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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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an incomplete plan with loopholes. >> one part of a plan that will provide billions for bart. >> bay area filmmaker walking out of jail after murder charges were dropped. hear from the victim's friend about why the shooting may have been justified. >> innovating, earnings and apple. new at 6:00 get the experts' take on what's next. what's worth worrying abut with one of the bay area's biggest tech employers. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. a measure facing voters is one that supporters say is vital to the very existence of the bay area busiest transit system.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. the measure talking about tonight is rr, on the ballot for voters in san francisco, alameda and the measure asks for $3.5 billion in bond money. saying bart canned 't be truste with taxpayer funds. >> laura anthony? >> rporter: this is a property tax measure. it needs 2/3 of the vote to pass. while we found broad support for fixing of the bart system, some question whether this measure is the way to do it. state senator steve glaser says a multibillion dollar bond measure isn't the way to fix the aging system.
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for 23 years they sat on their hand. done five contracts. giving out lavish raises. >> r.r. a property tax measure in contra costa, alameda, and would raise $3.5 billion to repair and replace equipment and systems that are well into their fifth decade. rebecca saltzman is on the board of directors. most is original. over 44 years old. just at this point where we need to replace and repair everything. having a harder time getting money from state and federal governments. we asked bart riders in lafayette for their thoughts on measure rr. >> i don't want to put an more debt on my property taxes. if we are supposed to be encouraged noncar methods we should pay for it. money would go to infrastructure improvements.
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10% towards reducing congestion and improving station access. in lafayette, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> kidnap survivor, jaycee d of the dugard is becoming involved in politics. she writes i'm asking you to vote no on prop 57. other survivors like me should not have to worry when and if their rapists and/or captor will get out. jaycee dugard was kidnapped, raped and held captive during 1 years and gave birth to two children. her captors are in prison. proposition 57 would make those convicted of nonviolent felonies, eligible for parole. it would save the state money and create space in prison for most violent criminals. opponents say nonviolent is defined so poorly, prop 57 would allow some rapists, human traffickers and drive-by shooters to be released early. >> there are 17 state
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propositions on the ballot. all californians will half a chance to vote on them. here at abc 7 news we covered almost a third of them in depth. and that's in just the past week if you have been with us. you can find all of the stories on our website, abc 7 and if you go to abc 7 you will find the voters edge election guide, enter your address, you will be able to make a personalized local ballot with everything including measures specific to your county or city. >> take a look at this video out of italy tonight where two strong earthquakes have shaken the central part of the country. the mayor of the town in the heart of those destruction says, our town is doomed. the 5.5 and 6.1 earthquakes shook an area not far from the same area where a massive earthquake killed 300 people and toppled buildings in august. right now there are no reports of any injuries. >> happening now, protests against a plan skpd pned expant
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a land fill neighbors say stinks. land fill on newby island. neighbors say they can smell it in milpitas, south freemont and san jose. chris nguyen. >> reporter: the city planners support the expansion, but the decision is now up to the commission which is why you see these people here behind me. many of them are residents of milpitas, and freemont. we expect people to show up soon. they hope the commission will take their side. for george lou, the thought of spending time outside makes him and his family cringe. we had to go back. the smell is so bad. many point to the resource park as the source of the smell and are begging the city of san jose who owns the land to do something about it. you don't feel like breathing, because, every breath you take, it is almost like being in a --
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a -- a freezing chamber, where there are literally dead bodies. two years ago the city received a permit to increase the height by 100 feet and expand the closing date from 2025 to 2041. the city of milpitas filed an appeal and an odor study. the study concluded most odor at newby island comes from the park's recycling and green waste facilities compared to actual land fill. tonight the san jose planning commission is expected to look at the findings and decide to initial appeal. there will be rules about the daily cover that goes over the open land fill face. and other conditions. >> but some just aren't buying it. >> the smell is just like regular, the kitchen garbage smell. and sometimes, so strong. like, you feel like a, like you are doing. going to vomit. >> neighbors losing a little bit of hope and patience. in san jose, chris ngyuen.
