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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 22, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live, ts is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, rain, wind and snow in the sierra. live doppler 7 is tracking the storm socking the bay area right now. >> dan: and looking outside, two more storms are on the way that could impact your thanksgiving travel plans. good evening. i'm dune ashley. i'm dan ashley. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. steady rains are already falling in san francisco. dan dune in eun -- >> dan: in union square shoppers prepared with jacket and umbrellas. >> ama: sandhya is at street level. >> sandhya: our radar takes you down to the street. it is pretty lit up and that is light to moderate rain across the bay area. late to moderate rains in richmond, san pablo.
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lighter showers right now between danville and san ramon. as we take you into san francisco's richmond district, the mission district, you will notice they are getting downpours. balboa street, fulton street, the peninsula from burlingame to the san mateo coast seeing light to moderate rain. and we are getting good returns around tiburon. it is really coming down in marin is what i am being told and yes our radar confirms it. this on our storm impact scale is a light system and moderate rain at times. .05 to .40 of an inch. the rain you can see on our golden gate camera, will it be dry for your travel plans tomorrow and your thanksgiving holiday? we'll have a look at the storms coming up. dan and ama? >> ama: thank you, sandhya. you can track the storm anytime with the abc news app. download it for free and get push alerts on breaking gnaws
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updates as they happen. >> dan: holiday flyers from oakland were delayed several hours when a passenger threatened to detonate a bomb. the flight returned to oakland international. bomb-sniffing dogs helped make sure the plane was in fact safe. it was. pass years should arrive -- passengers should arrive in baltimore any moment now. >> dan: new at 11:00, the search is on for the person who opened fire on a cat. this abc7 news reporter reports that this type of crime is more common than you might think. >> reporter: cabo the cat is a little woozie. he is recovering after being shot by what vets believe was a high powered air rifle. >> they can be using cats as target practice or something. >> reporter: she in thed her -- she noticed a cat hiding under the house. >> his character was off and today i was rubbing his stomach and notice a hole that
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big and you can look right into him. >> reporter: dr. roger shull says unfortunately this type of injury is not unusual. >> we see bb's and cats and dogs all the time on x rayses. >> reporter: he took an x ray to make sure the pellet didn't hit bones or arteries. it went through the shoulder and clean out the arm pit. >> i am scared. i like putting my cats outside. they like to sniff around the garden and walk around and now i can't let them out anymore because i don't want them to get shot. >> reporter: she plans to file a police report. as for cabo -- >> he will be just fine. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> ama: new tonight, uc berkeley police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a male student. abc7 news was at rob dale daleville -- rosh dale village apartments. the early attack happened at a room in off campus university housing. the victim met the suspect on
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the internet. abc7 news was there as a father accused of drowning hills 4-year-old daughter in a baptismal pool went before a judge. he was sobbing and shackled to a welchair and the judge ordered a psych evaluation. a competency hearing is set for monday. she died on sunday in a church. >> dan: let's move on. the holiday shopping season is here so shoppers and scammers are out in droves. we go now live to where a new safety and public awareness campaign is underway. lisa? [no audio]. >> reporter: it didn't take long for our interview to be interrupted by a powell street station staple. homeless aggressive panhandlers and pick pocketers
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and scammers under the watchful eye of bart police officers manning the new patrol desk. it is to help tourists feel safer during their visit. >> we want to make it more easily acceptable for them and to increase their comfort level. >> reporter: it is alady working. >> i think it is a very good idea. >> reporter: the desks were empty tonight though. police will man them in between calls with 10,000 more people coming through union square daily through the holidays out-of-towners want the help. >> it is the amount of people and the amount of people that are asking for things. it gets overwhelming sometimes i guess. >> beware of pick pocketers and beware of your surroundings and walk with a purpose. >> reporter: the improvement district is also on alert. they hope the extra 100 cameras will help keep crime stats down this holiday. in san francisco, lisa amin
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gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: donald trump wants ben carson to be the next housing secretary. he met with the transition team and he has no background in housing or urban development, but carson said he is a good fit because he grew up in the inner city. donald trump eased back from some of his more controversial views during a sit down with the "new york times" today. he admitted humans likely contributed to climate change, that torturing terror suspects may not have value and dropped his vow to jail hillary clinton. alameda county is taking action on the wave of criminal activity after the election of donald trump. the d.a. has a new hotline to report hate crimes and the number is on your screen 510-208-4824. we also have the number on our website, o bc7 -- >> dan: tonight the city of santa clara put the 49ers on notice. >> ama: city leaders are
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demanding to know how much the stads making and if the team is spending your taxpayer money. >> reporter: they will have 30 days to turnover financial documents showing the profits and losses for nonnfl events at levi stadium like concerts. mayor lisa gilmore has never seen a document in the two plus yearly vie has been open for business. >> i hope all of the documents required in this agreement are delivered. it is a as simple as that. if they are delivered we don't have a problem. if they are not, we have a problem. >> the team president says many have been delivered and others can be viewed at anytime. he says certain proprietary information needs to stay private. >> it is in no one's best interest. it is not in the pro motors who book the building and it is not in the account as that come here. it is not in the best interest of the information to be made public. >> it was standing room only. the public standing with the mayor and public.
