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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the new information may not be significant. so let's get it out. >> hillary clinton calls on the fbi to get out the facts after the director reveals new e-mails were discovered during an investigation and donald trump is pouncing. >> we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. >> 11 days before americans choose a new president the
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campaign being rocked tonig by yet anoher bomb shell. good evening. >> i'm amma. e-mails have come back to haunt hillary clinton again and fbi declined to file charges after long investigation into the use of private e-mail server she admitted was a mistake. >> but now the fbi its looking into newly discovered e-mails that could be related. here's chuck. >> short notice news conference hillary clinton called on the fbi for an explanation. >> the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts medley. >> campaign blind-sided by the sudden announcement from fbi director james cuomo that he's reopened the investigation into her e-mails. late tore congress he wrote the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. clinton is crying foul. >> we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our life times which is why we are calling on the fbi to release
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all the information that it has. even director cuomo noted that this new information may not be significant. so let's get it out. >> the new e-mails found on device shird by disgraced ex congressman weiner and his estranged wife who is hillary clinton closest aide trailing in the poll donald trump revell in the sudden turn of fortune. >> we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. >> i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. >> trump blamed the fbi for failing to bring charges against clinton for unauthorized use of a private e-mail account and server. >> it might not be as great as i thought. >> both campaign only wait and wonder what affect the stunning
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october surprise will have in november. this is abc news new york. >> fbi announcement called the clinton campaign completely off guard. >> cecelia was traveling with the campaign when the news broke. >> when hillary clinton boarded her plane bound for iowa this morning it seemed like a regular day on the campaign trail. l on board clinton chat with her top aide including team clinton insisting they are running like under dog. >> but while we were in the air the political bomb shell breaking on the ground below. >> we just got off the flight. no wi-fi on board all the way from new york to iowa. nobody knew what was happening while we were in the air. staffer were completely shocke shocked. >> secretary clinton. secretary clinton any reaction to reopening of the investigation into the e-mails. >> no comment from hillary clinton or her staffer.
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at first rally clinton still not addressing the news. >> donald trump says he can still win and you know he's right. anything can happen in an election. >> tonight clinton dressing the october surprise no one saw coming. >> what would you say to a voter who right now will be seeing you and hearing what you are saying, saying i didn't trust her before. i don't trust her any more right now. >> i think people long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. i think that's factored in to whether people think and now they are choosing a president. >>reporter: the news of fbi -- the news of fbi e-mail investigation comes as the poll are tightening in the race for president. national tracking poll shows clinton with 4 point lead over trump. go to our web site to prepare for election day. click on voice your vote and get comprehensive resource showing you the candidates as well as the measures on your
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local ballot. breaking news tonight in south bay where police arrested 5 teenagers after two people were stabbed in the valley fair mall in san jose at 8:00 o'clock tonight not long ago. employee at one of the stores says she heard a lot of could mess and saw 4 young men run out of bath and body work. now katie has just learned that one person was stabbed in the back. the other in the hand. we continue working to get more information on this breaking news story in san jose. keep it here for updates we are on the story. be sure to down load the 7 news app and unable push alert to get the latest information sent right to your mobile device. >> now to murder mystery in the east bay. victim high powered attorney was killed on the porch of his bay area home. happened last night in el cerrito eric has the story. >> we do hope that there are people who have camera maybe on the home or businesses. maybe have seen a car going by.
