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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive dangerous division and behavio behavior. >> hillary clinton she was fired up tonight in florida when trump supporter showed up at rally. donald trump is taking it in toe. good evening thanks for joining us. >> we are down to exactly one week until election day. this time we will be counting votes next week. the fbi scramble now to review thousands of e-mails belonging to one of hillary clinton closest aids. >> tonight the democrat try to
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make up lost ground while the republicans are looking to jump on this new event and we have the latest. >> late in the game surprise for both hillary clinton and donald trump continue to go for the race and poll tighten with only one week to go. the daily post national tracking poll show as mere point 7 percentage point separates the two candidates. statistically insignificant amount but a huge change from clinton double digit lead last week. the trump campaign hopes that the enough to renew enthusiasim for the candidate. >> we'll pull it off the marke market. >> republican v p candidate calling for republicans to come home 2 campaign in pennsylvania. later trump rally the voters in wisconsin. another must win state for trump presidency. >> for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballot for hillary clinton, wisconsin is one of several states where
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you can change your early ballot. if you think you have made a mistake. >> meanwhile clinton triple down on the all important sweep state of florida. the former miss universe who trump insulted because of her weight. >> not getting away witness next stop continue to attack trump character. >> we have got some one running for president who is not only bullied people and made bigoted comments about everybody. >>reporter: such a tight race both campaign make play on the other team turf. trump in the normally blue state of new mexico and michigan and hillary clinton cain giving a speech in spanish in the red state of arizona. this is washington. >> pacifica police arrested a man in connection with an attempted kidnapping of a girl yesterday. police arrested 41-year-old mark anthonyolomon this
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afternoon at his home in pacifica. investigators say solomon grabbed the girl and tried to force her into the car yesterday afternoon near hate boulevard and fire crest avenu avenue. girl manageed to brick three thank goodness and ran away. he faces charges of annoying a child and kidnapping some one under 14 years old. >> learning more about the owner of the building that burned down near oakland lake mary yesterday. here's laura anthony with the trouble. >> owner of the building unfinished apartment complex went up in flames on monday is the object of lawsuit by several tenant evicted from the property two years ago to make room for this now gutted project. at the time the plaintiff in the lawsuit lived in the older home. hilary jacob one of the tenant. >> just trying to force us out of our home t.making up things.
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starting construction while we are still living here. >> last year the tenant filed a lawsuit alleging he used aggressive illegal tactic to evict them then retaliated against them by starting to demolish the home while still in it. we spoke with him today burned out building he told us he does not think the fire has anything to do with the past or the lawsuit. you. >> as far as the post we offer the people relocation. they refuse. all? a entered money out-of-pocket money. >> he said he does plan to complete the 41 unit project having just taken out 8 million dollar construction loan early this year. >> we are anxious to get started. >>reporter: in oakland, abc 7 news. >> uber drivers faces sexual battery and stalking charges for groping a female passenger. police arrested 35-year-old pedro the of redwood city yesterday. investigators say he kissed the woman and groped her after he went to her palo alto home to
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return a cell phone. she left in his car. the woman says the driver returned to her home about an hour after groping her. she called police but he was gone when officers arrived. >> woman sexually assaulted by former stanford brock turn is reaching out again. the talking about the case in national magazine chosen her as one of the women of the year. chris has the story. >> inside the december issue of glamor magazine hourful words from survivor of sexual assault. she shares for the first time how she felt after learning about her attacker saying when it was announced he would be receiving 6 months i was struck silent. medley i felt embarrassed for trichlingt being led to believe i had any influence. if this case was meant to set the bar, the bar had been set on the floor. that reaction also came after she delivered an emotional victim impact statement in court to brock turner. stanford swimmer found guilty of assaulting her after night of drinking.
