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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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for the third straight night in a row, oakland prepares for protests. we wait to see what happens tonight. we're not going to take it standing down. we're going to show him we don't want him as a president. they're too young to vote. tonight the student perspective on what the next four years will bring. don't necessarily want to spend four years, four more years with simply books. new at can have 6:00, the career paths that don't involve a college career or college debt. this is abc 7 news. crowds are gathering in oakland for the third night in a row since the election. for two nights, protesters have
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vandalized the city. they're hoping to avoid a third night of that. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. i'm dan ashley. this caps a day of massive protests. most from people who aren't old enough to vote. students walking out of high school. >> we have perspectives on the different protest. we begin with reporter laura anthony who is live in oakland. laura. >> reporter: hi, ama. i'm at the edge of the plaza. 14th and broadway is behind me. let's show you a rally going on for about a half hour. we did stee a lot of high school students earlier today throughout the city of oakland. tonight, we're seeing mostly adults. these folks have identified themselves as people who were also out here last night. at this point, they're holding a peaceful rally. they're talking about some of the issues that they're concerned about, most notably the election results, the presidential election results. we also have a large police presence out here. i guess to try to prevent what
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happened last night. earlier we spoke with one of the demonstrators, young men in a mask about the direction that last night's protest took. >> if you have anybody to blame, you can blame yourself. i don't personally agree with vandalism. but many people have felt so just beat down to the point where that's all they have do is express their anger in certain terms. they don't know how to use words. >> reporter: again, a live look here. we're just on the edge of franco plaza. i would say several hundred demonstrators at this point. they are beginning to chant behind me. at this point, according to police, they have given the police at least no indication of a specific plan or whether they intend to march from this location downtown or where they might march. they do not have a permit also. police don't know exactly what's going to happen after this demonstration at this location. there is a large police presence
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here, though, and they tell me they will keep an eye on the demonstrators, but of course, last night we found they were badly outnumbered, the police. there was something like 7,000 demonstrators and 700 oakland police with maybe some help from some outside agencies. we'll just have to see how this unfolds tonight. live in downtown oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. thank you, laura. last night an estimated 7,000 people marched through downtown oakland. it started peacefully, but ended with graffiti, broken glass, looting, fires and 30 arrests. three oakland police officers were injured. none seriously. and in the early morning hours of yesterday, within hours of trump becoming president-elect, protesters broke windows at about five businesses and set garbage on fire in the street. here's a live look at what's happening on the third straight night of protests in oakland. police estimate about 150 people have gathered there already in the darkness. you can make out some of them in the street there.
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>> we'll follow it all evening. >> it's not just oakland. today students protested across the bay area. each dot on this map represents cities where we saw students protest today. quite a large number of them. thousands of san francisco high school students walked out of class to join an anti-trump march. students from at least eight schools protested. they converged at city hall and marched along market street. sky 7 followed the group as they headed to the financial district and toward the marina. many carried signs saying stand up for woman and love trump's hate. >> we're so frustrated that we didn't have the chance to make a difference. we can't vote. we can't -- this is how we're voting. >> san francisco's interim superintendent joined the students to make sure there was no violence or vandalism. in antioch, police officers arrested three high school students from pittsburgh and four schools had to be put on lockdown during a protest there. east county today reports the principal of one of the pitsburg
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schools led 400 students into anti-yok. they blocked traffic, knocked over garbage cans and assaulted a police officer. several students marched peacefully through concord. wayne friedman joins us live from pleasant hill with the story of a protest that wasn't entirely peace null. >> college park high school, only 15 students here on a campus much 2200 joined that march and moved on with it. it may be overshadowed by an incidents on campus that injured two teachers. >> this is the martha began as an exercise in free speech for east bay high school students that led to a police investigation. there is a video that i have not seen yet with regards to an interaction with nonstudents and our teacher. >> that's college park high school principal joseph alvarez saying what he could at the time about a crowd of protesting
