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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 26, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, storms are on the way. this is a live look outside from the abc7 roof camera. it is quiet right now, but we are hours away from downpours and a chance of thunder. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. let's go to sandhya patel and live doppler 7. sandhya? >> sandhya: this storm is going to be one you will remember. live doppler 7 right now is tracking the clouds. the reason this will be one you will remember is it will drench you over the next two days. take a look at why we basically have a tropical connection. hurricane seymour is expected to weaken and expected to work its way toward the bay area. we are already seeing a good
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subtropical moisture tap. it is coming together for a soaking and one is going to be for your commute. a look at the live doppler 7hd right now and you are seeing some moisture. this is a southern latitude storm. the moisture will come in from the southwest, and we will see heavy rainfall in the burn areas south of monterey where a flash flood is out. expect the downpours of half an inch an hour looking at debris flows possible on the storm impact scale. this is a two, a moderate strength storm. and it has the potential to bring with it some thunder. three quarters to an inch. hilltops looking at two to four inches. hour by hour forecast, 5:00 a.m., rein knocking at our door and it is in the north bay. as we head into the 7:00, 8:00 hour it will spread. the intensity of the rain will be increasing. exactly when the heaviest will hit and how long it will last, plural coming up.
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>> abc7 news has more on the incoming storm. mike nicco and alexis smith will be tracking the potential for a wet commute at 4:30 a.m. >> dan: tonight we learned of a rash of home break ins or break in attempts. this maps show the homes targeted and san leandro. they all occurred between friday and monday. abc7 news reporter katie is live in san leandro. >> reporter: dan, and those are only the cases police are aware of. we heard several stories of people seeing would be burglars in that their windows. want you to look at this surveillance video. >> it is a red, honda four-door civic with oxidized paint on the car. >> home security video catches burglars as they approach a house last friday morning. they then go through the side
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gate seen by another camera and break in through a backdoor. >> what ups the antes on this is it occurred when nobody was at home. >> nobody was home during the first burglaries. but then latery that night a woman was home alone. >> she was surprised by the sound of smashing glass. she was able to flee out to a neighbors and called 9-1-1. jay five break in attempts within four days. >> i am concerned that they are turning our neighborhood into a neighborhood of fear. i don't want it to be in fear because then you do things you don't wnt to do. i don't want them shooting at their doors and things like that. >> they ask them to register surveillance cameras and install lights and make their presence known. >> if the door bell rings let somebody know you are in your house because it usually scares them away. >> all five cases are similar. it could be the same people in the video. police believe the burglars
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are two or three men in their late teens or early 20s. abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, a pair of gunmen robbed a man in front of his home. it happened before 5:00 this evening on waverly road. the 72-year-old victim may have been followed home from a nearby bank of america. he was mott hurt, thank goodness. the robbers got away in a silver honda civic with a green paper license plate. a san francisco film maker and activist who once faced charges is thankful a black man can possibly get justice. it showed him leaving jail after the district attorney decided there was not enough evidence to charge him. they say monday's deadly shooting in glen park was self-defense. >> processing that has been a traumatic and unimaginable experience. >> marcus was shot after allegedly forcing himself in
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the home. the two knew each other. he was a registered 6 offender with robbery charges. defense attorneys in the see yarr -- in the sierra lamar case are alleging she ran away. they are gathering evidence to prove lamar had intentions to run away including a statement from a close friend. lamar vanished in 2012 on her way to school. her body has never been found. prosecutors say dna evidence proves garcia torres killed her. tonight they tried to shutdown a landfill they say is harmful to their health. newbie island is in milpitas, but sits on land owned by san jose. we go now live where demonstrators ran into something unexpected. katie? >> the majority of the protesters arrived on a charter bus. the bus pulled away from the curb about 90 minutes later with dozens of protesters on board. they did not get the chance to
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make their case in front of the planning commission, but they vow to return. they arrived by bus. more than 100 protesters from milpitas and fremont. >> it looks like they don't care about the public health. >> the landfill is located in milpitas and on land owned by san jose. people who live nearby say the smell is so bad that it forces them indoors. they want the facility closed. the san jose planning commission has approved an expansion of the landfill. it is now considering an appeal by the city of milpitas. protesters filled the meeting space only to hear the general manager ask the public hearing be moved to another date. >> we believe this is the most appropriate approach to this situation so that an issue of this importance can be heard by as many members of the commission as possible. >> three commissioners were absent. the gm said they need more time to review a recently completed odor study. >> it doesn't matter how often
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or how you delay it. we are going to be here. >> the commissioners granted the defer rail and the protest moved to the lobby. >> they are hoping that these people are going to get tired and they are not going to show up and they can easily pass it and then expansion happens and then guess who will suffer. >> they are scheduled for december 7th. abc7 news. a catastrophic computer glitch could affect dmv offices for a fourth day tomorrow. they are rebuilding the system after a hardware failure. it began on monday and the dmv says repairs are taking longer than anticipated. services were limited at a hundred offices statewide. more than a dozen in the bay area. on-line services are still available though. >> dan: let's move to the election and your voice, your vote. a poll is now giving donald trump a two-point lead in the make or break state of florida.
