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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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a mother opens up about her son, who is accused of severely injuring a peninsula police officer in a violent skateboard attack. good evening, everyone.
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south san francisco police officer has life-threatening injuries. the department recently released a picture of officer robby chon. >> he's been on the force for 12 years and was on duty yesterday, thanksgiving day, when he was attacked. abc7 news reporter vic lee has the details. >> my son didn't know that this is a little mental. >> reporter: the suspect, luis ramos-coreas' mother talked to us. she told us her son has mental issues and takes medication. was he taking his medication yesterday? >> i don't know. he left very early in the morning. >> reporter: this grainy security video shows officer robby chon chasing the suspect. he stops and strikes the officer, who goes down. another security camera picks up the suspect running down linden avenue after he attacked the officer. he was captured minutes later. >> the officer is a 12-year veteran of the south san francisco police department. he is married, and he has two young children. >> reporter: officer robby chon
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is assigned to the motorcycle unit. it happened yesterday afternoon in downtown south san francisco. starbucks customers waved down the officer, saying the suspect, luis ramos-coreas, was creating a disturbance. as chon was talking to him, ramos-coreas darted down the street on his skateboard. [ speaking spanish ] >> antonio figueroa was close by. he says there was a short foot chase. an officer in a patrol car joined in. he says the suspect suddenly turned around and struck him in the head with his skateboard, and he fell to the ground. the police chief says he has a long rap sheet. abc7 news has learned it includes felony battery causing serious injury, assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest for disturbing the peace. ramos-coreas has been booked on an attempted murder charge. vic lee, abc7 news. the older sister of the redding wife and mother who went missing for three weeks says her
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family is thankful and ecstatic that she's been safely returned. chelsea county sheriff's deputies believe two armed women abducted sherry pa piafeeny whi she was jogging. papini flagged down a driver while bound by restraints. she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries before being returned to her family. >> she was emotional and quite upset but elated to be free. >> everyone's tireless efforts has made our family whole again this thanksgiving. thank you for allowing our family time to heal and for giving us our privacy. >> investigators have released few details about what happened to papini during those three weeks she was missing. an around the clock manhunt continues tonight for two escaped inmates in the south bay. row mealio chavez and laron campbell broke out of the santa clara county jail late
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wednesday. a $20,000 reward is being offered for their capture. elisa harrington with the latest on the search. >> reporter: tracking dogs joined the manhunt for two escaped inmates who broke out of santa clara county's main jail. they did find a scent. the animals followed it more than seven miles along the guadalupe river from the path off west hedding street in san jose to tasman and lick mill boulevard in santa clara. >> we've gotten a couple good leads, a couple good tips in a sense where, you know, one of them speaks of them being seen in that area. and with the use of the dogs, you know, that congrefirmed the were in that area. we're getting closer. >> rogelio chavez and laron campbell have been missing since late wednesday night. sheriff laurie smith says they used a cutting tool to saw through the bars of the window and tied clothing together to form a rope. > things are smuggled into jails and prisons all the time, and i don't know how they got it. again, that's something that we're also going to be looking
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at is how can we shore up our security system. >> two other inmates tried to escape with chavez and campbell but were immediately captured. one of them, 20-year-old yasindu dsilva has only been in jail since sunday for an armed home invasion. investigators now have an idea of the direction the inmates traveled, and they're looking for video cameras along that route. but they still need the public's help. >> i want to remind the community these are dangerous people. they are not to be approached. please just dial 911. >> a $20,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to their capture. in san jose, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. take one more look here at the escaped inmates. if they're found, we'll send out an alert through the abc7 news app. you can download it now and enable push alerts so you can be the first to know. all right. rain is headed to the bay area. let's take a live look outside now from our roof camera. it doesn't show any
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precipitation right now. that is about to change. meteorologist drew tuma has more about the coming storm. drew. >> we're tracking at least right now a very quiet picture over the bay area. live doppler 7 showing you we have the clouds that are steadily increasing ahead of our front. the wider picture will show you this cold front still well offshore, but you can already see live doppler 7 picking up on some rain ahead of that front. this is all going to move onshore in the early morning hours on saturday. so first drops, the arrival times, in the north bay between 1:00 and 5:00. very early saturday morning. that front will sink south of the heart of the bay area. likely those first drops anywhere from 4:00 to 7:00 in the morning. then in the south bay, the final location to see the wet weather, starting anytime from 6:00 to 9:00 saturday morning. this is just one round of several we're tracking of rain over the weekend. we'll have the details in that full accuweather forecast coming up. >> drew, thank you so much. an extra police officer is patrolling broadway plaza shopping center in walnut creek this holiday season. it's part of an unprecedented arrangement. abc7 news reporter leslie
