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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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are s. it is a damp tonight tonight. this is live picture of san francisco from the exploratorium camera at pier 1 15. >> cal-trans camera at castle beach shows interstate 80 wet but just snow off to the side of the road for now. >> right. good evening thanks for joining us. >> we begin with the weather tonight. that has enveloped the bay area really like a wet blanket. >> check in withdrew and live
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doppler 7hd. >> showers much of today even tip into the late night hours. live doppler 7hd showing you not impressive looking stormy right now. this is a left over of what soaked us earlier today. still have pocket of light rape t.pop of rain on the screen from san rafael to danville, north into vacaville rio vista and light sprinkle at this hour that's what we look at also in the south bay. really light sprivrjs but the steady light showers have certainly add up over the past 24 hours. look terrain fall. several spots over an inch like san francisco. san rafael. santa rosa. you can see oakland coming closer to 3 fourths inch of rain but we had the rain shadow effect being santa cruz mountains. healthy amount of rain on leeward side of. that less than a tenth of inch. similar in moffitt field. impact scale light system on the storm at least through friday midday with the scattered light showers and less than a quarter inch of rainfall. so future weather as we go hour
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by hour we have the light showers with us first think on the friday so it will be a damp morning commute. not wide spread or anything but threat of light showers even tip noose early friday afternoon before stronger storm arrives late at night. dhail in the full accu-weather forecast what it men for the weekend in a few minutes. >> thanks very much drew. santa rosa police revealing details of a kidnapping tonight. police arrested 41-year-old tina accept nick of lake count county. police believe she took a 4-year-old girl and walked out of the trader jo at the santa rosa marketplace. girl's mother found out what happened ran out and yelled at the woman to put down her daughter when she did. officers found the woman in the parking lot and arrested her for kidnapping. nearly 1 week later all 36 people who died in last week warehouse fire identified and family notified. >> all but 5 names released publicly. today we learn officially that jennifer here died. 35-year-old was also known as
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elena king. she was a student at uc merced. her family says she were told she died without suffering from smoke inhalation. boyfriend mike day miles died in the fire. >> also identified today joe mat lock. he's describe as a philosopher, electronic music. he was the gentlest of all people. he was 36 years old. >> today oakland city council unanimously voted to ratify local state of emergency because of the ghost ship fire. the declaration will allow the city to become eligible for state aid under the california disaster act. >> it will also allow local businesses impacted by the fire to ask for financial relief from the federal small business administration. city council member says many desperately need the help. >> i am learning today that the businesses are underinsured, fragile in terms of working capitol and they may qualify for swa recovery economic
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injury loans. >>reporter: artist whose work and livelihood destroyed in the fire are also eligible for federal assistance. many of those artist facing eviction from their own living spaces. >> some artist share frustration today at city council committee hearing. >> here's eric thomas. >>reporter: members of oakland artist community line up in the city council chamber for chance to speak. apong them artist and welcome back time city council candidate matt hum el. >> we are heart broken and now we don't have a chance to grieve because our homes are at stake. >>reporter: artist pleaded with the city to make the buildings they live in better and safer not eliminate them. >> eviction is that are happening to those who are lucky enough to still have one of these spaces need to stop today. need to stop yesterday. >>reporter: he was inside the ghost ship about a year ago and saw some of the dangers like the make shift stairs to the second floor. >> i came down from upstairs ani looked across the stairs and i
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was like disgusted witness. >>reporter: the aftermath is prodding him and others to raise money to make similar places safe. >> fire extinguisher for alarm for exit sign and we are giving i have given a few walk through going on as we speak in buildings to ensure people's safety. >>reporter: one police he hopes to walk through in the future is the unfortunately named death trap artist collective in oakland to make sure that it doesn't live up to the name. mean time city council member district includes the ghost ship says they are trying to balance the need of artist but safety comes first. >> we need to protect their interest and living quarters as well as doing business at oakland. >>reporter: she says that means beefing up inspection and enforcement. eric thomas abc 7 news. there was tremendous grief during vigil today in uc berkeley honoring the fire
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victims who had ties to the cal community. fire claimed the lives of two cal students, two lump notice and volunteer. 4 victims work at the campus radio decision and today the university came together to console those affected by the tragedy. >> i didn't know if i could speak at this vigil but i felt that i had to to honor my daughter and what she means to me. >>reporter: that was the mother of 21-year-old undergraduate vanessa pock wheat went to the ghost ship with her roommate 20-year-old jennifer morris from foster city who also died. cause of the fire is still unknown. today the atf requested a mapping team to diagram the inside of the warehouse. laura anthony has new information tonight about what contacts government agency had or didn't have at the warehouse leading up to the fire.