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high rate of speed at that time of night. >> the group of young people took mrours to the home of attorney james land partner in the san francisco law office of kilpatrick townsend and stockton. he was 62 gunned down on front porch of his house on vista drive last night. police got the call before 9:00 p.m. >> they started cpr paramedic arrived shortly there after. >> handled property cases silicon valley giant including apple and oracle. firm released this statement today. saying jim was salute pillar of our law firm. trusted colleague and close trend as well as mentor and role model to many t.jim will be missed deeply. right now the investigators don't have much to go on. >> as of now no suspect information. no relative known to us. no witness. >> obviously investigators will have to consider whether disgruntled client is behind
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the murder but they will need the public help. this is confidential a. >> they hope the call comes before the trail gets any colder. >> if again we are always staying on top of all the news and weather so down load our 7 news app. get the push alert to get the updates on the mobile device. >> we had another soggy day across the bay area. rain caused traffic problems all over the place. chp had to slow down drivers on 101 because of the accident in petaluma. >> from the look of this picture the ground is already becoming saturated and that will help give us the run off to fill our reservoir. >> sky clearing a bit as you look live from the exploratorium camera on pier 15 but what is coming for the weekend? drew is here. >> we are seeing a break in the activity in most areas. couple of light scattered showers and right down the
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street level couple light showers around millbrae, pens will, north of belmont and sprinkle around east palo alto. across the bay. san leandro. you notice the light sprinkle moving to the north so next couple of minutes we do expect portion of oakland to see a few sprinkle but that's about it. it was certainly soaking across the region the past 24 hours. wide spread rainfallotal system started in the south and moved this way to the north. so wide spread area of healthy rainfall. the storm total can take a loo look. hayward coming close to an inch. nearing inch in san jose. san francisco over 3 quarters of an inch of rain. over an inch in nap a.santa rosa about inch and third of rainfall past 24 hours. october has just been so wet. love to see the numbers. every single location across the bay area has seen above average rainfall these numbers 150 3 percent above normal to 4
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51 percent above normal. satellite showing you our first storm is exiting the region. already tracking the next storm building strength out in the pacific moving on shore tomorrow night. so as we in between the system a couple scattered showers throughout nothing wide spread a lot of cloud cover will trap the storm system and more in the forecast. >> thank you so much drew. vandal broke into haunted news san jose stealing thousands office dollars worth of prop and equipment. owner busy making repair to get it ready for the big weekend. crowds. chris has the story. >> from father and son duo in san jose the past two days pretty frustrating. >> is the prop we spent hours on all year long destroyed in seconds and leaves the heart broken. >> wednesday morning on oak ridge mall somebody broke into the haunted house here. stealing thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment and decorations.
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>> blood sweat tier advertise here. it hits home when somebody comes in and tries to take it away from you if you will. >> the family started the haunt in the back nearly 20 yourself ago. it has been a halloween tradition that many people look forward to so this year mike and his father abe decided to turn night a business. spending 100,000 dollars to build it out all at the goal of just breaking even. >> every day we pinch ourselves that we did this. >>reporter: they are focused on staying positive despite the break-in. they make repair to the damage done ahead to have what is to be the busiest weekend. >> when you see some one go in. terrified and come out knowing they have the time of their lives. tom it's priceless. >> fund has been set up to help the family cover what was stolen. >> not about how to get knock down but get back up. that's what we'll do. >> family wanting to spread the halloween spirit for many more years to come.