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students from mt. diablo and concord high schools who broke on to his campus. sources tell us that as many as six of those students punched and/or pushed two of his teachers opening an interior gate to let the marchers through. >> i have counseled the teachers and students. we are greatly taking it seriously and looking at the entirety of the investigation. >> reporter: the march began this morning and extended to concord and pleasant hill streets well into the afternoon. >> our school decided to do a protest against donald trump because we think it's unfair that he's going to deport people and he says he's going to build a wall. >> no one ever expected him to become president. >> reporter: these students can't vote. expressed anger. >> what he's saying about how he's going to kick out immigrants and why he's going to build a wall and muslims and everything, he's just racist and irrelevant. >> reporter: meantime at college
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park high school, they've sent that video of today's attack to the police. >> if it is one of our students within our district or a nonstudent, hopefully we're able to identify that person through this video. >> reporter: wayne feedman, abc news news. in by knoll, one of our colleagues captured this video. students marching and chanting he's not ourment. out of class and on the streets, these students from alameda high school, their message, donald trump has got to go. yesterday, got violent at a peninsula school when a student beat up another who was a trump supporter after the victim commented in an offensive instagram post. it was all about reconciliation on campus, however. abc news reporter vic lee is live atwood high with the story, vick? >> reporter: dan, a senior told us, in all her four years here, she's never seen anything like this spontaneous rally that happened here on campus. a large group of students came
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together talking earnest live about what happened here. the violent video, the ethnic slur on the social media and about the outcome of the election. >> this is what, like, this whole trump thing caused. it's like causing, like, a division between races and stuff. i don't think it's good. >> reporter: it started with this video. one girl beating up another. the victim says it's because she supported donald trump. other students say it escalated with these offensive comments about mexicans. word spread quickly on the large campus. today a group of students a semd bld on the campus quad to voice their opinions. hundreds of students joined, even the school principal participated. students say it was all about healing. >> we're all just talking about diversity and, like, all this, like, we're coming together and we feel like we should have, like, a say in what's going on with this presidency and everythingment. >> reporter: students from other
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schools showed up. this girl is from karl mont high in belmont. >> what happened, happened. we're united as one and trying to speak out as to what has occurred. >> a group called live in peace helped students graduate and go on to college. the student who caused the fight attends their program. >> we're working hand in hand with the school here to make sure that cultural understanding and acceptance is prevalent in this difficult time. >> reporter: the principal released a statement today which says in part, "they participated in a remarkable peaceful protest. the permeating student message was one of unity. students told us the rally was peaceful, respectful with a lot of different voices. vic lee, abc 7 news. just an hour ago, we received this picture of a protest in downtown redwood city. students left school and gathered outside the san mateo history museum. this demonstration is loud but
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peaceful. abc 7 news was in san jose when high school students marched to city hall. the crowd held signs against donald trump and waved mexican flags. we asked a trump supporter passing by what his comments was. >> i hope they learn it the right way. i got nothing against it. i just happened to vote for this gentleman. he won. i have nothing against hillary or anybody who believes in her. but the thing is, we got to teach these kids do it right. i just wish everybody good luck out here. i'm scared now. i'm leaving because i don't know if they're going to try to beat me up or nothing, man. >> in los angeles, a small group of students managed to block a freeway entrance for 45 minutes. rallies were held at usc and at ucla. in new york city, protesters
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gathered at union square park near nyu. they came last night and marched 40 blocks to trump tower. police arrested 65 people at a much larger protest last night. here's another live look at the crowd of 150 people gathered tonight in oakland. sky 7 is overhead. when news like this happens where you live, keep in mind, add the #abc 7 new to your pictures so we can see what's happening to your perspective. someone crossing the street in san jose was killed in a crash that injured four others including two members much our abc 7 news team. happened around 4:30 when two cars collided near san jose city hill. hit a pedestrian and hit our parked news van at fourth and santa clara streets. the pedestrian died. two other people went to the hospital. they are expected to recover. our reporter and photographer were in the parked news van and suffered minor injuries. investigators took the driver of the car that started the accident into custody.