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turner would only serve three months in jail before being relessed. today emily named one of the women of the year in newest say published by the magazine she open up about the report support she received from many people around the world. she wrote when we all make it a priority to avoid harming or violating another human being and when hold accountable those who do when the campaign to recall this judge declares survivors deserve better then we are going somewhere. stanford law professor michelle who is leading the recall effort will accept the award on emily behave. >> this treatment of serious six crimes violence against women fast minor mits demeanor is not acceptable. >>reporter: stanford students admire emily strength. >> her statement did a lot the to really bring this conversation to the forefront again if a way that it just like hasn't been in recent years. >>reporter: resilient young woman trying to stay positive despite everything that has
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happened. at stanford, abc 7 news. new reward being offered to track down man suspected of shooting his pregnant ex girlfriend in the head. riccardo hadn't been seen for 6 months. there is now a 10,000 dollar reward for information leadi hi. back in april police say he destroyed to abduct his ex girlfriend which he resisted. he shot her. bullet grazed her head. she and the baby will be surviving. he's considered armed and dangerous. woman was pepper spray then robbed last night in downtown palo alto. she was walking through an alley near university avenue in wave street at 7:00 p.m. she says two men walking toward her eper -- pepper spray her and ripped off her neck last and earrings and ran away. they haven't had any reports of similar robbery but anybody with information come forward to catch the people who did it. developing news involving oakland and police department. the city is being sued by sergeant who says he suffered
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after speaking up about bad behavior by other officers. here's the vic lee. >> this is a top cop award i won 2001. i'm being made to be the bad guy. >>reporter: he's won all kind of awards in 27 years as oakland cop and says he has been targeted, harassed, disciplined for blowing the whistle against fellow cops behaving badly. >> looking at my personnel foil for sending racist text messages and hostile work environment. >>reporter: he was placed on leave early this year for domestic dispute had he with his wife. he feels this was another excuse to further punish him. >> alive and well once you step over the line you become an out cast. >>reporter: he says the abus started when he was reassigned from the homicide division in 2004. the reason he says is that he told superiors he thought officer o'brien murdered his wife lopez when her death was
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ruled a suicide. the six scandal involving jasmine that brought east way law enforcement agency from the subsequent suicide o'brien oh, had a relationship with a young woman. lopez sister as always believed she was murdered bio brian. we spoke to her by one today. she said the six scandal is more important to the city and police than murder. city council member rebecca says the department needs an overhaul. >> it's clear to me it can't just be a question of ownership of one or two people. we need to find the change the culture and accountability. >>reporter: says all he want to do is clear his name and reputation. vic lee, abc 7 news. much more ahead for you tuesday night. 17 proposition on the california ballot. voters one week left to make the decision. >> prop 16 require performer to
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use condom and turn the public into porn police. >> new report card on water conservation efforts. why officials are still concerned. >> sand ya has a preview of the forecast. >> drought far from over but encouraging news. it's clear but we have rain coming n.i'll let you know when coming up. >> holiday drinks are out but complaining customers want to know why starbucks is serving
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of the 17 proposition on next week ballot one deals with something only two states allo allow. number 60 which require condom be used by performer in adult film. >> california and new hampshire the only states that allow adult films to be mid and have regulation. now voters are being asked to decide next week whether more restrictions are needed. >> carolyn tyler explains. >>reporter: she works for san francisco base as producer and performer in adult film. she's among those fighting proposition 60. it would require performer to wear condom, producers to pay for more medical exam and allow people who watch porn to sue if they don't see condoms being used. >> when i'm on set my performer
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ask to use a condom it has nothing to do with that is correct i don't like to forced messaging of government. >>reporter: she and others say the industry already has strict measures in place to prevent the spread of stds. in fact cal/osha recently decided against implementing more guidelines but prop 60 bakers claim the industry is defined current law. >> as a result thousands of young men and women are illegally and routinely exposed to sexually transmitted diseas diseases including hive. >>reporter: but many medical professionals say proposition 60 is ill conceived. e.this is not a public health measure. this is a punitive, strange la law. >>reporter: those in the industry say lawsuits would expose their names and addresses putting them at visible risk. something backers don't buy. >> all sorts of law that allow for private citizens to sue tone force the laws.
