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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 2, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> dan: now at 11:00, a canine confrontation. a skirmish between several pets at a popular park leads a man to kick a dog, a dog that does not belong to him. i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. it happened in the duboise triangle neighborhood. >> tiffany wilson joins us now from the newsroom. tiffany? >> reporter: it started with a few dogs including a basset hound getting rowdy. no dogs were bloody orbitten. the hound's owner was upset and grabbed a black lab's collar and even dragging that owner to the ground.
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we have video of what happened next. the video starts with the man in plaid pulling the guy from the black lab. >> you are going to hurt the dog! >> reporter: other dog owners urge him to leave and he starts screaming instead. >> take responsibility for your dog. that's why i'm mad. >> reporter: the owner of otis tries to lead the black lab away. look at the left side of your screen. the man slams his boot into otis' belly. >> i was convinced he had broken the dog's ribs. >> reporter: another witness tackles him to the ground and the man eventually grabs his basset hound and leaves. karina lopez was there with her great dane. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: hal fisher could be seen yelling at the man. >> i told him not to come back to this park. >> reporter: they said his basset hound was not nexted and it could lead to problems. the skirmish was not anything unusual.
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>> they all got their dogs. i can't tell you how many times that happens. >> reporter: many are relieved to hear otis is doing well. still, this violent kick talkin. >> i have been coming here for 30 years and i have never seen anyone get that crazy over a dog fight. >> reporter: police are investigating. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> ama: breaking news out of humboldt county. a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck a little more than two hours ago. the epicenter was 60 miles into the ocean. the national weather service doesn't expect a tsunami. so far there were no reports of damage or shaking on land. stay with abc7 news with updates and follow us on twitter. >> ama: new at 11:00, santa clarita may hold their own boycott against the 49ers after kaepernick's critical comments about law enforcement. the police officers
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association september a letter to the 49ers saying members may stop working home games at levi stadiums. they are angry about his comments and socks depicting police as pigs. the quarterback has that you rust himself -- thrust himself into the spotlight for refusing to stand for the national anthem. the police department will issue a statement tomorrow. the niners reiterated his right to freedom of press. of expression. brock turner is now a free man after walking out of a santa clara county jail early this morning. his next stop will be his home state of ohio, but he will not be getting a warm reception. abc7 news reporter katie is live. >> brock turner was gone in an inconstant. he was into an awaiting car in about 10 seconds. the implications of his crime, sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and his sentencing are far from over.
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after serving half of the sentence he left the jail just after 6:00 a.m. >> it is the decision i am not happy with. i think it should have been a state prison sentence. >> turner is expected to go home to ohio. the sheriff there tells them they will alert them that a sex offender lives in the area. protesters are there standing on the sidewalk and holding signs in front of the turner home. this is where turner has lived for the past three months. it is a cell he shares with other inmates in protective custody. >> there is a lot of reasons a person is in protective custody. >> the sheriff's office said turner received hundreds of pieces of hate mail. hours after turner was released a rally outside the jail calling for the judge who sentenced him to be recalled. lawmakers and elected officials stood by the survivors of sexual assault. >> it is never anyone's fault. no one is ever asking to be
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sexually assaulted. >> the district of santa clara county is unsafe because of judge persky sitting on the bench right now. >> he is only hearing civil cases and turner will be on pro pro -- probation for three years. abc7 news. >> brock turner's sentence has inspired legislation that would guarantee prison time for sexual assault. it will allow for a leaner sentence if they are unconscious and not forced. the bill which passed the house and the senate this week would mandate three weeks of jail or prison. the aclu opposes the legislation because it creates a mandatory minimum. jerry hill says it does allow for probation in certain situations. >> a judge can impose probation, but the judge would have to outline and clearly articulate on the record what the unique circumstances are that he or she would not be imposing the mandatory minimum
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sentence for this. >> governor jerry brown has until the end of the month to sign it. another bill would expand the definition of rape to include all forms of penetration. we sent outbreaking news alert as brock turner walked out of jail. you can be the first to know with our news app. it is free for apple and android devices. officials are blaming a court clerk's mistake for an early release. he had three months to serve when the sheriff's department erroneously let him go on wednesday night. he was in jail for threatening to shoot deputies with an ak47 rifle. the sheriff's department said they actually called the jail and he was told he needed to surrender himself, but as of tonight that has not happened. >> ama: hearing from the woman at the center of the bay area police scandal. she spoke from her florida jail cell. she is being held thereafter a violent confrontation with the security staff at the rehab
