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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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now from abc 7. >> president elect trump shutdown 580 creating a traffic nightmare for drivers. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> the protest started out peacefully, around 9:30 a sblintsblin splinter group made its on its way to the highway. >> this shows the situation on the ground. all of the protesters are now off of 580. two people who helped shutdown the highway have been arrested. >> groups of protesters have been zigzagging smashing windows, setting small fires and spraying graffiti. tonight with the latest on the
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story. >> reporter: just now got an update from oakland police, a half dozen arrest have been made so far tonight on the streets. they say several dozen -- several businesses -- several businesses have been vandalized and those appear to be car dealerships on auto road. it began with a peaceful protest tonight in oakland against the president elect. a new night of demonstration on the streets of oakland. earlier thousands of people gathered to protest the election of donald trump. >> he is not our president. >> many fear he'll keep the campaign promises and deport undocumented immigrants. >> i don't feel safe. i'm pretty sure no one feels safe with him being president because a lot of families are going to be broken. >> he held this sign expressing fear for the future. >> i can't manage what it would
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be like if i wasn't around for my daughters. i'm just terrified of that thought. >> reporter: wednesday's night protest march of 7,000 people left shattered windows and graffiti across downtown oakland. oakland pastor nicholas alexander held this sign on broadway for peace on the streets. >> it's okay, you know, to be angry and disagree. but, you have to put it behind you and move forward. >> reporter: protesters vowed to return to oakland on friday. abc 7 news. if you're developing news where protesters continue to march downtown san jose right now. they briefly got on the highway at the west julian street ramp and shutdown traffic there thanks for sharing this video with us. he siays no one was hurt. >> left class and hit the streets today to protest the
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election. students organized the demonstration on social media, the largest where it's estimated more than a thousand students took part. >> school principal is in trouble because of something he said today during a rally. something he said about president trump. >> katie said from the high school. >> students here walked out of class in protest of president elect donald trump. they ended up on the football field and the principal facilitated a discussion. sm say the principal said too much -- >> a student posted this video on her snap chat and another student showed it to us. fill moralless egged on by students used an explit tif. some students say it's no big deal. >> he shouldn't be in trouble or anything for that. it was his opinion. he should be able the sayha his opinion is. >> he was sharing his opinion, i
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think it's a bad because he's a principal and he can get kicked out. >> he was placed on administrative leave. >> you don't say that to kids who are vulnerable. >> he was astonished at what he saw on snap chat. >> he should be teaching everybody to divide as one. >> not all of us, of course, voted for the same person, that's okay. once that person is now here, we should have been taking that time today to teach them tolerance, to teach them how we need to unit together. >> the school district didn't respond to our request for an interview. we've reached out to the principal as well, abc 7 news. president elect today sent out his first tweet since election night. he called out the protesters, calling them professional, medi them. he tweeted about his fantastic day in washington, d.c. meeting with president obama.
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>> we now are going to -- want to do everything we can to help you succeed. if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> the 45th and 4 th4th congeni after the harsh. this was the first time. >> it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many many more times in the future. >> the president elect, the meeting was suppose to be brief but ended up going an hour and a half. at the first time first lady in waiting met with michelle obama and at the capitol house speaker also had a rocky relationship with mr. trump sounded supportive. >> we're talking about how we're going to hit the ground running. >> the white house
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correspondent's association tonight calling mr. trump's decision to break from tradition and not let a protective pool of reporters travel in his motorcade unacceptable. trump's new secretary said that will change soon. 20/20 will have an in depth look, spent more than # a hyundais -- more than 5 hyundais on the campaign trail. it airs tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. followed by news at 11:00 p.m. bart is back to normal after equipment problem caused major delays on the track. a power substation went off line between powell station. abc 12 news was there. that power station is now online. someone who was crossing the street in downtown san jose this afternoon was killed in a car crash that injured four other people, including two members of our abc seven news team.