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in san jose, chris winn abc 7 news. >> nightmare. we post add link to the go fund me page on our web site. the. we have much more ahead for you on this friday night coming up. san francisco sky scraper sinking and tilting. why not confined to just one building. >> break from the rain but how long it last. we have the forecast. >> grammy winner serious about the music yes and just as serious about his coffee. which he's making right
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>> all right let's update on the breaking news in san jose two people stabbed at valley fair mall. new video just in to the newsroom police investigating at the bath and body works. officers arrested 5 teenagers again at the valley fair mall in san jose. we'll stay on top of the story and the news app as well and push alert for the latest information sent right there to your mobile device. >> here we have done several stories on the structural issues surrounding the millenium tower in san francisco. the 58 story high-rise located on m is street in both sinking and tilting. today san francisco supervisor received new information about a planned building just hundreds of feet awhich which
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was cancelled because experts warned it too would sink. here's vic lee. >> how many feet apart is 301 mission street from this. >> committee second hearing. still focus on whether or not developers millenium partner conceal information about the tilting and civicing from those who bought the luxury condo. the 45 story high-rise on 301 mission is sinking 16 inches and tilting several inches to the north west. supervisor aaron's other target is the city department of building inspection. did the city agency know about the unexpected settling. if so when did it know and what did the agency do about it? he said had he learned that a plan high-rise just hundreds of feet away and scrapped by city inspectors in 2004 when they learned it had similar settling problems. >> engineer expressed the opinion that the building could settle an alarming and
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unacceptable 9 to 11 inches. >> building considered too dangerous to build. he says not so millenium tower. >> everybody knew that 301 mission was suffering from all o the same technical problems that this was suffering from. >> then there was this revelation. interestingly enough some of the geotechnical engineers that were used in that are the same engineers here. >> building inspection officials announce one important change in protocol. no longer will consultant hired by developers be part of the pier review of new buildings. expire panel now will consist of consultant hired by the city. >> well we now know what caused the death of a blue whale that washed ashore on the daly city coast line. scientist from the marine mammal center have complete add necropsy on the 65 foot whale
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yesterday, day after it warned ashore. they determined it died from injuries consistent with being hit by a vessel that does happen out of the world trade center. young male had multiple skull fractures and massive hemorrhage. the whale left on the shore to decompose naturally. the storm has forced the closure of this road in yosemite. they have a winter storm has created hazardous driving conditions. closure will remain in effect until further notice. it close ins the fall and reopens in the spring. the park remains open. the storm haven't brought much snow to the top of the base mountain rose on the nevada need and operators now pushed a that back so far just hasn't been cold enough. for snow. >> drew has been following the weather. >> yes certainly has. telling us when more rain is on our way. >> we have the rain here locally over the weekend and cold enough at that this will bring some snow into the situation era winter storm watch in effect more than 1
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foot of snow likely. >> we see really a quiet night out there as you zoom in a little bit closer on live doppler 7hd just a pepper of light showers around oakland, south san francisco, redwood city and hayward. but this is about it for the activity and soaking rain will not pick back up until sunday morning. lots of cloud coverup stairs. forecast call for isolated shower headed to saturday morning i think most spots will be dry. next storm really arrive saturday night and rest of sunday morning. sunday morning we likely have heavy rain at times although not last all that long. overcast sky. clouds act like a blanket. temperatures have not moved that much. upper 50's mid 60's out there so mild as you step outside. tonight won't fall too far from where we are right now. upper 50's on the board. few isolated showers move through the region. stormy packet scale and next
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storm today was a two. one coming over the weekend a bit weak sore a one. light storm on the stormy packet scale only track downpour especially sunday morning slight chance of thunder but mainly see winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. perhaps some gust nearing 40 miles per hour. future weather hour by hour watch the time scam in the corner of the screen. most spots a a lot of cloud cover. isolated shower but out door plan don't cancel on saturday. light showers move in to the north bay and will be the north bay with this system. that sees the wet weather by 11:00 o'clock at night lit showers. activity really picks up early sunday morning. 6:00 o'clock sunday morning. here comes the front. that has downpour witness. by 8:00 o'clock on our sunday it's moving through the heart of the bay area. quick moving city. 10:00 o'clock in the morning item already exiting out of the south bay so if you sleep in sunday it may miss the action sunday afternoon this taper to widely scattered showers.
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with the downpour we expect heaviest rain in the north bay up to inch and quarter there most spots in the heart of the bay area about quarter to 3 quarter of an inch of rain and this the stormy know the south bay and inland not much rain 10 to third of an inch of rain. a lot of cloud cover. sunshine. 60's on the board and perhaps a couple 70's pop up and warmest location. fast forward into monday. future weather 5:00 o'clock. early trick-or-treaters at clover dale, santa rosa, showe shower. late monday night near midnigh midnight. right along the coast we could have sprinkles. trick-or-treaters are okay. the forecast show you tomorrow with showers really north bay arriving late. wet and windy in the morning on sunday dry sunday afternoon. monday a chance late early showers on tuesday and then we dry out on wednesday and thursday and friday. sleep in sunday morning much of the activity by sunday afternoon.
