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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we begin in san francisco tonight where a police chase ended with the shooting of man and chp officer was injured. good evening thanks for joining us. injured officer will survive. he's in the hospital and so is the suspect who was shot. >> this is the ocean view neighborhood and capitol avenu avenue. >> chp officer was involved in operation with the san mateo county auto theft task force when this incident happened. police tell us the driver ran down the chp officer injuring him and police believe that's when other officers shot the
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driver. >> as i was walking m i dog coming around the corner the white van comes peeling around the corner all the police cars behind it. halfway up the street i hear crash and boom boom boom. by the time i get up there cop cars swarming all over the place. helicopters flying all over. >>reporter: chp officer injuries are not life threatening. driver shot is in critical condition. updates on the developing story on our web site push alert for the latest information on the phone or tablet. we have new details tonight on amber alert. boy reportedly abducted by his mother has been found safe. amber alert cancel. found this afternoon in downeyville in sierra county. images of the mother hanna being taken in to custody. the chp says an officer saw the mother walking along a road carrying a travel bag in her hand. officer approached he could hear the sound of a baby coming from the bag. after brief struggle the bag
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was wrestled awhich and baby found inside. the seven month old boy is now in the care of state protective services. boy's mother is now in police custody. now to mid-air scare on one of the largest aircraft in the world. british airway jet took off fom sfo for honor done when the expire crew of 25 including the pilot suddenly got sick. the plane then made an emergency landing in vancouver amid report of toxic fumes in the cabin. david is on the story. >>reporter: surrounded by emergency vehicle the world largely east passenger plane, the entire crew ill. firefighters were breathing gear check the flight. all 25 crew members taken to the hospital. exactly why? still a mystery tonight. it happened 2 an half hours after take off from san francisco. >> many [ tape played. >>reporter: emergency declared as the jet dumps fuel
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passengers get the word. >> start panicking. woman in the seat next door was crying. not feeling very well. >>reporter: but the pilots divert to vancouver. 90 minute flight away which can better handle the giant aircraft. >> i felt the plane turn and i looked at the tv screen and saw we did a turn. what's going on here. >> how many passengers. >>reporter: once on the ground not one passenger is taken to the hospital. british airways says the entire crew was as precaution. >> remains mystery because british airway still needs to comfort with what sicken the crew if the crew did indeed get sick y.were passengers not affected by this? in contra costa county smoke billow from a pit in the ground and all that was left after plane crashed this
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afternoon. this map gives awe better idea where it happened. leslie has more. >> this is the view of the extensive did he blow field from sky 7. the pilot did not survive. no one else on board the beechcraft single engine plane that as it came down raised -- glazed high tension power loins and landed near pittsburg. >> neighbors saw a plane spiraling out of the air and then they saw some smoke come from back in the area here. >>reporter: fire investigators say body parts are scattered across a wide debris field that they found smoldering. >> did you to the nature of the terrain where the incident was at we did bring out this further up in the area. again there was significant debris fold and damage to the plane. >>reporter: faa is on the scene now as is the coroner office and investigators will arrive tonight. the east bay times reports that
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the pilot took off from am door county and flew into can cord cannon field last week. took off today at 12:30 when something catastrophic happened to bring the plane down with such intense force. this is abc 7 news. san jose police looking for for man who ram a police vehicle this morning. hatched happened just past midnight on wooster avenue. man suspected of driving a stolen car slammed head on in to patrol car. driver put the stolen car in reverse and about to ram it again when two other officers opened fire. >> officers felt that they had to use the firearms to defen another officer's life so again l it's new. we are iecing everything together. >>reporter: officer in the car suffered minor injuries. suspect drove awhich. stolen car was found a million away. this is the first shooting involve san jose police officers with body worn camera. we are getting a break from the wednesday and rain for now
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as we take a live look from the n map. >> changed today and rain drop cover the lens and wind blowing the rain side ways and in novato this morning driver needed their windshield wipers certainly. >> yes. sandhya is here to show us how much rain we picked up. >>reporter: yes. enough to make a little bit of a defense. live doppler 7hd showing you isolated activity as we lock to our north bay. right around ukiah we see light showers around sea ranch. fort ross left over. of the rain we received the last 24 hours. 2.85 in san are fechlt impressive but only a trace in san jose. moffitt field didn't even measure. here's where the difference comes in. sfo at 2 11 percent of normal. same thing with oakland. you with illinois santa rosa 3 13 percent of average so all recent storms we have had, have made app impact and expecting