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they believe alcohol may be a factor. and in oakland, a motorcycle rider suffered serious injuries in a crash just after 4:30 this afternoon. sky 7 was over 580 eastbound at harrison street. the chp says the biker and the car crashed. the accident blocked all but one lane and caused major delays. stay with us. still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00, we'll look at the impact of the policies suggested by the president-elect. next, hear from local families and local politicians about donald trump's proposal to revoke federal funding for sanctuary cities. hear the two reasons why experts say it's trump going to the white house and not hillary clinton. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. coming off another warm day out there. not only tracking colder air on the horizon but our next chance for widespread rain. i'll show you when in the accuweather forecast. i'm spencer christian at at&t park. it's the light the night walk to
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oakland is entering a third straight night of protests. mayor libby schaaf scheduled a news conference to address last night's violence and vandalism. she was met by a crowd of protesters, students from a high school. the mayor stopped and listened to them. then an emotional libby schaaf came to the podium. >> i am hoping that people will channel that energy into coming together but not just coming
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together to be mad, but to get involved. >> she tweeted a picture of a restaurant owner who was a victim of vandalism. she writes, he is not our target. he immigrated to america from laos years ago. he's not sure his restaurant can withstand this kind of attack. san francisco mayor ed lee may be butting heads with president-elect trump. he said being a sanctuary city is in our dna. that threat is not deterring mayor lee. >> yes, we will remain a sanctuary city, and we will remain strong about that. that's our dna and i will proudly represent our city. >> san francisco receives more than a billion dollars a year in federal funding. san jose is also a sanctuary city. many people gathered in mexican heritage plaza to share their fears today about what might happen when president-elect trump takes office in january.
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there main worry centers on undocumented workers being deported. >> i don't know my family continue. i don't know by tommy stay with my kids or not. >> i think it's premature to react to anything that might have been said during a campaign. there's a lot of campaign rhetoric out there. >> san jose mayor samly card owe vowed that he'll stand up for his city's residents if the federal government asks local officials to enforce immigration laws. here's another look at the crowds gathered for a third straight night of lexapro tests in oakland. we'll continue to monitor the situation. you can get updates with the abc 7 news app of course. you need to download it and enable push alerts. for those wondering what hillary clinton is up to, today she was spotted hiking in new york. margo got this picture with the former presidential candidate. she says hillary and bill clinton were working their dogs.
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bill clinton apparently took this picture. >> that went viral quickly. thousands of people will be in san francisco to find a cure for cancer. >> abc 7's spencer christian is out for the light the night walk. >> reporter: joining me right now, i have a remarkable family. the star of the family is 8-year-old arian who we'll get to in a moment. his parents are here. we're happy to say he's a healthy young man right now. that wasn't always the case. tell us what happened three years ago. >> so, three years ago he was diagnosed with lieu keep yachlt it was very devastating for us. nobody in our family had experienced it before. it's been a long time coming. but he was finally in remission. we're glad he's off chemo and doing good. >> i bet you cannot describe the lee leaf you feel. >> it has been an emotion journey. we have been strong as family and we're always going to be strong for our son.