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>>reporter: if prop 60 is the law performers say it will drive the industry underground where there would be fewer worker protections. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. valuable politic to help you prepare for election day. just check the app and get comprehensive resource with the candidate and measures on the local ballot. tonight bart is defending the staggering salary received by one of its janitors. pay data released by non-profit called transparent california shows this person received 2 76,000 dollars in salary over time and benefit last year. he's received more than 6 8 82,000 dollars in pay and benefits over te past three years. now bart says he earned so much money because he quote signs up for every over time slot that becomes available. he's likely working almost every day of the year.
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cleaning our stations. major route in yosemite reopened. look at the picture from the national park service. it shows crew clearing away what was left after land slide in the picture. dramatic look at this boulder and debris blocked the highway yesterday. amazingly nobody was hurt. look at the size of. that california doing a better job at conserving water. conservation effort had dropped over the summer but the state says we saved 18.3 percent in septeber compared to the same amount, same month rather in 2 2013. now the back sliding hit before concern among state officials but hearten by the new data that suggest people are still conserving water. regulators are worried about drought if teeing as people get tired of hearing about it. so let's check on our weather. when will we get more rain. >> fair amount to start this month. sandhya is here with the forecast. >>reporter: yes we did get a
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good amount of rain in october. we have more rain come but not medley this is what you get to enjoy. a beautiful sunset from our emeryville camera. take a looshing there. skies. crystal clear. you get more sunny days and sun sets like this until at least the friday. we have clear conditions and that is why you have a view like this from the east bay hills camera. temperatures right now upper 50's. san francisco oakland. san jose right now 59 degrees. 54 in gilroy. it is cool outside from our camera. wind really not an issue which means the temperatures are going to take a nosedive tonight. it will be chilly tomorrow morning. mid 50's santa rosa, fairfield and 53 right now in livermore and we take another live picture from our south beach camera. pretty picture right of downtown san francisco. we look at clear and cool conditions next few mornings. sunny mild day through friday with chance of rain coming in
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early sunday morning. temperatures first thing in the morning with low 40's to low 50's. the coldest spots are the wind shelter valley this is why you need to bundle up when you get going tomorrow morning but make sure you have the extra layer that you can shed because in the afternoon it's going to be a warmer day in the south bay. low 70's around san jose. gilroy. los gatos on the peninsula you look at bright sky upper ask is to low 70's. redwood city palo alto 64 half mp bay, downtown san francisco 66 degrees. north bay the sun with upper 60's santa rosa napa 67 in san rafael. east bay you are in the mid 60's to low 70's just right not too hot. not too cold. inland east bay 69 concord and livermore. now we actually take you into the thursday friday time perio period. there may ab beach hazard statement issued during the time. large north west swell is building. current wave heights 8 to continue feet but there will be a risk of rip current large breaker will bring the potential for sneaker wave and
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watch out for the nice weather coming. same storm that generate the swell and send it our way bring us rain chance. it's a light stimulate saturday into sunday. light moderate showers expecte expected. it's breezy. about two tenths to 4 tenths inch expected. part of the weekend will include rain but most of it is come in when you are sleeping. saturday night into sunday morning at 5:00 a.m. pretty wide spread then really by 10 or 11 okay in the morning the rain is gone from your sunday afternoon. it's looking fine. if you want to track the rain chances, the temperatures swings down load our news app and accu-weather 7 day forecast showing you milder conditions tomorrow low 60's to low 70's. up to the mid 70's for thursday and friday and then the temperatures go down just as we bring in the possibility of rain coming down saturday night into sunday morning. don't forget daylight saving time ends. we fall back and sow get the extra hour of sleep and monday and tuesday we go
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back to dry conditions. >> very good. thanks. up next. high cost of rough roads. bay area drivers are setting dubious records hyped the wheel. >> and the window is open to buying health insurance now required under obama care. next why some are will to risk going without at this time. stay with us.
