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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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rain, and recent fires in one area causing the perfect storm for danger. an elderly woman is dead and investigators on the peninsula are searching for this truck. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. storm clouds linger bringing another wave of rain tonight. a live doppler 7 shows the coming storm should drench the entire bay area. good evening, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. storms soaked the bay area since they hit on thursday. if you were outside, you saw it come down this morning. this is i-280 where rain pelted windshields. the rain could be seeing rolling
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down the street in lake merit. it stood still near alamo square park. the number is up to 45 already today. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge camera, clouds are heavy in the sky with more rain returning. there have been peeks of sun. let's head over to meteorologist drew tuma who has the latest of live doppler 7 hd. >> we're getting a temporary lull in the weather in spots. live doppler 7 showing the next round of rain getting the act together. let's get you down to street level. live doppler 7 in tighter, we'll get to santa rosa. we see the pops of yellow and orange. these are the heavier downpours that are developing at this hour. we'll widen out the picture to the north. we have heavier downpours. geyserville, later showers around clover dale and this initial line of closure is putting its presence known in novato and this is all singing to the south this evening. this has been an impressive series of storms since friday morning.
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we've seen a month's worth of rain in oakland, concord and hayward in the past three days. we average typically about an inch of rain for the month of october in these spots. the three day forecast showing you the past 72 hours, more than an inch of water has fallen in the spots. we've gotten soaked and tonight as we track the front moving through the north bay and the entire bay area, it is a light storm. one on the impact storm. expect half an inch of rain and light winds. we'll go hour by hour to show you when the rain will move through your neighborhood in the accuweather forecast. the santa cruz mountains have seen nearly ten inches of rain in the last 72 hours. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard shows us the heavy wind, too. >> reporter: the rain is tapering off tonight after a day of simply wild weather. the storm brought wind and heavy rain to the santa cruz mountains
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where they recent loma fire increased the chance of mudslides. neighbors are very worried about that. a fierce storm pounding the santa cruz mountains, wind and rain packing a punch. so much water rushing down, finding any path off the mountain. >> a lot of the roads aren't used to this much rain. >> reporter: tor anderson is carrying a shovel to clear debris and prevent flooding. >> it will just run off. >> reporter: not good for an area scorched by the loma fire burning 4,000 acres increasing the risk of mudslides. dan milar shared this picture the day the fire started. >> the site where the fire was, there is nothing to hold the soil. if the rain continues like this, mudslides will be continuing over there. >> this is as far as we could
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go. the top of loma peak. we're seeing lots of run off up here. hard to believe a few weeks ago this mountain engulfed in fire. lots of rocks are falling on to narrow roads near the summit. many locals are gathering at loma winery to watch the storm rage outside by the comfort of a fire place. >> i wish it wasn't all the rain all at once. it would have been nice to sort of, you know, draw it out over several days instead of just one or two. but we need the rain. >> i'm up here in the mountains. we're concerned about our people who live heerp re on this side. >> first fire, now wind and rain with more on the way. in the santa cruz mountains, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. winds and heavy rain made it tough for firefighters to contain a wildfire in the south lake tahoe area. it is now 90% contained. the emerald fire started on friday near emerald bay and cascade lake. 200 acres are bernd.
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mandatory evacuations and road closures remain in place. thousands of pg&e customers lost power because of the storms. less than 800 homes and businesses are still in the dark. most of the outages are in the east and south bay followed by the peninsula as you see right there. more than two dozen customers are without power in san francisco and leaks and flooded greeted fans and players at today's raiders/chiefs games. our media partners at the bay area news group shared these images with us. a leaky ceiling drenches players. some sections flooded as well. we have up to the minute weather information for you at any time on the abc 7 news app. after you open the app, tap on the temperature in the top, right corner and get custom forecasts for where you live and work. if you need to download the app, enable push alerts to get notices about the changing forecasts right on your phone or tablet. abc 7 news confirmed the
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suspect involved in the shooting including a police officer died from his wounds. he was shot while being apprehe apprehended. this is a surveillance image of the suspect given to officers the night of the shooting. the wounded officer, kevin downs is still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. the department says the suspect's bullet narrowly missed a main artery when it struck downs. tonight investigators on the peninsula looking for the driver of a truck that hit and killed an elderly woman at rollins and adrian news in millbrae. sergio quintana is live. >> reporter: we spotted friends who brought by flouflowers righ. her name was lillian garcia. she was on the way to the hospital to visit a friend who
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had been ill. they don't know if she made it there. she was hit in the intersection and did not survive her injuries. detectives are distributing images of two vehicles. the first is a white pick-up truck with a camper shell and bismarkings on the tailgate. the second is a white pick-up truck with a black bed liner. they were in the intersection at about the time garcia was hit and they may have witnessed what happened or have information about what happened. her friends say garcia had been their babysitter and have known her for years. she has no family in the bay area so they have to go to the co corn coroner's office to identify her. they asked if we would go see her. yeah, we'll go. that is what happened. >> the san mateo's sheriff's department says a local paramedic found her in the street last night in the rain and he called police.
