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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 20, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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. a rolling home catches fire and what was causing the fire to difficult. >> police brought in a robot to check out a suspected bomb in a car. >> tonight we're live with late breaking arrests with an arrest that sent four people to the hospital. >> the investigation into an oakland police officer and his alleged connection to prostitution that is not linked to the department's ongoing sex scandal. that breaking news is on the peninsula. sky 7 shows you an rv that
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caused a huge traffic jam. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. so many frustrated drivers cannot get where they're trying to get to. we have a 101 has been shut down sometime. we watched earlier, as firefighters sprayed water on the rv. it was a stubborn fire. the concern there was a 50 gallon tank in the rv, forcing crews to stay away.
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motorcycles went backwards and with no end in site. >> joining us is officer art monteil. the fire is out, but there are pieces of the rv scattered all over the freeway. >> it's going to take time for us to clear that up. we thank the public for their patience and from what i've seen, a lot of people are being patient and this is something that is going to have to happen at the worst time. at this time, we're allowing vehicles to .
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>> there is no time. so as soon as we can get you guys next to the area, i will do we have idea on the cause of the fire? >> any other danger that people need to know about? and are any concerns there, still? >> any time we have a fire, a
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vehicle fire, we want to be careful with one propane tank and we heard a lot of explosions, so again, we want to make sure that the freeway and once we know we'll reopen the freeway and and like i said, it's right way up to the scene. and it's crazy. >> officer, thank you so much for joining us and giving us that update as we take a look from sky 7. you can see firefighters still putting water on rv. which is just a shell at this
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point. you can see a firefighter and there is a back end that is melting and you can see the remains of the rv, all of the shreds, we saw the back up earlier, you're talking about hundreds and thousands of cars back there. just seems to go forever. doesn't look like there is an end in sight to this. >> hopefully, every one is okay and the situation. >> some video shared with us on periscope, you can see it to in the distance, drivers out of their cars with no choice but to just wait it out. best advice is completely avoid the area, take 280 if you can.
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there is a megs in san francisco. we're staying on top of breaking news, down load if you don't have it. great tool, you know about the stuff as it happens if you can't be tuned in here to us. you can get the latest breaking news. >> that is how i found out the situation in san francisco. for hours, today, both freeways and surface streets were jammed, police were checking out what might have been a bomb. that device is located in the trunk of a car towed to a yard at 7th and bryant streets, and officers shut down interstate 80 and highway 101. vic lee joins us live now. vic? >> you used a good word to describe the situation. it is a wrap. it's all over the streets as you can see. they're now open, and things are back to normal.
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but three hours today, all of the streets around here were closed. to pedestrians and cars. and the people at the jail, which is right next to me, across the street, and the people at the hall of justice and courts were all told to shelter in place. many in fact were evacuated. it started at this tow yard next to me. >> i got word of it around 11 nirt. >> employees of the tow yard were evacuated quickly. >> we received suspicious information. >> abc7 news learned a white car had been towed and on a note there was a bomb. chp and police closed down bryant between 6th and 8th streets. the bomb squad and firefighters were called to the scene. the hall of justice and jail were shut down. people inside told to shelter in
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place. as you can see. >> it's scary. >> traffic came to a halt. police blocked more streets. the merge between 101 and 80 was closed. the chp allowing cars to pass every 15 minutes. >> there is a bomb evacuation. the same lot my car is sitting next to, i guess.
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vic lee, abc7 news. >> traffic stopped for miles on 101 and 80. the chp closed the freeways. it wasn't pretty on city streets. drivers tried to maneuver around all of the street closures. >> crazy this is happening now. >> there is a road block and construction. >> i don't know if you can hear, he said good thing i get paid by the hour. >> what else are you going to do. bart services were not affected by the bomb investigation, however, muni had to reroute buses and skip stops and deal
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with delays. we sent out push alerts through abc7 news app this, is ongoing. the situation unfolding. >> you know what is going on when news breaks where you live. >> police arrested two people in connection with a school shooting in a san francisco high school. four students needed to be treated at the hospital. melanie woodrow joins us live with the details. melanie? >> they're just wrapping up a peace rally here. big news is two arrests, a source with knowledge of the investigation said one came out in fairfield. another, after the school shooting on tuesday. police said they're looking for four suspects. tonight, they're saying this is an ongoing investigation. four students were injured on
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tuesday. classes let out, i spoke several times with the family of a girl who was shot. one bullet went into her upper right thigh. the bullet was successfully removed. she's expected to make a full recovery. her family is extremely concerned about how this is affecting her emotionally. they say she's an honor roll student and innocent victim. police are saying this is not random but have not said which student was a target. tonight, they are receiving support from san francisco police. >> tonight's rally is so vitally important in terms of raising awareness to curving violence within this district and throughout the city.