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today mark the start of the open enrollment period to buy health insurance through california. 2 and half million californians still don't have health insurance, about half the number from three years ago. it is illegal town insured. under president obama affor affordable care act. but with premium rates increasing an afternoon of 13 percent in california paying the fine for being uninsured may actually be cheaper than purchasing coverage. it's a battle cover california official kw ey are
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fighting. >> the real challenge for people signing is those with very small subsidy or no subsidy. health insurance is expensive. >>reporter: open enrollment end on january 31. california base consumer advocate group says anthem blue cross trying to sneak a rate hike by unsuspecting customers. watch dog says they are renewing the policy of the customers without telling them the new coverage doesn't provide out of network care. customers could face thousands office dollars in increased out-of-pocket costs. anthem says the lawsuit is without merit and change is necessary to keep policy also affordable. policy holders have received written notice of the change. this probably does not have a surprise. the bay area has some of the worst road in the country. st findings were released today by a washington base transportation research group. they say drivers are paying
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hundreds every year because of these rough roads. the study find 71 percent of roads in san francisco and oakland are in a state of disrepair. drivers pay an afternoon of 9 78 dollars every year for the increased wear and tear on the vehicle. in san jose 59 percent of the roads are in bad shape. maintenance cost to the cars are costing south bay drivers 8 63 dollars a year. researchers say the poor condition of bay area road will worsen if officials don't deal with the problems.ys hit a pot r you have the wheels alined. >> always. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. is this a web video or campaign ad? we have side by side compariso comparison. why something bart used for political gain. >> when one was parked there i was worried that there were two and there were. now there's 4. would i object suprised to see if i have or 6, no. >> next. why the situation just outside san rafael is but one example
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of an issue the entire bay area is deal women. retailers get a huge jump start on black frida friday, they are not waiting for thanks giving. two
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when this video bart being accused of breaking the law because of a multi-billion dollar bond measure on our ballot later this month. >> formal complaint has been filed with the fair political practice commission and accusing bart of using public fund to help this measure. >> it improves the agency. >> video dope endorse measure
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it but some say it comes too close. >> we have the story. >> measure rr the 3.5 billion dollar bart bond plan suppor supporters are running this tv ad. >> the replace old rail and electrical stichlts by law bart can't produce ads for the measure. people on the outside have to do it like the gonld state warriors who donateed to measure rr. warriors have also come up with this now controversial webb video showing green promoting bart. >> who produced this video. >> warriors. >>reporter: you have nothing to do witness. >> warriors at the start of the soap they add it as p sa at the game then put it out there and we thought it was pretty awesome. >>reporter: so awesome bart put it on the web site and promoted it through social immediate yeah. controversial because of 3 catch phrases used in both video. you be the june. >> bart is the back bone of the
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bay area. >>reporter: and here's mr. green. >> bart is the back bone of the bay area. >>reporter: campaign ads. >> 44 years old and needs major row pairs. >>reporter: and mr. green. >> bart and warriors have been connected for 44 years. >>reporter: slogan of the campaign is keep bart safe and reliable. now here's mr. green again. >> bart nodes to stay safe and reliable so future generation can enjoy them. >>reporter: when we asked the warriors to explain the similarities they said that's for bart to comment. >> bart has crossed the line in i believe advocating for measure rr because mr. green and this video uses those three phrases. >>reporter: complaint against bart was filled by attorney jason who says by posting the warrior video the transit agency is pro meeting measure rr. in san francisco, abc 7 news. the.