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it happened around 4:30 when two cars collided, hit a pedestrian and hit our parked news van. pedestrian died, two other people went to the hospital. they are expected to recover. our reporter and photographer were in the parked news van and suffered minor injuries investigators took the driver of the car into custody. they believe alcohol may be a factor. >> today san jose police arrested a man for trespassing at the international airport. jerry hide entered restricted area. police booked him and released him from custody. new at 11:00 p.m. police say man and woman were responsible for robbery. and abc 7 news explains another robbery happened late tonight. >> this south berkeley neighborhood was on lock down as police searched for an armed robber, he had stolen a sandwich, last night just a few
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weeks away, an unrelated robbery spree started. the robber struck three times, two women and a man unsuccessfully first tried to snatch a wallet from the man as he walked down the street then they kept going. >> looking for people walking down themselves usually carrying a cell phone or bag and typical kind of purse snatch, strong arm type robly. >> they punch and stole the victim's phone. ten minutes later they robbed a cal stubt as he walked a -- student as he walked alone. they pinned him down and started punching him. >> it's very terrifying, you know. it was a bit up scale. >> you don't want to think about it, but you're aware of, now. >> police have very few leaves, abc 7 news. coming up on abc 7 news at
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11:00 p.m. >> i'm from abc 7 morning since sky 7, what's calling daily traffic jams at the bay stone bridge plaza, we'll show you next. remembering music legend leonard. >> i'm meteorologist sandy, we'll have some damp spots this weekend. hour by hour look when live doppler 7 tracks the system, coming up. she's got the move, the warriors' super fan now has internet stardom. >> that's so fun. >> all of that ahead, first here is a look at what's coming up tonight right after. >> thanks, we have a very educational show tonight. we did a parity of the producers in which the prank was you're running donald trump for president and of course he remembered when --
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hallelujah. >> canadian singer song writer, he's passed away. his work span five decades. the announcement was made tonight on his facebookpage. it said we have lost one of the most prolific visionary ris. he was 82 years old. >> great music. well, a commute across the bay bridge is one of the worst commutes in the nation. it is so slow. >> it really is. so abc 7 morning traffic reporter alexis smith and sky 7 conducted our own bay bridge
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time challenge during one morning's commute. >> let's see which lane won, fast track or cash. >> it's a mind numbing crawl to get to the bay bridge toll plaza in the morning. drivers weave in and out of traffic. >> what seem like a 15 minute drive should take up to an hour. >> it's getting worse, the fast track lanes is backed up more than the cash lane. >> we wanted to know what's really happening. i got in sky 7 to give us a view from above. all of them take fast truck, still some except fast track. what is really faster, we did a comparison and two abc 7 news car with cameras and put 7s on the roof so we can track them. we started to see how long it takes to get at the toll plaza. the blue 7 is going through the cash lanes and we've got the red 7 going through the fast track lanes. minutes in, so far looks like
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cash is moving a little bit faster. what's keeping the red 7. it had to cross over to get into the only lanes in the center. >> i was trying to get over. cash car's lead doesn't last long. it looks like we've got the fast track card, the red 7 catching up and passing the blue, the cash car nearly 35 minutes into the commute. traffic slows down and it's the driver in the cash lane creating a problem. >> we've seen car after car leave those cash lanes, cutting off the fast track only lanes. the cab driver is feeling the pinch. he's getting cut off because these guys are trying to get over into the fast track so it's effecting the fast track, too. it's just about five minutes faster than the fast lane, probably not as saving. >> that's consistent with what we found over the years. >> he's with the transportation
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commission. >> evidently, there are some folks that their time is more valuable than others. >> he says those drivers who cut over at the last minute play a big part in slowing down traffic. >> there's no real advantage game by the folks as we call them the dive bombers. >> it's tried to prevent that by installing flexible pylons, good win says consider drivers will go a long way in speeding up trsk, but the commission is also looking at ways to eliminate the cash option from the bridge to speed things up. the golden gate bridge stopped taking cash tolls in 2013. since then the flow of traffic on the bridge has improved. there's no set date for when the bay bridge might stop taking cash. >> there are a number of things that we need to do because the traffic valiums are so much greater on the bay bridge. >> in the meantime drivers are looking for relief and leaving earlier won't help them. the mtc says the busiest time on the bay bridge is between five
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p.m. and 6:00 a.m. it's guy 7 clom alexus fifth. >> abc has your coverage. >> tomorrow at 11 last, lights haven't been updated in more doing to make the commute a bit smoother. well, thousands of people, including dozens of our coworkers came out t find a cure for blood cancer. >> abc 7 news was at at&t park for the night the light walk. >> this was the largest to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. these were those who passed away. >> abc 7 morning anchor's partner served as mc. >> and it was a great event. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd.