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>> grit weather. >> all right coming up. tesla ceo musk big reveal. >> what he just announced could change the way he about auto roof over our heads. change the way he about auto roof over our heads. stay with us we'll
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>> check that out. bart using some star power to get more people to take the trains. as warriors forward green appearing in the video posted by the transit agency today. he calls bart the back bone of the bay area. >> tesla ceo musk unveiled new solar roof product tonight in southern california. the panel musk offering solar roof tiles that will replace the roof. made the announcement on the desperate housewives set. he provided this video. all
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part of musk plan to create alternative energy ecosystem under the tesla name. roof would charge the battery which would be charged with tesla automobile. they expect to start installing the roof by next summer. >> that's an interesting idea. >> so different. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. >> frightened passenger on american airlines plane on fir fire. not the only jet plane this afternoon. >> 3 hours now that i have been in my car. >> they went nowhere fast after big rig accident on the bay bridge cripple the morning commute. did you get caught in this? maybe so. >> and why health inspectors found inside
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two planes on fire in airport more than 1,000 miles apart. one after landing. the other just before take off. runway shut down in chicago and fort lauderdale as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. can you imagine. amazing video you see here. show the moment of fedex plane exploded in fort lauderdale today. just touched down when the landing gear caught fire. flames spread to the engine. witnesses watch fire ball shoot out of fuselage with debris flying through the air. both pilot made it out sale. entire airport shut down during initial keep up. one runway remains closed as investigators run to the scene. >> passenger plane burst into flames on the runway moments before take off in chicago, o'hare international. >> fire black smoke just pouring out from under the wing as passengers rush to safety. >> alex is in chicago.
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>> from the tarmac passengers running from american air flight 3 83 the entire right side of the massive plane in a ball of flames. >> american plane caught fire. >> in the plane sheer terror as people mob the isles trying to get out. 161 passengers and 9 crew on board. passenger hector recording the escape. out the emergency exit down the slides as the massive fire reaches all around them. >> everybody was there running like like the end of their lif life. >> 767 wide body jet was headed for miami. officials first on the plane blew a tire and had to abort. now american says engine related issue cused a fire. the fire scene by passengers landing nearby.
9:31 pm
towering smoke visible from this. the entire right wing melted. >> here at o'hare the aircraft still surrounding by emergency vehicle. officials say at least 20 people on the plane are being treated for minor injuries. alex, abc news chicago. >> well many of you were stuck in an epic traffic jam today. it was bad. lasted for hours. drivers trying to get out of san francisco on to the bay bridge. ran into pure grid lock. look at the pictures from the helicopter. some in traffic for more than three hours. big rig crashed in the rainy weather before 5:00 o'clock this morning. live look from the south beach camera show traffic moving again thank goodness nothing like we saw earlier. lee ann has the story. >> the accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge closed all but one lane of traffic. this morning commute was shot. >> i left alameda this morning at 8:00 a.m. and it's 3 hours now that i
9:32 pm
have been in my car trying to get to california street. >> she was stuck behind the red truck in the heart of downtown san francisco. l. >> go that way. >> the driver was just as frustrated. >> i have been this is now my sixth stop rate here right now. it's ridiculous right now. >> it took him 30 minutes to move one block. >> you have been hanging out here drinking the cup of coffee and sort of like amazed at the traffic. >> pretty much. it has been like this for about 45 minutes since we have been here. >>reporter: many found out there is much to to while one is it'sing like napping. conducting conference calls and playing the fire drill game on board. big rig on the pavement forcing the closure of 4 lanes. the driver is okay. impact as reported was almost immediate. >> on ramp at first and harrison closed and bay bridge reduced to one lane at one point. so that is really intensified