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facility where she was getting help for sex and drug addiction. she was used to talk about the incident, but instead made a plea for her release. >> i want to go home. >> there is no word if he will be allowed to return to the rehab facility. >> happening now, the tropical storm is blasting the south carolina coast. this was the scene in myrtle beach. you can hear the roar of the wind. >> abc7 news meteorologist sand yaw patel is tracking the storm with live doppler 7. sandhya? >> ama and a you -- ama and eric, you will notice this large storm pushing into north carolina. the heaviest rain bands are moving into kill devil hills and up into norfolk, virginia. here is a look at the forecast track. 50 mile an hour wind and still
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a tropical storm over north carolina. it does move out over the open waters. the biggest threat will be the heavy rain and the storm surge and bringing the flooding problems. meanwhile, the pacific is nearing the hawaiian islands. watches and warnings are up. watches for the other islands and the clouds will build and they will be pretty large and packing winds of 105 miles an hour. luckily the storm is staying well north of the hawaiian island chain. and it will weaken as it passes through, but they could be seeing some heavy rain with it. if you have plans to travel there, keep that in mind and it could impact your flight as we head into tomorrow. eric and ama? >> eric: thank you. they open the doors to this mini-van and make a shocking discovery. >> ama: and crushed by a fallen tree. a medical setback for the mother left injured at a bay area park. >> eric: and exploding batteries. they say samsung's just announced recall doesn't go
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far enough. >> ama: first here is what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> let's all come together to watch this. >> my mom was super nervous about me moving into a home. you know what, it is okay. jimmy kimmle lives across the street. maybe if anything goes down he'll save my life. >> i am the captain of the neighborhood watch.
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new at 11:00, a mini-van is at the center of a paw czar -- bizarre story centered around assault in the east bay. >> ama: they found an inco hairpt woman in a mini-van. tonight murphy is under arrest and police say that woman in the mini-van wasn't the only
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victim. >> katie is live with more on the story. katie? >> eric and ama, murphy showed up at the police department asking for advice on an unrelated matter. that's when an officer recognized him as a wanted rape suspect and made the arrest only to find that woman in the back of his van. she was in the same state as several other victims. >> this purple plymouth van is creepy and it is the scene of multiple attacks on women. >> i swear i saw that guy a million times. >> cory murphy drugged and sexually assaulted two teenage girls. the case against him started with an alleged rape at the economy inn in february. a 16-year-old woke up disoriented and was attacked by murphy then in july a
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teenage girl was drugged and sexually assaulted in the same location. plus a third woman implicated in the crimes. are. >> they were trying to get the woman and the child. >> the three are in custody and being held on $4 million each. other victims and witnesses are being asked to contact police. in antioch, abc7 news. >> margaret passed away. she is known as a fill an that you pas and wine maker. she joined the staff at the winery in 1967 as public relations director until she married the boss. they helped put napa on the map. margaret was battling stomp mass cancer the last few years and she was 91. >> new details about a woman injured in san francisco. she suffered a pet back
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this -- a setback this week. they sent us this picture with the two daughters taken yesterday at the hospital. she had a fever for three days. she was taken to emergency care where doctors found a bladder infection. the 100-pound limb fell breaking her spine. even after a rehabilitation she may never walk again. >> eric: officials want a recall on the samsung used by two million people. it has had problems with battery fires. the customers are still finding them for sale on stores and on-line. >> without an official recall it is not illegal to sell these phones. this is a safety issue so a recall should be issued immediately. >> eric: disconnect the phone if it gets unusually hot and take it back to the retailer where it was purchased. >> ama: the mayors of san francisco and oakland are
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adding advertise to hotly contest -- adding fizz to hotly contested ballots. they urged voters to approve a tax on sugar redrinks. they blame an increase in obesity and diabetes. measure v and measure hh will tax directors a penny -- distributors a penny per ounce. thisy are spending $9 million to defeat the measure. >> the amount of money that the big soda is spending to create these deceptive ads is shameful. i believe our voters are smarter than that. they care about their children. they want them to be healthy. >> berkeley's tax on sugar re drinks cut the soda sales by 21% in low income neighborhoods. >> eric: saw plenty of sun. >> ama: let's go to sandhya. >> sandhya: hi, eric and ama.
