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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 18, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> now at 11 olive doppler 7 is tracking the first wave of the storm that will soak the bay area overnight and well into tomorrow. >> and that's not all. as we take a live look outside with the abc7 exploratorium camera, the second wave is on the way. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. rain is falling in the north bay right now. >> let's get to sandhya patel and live doppler 7. >> get ready for a wet weekend. let's check out live doppler 7 because the green is on the screen and we are even seeing yellows indicating moderate rain. it is in the north bay. let's take you to street level radar. heelsburg and you will notice some pops of yellows and oranges there.
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we are getting moderate rain across highway 101. lighter rain near fort ross road. the storm ranks a two on the storm impact scale. it is a moderate to heavy storm. wind gusts to 50 miles an hour and there is rough surf accompanying the storm. download the abc7 news app. you can track live doppler 7 and you can download it for free. enable push alerts and we'll get you updates as soon as they happen. i'll be back with an hour by hour look with when you can expect the rain to hit your neighborhood. >> ama: thank you, sandhya. we have new details on the foam frenzy. look at the bizarre sight. it shows you just how big of a mess first responders were dealing with when they arrived on the scene of the international airport. katie is live in santa clara. katie? >> reporter: ama, where i am
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standing right now i would have been buried in foam at the height of the incident. the street is clear. the clean up continues on the property across the street. the hangar is new. it just opened in january just in time to house the team planes for the super bowl. crewss in protective gear vac -- vacuumed up the liquid left behind. >> blocked it up and made a dam so it didn't go any further. >> the fire suppression system inside this hangar went off filling the building with firefighting foam. it oozed from the vents the size of a city block. >> if there was a fire we would be congratulating them on a well designed system. >> that was not the case and the fire department had concern on chemicals. >> i don't advise you play in it. >> this cyclist couldn't resist. >> there was literally nothing.
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>> the foaming agent was a cars gnaw general -- carson carcinogen. but one bay area keeper is worried about wildlife. >> some of it will make its way into the creeks and the bay. >> a serious situation and popular attraction. >> i am from wisconsin. it looks like a huge foam party gone bad. >> the owner of the hangar tells abc7 news this there were no people or planes inside at the time. and they believe it was a mechanical issue. in santa clara, abc7 news. >> and here is one more look at the bicyclist who couldn't resist taking a ride through all of that foam. when news happens where you live let us know about it. share your pictures and video on social media with the # abc7 news. >> a small plane slammed into two homes and a pick up truck late this morning.
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investigators are trying to figure out what happened. this shows the scene in the moss beach area near half moon bay airport. one person died and the other was airlifted to the hospital. no one on the ground was injured. new at help:00, passengers on an per airlines flight -- on an american airlines flight booed a family. he was headed from sacramento to philadelphia to receive his remains. the stockton record reports the pilot allowed the family to get off first to meet a connecting flight in phoenix so he wouldn't be late. they say several first class passengers booed and complained. a break in the investigation of racially targeted graffiti. one student was disciplined as staff narrows the search for other students involved. katie is live at california high school in san ramon where we have learned police are involved as well. katie? >> reporter: ama, police are
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investigating this as possibly a vandalism crime. tonight's emergency meeting of staff and it could address the hateful messages. some are calling for swift and serious discipline. >> in my personal opinion this is an emergency. >> reporter: five incidents of racially do roughing for graw fee -- derogatory graffiti. racial slurs scrawled on bathroom walls as seen in these pictures. the pain is searing for students who see it as a threat. >> i can't even explain to you what it feels like to come to a campus that i loved for four years and not feel safe. i run a club of 150 kids who don't feel safe and are muslim and lgbt and are women. clear. consequences are >> i know what happens if i come to school if i show my bra strap and if i hit
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somebody. but i don't know what happens to do if someone is throwing racial slurs. >> a student has been disciplined, but strict rules keep the district from saying much. >> that's not only because we are protecting the rights of the student, we are also protecting the investigation. >> one parent said suspension is not enough. >> you bring a knife to school and you are automatically in line for expulsion. there is due process that goes along with that as a component. i don't see there is any difference here. >> students are now on thanksgiving break. the staff will come up with a plan for their return on the 28th. in san ramon, abc sf news. -- abc7 news. >> they rammed into a pick up truck as they tried to put a chase -- put the end to a chase. it happened at the height of the evening rush hour. they tried to box in the car on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the woman behind the wheel kept going, but was arrested at the fremont street exit. the chp says she was throwing alcohol bottles out the window
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during the chase. >> dan: now to the transition to donald trump's presidency. mike pence took in a show. >> ama: and it quickly turned awkward. crowds of the show "hamilton" rejected mike pence as he took his seat. the cast had a message for him after the show. >> vice president-elect pence you are walking out, ut but i hope you hear we are alarmed that your new government will not protect us. >> the aclu and the naacp are criticizing his pick of jeff sessions as attorney general. >> senator sessions overseeing the justice department should send chills down the backs of any one -- anyone of good faith in this country. >> 30 years ago the senate blocked sessions as a district judge as he was accused of joking about the kkk.