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the fight is still on and we'll always fight for the blood cancer and make sure there's a cure for it. >> the fight does go on. let's talk to the main guy. how are you feeling these days? >> good. >> are you happy to be here for this walk? >> yeah. >> looking forward to it? >> uh-huh. >> will you go the entire 1.8 miles? >> yeah. >> you're a tough guy. >> also my teacher and my friends are looking at this right now. >> you want to wave to them? >> hi guys. >> that's great. good luck to you. i'll see you when you finish the walk, okay? >> okay. >> that's a great story. we're so happy that this is a healthy young man right now. so many stories like this tonight. all the walkers are carrying these illuminated red lanterns. the white lanterns are survivors like arian and gold lanterns for people walking in memory of lost loved ones. we'll be back with more on light the night. dan and ama. >> what a powerful, special night tonight. >> since spencer is out there,
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drew is checking on the forecast. >> what will it be for the walker tonight? >> fantastic tonight. comfortable conditions to be out there enjoying the festivities. it's a quiet scan. let's jump ahead and show you your highs on your friday. we'll have a veil of cloud cover. a mix of sun and clouds out there. a little cooler tomorrow than today. 66 in san francisco. 75 the high in san jose. about 71 in oakland. a high of 70 degrees in vallejo. the next couple of days, perfect for veterans day on your friday. only confined to the north bay. the chance of a light sprinkle. sunday looking fantastic. lots of sunshine and a mild afternoon. we jump ahead to tuesday. tuesday, evening. light rain in the north bay. early wednesday morning, we will have widespread light rain right now. the 1 on the storm impact scale. accuweather forecast, it's a cooler day tomorrow. but very nice out flchlt morning drizzle in the north bay saturday. otherwise dry through the weekend. mild on monday and track the showers starting tuesday night
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in the north bay and sinking south through wednesday morning. >> very good. thanks very much, drew. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, a look at an amazing event. operation 7 save a life. >> it's an effort to get
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we're keeping an eye on
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oakland where more than a hundred people gathered. you're looking at the crowd now. so far it's a peaceful crowd at broadway near 14th street. we have seen vandalism over the past couple of nights. officials are hoping for a calm and peaceful third night here. today another part of the old bay bridge came down. crews pulled away a nearly 2 million pound truss. once lowered, it was towed to the port of oakland to be recycled. cal trans expects to take down about one truss a week as it dismantles what is left of the bridge's old eastern span. abc 7 is again partnering with local firefighters and the makers and sellers of smoke alarms to make this a safer holiday season for low-income and elderly bay area residents. >> critical effort that saves lives. eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: the big news from this year's operation 7 save a life event, a renewed commitment from one of the industry's biggest manufacturers of smoke alarms. >> we're going to donate 4,000
7:25 pm
sno smoke a larmts with the ten-year battery and 400 carbon monoxide alarms. >> that's up from the 3,000 smoke alarms and 300 carbon monoxide detectors that was donated each of the past half dozen years. in the fire service, we're very aware that smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors save lives. >> this is the seventh year that abc 7 partnered with fire departments, home depot and others with oakland, san jose, santa clara for operation 7 save a life. the event kicked off this year with a program hosted by abc 7 live news desk anchor jessica castro. >> nearly half of the nation's fire deaths occur in the 4% of homes that do not have a smoke detector. >> for our company to be able to help those in most need is probably the most gratifying. >> home depot is helping to
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distribute the safety devices. >> with the holidays coming, the colder weather, being prepared in case of a fire is huge. >> reporter: it is that time of year when christmas trees and holiday cooking carry the risk of sparking fires. this year, new recommendations on where to mount those smoke alarms. >> make sure that you have a smoke alarm in every sleeping room. and in the hallway outside of the bedrooms. >> to see how to get one where you live, go to abc 7 i'm eric thomas, abc 7 news. up next on abc 7 news at 6:00, we're live in oakland. the worst of the post-election protests. >> on the ground and in the air, we'll see how it compares to those who filled the streets. life after high school isn't always a four-year degree. a program that's showing teens alternative ways to build a c'eira head on abc 7 news.
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for a third night in a row, protesters are filling the streets of downtown oakland. sky 7 is live overhead keeping an eye on the crowds as they move through the city. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is on the ground keeping an eye on the crowds from there. laura, how is it going? >> reporter: hi, ama. so far so good in terms of being peaceful. this is a rally at this point. a lot of chanting, a lot of loud chanting and discussion about the election especially. let's show you what it looks like from sky 7. we're just on the edge to the east of franco gallo plaza between city hall and 14th. at this moment, you can see probably several hundred people
7:31 pm
on the ground gathered around in a circle listening to various speakers. we talked with one of the demonstrators wearing a mask and i asked him about the mask and whether that's an effort to disguise any of the activity that we've seen or illegal activity, the vandalism we've seen over the past couple of nights. >> i take this off. i have no problem. because i'm not for breaking and entering. i'm not for looting. i'm for getting our voice out there and letting people know that this is a positive movement. no way, shape or form is this negative. no way, shape or form are organizers promoting violence and vandalism, especially not in the city. that's the foundation we're hoping to build across america. they look to us. >> reporter: and that's a similar message to what we heard from the mayor, libby schaaf, today. trying to remind people that oakland is a progressive city and that oakland is also the city, at least the city officials disappointed in the results of the election.