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of we are tracking a system. this one is come in across the northern portion of california and as we take a closer look here we are already starting to see some rain moving in around ukiah. this is our next storm. moderate strength storm on our scale on 2 and here's what happens between thursday and friday expecting rain heavy at teams. wettest spots 1 to 2 inches. back with with an hour by hour time loin come right up. >> all right thank you. and we have up to the minute weather information for you any time on the abc 7 news app. after you open the app tap on the temperature in the top right corner. guess custom forecast for where you live or work. still down load the app and push alert to get notice about the changing forecast right on the phone or tablet. >> this indicate nip back on the job faster than any one expected. this is the picture posted to face book by the concord police department today. suspect stabbed the dog as we reported with hedge clippers in the back yard of concord home
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on san jose avenue two week ag ago. police shot an killed the suspect they say was threatening officers. the guys was also accused of stabbing another man. much more ahead for you on this tuesday night. coming up. new details on the effort to build a new stadium for the raiders to keep them in oakland. >> facebook does to help create more places to live byts headquarters in menlo park. and what apple said
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>> we have exclusive new information tonight on the effort to build a new stadium for the raiders to keep them in oakland. sources with inside knowledge from top officials tell 7 news oakland and alameda county officials review the term sheets submitted last week by fortress investment key player led by hall of famer. it contains multiple option of the coliseum site funding and photographic. they say work still needs to be done but the details of the term sheet can be finalize before thanksgiving. that would put oakland in a strong position to convince the league to keep the raiders in oakland. important to note to nfl relocation rule state an option can be submitted by local market and league won't accept an application for relocation blocking any potential effort
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by the raiders and dave is to move to las vegas. there's an intensifying challenge for students going to sonoma state university in something we know well near the bay area. that's a short annual of affor affordable housing. we have the story. >> sonoma state university student jillian planned spend her senior year living with friends. instead she's back under mom and dad's roof commuting from home. >> we were looking at one 3 bedroom in particular and the landlord was look to go raise the rent between 4 to 600 dollars upcoming year. >>reporter: she can't afford high living cost in sonoma county. rent have sky rocket the since she was a freshman. incrossing 22 percent since 2 2012. >> we wanted to find a 1 bedroom 1 before the apartment would be about 2,000. >>reporter: she says college students on budget are at major disadvantage. even on campus housing cost as much as 15,000 dollars per year. >> i think it's unreasonable.
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not a lot of stunt finding affordable place to live. >>reporter: sonoma state has one of the highest off campus living cost in the country. she blames look of new housing mixed with job growth in the bay area. jillian thinks the casino is a contributing factor. >> increase in people come to the area with ka season 0worker and family looking for family home. >>reporter: university does house about a third of the campus but they have more students than ever before. >> we have increased our poll population so we were sitting at 6 to 7000 student now we are at 9200 stunt. that also aheaded to i think the competitiveness of finding housing. >>reporter: some relief on the way in rohnert park. huge development across the street from the college. construction is under way at university district which will provide more than 1200 homes. in rohnert park, abc 7 news. computer outage shut down
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most services dmv across the state d.maybe you discovered this firsthand. dmv suffered catastrophic hardware failure. some service services were still available, however many driving test and paperwork assistance all of the offices expected to be up and run with full operation tomorrow mornin morning. silicon valley keeps creating job. 50,000 new ones in the past year. critic worry aer zoo us housing shortage is worse. >> should employers do more to ease the pro be? david the talk about one company solution. >> facebook is a partner in building three 96 housing units near the menlo park headquarters and addressing housing shortage in sill cop valley. >> we created 50,000 jobs and everybody loves the low unemployment rate but only 5000 homes. >>reporter: most are visible to the public also working with menlo park to include 1500
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dormatory style unit for employees as part of an expansion on land adjacent to the campus. this is where employers build housing for the workers. >> certainly don't see having private company providing private company housing as the right solution. we are a community. we have a challenge to house all of our employees whether or not you work for private company. >>reporter: her organization think we should rethink corporate campus such as apple head quarter under construction in cupertino. thousands of employee must drive, park, crowd freeway and commute long distance to find affordable housing. solution might require new thinking to definitely new housing. >> build more homes near job and transit and efficiency then we help address our traffic problems, our air pollution problems and our challenges of
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having more homes affordable to more families. >>reporter: in san jose, david loveie abc 7 news. earnings out tonight show apple annual revenue dropped for the first time in 15 years. they reported earnings of 1.67 cent perfect share penny above expectation. down 5 percent year to year. i-pad and mac sales also down. investor focus on the i-phone 7 hoping hotel difficult season will pump up sales. there is another product announcement on thursday. san francisco planning to cut off 8% of the work force here. about 300 employee. according to bloomberg report announcement could come this woke. social signist struggling with slow user growth and exploring potential sale. twitter refused to comment on the reported lay off.