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>> i am not a racist. i am not insensitive to blacks. >> muslims are sounding the alarm over another nominee, retired lieutenant general michael flynn as national security advisor. over the um iser fear -- over the summer they said fear is rational. they settled three major lawsuits against the now closed trump university. >> at trump university we keep success. >> 6,000 students will be getting $25 million. the president-elect admits no wrongdoing. >> ama: tomorrow donald trump meets with a rival who could be his next cabinet member. mitt romney is considered a consideration for secretary of state. >> dan: still to come -- >> that night i had to deal with him strangling me and kicking me. >> domestic abuse survivors say they are trapped because they can't afford to leave. we dig into alarming twist in the bay area housing crisis.
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>> and protestors who cree it aed commute chaos across the bridge learn their punishment. >> and tracking storm that will soak the bay area tonight and tomorrow. sandhya patel will be book with the hour by
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>> dan: an alarming twist in the housing crisis. >> ama: domestic abuse victims cannot leave because rent is too high. >> dan: and now one woman's story from san jose. >> we get my mini me. >> reporter: she is like any proud mom. >> you mean the world to me. >> reporter: her world is eli and jacob. her two little boys. she says for this fall -- for
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this family things weren't what they seem. hidden from view six years of domestic abuse. before the violence and the 9-1-1 calls she met a quiet and thoughtful young man in high school, a good writer. she asked us to call him junior and blur his face. >> it was in high school i should have known the abuse was there. >> reporter: she said it started slowly. he didn't like her speaking with friends and then her family. the first incident of violence happened a year later. >> strangling me and kicking me and spitting in my face. >> reporter: she fought too and they both went to jail that night. it was there she found out she was pregnant. she had her first son and then another baby and said she thought about leaving. >> every day. >> reporter: but housing was out of reach. the cheapest studio she could find was $1200. at one point she moved the boys to a shelter. after 60-days and facing homelessness she went back hoping it would get better. that was a mistake. in february things turned
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violent again except this time shortly after she lost custody of her children. >> they called me a negligent mother because i let the violence keep on escalating. >> reporter: one south bay shelter says stories like this are common. >> every day if not multiple times a day. >> reporter: they are in santa clara county and they provide 24-hour, year-round shelter. their focus has shifted. >> this wasn't the case 10 years ago. we weren't is asked to spend most of our time doing housing searches. >> when we crossed the line we started talking to women about maybe we can make the homelessness work. >> they have toilet trees to emergency clothes and diapers. the need is great between four shelters there are just 63 beds. in all they turned away 2,000
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women last year. henderson says this is what keeps her up at night. being forced to stay can mean the difference between life and death. in 2014 there were two domestic violence-related deaths. in 2015 there were 13. she worked with many of the victims. >> i know every one of their names and their children's names. i will never not think about them. >> for law latoya there is a chance at a new start. >> with support she found a single room to rent and has a new job. most importantly she has her boys back. >> i am happy. i wake up happy. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> now, latoya tells us junior is in jill on domestic abuse charges and set to be released next month. we reached out to his public defender by phone and e-mail and we did not hear back. >> ama: a san francisco judge dropped all charges against the 25 protesters who shutdown the bay bridge earlier this year.
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the protesters known is a the bay bridge 25 were arrested on martin luther king, junior day after they got out of their cars and chained themselves together. they wanted to bring attention to fatal police shootings here and across the nation. the protesters were ultimately charminged with infractions. charged with infractions. >> dan: talk of snow is getting skiers excited. eager skis will meet in line and grab their gear now. the tahoe ski resorts are expecting five to eight inches tomorrow and another five to eight on sunday. they were the first to open this morning. what's to come? >> now an accu-weather alert from abc7 news. >> hi, everyone. there is snow coming this weekend. we could see up to a foot. it is going to be a rainy one. live doppler 7 is taking you in and showing you street level radar as to where we are seeing some wet roadways right now. it is between fort ross and jenner and fort ross road.