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brinkley has details. >> you have such a cute face. >> thank you. >> reporter: walnut creek police officer mark gonzalez is already making friends. for the first time, the walnut creek police department has partnered with a private company to assign a police officer to a shopping center. >> got nothing but positive response from the management of all the stores. they're happy to see that a police officer is going to be dedicated to the area, provide service so much quicker than if, you know, we were across town or somewhere else. >> reporter: officer gonzalez started november 15th to handle shoplifting, credit card fraud and crime here in the middle of a vast expansion project. >> we've got new merchants, a lot of new square footage. >> reporter: the theory is a full-time officer here will free up other officers to respond to other neighborhood calls. >> i think it scares off people more. i think security -- the security guards don't intimidate anybody. but a police officer, i think
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it's more intimidating. >> having a security officer who is also a police officer, i think, will be very beneficial for everyone's safety. >> reporter: no matter where shoppers go, top safety tips include locking valuables out of sight in vehicles and not staring at a cell phone when crossing the street. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. a criminal investigation has been launched into an early morning house fire in san mateo that claimed the life of a 70-year-old woman. fire crews found the woman inside the burning home on oak street around 4:30 a.m., awere not able to revive her. police have taken over the investigation into that fire that's considered suspicious. this home is known to authorities. fire officials say back in 2011, police shot and killed 35-year-old robert caron, who lived in the house at the time. he led officers on a chase to his backyard, then opened fire after earlier threatening employees at a nearby pharmacy with a gun. it's been more than seven
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months since a san francisco woman's body was found in a shallow grave. her younger daughter is still missing in what's become an unsolved mystery. the family of nikki and ariana fitts is in the bay area. they came together for thanksgiving and today they spoke with abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow about their desperate search to find the little girl they hope and believe is still alive. >> reporter: in the time ariana fitts has been missing, she turned 3 years old. >> we're desperate. every time i see a little kid who is playing and happy with their family, it just breaks my heart because i want that for arianna. >> reporter: her aunt believes she is alive and possibly still in the bay area. >> someone wanted arianna as their own. >> reporter: it's been more than seven months since arianna's mom, nikki fitts' body was found in a shallow grave in mclaren park, her body covered with this piece of plywood.
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in an unusual move, san francisco police previously shared this evidence, hoping it might generate tips about who was responsible for fitts' death and where her missing daughter, arianna, could be. san francisco police originally focused their attention on arianna's babysitter, helena martin. by phone today, the babysitter's attorney said he advised her to stop speaking with investigators because police couldn't guarantee they would not charge her with a crime. >> i believe that she was not being interviewed as a potential witness but more as a suspect. >> we're desperate. >> reporter: it's that desperation that has this family pleading for help. hopeful someone will recognize arianna's pictures and anonymously call police. >> she's still out there. we're still looking. >> reporter: no matter how long it takes. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. some folks in richmond say they might have to sell their animals in the face of an eviction order. horses have been cared for at these stables for nearly 20
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years. recently city officials say the property was not zoned for horses and issued an eviction notice for december 6th. horse owners say they would be priced out of any other stables. >> we don't know what to do if we get kicked out. all the stables around here, they're just way out of our league. everybody here is just regular blue collar working folk, and we'd have to -- the majority of people would be forced to get rid of their horse. >> the city of richmond said inspectors found an illegal solid waste transfer site on the property. the city does promise to extend the deadline if a good faith effort for compliance is displayed. the change in holiday shopping that puts more shoppers in danger. plus the effort to get people out of the mall and outside on this green friday that upset at least one shopper. and it's a space race for waste. why nasa is asking for the public's help to solve a zero gravity toilet problem. those stories and more when
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mobile sales this black friday are expected to top $1 billion. that's the biggest day ever for mobile shopping. mobile tablet and desktop sales have increased more than 11% this year, taking a large bite out of the brick and mortar
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black friday sales. with more americans now shopping online, the risk of fraud has also increased. jessica castro with abc7 mornings tells us how to avoid becoming a victim. >> reporter: that little chip on your credit card is making it safer than ever when you hit the registers this holiday shopping weekend. but thieves are finding a new target. >> because of the chip cards now, it's a lot more difficult for retail criminals to do in-store fraud. so they're taking it online. >> reporter: banking experts are warning of a 43% surge in attempted fraud this season. to get around the chip, criminals are taking advantage of ship to store and next-day pickup items that so many different stores are now offering, making it easier to charge items with a stolen card number without ever needing to swipe it. and the big ticket items they're targeting? hot gifts like fitness trackers, wireless headphones, cosmetics and designer sneakers.
