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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the past pass. donald trump considers hiring some of the former rival among them some of the people he called liars and not smart during the campaign. good evening i'm dan. >> i'm amma. president-elect donald trump continues to prepare for his new job pulling back inform back high powered meetings inside trump tower. >> and tonight "the new york times"reports that mr. trump offered retired lieutenant general michael flynn the key post of national security advisor. >> pence made rounds at the
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cape capitol and we are in washington with more. >> as president-elect donald trump prepares for new role in the white house he mends fence with old rival. sources tell that you say trump is considering governor romney for secretary of state. shocking for some when you consider romney recently had this to say. >> think of donald trump personal qualities. the bullying. the greed. the showing off. my son any. the third grade theater. >>reporter: feeling clearly mutual. >> romney made a total fool of himself. >> also for secretary of state another former faux governor hailey of south carolina. she original nationally supported rubio. now change of heart the two meeting at trump tower part of full day of meetings focus on fourteen policy and national security including trump first face-to-face with foreign leader.
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meeting continue and the backlash. democrat still up in arms over steve bannon as white house counselor. and house minority leader pelosi urging pence to talk to trump about rescinding the appointment over bannon tie to the old right and white nationalist. also under fire is relationship with son-in-law against the law for trump to afoynt a family member for job at the white house but the transition team is reportedly looking into him serving as unpaid advisor claiming it has been done before. >> i know bush sons were very involved in their fat's administration. became president of the united states. >> when asked when we hear more about trump cabinet most likely around thanksgiving and they lead the first choice and back to you. >> today the we learned how one public official plans to protest san francisco status as sanctuary city. >> public defender asking the city to fund multi-million dollar initiative to hire
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lawyers to defend undocumented immigrant if the administration goes through with mass deportation. here's vic lee. >>reporter: he says estimated 30,000 immigrant reside in san francisco illegally. many of them become target and he wants to be ready to defend them. president-elect donald trump says he will deport millions of undocumented immigrants. he will start first with those who have criminal records. that could mean the lowest level offenders. >> this could include people who are arrested for traffic violations. for the minor offense and could very well end up in deportation proceedings. >>reporter: we have learned that mayor ed lee met yesterday at his office with large group of immigrant service providers. that's where he presented his plan. plan to prepare for the worst. >> we are asking the city to fund about 30 to 40 attorneys both in the public defender office as well as in non-profit
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law firms. >>reporter: as san francisco gay men chorus led city hall in message of unity mayor etd lee pledge the city would protect all immigrant family here. mayor lee told abc 7 news today the city already funding community base lawyers helping immigrant understand the rights to become citizens. he didn't comment directly on the plan but did say there's always a possibility of increased raise by the federal agency ice in the coming years. >> we don't think that will happen but things of that nature might be under discussion. >> he says currently about 25,000 cases in immigration courts in san francisco right now. he asks that the new administration takes over in less than 65 days. so he says there's an urgency to all of this. vehicle lee, abc 7 news. >> today oakland mayor shaft
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published a letter where she affirmed oakland remain a sanctuary city. she wrote let react to this election about i come together and by showing that diverse progressive city like ours and even more committed to social justice. >> today lieutenant governor knew some wrote to the president of the university of california system about formally naming all uc, csu and community colleges sanctuary campus. he writes quote we have both morale and economic imperative to protect our students. the future of work force and families of california. >> more chilly temperatures are across the bay area tonight. >> that's going to mean a frost advisory for some of you. >> true is here. >>reporter: we have a repeat perform answer by mother nature in the next 12 hours overnight tonight. could get frosty. >> all right that's good to know. and we'll check back with you for more on the weather. in just a little bit. all right. well new tonight. san jose police are