7:32 pm
in fact, in alameda counties, 80% of the returns voted for hillary clinton in the presidential election. again, these folks are upset about the results, about president-elect trump. winning that election. and they are out here voicing that opposition. at this point, we don't know of any plan for this group. at this point, they're staying in this area. they haven't given the police a plan either. we'll be here and let you know and keep an eye on things. live in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. president obama and president-elect donald trump talked about the upcoming transfer of power at the white house today. the two men never other in person until this morning. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> experts are analyzing why
7:33 pm
tuesday's presidential election turned out to be a surprise to so many. >> some of those experts gathered at stanford today. reporter david louie has the story. >> the subject drew a capacity crowd. why tuesday's election drew -- left hillary clinton defeated. in their analysis it was partly a change in society and partly a failing by democrats. >> whether you look at the media, the church, academia, banks, corporations, unions, all of these institutions fl civil and economic society have been declining in approval and trust over the years. >> they may have been leaving out one segment of the population. white men without college degrees in favor of a -- >> one group they lost touch with was the white working class. that's, i think, why they got punished in the northern industrialized states. >> while mr. trump may have said negative things about women and minorities, in the end a large
7:34 pm
block much other voters still supported him. >> maybe a disturbing minority might have liked those aspects, but the majority of people who voted for him had anxieties, had concerns, had policy preferences that drove those votes. >> now the focus turns on what policies and initiatives will mr. trump pursue. the president-elect may hit roadblocks and need to compromise. >> we need to respect the process and give him a chance to be a decent president because that legitimacy is going to be necessary when the next president comes into office and has to undo all the damage that i strongly suspect is going to be incurred in the next four, hopefully just four years. >> at stanford, david louie, abc 7 news. california farming officials say they're unsure what to expect from a trump presidency. leaders at the state farm bureau are hoping to convince trump to ease environmental protection regulations when it comes to water. they're also concerned about his stance on trade. specifically, the trans pacific
7:35 pm
partnership which they claim could be worth more than a billion dollars for california farmers. >> and we don't close the deal, other countries that are our competitors do and so the fiscal impact for our economy could be very significant. >> farming experts say losing that partnership could threaten business deals california already has with countries overseas. one key to donald trump's victory was his success with blue collar voters on a promise to revive jobs in manufacturing and the building trades that pay a steady livable wage. as jonathon bloom found out, that was exactly the topic of a field trip for oakland high school students today who may see a future for themselves building things with their hands. >> why would you want to get involved in manufacturing? >> that's the big question for high schoolers growing up in a world where the goal was to get a four-year degree. >> the reality is a lot of people want to use their hands.
7:36 pm
they're artists, they want to make things and see the results. they don't necessarily want to spend four years, four more years with simply books. >> local employers like -- >> our apologies. we'll get that tape back airing again in a few moments if we can. let's move on. bay area veterans were invited into a former warship for a chance to land a job. abc 7 news was aboard the u.s. s. hornet in alameda for a veterans job fair. among those recruiting were apple, at&t and pepsi. the event was tailored for veterans making the jump from the mill tear toy civilian life. >> eight years in the military doing hvac. i don't know what i'm worth in the civilian sector. but i hope to find out. >> veterans were able to meet with recruiters, get interviewing tips and have their resumes reviewed. how would you like to get
7:37 pm
your credit score to soar? mike an finney says there's a new way to make it happen. up next, he's going to explain the whole new world of credit now emerging and how it's
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so far things are calm in oakla oakland. more than a hundred people are gathered outside the city hall. broadway near 14th street. we've been keeping an eye on this throughout the newscast. we'll continue to monitor it throughout the evening. no credit, bad credit, no problem. >> the advertising rent slogan is going. >> 7 on your side's michael finney knows it inside and out. >> did you know if you miss a medical bill payment, it can ruin your credit score. but missing a mobile phone payment doesn't. if you pay your mortgage on time, it helps your credit score. but paying your rent on time doesn't. credit histories, scores and lending guidelines are all subjective and that is nothing new. these concerns stretch back
7:41 pm