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another way cyber fraudsters may try to cash in is by using fake or stolen e receipts. >> they'll create with some cut and paste a fraudulent invoice and bring it back and say, i received this as a gift online, and here's my invoice. >> reporter: the national retail federation calling it the fastest growing scheme affecting some 31% of stores. so beware this holiday season. in san francisco, jessica castro, abc7 news. thousands of people packed san francisco's union square tonight for the lighting of the macy's tree. it features 33,000 lights and more than 1,000 ornaments. the ceremony featured choirs, show tunes, and a few songs by r and b star aloe blacc. abc news was in downtown san rafael for the start of the winter festival today. the big attraction was snow sledding on a street. tonight the festival continued with a parade, tree lighting, and holiday marketplace. kids can still go sledding tomorrow as long as the snow hasn't melted. >> that looks like fun.
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today the city of oakland kicked off plaid friday to encourage people to shop locally. the name is a metaphor for weaving community spirit using the threads of small businesses. mayor libby schaaf right there decked out in plaid herself visited oaklandish. >> we wanted people to consider putting their money where their hearts are, and that is in our independent, locally owned businesses here in oakland. >> we always get a good bump in business on plaid friday. i think that people also come for small business saturday. so now plaid friday has become plaid weekend, and i think that there's just more of a sustained message about the importance of shopping local. >> and to encourage local shopping, parking is free in oakland through this entire weekend and on every saturday for the rest of the year. >> such a good deal. a lot of folks gave up the black friday inside and went outdoors, visiting state parks for free. and some retailers used the also giving back to the environment. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> i was going to get snow
9:18 pm
snoks. >> reporter: she got a shock when she found out her favorite store, rei, was closed on black friday. >> i just thought that they would be open because like all these stores are. >> reporter: the outdoor retailer gave its employees the day off, urging customers to opt outside on black friday. >> we appreciate being outside. my family has been outside all day, and i can certainly understand why management would want to give employees an opportunity to spend a long weekend with their families. >> black friday is not a huge day for us. >> reporter: you could say that again. pat gonna ya stores were open, but making money not a big deal. saving the planet is. manager colin says the national clothing chain is donating 100% of black friday proceeds to local environmental nonprofit groups dedicated to saving the air, water, and soil. >> it's a great connection to have to our community. yeah, it makes me feel good to be working retail on black friday. >> reporter: customer brad singly is giving back and
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getting a jump on his holiday shopping. >> once i heard all the proceeds were going to be going to good causes today, i was like i got to stop in. i had a few nick knacks to pick up as christmas gifts. i made it a point to come here first and feeling really good about it actually. >> reporter: some folks took a break and headed for the forest instead, where admission and parking at 116 california state parks was free. the state called it green friday. >> the day after thanksgiving this whole weekend is really about all friends and family, and it's about giving thanks for how lucky we are to live in this spectacular place. >> reporter: an alternative from the malls, a chance to check out some of mother nature's best deals. in marin county, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. we are tracking rain moving in overnight and then tomorrow we'll get a brief break during the day before a second round moves in after the sun goes down saturday evening. live doppler 7 showing you quite a picture out there. cloud cover slowly thickening
9:20 pm
this inning. the rain still well offshore and most of it will move in after midnight tonight. it's a quiet but beautiful night across the region. temperature-wise, we've dropped into the 40s and 50s in most spots. the forecast feature is going to call for that rain sweeping in here overnight tonight while many of us are sleeping. we'll get a brief break in most areas midday tomorrow before another round moves in saturday night. it's a pretty active pattern. we'll have a third storm moving in late sunday and into monday morning with some more showers. current numbers out there, 40s and 50. 44 in fairfield. 55 in san francisco. we've dropped to 51 in san jose. hayward checking in with a temperature of 52 degrees. bring back the storm impact scale. the storm we're tracking that will move onshore overnight, it's a light system. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. much of the rain going to fall in the morning. most cities, about a quarter to a half an inch of total rainfall, and it will be breezy right along the coast with winds occasionally gusting over 25 miles per hour.
