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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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happening now on abc7 news at 6:00. a live look at a wet night in the bay area. life doppler 7 showing a break in the rain. we're tracking more ahead for this busy holiday travel week. also ahead, a rare crime for alameda. a man killed in the parking lot of a bowling alley. plus -- >> got ready to have a field day, press. get ready. get ready. because the show. >> kanye >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. we start tonight with storm watch as many people get ready
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for the busy thanksgiving travel week. if you drove anywhere around the bay earlier today, you know you had to take it slow and put those wipers on. one of our crews shot this video on the 101 approaching the golden gate bridge this morning. in san francisco, the sandbag yard opened up again. the city gives up to ten free sandbags away to people who are concerned about possible flooding whenever there is heavy rain. when we get rain, of course, lake tahoe gets snow. heavenly sent us this video. great news for skiers and snowboarders happening to ski on thanksgiving. at sfo, we didn't see any major delays caused by the rain. but the airport is busy and it's only going to get busier. a live look at san jose, where there were earlier reports of flooding. meteorologist drew tuma is here to tell us how long this break in the rain is going to last. >> eric, we are wrapping up what has been a rainy weekend. live doppler 7 the past six
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hours show a front crossed through again and dumped more rain, specifically in the south bay. life doppler tracking the tail end of that front. around palo alto, light sprinkles dotting the region. take a look at the past 48 hours. the weekend rainfall, such a welcome sight after a dry november. we're finally seeing some downpours. mill valley posted 2 inches of range. nearly an inch in san francisco. concord enjoying 0.4 inch. the rain is moving out of here. it's a dry night, rather cloudy and cool. we bottom out in the mid-40s to low 50s. we will see a brief break before the next storm arrives. we'll have full details in the full acweather forecast. police in alameda are investigating a deadly shooting. a 19-year-old man shot in the parking lot of a bowling alley. it happened around 9:00 last night at amf southshore lanes on
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park straight. lillian kim is live there with the latest details. >> reporter: it happened in the parking lot behind the building. witnesses heard several shots, and whether police arrived they found an unresponsive 19-year-old man. at the time of the shooting, the bowling alley was open for business, and so was the temporary ice skating rink at the center across the street. the rink operator closed for the rest of the night. alameda police haven't yet identified the 19-year-old victim. but an employee at the bowling alley says he was a customer. paramedics tried to revive him, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are also not yet releasing the circumstances that led up to the fatal shooting. >> we moved here about five months ago. haven't had any threats of anything. it's kind of a gated entrance for us. alameda is known to be very safe. >> wherever in alameda, i wouldn't expect it to happen. so, yeah, i'm sure it was
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frightening for everyone who was here and heard it. >> reporter: there is no description at this point. police were short staffed last night and had to request help from the alameda county sheriff's department to process the crime scene. it's unclear if that's the reason why so little information has been released so far. live in alameda, lillian kim, abc7 news. >> lillian, thank you. other news now. an out of control minivan damaged two homes in vallejo this afternoon. take a look. it happened at 2:30 today on stage line drive. the beige van sideswiped one home, kept going, and crashed into the garage of the house next door. the driver was taken to the hospital. it is not clear what caused the crash. a woman died after her car crashed into a tree overnight along highway 1 in half moon bay. the driver was going southbound near wave crest road when the accident happened. she was the only person in the vehicle. investigators are looking for a cause. about 2,000 anti-donald trump protesters marched through downtown san rafael tonight from 4th street to city plaza.