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he cam pained in favor of building levi stadium. >> i don't like to be lied to and causing me to lie to other people during the campaign. i feel personally offended. >> they agreed to issue the notice the day before thanksgiving. abc7 news. >> ama: the niners issued a statement after tonight's vote saying tonight's decision was expected and continues a frivolous and groundless action by the mayor and her council putting politics ahead of civic responsibility. the team called for a sit down meeting with the city. >> dan: coming up at 11:00, an iphone warning. the viral video that could turn your phone into nothing more than an expensive brick. >> reporter: i'm dan noyes. the eye team has uncovered new information on the devastating loma fire. we have pinpointed the origin of the flames and the pot grower now called a hero. >> i and live doppler 7 is tracking the first of three storms that will soak the bay area this thanksgiving week.
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sandhya patel will be back with your hour by hour forecast. >> here is a look at what is coming up on a scial edition of "jimmy kimmel live" after the news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and ama. a star-studded show with bono and julia robs and her be hancock and brandon flowers and the killers all to benefit red tonight.
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>> dan: the abc7 news eye team identified the person responsible for a fire. >> we have new details of a marijuana grower being called a hero for saving his neighbors and their pets while his own possessions burned. >> dan: dan noyes is here with an exclusive investigation. >> it destroyed a dozen homes and scorched 4500-acres. with the cal fire investigation under way they are coming out with many sources about what happened and where. >> they launched facebook live as the fire approached the property. >> i am getting in the car now because i need to ride with the fire truck to get me off the mountain. >> she returned to see t main house still standing. >> we are blessed because we have a house and we have neighbors right there. >> this is one of the homes that burned right in the
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middle of the inferno. the flames were so hot that it melted metal. >> her neighbor lost his car collection. she is crediting another neighbor for helping others escape while the fire destroyed his trailer loam and record -- trailer some and recording studio. >> he let his product burn in order to save fellow neighbors and possibly children. >> they confiscated plants and it was estimated at a value of $850,000 and charged him with two felonies. cultivation of marijuana and possession of sale. he declined to be interviewed jievment he is being made an example of. >> he was actually a great help during the start of the fire. >> long-time road resident served as the fire chief for five years. they received an urgent call for another grower. >> they called to come over
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and put out the fire. he got over there and said no way. call 9-1-1. >> it had gotten beyond the point of putting it out easily. >> where did the fire start. i spoke with residents, growers and this man who works in the marijuana industry. >> the locals know where it started. >> where? >> the grow-op. >> it pinpoints the spot. >> he was driving his ups route where he recorded the beginning of the blaze. >> i got here before the firefighters. >> i took this freeze frame and looked at the two sticks and was able to find the exact spot where carlos parked. i shot my own video and i identified the plot of land. it is the same property that september this google image. it confirms an llc operated by
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andre siegel purchased the property last year. at the time of the fire he was president of green acres medical marijuana dispense re. the operators declined to be interviewed on camera, but they did say he offered to resign from the green acres board the day of the loma fire. >> he said they would not be interviewed so no one would connect the dispense re. he was leasing the property to someone else. >> did it have anything to do with the fire? was it the source of the fire? >> they hired an investigator who said it started on the siegel property. i reserve the right to change my opinion should further information become available to me. so how did it start? >> i was told by one of the fear men who was at the scene that it was a cigarette.