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california law allows people can take time off to cast your ballot. voters have to give their employers two business days notice in advance. on election day the poll are open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. election again just one week from tonight. san jose city council passed restriction on recreation use of marijuana. it comes if preparation for the expected pass annual of california prop score that legalize recreation marijuana. san jose approved the m tower prohibit growing processing and selling weed for commercial purposes. gives the city how to decide the regular lit the industry. >> attempt to solve homeless problem has in fact committed another in san rafael. wayne explains it's a problem faced by counties across the bay area. where dot homeless go? >> she's the you be wanted new neighbor with no expectation of welcome wagon. >> we are trailer trash. that's what everybody says. >>reporter: danielle tonight's
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picture of kicking a rob downtown road. she won't show her face during the interview. >> would you live in the bushes or here? you choose. >>reporter: they are her bus in september san rafael banned overnight parking of rv within city limit so they moved on to the unincorporated portions. neighbors are not happy. >> you will find neechlingts you will find refuse and definite indication. >> my house has been broken into several times. >> you see any neighbors? no. >>reporter: one neighbor who declined to go on camera told us she's enough of all of this is and is moving. others want the county to create designated area away from here where homeless can park and sleep at night. already the county began looking into posting new no parking seems. >> in the mean time we outreac outreach. rv can only park maximum 72
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hours. enforce that go through the sheriff's department. >> kick kick kick. >> then if not allowed to park here they go somewhere else an somebody else's problem. >> this is the modern world. this is 7 news. >> advice a slashed hundreds of jobs worldwide and the cuts happen at the company campus in foster city. the business times report 800 to 1500 jobs have been cut the company wide. it comes after acquisition of this. in a statement to the business times visa says the acquisition allow the company to cut come and eliminate some role. >> it may be november 1st but amazon offer black friday discounts long before thanksgiving. midnight and new every 5 minutes right up to christmas weekend so should you jump on it or should you wait. here's rebecca. >> real black friday may be weeks away but as far as amazon
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is condition it starts now. retail giant introducing new deals as of as every 5 minutes to grab the attention of the roughly 41 percent of shoppers who start the holiday hunt in early november. >> i already started. >>reporter: you already started. >> i'm a last minute shopper. >> to early. >>reporter: earlier they start the better prospects they have of trying to get the shopper. amazon unveil deal like the curved give inch tv. 1500 dollars now on sale for 1,000 dollars. 70% off winter coats and jackets. on line retailer kicking things off early with their own deals on lap top and electronic. >> a lieutenant more exclusive are coming out of black friday and a lot more merchandise >> >> david if planning on buying any of those big ticket items like electric troyng it pays to wait. best selection at the best prices horsepower at best selection at the best prices horsepower at thanksgiving and beyond
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>> rebecca report. researchers at mit develop a way to use plants to detect explosives. in an experiment they use spinach. scientist added carbon nanotube to the plant which causes it to emit infrared light when it comes into contact with certain chemical found next explosive. it reads the light and when it sense as positive match it sends an e-mail alert. researchers believe in good fundamentally change the way we detect toxins and much more. >> ever feel like doing t many things at once. you are probably right. brain researcher says multi-tasking is actually making us less if he can. >> we may think we are doing two or 3 things at once our prains aren't keeping up. >> with each of those swichts there's a loss of the high resolution of that information. >> find out how to avoid the overload and be happier and more effective in digital age.