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>> there are still many unanswered questions about this shooting, and one that the father of the girl wants to know. that is whether or not the resource officer was on campus and we're still waiting for the response. live in san francisco, abc7 news. the most-heated race in the nation is the race for president, but for californiains, there is a battle for a seat in the senate. >> coming up, we follow kamela harris on the campaign trail. >> how should you vote on prop 61? coming up, on 7 onner side, voters guide. after a warmer than average day, things are about to change. i'll have the accu-weather
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forecast. coming up. and we're live with a local reaction to international tension growing between the
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want to give you update on the breaking news in san carlos. 101 northbound has been shut down over an hour because of an rv fire. this line of cars goes seemingly forever. we're waiting on word from the chp as to when they might be able to open up on northbound 101. you can see this is a complete mess because of the fire. the fire is out, firefighters have added a layer of foam.
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and now they're going to try to move the debris off the road. you can see the cars pointed in the opposite direction. >> in san jose, the city wants to change the rules for gun owners with how they store their guns in their homes. abc7 news joining us live from san jose city hall with the details. david? >> interesting number for you. 170,000 is the number of guns the justice department says is stolen in residential burglaries every year. here in san jose, they don't want the guns being used to commit other crimes. these are the lock boxes and safes, gun owners will be required to lock up guns to keep them out of the homes of burglars. >> we're doing this not only to
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protect our community and gun violence, but it protects guns of the firearm owners because they get to keep their guns. >> the proposal will go before the full council in a month or so. the council member says he received no objections from the nra. aa lock smith says the cost of the safes varies. >> they run from 100 to a half to up to $300 or $400. you can talk about up to $1200, or $1300. >> one person who disagree was the lock up proposal is joe costello, open operating his location since 1968. >> this won't prevent anything. if a burglar breaks in, and the gun is locked up, he's going to get the gun locked up.
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>> an additional provision to require guns locked up while children are at home and stolen guns to be reported within 48 hours. an oakland police officer is arrested tonight accused of taking part in prostitution. he posted bail this morning. the department says this arrest is not related to the ongoing case of sexual misconduct involving police officers and a teenager who used to go by celeste gaup. >> there is more tensions between the united states and philippines. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live from san francisco. wayne? >> there are a lot of issues at stake here, among them, an
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apparent softening towards a chinese military build up in the south china sea. the record of cooperation goes back generations so this is baffling to local philippino who's live here. >> at the manila market they sell foods fresh. it's a taste of home for locals who miss home. that cannot be said about the politics back home. >> i don't want to mention my name. i don't want to. it's dangerous. >> why? do you think they'll come and get you? >> i don't want to get in trouble. >> with who? >> with the president of the philippines. >> there is fear against the filipino president. >> do you trust this guy? >> no. i hate him. i don't like him. he looks like a dictator. >> in past weeks he has spoken
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out against president obama. today in beijing announcing the philippines would separate itself from the united states and instead, go with china or possibly russia. america has lost, he said. >> i don't understand. you know? why he's doing that. >> from the state department, puzzlement. >> is it just the united states who is baffled by this rhetoric? we have heard from many of our friends and partners who are likewise confused about where this is going. >> another small step, but to where, we don't know. wayne freedman abc7 news. >> we have clear skies right now, and these presunset moments. a warm day today. at the golden gate bridge, skies
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are clear and we have had temperatures of 77 today, 83 in concord, notice eight degrees warmer in san francisco today, seven degrees in concord and nine degrees warmer in oakland, san jose, and santa rosa. this is a live view livermore, 77 degrees. this is the view from sutro tower. these forecast features temperatures taper off tomorrow, dropping more into more of a
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seasonal range. temperatures dropping below average. we'll see couple patches of fog develop. low temperatures from upper 40s, low to mid-50s in other locations so it will be and tomorrow, near 80 inland. over the next couple days, saturday, feeling like fall. temperatures drop and here is our forecast animation. starting at 5:00 a.m. monday, approaching rainfall moving in on tuesday and bring us a partly wet day. here is the accu-weather forecast. cloudier, cooler, a slight and
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active pattern looking this season. >> millions got ready for the >> millions got ready for the next big
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>> earlier this week, we marked the 27th anniversary of the loma
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prieta earthquake. >> kristin zee here now with the preparedness drill for the next big quake. >> at 10:20 this morning estimated 10 million of us took part in the great california shake out. they did the drop, cover, and hold drill. >> attention, staff. please duck and cover and hold. >> teachers say organization and practice, this shake van made it's way around the bay to give people experience of being in an 8.0 tumbler. we're not ready, 90% of people in california aren't insured for earthquake. >> for more information abc7 news has you covered.