9:33 pm
traffic on san francisco streets. >>reporter: san francisco musical transportation agency typically has parking control officers at 3 to 4 on ramp during commute hours. this morning they had 25 officers directing traffic. >> never. never in drichlingt always bar bart. three stops. real easy. >> many more wish they had done the same. if san francisco, lee ann melindez 7 news. >> roads in two california counties devastated by wildfire last year will be repaved using recycle tires. fire destroyed 240,000 acres here. roads severely damaged by flames and heavy machinery used to fight them. the program where we pave two meals of road in lake county and more than half mile in this county. >> californians generate 40 million tires a year and we need to manage this material and it's a really great road material so yes it's two for one project we have going here. we help the community get back
9:34 pm
on the feet after the devastating fires. >> waste tire management program was started not long after 7 million tires caught fire in tracey back in 1998. >> the dmv says all but 5 of of the offices back to normal after computer glitch wiped out most of the operation this week. remaining offices were expected to return to full strength by the end of the day. seems the dmv didn't have a disaster recovery system in place when failure of multiple hard drive put two thirds of the offices out of commission on monday. experts tell the associated press the dmv should have its primary and back up systems physically separated with independent power supply. rather than running side by side. >> california woman awarded more than 70 million dollars this week after she sued johnson and johnson saying the baby powder gave them cancer. they sued the company marketing the baby poyrd. two,000 women filed similar suits. johnson and johnson maintain
9:35 pm
the baby poyrd is perfectly safe. >> we have just learned that one of two popular south bay restaurants that were closed today reopened tonight for dinner. hometown on el camino real in santa clara opened after one day klovrnlt the location on north capitol avenue in san jose though is still closed. laura anthony explains the reason for these temporary shut downs. >> one by one would be hometown buffet customers found themselves literally locked ou out. thanks to sudden closure at two south bay locations. >> that's crazy because people on a friday in the work week they like to go out and eat. >> both capitol avenue san jose and santa clara red scenes posted from the county saying the restaurants are closed due to road and/or pest problem. >> i hope not. >> they should make it every month. cock roach pest control come over and clean and do cleaning
9:36 pm
once a week, period. >>reporter: those restaurants we could see employee inside but no customers. company spokesperson did not medley return calls for comments. many of those looked out today told us they are regulars. >> i have been to santa clara and talk to the manager there quite some time and he says our problem is with the workers. not doing their job right and we have a big turn over an we don't think they put in enough effort to keep the place klichbility earlier this year hometown buffet, jose, sacramento closed abruptly. parent company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. three times in 8 years. in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> bob dillon plans to attend the nobel praises ceremony in stockholm if it's possible. he was awarded 2016 nobel prize in literature early this month and until today he hadn't
9:37 pm
commented publicly but in an interview in the telegraph the today singer song writer says whipping the nobel is hard to believe. they haven't returned the e-mails or calls and gave trying to reach him. the award ceremony in dis. >> the coming up neck. >> east bay green day disrupts a. culture
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all right. two things people really get passionate about. music and coffee. >> yes. now a man who has music hoping to make big an impact on this cup of joe. >> jonathan explains this all started right in the back yard. >> he has a pretty sweet gig.