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take a look at our mount tam cam. it was absolutely gorgeous as the clouds came through and filtered the sun. you can see the sunsetting earlier tonight. no matter what camera you are looking at we had a spectacular sunset. let's show you live doppler 7hd and we will talk about what is ahead. you can see the high clouds and they are passing through the north and central bay. they will be long gone when your morning begins. breezy and cooler for your saturday. upper 50s to low 80sand it starts out with fog. saturday is still below average. low 60s to mid80s. it won't get too hot. a live look from our tower camera and notice how sparkling san francisco is. visibility is good. 59 in san francisco and low 60s in oakland and mountain view. half moon bay is one of the cooler spots at 55 degrees.
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emeryville is showing a nice view of emeryville and looking across the bay. so fog will reduce the visibility, but not now. a live look from the kgo roof camera. we have a gentle breeze and as you make your plans, it is cooler than normal. the warming trend starts on labor day and our summer heat returns next week. here is a look at the activity planner. sailing out on the bay? watch out. it will be choppy as the breezes pick up. hiking or biking, good. it will be comfortable. if you are at the beaches cool to mild depending on which beach you are going to. first thing tomorrow morning the temperatures will be in the 50s. a few high clouds giving way to patchy fog. the clouds will move out and the fog will be back in at 7:00 a.m. as we head to the latter part of the morning most areas will see bright sunshine we will
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hang on to a few patches of fog. highs for your saturday in the south bay and 77 in gilroy and 70 -- 73 inçó sunnyvale. we are looking at mild weather. we don't need to worry about a jacket. if you are going to be near the coast the jacket may come in handy. 60 in daly city and 65 in downtown san francisco. today was warmer and tomorrow the temperatures are going down. primarily 70s or 80s. we'll get you up to 81 in santa rosa. 68 oakland and 71 in fremont. inland spots, notice there are no 90s. 70s in livermore and 78 in concord and 82 in annioch. the temperature trend, drawing your attention to the fact we do have some heat coming up. we go from the mild weather to the mid-nineties wednesday and thursday. if you are not used to it, it will get a little hotter than what you are used to and the ac will get a workout.
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temperatures upper 50s to the low 80s. slightly higher readings. the warmth continues on labor labor day and we bump you up to the low to mid-nineties. tuesday through thursday a slight dip on friday. ama and eric, we are really looking at the hour by hour forecast for your upcoming weekend plans on your abc7 news app. download that in case you are still out and aaking last-minute
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surfers come face-to-face with a lot of people in california, but where there is an animal deer? the large antlers were feet from his face. it tried to swim farther out, but they grabbed it and got its four feet back on land. >> eric: he didn't bring his board. he wants to surf. why are they chasing the deer away let's go to sports. >> you can't stop christian mccaffrey. you can only hope to contain him. kansas state pretty much did it. the
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abc sport brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> after finishing second in the heisman trophy race all eyes are on stanford star christian mccaffrey this season. the cardinal kicked off against kansas state and they wanted to stop number five. this is probably the prettiest touchdown that doesn't count. that's a no-no and his coach scolded him. he breaks tackle after tackle into the open field and look out white lightning down the
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sideline. 97 yards called back because of a block in the back. ryan byrnes making his first start. completed his first 10 passes. wide open to rutger. the defense was confused. 14 of 18 and 10-0 stanford. this is going count. look at the move right there. defenders in the secondary. 35 yards 17-3. kansas state hung in and made it a 6-point game late. nobody catches him from behind. 210 all purpose. two touchdowns. stanford wins it 26-13 your final. >> happy to finish the game on the field. not clean and not pretty in the second half. we played hard. showed heart at the end. very proud of our guys and the effort. >> we started fast, but we have to find a way to stay focused throughout the second
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and third quarter and find a way to finish at the end. >> on to baseball and three hits a game will not get it done for the second game in a row. the giants' offense was on fumes in chicago. this is no way to make your playoff push. dexter fowler sporting the gold cleats for childhood cancer research. he will knock in david ross. two runs in the third for a 2-0 lead. hunter pens would end that. giants trail 2-1 and that's all the offense they got. brandon crawford is looking to end it with a man on. giants fall 2-1 and thisy remain two back of the dodgers who lost to the padres. the a's and red sox. big papi and david ortiz making his final trip to the coliseum. to the first and boggart at second. two for two.
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boston scored four in the fifth and 6th more in the fifth. high, deep and aloha. a three-run bomb and the red sox end up rolling 16-2. abc7 sport is brought to you by riverwalk casino. we have college football tomorrow on abc said. alabama and usc at 5:00. that's gonna be good.


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