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click on prepare nor cal. >> thank you. >> well, election day less than three weeks away now, one group says they know who is going to win. they're nonpartisan predictions both national and local races, coming up. >> michael finney gets both sides of prop 61. and next a live update on that rv fire that shut down all of highway 101 northbound along the peninsula, which may be close to reop
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the rv fire shut down both directions of highway 101. you can see the burned rv live right now. we've just learned chp has opened. northbound, here is no word yet
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on why that rv caught fire, but we heard there were rockets on board, returning from a hobby rocket show. that is on board, that might explode. >> now, you can see the impact of all this. this is all of the traffic stuck in the northbound lanes. this is a parking lot. and it's been like this well over an hour. vehicles trying to turn around. they're going nowhere. there are too many cars in the way. so, it's going to be sometime. they have to clear the debris. it didn't look like they're that close. you saw the pieces of the rv. who knows how long. we had chp officer on line. he said we'll let you know on
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twitter. >> he was just trying to get there. >> you saw the southbound lanes, was just a stream, a trickle of a car or two. they opened up one lane and now, all lanes open southbound, northbound is still a gigantic mess. >> tonight, california's biggest statewide race this election cycle is one to replace retiring u.s. senator barbara boxer foo is it's kamela harris against loretta sanchez. >> i have a present for her i want to give. which is a card for washington metro system. >> kamela harris wasn't accepting this gift from scott weiner despite a big lead in the polls, just 19 days to go.
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>> there are people feeling overwhelmed. they're feeling put off. this is a moment in time more than i think any that requires people to speak out and vote. >> harris joined scott weiner, himself a candidate for a stick stop in the noe valley. loretta sanchez appeared at ucla. the military is just one part of our national security strategy. it is defense and also is diplomacy. >> sanchez touts her experience
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in military affairs. it points to her big crack down on colleges and trance national gangs. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a new poll out from the nonpartisan institute for social research is predicting election results in california. hillary clinton tops donald trump by 30 points. the poll also finds attorney general kamela harris will beat the challenger for the senate seat. 14 of the 17 initiatives on the november ballot are expected to win approval and by a wide margin including prop 64, as well as prop 59, which calls for bilingual education methods. there is one exception.
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>> you can't make 50%. they're going to pass. >> one proposition that could still go either way is the ban on plastic bags. 600 likely voters. >> a controversial ballot measure is the drug price initiative, proposition 61. michael finney join us live with more information. >> there is one thing both sides agree on. that is prop 61 is a slight by the drug companies. is it a swipe worth taking? greed has become synonymous with big formal bosses. she with her $500epi pen pack and he raising the price of a $1400 pill. professor of medicine at ucsf
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are adams dudley. >> our prices are higher than what other first world nations pay. for instance in great britain, they pay about half what we pay for drugs. >> an exception of the high american drug prices, dudley says is the veteran's administration, guaranteed lowest price by law. so, in an effort to get cheaper drugs, the writers of proposition 61 tied prices to those paid by the va. >> people have an opportunity to get behind something that is going to be transformational. >> those backing the proposition says insurance companies will ask why not us, too? and we'll all save. the no on prop 61 campaign, backed by drug companies admits big pharma is a big target.
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>> does it protect consumers and veterans? no. it's easy to beat up on the pharmaceutical manufacturers. but what the problem is it going to prevent that? no. >> no points out the pharmaceutical companies can raise prices and they say the feds tried a similar move but it didn't stick. >> congress came in, repealed the law, now, it is trying to do that again with the state of california. >> but those four prop 61 say there needs to be change. that change can start here, now. >> it may start off as a toe in the water but that will ripple out. i believe will have a ripple affect with many other kinds of things and issues people want to see real, long lasting change on. >> now, i'm posting links to
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both sides of the issue. just go to >> yes. >> reminder that the deadline to register to vote is on monday. voters have another week to request a vote by mail ballot. >> when you buy an apple product, are you getting an apple product? if you buy it on amazon, the if you buy it on amazon, the answer is not always.
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apple claims 90% of the products are actually counterfeit. apple says it was purchased and told what they got were fakes. amazon identified mobile star of new jersey as the source. >> talk about an awkward dinner party. donald trump and hillary clinton are seated just one person apart at the annual dinner in manhattan. the pair didn't shake hands but were caught having a conversation. and just within the last few minutes each addressed the dinner. >> here she is, in public, pretending not to hate catholics. >> i have the privilege of being at the dinners in years past.