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7 news 11:00 on channel 7. >> come up next. end of institution. >> landmark is closing the
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homes across the bay area are gaining value. real estate tracking for core logic says prices rose 2% in september compared with the same month last year. price were his up tenth of a percent from a month before. core logic predicts this home prices wil continue to rise through september of 2017. >> landmark sporting goods store in san ose close after efforts to save it failed. it has been operating in the mid town district at san carlos and race streets since moving there in 1955 but the store it self is 70 years old. abc 7 news reporter david louie explains why the family run business has mid a difficult
9:41 pm
decision to close. >> isles a little more crowded than usual as word has spread the 70-year-old institution is closing at year-end. long time customers are sad to see it go. >> they always the sit by the products t.very sadly. >>reporter: new customers if search of goods marked down 25% or gritter as liquidation process starts. >> 25% off so ty so few savings for me. >>reporter: at 35 part and full-time employee lose the jobs. ironically the reason it's closing is because the city counciturned down proposal to keep the store as part of new mixed retail and housing complex. the council argued housing will create job like commercial development. times have changed as the late cotton opened the snore 1946. faces competition from big box sporting good store some which are 5 times bigger than this. >> the problem is they don't
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really have the variety and the people that can answer your questions. >> even with the smaller footprint they always had over 100,000 items in stock which would money that any customer who walked in was bound to find something they had to have or didn't realize was very much in style. the the end of era as the inventory is sold off. >> we the always thought it would be something that interest with on forever and it's just a sign of the times. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the monopoly may have get out of jail free card but in real life bailing out cost thousands office dollars. >> up next. why san francisco own city >> up next. why san francisco own city attorney will inform longer
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♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit information visit man trying to free climb in
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the mountain rang here had a death defying experience. watch this. oh, there it is. climber peter lost his grip and fell back down the cliff. though he had only minimal climbing gear with him, it was enough to prevent him from fall all the way down to the rocks below. >> if you get arrested the amount of time you spend in jail might have a lot to do with how much money you have. >> as january thon explains, california bail system is the target of lawsuit and today san francisco city attorney said he won't defend it. >> the state money base bail system allow the wealthy to go free will the poor and working class are forced to remain in jail. that's the argument made in lawsuit filed against san francisco and the sheriff hennessee. officially her lawyer is the city attorney. the thing is both of them agree with the lawsuit. >> that's why today my office filed papers in federal court indicating that we will not defend that law. >>reporter: dennis says the law sets bail at specific
9:47 pm
amount for each offense. not accounting for factor like flight risk or ability to pay. judge can make changes like that at the first court appearance until the judge first hears the case. >> poor person could be locked up unable to pay 10,000 dollars in bail. 150,000 dollar of bail could be out for rape. >>reporter: people who might lose their job or home awaiting trillion and coalition would like to change the state system and moderate it after the fichltdz risk base model detank only those people who are either flight risk or danger to others. >>reporter: of course in the world of bail bond changes like he suggest would be bad for business. >> that according to one has been in helping with the issue issues. >> just because you don't have money doesn't mean you can't bail. >>reporter: he has been doing this for 15 years and says the standard 10% up front has been changing. many bonds men offer credit with no down payment. >> we extend credit to families
9:48 pm
that would never get loans of 100,000 dollars if they walk into a bank. >>reporter: based on how likely somebody is to skip town. something a judge would also consider. judge will review all cases to set bail even near the middle of the night. >> all entitled under the law, only if it's convenient. in san francisco. abc 7 news. starbucks began selling the holiday benches today. but the pepperment mocha and carmel latte were being search entered green cup not the company traditional red. feature illustration showing the faces of more than 100 people drawn from single continuous line. starbucks ceo howard schultz says diring decisive time in our country starbucks wanted to create unity. customers unhappy with the green cup appears the red cups will be back by mid november. >> single continuous line. >> that's pretty wild. >> definitely. all right.
9:49 pm
let's check on our weather. >> sandhya is back with the forecast. >> yes. look at live doppler 7hd. we have no rain on our radar but it changes. we'll show you how we are doing in terms of the rainfall tota totals. october for normal and most areas are 200 to 300 percent of average. we did great in october but this is no indication of a wet winter ahead so just want to caution you here. rain chance next 7 days going up saturday night into sunday. notice 50% chance on sunday and micro climate east way tomorro tomorrow. sunny mild castro valley 70 degrees. same thing for fremont the other high for tomorrow. mid 60's toow 70's. you'll find sun from coast to inland between tomorrow night in the mission district we have the he vep taking place. sunny mild at 4:00 p.m. subject -- sun sets it's clear and cooler.
9:50 pm
lee 60's. forecast warmer pattern friday cooling it off over the weekend rain chance on saturday night sunday morning just as the time changs. >> or sleep saturday night. > that's right. looking forward to it. >> thanks. on to sports. >> the everybody is looking at the warriors and when will it start to come together. looked verb nabl. play off team on the road tonight. unexpected. mvp took over in the second half.