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>> two people who ran across 680 in walnut creek. a 36-year-old man from danville. he and a woman involved in a fender-bender eight days ago. the two left their car, tried to cross the freeway when they were hit. the woman was seriously hurt. but will recover. it is still unclear why they ran. >> and there are new details about the pursuit that sent the suspect and chp officer to the hospital. that ended in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood yesterday afternoon. everyone who was hurt is expected to survive. abc 7 news reporter, alyssa harrington joins us live with an update. elissa harrington. >> reporter: the officer is here, a minor head injury. cuts and bruises. meanwhile the san francisco police department is leading this investigation. we have a lot of questions for them.
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they have not released names and not explaind why officers opened fire. >> sounds like a cannon going on. a chaotic car chase and shooting in the ocean view neighborhood was enough to startle long time resident. john king. he heard gunshots. screeching tires and saw police speeding down montana street the they were chasing a car theft suspect. video from sky seven shows a massive car, one crash into a house, another parked vehicles. today there is broken glass on the ground and skid marks. police say the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle, and led chp officers on a chase from san mateo to san francisco. officers shot him multiple times. some neighbors say there is more to the story. monique malcolm's son is friends with the man, they call notorious dickerson. they're all upset and don't think the shooting was justified. >> nice guy. and he didn't deserve that. something need to happen.
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individuals. taken people's lives for nothing. >> skrchlt hp officer, seen here on a stretcher, was hurt when the suspect allegedly tried to run him over. one nab who did not want her face on camera, wants the police to explain why officers opened fire. i'm surprised there was gunfire and no gun found on the civilian. and i wonder why, that there was gunfire after the chase. the suspect has not yet been charged. elissa harrington. >> a dead blue whale washed up. over thornton state beach where the whale washed ashore, 3:00. first spotted it a quarter mile offshore. two hours before it showed up on the beach itself. the marine mammal center is partnering with the academy of sciences and hopes to conduct a autopsy tomorrow. >> first rain drops will fall
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tomorrow morning. a live look outside from our camera in the east bay hills. this is the first of several storms that were tracking. abc 7 news, weather anchor, spencer christian and the weather approaching. >> here is live doppler 7. bright, calm conditions over the bay area. despite the presence of clouds. the storm to our northwest. in anticipation of the storm, flash flood watch has been issued for the area from monterey southward. thursday afternoon into friday morning. heavy downpours likely to accompany the storm. with, rain, falling at a rate of over half inch per hour at times. debris flow from recent burn areas is a concern. now here is our storm impact scale ranking. storms from one to five. as we do. approaching storm is two on the impact scale. on a storm of moderate intensity. forecast animation, starting at 5:00 a.m. shows tomorrow the rain will be confined main low to the north bay early. but it will intensify late tomorrow night. i will show you what is to follow after that in a few minutes. dan, alma. >> thank you, spencer. >> there have been no lines at some local dmv officers lately.
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unfortunately, that's the end of the good news. >> the bad news, the reason behind the lack of customers. that's coming up next. >> and next, see how a hundred dollars and the school district, helping kindergartners plan ahead. way ahead. >> as we all know, ignoring problems won't fix them. new at 6:00, how much worse roads have become, while our lawmakers try to figure out how to fix them. stay with us, more to come.