decades. you see, lenders physically draw a red line on a map. color in the area in the middle and refuse loans to anyone living in the shaded area. called red lining. the poor and minority communities at a disadvantage. >> we don't need a map to do that. nowadays, we have log rhythms to make that happening. >> he's a financial services incompetent vey tore just awarded a genius grant for his work with the san francisco mission asset fund. >> you need credit to get credit. you don't have a credit score, you can't get any credit. in this situation, you're stuck. >> jose knows those people lend and borrow with each other. so he and mission asset fund make sure credit reporting companies hear about it. >> i'm just telling you right now, it is hard out here for a brother trying to get his credit score raised. >> patrick brown joined mission asset fund and is getting
7:42 pm
results. >> >> now even the biggest payer in credit scoring, fica, has come up with fico sd. a way to score the tens of millions called credit invisible. >> it looks at alternative data, like how people pay their phone bills, utilities and other property and public record information. >> fico sd rolled out about six months ago. >> it's being received very well by lenders. they're in the process, many are in the process of validating it and test tg. >> sasha wesh lynn is with the green lining institute which works to overcome the lingering effects of red lining. she's not so sure a new score by the same old players is progress. >> a solution would be that credit reports and scores accurately reflect the lived experience of all consumers, not just your cookie cutter consumer. but really looking at folks working towards the american dream or their version of the
7:43 pm
american dream. >> now for more information on the new scoring techniques, go to my facebook page. there you'll find a conversation that goes into more detail. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. coming up next, the little bird that told us how things work behind the scenes of the
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today the dow closed at a record high. markets typically fall after an election due to uncertainty. but the dow has been up two days in a row. today it added 218 points ending above 18,800. tech stocks dropped slightly. the s&p gained slightly. let's get back to the story we started to bring you a few minutes ago and had technical reporter. jonathan bloom spent the day in oakland with high school students exploring -- >> why would you want to get involved in manufacturing? >> that's the big question for high schoolers where the goal was always to get a four-year degree. >> the reality is a lot of people want to use their hands, they want to make things, they don't want to spend four more
7:47 pm
years with simply books. >> local employers like nor calumet cal fabricators opened their doors to offer students an alternative. >> you can build a career, have economic stability and you have the satisfaction of making things. >> they're all jobs that are high tech these days. >> saw a lot of equipment. new technology i never seen before. >> whether you're building a spiral staircase or a keyboard that's literally bulletproof. >> this is in an auto zone store am. it was held up. >> these are exciting technology jobs, as well as exciting jobs for someone who is creative, who can visualize a product. >> how do they land a job. conveniently the last stop is here at lane i college where they teach the real world skills in lass rooms like this. >> between lathes and milling machines, you can make any shape you want. all we do is create geometry. >> for manual tools and robotic ones. >> now it's going to cut the inside. >> the east bay's utilities and
7:48 pm
refineries are g. about to be in dpier need of skilled trades. their workforce is aging. >> 50% of the people could retire in many cases. they're facing a huge shortage of people for the future. >> people who build things to build a life for themselves. >> just keep working at it. that's my message to you. >> in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. this weekend google will release its new virtual reality headset called daydream view. jonathan bloom was among the first to try it out. check out his experience on bloom tv. a local actor glad to be part of the lion king bay area. it's playing in san francisco. drew her shallfield plays the little bird, the side kick to mufasa and simba. >> he's a puppet and i are za xu. we're having the same experience in each scene.
7:49 pm
the right hand articulates the beak like so. it's really just about -- drew says he really focuses on being one with his puppet and letting his emotions flow through him. >> it rolls through december 21st. disney is a parent company of abc 7. that's a great production. it is a beautiful night outside as you can see from the camera at south beach. we want to see what it looks like where you live. add the #abc 7 now to your pictures. drew is back with an update on the forecast. >> when we have beautiful days like thrks the sunsets and sunrises are phenomenal. we'd love to see where you live. >> quiet pictures. lots of sunshine. mild temperatures. still rather warm at this hour. 69 in san francisco. upper 60s from oakland to fremont. napa, still mild at 67 degrees. tomorrow, we will be warm. a few degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon than we were today.