9:21 pm
future weather, let's go hour by hour. watch the time stam up here. 4:00, here come the showers. this front crosses the haerlt of the bay area between 1k3wr6 and 7:00 in the morning and meanders into the south baby 9:00, 10:00. after that initial line of rain, it's going to taper to widely isolated showers and that's going to be the theme throughout the early afternoon on saturday. for the most part. much of the wet weather will get out of here. highs on your saturday, we have limited sunshine, unfortunately. a lot of clouds up there with that morning rain. mostly in the 50s. 57 in san francisco and richmond. 58 in oakland. 56 in santa rosa. we have ucla at cal tomorrow. kickoff, 4:00 in the afternoon. a lot of cloud cover, perhaps an isolated lingering shower. it won't be anything widespread or heavy. by the fourth quarter, temperatures cooling off to 54 degrees with a lot of cloud cover out there. we'll take it into future weather saturday evening because
9:22 pm
another round of rain will be moving in by 10:00, 11:00. but you notice on future weather, it's not a solid line of rain like the one coming tonight and overnight. it's really just some hit or miss downpours here or there. that will continue early into sunday morning, 4:00 in the morning. and then that will taper midday for a brief break before we track another round of rain going to move in early monday morning. so the theme is it's not a washout of a weekend by any means. but we will be having some drops each and every morning to start off saturday and sunday. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. a 1 on the storm impact scale. repeat performance again with showers moving in in the morning. more around sunday night into monday morning. by then everything clears out. tuesday, we'll see partly cloudy skies and that will continue a dry pattern at least through thursday and friday. the theme is you sleep in, you'll probably miss a lot of the action over the weekend. >> good advice. thank you, drew. coming up on abc7 news at 9:00, a new accusation about who is behind fake news that could have affected our presidential
9:23 pm
election. plus a fun, futuristic to liven up one bay area mall this holiday. the story of pepper when we come back.
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nasa is looking for a little help dealing with space waste. now, the problem is deep space or prolonged moon exploration will likely require extended periods spent inside spacesuits. while the suits can hold a little human waste, but not a lot. and weightlessness can get messy. so that's why nasa wants you to figure out what to do with it. >> me? >> yeah, you, larry, personally. and will pay you $30,000 for a winning idea. >> all right. >> nasa's goal is to have the invention or the plan implemented in three years. the deadline for submissions is december 20th. >> all right. next time you need help at
9:27 pm
the mall, you may not get it from a human. >> have you talked to a robot before? come over and talk to me. >> hello. abc7 news was at the westfield san francisco center. this robot greeted curious shoppers. takes selfies with you. the robot's name is pepper. outfitted with a tablet computer to interact with people. >> pepper can offer to teach you to say hello in six different languages. pepper can take a selfie with you or play games. so he's helping keep kids busy during the busy holiday shopping season. >> pepper looks so cute. and soon pepper will do much more. it will offer shoppers directions to stores and restaurants. westfield is trying out the robot in san francisco and valley fair malls in hopes of rolling them out in malls nationwide. on to the next subject. donald trump is working to fill his cabinet, but his opponents have not yet given up.
9:28 pm
coming up on abc7 news at 9:00, the effort gaining ground in the midwest that could lead to an election investigation. plus -- >> i was 13, about to turn 14. i was diagnosed with leukemia, and i came here as an oncology camper. it's been a huge part into what's shaped me into the woman i've come. >> we're going to take you
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc7 news. a former trump campaign lawyer will now be donald trump's white house counsel. she was one of two appointments made today. >> the other is fox news analyst k.t. mcfarland. the president-elect is moving forward with his picks but the
9:32 pm
opponents have not given up on the election just yet. >> we have more from washington. >> reporter: as president-elect donald trump moves forward with his cabinet picks, there is an internal struggle for secretary of state. with trump advisers split over mitt romney or rudy giuliani. >> is the mayor a candidate for secretary of state? >> reporter: trump loyalists are advocating for the former new york city mayor, but there's concern with potential conflicts of interest from his foreign business entanglements. he could face a difficult confirmation. by contrast, mitt romney would send a signal to the world as a more moderate diplomat. but he was one of mr. trump's harshest critics during the campaign. >> this was a guy, as you remember, that called donald trump a phony, a fraud, and a con. >> reporter: kellyanne conway. as for secretary of defense, general mattis is considered a top contender. other major posts waiting appointment, treasury, homeland security, and veterans affairs.