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you are watching a homicide suspect walk out of jail after the district attorney decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. that man is award winning
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filmmaker, kevin epps. police arrested him monday. we know a lot about epps, not about the man fatally shot until tonight. abc 7 news reporter, vick lee is on the story. >> having hard times in and out of jail. >> we'll call him bill. he wants to remain anonymous. bill was the last roommate of marcus polk, the man filmmaker kevin epps fatally shot monday at his home. ♪ epps best known for 2001 movie straight out of hunter's point arrested for the murder. last night the da released him saying it appeared to be self-defense, although adding it is still an open case. today, no one answered the door at epps' home where polk was shot after allegedly forcing himself inside. a home occupied his bye his girlfriend, two children and sister. the victim was a registered sex offender with a long rap sheet, wearing ankle monitor, domestic
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violence, robbery and drugs. >> he had a good heart, good spirit. the drugs starting taking control before he passed away. started to get on, crystal meth, pretty, pretty, pretty tough. started smoking it. >> reporter: bill last saw polk in september when he kicked him out of the unit here at the apartments near the house where he died. >> they just got really, unruly. stuff like that. they had to go. polk was jailed again for parole violation. he was released last week. >> he didn't have a place to stay. so, he was on the streets, or going from place to place. >> reporter: is bill surprised he was killed? >> he was flirting with danger. he was pushing it. >> bill believes the shooting stemmed from a relationship issue involving polk and the women in the house. vick lee, abc 7 news. we have new details now on a story we first covered back in august. walnut creek police identified
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two women they believe are the ones seen on surveillance footage stealing wallets. investigators say the suspects are crystal pratt and eva coleman. both face multiple felony charges including burglary, identity theft and credit card fraud. two months ago the department released this video and asked for the help identifying the women investigators say stole wallets from customers at downtown walnut creek restaurants. now to developing news from the dmv dealing with computer problems statewide. systems at fewer than half of the dmv officers, 87 total are work properly. abc 7 news reporter, wayne friedman joined from san francisco with the story. wayne freedman. >> one of the offices closed. and one of many, if you look at the dmv website. page here. page here. page here. more than 100 of these places still not working because of a computer outage that has been a main your inconvenience.
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>> just by looking at the parking lot any one could tell that something remained amok at the dmv on fell street in san francisco. >> it is costing me $35 an hour. right now, i have been here two days in a row. >> uber driver, gary thomas, grounded for the lack of replacement driver's license. he cannot get. inside, elbowroom and a wait that belies the view. >> have you seen the dmv empty? >> no, no. i knew there was something wrong soon as i walked in. >> reporter: and how? >> unfortunately, our systems are down. >> dmv offices across the state including this one, have been down on monday. they're calling computer systems failure. >> officially the dmv would not allow any employees working in this office to speak to us on camera. they were speaking to customers, however. here's what customers told us the dmv told them. >> what can you tell us that they told you? come back. make an appointment. no estimated time when the system will be back up. >> that was it.
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>> did they afall jazz? >> not really. >> say anything to make you feel better? >> no. >> obviously has to be a better system. >> registration. forget it. driver's license. sorry. eye test. practice all you want. >> got to go to work. all the way back to work across town. >> reporter: driving? >> no, took a stupid cab. didn't have a license. >> $20. >> all this the byproduct when a computer bug gets in the way of real life, real cars, real people. >> where are you going now? >> pick up my wife's laundry? >> he will be back. in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we have some weather and some rainy, skies are getting partly cloudy right now. you can see the leading edge of the rain that is cupping our way. of in the northwestern corner of your screen there. as if this were a map. here is a look at a live view from the rooftop camera. looking out over the bay. where it was earlier, quite blue, clear. we see clouds gathering.
