seem to have picked the cream of the crop. >> collide buys the wine for wine merchant and here is that made the stolen bottle. >> 2005. >> 800 dollars a bottle. >> like many rare wine it goes up double in value. >> while this is about tore drink for any occasion. >> like in the middle of the night great momento drink. >> also an invest many. >> like art pieces. except you don't enjoy it if you drink it. >> with wines ranging from 20 dollars to 20,000 the question on many minds is how did the thieves know which ones to take. like a good mystery novel each person we asked hadx a differet
9:48 pm
theory. >> compare the price. >> almost so you knowed like an inside job. >> people take pictures in front of the glass all the tim time. could have taken a picture and just highlighted the wine they wanted. >> napa police recover most of the french laundry wine in north carolina. wine from here haven't been found. >> love to talk to the guy and find out how did they do this. >> doesn't leave me with many question other than where the wine is. >> if convicted the men could face 10 years in prison or quarter million dollar fine. in san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> let's focus on the weekend weather one last time. >> sandhya has the latest for us. >> we have some wind and then we have some warmer weather. we have few clouds right now in the sierra snowing. isolated snow showers will continue tomorrow 52 degree ins tahoe. but the afternoon will be dry los angeles 68 in partly cloudy ó[k area it is going to be fabulous weather. warmer than today. still breezy but not as windy as today for the afternoon so
9:49 pm
low to mid 70's at the coast. mid 80's inland and if you are going to hit the beach here's a look at the forecast mild to warm with high uv index temperatures will be warmest from ocean beach to santa cruz low mid 70's monterey and bodega looking at about m id to upper 60's. hourly temperature,! trend santa from 46 des tomorrow morning just before the sunrises. all the way up to 83 degrees by 4:00 p.m. so it is a quick warm-up with the north northeast wind. accu-weather 7 day forecast will feature warm weather saturday and sunday. sunshine low 70's to mid 80's and then we start the cooling trend monday not so noticeable but beginning tuesday it will be when we drop back down to average. >> average is good. thanks very much. >> those weren't penny from heaven dropping at san francisco eatery. >> no not at all. 7 news was at the restaurant nearly 200 people took turns pitching penny. this is the 39th year saint anthony held this unusual fundraising9 event. >> non-profit expects to raise
9:50 pm
100,000 dollars for the program from the penny pincher. >> food on the table for people in the tenderloin saint anthony's dining room and put clothes on kids back. does a lot of good. >> 32 teams competed. >> in the end the ucsf children hospital team out pitched them all. >> saint anthony raised over 1 million dollars over the years. lots of finesse in that. good job that's fun. >> a lot of sports to talk:g about. >> big news from the warriors. >> i we shall i knew that that event was going on. i'm good. >> i'm kind of a carney guy. >> a lot of people pick up on that. >> they see me as carney kind of guy. last year steve and screen try hired away and happened once again luke walton has new job. steve has a big job.
9:51 pm
steve has a big job. sports is it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> come up tonight at 11:00. south bay man accused of killing his parents with his brother makes his first court appearance. tonight just released court documents revealing what the brothers did after the murders. >> and police in riot gear clash with protestors but this is all hollywood make believe. it's at san francisco city hal hall. >> those stories and more coming up at 11:00 on channel coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. >> flying the coop. >> absolutely. the latest. >> look walton you could see this coming. he played for the lakers for years. grew up down there did so well as the interim coach of the warriors this season. earned promotion. new job agreeing to take overhead coach of the lakers next year. walton went 39 and 4 filling in for steve kurr and impress temperatures all throughout the nba. luke played then yourself for the lakers. won two title within l.a. take over a wretched team with horrid ownership but probably in the neighborhood of maybe 5 to 7 million a year in the new
9:55 pm
laker job on multi-year contract. that's pretty good neighbor. that's a neighborhood would i like to visit but they probably wouldn't let me stay. 36-year-old walton will remain play of the night warriors through the end of the season. hopefully a long play off roun round. steph rehab the right knee. not on a court since spraining the mcl on sunday against the rocket. whooping up on the bench he was happy and just started riding the exercise bike. expectation it's a two week absence and could miss 4 games in round two of the play offs. coming back too soon. leads to trouble down the road. >> so knowing that if i go out there i'm not going to hurt it any more but obviously pain threshold and things that can shut the knee down if not ready to go so kind of a fine balanc balance. i don't know if i will wait until i guess i won't wait until i'm like whatever 100 percent is because sense of
9:56 pm
urgency with the play off but i won't rush it to the point where i'm putting myself in danger. >> clippers and blazers another injury for l.a. as rivers caught an elbow in the face. needed 12 stitches but came back to play. blazers look to clinch and first quarter somebody score and the somebody isw$ jamal. rrx in the first half ?. third4ñ quarter a:m run.7 jj with a3r splash.. back comes portlandóp]l. week36 off shark finallyi' stard thehj-(jt round of the playo hosting nashvilleel andf hereé grit' chance in the firstn.,z on fire. carlsone$lt. p all get nothing and likeqc i.
9:57 pm
save after save. club save right there phenomenalbq and second period ends with power play for national. fisher top shelf on jones. one nothing to the third shark on the power play. hurdle goes short side and finally break the ice. we are tied at 1 right now middle of the third and it is 1-1çs in the tank. draft continued this afternoon with the 49ers. had one pick and they took will redmond in the third round of defensive= back out of mississippi statement missed half of the season with a torn mcl. earlier 49ers introduce the first round pick. pack 12 guys to force him out of oregon who played for chip and big gar note stanford. the dad briefly played for the niners as line man back in the mid 80's so his family as excited as he is. >> been at stanford last 4 years and i get to stay about 20 minute drive down the 101. i couldn't be more excited.
9:58 pm
parents long time forty-niner fans and i'm just happy to get this  opporh organization. >> raiders took defensive line man with the draft pick today. second round it was jihad ward 6-6 295 t ou illinois may 25 consecutive starts an he was ecstatic when he heard the name called. in thea third round calhoun
9:59 pm
not grand slam 12 run 3rd inning for the mets. cruise to victory 13-1. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >>lt thanks larry. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us we appreciate your time. your time. >> see you at 11:00 on 7
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