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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>>. scattered rain is falling across southern california. she was my best friend. >> grieving together as a community coming to terms with the loss of 36 people in the oakland warehouse fire. the cross country effort to find this photo of a couple, torn apart by the fire. good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> nearly all of the people have been identified. >> we learned jennifer mendiola
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died. she was also known as alana cane, she was a psychology phd student. they were told she died without suffering from smoke inhalation. her boyfriend also died in the fire. >> also joey matlock died in the fire, described as a philosopher of electronic music. friends say he was the enterelest l aum people. >> the city council voted to ratify a local state of emergency because of the shoeftship fire. >> it will allow local businesses to ask for financial relief from the federal small business administration. the city council member says many need the help. >> i am learning today that the businesses are under insured, fragile in terms of working capitol and may cover for
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economic injury loans. >> artists whose work were destroyed in the fire are also eligible for federal assistance. laura? >> reporter: we've heard about which city agencies may or may not have visited before the fire. today, we've learned that one county agency may have been inside of the warehouse several days ago. >> he hired me for sek tie this man did not want his identify revealed for fear of retribution but told us he he worked as recently as thursday doing security and odd jobs. he says a social worker was
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inside of the warehouse just days before the fire to check on the children of the founder. >> were they upstairs? down stairs? >> the cps would not confirm nor deny such a visit. the man told us there was a fire inside of the building last week. >> we see flames and your heart just drops. >> as for fire inspections, 7 news learned regular inspections were not done for at least a decade.
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>> i don't have an answer to that. we have to look to see what is missed and what information did we not receive that caused this not no happen. we don't have that. >> the mayor and other city leaders have not given a time line for when these will be available. >> five victims had connections to uc berkeley. >> abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley joins us what a difficult thing to do. >> you couldn't help but feel the pain of these families. it was a chance for them to grieve with each other and speak about family members. >> vanessa passed in a fire on december 2, 2016.
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but vanessa is still here. i can feel her everywhere. >> many in mourning said being here together on the campus gave them comfort. >> among the 36 confirmed fatalities were five members of the campus community. >> four worked at the campus radio station cal x. >> we know the legacy of those we lost will provide future inspiration for artists and music makers everywhere. >> there is a part of our hearts that is missing today. >> those still grieving signed contribute united states in the lobby for 33-year-old chelsea dolan, 24-year-old cal computer science graduate david klein,
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and 23-year-old cal under graduate griffin madden. >> we have no regrets for griffin. because he lived every moment of his life to the fullest. >> at uc berkeley, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> we'll continue to support all of our residents with any recovery efforts. now, i ask the house to observe a moment of silence. >> that is barbara lee calling for a pause in the house of representatives this morning to recognize the victims of the warehouse fire. >> oakland's artist community said it's barely had time to grieve those lost because many are facing eviction from living spaces. >> some shared their frustration in a city council committee hearing. >> abc7 news anchor eric thomas
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joins us with that story. eric? >> reporter: we're outside of sf momenta. admission is going to be free and they expect a lot of grieving oakland artists to attend to share the grief. along with that, making sure efforts to make housing safer doesn't leave them homeless. >> members lined uch for a chance to speak. among them, matt hummel. >> we're heart broken and don't have a chance to grieve. our homes are at stake. >> artists pleaded with the city to make the buildings better, safer, not eliminate them. >> those evictions need to stop today and need to stop yesterday. >> hummel says he was inside about a year ago and saw dangers like the makeshift stairs to the second floor. >> i came down from upstairs one night. the night i'd been there.
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and i looked across the stairs and i was just disgusted with it. a back problem prevented him from attending the party but the aftermath is prodding him, and others to begin raising money. >> collecting money for fire extinguishers, for alarms, for exit signs and there are walk throughs going on buildings. >> he hopes to walk through the unfortunately named death trap collective to make sure it doesn't live up to the name. he says safety comes first. >> we need to protect our interests as well as doing business in oakland.
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>> artists are hoping artists support them by buying something created by other artists. and connected to the artistic community. >> there is a small community like oakland, when 36 people died it's affected everyone. >> it is just off broadway. we've collected our cities on our website, and we'll continue to send alerts through the abc7 news app. >> now, to the storm watch, delays up to 90 minutes for most of the day because of the weather. in san francisco, rain did not let up.