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>> sandhya is tracking our forecast. >> absolutely. more rain coming all week sounds like. >> yes. unceltsed pattern. tomorrow the only real breakdown as we look at live doppler 7hd. clouds lingering. isolated showers up in the north bay but draw your attention to the long stretch of moisture over the pacific. that is aimed right towards central california so we get a good soaking heading into thursday and friday. our camera showing you clouds over the financial district there. transamerica pyramid mid 60's. it's 59 in gilroy and live look from the east bay hills camp are also looking at clouds but the visibility is good and 60's santa rosa to concord livermore and one other live picture from the kgo camera. trees not blowing whole lot but on thursday we could be seeing gusty conditions here. so next door arrives on thursday with period of heavy rain. take a look at the temperatures
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first thing in the morning. in the 50's. see some clouds around when you get going but it is going to be a dry start to your wednesday and dry afternoon. mid 60's to mid 70's. see sunshine. enjoy it because we have another storm coming. if you like the storms this one is going to be a two moderate in strength thursday and frida friday. rain heavy at times and we look at gust to 35 miles an hour. here's the hour by hour play back. 5:00 a.m. thursday. few showers. storm system has slowed down a bit so computer model go with more shout erred activity thursday morning during the commute then starts to organize and bay pup. wide spread activity going into 3:00 p.m. moderate rain fall. 8:00 o'clock you see the yellow hopping up that's more moderate to heavy rain thushs night going into the latter part of thursday night and friday morning intensity of the rain will pick up. this is when it is going to continue to come through in organized manner and then becoming scattered in nature
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fora friday late morning. rainfall total highest in the north bay 1 to 2 inch. south by up to half inch of rip. now some of the higher terrain could pick up 1 to 3 inches that means the lola fire, could see some debris flow keep that in mind. fast forward to the weekend you are making plans coming. not nearly as moist but will bring scattered showers saturday more organized saturday night. going into sunday morning you will see rainy periods and then scattered showers the rest of the sunday. down load our app to help you keep track of the weather and upcoming systems. tomorrow is the break. get yourself done. thursday wet again. 2 on the scale of happy rain into friday. 1 for friday with scattered showers and saturday it's new system that carries over into sunday that's also a 1. throws a third storm that comes
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in halloween not the best day for the rain for the kid. trick-or-treaters. parade. we have written. we have chance with early morning drop on tuesday. i'll keep you posted on that obviously. >> probable the my rain slicker covers up my costume. >> my. >> i bet you have it jishtion truck driver unhook seat belt ten he's the cab. truck driver unhook seat belt ten he's the cab. >> it's wild.