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he did try reviving her and was unsuccessful. her friends say that garcia's daughter is actually flying here to the bay area from nicaragua. the friends are hoping someone recognizes the trucks and has any information for the sheriff's department to figure out how this happened. reporting live in millbrae, i'm sergio quintana. investigators in sonoma county are searching for a gunman who killed one man and injured two others at a home off highway 116th in rural sebastobal. it has a greenhouse full of marijuana. investigators have not said what led to the shooting or given a description of the suspect. coming up, a break in the storms? strong reactions to kaepernick who took a knee. >> a dark world created by a bay area man now serving life in
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prison. more, when abc 7 continues.
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san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick may have been in the starting line up but that didn't mean he got a warm welcome in buffalo. the crowd booed cap as he returned as the team starter against the bills. he continued his protest against racial oppression and police brutality by kneeling down before the national anthem. eli harold and safety eric reed joined him. outside a stadium, a vendor sold a t-shirt a disgrace to america. >> i had bills fans saying they support me so i think it all depends on who the person is. but you know, at the end of the day, i'm going to continue to fight for what i'm fighting for. >> the 49ers lost the game 45-16. she will have the highlights such as they are coming up in sports. a san francisco man who was given a life sentence for running the online black market silk road site will be the focus of a new movie.
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the cohen brothers are writing the feature called dark web. it will folk yuls on his creation of silk road allowing them to buy drugs, weapons and hire hit men. he was arrested in 2013. 20th century fox has not announced who will direct the movie. coming up on abc 7 news at 6, another touchdown to mars coming soon. what the latest space craft hopes to find on the red planet that has never been discovered before. more rain is on the way. meteorologist drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. >> it doesn't seem to matter who plays quarterback for the 49ers, they're just not a very good team right now losing the fifth straight to the bills. while the raiders slip sliding away as the chiefs beat them in the black hole.
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happening now, a european mars lander is getting closer to the surface of the red planet. earlier today, the exomars left the mother ship. this is video of the launch. the lander is expected to touch down on wednesday. once there, it will run tests. the europeans hope to send a rover to mars by 2020. the main goal is to find out
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whether life has ever existed there. aviation enthusiasts didn't let the rain rain their passion for air craft. airplanes and helicopters old and new were on display. guests got to check out our helicopter, sky 7 which called the hayward airport home. live doppler 7 has been very busy the past three days tracking the showers moving through and more are on the way tonight. let's show you live doppler 7 right now to show you the active picture. we have another round of rain through the north bay. tighter we go. press in a little closer. i want to show you the yellows and oranges on your screen. this is around pengrove, petaluma, some developing around big ben. the wider picture will show you we're tracking the initial line of moisture working through napa, currently down through san raphael and this entire thing will swing through the bay area
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through the coming hours, outside we go, a live look from the san rafael camera showing the downpours have arrived. it is a wet evening across much of the big bay. the golden gate camera will show you the camera working through san rafael, that is it right now and that will move through the entire region and bring us more rain. look at the three day totals. this is great to see so early in the storm season. most areas have seen over an inch of rain. the in order bay saw higher than that. oakland nearing two inches of rain. the santa cruz mountains getting close to ten inches of wet weather and more is on the way. out there right now, limited sunshine, limited cloud cover, we're holding 60s in a lot of spots. overnight, we'll hang out in the 50s. we'll track the impact. radar storms all season long. this will be light. it is a one. we're tracking it moving through tonight. bay area, less than a half inch of rain. the good news is we won't see
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the gusty winds like we saw yesterday. hour by hour we go. the rain is first in the north bay. dropping the front through the 11:00 hour when we're back on-air for abc 7 news at 11:00. live doppler 7 likely tracking showers scattered and light in nature. we can't rule out the chance of a scattered shower, 6:00 in the morning, we could be dealing with damp roadways once again. so, your day planner, as we break down your monday hour by hour, first thing, 7:00 in the morning. there is the shower chance. we'll include it through the lunch time hour. i would grab the umbrella as you step out the door tomorrow morning. you won't need it the entire day. might pop it up for five to ten minutes. by the afternoon and into the evening, we start to dry out our skies, you can put the rain gear away and we'll start a warming trend on the accuweather seven day forecast. need the hour by hour forecast at any time with the abc 7 news track. here is the 7 day forecast, monday, an isolated shower, i
