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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live this is abc7 news. now at 11:00 a paralyzed college student targeted. her specialized car stolen by a thief. she says she is missing more than four wheels. >> my independence is gone now and it is pretty devastating. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. tonight that college student is making a plea for help. >> it happened in the santa cruz county community of scots valley. >> that's where we find abc7 news reporter katie marcullo who is live. >> reporter: ama and dan, she parked her car here on friday night like she always does. this is the closest flat spot to her home which is about a hundred feet up the road. when she came back out on saturday morning it was gone.
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she is the after school drama director and it was not that long ago she was a student here herself. >> i was walking and i was a tap dancer and theater kid. >> reporter: everything changed when she was 17. she had a tumor removed from her spinal cord and hasn't been walking ever since. >> i am able to open the car myself and put the ramp out and roll up the ramp in my chair and then transfer to the driver's seat. >> reporter: total freedom allowing her to get to and from her job at the high school and san jose university where she is majoring in drama. >> it is more my independence was stolen and not so much the car. >> reporter: the element was taken from her scots valley home and devastating her family. >> she said, mom now it is time for me to fly now. i can do it with this car. to have that taken from her is very difficult. >> reporter: kendra just wants the car back and doesn't want to focus on who took it.
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she would rather think of the immense support she received from the community. >> there are more people who want to do good in the world than palm who want to do bad things. >> reporter: scots valley police said they would tear the city apart to find her car. abc7 knew. new at 11:00 that terrorists may see upcoming holiday celebrations as opportunities to attack. homeland security said terrorists could target events. they plan to beef up the thanksgiving day parade after they called the event an slept target. excellent target. security officials say there is no specific threat though. and we learned key transition leaders have been purged from the team getting ready for the administration. all while donald trump broke protocol tonight by ditching his press pool the trump transition team told members of the media he would be staying in at his manhattan home for the night. but video shows his motorcade
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leaving for the nearby 21 club restaurant. it is breaking protocol because presidents and presidents-elect are paired with press pools to ensure americans witness firsthand everything they do. >> utter and complete failure. >> just hours earlier one of trump's national security advisors abruptly resigned from the transition team. former congressman mike roger ises was reportedly pushed out and he is not alone. a low-level trump staffer is gone after requesting security for the president-elect oldest children. >> i am not intimately aware of that particular line of questioning, matt, but i know what i read is that the inquiries were made informally and that's all i know. >> late tuesday trump tweeted his cabinet selection process is very organized and he is the only one who knows who the finalists are. and there is late word of more turmoil.
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the "wall street journal" said vice president-elect pence ordered the removal of all lobbyists from the transition team. despite all of the changes the 10-week effort to build an administration is on schedule. new tonight, police in oakland have made an arrest in a triple homicide. the three victims were found dead last week. tonight we are learning the suspect under arrest is no stranger to controversy. lisa amin gulezian is live in the newsroom. >> we learned more about the bizarre case and players. it turn out the suspect is a transgender activist. here are the three people rivers is accused of killing. 19-year-old benny white, -- wright and patricia wright and charlotte reid. they rushed to the east oakland home on friday morning just after midnight. they found bennie stabbed and bleeding on the street and then they heard gunshots and saw smoke coming from the garage. investigators believe rivers shot the two women and then
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set the garage on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence. police stopped rivers as she ran out of the house covered in blood. this is river's mug shot. rivers made headlines when she was asked to leave her teaching job in sacramento when she started living as a woman. we interviewed rivers in 2000 when the boy scouts tried to exclude members based on sexual orientation. rivers opposed the policy. >> the principals that scouting taught me were tolerance, acceptance, love for my fellow american. >> reporter: police have not said what the motive is for these murders. rivers will be in court tomorrow. lisa amin go looy sheen, a -- lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> a woman said goodbye. she was an alameda county explorer. her friend and that woman's boyfriend are charged in her
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murder. her funeral was held in san lour wren zoe. san lorenzo. she mated an impact on the lives of the people she touched. a fire murdered two elderly people. new photos show the response of brazil avenue and vienna street. firefighters say there were large flames when they arrived. and a live wire to deal with. a second home next door had exterior damage. chp investigators have pieced together things to get a description in a deadly hit-and-run. officers say this make and model was involved in yesterday's crash on 580 in albany. investigators determined it is a 2015 or 2016 dodge dart after finding parts scattered at the consider scene. the -- crash scene. the car will have damage in the areas serk killed there. a long-time bar is under fire from city officials and polic. >> they have been ordered to close early because of too many police calls and even a
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homicide. we go now live to walnut creek with how the owners are fighting back. >> bar owners want to do the right thing to keep customers safe. but closing early will not work. police in the city say something needs to change at this long-time bar. >> it is a landmark. >> anyone who knows walnut creek knows krogin's bar. it has been the place where everybody knows your name. >> i came down here as a child. i was brought here by my father. i have continued to come here. >> police say they have b to krogin's too. more than 700 times over the past four years. from disorderly conduct case to assault on a police officer and public intoxication. the clientele is too rowdy for him on weekends. >> the crowd that's been coming down here makes me want to go somewhere else. >> courtney brown was shot and killed last august after a
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dispute with another man. the city now recommends krogins closes at 12:30 instead of 2:00 a.m. they tell councilmembers that that would ruin business. new security measures at the door were added. >> we check purses and fan nay packs and whatever. and we take anything away from them right now. >> police showed this chart showing no other bar has more than krogin's. but some believe the bar is being singled out. >> they are trying to make this a very high class area and taking out the people that mead walnut -- that made walnut creek the way it is. >> they will vote on the new hours on december 5th. abc7 news. >> thousands of lowest paid workers will get a 50% pay raise. abc7 news was in san jose. they approved a gradual minimum wage hike by the year 2019.