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all right. the next generation of navigational device is now here. check this out. image of man projected on the windshield in front. the driver in this case as you
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can see item michael testing it out for a week. seeing how this is so much more than just a gps, tonight over on channel 7. there was quite a sight on colorado interstate. take a look. watching a beer truck drive itself. last week some driving truck start up otto team up with to successfully deliver a truck load of beer to colorado springs. driver spent most of the 120 mile trip watching from the back of the truck. colorado doesn't require drivers to stay behind the wheel of autonomous vehicle. it was opened by uber and provided this t.the. >> if you have ever checked a bag and wondered about the where about the, american airlines has a feature to put the people at ease. this matches the location of checked luggage. they track at this time from
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plane to this technology to keep track of that. the only side if watching it. going to bangladesh. >>reporter: another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next coming up. >> i think we are winning the race. >>reporter: down in the poll but not out of the race. donald trump talks with chances in florida. donald trump talks with chances in florida. then. >> two daily with the death penalty. tonight you hear from family who hear similar tragedy but very different perspective on which way to vote. >> and what's hassoun the nation's avocado shortage
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and we begin this half hour race for the white house. now just 14 days left until election day. >> more than 18 million californians registered to vot vote. that's actually a new record. >> on the campaign trail donald trump is telling voters not to believe the poll. he says the they are wrong. >> we have more. >>reporter: both candidates if florida today rallying voters in the must win state. >> two week from his today. >>reporter: today the tracking poll has clinton holding on to the lead over donald trump at 50% to his 38. clinton armed with steady solid lead now also focusing on getting win down ballot. >> unlike his opponent murphy has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. >>reporter: meanwhile trump continues to say the palms are rigged. >> corrupt media, there is
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nothing more corrupt than those people. >>reporter: and so is all of washington. >> job. killing. obama care. is just one more which that our system is rigged. >>reporter: jumping on the if us that afternoon premium under the affordable care act will increase by 25% in pop regardless plans next year during the stop at the golf course if florida trump said obama care is hurting the the employees. >> what they are going through with health care is horrible. because of obama care. so we'll repeal it and replace it. >>reporter: but afterward the general manager of trump golf course said that 99 percent of full-time employees were insured by the company menegas they wouldn't need obama care. trump jump from his golf course to one of his hotels. where tome will attend a ribbon cutting ceremony in dc. clinton remains in florida to attend a rally and celebrate her birthday. this is abc news washington.
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now there are 17 propositions on the california ballot voters face stark choice for california criminal justice system. either apolish the death penalty or make changes to stream line the process and speed up the pace of executio executions. it's a challenging decision and for some it is an emotional choice. >> this is a medal my son was award affidavit his death. >> she lost her son more than a decade ago. he was shot pursuing two robbery suspect. one hamilton on death row. >> they were laughing about my son being killed. about how they the hit the other officers whether tried to render aid to my dying son. i would like to take this places and just put the ban on it. >>reporter: wilson knows the same pain. her husband dan was on patrol in san leandro when called to apartment complex where group
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of men were drinking outside. she says one of them ramirez on probation and in possession of drugs. and weapons. >> and so instead of running he pulled out one of his guns and he shot dan 7 times. >>reporter: ramirez also on death row. >> at a rall yishtion with much in common the the women found themselves on opposite sides of an emotional ballot battle over the death penalty. proposition 62 would abolish capitol punishment in cavalry placing it with a life sentence without parole. the opposite prop 66 would attempt to speed up the execution process. requiring the court to hear appeals within 5 years. she spent a decade tracking the killer. >> i don't leave to see my son's killer executed. i know. that i'm 68 years old. >>reporter: will so that once pushed for the execution of her husband killer as well.
9:33 pm
her children devastated by the father death but in the years that followed she she unwent transformation, some find hard to understand. >> i thought that was what was going to heal me but then it the quickly evaporated and i realized that really wasn't the answer for me. that i had to find my healing in another way. >>reporter: she began working as volunteer meeting with inmates at san quentin and arguing against the death penalty and how it is administered. >> if you are poor and black you are 6 times more likely to receive a death sentence. 15 countings in america that account for the death sentences handed out in america 5 of those are in california. >>reporter: still she believes prop 66 will ensure faster fairer process and ultimately justice for victims. >> justice is the last business of my son's door and that door will present closure.
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>>reporter: now this will be the second time in 4 years that california voters have weighed in on this back in 2012 the decision to keep the death penalty won by narrow margin as you may recall. now we have a special page on our web site to help you prepare for election day. so many important decisions. go to our web site and click on the i con for this guide. you cap make a personalize local ballot. long time sheriff of phoenix was formally charged today with criminal contempt of court for ignoring a judge order in racial profiling case. the criminal charges stem from profiling case that the sheriff lost three years ago. the sheriff was up for reelect and could face 6 month ins jail convicted but the miss demeanor would bar him from serving as sheriff. >> new fall out and outrage over storm we brought you here last night. thousands of national guard soldiers many in california are
9:35 pm
paid bonus whetheren they agree to reenlist. many of them went to war. now being asked to pay those bonuses back. we have more. >>reporter: tonight growing outrage. >> unfair. i'm angry. >>reporter: and finger pointing. >> another bull headed decision by department of defense. >>reporter: problem starting in 2010 when the military learned of criminal fraud. officials gave bonuses intended for hill skilled soldiers to others who did not qualify. now it's the service members paying for that mistake. like susan hailey told to pay 15,000 dollars bonus back plus interest. >> we already have the the used our savings. >>reporter: they served 5 decade between them. monthly pay back to the pentagon now 650 dollars. >> how do you tell your kids you won't see her on christmas. >>reporter: documents show congress was in formed from two
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years ago but didn't act. >> this is not congress phone. this decision came from the department of defense and they were able to stop it then. able to stop it now. >>reporter: the abc news washington. labels on prescription testosterone now carry if you warning about the serious health risk that have been linked to its abuse. fd. announce the labels say some athletes body buildings use this drug. fda says the risk of abuse includes heart attack, stroke, depression, liver, toxicity and l fertility and aggression. nation facing avocado shortage because of grower strike in mexico. last year u.s. reported 35 to 45 million pound of avocado every week but it says that last week u.s. importers received just 8 and half million pounds. in addition the price is going up.
