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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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tonight at 6:00, anti trump protesters hilt the streets across the u.s., including a large protest here in the bay area. a lot of my family is undocumented. two parents undocumented so i'm here to fight for them. >> calls for action grow everybody donald trump makes a bold promise for one of his first actions in office. law enforcement goes on statewide manhunt to track down a suspected cop killer. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> protesting the president. sky 7 is up and you'll see that -- above a francisco where hundreds are on the march tonight. part 0 a nationwide movement as
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people demonstrate against donald trump's president si and his immigration plan. good evening. i'm take thomas. we thank you so very much for joining us. donald trump called for the immediate deportation of two to three million undocumented people in the u.s. he said it during a prerecorded interview that airs tonight on "60 minutes." trump said those with criminal records are here illegally and he wants them out of the country. it's the latest statement that burden on protests since trump was voted president tuesday. in san francisco, where demonstrators have been marching through the commission castro districts since this afternoon that message is being reflected. sergio quintana is live on the ground with more on the protest and fear and anger over the immigration statements. >> reporter: as you mentioned we're now on night six of protests in the san francisco bay area against president-elect donald trump. here in san francisco that group has been marching through the city for a couple of hours now.
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the group has been peaceful. they've taken to d what is now a familiar route through the city, up market street toward the castro district. they are now heading back down market street, heading towards the ferry building. since tuesday night, many protests have b. raising concerns about trump's calls during his campaign for massive deportation efforts on undocumented immigrants and type of in his first interview since election he plans on deporting between two million and three million people when eassumes office. immigrants, their families, and their advocates are coming to grips with what that may mean. >> my parents are really worried. they're nervous because they've been in this country a long time. they work here. and they don't want to go back to mexico because they left there because they wanted a better life. they wanted a better work. so it's really affecting them in a negative way. >> people are protected bid the
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u.s. constitution. they don't have to talk to i.c.e. officers are let them in their homes and in addition, he can't take away the due process constitutional protections that everybody living here in the u.s. has. >> reporter: mark silverman is an immigration attorney in san francisco and says there is a palatable feel in immigrant community across the bay area. he's been advising families to reach out to local advocacy agencies to learn their rights. the protests here in san francisco are expected to continue for another couple of hours. so far there have been no reports of any violence or vandalism. reporting live. abc7 news. >> thank you. one of the largest bay area gatherings to protest donald trump happened in golden gate park this morning. thousands marched peacefully through the park from the deyoung museum to ocean beach. the group loudly expressed disapproval with the results of the election.
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>> cannot accept his bigotry, his racism, his sexism, i cannot believe that this is what america is going to represent to the rest of the world. >> many protesters wore safety pins to the event. that gesture began after the brexit vote in great britain to signify safety. in lockland thousands joined hands unified against a donald trump presidency. >> reporter: eric, thousands of people gathered here today and formed a human chain that stretched more than three miles around lake merritt. as we have seen sometimes protests can get out of hand with vandalism and violence, but it today it as wall about keeping things peaceful and moving forward together. [applause] >> in a show of unity, thousands of people from communities all over the bay area, linked arms d joined hands around oakland's lake merritt.
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the peaceful demonstration was to protest president-elect donald trump and to stand together against racism, sexism, and homophobia. >> i think it's a great way to make your voice heard in a way that is peaceful and nonviolent. >> the event was shared thousands of times on facebook, she brought a sign. >> it's important that we carry on and protesters are a great first step but we need to work towards systems change, do advocacy, policy change, continue to push for the rights of marlingized communities in our community. >> in the future fruitvale neighborhood a march -- >> that's war on immigrant communities, immigrants who are americans. regardless of their legal status. they live here. they work here. they go to school here. >> reporter: they're planning more protests this coming week along with school walkouts.
