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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 18, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, gunfire erupted near a bay area high school. terrified students were forced to run for cover. tonight the manhunt is underway for the gunman who opened fire. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. it happened around 3:15 this afternoon. it happened outside the june jordan school for equity in san francisco's excels yes, sir district. >> lisa amin gulezian has more on this story. >> reporter: ama three of the four victims were brought here to san francisco general and we just learned in the past few hours one of the male victims was released, but still his female classmate continues to suffer from life-threatening injuries. >> it was crazy. i just seen everybody running
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and i heard like shots going off. >> reporter: the scene outside june jordan high school was chaotic after police say four suspects opened fire on a group of students. they were standing near the blue gate in the school's parking lot at the time. one female and three male students were hurt. >> i was right behind the guy carrying the gun. i saw people running insidede t. it was so hectic. i wanted to move and my body wasn't moving. >> reporter: everyone ran into the school where they put june jordan and neighboring areas on lock down. >> we went under the desk and then she came back to tell us to move to stay away from the windows. >> reporter: police meantime did a room by room search of the entire building and quickly learned no one else was in danger. >> this was not just a random shooting. the suspect didn't come here to randomly shoot at the
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students that were here. >> still the reality of what's happened is making some students nervous. >> questions my safety. >> i don't want to see this going on. >> reporter: extra security and grief counselors will be on campus tomorrow. looy uh-huh mean go -- lisa amin gulezian x abc7 news. >> we sent out a push alert. be the first to know when breaking news happens. enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. a bomb squad is making sure there is not a second explosive at a clinic after a man in a wheelchair blew himself up. it happened at the health center on international boulevard. police say the man, a regular patient, wheeled into the lobby with what looked like a pipe bomb and then detonated it. no one else was injured. the bomb squad was called in
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to search for a second device as a precaution. a strange story there. new details on the wreck in marinou cnt that claimed the lives of three young men. two of the victims were brothers. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at sir francis drake high school in san anselmo with the fourth young man whose parents say he was supposed to be in that crash. >> reporter: yes that parent is telling a scary story, but she can't say why that car might have crashed. two families grieving along with many students at drake high school. >> thank god his father teched him and said come home now. >> reporter: christine telling a chilling story of what might have been. her son was out late on money dye with his friend and riding in the same toyota corolla an hour before it crashed after midnight in west ma -- marin. the car split in two after hitting a power pole and two
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trees. the chp said it might have been speeding. > he might have stayed later with the three boys and he would have died. >> reporter: the crash killed the driver, 18-year-old chance barrer and two passengers, 20-year-old chancellor and his brother, 18-year-old lancelot. the argol family owns a long-time plumbing business in fairfax and the brothers graduated from drake high school in san anselmo. former classmates are crushed. jay they never said a bad thing. just good guys. >> reporter: the principal sent an e-mail about the loss and told parents grief counselors would be available. >> i know their mom and she is a stand up mother who lived for her children. it is devastating. >> reporter: christine is grateful her son was not in that car, but she griefs for three young men who left behind so much. >> i can't tell you what a loss we all feel.
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>> reporter: police don't know if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. an investigation is now underway. in san anselmo, cornell bernard, abc7 news. tonight we are learning more about a warehouse worker run down and killed. they say he died while trying to stop a thief. he stepped in front of a truck that was leaving with stolen wooden pallets worth just $5 each to the thief. he worked at the true world food store for 23 years. his church is crowd funding and topped the $15,000 goal. san jose police have asked for the public's help to find a missing woman. ryan jennifer casis was last seen two weeks ago. a surveillance peck tour showed her that night. the mother of two young children may be suicidal. her family is worried she doesn't have the anti-see shirr medication. she is 5-4 and 150 pounds and has long, blonde hair and hazel eyes and may have been
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in a gray mercedes suv. >> dan: you can soon get pot delivered to your door in san jose. they voted 8-3 for a measure that would allow the dispense res to deliver. san jose police delivered the measure hoping it would cut down on illegal services. the council members will work to establish delivery rules. fremont police, aed the man they believe is a serial arsonist. >> leslie brinkley is live with the investigative work that lead to this arrest. leslie? >> reporter: that's right, ama and dan. the fires were all set in the warm springs area of south fremont. they have treated this investigation as a top priority from the very start. and that's because fire is a dangerous and even potentially deadly weapon especially in an urban area like this in a drought.