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current temperature readings are 65 here at san francisco. 66 across the bay in oakland. mountain view, 66, 69. san jose, gilro ychy, looking a post sunset sky. we have current readings of 66 in santa rosa. mid 60s. 68, fairfield. 71 at livermore. this is the view from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. partly cloudy sky. features. moderate storm tomorrow. through friday. producing periods of heavy rain. late thursday early friday. and another storm, a weaker one arrives over the weekend. this is the forecast animation for the, approaching storm. starting 5:00 tomorrow morning. beginning of the morning commute. it will be mainly dry then. by midday. we will see areas of rain reaching just about all parts of the bay area. the evening commute might be a little messy. but not so much as the morning commute will be on friday. tomorrow evening we will have areas of heavy rain. won't be very widespread. but the rain becomes more
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concentrated overnight. by 5:00 friday morning, as the morning commute begins end of the week. we will have rain all over the place. pockets of heavy rainfall. probably pooling and puddling in the roadways. gets even heavier later in the morning hours. it continues, through the afternoon, before it starts to brang break up into scattered showers friday night. as i mentioned a storm over the weekend. for thursday, friday storm. rainfall totals will range from 1/2 inch to an inch. some locations will be even wetter. fairfield. over an inch and a third expected in san jose. quite wet going into the weekend. overnight. look for rain approaching. from the northwest. low temperatures will be generally in the mid to upper 50s. relatively mild overnight. tomorrow's highs will be on the low side. from low to mid 60s. basically from coast to inland. this is accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the storm coming in, continuing through friday, is 2
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on the impact scale. scale of moderate intensity. once again, periods of heavy downpours. late thursday early friday. second storm in over the weekend. little weaker than the one at the end of the week. ranks one. halloween monday. looks like it will be mainly dry. clouds may thicken. the third storm comes in early next week. of course you can follow all the updates and get the push alerts by downloading abc 7 news app. stay on top all off weather developments. >> cloud are okay for halloween. >> cloud are okay. >> yeah. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead here. an about-face from the defense department. the order from on high after
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the defense department making an about face on the decision to have california national guard members pay backbone uses they got to reenlist to fight in iraq and afghanistan. secretary of defense ash carter told the pentagon to stop asking
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thousand of soldiers to repay those $15,000 bonuses. carter calls the process unfair. the bonuses were improperly given to soldiers a decade ago during the height of the iraq war. carter asked the pentagon to come up with a new streamlined process for the repayments. but some members of congress argue soldiers should be able to keep the bonuses that they were promised. >> they shouldn't have to pay it back because it was somebody else's mistake, not theirs. they answered the call to serve this country. they did what was honorable. what was patriotic. >> congressman is a member of the house armed services committee. he says he will change the law in the national defense authorization act to allow service members to keep those bonuses. >> abc 7 news on hand for an historic picture 30 years in the making to day. take a look. these women you see here, posing at crissy field, current or retired san francisco firefighters. the picture commemorates the
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30th anniversary of women joining the department. back in 1987, the then mayor opened the doors of firehouses to whippen. it was up to the women to become accepted. >> this isn't a job if you don't want to be a fire fighter. it is a dirty, very physical job. and so, once we realized we too wanted to be firefighters, it pretty much worked itself out. >> three decter, women make up 15% of the city's firefighters. that include the fire chief. compare that to new york, where less than 1% of firefighters are women. what a great day and image that is. less than two weeks from election day. presidential candidates making unusual appearances in the bay area. >> where you can find these memen tomorrow mem mem mementoes of a campaign unlook no other. >> with this money we are setting an expectation. and there is dialogue at home about college. >> the road to college starts early in oakland. how much money these kindergarteners just received to
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start their college savings accounts now. >> new at 6:00 -- when perfect isn't good enough. how much longer apple iphone 7
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires.
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because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. live where you live. good evening. new detail on the san francisco filling maker and anti-violence activist released from jail following an arrest for a fatal shooting. >> posted this individually to instagram. shows him leaving jail after the district attorney decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. >> abc 7 news reporter, vick lee spoke with epps in san francisco. vic? >> we interviewed kevin in front of the united players clubhouse right across the street over there. he is very tight with the founder, rudy corpus, and he is, rudy corpus of course is a gang
7:31 pm
intervention specialist who founded it. he is also very tight with the founder of brothers against guns. sean richard. they both arranged this interview for us tonight. now, kevin was arrested, monday night. in bruno heights. arrested after he shaut ot an intruder, marcus polk, booked on suspicion of murder. released last night because the district attorney said there was insufficient evidence to charge him. they believe that it was self defense. kevin spoke to me about resuming his role as a peacemaker. resuming his role with the community, peacemaker and nonviolence. take a listen to the excerpt.
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[ no audio ] tonight kevin says he is going to celebrate his release with his family. with his kids. he was -- in an upbeat mood. he said that he -- was going to rest a bit. it was all very complicated. it happened so fast. and again, let's hear from kevin. >> it's heavy, you know. as a black man there is a lot of complexities around issues we are dealing with around many things. so, i'm just thankful that, that you know a black man can possibly get some justice, you know. and in san francisco. >> kevin says he is going to celebrate with his family. he has kids. and he is really glad to be out and as you heard him, he says that he is really absolutely glad that a justice, that justice worked in this case. even though he says, there is a lot of injustice around.