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>> ama: steph me -- stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: donald trump is back in the battleground state of north carolina. >> in 13 days we are going to win north carolina and we are going to win back the white house, believe me. >> reporter: he went to north carolina after mixing business with the campaign in dc. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: the entire trump crew in place to celebrate his new $200 million hotel just blocks from the white house. trump then shifting to the fox news feud between anchor may again kelly and former house speaker and trump backer newt gingrich. gingrich said she was fascinated with sex when she tried to defend the coverage of the female accuser. >> congratulations, newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. we don't play games, right, newt? >> reporter: and in an interview with george stephanopoulos, trump defended taking time out to open his
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hotel saying hillary clinton takes more time off. >> i can't take one hour off to cut a ribbon at one of the great hotels of the world? i think i am entitled to it. >> reporter: hell reclinton celebrate -- hell reclinton celebrating her 69th birthday. going after trump and urging supporters to vote early. >> with 13 days left in the election we cannot stop for a minute. no come play sen see. after days of early voting in florida more than two million people have already cast their ballots. abc news, washington. >> dan: coming up, trouble the a sea. the sailor is now missing in the middle of the ocean after leaving san francisco. >> ama: and the dead whale carcus on a peninsula beach. >> dan: and one raider who is
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ready to walk away from the deal. >> jimmy? >> thank you, dan and ama. gather together because there is this. >> here is donald trump. he is complete with his american flag tie and his tupe american flag tie and his tupe and the wall which he
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developing news m the coast imawrtd -- the coast guard is looking for a sailor. he is trying to cross the pacific in 20 days and he hasn't been heard from since monday. this is video provided by the coast guard. crews flew over his vessel this morning and were unable to see him.
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a few hours ago they will try to drop rescuers on board. he left san francisco eight days ago. new details on the blue whale carcass that washed up on a daly city beach. it is in a remote spot of the beach. as lilian kim tells us, it is the first blue whale to wash on shore in six years. >> reporter: the dead male blue whale washed up directly below this steep cliff, a remote section of the daley coast. it was first spotted in the ocean a quarter mile of on shore. he hiked down the cliff hoping to find it. >> i think every year a whale is washed up at pacifica. it gives me a reason to take a hike. >> the marine mammal center will beacon ducting a necropsy. they responded to 30 washed up
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crush stay sheen, but none were blue whales. they only responded to two whales seven times in the center's 41-year history. the most recent was 6 years ago when a female carrying a fetus washed ashore. it died of blunt force trauma after being hit by a ship. blue whales are the largest animal on earth. they can measure up to 98 feet and weigh up to 170 tons. daly city residents who heard about the whale came to the cliff to see it for themselves and they were not disuh ponted. >> it is really big. i have never seen a whale in person. it is pretty amazing actually. >> as to how the whale died, scientists are hoping to find out. they could conduct a necropsy as early as thursday. abc7 news. >> ama: the young woman at the center of the police scandal that rocked seven law enforcement agencies has a new life. her lawyers have taken measures to keep 19-year-old jasmine out of the public eye and away from the habit that caused her so much controversy.