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>> 30-year-old cory was arrested last friday just 24 hours after a fire was intentionally set literally across the street from his home off warm springs boulevard. >> nice neighbors. >> oh my god that is a trip. i would never think that he would actually be in the neighborhood. i thought it would be something like a transient. >> since july 16 intentionally set fires in this area have terrorized neighbors. an arsonist torched bushes, res and fences in this densly packed residential area. resulting in fires that almost consumed homes like kathy wynn's. >> i am happy that it will stop or to prevent it from happening to anyone else. >> police went door-to-door intent on tracking down the arsonist. >> a surveillance camera and we used surveillance techniques.
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we had a lot of officers devote a lot of time to this. >> he was arrested after the 16th fire was set. he faces two counts of a arson rit now, but they are still collecting evidence on the other 14 fires. in fremont, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> tomorrow the raiders' owner will make his pitch to other owners to move his team to las vegas. the owners meeting will begin in houston. davis has a tempting offer to build a $1.9 billion stadium. the owners won't vote on the move until they apply for relocation in january. davis didn't say much for the move when asked today. >> talk to my owners, partners first and then i'll talk. >> nfl owners are looking for tv ratings for the first six seasons are down 11%. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, a story that is shocking animal rescue groups.
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the bay area kittens used as bait for pittbull fighting. >> and a rigged election. president obama is firing back at donald trump and his claims that democrats are going to steal the white house. >> and first lady fashion. michelle owe bough ma you does not dis-- michelle obama does not disuh point fans at. >> this picture is not a disappointment at all. october will live up to its name. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on gem me kimmel live -- "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks, dan and ama. here is a sample of our show tonight. >> is that a great thing to watch? yourself beating people up on camera? >> it is very satisfying.
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we'll begin this segment with your voice and your vote. donald trump and hillary clinton will face each other for the third and final debate. we apologize for the camera move . tonight president obama offered some advice. stop whining. >> hillary clinton touched down in las vegas for her third and final debate. her opponent in colorado. >> she's at home sleeping and i'm working. >> donald trump insisting there will be widespread voter fraud. >> they are lying. they are cheating. they are stealing. >> a fired up president obama reacting to the vote fraud allegation saying thisy are not based on facts. >> i would invite mr. trump to stop whining and make his case to get votes. >> the issue of 9 women accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct is complicating his hunt for votes and one is getting new
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support. people magazine reporter standing next to trump in 2005 at his florida resort. she was there to profile the trumps, but said when melania was out of the room, quote, trump shut the door behind us and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. trump day. s it. there are testimonials from five of her friends and colleagues who said she confided in them after the assault. >> she was very shaken up. she was scared of retaliation. >> expected to come up at the debate, sexual misconduct for trump as well as the slow drip of hacked wikileaks e-mails from the clinton campaign which were not independently verified. >> once the final debate is in the books hillary clinton is ramping up her campaigning. she is scheduled to be in the battleground state every day for the neck week. abc news, washington. trump and clinton will meet for the third and final
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presidential debate. it will be love from the university of nevada las vegas and it will begin on abc67. as you begin to finalize your decisions on what to vote for we have a available tool at check this out if you can. it will hell you prepare for election day. click the icon for the your voice, your vote voter's edge election guide and then enter your zip code and address. that's because it will enable us to provide you with a comprehensive resource personalized to your local ballot. that's at -- politics and the abc7 news app. >> the obamas are going out with a bang with a final star-studded state dinner. first lady michelle obama stunned in a rose gold gown. fittingly she chose italian label versace. eater dc said they enjoyed california wines with dinner
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including a zip -- zinfandel. workers at a pet store were in tears after seeing kittens used as bait for dog fights. abc7 news was in saw knee shaw at a pet food express store. the tabbies were in terrible shape. >> the kittens had their legs bound with rubberbands because they want their dogs to learn to fight and kill, but not to be damaged by the kittens. >> grate had to be euthanatized thanks to a severe infection. when he gets healthier he will be available for adoption. >> deserves a good home. we need to turn our attention to our weather which is warming up again. >> yeah, sandhya patel is tracking it all for us. >> it is like a yo-yo, up and down and up and down. that's why you need the abc7
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knew app. we will show you an incredible time lapse from our kgo roof cam of the wayneing -- waning gibbous. you had a great view of it because the skies were pretty much clear across the entire bay area with one exception. visibility is down to half moon baynd that's because we have one patch of fog. for your morning commute most areas will be fine, but there will be fog around half moon bay. emeryville is showing you the eastern span of the bay bridge upper 50s to the low 60s from san francisco to oakland and san jose. here is a live look at san francisco from our sutro tower camera whenner it is clear. livermore 54. when you get going tomorrow morning you will notice the crispness in the air. one other live picture from our east bay hills camera, you can really see across the bay here clearly warmer weather the next two days.