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back at lake merritt, people played drums and sang. accord ago organizers, this was to symbolize rising in song and moving forward with peaceful intentions. abc7 news. i-right now live pictures from sky 7 over market street in san francisco, where you see a protest going on right now. a couple of hundred people marching down the street near in the westfield mall and also an antitrump protest, they say they're concerned over this during the campaign.atements lawmaker are vowing to fight for the rights of immigrants in the u.s. the new york mayoral office said we have woven the tired, board and huddled mass interests the dan of new york for hundreds of years and will never let them be taken from us. san francisco mayorle tweeted being a sanctuary city is in our dna. san francisco will never be anything other than a sanctuary
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city. and kamala harris tweeted california has the larger none of immigrants documented and undocumented in u.s. i will fight for them. we are stronger together. today, donald trump appointed rnc chair reince priebus as his chief of staff. he picked him over steve ven banon, nationalist who heads the web site breitbart news. ebola business is more likely to work with moderate run are -- republicans in congress. donald trump credits bay area social media company for getting him elected elm he said facebook, twitter instagram allowed him to get miss message out rather than spending money. he also once he is president he'll be very restrained in how he uses social media. law enforcement officers throughout the state are mourning the death of a
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stanislas sheriff's deputy. he was shot twice in head execution style why investigating a stolen car a few mills south of modesto. this man, david machado was captured and is he murder thick. the 53-year-old wall lace century -- wallace is survived by his wife and children. was found by another deputy whos backup to the call. >> sever seas in new zealand at least two people were killed after a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake rattled the south island. the quake struck 55 miles northeast of christ church just after midnight on local time. there's extensive damage across the region with hundreds of buildings damaged by the powerful quake. emergency officials say the quick triggers tsunami waves more than eight feet above normal wave heights. that assume threat has since subsided. coming up at 6:00, a man who
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had a hand in some of rock 'n' roll's greats hits passed away. scientists fight to eradicate a plan that contributes to drought and wildfire. and, dancing to lift spirits across the world. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma, weekend filled with sunshine and mild temperatures and right now we have mainly clear skies and a beautiful shot from s
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>> leon russell has passed away. russell's biggest slow sew hit was tightrope in 1972 and wrote songs like shine a right and super star and this masquerade. he start hid career praying backum for testify beach boys, frank sinatra and dozens more bands and the wrecking crew. elton john posted that russell was a mentor and inspiration. he had recently been recovering from quadruple bypass surgery. he was 74. >> the nave would plans to
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expand sonar tres over the pacific coast. critics worry it would be dangerous to mammals in the area. the national marine fishery service decide the training would not have a major impact. the navy promise today follow strict guidelines and reduce impact on wildlife. >> government researchers wore can ago a special time of bacteria watt thrill stop an a species of grass from growing in great basin area. these pictures show cheat grass, the nonnative grass sends another roots that dries out in the summer and becomes fuel for wildfires. scientists wants to see if using a combination of bakr -- peer ya and herbicide will get rid of the grass. >> coming up at 6:00,. >> when be people you outside, they know why you're standing out there. >> a mother's punishment. what she says her eight-year-old
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son did at school was so bad she had to kick him out of the house. it's shaping up to be a quiet night but we're tracking the next chance of tuma has the. >> the 49ers getting to a opinion we are afraiding them on their losses and today was a goods loss. four turnovers again this four turnovers again this cardinals and was their eight
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in texas, mother punished her eight-year-old son because he voted for donald trump in his school's mock election. >> here's your suitcase. bye. get your suitcase and get out. >> no! >> bye. >> no! >> go. >> yikes. this video has been shared thousands of times on social media. she kicked the boy out of the house and head maid he hold a sign that said my mom kicked me out because i voted forever donald trump. >> i hope you find another tv to see them on because this is your new home. you can't come back here. bye. [crying] >> well, you know who took this
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seriously, the county sheriff's office and child protective services came over to investigate. the mother told investigators it was all a joke. thousands of people spread kindness through dancing today. we were at at&t park in san francisco for today's dance for kindness. the fifth year for the event. dancers in 100 cities across the globe did the same exact dance to same song today. it's all in celebration of world kindness day. >> and in accuweather, finally tracking a return of some fall-like temperatures. the month of november has been very mild, but this week you're going to feel the chill in the afternoon. live doppler 7 showing you a quiet picture. a lot of sunshine throughout the weekend, and tonight, besides a little coastal fog, we have really clear skies. so outside we go. a beautiful shot from the rooftop camera.
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got that bright full moon, a clear sky up above, and that clear sky is going to lead to some chilly temperatures. the moon will be the close toast earth since 1948. and because of that it appears about 14% larger than a typical full moon, at 30% brighter than your average full moon, because it's a little closer to earth we'll have higher than normal high tides. starting are tomorrow morning and tuesday morning, your times here for high tide, hitting very close to seven feet high and then wednesday at approximately moon, you may notice a little bit of coastal flooding each high tide the next three days. out there right now, it was a mild day. 60s and 70s, and 64 currently in oakland, 6 other san francisco, san jose, checking in at 66 degrees. 63 the current number in
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mountain view and papa 60. the future tracker temperatures, going overnight, most spots in the 50s. you also notice this whitespread cries the region. that's fog. we'll anticipate some patchy dense fog in spots for monday. going to be very slow to clear. monday morning, you notice around the bay we are still dealing we the low fog. by the afternoon, the fog pulls back to the coast. away from the coast a lot of sunshine but as the slow cheering will lead to a cooler afternoon. a high of 69 in oakland, afternoon sunshine on monday, 72 in san jose, 61 with mainly foggy skies in half moon bay, 70 in santa rosa, and san francisco a cool high of 63. future tracker temperatures does show you as we go through tuesday, the numbers continue to fall. cooler air arrives and it's settling in. by wednesday, look at this, chilly afternoon, think a lot of spots around the region are really going to struggle to get out of the 50s mid-week this
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week and this cooler israry errg -- cooler air is brought by a weak ripple and a lot of cloud cover tuesday and wednesday, and by wednesday, right along the coastline in morning, we could be dealing with drizzle as well. so we'll keep tracking for each day. the accuweather forecast, morning clouds on monday. sunshine by tuesday. temperatures drop with the a.m. sprinkle in the north bay. elsewhere we're dry. wednesday, an isolated shower confined to the coast but look at the numbers. up per 50s to low six thursday in the name of the game. gradual clearing on thursday. by friday, we're sunny, seasonal, and then late saturday and into sunday we are tracking another storm system approaching the coast right now. it's a one on the storm impact scale so seven days out, intensity and timing will change. we'll have an update at 11:00. >> but you'll know soon enough.