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they showed their displeasure with the outcome of the november 8th election. protesters say they're fearful about some of the president-elect's campaign proposals, and today they rallied against them. there were no problems reported. in the south bay, hundreds of people rallied to support the rights of undocumented immigrants who fear deportation under the donald trump administration. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard was there. ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ >> reporter: hundreds stood in the rain outside san jose city hall to support those without a voice. >> there's a lot of people that are in great fear in our neighborhoods, but certainly in other parts of the country. and it's our responsibility to care about them as well. >> reporter: the show of unity brought together members of the christian, jewish and muslim communities who fear president-elect donald trump could deport undocumented people living in the u.s. victor cristobal has been living in california as an undocumented
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person for 16 years. >> we have a right to stay here, you know? we got to go and pay taxes. he don't pay taxes. >> reporter: a rumored muslim registry is terrifying this woman, whose parents were placed in interment camps during world war ii. >> it is strong to associate people by their race or their religion. it's unfair and unamerican. >> reporter: nora feels like the community supports her family. >> at the same time people are saying even if they're not muslim, they're going to register too. >>. >> reporter: legal aid assistance will -- >> this is not trump country. this is a place where we have, you know, built a great deal of our democratic values around policies of inclusiveness. >> reporter: in san jose, cornell barnard, abc7 news. family members who have lost loved ones or been severely injured in traffic crashes
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marched in san francisco today to remember road traffic victims and to make city streets safer. marchers walked peacefully up market street to city hall. >> we can do that with lots of ways, by extending sidewalks at the corners to shorten crossing distance and increase visibility. more traffic calming like speed bumps and traffic circles. there are a lot of ways that you can make the streets safer. >> today is the second annual world day of remembrance for road traffic victims. stockton police believe they may have temporarily stopped an armed robbery spree after shooting two suspects during a hold-up at a wing stop restaurant. a third stuck is the subject of a manhunt. on friday night at a wing stop, officers were waiting for the three men as they exited the store. officers opened fire avenue one of the suspects pointed a sh shotgun at them. the police department has lately gone high tech to try to break
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up a five-month string of robberies. >> to be in that right spot at that right time when they're committing the act is very, very difficult to do. predictive analysis software, and i would liken that to the term we use, which is crime forecasting. >> the two wounded suspects are in critical condition. there have been 16 armed robberies in stockton alone since july. police have dubbed them the armed robberies series. kanye west is getting more attention for behaving badly than for his music, kabc in los angeles is reporting he just canceled tonight's show at the forum. last night at the golden one center in sacramento, west abruptly cut off the show after a rant. >> get ready to have a field day, press. get ready. get ready. because the show is over. >> ticket master says it will refund tickets within five to seven business days. kanye pulled the same type of
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stunt in san jose, ranting he would have voted for donald trump if he had bothered to vote. steve kerr is facing a $25,000 fine for publicly criticizing officials during a radio interview. on thursday afternoon, he said players are breaking one of the rules of the game, traveling, and everyone sees it except for the officials who are paid to do their job. kerr said you can put together a blooper reel full of plays the referees have missed. california voters said yes to recreational pot, but there's one area in the bay where you may never be able to buy marijuana without a medical card. plus more than just x as and os, what raiders will have to worry about when they play in mexico city. and what happened during this cheerleaders photo shoot that
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marin county residents who are eeger to buy rec ragszle marijuana may have to wait a long time, maybe forever. prop 64 legalized recreational pot in california, but not in local jurisdictions where officials can ban sales. medical marijuana dispensaries can sell pot, but right now they can't sell you the recreational
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stuff. san rafael's mayor says he thinks every jurisdiction in the county could decide against commercial sales. the raiders will have to worry about more than just their game plan for tomorrow night's game against the texans in mexico city. one factor is the altitude. the stadium is more than a mile above sea level, even higher than denver's. if players can catch their breath from the height, tham have to worry about being able to breathe from mexico city's severe pollution. expect to see a record number of oxygen masks on the sidelines. you can watch the game right here on abc7. pregame coverage begins tomorrow at 5:00. coming out on abc7 news at 6:00, a bay area thanksgiving tradition growing. how help will come for thousands more in need this holiday. and will rain ruin your trip home for turkey day? meteorologist drew tuma is tracking another round as you take a live look outside. he'll have that for you next.
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at the halftime of the 49er/patriots game.