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some bay area restaurants taking it off the menu. chipotle telling the course they won't see a surprise hike or shortage of the best top. new video shows off drone pace tram that could save this bird that also have vaccines of. eaten by the primary food source of the black footed ferry it. possibly being decimated by using the prairie dog and save the ferret. >> when we come back. young man with an extraordinary talent. young man with an extraordinary talent. >> his teacher explains what
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should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu. with tasty options like my brunch burger and a crispy bacon and egg chicken sandwich. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box.
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all right now to the southern california boy with amazing talent. kevin is just 13 years old and now playing one of the hardest instruments in the world to play. here's greg lee. ♪if you watch and listen to 13-year-old kevin perform for just a moment, you know he's special. tell picked up the violin when 5 and a half years old. >> at first it was a hobby eventually i think i really decided to enjoy and love what i was doing. i realize this is what i wanted to do when i grow up. >>reporter: kevin recently featured by symphony irvin for incredible ability. he will be the first to tell you he's no prodigy.prodig humble says at least 5 hours of practice a day and personal ensemble.
9:42 pm
>> hard work over time and the guy answer from a teacher and. >> this is more than just his muir significanceship. >> spoken and great sprens on stage and that has always been there since i have known him. >>reporter: now he's playing one of the rarest instruments in the world. kevin was awarded it at prison steej is international competition. the violin disweather to the 1 1700 worth millions of dollars. >> something about how it could respond to how i play and almost as if it's teaching me while i tra. >>reporter: this violin on loan to kevin for year and a half n.that time he hopes to keep learning and performing reaching towards the dream of becoming a professional. >> excitement. really being able to play heart out in the moment is what i enjoy about performing. >>reporter: greg lee abc 7 enjoy about performing. >>reporter: greg lee abc 7 news
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>> wow! >> let's check in with larry for preview of sports. >> warriors at oracle reason a.season opener. >> i'll tell you what. you see a lot of people leaving behind me and gym is not over. this is not the opening night that anybody expected. golden state warrior uniform you add kevin -- kevin durant and get crushed on opening night believe it or not. all the highlights coming up night believe it or not. all the highlights coming up from
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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good evening everybody. larry outside oracle arena and we certainly didn't expect thi this. rather bumpy start for the nba new super team the warriors with addition of kevin durant
9:47 pm
came out tonight and they have been bullied from the jump by the spurs. the warriors were down 18 at the half. and really never made a run in the game. start the highlights with a big welcome for k d.the year begun at golden state. 9 points income down the 3. second quarter one on one against dreen. not happy. steph trying to shoot the warriors back. 18 at the half. pretty lay up there. and then it is kevin durant well there's curry and kevin will fall out of here, 14 at the half and 23 at last check. every run with run of their own and counter with this run. spurs up 18. parker 34 years old stil got a lot of moves. warriors again trying to make
9:48 pm
rawn. green with a one hand jam but picked autopsy technical foul when it swing the momentum because the warriors not over the 10. he had 35 point in this game. 3 minutes left warriors getting hammered at oracle the 120-97. so they don't have to worry about the burden of a 24-o start like they did a year ago. all right. off to cleveland where the cavs put up the 6016 ban are and the ring before taking off. off the steel. irving up to lebron who splits the defender and the jam is sport side. the finish. next and 3 at the are break. second half at all calf leering another steel. precipitation el. cavs open the seasoner with a
9:49 pm
115 victory. down the block from the ravs arena cleveland posted game one of the world series tonight. biggest history of cleveland sports is here. willing to talk about the chicago cub and long drought because they haven't won a world series since 19 08 keep in mind they have been waiting 68 years for a world series title of their own so two peoples long start looking for world series titles. head open out to believe land and magical night. they were hoping for. lester starting for the cubs. ramirez with a inning ising buffet t-2 nothing after one. struck out 8 patters in the first 3 innings. palm 4.