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investigating a homicide. officers found a man dead outside a home on turn house lane near bringing doon way. officers were still at the home tonight. man was found just after 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> now to the east bay where fugitive shot hospitalized then taken to jail. shooting happened in 3:15 this afternoon in hayward and lawn avenue. we were over the scene this evening. alameda county sheriff's office says u.s. marshall looking for 26-year-old fugitive who was wanted on weapons and drug charges in louisiana. now tried to get away in a car one of the marshall felt threatened and fired a weapon. suspect was injured either by bullet or flying glass. >> he's want entered the state of louisiana on weapons and drug related charges. that is a federal warrant. issued for him. u.s. marshall task force in the bay area has been looking for him and theyen countered him here today on the block. >> sheriff's deputy say the
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fugitive have very had a very minor injury. treated and released from the hospital. then take into custody. as i said fairview elementary briefly put on lock down in abundance of caution. no officers were injured. >> now to developing story in san leandro where shots fired between two cars. gun battle happened around dowling and breed avenue. here eric thomas. >> this was the scene of such violence and damage that it left neighbors stunned. >> this neighborhood we never have problems like that at all. quite different. >> not so quiet today. he heard two loud bang like shotgun blast but more likely the sound of the two cars crashing head on after the driver of this nissan was wounded in a rolling gun battl battle. >> ultima has bullet hole in the passenger side of the car and there's at least one adult male who is suffering whether appears to be a non-life it
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engine -- threatening gunshot injuries. >>reporter: 2 were hit with such force it landed on top of another vehicle. the occupant apparently innocent by standers in the wrong place at the wrong time and they were taken to trauma centers with much more serious injuries. >> when the firefighters got here they had to use the jaw of life to extract the driver of the vehicle. >>reporter: police don't know the make or model of the other car involved in the shoot out. they hope to track down video or witness to help with that. men time acrosthe street in washington elementary school staff medley lock the building down. >> we all put the kids and cafeteria and close the doors and look down for awhile. until everything was cleared up. >> none of the students or take were hurt. mean time the search for additional suspects continues while resident try to get back to normal. >> don't want this to happen in your neighborhood. it happens. >> no names or conditions of the injured have yet been released. in san leandro, eric 7 news. >> former dean of uc berkeley
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law school dropping a racial discrimination suit against the university. he sued cal to prevent hearing aimed at taking away the tenur tenure. he was accused of sexual harassment by assistant. he had the pay cut. he accused the university of treating him more harshly than other colleges and accused of sexual harassment. >> we dig deeper into a sexual harassment case brewing at cal for years. >> hear the reaction from students on campus. the. >> i just want my house back. >> influx of mice that is giving some house cats a big work out. giving some house cats a big work out. >> and drew will be right bac
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find out howmerican express cards and services >> today graduate students stage a walk out during the professor's class. second time this week uc berkeley students protesting university policy when it comes
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to sexual harassment. >> this isn't for us so much about him in particular. it's about the larger policy that is not designed to put people on administrative leave. for example while being investigated. >> earlier in the week students became aware of confidential investigation substantiating sexual harassment claims against the professor when his former advice fisher broke her silence publicly. fisher says it happened from 2010 to 2014. she said she reported it to the university in march of 2016. >> 4 years of escalating isolation intimidation. as report showed hostile work environment which then turned into sexual harassment. >>reporter: student protesting say they want greater transparency. >> we understand where the students are coming from. once some one name is associated with alleges of sexual harassment the reputation is damaged forever. even if eventually exonerated. so while there may be limits in terms of what we can say in the mid of app investigation, we
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have the flexibility to do and must protect our students that's exactly what we do. >>reporter: the university is giving the professor students the option of leaving his section for alternative one with a different instructor. it's an option philip and other students here say they are taking. >> we don't feel comfortable or safe in that classroom with that professor. >>reporter: uc berkeley said professor is not scheduled to teach next semester that's not a punishment. suppose person says the university can take steps to avoid the possibility of classroom disripping n.berkele n.berkeley, abc 7 news. >> in the east bay investigators are searching for an unlicensed contractor accused of taking money from the elderly for jobs he didn't do. we go by several different names including adam, and ron according to the complaint he took money for landscaping and tree removal jobs then bolted. investigators say he hit more than 2 dozen homes in these