7:50 pm
about 71 the high in oakland. 75 for san jose. 72 palo alto. 76 san francisco. 70 the high in vallejo. the next best chance of rain is late tuesday of next week into wednesday morning. right now, it's a 1. it's a light storm on the storm impact scale. a 10 to a half of an inch to most areas. it looks to be widespread. future weather into tuesday evening. the green color overtakes the map. that's your light rain. it looks like it will spread into the south bay as well. accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a cooler day but nicer veterans day. morning drizzle confined to the north bay. monday it's mild and tuesday night into wednesday, that's the next best chance force wet weather. >> thanks, drew. all right. we have plenty of sports tonight. >> worries on the road, larry? >> after playing last night at or back-to-back. one night after beating dallas, warriors are in denver. you go to denver, you got to play at altitude. it's a challenge or so you would
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
♪ remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. good evening. the warriors are playing their second back-to-back of this young season. last week they've rolled okc.
7:54 pm
then they were clobbered by the lakers in l.a. last night the dubs rolled dallas. in denver to take on a nugt squad to get in trouble last year. welcome to the altitude where your lungs burn. draymond green, kevin durant for the jam. off the nuggets miss, steph curry ahead to mcgee. makes a nice catch and the finish. the dubs on a 17-2 run. good to see mcgee getting early playing time. off the miss. steph waiting on the fly by and knocks down the jumper. 44-27 warriors in the second quarter. steph had 14 in the first period. a few hours after meeting with president-elect trump. president obama met with the nba champion cavs. got his traditional jersey. the cavs took over the white house. the new craze is mannequin-ing. they had a guest mannequin-err. but michelle obama was in there.
7:55 pm
j.r. smith did wear a shirt to the white house. the sharks dropping in an florida. those were not the sharks. the sharks where teal. they have a different uniform. >> former shark with two goals in the -- late in the period, brent burns blocks a shot, takes it all the way for a sixth of the year james rooimers, 2-1 after one. to the second period, joe pavelski's beats rhymer to tie. the sharks have gone ahead. 3-2. teal in the third. the raiders have the week off before they face the texans next monday night. that's a game you can see here on abc 7. the raiders hit the bye with a 7-2 record. in first place in the afc west. the silver and black have not looked this good in a long, long time. they haven't made the playoffs since '02. they want to remind everybody they haven't made the playoffs
7:56 pm
this year yet. there's a long way to go. >> we're not even close. i say that so hopefully one day i'll be able to say we weren't close yet. we're not close to where we want to be or need to be. are we doing really good things? absolutely. we are. there's so much more out there for us. i don't want us to get complacent. as long as i'm throwing the ball here, i'm not going to let that happen. the 49ers at 1-7 will visit arizona. >> wow. it's brutal. >> pretty bad. thanks, larry. here's another look now at what is so far a peaceful post-election protest in oakland. >> the crowd of about 200 to 300 at this point is gathered near city hall at broadway and 14th street. we're keeping an eye on this. you can get updates on this protest through the abc 7 news app. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv. coming up farms, kitchens and
7:57 pm
pot lounges. how a bay area city is planning for legalized marijuana. what's the fastest lane to the bay bridge toll plaza? alexis smith gets in sky 7 for the abc 7 time challenge. find out how to speed up your ride in san francisco at 11:00. here's the primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00. grey's anatomy, notorious and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. look for breaking news on twitter. i'm ama daetz, i'm dan ashley. i'm ama daetz, i'm dan ashley. and for d
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
"last man standing" was recorded in front of a live studio audience. [ sighs ] happy sunday, sir. and mrs. sir. kyle, we're not married. we're just having a baby together. how old-fashioned do you think we are? thanks for the lift, honey. yeah. it's a pleasure driving you anywhere, eddie.


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