9:33 pm
meanwhile the transition team announces two staff level appointments but said no cabinet appointments would be made before monday. and on a very different note, former green party candidate jill stein has raised $3.5 million for recounts in key states. >> what we are saying is that there's enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated. >> it's just not about the outcome. it's about the process. >> reporter: her campaign officially filed for a wisconsin recount in advance of their friday deadline. hillary clinton, who now leads in the popular vote by around 2 million, has not weighed in. meanwhile, a u.s. official confirms that the president-elect has had just two intelligence briefings. the vice president has had more. but experts say there is still time for him to get up to speed. abc news, washington. and the money keeps adding up. the recount effort has now raised 5.5 of the required $7 million. a new reports suggested a
9:34 pm
sophisticated russia propaganda campaign flooded social media with fake news stories leading up to the presidential election. "the washington post" cited a report from researchers called prop or not. it says the goal is to help donald trump and undermine faith in american democracy. stories planted by the disinformation campaign were viewed 213 million times. investigators want to know what started a brawl between holiday shoppers at vintage fair mall in mod es tow. it looks like a lot of kids there. a fight broke out around midnight near the entrance to jcpenney. half a dozen people through punches and kicks. security eventually responded and separated them. despite a rise in online sales, stores across the country were still pacted today on black friday. it's mostly safe to search for deals, but one incident actually turned deadly. abc7 news reporter elizabeth herr has details.
9:35 pm
>> three, two, one. >> and here we go. >> reporter: the dash for deals and discounts kicked off overnight across america. for these bargain hunters, the early findings -- not so shabby. >> 50% off everything. you can't beat that. >> reporter: but to try to beat the madness, many came out with a list and a plan. >> i'm going to four different stores, so i'm kind of rushing between each one. >> a successful outing. >> yeah, in and out. >> reporter: this year, shoppers are expected to spend $27 billion, making this black friday the second biggest shopping day of the year. >> a lot of shopping, a lot of pushing. i think it's too crowded. it's crazy. >> reporter: the crowds, overwhelming for some shoppers. and in new jersey, police are investigating a shooting in the macy's parking lot that left a man dead and his brother injured. >> you're starting off the holiday season, and, you know, you're excited about the upcoming times with family.
9:36 pm
and now there's going to be a family who are missing people, and their holidays will never be the same. >> reporter: retailers in the meantime busy, keeping up with some 137 million people planning to shop this holiday weekend. and if you decided to skip the malls on black friday, you guessed it. you can still find some great sales online and in stores this weekend. for example, if you happen to be in the market for a new cell phone, best buy, target, and walmart are offering gift cards for up to $250 for a new iphone 7 or a samsung galaxy phone. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. ahead on abc7 news at 9:00, americans are mourning a woman whose iconic tv mother helped raise a generation. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
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breaking news from cuba, where the country's state run television network is reporting tonight that fidel castro has died. the longtime president of cuba was 90 years old. he ruled for almost 50 years. castro was controversial and a very divisive world figure. his reporters praised him as a humanitarian leader for the cuban leader, but critics held a different view as a dictator with a very poor human rights record. when he left office in 2000, he was succeeded by his brother, raul castro. we'll continue to follow developments on this newscast and through our abc news app. back here at home, america is remembering florence henderson. the 82-year-old brady bunch actress died yesterday of heart failu failure. >> we take a look at the beloved actress' illustrious career entertaining the world. ♪ here's the story of a lovely
9:41 pm
lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls ♪ >> reporter: florence henderson sure made her mark on television with "the brady bunch." in a career spanning more than six decades, she welcomed all the love it brought her. as she told me back in 2009. >> and i received so much affection for that little show. you know, everybody wants a hug. that's the question i'm asked the most. can i have a hug? well, yeah. >> reporter: henderson's career began long before "the brady bunch" and lasted long after. >> i got my first job in television in 1952, singing off-camera on the ed sullivan show. that was my very first job, and then shortly after that, i was on camera, and i've never looked back. ♪ oh, what a beautiful morning oh, what a beautiful day ♪ >> that song from "oklahoma," when florence was 18, rodgers and hammerstein picked her to play the lead in a national
9:42 pm
tour. show. she did broadway, movies and lots of tv. "the brady bunch" returned in various incarnations over the years, including a variety show which allowed florence to do more singing. ♪ >> reporter: in 2010, florence joined the cast of a show she loved, dancing with the stars. and in september, she was on the dancing stage again in a number featuring her brady bunch daughter maureen mccormick. just this past monday night, she was back in the dancing audience. suddenly on wednesday, florence was hospitalized and died of heart failure thursday night, surrounded by loved ones. florence had a lot of love in her heart. and today we saw love for florence left at the famous brady house and here on the hollywood walk of fame. abc7 news. >> fans just adored her.