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cities and walnut creek. in north livermore environmental problem had has become a as you bauer bun one. we have a community 0with so many unwanted rodent they lost count. >> it would appear to be a picture of suburban perfection. naturally house. nights lawn. >> we asked simple question and here where is the answer. michelle taking the trap in the garage. >> 13. >> you need that many. >> i do. >> this is what happens when the wild and as you purchase ban collide. >> definitely nice. >> except for the mice. >> man versus nature and for awhile neighbors tell us nature was winning. >> we have caught in the last 6 week we are at 63. >> on michelle telephone she keeps this chart. >> when did you start to see the mice. >> probably 4 weeks ago. when it got to the point there were so many that it didn't matter
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any more. >>reporter: clearly the mice do not read. according to theal immediate county department of environmental health they came from fields just like this. flushed by early rain in october. at a time when naturally more of them. >> this was a lot of resources for the mice to build up population. if we didn't have this, probably still be out there in the field and slowly picked off by owls and hawk. >> traps. if miswere human delicacy we would have a feast. >> some creature are. >> this is elvis. he's my older daughter cat and he's a really good mouse hunter. back to work. elvis. from livermore wayne abc 7 new news. tonight on 7 news at 11:00. this colder weather has a lot of people turning on space heaters. maybe you are doing this at hole. lawsuit over fire that killed the beloved shop keeper claims certain older model can be
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dangerous. >> came out of the room when i called and he was completely inflamed from head to toe. >> dan has i-team exclusive tonight open 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. time for that if you can. >> definitely important because it is getting a lot colder outside now. >> absolutely. >> really feels like winter out there. especially overnight we start in the 30's and 40's so mother nature giving us a repeat performance of what we experience last night. we show you clear day in the clear night once again the clear sky really going to help to cool us off rather rapidly. once again we this posted last tonight and again tonight. frost advisory for the valley in the north bay until 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. this is what to expect coldest temperature next 12 hours. frost advisory overnight low between the freezing mark and 36 degrees. look like patchy frost out there and coldest time between
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6 and 7:00 o'clock in the morning. right before that sun gets up. in the 40's and 50's most spot spots. 54 currently in san francisco. 44 currently in santa rosa. 41 in livermore. san jose currently skiting at 52 degrees. mild spot at this hour. relatively speaking. overnight tonight chilly once again. 30's and 40's under clear skies. need the heavy jacket us a step out the door. tomorrow though a lot of sunshine out there. a little bit warmer of an afternoon tomorrow. than we were today. 67 concord in the afternoon. 69 for san jose. 63 san francisco. about 65 santa rosa antioch. up to 68 degrees. we focus our attention into the weekend. still tracking wet weather and still tracking moderate storm coming in on saturday. look like the heaviest of the rain will come saturday mornin morning. gusty wind as well then it tapers to scattered showers into the afternoon. but future tracker wind gust early on saturday morning as the front begins to move through. right along the coast.
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we do expect the wind anywhere from 20 to 35 miles per hour. future weather the rain coming through saturday morning very early. begins first in the north bay. notice the pops of yellow and orange on the screen around santa rosa. that's the heavy rain downpour developing. 5:00 o'clock in the morning that rain means stays to the south heart of the bay area with the showers and then we good into 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning it shifts the focus into the south bay. go into the afternoon evening hours waves scattered showers here and then we see another round of wet weather moving very early on sunday to bring us more rain for the second half of the wean. take a look at total rainfall amount. we see the high total north bay where the rain doesn't linger the longest. could see one to 2 inches from novato to santa rosa then towards the golden gate and south through oakland hayward mountain view san jose. likely less than about half inch of rain but still everyone will see some wet weather. so off and on throughout the
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weekend. need umbrella and rain jacket but won't be raining the entire wean. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. item a cold frosty start in the morning but relief in the afternoon as temperature near the upper 60's. wet windy on saturday with the moderate storm on sunday. rain to showers with early chance on monday. tuesday. dry partly cloudy right now wednesday that chance of rain looks to be in the morning if you hold off the travel in the afternoon i think you will be okay. right now thanksgiving looking bright looking dry but looking cool in the upper 50's to lower 60's. >> very good. >> thanks. up next. friendly paws. >> the new specialist are hitting the ground running on >> the new specialist are hitting the ground running on all
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>> check this thing out.