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on july 1st it will increase to $12 an hour. >> stay with us. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, a nanny caring for two toddlers is attacked in san francisco. city officials say it has a much larger problem. >> and brain boost. the pills promising to make you more alert and maybe even smarter. how they work and the potential risks. >> beach debris you won't see every day. the house boat making a 3,000-mile journey across the atlantic. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. clouds will be clearing out. the chill will beset lig in. be settling in. we'll look at the temperatures gee here is a look at what is coming up on gym mooy -- "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks, dan and ama. here is a free sample of the show tonight. >> i thought you were really great in the movie and the movie is really great. your response to me was what? what did you write back? >> i wrote back unsubscribe. >> that's all.
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a man suspected of assaulting a nanny has been detained. the woman said a man in all black came up from behind and pulled her hair and neck and told her no latinos here in spanish.
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the jogger helped the nanny and called police. the southern poverty law center has seen more than 200 hate-based happenings since the election. mayor ed lee is taking it seriously. >> i think it is an up tick of people thinking they can feel out in their discrime discriminatory attitudes and that will not happen in san francisco. >> officers have not decided if they will pursue hate crime charges. the suspect is being charged with mental illness. would you lake to improve your brain power with a pill? they are doing just that. it has supporters and skeptics. >> i wake up and take a trot. >> danny hernandez starts his day with a nutro. >> it gives me the clarity of mind i need to make better decisions. >> he downs a different pill from another bay area company called nutrobox which sponsors his on-line gaming team.
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>> youhink about vitamins you would take for your overall body health, these are very similar, but they target for brain functions. >> the supplements are among a growing wave of products called nutro picks based on the greek word for mind. most list a mix of ingredients that some say bolster brain power. >> how we can focus and how we can sustain attention, working memory and how we deal with stress. >> and they found an eager fan base. the concept of brain or biohacking has accelerated into movements like homemade headsets and biofeedback to stimulate brain activity. he says it sprung from the same kind of experimentation. jay people who wanted enhancement started taking this into their own hands. they discovered a wide, large deep body of information. >> the result are pills and
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powders extremely popular from silicon valley to wall street. but how safe and effective are the products. like supplements in general they don't go through the rigorous fda approval process. >> we don't actually know how safe they really are if you are taking them con neckly. chronically. we don't know how he effective they are. >> he is a toxicology specialist with california pacific medical center. he is concerned any potential side effects wouldn't be spotted until after the phak. >> was this caused by the supplement and should it be taken off the market? >> they say they haven't had reports of serious side effects. despite any concerns the market is growing. driven in part bayousers who say they are seeing gains in mental performance. >> things are coming to you and they are having good ideas. you feel energy. all we are looking for is 10, 15% improvement. >> they are often sold on-line
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and with the supplement industry in the tens of billions of dollars, there should be plenty of brain power going into the development and the marketing of nutropics. jay regulators could -- >> regulators could change the landscape. the fda ruled one popular ingredient that is essentially a drug and can no longer be marketed as a dietary supplement. the agency says they are aware of similar substances contained in the nutropic products, but has not made a ruling. >> now your accu-weather forecast with sandhya patel. >> the chill is settling in. it is 47 degrees in santa rosa. the rest of you are in the 50s . by morning you will feel it. los gatos 49. live doppler 7 is showing the clearing skies in parts of the north bay. the rest of you, the clouds will be clearing as we head toward tomorrow morning. this is a system that is bringing snow to the sierra nevada. south of lake tahoe they are turning to snow, but spec igg
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it a couple of inches down to low levels. we did have light showers. earlier some people saw drizzle and some light showers. all in all it didn't measure to much. it was anywhere from trace amounts to just under a 10th of an inch except at our radar site. abc7 news exploratorium looking toward san francisco and the visibility is good right now. chilly on wednesday and thursday morning and we will see patchy frost by thursday morning. cool and breezy and it is an unsettled pattern for the upcoming weekend. tomorrow morning you will need the boots and a heavy coat as. as you notice low 40s for our coldest inland valleys. most areas will be in midto upper 40s so chilly. patchy fog along the coastline. thursday it gets colder. this is when we are expecting the frost. you notice some of the upper 30s. friday it will be cool and then saturday a milder morning which is leading up to the potential for rain.