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a thanksgiving tradition began again today in san
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francisco. curbside donations of turkey and clothes for the holidays. this is the annual event for the st. anthony's foundation. police blocked off a lane on golden gate avenue to make it more convenient for donors to unload. this is a family tradition for some, and st. anthony's has expanded to take advantage. >> we have a new dining room, bigger freezers and refrigerators, so we were able to store a lot more things. and people are stepping up to fill them. that's great. >> there's a lot of people that don't have much. we just want to help out and do our part. >> st. anthony's hopes to feed 3,500 people on thanksgiving. a sailor from sacramento came home and surprised his family. the galt police department posted this video showing a group of cheerleaders posing for pictures. watch the man in the tan shirt sneaking into the back row. his daughter, one of the cheerleaders, had no idea he was there. when she found out, she screamed with delight.
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yep, there she is. and of course there were hugs all around. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast withdrew toom ma. >> the rain this weekend a welcome sight after what has been a dry month. we'll get a brief break tomorrow and then one of several storms will arrive on tuesday that we're tracking in the next seven days. live doppler 7 showing you we have the tail end of our weekend storm system. just a few scattered showers. we'll show you just around union city, pleasanton, and just to the east of livermore, some very light rain. this is pushing out to the east over the next hour. we will be dry for the next 24 hours. we have a lot of clouds. a live look from san jose in the south. you can see overcast skies, and the clouds are going to linger for not only much of tonight, but much of our monday as well. current numbers out there, we have dropped into the 50s. it was a chilly weekend. we're in store for a cool night. we're holding at 54 in concord. 56 in san jose with the cloud cover over head. we're at 58 in oakland.
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santa rosa cool at 54 degrees. we'll plan out your monday for you. you can leave the umbrella at home. grab the winter jacket. by 7:00? the morning, it's a cold start under mainly cloudy skiez. a lot of spots will be starting out in the 40s. temperatures once again on the cool side for november. very similar to where we were this afternoon. so for your monday as we have a limited work and school week for many, it's 60 the high in san francisco on monday. about 63 the high in concord. the same in san jose. 60 in san mateo. 61 san rafael and cloverdale, a cool high of 59 degrees. we'll take you to meex city tomorrow night. we have the raiders taking on the issues unlike what we had today for the 49ers game. it will be dry with clear skies. kickoff temperature right around 63 degrees. by 8:30, temperature dropping to 57. you can watch that game right here on abc7. fast forward into tuesday and show you the next storm system we are tracking. the storm impact scale, it's a one. it's a light system. we'll have lievening showers on
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tuesday. very minimal rainfall. it's likely the south bay will end up with minimal to no rainfall out of this very weak system. future weather. as you go hour by hour into tuesday, tuesday evening, 7:00, 8:00 at night, here comes that cold front moving through. it brings some scatter showers throughout the heart of the bay area. as it progresses to the south, it really falls apart. really thinking san jose, you might be in one of those situations again where you just have a lot of cloud cover and no rain on tuesday. but this front will help to set us up with a really nice travel day on wednesday. across the entire state of california, northern california just mainly cloudy skies. southern california, you got a lot of sunshine out there. so if you're traveling across the state on wednesday, you're going to be golden. as we take a look at the nation, probably the only issue we'll have if you are flying will be through chicago with rain developing, even some snow around the great lakes. but even much of the country will be quiet for that heavily traveled day. seven-day forecast. it is chilly on your monday.