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we're seeing a few high clouds right now as we take a look at from the climate prediction center. we have a weak lanina now. the cooler than average water, the forest, that came out today, expecting to continue through winter, three months, basically, from weather. as far as rain fall, in case you're wondering it can go either way when you track previous, some weak resulted in wetter than normal conditions, some drier than normal. we'll have to wait and see. beautiful shot, low mid-60s. san jose and still real miles outside. from our camera, we look back towards the bay bridge, temperatures mid to upper 50s, so these are some of the cool spots, one other live picture from our tower camera looking at san francisco. cool for veterans day. we're looking for north bay drizzle. so, yes it was unseasonably warm
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again today with mid-70s to low 80s. we do have the drop of the temperatures coming. friday night increase in the cloud cover leading up to, as you look at this hour by hour forecast, potential for some wet roadways around midnight. we get you down to about santa rosa around the early morning hours, 5 to 7:00 a.m. on saturday and that will be it. a light shower or drizzle saturday morning in the north bay and then we go back to dry conditions. first thing tomorrow morning watch out for patches of fog again. upper 40s to the mid-50s. you may need to bundle up for the afternoon temperatures are down. cloud cover increases you're looking at low to mid-70s for your friday afternoon, veterans day festivities going on. everything looks good. you look at the temperature trend for san jose, average high 66 degrees. you'll be well above normal for a few days, not as warm as today. look at the temperatures drop, low to mid-60s middle of next
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week which is why i'm bringing in the storm's impact. it's a slight system, tuesday night into wednesday, on an attempt for most areas. it is going to be breezy in spots. hour by hour showing you the light rain developing late going into wednesday morning's commute and winding dunn by the afternoon. it is a cold system, so this does mean snow in the nevadament and it will accumulate possibly just about a half of foot of snow, accuweather seven-day forecast showing you what's in store for the upcoming weekend. it's really that morning drizzle chance saturday, after that dry for the rest of the weekend, one on the impact scale, you can on the impact scale, you can track it all,
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you've got to love the super fan, robin knows how to fire up the crowd with her awesome dance moves and trademark sweater. she's made it on to the jumbo tron 22 times. whose mom is this? the tweet received more than 76,000 likes. >> wow. she needs to release like a dance work out video. >> that's a great video. >> he eeps been working on it. >> not bad. you stick the landing, too. >> limited amount of time. i would do the whole routine, maybe be a left or dark when we watch that. warriors dance up and down the warriors dance up and down the court in denver tonight,t,t,
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tonight the warriors are looking like a super team we've been waiting for. a night of steph curry was ridiculous and mcgee showed just how big he can be for the team. rocky messing with vaughn miller. mcgee got some playing time. he can be what the warriors need, 10 points 15 minutes. he's seven feet tall, you can't teach that with authority. dunking on dudes. david w david westing with a steal. defender flies by and drains the three. dubs by 14 at the break. k.d. held only 18, steve kerr said he was not going to injury. you don't want to see contact
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like that. four point play, he's laughing, it turns into a laugh. 81-56 warriors, shot clock winding down, steph, lay up, finished with 33 and mcgee, the exnugget having some fun in denver tonight. warriors win 125-101. the san jose sharks. this is the way you want to make an interest, former shark, jason two goals. and then in the second, it is joe pevelski beating exshark's back up, james, his fifth of the year ties the score two apiece. tommy is going back hand, nicely done. that's a game winner. sharks would add an empty net goal to prevail 4-2. u.s. women's soccer team taking on romania. it was all usa and uber in a
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hurry. they scored the first goal for team usa eight minutes in. she had a eighth that can she scored three goals and now is alex morgan had two in the second half as the usa rolls 8-1. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. they've been mentioning that we would like to see more mcgee. it's good to see it's really having an impact. >> thanks, larry, all right. >> abc 7 news continues now online, twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our


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