9:43 pm
>> yeah, it was such a surprise. >> just saw her a few days ago. >> she looked fantastic. such a loss. still ahead on abc7 news at 9:00, learning to laugh? love live and live with someone
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a lot of bay area families are so thankful for a nonprofit that provides free summer camp for children living with cancer. it's called camp okizu, and it's celebrating its 35th anniversary. we made our annual trip to visit the camp in the foothills so we can share they're amazing work with you. >> reporter: campers get a lot of positive recognition at camp okizu, and when you hear their
9:47 pm
stories, you'll understand why. >> put the life jackets back on the rack. >> reporter: this campsite in the sierra foothills is a safe place for children who have siblings with cancer or who have lost siblings to cancer. >> in 2013, my brother was diagnosed with sarcoma, and after a hard year, he had passed away. >> reporter: vanessa was just 14. her brother was 15 when he was diagnosed and 16 when he died. it was so painful for the entire family. >> i remember that i just felt lonely. i felt at times where i didn't have parents. i felt like my brother was the one who had the parents, mom and dad, and i was left behind. >> reporter: one of the best things about coming to camp besides all the fun they have is this is the one week out of the year where these kids get to be around other children who know what it's like living with a sibling with cancer. >> my brother was diagnosed with leukemia when he was about 8. that's how we were all
9:48 pm
introduced to okizu. >> reporter: cancer touched my family. my nephew,, nolan, has a brothe who had cancer before he was 3 years old. >> what do you remember about that? >> um, well i can't really remember much since i was very young. but the parts i do remember, it was kind of sad. >> but now? >> it's much better. >> yeah. and he's better now? >> yes. >> i'm at camp pretty much whenever there is a camp program going on, which is why i am mostly retired from stanford. >> reporter: this doctor helps kids talk about their feelings in private bereavement sessions. >> they tell stories of things that happened to them, how they felt, what they've done to cope with it, who they can talk to, and provide a kind of understanding and support and compassion and love that is hard for them to come by in other places. >> reporter: the kids also learn they can laugh and be silly. ♪
9:49 pm
camp okizu's counselors are well trained in helping campers, and they also know how to keep order among hundreds of energetic kids. >> can i get more pepperoni, please? >> reporter: no pushing or shoving in the food line. some campers even volunteer to do dishes. camp okizu is marking 35 years of providing free camps for children living with cancer and their families. it now serves more than 3,000 participants a year. it's come a long way from the first camp of 28 kids with cancer at a rented campsite. john bell is a camp okizu co-founder. >> we noticed that their program didn't meet the needs of oncology patients with different dietary issues and a lot of other things. >> reporter: so john and dr. mike took on the expensive and difficult task of building a permanent campsite. parents came to help. >> parents talking about blood counts and other issues around
9:50 pm
hospitals and stuff and realized that peer support program wasn't just great for patients. it was going to be great for all family members. so we started doing family weekends. >> reporter: the need continues to grow. so okizu is expanding its resources such as this new pavilion with the help of generous donors. the experiences at camp okizu can be life-changing. many campers become counselors and come back every year. >> i think that people should understand that okizu is a place where people can be their selves and let their souls shine. >> when i was 13 about to turn 14, i was diagnosed with leukemia, and i came here as an oncology camper. it's been a huge part of what shaped me into the woman i've become. i absolutely loved my time here and i love being able to give that back. >> reporter: if you know a family who needs camp okizu's help or if you want do volunteer or donate, please go to our website for more information.