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going into tomorrow morning is a possibility of a few sprinkles. primarily near the coast at 5:00 a.m. the rest of you are looking for your sunshine on wednesday. it will be a cool one for your wednesday afternoon. the system was cold and it brought in cooler air. tomorrow you are looking at breezy conditions. upper 50s to the low 60s for most of you. the weekend does feature a storm. it is a one on the storm impact scale for saturday and sunday. light to moderate rain. early estimates are .80 to eight and a half. it is breezy at times. if you have hot door plans download the abc7 gnaws app to help you track the changing weather. 5:00 a.m. on saturday you notice the rains in the north bay. it spreads as we head into the afternoon. pretty widespread around 4:00 p.m. sunday we'll still have the rain going in the mornings which is scattered showers. lippingering moo early monday morning before all of it is done. now rainfall totals have been looking good. right now an inch and a half
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for santa rosa and .80 in san jose. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. don't leave home without dressing warmly. you will need all of the extra layers, even in the afternoon. a chilly start, breezy, cool afternoon. upper 50s to the low 60s for most of you. still another cold thursday morning ahead, but it does get warmer on friday. only to drop the temperatures for the weekend and bringing in rain. saturday and sunday we have a one on our storm impact scale. we will have slippery roads for your weekend. still ahead, a house boats thousand-mile transatlantic journey. >> you are playing russian roulette. >> some batteries could be dangerous so why are we using them? what is being done locally to make us all safer? that's tom
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okay this is weird. a solar-powered empty water craft washed up in ireland and it is believed to have traveled 3,000 miles from canada. the irish coast guard pulled it ashore to investigate. they found a cryptic note from rick small. they say the structure was donated and they sailed it across the atlantic. authorities believe he was not inside when it crossed. it was a ghost ship. larry beer -- larry bier is here. >> jarod goff gets the call as his teammates prep for the big game. can cal knock off stanford? what are they telling the what are they telling the cardinal in big game wee
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what are they telling the cardinal in big game wee ♪ ♪
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening, the warriors began a challenging four-game road trip in toronto and then on to boston, milwaukee and indiana. the dubs had an evening practice in toronto. they take an 8-2 record north of the border. kevin durant likes spending
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time on the road with his new teammates. >> it is fun to build the comradery with each other. >> we know how hard it is to win on the road in this league and you try to come back 4-0 and get the job done. >> college hoops welcome to stanford, everybody. up close and personal with reid travis against cal state northridge. can i help you up? first half and christian sanders is feeding travis with authority. he had a game high 19. to the second half. seven footer and please don't squeeze the sharma. he had a career high 15 off the bench. marcus sheffield. you know it is nights like this when these are going down. stanford rolls 96-69. they are 2-0 under their new head coach. the big game is on saturday in berky loo. if stanford keeps the x they will have won seven in a row and tied for the longest streak.
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stanford is on a roll right now. they won three straight games. they were just ranked 24th in the new playoff rankings. they lost 3 straight but the big game is in berkeley. here is david shaw. >> do not be surprised by the emotions in the stadium. when you walk in the stadium you are going to feel it. don't be surprised by it. >> i feel it as a coach. i am an alum. the big game is always big. >> after waiting for more than two months, former cal star jarod goff will make his start with the rams against the dolphins. he was the number one pick in the draft. his old coach at cal expects growing pains on the way ultimately to success. >> i would imagine this has been their plan all along. let a make sure he is ready. he is like every young quarterback. there are ups and downs and jarod has long-term s


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