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that's the very latest, vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you. new at 6:00. california roads are in a state of disrepair and conditions are getting much worse. according to a report from the league of california cities. they estimate 22% of local streets will be in failed condition in ten years. potholes, cracks and bad pavement are costing state drivers, 700 per year in extra maintenance costs. >> the problem will continue to get more expensive. absent any legislative action. looking at the backlog. need for roads to grow. by $20 billion. >> lawmakers have enacted on a order from governor brown to resolve a budget deficit for fix the state's transportation infrastructure. the governor made the request in june of last year.
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$1 million may not see much. here is abc 7 news, education reporter. >> they know nothing of savings accounts or compound interest. they learned that their school district helped them start a way to help pay for college costs. research has found that students hatch at least $500 in the college savings account, they're three times more likely to attend college. after setting them up with $100. the kindergarten to college program. will allow parents to contribute whatever they can beginning in kindergarten through the end of high school. that's 13 years of savings. >> they're contributing to this part of our lives. and for our kids. we got to put our part too, jessica is thinking of setting aside $100 a month. if she follows through, her daughter will have $15,000 for college. >> not just about a t-shirt. not just about the $100. the shift in the culture and
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mind set that we believe in you. we know you are going to go to college. >> if for any reason the family moves out of oakland they can take the savings account and continue making contributions. this year 1 schools will be enrolled in the kindergarten to college program. within four years, every school in this district will be par s participating. families there, receive $50 ore $100 depending on income. >> hearing a lot about college. what is college, mom? families who never eect they'd could afford college are now having a different conversation. in oakland, leeann mellen dleea. >> reason for hillary clinton to celebrate. her 69th birthday. spend the day on the campaign trail in the battleground state of florida. bloomberg politic poll gives donald trump a two-point lead there. >> i don't pay attention to polls when they're good. i don't pay attention to them
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when they're bad. i really don't. and i know people tell you that. it is really true for me. i don't pay attention. my view is -- you got to get up every day. you got to work as hard as you can. >> also in -- >> in a symbolic move, clinton will spend election night under a glass ceiling at jabbatz center in manhattan. >> police looking for a vandal who used a pick ax and sledgehammer to pulverize donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. the crew from deadline hollywood captured the vandal's act mid swing before 6:00 this morning. the man was dressed like a construction worker. witness as sumd he was working for the city. he smashed trump's name. tried to pry the star from the sidewalk. he told people nearby he was angered by trump's comments. >> i will be the greatest president that god ever created. >> if you just can't get enough of trump.
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political paraphernalia may be what you need. at the greetings store, lakeshore in oakland. get t-shirts. coloring books. and chewing gum if you mistakenly kiss some one from the other side. >> navigational devices making it easier to get where you are going. >> michael finny is next with how this is so much more than gps. >> apple prepares to launch mac books days after disappointing earnings report. is apple still inno
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new generation of gps has been released after more than three years of testing. >> this device has a certain wow
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factor to it. as 7 on your side's correspondent asks, will they be willing to pay for a service others give for free. >> the latest navigational device draws its inspiration from fighter jets. it also brings back memories of early star wars-like technology. it is called navdy and puts directions and map before your eyes. >> it really changed the way i do business and organize my day. >> lisa has been one of the thousand of consumers chosen to test navd ycy, several months before. >> turn right on to bryant street. i have a full screen of my dashboard. but if i keep my head straight, and, slightly plant further down. i could see the streets. >> navdy, ceo, says the goal is to keep the drivers eyes on the road and not on their phone or console. >> you know, doesn't make a lot of sense to look down while driving. navdy is more. it is connected to almost
7:42 pm
anything on your smart phone. >> it's maps. it's phone calls. it's messages. >> i had a chance to get an early preview of navdy. swipe right to left. you can have your text messages read to you out loud. >> hey, michael, are you available for lunch? >> you can also access your message with a simple push of a but ton on your steering wheel. calendar reminders will show up too. even social media alerts if you want. you can also use the button as a dial, and turn it to zoom in, or out, on the map. so, what do i think? the colors are bright. it is easy for your eyes to focus on both the road and the map. ceo simpson says the map has 40 times the brightness of the iphone. >> needs to be. we are overpowering the sun. you can see the transparent image. >> it is crystal clear. it works perfectly. but is it safe? for the answer to that question, i turn to san francisco