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think the best chance really is going to be first thing in the morning. then we clear out the skies on tuesday. completely flip the forecast on you. we'll dry up, brighten up. sun soaked on wednesday, thursday we have rising temperatures, friday it is a fran taskic fall day around here and saturday and sunday, eric, the sunshine continues. it is a warm weekend on tap and we'll have an update on the rain moving through on the abc 7 news at 11. >> soaked to sun soaked in two days. >> that will be it. i'm beginning to think it doesn't matter who plays quarterback for the 49ers as this roster is not up to nfl standards. colin kaepernick is first regular season start in a year. kap walked in with his muhammad ali t-shirt continues his activism. kap to torrey smith. ball under thrown but smith cuts back for the 53 yard. second quarter, bills driving,
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direction to lesean mccoy. his second touchdown. bills led 17-13 at the half. third quarter, avoids a sack, scrambles for the first down but they don't score on the first drive. tyrod taylor, 30 yard touchdown. 24-13 bills, 179 yards passing and two tds. shady mccoy's third run of the day. he ran for 140 yards. bills had 212 rushing yards on the day. taylor preparing for post game interviews with a swig of mouth wash. here is kap talking football. >> it felt good to be out there and help my team win, having the opportunity mentally. we didn't finish the drives, we finished with field goals, finished with touchdowns, the outlook of the game is different and it plays out differently so that is something we have to be able to do is get sevens,
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instead of threes. >> the guy kap replaced, alex smith, led kansas city chiefs. sloppy day at the black hole. he took advantage of the worst performance on both sides of the ball. the cheer leaders per severing with smiles on their faces. derek carr to andre holmes. carr goes deep for michael crabtree. he will fall down, oakland native marcus peters leads to a chief's touchdown. kansas city up 13-10 at the break. 346 chiefs lineman poe stops himself in for the two yard touchdown. chiefs up 20-10. raiders struggle in the rain. carr lolzs tses the football. the chiefs recover. 4th and 14. they are tied for first in the
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afc west at 4-2. >> especially a division game. especially against the chiefs. it hurts, man. it sucks. we didn't do good enough at all. that was bad. >> i can't sit up here and make up any excuses for y' all or give y' all anything. we have to continue to reset our draw and come back to work on monday and get back out there. >> seattle atlanta, 17-3 at the half. they roar back to take the lead. two minutes to play. seahawks, seechb houska, 54 yard field gone. last chance for the falcons, ryan will heave it up to jones, covers by richard sherman, grabs his arm, no flag, dan quinn is -- pete carroll and his seahawks win it 26-24 that final. tony romo might be out of a job the way dak prescott is playing for dallas. three td passes today in green
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bay, two to bryce butler. as dallas builds a 20-6 lead. dak picked off by burnet. his first interception after 177 attempts. that is a new nfl record. prescott and the cowboys went to 5-1 after a victory. bryce butler's dad bobby played with me at florida state and against me with the falcons you know you're getting old when you're covering former teammate's sons. eric, please tell me you've run into this dilemma. >> i agree with you. you are getting old. thanks a lot. next -- yeah, i've run into it, too. next at 6, star power fuels the top of the box
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 on coffkofy 20, we're continuing to track rain. we have the latest forecast and when you can expect rain to move out of the area.
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we have up to the minute weather information for you at any time on the abc 7 news app. tap on the temperature in the top, right corner, you can get custom forecasts for where you live and work. if you need to download the app, enable push alerts to get notices about the changing forecast right there on your phone or cablet. ben affleck's new crime thriller far exceeded studio expectations this weekend. the accountant stars him as a math savant who cooks the books. the accountant picked up more than $24 million this weekend. about 40% more than expected. comedian kevin hart stand up movie what now came out second. it beat out the girl on a train, miss perregrine and deepwater horizon. that is it for abc 7 news at 6:00.
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see you later.
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>> today on "matter of fact" -- >> the current candidates are not doing a great job. >> are you ready to throw in the towel? >> it's discouraging and it's disheartening. >> find out what the largest voting block will do if the parties don't give them better choices. and -- soledad: it has been framed as locker room talk. >> some guys are actually doing these things. >> what's the connection between sex talk and sexual abuse? plus which late night host gets , your vote? but first -- soledad: less than a month to go until election day, but some votes are already in. i'm soledad o'brien. welcome to "matter of fact."


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