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we are looking at cooler conditions and a chance of rain entering the picture early next week. midto upper 40s for the east bay valleys. the rest of you are in the 50s and most areas will start out clear, but a good idea to grab the extra thin layer when you get going. a sampling of some of the highs. it will be a warmer day. santa rosa, 80 degrees. many parts of the north bay will be in the 70s. here are your other highs for the south bay. 81 in gilroy and in the mid70s in sunnyvale and milpitas. low to mid70s on the peninsula and mid60s coast side. a great looking day in downtown san francisco. 70 degrees. the temperatures are in the north bay coming up above where you should be this time of year. 80 in santa roughy saw and 75 in vallejo and in the east bay a lot of mid70s. oakland 75. inland is nice and mild and temperatures in the upper 70s to the low 80s. now we want to fast-forward to
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monday morning. one computer model is creating a picture for us. it continues into noontime. tuesday there is a possibility of showers. and then on wednesday we do have some wet weather entering the picture. i have to tell you two computer models and this one is the wetter of the two. the other computer model is not so wet, but still bringing in chances of showers. we need the rain. take a look. we are still in the drought. the reds are indicating extreme drought. we have severe drought across parts of the inland and east bay communities communities and down toward the south bay. it is pretty much dry around the coastal areas. despite accu-weather seven-day forecast, mid60s to low 80s tomorrow. warmer thursday, above average dropping you down again and beginning at the coast on friday. the weekend is much cooler. clouds increase and we introduce a chance of showers on monday and tuesday. dan and ama? dan and ama? >>
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aglow in all of her glory, she was there for the official unveiling for the truth is beauty. some thanked -- some said it was inappropriate, but the message is to see past the skin to the inner strength and the beauty inside of all of us. it is certainly fostering a lot of discussion. >> that it has. there are a lot of discussions about the 49ers. >> it is angry. harsh words. larry beil is here. >> family. it is hatfields and mccoys. the holidays could be awkward when they get together this year thanks to a couple of tweets about the 49ers. hey, everybody, let's play the feud. that's next in sports. >> when it happens where you live -- >> sky 7 was over the hy de street pier as they worked to
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raise a sunken boat from the bay. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> we are live in los gatos. >> your story. >> how is one teacher gonna fight a big corporation? and that's when i reached out to seven on your side. u have been awesome. >> choose the news that matters where you live and choose the team that works for you. you. >> in san
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the 49ers have almost no impact players on offense and fewer on defense and help is not on the way. on top of that jed york is taking heat from his own family members. we start our dumpster fire coverage with colin kaepernick. he was up and down in buffalo. his first start in over a year. still he has foot work issues and he should look and feel more comfortable in the next game at home against tampa bay. >> we had good moments and we had some that we need to correct. i know personally there were throws that i should have made and i want to make and i need to correct those this week. we have opportunities out there when they present
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themselves to us. and that will allow us to put a lot more points on the board and keep drives alive and things of that nature that will help us win football games. >> fans are crushing jed york on social media and now family is chiming in. his cousin, eddie's daughter, tweeted jed must go and posted two articles critical of jed. the tweets were later deleted, but it is getting kind of ugly. to the ice now and sharks' back up goalie in his nhl debut against the islanders. he takes the puck behind the net and feeding the milk man! 2-1 islanders. joe thorton and a nice pass. the sharks tie the game at two. he is the only tomash i know. look what happens here. the puck shatters the glass next to the islander bench. it took 12 minutes to get the any glass in. joe thorton fires joe pavel
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ski. the sharks win it a score of 3-2. dodgers and cubs and game three of the nlcs. his sonic is taking in the game in los angeles. in the fourth it is a 1-0 dodger league. it is a 1-0 dodger lead. it is a solo blast and a rough night for the reining national league cy young winner. they take a 2-1 series lead. the bluejayss in game four of the alcs. he is going downtown on cory klubber. they had their first lead at 1-0 and their fans were very pumped. 2-1 in the seventh. bases loaded for edwinen car mass i don't know. two runs score and donaldson to third. jays win it 5-1 and still down three games to one.


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