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now an eye team report on the news at 11:00. and the man behind the raiders stadium in las vegas says he is preparing to walk away from the deal entirely. he told routers that the raiders want so much, and he can live without the deal. he says if the team does not want it, quote, nevada's governor signed the bill to increase hotel taxes to raise $750 million in public dollars for the stadium. eddelson pledged $650 million and the remaining $500 million will be covered by the raiders and the nfl. >> now yo -- your accu-weather forecast with sandhya patel. >> sandhya: looking at live doppler 7 we not only have the clouds, but we are tracking moisture off the coast. 134 miles away. as you take a look here is what you can expect. over the next 24 hours, a wet morning and evening commutes. brief downpours in the evening and we are looking at minor street flooding certainly possible as the gutters start
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to back up. debris flows for the burn areas scruze south of monterey. east bay hills is showing you a spectacular view. the temperatures are really in the comfort zone of the low 60s from san francisco to oakland and san jose. 57 in gilroy. a live look from the emeryville camera. the winds are not an issue. things are looking fine in terms of our temperatures in the tifts. ins 50s. kgo roof camera and these trees that are not really blowing will be swaying in the wind a little bit tomorrow. it arrives in the morning and periods of heavy rain thursday afternoon through friday morning and it will look at a weaker storm. we will bring in the storm impact scale. this is a two. a moderate strength storm on thursday and friday three-quarters to an inch and a half of rain for most areas. two to four inches for the hills and yes there is potential for thunderstorms. at least there is a chance. hour by hour forecast showing you what to expect at 5:00 a.m. rain in the north bay here. notice at 6:00 a.m. it will
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start to shift to san francisco. showers increase at 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. light to moderate in intensity. and then at noontime you may be grabbing lunch and there will be wet roadways so grab the umbrellas m 3:00 in the afternoon, oranges and yellows indicating moderate to heavy rain. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night the evening commute is not going to be an easy breezy one. it is still a good time to tele commute if you can tomorrow. it is going to be a sloppy one for your evening commute and also for friday morning commute. 4:00 a.m. we are getting heavier rain into the santa cruz mountains. the loma fire area, not a good thing obviously. 5:00 a.m. friday widespread rainfall, light to moderate. 6:00 on friday the roads are slippery and it will be a slow going one. the rain begins to ease up, but wee have scattered showers continuing through the afternoon and the evening hours for your get away on friday. rainfall totals evenly
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distributed unlike the last storm that barely brought anything to the south and east bay. you will notice just over an inch in half moon bay and oakland and fairfield and you do get over an inch of rain. temperatures will be in the 50s as we head into the afternoon. it will be a lot cooler than today. we had primarily 70s and 80s. make sure you have your umbrellas. you can download the news app to help you get through the storm and get the push alerts if an urban and small stream flood advisoy is issued. look at the accu-weather forecast. wet commutes tomorrow. two on the storm impact scale. a chance of thunder. the same storm carries over to friday which is why we have a two. heavy rain for the morning commute. saturday into sunday we have a weaker storm. it is a one on the storm impact scale. halloween, not a trick, but a treat. it is a dry break which will mean chance of rain on tuesday and then another system on
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wednesday. dan and ama, we will be tracking multiple storms the tracking multiple storms the next seven days.
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how sweet is that? firefighters in newark found two kittens on one of their fire trucks. they believe a neighborhood cat sought shelter in the hose bed and gave birth while the truck was parked outside. >> oh man. they were transported to a fremont clinic where they will be cared for until they can be put up for adoption. oh those little cries. they get me every time. >> let's go from kittens to cubs. >> they should name them ama and dan. >> they'll get adopted right away. >> one of them will. somebody's long drought will end in this world series.
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with lebron james in the house , the cubs flirted with ♪ this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the last no hitter in the world series was a perfect game. he had some people feverishly googling don larson as they even it up a game apiece. i need fire. he had the hot bat. he is back from a knee injury and it drives in rizzo.
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it is 2-0 cubs. there is another base hit. he carried a no hitter into the 6th. the first hit of the game. a double off the bat and he allows one run and five and two-thirds. he gets carlos santana with two on. the cubs win it 5-1 and the series is even at 1-1 and heading to what should be a ruckus wrigley field. now that the shock has worn off how did the warrior resees spawned to their flop? a stun twog 9-point loss last night. they are back in practice. the dubs know they have a rebound and defend better. there would be bumps along the row, but he didn't expect a brick wall. >> we spoiled ourselves. we dominated the home floor. we expect that to continue. we look like a team with a
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lot of new guys and trying to figure out where to go. >> it is pretty bad. it is pretty bad. i am gonna make up for it on friday. it is an unfamiliar feeling when we lose at home. >> russell westbrook is beginning life after kd. this is a guy who wakes up in attack mode. to the rack. a nice finish and then gets into it with a fan at courtside who offers brotherly love. westbrook with a slam. late fourth quarter and tied at 95. the shimmy and the shake. the pull up jumper. the thunder pull away late to win it 103-97. mavs and pacers and dirk nowitzki to our old friend harrison barnes. the game tied at three.
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good to see him make a jumper. this will be all alone. 113-112 and jordan clarkson. he had 25 and then julius randal going strong in the lane. there is life after kobe. 120-114 lakers. abc7 sports is brought toy by riverwalk casino.


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