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that is okay for this little boy. isn't that a great rockwellian sort of scene? there are puddles today and you can see radar is picking up areas of moisture, and you can see a pattern across the state right now. safely totals were rather significant near the coast. and oakland over eight tenths. and showers continue overnight and into tomorrow. and it's possible you can see no flooding. this pattern of scattered showers mainly light, and in most cases widely scattered will continue throughout the
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overnight hours and through the day tomorrow. there could be a slow commute tomorrow morning and evening as showers continue to produce wet pavement. dan? >> thank you. a marin county man received a sentence in a federal stolen valor case that the i-team has covered more than a year. greg allen pleaded guilty after an investigation revealed he lied about serving as a u.s. marine and receiving a purple heart and used phony military history to raise money in san rafael. he received three years probation, serving 100 hours of community service and pay $18,000 in restitution. in court this morning he apologized to veterans and others he hurt. northbound 101 is still being affected from an earlier accident that left a slimy mess on the roadway.
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crews cleaned spilled chicken parts. the freeway was shut down so a sweeper could clean up the mess. a key step is coming next week. it's just been announced on tuesday, the city council will vote on a proposal to hand over control of the oakland coliseum property to a group headed by ronnie lott. the details haven't been released but widely believed they could have released the property. official ground breaking for new skyscraper almost next door to another building. >> find out why engineers say this skyscraper won't suffer the same fate. a california connection to legend we've lost today.
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astronaut, john glenn. and... >> it has been a long journey to get here. really been a dream come true. >> motional parents of conjoined twins talk about the successful separation today, how doctors pulled off t
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space. today, nasa tweeted god speed, john glenn. those same words were uttered in 1962 when the military test pilot became the first american to orbit the earth. glenn's success boosted the nation's spirits and earned him parades and accolades but he was not done. he won a seat in the u.s. senate, representing his home state of ohio as a respected democrat retiring in 1999. still, glenn was not done. in 1998 he he returned to space at age 77 to help test the effects of space on aging. in 2012, president obama awarded glenn the medal of freedom. >> i'm sure the congressional record will be filled with pages of appreciation and recognition
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of this extraordinary american's name. the u.s. marines tweeted the corps lost a legend today. semper fi, sir. >> in 2011 glenn received a congressional gold medal along with buzz aldren. the 86-year-old had congestion in his lungs and is expected to be released from the hospital today. >> today, ground breaking for what will be san francisco's second tallest building.
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abc7 news reporter explains. >> our vision is creating a new urban life. >> the developers in a smaller hotel high rise. the project stands like a glass edi face. mayor ed lee negotiated for more than just the center. >> a third of the units will be affordable housing. the center is near millennium tower. and it's tilted two inches. across town, a supervisor's committee voted to ask the full
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board to subpoena a berkeley engineer who reviewed the design before deemed structurally safe. >> to date, knowing what mr. maily knew is key to this investigation. >> the foundation piles are built into dense sand but not b bedrock. >> i think it will be the deepest to make sure it is stable. >> completion date is 2019. >> just a little bit showery. you can see it's not very wide spread. that is the pattern we can expect. and before the next wave of soermy weather, over the
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pavement is wet. it's 58 degrees in san francisco. 59 in oakland. gilroy, 56 degrees. it is berkeley over there. it's 51 degrees in santa rosa. 52 in novato. 48 in fairfield. and 59 livermore. we'll see the showery pattern into saturday morning and there will be more storms next week. we've got a series headed our way. tomorrow afternoon, we have a scattered, showery pattern.
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tomorrow evening, dry conditions and notice rain will be into saturday. this storm ranks one saturday morning accompanied by strong winds at times. we don't expect nuch of this to linger into afternoon hours saturday. so saturday morning, 5:00 a.m., after 10:00 a.m., rain breaking into pockets of rain and showers and that pattern continues into evening hours and a dry spell from saturday night into sunday and throughout the day sunday we expect no rainfall. rainfall totals from this approaching system will be from a half inch to an inch in a half in the north bay. south bay picking up under two tenths an inch of rain.