9:41 pm
>> day job bass player for the band green day. means working long hoyvrments can't exist without coffee. >> over the years it's an obsession. >> roast my own bean right there. >>reporter: the obsession turned into a business. >> come on down. best coffee in town. >>reporter: oakland coffee launching exclusive blend at costco stores. >> we are not into the tangy thing or but a nice chocolate earth full body cup of coffee. >> beyond the flavor. >> it tastes like real coffee. >> something else he claims as world first. all the bag made from the mrs. ticket bag live on the shelf for a year but go in the compost when empty including the plastic valve with the coffee fresh. >> the only bag on the planet this is new technology. >>reporter: they take on another chang challenge. bag waste around for decades but a new kind of waste taking over. >> possibly the single biggest problem in coffee right now. >>reporter: he's talking about
9:42 pm
the single serving coffee pot. sold here by the hundreds. >> billions billions people say 15 billion a year go in and film the land fill. >>reporter: so san francisco bay coffee make a pot that won't wind up here. >> product that is 100 percent compostable. throw it into the green bay. three week it's dirt. >> selling those in about a month for now the whole bean come in the 12 ounce bag. >> you have good coffee in the hand especially when the coffee is signed by the artist himsel himself. >> in richmond, scn thon bloom abc 7 news. >> 7 news at 9:00 does continu continue. >> you come running and can i can i going. >> oh, brother. >> item a classic but what keeps the great pumpkin charlie brown so popular after 50 years now
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so. >> well it has been 50 years since the great pumpkin charlie brown first aired. >> wayne spent some time looking into the history behind the special and discovered it's as alive today as when it first air entered 1966. >> the museum in santa rosa the 5 dollar admission and she's on it. continuation of a peanut family tradition her mom tells us. >> i like the simplicity of it and how it so resonates day. it has for more than half century as most recent exhibit demonstrates. looking at the museum latest fine. few remaining friends from 18 thousands of them used in the making of it's the great pumpkin charlie brown. seasonal institution that only gets better with age.
9:47 pm
>> ty am looking forward to your arrival on halloween night. message is really good. with the children can continue on even though they don't get what they want to get. >> can't possibly reach the mail box. >>reporter: best of the holiday and confuse as great pumpkin with santa clause. he sets tout create the world most sincere pumpkin patch as act of faith which includes staying behind as look out on halloween night while everyone else goes door to door including his older sister luc lucy. >> can i have extra piece of candy for my stupid brother? he couldn't come with us because he is sitting in palm kin watch waiting for the great pumpkin. >> i had no idea when i was a wild that this was going to be still popular 40 years later. >>reporter: in the san francisco bay area peanut roots run de-robin of mill valley has the memory of 10-year-old girl who began a continuing voice acting career as one of 27 children to play lucy in the
9:48 pm
special and film. >> come on charlie bron i hold the ball and you kick it. >> that's her. >> i knew she was this bossy craby also girl that was mean to other kid. mean to charlie brown and her little brother line us. and i didn't see myself that way but it was fun to play a character like that. >> tell worth northwest t.about hisy but lovable lucy on the. >> she's actually my older sister. >> one with a heart you mate add. yo may remember from the end of the grit pumpkin when lucy out into the cold night brings in her shivering brother and tuck him in. >> short of. it's very wholesome. it's kind of timeless. >> the grown up fan with this on the resume. this is abc 7 news. >> i have seen it every year
9:49 pm
for the many years. classic. >> one last check of the weather. >> that's right. we see a big break in the. >> of of your saturday feature a lot of cloud cover and then at night next storm moves n.we see widely isolated showers right now. very light in nature and that's about on your saturday a lot of clouds. limited sunshine. temperatures cool this time of year. 60's on the board and couple spots inland. more in the way of sunshine will hit about 70 degrees. the rain moves in late saturday night. first in the north bay. also bring snow to the sierra storm watch in effect over the past. 6 to 12 inches. bring in the chains if you are headed east. here's the weather. watching halloween really quickly especially in the north by early on. we can likely see a light sprinkle. accu-weather 7 day forecast show you late showers tomorrow night. sunday morning showers the and windy conditions monday tuesday there's the next chain of rain
9:50 pm
and try up in much of next wee week. >> thanks drew. >> all right. now to sports. >> larry is here. >> world sores and warriors and warriors have a sour taste after the season opener so how would kd and company react to this just as steve had hoped. monster
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>> good evening. sky was clearly falling after the opening night disaster for the warriors tonight in new orleans. start of the 3 game road trip with steve tinkering. experimenting with line ups and deep tissue work done. oh, my neck. i need some of. that kevin durant showing up and showing up angry. 18 points at the half. anthony davis had 50 on opening night. 45 tonight. what a fade away but at the break third quarter. davis for 3. yes. 7 footer. take the lead here briefly after being tied at 68.