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folding bike helmet made of paper. it won this year award collapse i believe helmet designed for people who use bike sharing and might not have a helmet with them. it would be dispense from vending machines. experts say how it works by ash soshing distributing impact and protecting cyclist from injury and all made of paper. >> that's neat. san francisco district attorney has two new staff and everyone at the office already loves them. the dog help crime victims and witness as they go through what can be stressful situations. >> they were going to -- we bypass that. >> da says dog are especially helpful for children. non-profit helped bring the two new employee on board at no cost to the city. >> another 30ment of 7 news at 9:00 is next.
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coming up. major change for the oakland a's some people pretty optimistic about the future. >> confrontation on camera. officer seen punching a woman with the police department is saying. >> and the holiday rush. three things travelers mit consider to keep track of the luggage a
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big shake up with the oakland a's tonight. co-owner of team stepping down. >> that's creating aense of optimism for the chance of new ballpark for the teal. which has been trying to build one for more than a decade. >> laura has more. >> i think the key thing in terms of having success on the field is the stadium.
9:29 pm
>> music to the ears of a's fans as new team president dave pledges his allegiance to build privately finance stadium in oakland. >> go around to the great ballpark of america they have a great ballpark field or village around them. bars. restaurants. maybe even people living. those are stadium and facilities that transform cities. that's something that we want to do here in oakland. >> embattled a's owner wolf is out as managing partner. >> i think a's fans excited because he's in the focal point of frustration anger that focus on him. >> removes object stock toll getting the stadium deal for the a's. >> particularly with what i have heard today. is great day in oakland. you ishtionz. >>reporter: he has proven track record of spear heading the construction of a stadium for the earthquake in san jose. >> what you need is you need an entire community supporting it. and you need stake holder in
9:30 pm
every possible way. >> oakland mayor shaft ses sent in a statement now with fisher and dave new rules within the organization and extensive expertise and private stadium development i look forward to ushering in another credible era for the team and our city. he takes over as president next month. abc 7 news. >> now the other oakland team the raiders headed to mexico city for monday night football. it's texans versus raiders coverage begins at 5:00 o'clock monday over on channel 7. in san leandro police believe 4-year-old man who approached a teen to have sex. she was under the age of 14 on line. police say he picked her up at her home on november fourth and drove her to east oakland motel where he had sex with her. investigators say he then dropped the girl off at school. >> police arrested him at his home in patterson and police believe he has victimize other
9:31 pm
girls if the bay area and the central valle >> former taco bell executive accused of slapping and hit ang uber driver pleaded gement and sentenced to 60 days in jail. incident happened last october when 33-year-old benjamin roland called for uber because he had been drinking while celebrating halloween in costa mesa a.the attack caught on video. he quickly apologized to the driver but he lost his job at taco bell following the wide spread publicity about the attack. >> video leaving no doubt about what police officer did. scuffle with the woman in arizona then punching her in the face. officer facing a criminal investigation. pierre has the story. >>reporter: yet another continual policeen counter caught tape. officer punching a female suspect in the face during an eviction. slow it down you can see the force of the punch. >> punch in the face two times.