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so tonight, into tomorrow ranking one on the impact scale. all light storms. >> coming up, gaming goes green. >> why
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in san francisco, two stars of the video game world are part of launch festivities for a new game platform that let's you challenge friends for real money. >> reporter: it was 1987 when game investor gillman louie got a look at i game called tetris. >> i said the u.s. is ready to have a summit between gorbachov and reagan. >> they start with the game they won't be able to put it down. >> the nerve you have is stand
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toe to toe with me. >> now, stars are taking it up a notch and playing for cash. >> it's having a dollar on the line makes things more interesting. >> isn't this gambling? >> it's not at all. gambling is all about wagering money for a game of chance. >> but pack m-- pacman and tetrs takes luck out of it. >> each gets the same blocks in the same order. >> sparkade could be part of a new chapter in the gaming
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industry. >> we take a small percentage of the prize pool. >> i'm better than collin oriardi and i'm going to prove it. >> somebody just got called out. >> i think so. >> coming up at 6:00 example of marvels of medicine. >> next, hear doctors describing the most-difficult part of a 17 hour surgery. >> tracking the storms moving across the bay area. >> the chance to remember and >> the chance to remember and
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the city of oakland worked through the rain today, trying to pinpoint the cause of the ghostship fire.
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this as the city announced it notified all of the families of the 36 victims who died on friday. >> as loved ones deal with tragedy and loss, a story of the power of love is getting a woman through a difficult time. >> a ray of light for one woman. she was looking for a facebook miracle. a picture of her, with boyfriend, a treasured memory from a trip to times square. madden did not survive the fire. days after her heart felt plea a message of hope from the photographer who took this picture. he posted it to her page writing miracles happen. he said he remembered the pretzel in her hand, lipstick on his cheek. she remembered it this way. writing on facebook, the lights filled my heart with excitement. the massive number of people
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energized every fiber of my being and beside me my best friend, my brightest love. she said she loved griffin openly and endlessly from the moment she laid her eyes on him. a love captured in these pictures. >> it's going to take a while. it is. >> derrick clark's friend is taking solace in memories. >> his reputation preceded him. >> this attorney was loved and respected by his friends and colleagues. one quote nick had shown himself to be a fine lawyer and good, caring person. >> lovers, family, friends, everyone is torn part.
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mourners can gather to grieve together and tomorrow the oakland museum will dedicate the friday night event to the fire. more than half a million dollars has been donated to the fund. a second fund gathered more than 400,000 signatures. we have links on our website, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck in the south pacific today. and the quake happened after a 6.5 quake was followed by two powerful after shocks.
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there are no reports of damage or injuries but people did feel it. >> we got a jolt. i said earthquake. and i was next to the sink and i had it full of dishes. you can hear the dishes clinking together. >> bart is moving forward with plans for a major retro fit of the transbay tube. and as reported, crews will do the work and now want extra time. >> that one hour change will impact more than 2000 passengers. the work can take more than two years to complete. >> doctors have performed an incredible surgery.
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it took 17 hours to separate the conjoined twin girls from the sacramento area. >> the twins mom described moments before the operation. in may, 2014, doctors told her she was carrying conjoined twins. there was talk of a possible operation to separate erica and eva. >> joined at the sternum, and diaphragm, and liver. they shared parts of the small and large bowel. >> the team mapped out where they needed to separate the twins. >> i was at the point about her
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reserve and ability to tolerate the stress of a big operation. >> the separation team included 50 people, followed by the reconstruction experts. the twins were born with only three legs. the third leg was abnormal, and doctors removed bones to use the skin and muscle during the operation. >> we used skin and muscle on erica to close her trunk. >> today, they're in stable condition and doing well. for doctors, the twins' health was the main priority. for the family, for the girls to be happy individuals. >> i want to chase one that one and then after another. that is something i look forward to doing.
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affects of a debilitating disease. >> one man shows us what a difference it made in his life. >> when it comes to technology, bigger isn't necessarily better.
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a newly approved treatment could soon make the lives of thousands of people a lot steadier. >> it's able to smooth out severe shaking in front of a patient's eyes. >> living in carmel, golf was a passion for joe. once he was able to tee off. >> because i could not hold the ball steady enough to keep it on the team. >> it affects 10 million americans. his right hand shook so badly he can barely write a sentence.