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>> well, the 49ers played well enough to win today in arizona, so that's progress. they played their best game, maybe this season, and all phases but couldn't close the deal and now they've lost eight in a row. niners didn't allow 100-yard rusher first time in eight games adult david johnson had 101 all-purpose yards and two tds. 14-0 arizona. kap was 173-for 210-yards and a touchdown. pocket collapses. find jeremy curley and 17 yards, 14-7 cards. 3:24 left. niners down a touchdown. carson palmer, second interception, hodges the pick. led to this four-yard run by kap and he was the niners leading rusher with 55 yards. too much time left. palmer finds larry fitzgerald. 12 catches, 133 yards. puts the cards in field goal range and chandler, the perfect 3-3 in the game. the game winner right here, 34 yards. 49ers lose 23 torn. now 1-8.
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>> i told them i was proud of how they competed today but still have to -- they're not handing out participation trophy friday the national football league. >> thought we did a good job on offense, had some opportunities and took advantage of them. there's still room for us to grow, still room for us to get better, room for us to capitalize on things we left on the field today. >> cowboys and steelers game of the year, dez bryant found out husband dad paced away yesterday. he played, six catches, 116 yards, including this 50-yard td pass. but the steelers take the lead with 42 seconds left in game. ben roethlisberger fakes the spike, throws it 15 yards to brown. 30-29 steelers. 15 seconds left. elliott, over200 all-purpose yards, 32 on the ground right there third td of the day. cowboys win 35-30 the final. seven lead changes in the game. raiders enjoying the byes week before the face houston
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monday might in mexico city. derek carr says likes watching football on the day if a but with the chiefs winning maybe not so much today. the chiefs trailing the panthers but get a gift from cam newton who throws it right to eric berry. the man who would not be brought down. pick six, chefs outscore scares 17 oregon in the fourth. 20-17 the final. kc has won five straight, now tied with the raiders but they own the tiebreaker. broncos in new orleans, saints down six, minute and a half left. drew brees, third td, 32-yards and brandon cooks. tied at 23. nows this, extra point would with the saints the lead but justin sim montana jumps over the pile to block. it is return or in the safety. that is the winner. denver a half game back of first with the victory. warriors back in action hosing phoenix before they let
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the road for the four-game swing through the eastern conference, barbosa returns to oracle for the first time. a nice ovation from the fans. the game was all suns for the first half. steph curry able to keep his team in the graham. lays it in. had 20 in the first half. second quarter. steph, just ridiculous. the difficult 3. the brazilian blur. still showing his speed. green has six but warriors led at the half. durant that three. right now warriors up at halftime, 62-59. crazy day in nfl. more coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 and your complete warrior highlights. see you then. >> next on abc7 news at 6:00, election burnout pays off for the box office. the big numbers put up this we
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>> type of continue on kofy tv 20 facebook wants to get real. the new pledge from the kree. and at 11:00 right here, a battle over bears in lake tau home animal advocates claiming bears are being hauled tire be hunted. wildlife officials say they're being moved for safety, not sport. americans escaped to theaters this weekend to drive ticket sales up 50% of the same weekend last year. box office analysts believe americans wanted to unplug and hilt the theaters after the
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election. marvel super hero movie, dr. strength, e. strange, armed $43 million. trolls with 35 million. sci-fi film, arrival, was third place and the first christmas movie of the year was fourth. hack saw ridge came in number 5. i saw dr. strange on election day. that was my break. so, that's it for abc7 abc7 at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. for drew and shu, i'm eric, take it easy.
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>> today on "matter of fact," you were a witness to history as the trump era puts republicans firmly in charge. >> the american people are looking for results. >> how will they use it? >> people at the bottom of the income ladder think they have a chance. >> can you get behind the president-elect? >> it could be a big win. the one issue that could pull americans together. washington in need of a job. >> i came to washington, d.c., with a young wife and daughter. >> what he wants you to consider this veterans day. but first -- soledad: what is ahead for the next four years. i am soledad


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