9:32 pm
choked. just brutal attack. >>reporter: officer claims the woman resisted arrest. kicking a knee hit in the groi groin. the police learned of the encounter after the video was posted on facebook. authorities say the officer has no the history of excessive force. >> we medley became concerned so we initiated internal investigation and placed the officer add on administrative leave. >> latest indicator how the surveillance camera the put them under scrutiny. in fact it has become reflection for citizen to pull out phones and record interaction with police. last november college students recorded police beating them. back in arizona the chief says there is officer body camera video that in the xhipt of transparency will post the video on line. new social media world to be
9:33 pm
released. more than rates jumped this week to almost 4 percent. still pretty low. the rise is being called the trump tantrum. they pulled money out of the bond market pushed the treasury bills higher and when yield go up mortgage rates tend to follow. prospect of higher rate setting in. mortgage application dropped 9 percent this last week. new details tonight about the sinking san francisco sky scraper. 7 news at city hall today. supervisor held a hearing about the destruction and disappearance of this in the tower. building has sunk 16 inches since it opened. 8 years ago also tilting two ychs now. after the hearing certainly didn't mince words talking about building inspection practices. >> it's clearly disfunctional department. it was dysfunctional then. remains dysfunctional now.
9:34 pm
they see themselves as a permit processing department not as a life and public safety department. if i were mayor of this town i would blow up the department building and start over. >> harsh words. he's fewers the proof that vouched for the tower refused to appear at today's hearing. he says for the first time in decade the board of supervisors is considering a subpena. >> tonight new health care enrollment numbers show californians are undaunted by donald trump promise to repeal the affordable care act. if congress does repeal the act millions of californians could be affected. if it happens the executive director want to you know you are in charge won't change next year. >> insurance is on the book. on contract. there for 2017 and probably
9:35 pm
different form for a long time to come. >> president-elect trump already shifted from the campaign promis saying he would keep some component of obama care while reforming others. all right. now to the holiday travel rush about to begin. experts are expecting record thanksgiving travel and tonight there are three things that travelers might consider to keep track of their luggage and save money. this might help you on the road this thanksgiving. here's david. >>reporter: tonight after the springtime debacle. the long lines. tsa says there won't be a repeat. even though an estimated record 22 million americans will go through a check point starting tomorrow through thanksgiving. the agency hiring 1400 new officers. converting 2000 others to full-time. more canine teechlts and out of this command center, close contact with airplane and airlines. >> ready now? we are we change the way we are operate we run a daily operation that focus on
9:36 pm
screening operation hour by hour at the top 30 airport. >>reporter: since the long lines of more than 50% increase in sign up for the 85 dollar pre-check program now with 4 million fliers. airlines trying to move passengers faster, too. with the new baghdad from delta with the computer chip which allows fliers to track the bag. united asking what would you give up for the lowest fare. no suitcase. only a personal item that fits under the seat. >> federal judge isn't happy with the city of san francisco and air bnb. u.s. district judge ordered two sides to work harder to row solve court case over an ordinance that for bid the company from taking booking from folk that haven't registered the home for the city. they issued an order from enforcing the ordinance to give both sides more time to work on fair way to enforce the local law. on tuesday the supervisors voted to lower the number of rental days from 90 to 60 a
9:37 pm
year. meanwhile air bnb launched new service called trips that will allow travel investigators book custom experience and tours. they are to offer guest things to do like biking and service being rolled out in 12 cities nationwide and if i cities next year and it will bumper any potential regulation hits to the core home sharing business. stay with us coming up next. green car award just been announced. green car award just been announced. >> greenest is not a tesla.
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the the. all right if you were looking to reduce the carbon footprint when you drive you don't want to see the green car of the year. announcement made today at the los angeles auto show. dave
9:41 pm
has details. >> green car journal 2017 green car of the year is chevrolet milestone volt. >> big week for the electric car. first named car of the year and now green car of the year. >> here's a car that is here now. it is over 238 miles estimated by epa. great car. fun to drive. very functional because it's a small cross-over suv. >> final price of around 30,000 dollars also sweeten the judge judges. >> green theme part and parcel of the auto show each year. hyundai has entire line called eye on. one design 3 different variation of electric car. >> one near the end of the year and hybrid model and then near the end of next summer our early fall we have the plug in hybrid available. >> over at the honda stand the green highlight is large 4 door
9:42 pm
called the clarity. item electric car but with a twist. no plugging in require required. >> the value is it's all electric car like a plug in. the difference is you have 3 to 5 minute reviewing and real aha! this is epa certified at 3 66 mile range. >> growing network of fueling stations when you talk about the driving range the clarity tops any other electric powered car on the market today. >> this is the longest range electric vehicle in the united states. >> impressive. the. up next. unusual sight in nature. >> polar bear and puppy. what
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>> holidays are here and looking something fun to do this weekend we have you covered. >> we have some ideas for you.