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>> looking into whether a hot plate or generator was involved. the people at green acres want to make it clear they did not know about his property and they never sold any pot from there. dan and ama? >> dan: great detective work. now a warning about a prank that can cause your phone or tablet to stop working. anyone who has an iphone or ipad could be affected. everything apple pro shows the link that contains the virus. if you click on the link it takes you to what looks like a harmless 5-second video clip. after playing it though your phone or tablet will freeze. all is not lost. you can fix it by doing a hard reset by pushing the volume down and power button or home and power buttons on older iphones. quack dorsey had his account reset. it showed it was suspended. he tweeted it was an internal
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mistake. >> now your accu-weather forecast with sandhya patel. >> sandhya: hi, everyone. great to see some rain on live doppler 7. we are seeing returns from the north bay to the east bay and the peninsula. let's go in closer now. around the marina district san francisco and 101 you will notice the sunset it has eased up. in the east by it is coming down hard especially places like mall noel yaw street and alameda and oakland getting their share. as we head into the area and out toward the inland valleys the rain is light to moderate in intensity. it hasn't reached bay point yet. we are on the peninsula and it is light rain around a san mateo and san carlos. and in the north bay we are getting pockets of heavier returns around sausalito and tiburon. it is turning to snow which is a welcome sight for many of
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you who like to go boarding and skiing from blue canyon to truckee and tahoe. i just checked the roads and no chain controls right now, but it will likely happen. if you are traveling to tahoe, gusty tomorrow with some snow. dry for thanksgiving and a mix of rain and snow friday night into saturday. more snow showers on sunday in case you are heading up to the mountains. staying at home, the hour by hour look will be a cold morning. mainly sunny and a crisp afternoon and by evening it gets cool. the temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. it is cool, but not as much as it was at this time. wet roadways from our kgo roof camera. the rain spreads overnight. dry and bright for your thanksgiving and two more storms are coming this week. the south bay hasn't got the rain yet. moderate rain at times and breezy in spots. i bumped it up to half an
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inch. at midnight, the rain does ease up, but you notice by 1:00 a.m. it will reach parts of the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. as we head into tomorrow morning a big travel day. 5:00 a.m., showers in the north bay and spotty in nature at 6:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. as well. still in the north bay. and isolated at 10:00 a.m. if you are getting away tomorrow i think your travels should -- your travels should be fine. weather is not anker y. if you are heading to the sierra heavy never until -- sierra nevada until noon tomorrow chain controls expected. up to 10 inches with a couple inches over the pass levels. make sure you have your chains and patience. the temperatures are in the 40s, 50s and a cool start. we will be on the cool side. upper 50s to low 60s. but it is dry for your afternoon tomorrow. you will notice we have a storm coming in. it is a light system for your
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black friday. it doesn't arrive until friday night. on saturday the showers continue and as we go into sundayer system comes through. it is lighter in intensity. rainfall tote will tays over the three-day -- rainfall totals will add up. a bright and dry thanksgiving. friday night into saturday and another system on sunday. you can download the abc7 news app and track live doppler 7. mike nicco will be tracking it. dan and ama?
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>> ama: we have likely winner of the mannequin challenge.
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it shows attendees of the medal of pre dom ceremony doing their best to pose for the viral video trend. star man kaw kins -- mannequins was her mother, diana ross. did you know that? bill gates and many, many more. >> i saw some eyebrows raise that's a lot of fun. >> who will be the gm and the head coach? who is playing quarterback next year? next year? colin kaepernick
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. the san jose sharks know exactly what they have. great player and a beard to match and that was worth a $64 million extension. e sharks make sure he doesn't loof via free agency this is by far the contract and they are thrilled to remain a man in teal. >> this is a great place to be. a a lot of young guys coming up. you get a taste of last year and you just want to win. it is exciting. >> the raiders were 0-10. in 2016 they are 8-0. it could be on a collision course with the patriots for
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the afc title. the silver and black find a way to win in the fourth quarter. last night, a classic example in mexico city. everybody is busy patting the raiders on the back. jack del rio wants focus. >> it begins with winning your division. it is a sure spot in the playoffs and that's goal number one. >> he is super competitive. he likes us to have grit. he brought a culture of these are the kind of things we expect to do and we are going to work our tales off to do that. >> interesting comment from quarterback colin kaepernick. they wanted a mutual separation all off season, but today kap was talking future. maybe this is all for public consumption, but he wants to use what is left in 2017. >> my


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