9:50 pm
perez with high fly that hits the railing. above the home run line so cleveland on to 3 nothing lead. top 7. the cubs trying to get on the board. load the bases nobody out but miller this post season strikes out 2. can not get on the board. perez again with two on and no doubt about this you be with. another bomb. 3 were all jacked. the shut off the kind seen world. busy night in sports we have hockey rook and shark in california california rival. get to the world series polt game sound first. >> just playing with a lot of confidence right now t.just trying to tell cop trol my motion. >> doing what we can to get 4 wipt than they do. >> ready to my. our guys look
9:51 pm
great. great in the dig out today. first game i'm finance. we are fine. >> in shark can the duck of anaheim and i thought, didn't take long for them to renew the rivalry. they drop the gloves first period. we buy this to make it 1 nothing teal. initial 7 but chris black interpoke it in right now tied 1-one in the third period. 7 sports brought to you by toyota as they continue to file out of oracle arena in the time moments here of the season opener in bottom line despite addiction of durant. out rebounded out shot out muscle and beaten in every phase of the game.
9:52 pm
st post game we have it for you net on 7 news at 11. the back to you. >> yes. not the start we wanted at all. thanks very much. >> no. >> coming up next. we'll check with sandhya with the forecast. we'll check with sandhya with the forecast. >> muest an ambassador traffic
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we are in for interesting week of weather. >> yes. one last check with sandhya. >> yes. we have 3 more storms coming in the next 7 difficulties but before we get to that i want to show you the time lapse that is just incredible. this is from our east bay hills camera. watch as the sun was going dow down. got a little glimpse of the of the sunseting. plenty of clouds. over the bay. just absolutely beautiful. see the warrior blue. check out them and cloud cover at this hour and up to the north crescent city, eureka first signs of the rain that is coming. combination of left over of
9:56 pm
hurricane seymour which is no threat to land but it is a mainly category 4 storm weaken along with big metro detroit plume could mean soaking for us on thursday and friday. 60's, 70's and next 7 days you will notice we have rain chance pretty much every single day. tomorrow really not a rain check here locally maybe i hope up to our north mendocino county. weather weather 7 day forecast t.first time back up system is this weekend. one on the storm scale and third system also a one. they get weaker as we go into the weekend. for those who fly into the heart of tech, first thing they see could be decidedly high tech. jonathan met the newest consider service agents in this airport and stand all day without tired and don't even need a love spring.
9:57 pm
>> it was ununusual hiring process. tell me about your background. >> do you want to see me dance. >> san jose airport announce these triplet are joining the team. >>reporter: made by the south korea firm future robot brim with personality. >> you hear the phrase acting like a robot. >> all about personality. >> an committed faces comes from marching universe maybe. winking at me for some odd reason. >> saw the face looking for me and assume it would talk to me. >> wently respond to speech but people prefer the giant touch screen. >> pretty quickly and tough things. >>reporter: like director in shops and restaurants. >> current situation exchange. restrooms. >>reporter: this is from local add wheels and things and they are ambassador. >> iconic for technology.
9:58 pm
we need to make sure we provide the iconic item to make sure the robot turn the table yes they take a picture of you and for brief moment roo bought famous. >> yes. people were lining up for sel selfie and this. tom coi use a little bit of some updating. software. >> regular updates to add things like speech process. >> it would be nice if it saw me get off the plane nice to have you back how was your tri trip. >> 7 news. >> how were you home. don't to see them do the news. >> luggage right there. awesome sni like it. coming up tonight at 11:00.
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attack inside east bay sandwich shop caught on camera. two employee targeted and search for the men responsible. >> navigational response is needed on the windshield directly in front of the fire. his wife has more than yes. >> check us out we appreciate your time. all of us see you again at 1 your time. all of us see you again at 1 11:00 on channel
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, the voice, the music, the soul. clemente: he eventually receives a contract as a singer, as a talent artist himself, which is a very big deal. announcer: and the murder. moore: he's emotionless. he's completely devoid of any


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