9:46 pm
>>reporter: things are going to get lit this weekend. i'm talking about the holiday lights. all you have to do is decide if you want to see micky or spring link of symba. let's start with micky. he appears friday on the ice at the embarcadero center. 30th year of the embarcadero building lighting ceremony. carnival starts at 4 and then after dark disney on ice kicks off the building liteing and fireworks. saturday night head over to pier 39 for the tree lighting ceremony by the way the tree is the real daily. 60 foot white fir from mount shasta. takes 3 week to decorate it with 13,000 light. 6:00 p.m. hear the lion roar at least sing. cast members perform from disney lion king playing at the orpheum. parent company of abc news 7. holiday talk has you locking at the watch waiting for the this we can help you. the grand tasting happening saturday at thisestaurant. that says out so good to our
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web site and look for our link for more information. no matter what you do, cheers. >> thanks. fight be fish set a record so for more than 1500 dollars making it the most expensive fish of its kind. why? because the fish has blue, red, white stripe that mimic thailand flag. fish breeder put the video on her facebook page and the reach soared and so did the price. >> didn't know could you the do that. why not right. okay. >> puppy lover you know there are many loving way to pet a dog. this is incredible. this is a polar bear gently pet ago dog with the giant paw. tour guide in canada took the video. shows the two oh. fuzzy friend there you go. sitting along the waterfront enjoying each other company. the two eventually got up and
9:48 pm
walk away >> that is adorable. >> it is. as long as the fall on the dog. >> it's huge. >> let's update the forecast for you. >> drew has that. right at home with the temperatures. 30's and 40's overnight tonigh tonight. we very clear picture on the clear sky. looking to cool us off. frost advisory in effect for portions of the north bay and this one again goes into effect tomorrow morning at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. lasting until 8:00 o'clock in the morning. areas you see shaded in blue. so we expect there to be overnight low between 32 and 36 degrees when you get that low could you expect some patchy frost and coldest temperatures usually occur before the sun gets up 6 and 7:00 o'clock at the time morning. >> the forecast a little mild in the afternoon tomorrow. then all goes downhill in terms of temperatures. saturday we track the wed windy day on sunday even some more
9:49 pm
showers to here. big game happening this weekend at cal memorial stadium berkeley. i think kick off at 2:30. showers third or fourth quarter. we have the showers get out and dry finish to the game but all in all it's a rather cool day. take you to mexico because on monday night football game in mexico city. we have the texan taking on the raiders down there nice night. plenty of stars kick off 63 degrees. by 8:30 in the evening. 7 day forecast tomorrow cold start with is in finish. wet windy on saturday. main effect in the morning by sunday. rain showers early chance monday. rain in the morning on wednesday. thanksgiving with cool in the upper 50's to lower 60's. >> very nice. >> thanks drew. sports. >> and larry has lots of a's news. >> baseball news. a's just made the best move in years. and it didn't involve trading anybody. this is a change of ownership
9:50 pm
that brings h
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9:53 pm
is. good evening. finally some hope for long suffering a fans. big move with major implication for both athletic and raiders as well. wolf stepping aside after so many years of frustration. i remember back in 2005 seek luke he took over the team at 67 years old. batting practice. so much hope for the franchise. couldn't get a new park built in oakland or fremont or san jose. the a's languish on baseball welfare. happy to collect millions in do it majority owner fisher of the gap will take over the stadium effort with dave the new team president. he did a very is in job of san jose earthquake in the construction of the stadium which is beautiful. a's may build a new park at howard terminal leaving the coliseum site to the raiders. >> in terms of having success
9:54 pm
on the field is the stadium. and this happened in san jose when i had the team down there and will happen here. we have to unlock the revenue that comes with the new building. what will enable to us to is invest more in the product and actually compete for more world series. we already have one of the best general manager in the baseball team top notch second to none we have a visionary and you marry those two things together we have a lot of success in many ways. >> major league baseball announce the mvp today. angels outfielder trout wins the second mvp award in 315 and 15th multiple mvp winner in american league voting. whether do you hear from the cubs? 29 out of 31st place votes. 39 homers in the world champion just the fourth player year after winning rookie of the year. shark face off first time since the western conference finals.