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light rain along the highway. we are looking at guyserville. the temperatures are not nearly as low as they were last night at this time. it is still in the 40s and 50s, but it was a lot smed colder the last -- it was a lot colder. that's because of the wind and the clouds as well. it is a little shaky from our sutro tower camera as we look toward san francisco. the breeze will kick up even more. strong winds and heavy rain is on the way for the morning. scattered showers for the afternoon and another round of rain is coming on sunday. the system for saturday is a moderate strength storm, moderate to heavy rain. wind gusts to 50 miles an hour. and we are expecting rough surf. let's start with the wind advisory in effect for the coastal north bay until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. we are looking at saturday 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for most of the bay area. sustained winds 25 to 35 and gusts to 50 will mean power lines could get knocked down and trees could go down as
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well. be aware of your surroundings. high surf advisory due to the storm kicking up the swells they are teen to 15 feet out of the west. if you are going to the coast to watch the waves watch from far away. hour by hour forecasts showing you what to expect. the rain is in the north bay at 11:00. look at the intensity of the rain at 6:00 a.m. in the north bay it is yellows and oranges indicating moderate to-rain. it shifts around at 8:00 a.m. most of the bay area is looking at wet weather. it well start to ease up and the rest of you are still going. if you are grabbing some lunch and doing outdoor activities still showers going, but not as widespread or heavy as the morning hours. for the evening have your rain gear and you will still have the showers around. second wave of the same storm comes through and it it is a narrow band of moderate intensity rain accompanied by lighter rain. it switches to afternoon and
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evening. in the sierra it will turn to snow. rainfall totals have just gone up three inches in the north bay from the central bay to the south bay there is three quarters of an inch. stanford and cal tomorrow afternoon there will be wet conditions. 60-degrees and dropping down to 57. you will need the extra layer and you will need a rain coat. winter weather advisory 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on sunday. expecting six to 12 inches above 6,000 feet. prepare for the whiteout conditions. as the winds are going you will need the chains. the temperatures are not as low as this morning. low 40s to the low 50s as we head into the afternoon hours. temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid60s. it will be a breezy one. accu-weather seven-day storm impact scale. wet and windy. one for sunday and the rain is switching to showers. a lingering chance on monday morning. after that you get a break, a short one. another system on wednesday. one on our scale.
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thanksgiving looks dry. then another system on friday for black free day shop -- black friday shoppers. an unsettled pattern for the holiday week ahead. travelers will have to deal wiwiwi
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>> dan: san francisco's embarcadero center is lit up for the holidays. this is the 30th year the four iconic buildings have been illuminated. 17,000 light make up the display. there were fireworks to help kick off the ceremony earlier tonight as well. >> ama: across town another holiday tradition got underway. the department store revealed this year's holiday pet adoption display. puppies kittens that need loving homes will be on display tonight through january 1st. >> dan: that is hard to resist. what a great thing.
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>> ama: we have a lot of sports going on. >> dan: busy next few days. >> we will start with the war yes, sirs and -- with the warriors and the celtics. boston was down a couple players because of injuries and they also received a lethal dose of
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the celtics wanted kevin durant and the warriors got him. fans booing kd tonight. don't make the slim reaper angry. you won't like him when he's angry like the hulk. steph signing pre-game autographs and this kid looks like he will explode. avery bradley was still opp nie g. boston down six.
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there was a ridiculous trade rumor to boston. klay finished at 28. it was a 24-3 run. with authority. one hand flush and durant had 23 points. curry getting the kind bounce. he does a weird cowboy dance uh paryntly imitating dour -- apparently imitating durant. they are in milwaukee tomorrow. >> we'll continue the trend and we went out to the road trip and it is not easy, but we have the ability to do it if we stay focused. >> it is stanford and cal in the 119th edition of the big game in berkeley. will it be the last big game for sonny? bailer may be interested -- baylor may be interested in him. cal will need a huge effort from davis webb.
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they hope it turns into a big win for his bears. >> a pretty cool legacy to be part of a team that was able to beat stanford at the same time. >> it is impressive to watch. their receiving core, they make plays. they do a good job moving you around and keeping you off balance. you can't fall uh on any of these guys. >> we'll have the game highlights. follow us to the oklahoma west virginia contest about 8:30 on abc7. tom brady grew up in san mateo and worshiping the 49ers and on sunday he will face them for the first time in the bay area as the patriots visit the niners at levi stadium. brady anded -- and edeman are hoping for a happy homecoming. brady has turned into one of the best quarterbacks ever and he is pumped for this game. >> it is still great to go back there and play in the bay
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area. i have a lot of family and friends and i'm sure there will be a lot of support from a lot of people. i got a lot of people coming to the game. great memories from growing up there. but we are there to win a game. >> and gronk is out after that big hit on sun is day. abc sports is brought to you by river rock kaw riverwalk casino. >> that was a shot he took. >> he said it was one of the hardest hits he received in the nfl and he's taken a bunch. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our


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