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good evening. in the city of cleveland they necessity all about 3-1 series definite sets but now cleveland is staring at the wrong side of history because the cubs have come back from a 3-1 deficit in the world series and former a helped force game 7. look at the fans partying like 1948. history would have to wait. top of the first. chris. giving the cubs the early lead. homer deep to left and cubs up
9:54 pm
in a flash t.addison russell fly to center. the no communication t-ball falls 2 run score then ben another former a. obliterates roberto perez 3 nothing cubs in the third. bases loaded for russell. this means grand slam. amazingly russell first short stop to hit a grand slam. 7 on the cubs. jake looking at third then bases loaded in the fourth. indians have big chance and goes down swinging. cubs win big 9-3. l they go to game 7 tomorrow night in cleveland. now to the warriors. look like they are starting to figure things out portland against squad. defense the rebounding much much better and that's just in the nick of time with okc coming to town on thursday.
9:55 pm
kd admitted he could have handled the exit better. on the court oh. he handles things just fine. l they went out the celebration tap on the head. curry his pocket and pride of oakland all the way to the hoop. finishes and look at the handle with the pull up jumper. 20 for kd. warriors up nichbility thompson stuck in a horrible shooting slump but clark off the career high 22 tonight. portland on a run but curry sweet with left on the reverse. quiet the crowd and clay covering will lard who rises and fires and gets the foul call. can't believe either end of the court. doves up 10 filingt. had 23 in the third quarter alone and look out once he starts to get in the zone, curry the take it base line.
9:56 pm
flip it off. that's ridiculous. surface shot goes down. they whip in a route 127-104. 3 and 1 and welcome in the funder on thursday. ice shark and coyotes. hockey fight. get things going here. michael hailey and ryan white opening minutes. calm down calm down. shark strike first. if patrick would break and coyotes tie up lead in the second. kevin he dips it in. then later in the second another tip in goal this one for former shark and coyotes leading 3-2. in the nfl trade deadline came and went today. speculation that smith and joe might be dealt by the niners for draft pick and help in the rebuilding process. 49ers didn't make deal.
9:57 pm
after week off the niners will take that squad to the saint on sunday and play new orleans. caper income with third start of the season. sitting there 1 and 6 going know where fast. any one win would be huge. >> get your body back. get feeling good. feel loose ready to go for the next act. >> we have to win. >> we have to win and we have to win a lot. we have put ourselves behind the 8 ball and we have to bounce back. one of the things that we have always said playing the saint this year and they have a very talented offense. explosive offense so we have to be able to match up. >> after his epic performance on sunday car being talked about as possible mvp of the entire league and can take a big step in advancing that conversation this sunday on sunday night football raid earth's hosting the broncos. franchise record 5 13 yards and 4 touch downs in the 30-20 over time win in tampa. third year
9:58 pm
car developed into quarterback raiders had hoped for all of the best in football. >> we want derek to go out and be him self. play good football for us. make our team win. very happy to show us how we got brought back. >> my team has my back and will football games. feels better to know that we have a team like that. i think the best so far is not just the win. is that our character of this team is we love, we genuinely love each other and fight for each other no matter what. >> fun on sunday. the news is brought by toyota. >> epic. >> thanks larry. coming up tonight at 11:00. 2 70,000 dollars a year for a janitor? tonight bart is defending the employee who raked intense of thousands of dollars in overtime. >> information overload. so much rain time and solution
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to the digital distraction. >> we'll see you then that's our report we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> see you in an hour over on the big 7. >> see you in an hour over on the big 7. have a nice rest of your
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. coming up, a star tight end for the new england patriots arrested for first-degree murder. man: it's rumored that hernandez is angry at lloyd for talking to the wrong people at a nightclub. narrator: is this killing a


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