9:55 pm
san jose with just two games left on the lengthy 6 game road trip. great view of the iconic arch in st. louis. first period. the spin. pass to logan who petitions ja jay. between the leg. 1 nothing. second period 19 seconds. kevin putting it in the bank. first career goal ties it at two. lock at the left of the screen. he bump skate and shark called for inference. he's not happy. capitolize on the power play. he whisk it past jones. first goal game winner. they win 3-2. shark with the second straight loss. stanford hosting weaver state and weaver state doesn't have lil lard any more they are in trouble. travis. inside. christian with 5 assist finding michael humphrey on the alley
9:56 pm
oop. travis 22 point. 15 pwovrmentd he is a beast inside. cardinal wins 67-frichbility now 3 and o. college football surprised tonight. fifth rank louisville at huh stop. senior night for the cougars. playing the final home game threw for 2 33 yards. two td and this is lucky sometimes off the deflexion there. right to duke the who had three touch downs on the night. ward to bonner. and it's a trick play that wor works. allen 50 yards later for the score. look at the final here as houston crushes louisville play off hopes. 36-10. nfl thursday night football saints and panthers 23 seconds left first half. newton with a strike to ex niner. initially they called it out of bounds but upon further review two feet in. touch down 20-3 pap thevrments all pro linebacker lou missed 3 games last year because of
9:57 pm
concussion. make the tackle and down with a strange injury. concussion protocol carted off the field in disstretches really appeared to be in tears with teammate trying to console him. we think concussion related but not sure. panthers won it 23-20. next game against the raiders. speaking of the silver and black preparing for monday tonight football against the texans in mexico city. watch over on 7. and raiders surprise team in the afc. mreecher report came without this funny cartoon featuring the silver and black. >> we are the undisputed stars of the best conference in all of football. afc. how much? raiders are back baby. back in black. ♪back in black and we make it look easy.
9:58 pm
>> this video spread around the web as well as the raiders locker room with mechaniced reaction. >> i thought it was pretty funny. i have never seen this so. >> how is that okay? that's crazy but it was all right. tease not me. >>reporter: not at all. he wants to play football. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> it is very funny. yes. >> definitely amawsing thanks. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. racial slur scrawled in two east bay high schools. packed meeting filled with parents because tonight some disagreement on the severity of the problem. >> and tragic fire near golden gate park killed the beloved shop keeper. now the cause of the house fire is the focus of wrongful death lawsuit. dan has what the owners of more than 1 million space heaters
9:59 pm
need to know about this case join us for this over on channel 7. >> before we go. is group of cross country ru runners unexpected competition during the race. >> check it out. cell phone video show a group of deer right through the race. one knocked over one of the runners. >> yes second before it happened some one yelled watch out for the deer. too late. teammate helped the downed run tore his feet and able to finish the race. bruised but otherwise okay. >> man. they are coming through. all right. thanks so much for spending time with us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> see you again over at 11 over on channel 7. >> that's it. over on channel 7. >> that's it. >> see you later
10:00 pm
(narrator reading) narrator: today, a mild-mannered maniac on the loose in south africa. loni coombs: he allegedly kills over and over again, committing murders sometimes once a week. even twice a week. narrator: scores of young women lured by a helping hand.


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