9:54 pm
then curry with the drive. the finish. 23 for steph and then the deep 3 as the warriors go on a run in the third and fourth quarter. do you want.downtow pelican kept coming though. kd helping to seal the deal to block. he goes for 30 point and much-needed 17 boards. warriors get the first win of the season. 122-114. after 71 year wait the cubs finally hosted game in world series. still wait to go score a run at wrigley after game 3 against the indians. chicago at the time old bills head coach at the 45 series back for this one tonight. scoreless in the seventh. former the cocoa crisp they plate flare into right. martinez forced 1 nothing the only run of the entire game. 7th inning stretch. bill murray classic singing take me out to the ball game. bottom 7 cubs man to third 2
9:55 pm
outs shaw to ground out indians bullpen was stellar once again. bottom 9. cubs with tying winning run. 2 down and allen with a heat for him to end it. clove land wins 1 to nothing and take a two-1 series lead. >> do something. that can possibly help the team and fortunately enough for pe today it was the hit. >> we want to be one run better. that's what mats true to form as you can get. >> xibl of making the adjustment necessary and we have to do that. i don't think it was the residue of our guys being over whmd by the situation at all. >> to the nfl raiders away from home. spent this week in florida because they beat jacksonville last sunday. play tampa bay this suchbilityd perfect timing for head coach del rio. chance to watch the gators tomorrow when they meet georgia in the annual show down in jacksonville. for everybody else in the silver and black thinks an
9:56 pm
extended business trip. we know how to travel and learned it last year. now we know how to do it. now it's all about us keeping the process. and we have to show up on sunday. >> we have that mission and remind of the business trip. football make us with a game. >> we are all in this for one reason. to be done here and prepare for the ball game and really nothing else. no other agenda other than find a way to beat the buck somehow. >> cal football coach not happy man last night. 6 days after a double over time win against oregon. cal face a short week during midterm and play at usc on thursday night and proj an rack up this at the half. most by any pack 12 team this year. 6:29 in terms of total yards by the night. running wild. in a 45-24 victory by the
9:57 pm
trojan. >> i think it's a travesty for whoever scheduled this football game to schedule us in back-to-back. weekday football gyms on 6 day rest. to play a team on the road at night. come off open day. i hope that the pack 12 doesn't do that again to any other school. >> this is a tip for the kids. how to save the gun if it falls out of your mouth while playing youth soccer. this is felix the who is plays in the german league look at the skills here. tremendous in hacky sack. i guess the gum never hit the ground but he juggled it 10 times before getting it backing into his mouth. 5 second rule then. >> let it go. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> not at all. >> one note for the warriors.
9:58 pm
still searching. i have to find a big guy to rebound. draft add year ago and double hip surgery. played history first real stretch. looked good. sign of hope for the future. >> all right. >> beacon. >> come up tonight on 7 news at helpful:00. breaking news in the south bay. multiple people stabbed in popular mall. officers responding right now. 7 news and katie is at the scene and talking with witnesses. life update at 11:00. >> destination gets served with brand new lawsuit. execution fit from a pregnant employee. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel situation. but finally it is friday and it is halloween weekend. >> clock ticking for those who still need a cots tomb. don't be scared. still have time. 7 news was at the store where it was all about shopping for just the right cost item then there was this guy. >> last year i was jair yacht
9:59 pm
rick "spider-man". there it is. hot in there. the this year i go as pux ly. >> big kid who likes halloween. this guy the and still looking for a costume that just fit perfectly. for a costume that just fit perfectly. >> see you on channel 7.
10:00 pm
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