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>> we open the skull and enter the brain tissue. >> the team combines imaging power of mri with heat. with this device, doctors beam sound wave and destroyed the sound wave. key feed back comes from patients themselves, who are awake during the procedure. >> they're able to do this
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heating and go in and ask the patient to do various tasks. and to assess tremor. >> this was joe's handwriting lines know like smooth circles. >> we're talking about someone who has a almost 100% recovery. >> i started to notice it an hour after the operation. >> including setting up the tee for 18 holes. >> stanford hopes to use the same ultrasound technique to treat
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harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. that great deal you're getting at a department store
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might be a trick. lawsuits claim department stores falsely advertise high list prices on merchandise that was never for sail at that price. >> customers have the right to know when a sale is really a sale. >> i think it's very wrong around taking advantage of people at christmas time. >> california law bans retailers from advertising a higher original price unless a product was for sale at that price. this year's best selling lap tops are more portable. >> you remember, it wasn't that long ago that lap tops are declared dead. >> so, what happened to change that? the lap top of today is lighter
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and thinner than most ever imagined. many have features of a tablet. >> the biggest standouts are the surface pro 4. >> the cool thing is that you can detach the deboard. >> it weighs just 1.6 pounds and a third of an inch thick. surface 4 retails for a thousand dollars. >> with a better processor it doesn't produce as much heat. you can shrink down and predues less heat and not have to worry about heat. >> hp calls inspector the world's thinnest lap top. other manufacturers might disagree. >> this is paper thin.
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consider adding air bar. >> people are doing general browsing. for them. >> air bar works with windows 10 and retails for $69. this year's models are about 25% thinner. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hot line is open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. >> that is amazing. >> big layoffs in a local solar company lead business watch. sun power plans to c 25% of
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the total work force. that equals 2500 employees. sun power is the second biggest solar panel maker in the u.s. boeing flying liquid robotics creating this underwater drone, a nearly unsinkable communications platt form to stay at c for months at a time. this was another record-setting day. the dow closed above 19,600. nasdaq passed 5400. >> abc7 helps to find out. >> more is on the way. we have just about as many rain drops we've got cloudy skies and
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damp conditions. here is our three-day forecast. scattered showers tomorrow, and dry day on sunday. also, sunday we expect pleasant conditions for the 49ers-jets game. kickoff time 105, partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies. temperatures dropping to mid-50s the game. then, next week a series of storms coming in. one on tuesday, light storm and another on wednesday. also, a relatively light storm followed by light storms on thursday. so so it will be a wet week. >> thank you. >> we hav kind of a
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smorgasbord. jim harbaugh as
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good evening, warriors hopped a flight to salt lake city phasing the jazz. tough back to back offset by the fact jazz have four guys hurt. clay finishing for two. stef had 14, not making it rain, making it precip. >> 49ers have a nice opportunity
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to snap their 11-game losing streak. been a tough week for chip kelly. lost his father friday night. coached on sunday. asks father asked to be buried in 49ers gear, not a suit. >> i think he just enjoyed what he did. you know? he was a life long learner and a thirst for knowledge and appetite for information. >> alex smith has thrown a 36 yard touchdown pass to tarik hill. raiders need a big come back.
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highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> san jose state has a new head football coach, brent brennan spent the last six years as receiver's coach at oregon state and he coached james jones, at today's press conference. the 43-year-old coach regarded as a great recruiter and wants to turn the spartans back into winners. >> getting those kids to fight their tails off for you depends on them trusting you and leaving that you care about them. >> you're never going to have a chance to build that trust. >> he was a big part of my success. you know? me doing well and he knows he has my support. >> brennan has a ways to go
7:57 pm
before getting to the level of a jim harbaugh press conference. >> he was quoting poetry when discussing michigan's loss to ohio state. >> tough loss. but mr. andrews said i'm hurt, but not slain. i'll lay down and bleed a while, and rise to fight again. >> all righty. cavaliers up by 30 in the final seconds, playing the water bottle challenge trying to flip the bottle. this is during the game. no respect for phil jackson or new york knicks. >> join us tonight at 9:00,
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coming up, that musty taste in san francisco's water, officials say they know what it is but is it safe to drink? >> an english teacher has been arrested and an inappropriate relationship she's accused of having with a student. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us tonight. >> see11:00.
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