7:43 pm
optometrist chris hira. we asked him if the eye could process text messages, road and map at the same type. he said the key is having your text and e-mails read to you so you won't read while you are driving. >> much easier to carry on conversation, listening, driving, versus reading and driving. >> hiura predicts. navdy will cut down on accidents. navdy does take getting used to. easy to be distracked by the maps. and everything else happen right before your eyes. >> was i supposed to turn down there? >> toughest hurdle for navd ycht, sells for $799. the question is whether consumers used to getting navigational devices on their phone for free will pay for the extra safety and features. >> i love it. >> we asked the california highway patrol what it thought of navdy. it declined to comment. we have information on what you will need to make navdy work and how the iffages projected look
7:44 pm
you saw. all on our web site. plus information about predelivery and setup of the navd yc navdy. i'm michael finny. 7 on your side. >> next at 6:00. when billions aren't enough. >> why investors are concerned
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new at 6:00. isn't music to the ears of apple fans. the company announced it is delaying launch of air pods, the ear buds for the newest iphone, the accessory which it unveiled last month isn't quite ready for primetime. the company didn't say exactly why it needs more time. >> now, apple could address this at a big product launch tomorrow. at an event where it is expected to unveil the new mac book, standard laptop of silicon valley. >> as abc 7 reporter, jonathan blum found out it comes after an earning reports that has some questioning if apple its losing its edge. >> i have had iphone -- ipods, and mac book. >> reporter: visit a coffee shop in san francisco, you may think you walked into an apple store. >> do you have other apple products. >> reporter: the little company has become a giant.
7:48 pm
>> as you get fat, you get lazy. and apple has gotten fat? >> and lazy. >> reporter: for the company that arguably reinvented the computer and telephone. >> apple hasn't innovated on a new product category ten or so years. >> the stock dipped after apple announced a drop in annual revenue for the first time in 15 years. apple hopes its big product launch turns it around. >> having people in all over the country to see what the new stuff is. >> this may be a clue. images founded on apple website of a new mac book pro, with thin color, and fingerprint sensor. as with the iphone, the destein changes look small. >> what they will do is take away more ports. seems to be the direction they're headed into. >> reporter: when it comes to the mac book, conservative might be a good thing for apple. people use these two devices for very different things. >> using it for photo shop. >> work. >> power points. >> c-net's dan akerman says people who rely on mac book may not want change. >> the default laptop.
7:49 pm
any time you see laptop depected on television, movie, very often aluminum bodied thing, either mac book or looks like one. >> one veteran investor says apple is a great bet. >> you know how much dividend is paying out. they're a blue chip stock now. >> stewart says not the young growing apple of steve jobs. tim cook's apple is an institution. >> apple still a great product company. they really know how to make good products. great products. that's different than innovating. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. what an interesting change that is for the company that innovated so much. let's talk about the with forecast. >> spencer and the latest. spencer? >> next storm on the way as you know. it will arrive tomorrow. continue into friday. a fairly significant storm. but we have a second storm coming in for the weekend. 7:00 a.m., saturday. see areas of the day, saturday. widespread. intense. overnight saturday night into sunday. looks like a wet day. this storm ranks one on the
7:50 pm
impact scale, tomorrow. and stronger. ranks two. here is our trick or treat forecast for monday. halloween. by 5:00 monday. mostly ghostly. a chance of rain. darkness descend, 7:00 p.m. we will see creepy cloud, whoa, by 9:00 p.m. accuweather 7-day forecast. lots of rainy days through the seven day. and monday, halloween, interestingly enough. the only day expected to be dry. >> wow. >> thank you. >> perfect timing. >> thank you, spencer, vincent price. >> we have a lot to talk about tonight. >> yeah. >> there are some issues. warriors, they have had a chance to study the film from the season openening disaster last night. the film looked just as bad as in real life. what are they saying the day after their
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good evening. a slap in the face. punch in the mouth. the warriors describe their season opening loss last night. stark dose of reality. the spurs crushing the nba so-called super team by 29 points. warriors returned to the practice court today. after the spurs game. and the spurs exposed a lot of weaknesses starting with, warriors rebounding. the ws crushed on the board. 64-41. steve kerr has to find a big man who can rebound and defend. the ws shot a horrendous 7 of 33 from three point range. that's 21%. all that adds up to a 129-100 thrashing. worst home loss since 2009. left a lot at oracle last night stunned. >> i think -- we have, we have, spoiled ourselves. in some ways the last couple years. we dominated our home floor.