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tuesday, we'll track those evening showers. it's a one on the impact scale. we are dry for travel on wednesday. friday, the morning looks good for shoppers. another storm moves in in the evening. we're bright and brisk on saturday. and then a third storm wants to move in to round out the weekend next weekend. >> busy week. thank you, drew. now abc7 sports with mike shoe man. >> former niner owner eddie debartolo who is responsible for five super bowl teams with the team was at the stadium today. the team had a dinner last night which i couldn't attend, and mr. d. noticed i wasn't there. >> all right, michael. i missed you last night, but you still can't catch. you've got two boards. >> he said he cried more laugh night than ever seeing everyone, and today's weekend was highlighted with mr. d. receiving his hall of fame ring at halftime. he was the best owner in the history of the game and there
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was always a common theme with him. >> you can never get enough of family, and that's why i'm here. because we were a family. i never thought this day would come, and we're back here where the super bowl was. and that time has flown. and i still pinch myself. i'm just totally blown away. >> the best ever. to the game where tom brady, who went to high school in san mateo, and julian edle man are playing in front of their families here against the 49ers for the first time. first quarter, the two local boys connected for six. brady, four yards to edelman. he had 77 yards receiving. patriots up 6-0. one of 11 missed extra points in the nfl today. that is a new record. meanwhile, phil dawson became the 10th player to kick 400 field goals in his career. now, colin kaepernick threw for 206 yards. niners down only 13-10 at the half. we've got a game. but first play of the fourth
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quarter, brady escapes the sack, finds amendola in the end zone. brady, 280 yards and four tds. later in the quarter, brady once again escapes. it's malcolm mitchell. great throw and catch. 56 yards. that was his first career touchdown. chip kelly becomes the first 49er head coach to lose nine straight. they're 1-9 overall. tom brady picks up his 199th career win, one shy of peyton manning's record. >> i think i've seen our players develop individually as we go along and you see players as the season goes along. i think in some situations, they had to. >> i think this team is continuing to fight, trying to figure out how to fix our problems and make sure we go out and compete every week and try to get a win. rams and dolphins. jared goff got his first nfl start. dolphins go ahead on tannehill's
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td. five seconds left. goff threw for 134 yards. 47-yard hail mary is incomplete. no touchdowns or picks for jared, but the dolphins win 14-10. raiders took sole possession of first in the afc west. down to al former cal bear chris conte returns it 53 yards to mid-field, and jameis winston would complete the drive with a td pass to cross. raiders and texans play tomorrow in mexico city. nascar sprint championship. jimmy johnson failed a pre-race inspecti inspection, sent to the back of the pack. ten laps to go. carl edwards trying to block joey logano. huge wreck ensues bringing out the red flag. edwards was done. martin truex jr. on fire, yet
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logano moved on. johnson moved all the way back from 40th place, takes the lead on the restart. holds off logano, and johnson takes the checkered flag, winning his seventh career championship, tying richard petty and dale earnhardt sr. for most all time. tune in tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. we'll take a tour around the nfl and some college hoops. good to see and hear from mr. d. he is the best. eric. >> two boards, he said. all right, thanks a lot. next on abc7 news at 6:00, it's opening weekend for a highly anticipated movie. the new harry potter spinoff is casting its spell over audiences. and be hur to watch good morning america tomorrow morning. ayesha curry will be cooking up ayesha curry will be cooking up thanksgiving
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ayesha curry will be cooking up thanksgiving ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. tonight on abc7 news at 9:00, over on coffee tv 20, ambushed while writing a traffic ticket. the search for a man who gunned down a police officer in broad daylight. then on abc7 news at 11:00 here on channel 7, do you try to eat foods that are healthy beyond
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your plate? >> i think that a lot of people are very curious and they're having a very good sense themselves of the benefits of the food that they're eating. >> abc7 news anchor ama dates gets the skinny on the growing interest in functional foods. what should you be eating to try to live longer? tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. moviegoers were spell bound this weekend over the opening of a harry potter spinoff. "fantastic beasts and where to find them" earned an estimated $75 million at the box office this weekend. it's the first in a five-film franchise based on author j.k. rowling's books. coming in second this weekend, dr. strange, followed by trolls, arrival, and almost christmas. dr. strange, by the way, a marvel product. and marvel is part o disney organization. as are we. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11. for drew and shu, have a great evening.
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soledad: right now, as a "matter of fact" -- >> any announcements today? soledad: the trump transition enters uncharted territory. would you grant his children top security clearance? jonathan: it is not uncommon for advisors to have clearance. soledad: plus, want a lower tax bill? and a better job? can republicans deliver both in the new administration? and you'll be inspired by her journey from somalia to the


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