9:51 pm >> such a great program. >> i love this program. let's get one last check of the weather and what appears to be a rainy shopping weekend. drew tuma. >> hope you got in early this morning because everything changes tomorrow morning. our next storm moves in. it's just off our coast right now. we're still in the dry at this moment. we'll go on and show you future weather. into the early morning hours of saturday, 4:00 in the morning, the rain begins to move onshore. heart of the bay area by 6:00, 7:00. in the early afternoon, will taper to widely scattered showers. there's a winter storm warning in effect in the sierra. we could see as much as a foot of snow over the passes. seven-day forecast, we'll have a period of rain early tomorrow morning, repeated again on sunday, and do it again on monday. so we will have some breaks in the rain, but you will need your umbrella through the weekend. >> thank you, drew. in sports, the warriors, they're going to win tonight. but they lose two players on the same play.
9:52 pm
this thing looked scary. down goes draymond
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
>> announcer: abc7 sports, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. when they met on wednesday night at oracle, the warriors destroyed the lakers, beat them by 43 points. tonight they met again in l.a. this time, where the lakers beat the dubs by 20 three weeks ago. mcgee and draymond working on their pregame handshake there. iguodala. there's klay thompson for the jam. there's the dropoff. dubs by 10, and he's flexing. kevin durant.
9:56 pm
third quarter, the steal on jose calderon. dubs by 16. scary moment here because actually this is curry to zaza to draymond for the dunk. all right. there was an injury that took place in this game. draymond green rolled his ankle. ian clark suffered a throat injury. we'll show to you at 11:00. 105-85, warriors leading in the fourth. college hoops, wyoming, the school that once brought us fennis zem bow. charlie moore steals. don coal man, the layup. ten seconds to play at the half. that's moore. he's been playing very well early in the season. 38-26, cal at the half. more from moore, which i like saying. steal and layup and more from
9:57 pm
other bears. grant mullens gets the roll. right now 63-53, cal late in the second half. a terrific finish to the sharks/islanders game in the tank. early 1:00 start for those who decided to pass on all that black friday shopping. joe thornton saying hello. yaet, that's cute. second period, sharks score twice in 34 seconds to take the lead. brent burns lets it fly and beats thomas greiss. 2-1 san jose. less than a minute left. looks like we're going to overtime, right? no. patrick marlowe, the deflection. that's your game-winner. sharks win 3-2. sharks host anaheim tomorrow night. day after thanksgiving, we have a heaping plateful of college football games, and many with playoff implications starting today with the apple cup. number 5 washington at number 23 wasu. the huskies going for their
9:58 pm
first 11-win season since 2000. to dante petis, and it doesn't matter there's pass interference because he makes the catch. and it's 21-0 huskies. later in the first quarter, browning to john ross, who is one of the better receivers in the -- oh, nice pass. just laying it right in there. browning, these touchdowns. mike leach, the pirate attack. walked the plank today. stuffed twice on fourth and goal. this was in the third goal. gera gerard wicks denied. 15-yard touchdown run. 45-17. u-dub wins the pac-12 north. they're heading to the championship game next friday in santa clara. >> so happy we're in the pac-12 championship. we're proud to represent husky nation. great fans and all that. >> i don't think that's what tis thing is all about, trying to score as many points on somebody. i think it's about trying to win the games. so i don't really know. >> we got another big game next
9:59 pm
week, it will all play out like it's supposed to. >> abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. again, we'll show you exactly what happened with the draymond injury and ian clark tonight at 11:00. >> it was pretty scary. coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, breaking news. we just told you a few moments ago, former cuban leader fidel castro has died at the age of 90. this is according to cuban state television. we'll have the late details just coming in to the abc7 newsroom. and a letter threatening genocide against muslims sent to a south bay mosque. the swift response to this hate-filled message. join us for abc7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. that's going to do it for this edition of our newscast at 9:00 here on coffee, channel tv 20. >> cable 13. >> we'll get it all in. >> all right. for drew and larry
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a millionaire real-estate tycoon lives the good life until... his lincoln continental explodes. coombs: part of his windshield ends up in a swimming pool


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