7:55 pm
i felt like we -- kind of expected that to continue. we were playing one of the best teams in the league. that, that executed like crazy. like they have for many years. and we looked like, a team, with -- with a lot of new guys. trying to figure out, you know where, where to go. so -- a lot of work to do. >> pretty bad. no sugarcoat. it's pretty bad. and it is bad. bring energy like i should. going to make up for it friday. and we've been spoiled. and unfamiliar feeling lose at home. a great thing. we were feeling coming in this morning. nobody enjoyed it. good good work in. made a positive light out of it. >> think kevin durant's spurned former teammate, westbrook, would have enjoyed watching last night's warriors beat down. if russ was watching. he wouldn't admit it today. >> nice dinner. talking to my wife on the phone. and went to sleep.
7:56 pm
took a shower. used dove soap. >> is that an endorsement? >> no it is not. brushed my teeth. washed my face. went to sleep. put a movie on before i want to sleep. that's what i did. >> good to know, dove soap. westbrook, life after, visiting philly. taking the ball down the court. sweet scoop to the hoop. then there was a, a fan there who gave hip the we are number one gesture that we are not showing. sixers surprisingly making it interesting. and hits the three. philly with an eight-point lead. westbrook, clearing some space. little elbow. step back jumper. one point lead. the sickexers. the big man finishing with authority. but 66-64, philly. in the third. >> amid all the las vegas rumors, the oakland raiders relocated temperatu ed temporar
7:57 pm
florida. they beat jacksonville. they will play in tampa against the buccaneers. sunday. as a result. the raid dears side let's stay in florida. they're in sarasota, they avoid multiple flights across the country. if any team knows what it takes to win on the road. the raiders. 4-0 away from the oakland coliseum. despite beautiful scenery and warm weather. business as usual. >> i just actually realized i looked out this morning and realized there is water close by. so -- it only took me three days to realize that. yeah, yeah, we are just going about our business, really. happens to be a beautiful setting. but, the work, the work is the same. >> love it, man. the weather is nice. there is no state tax here. a good thing for the people who live here. you know, but, yeah, no. if the's been awesome. the people here have been great. >> we just enjoying it. it's beautiful. sarasota. this is nice, man. and taking it all in. at the same time, we working every day.
7:58 pm
and, you can't beat this weather. you can't beat this, this scenery. the ritz. you can't beat none of this. i mean, just taking it all in. enjoying it. we playing ball. >> rough week at the ritz. in sarasota. >> want to give you a world series note. game two, cubs are leading, 5-0 in the sixth. and took a no hitter into the sixth inning of the game. >> wow. >> good stuff. >> cleveland got their first hit. highlights, 9:00, 11:00. >> join us at 9:00 on cable channel 13. coming up an act that made all the difference for a student who had trouble making friend. at 9:00. >> dead whale wash as shore. on abc news 7 at 11:00 what's behind the whale's death and the spekt co spe spectacle it is causing. >> for all of us, see you at 9:00
7:59 pm
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