7:43 pm
and i always enjoy it. if you're in the happy with the way it comes out, it must be rude. >> we'll have more on the sparks that flew coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> talking about a long, awkward night. >> if you're buying real estate, you need an agent, right? one
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for a look at a burned out rv, it's harder to see now. >> pretty dark. >> chp says they opened 2 northbound lanes. it's been a mess for a couple hours. sky 7 pans over, you can see those cars that have been stuck for a couple hours now. just waiting for crews to clear the scene so they can tow that rv out of there. fire department says it had four rockets on board. no word yet if one started that fire. they had a large propane tank which is common for an rv.
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crews had to fight from a distance but look at the traffic mess it caused. people trying to go into another direction. ou on top of this with the abc7 news app. >> a miserable day on many bay area roads. hundreds of gallons of red wine spilled onto the road. chp says a wine tank on a flad bed truck shifted as the highway turned to the southbound lane of highway 29. a valve snapped and that caused a leakage of 330 gallons of red wine. crews mopped up as much as they could. >> a bay area start up is aiming to shake up the real estate industry. jonathan bloom has a look at the app that could have homes practically selling themselves. >> we're here in the kitchen and open floor plan. >> aaron bellings is getting ready to show this loft to a potential buyer.
7:48 pm
>> my family has been selling real estate three decades. they said listings used to come in a book. >> technology changed real estate. >> i can unlock the home. >> yes. really. no. really. that is the name of the app. >> we decided it's time to change the real estate industry. >> in they're world, the house just shows itself. >> if i want to learn more, i just approach this beacon. >> sellers let you tour the house using your phone. they play music they think you'll like. >> they can answer questions by text or phone call, but aside from well placed cameras you're there by yourself. >> to feel how sit to live in this house. >> the logo is no accident. you'll have a picture on this sign but in this case, the agent is you. >> just saying my name. >> you can place bids and see
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what you're up against. >> you can see the same house you're looking for. and two outbid them. >> you get the commission. >> i was on the phone with a client until 11:00 at night last night. >> bellings says agents work hard doing things an app can't. >> can't explain why certain neighborhoods are more appealing and can't tell you about construction. >> soon, he'll have is to explain that to customers. >> just every week to another city here in the bay area. and abc7 news. >> spencer is back with an update. spencer? >> might see coastal fog moving into our direction. oh, my gosh. no mike. well. >> maybe we'll go back to you. >> there we can come closer. >> come on in. >> i walked out of the studio
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and left my mike on the shelf. we're tracking showers and maybe moving in monday morning. they'll be light rain to the north bay. showers swing down by tuesday and will be over. so here is the accu-weather forecast. coudy skies over the weekend. cooler conditions and chances of showers on monday and tuesday. now, i'll go back and get my mike. >> there is my big change to do weather. i'm a junior meteorologist but instead, i'll just do sports. >> chip kelly's next job for a big time college
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49ers only six games into the chip kelly era. and there may be big time college jobs available like lsu and maybe chip's old school, oregon. the response was laughter. >> unless the media has an
7:54 pm
opportunity for me, i'll explore those opportunities. but i'm not going anywhere. >> the history and tradition of the organization is something that we want to continue and we want to use that to help our other players so the fact that many want to give back speaks and tells you about it. >> raiders are 0-2 at home. if the defense is going to get well going against two of the worst offenses, should do the trick. defensive coordinator remains convinced silver and black are not far off from being elite. >> details need to be taken care
7:55 pm
of. and we have the right people. it's a matter of getting it done on game day. >> documents against josh brown says he admitted to physical abuse toward his wife. this is according to police documents obtained by new jersey advanced media. brown suspended for a domestic violence arrest in 2015. the giants sdietded not to bring brown with them, they're playing rams this on sunday. they need a new kicker. >> college football, cal is back at it, tomorrow, hosting oregon. davis webb tied for third in passing yards as well as touchdowns. bears are 3 and 3. >> we're going to do what we're supposed to do. we're going to make more plays as offense and limit negative plays whether holdings or
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turnovers. >> well, won't change anything about last season's finish. because pittsburgh defeated san jose and won game six, the sharks would like to have taken out the champs this evening. second period no score, joe pivelski denied but thomas hurdle is there. and marlo is forced to make it 2-0, san jose. pittsburgh answers with three goals in the third. rebound bouncing off joel ward's skate. and chris kunitz is there. so the start ends with a 3-2 loss. >> thank you, larry. >> be sure to join us tonight, coming up, a solar game changer and the material that is cheaper and more efficient. and san francisco police shot
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and killed a man who shot an officer in the head on abc7 news at 11:00, the community members now demanding answers following that confrontation. >> here is a look at tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 it's grey's anatomy. stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. you can look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from the entire abc7 news team, have a great night, everyone.
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