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>> this man did not want his identity revealed for fear of retribution but he worked at the ghost ship warehouse as recently as last thursday during security and odd jobs. he says the social worker from alameda county child protective services services was in the warehouse just days before the fire. to check on children of founder derek allman. >> upstairs down stars. they the were there. >>reporter: confidentiality c p s wouldn't confirm or deny such a visit. the man also told us there was a fire inside the building last week involving a refrigerator. fire he helped put out where was it? >> it was by the kitchen, kitchen rec. room. electric right there. tivshtion concerned about fire 20 fraechbility arsonist set outside the ghost ship. >> we see flames in the window.
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i mean your heart just drobs. >>reporter: as for fire inspections we learned that regular inspections as required by law were not done at the ghost ship for at least a decade. >> i don't have an answer to that but with he have to typhoon out what happened. what was missed and what information do we not receive that caused this not to happen. we don't have that. >>reporter: the mayor and other city leaders haven't given a time line for when the record will be available. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. in the department of tragedy stories of love and light shining through now and as melanie explains, sometimes even in crisis like this miracles do happen. >> he was looking for a facebook miracle. future of her with boy friend griffin. a treasured memory from a trip to times square. he didn't survive the ghost ship fire. days after her heart felt plea a message of hope from the
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photographer who took this picture. posted it to her page writing miracles happen. he said he remembered the pretty sell in her hand. the lip stick on his cheek. remembered it this way writing on facebook the light filled my heart with xoyment. massive number of people energize every fish of my being. and right beside me was my best friend, my brightest love. she loved griffin openly and endlessly from the moment she laid her eyes on him as a freshman at uc berkeley. love captured in the picture. >> it will take awhile. >>reporter: clark friend and co-workers is also taking solace in his memories. >> reputation preceded him coming not store when i finally met him it's all true. >>reporter: attorney and mit graduate was also loved and respected by his friend and colleagues. in e-mail statement one colleague wrote in the short time he had been at our firm,
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nick had shown himself to be a fine lawyer as well as a good and caring person. >> everybody that was involved in that not just in the fire but outside of it lovers, family, friends, everybody torn apart by this. >>reporter: outpouring of support and sincere request fulfilled. melanie, abc 7 news. tomorrow the oakland museum of california will dedicate it friday night event to the ghostship fire. moment of silence held at 7:00 p.m. museum will designate a space to create a memorial wall and collect donation to benefit the victims and their families. much more ahead on this thursday need. coming up. three sexual attack in 8 days leaves san jose state students nervous and police searching for a predator. >> the moment we knew that we had con joined twins we wanted them to a place where they can still have an individual life.
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>> high school teacher arrested on charge of having sexual
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relationship with under able student in san jose. 32-year-old trudy hill used her position of authority to have sex with 17-year-old male student. hill taught at this school and also accused of sending elicit photo to a minor. investigators believe the relationship went on month between august and november of this year. she surrendered to detective today and has posted bail. women are on edge in san jose state university after the third sexual battery incident in just one week. latest attack allegedly happened in a classroom. we have the pictures police want you to see. >>reporter: san jose state students head to class after learning of several sexual battery attacks on campus. three of them in the past week. campus official tells us two of of the cases have the same suspect. >> my class is 8:30 i finish but my sister end at 9 so i wait for her. >>reporter: latest attack happened wednesday about 1 in
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the afternoon. is say male suspect sexually battered a female on stairwell at duncan hall. then ran up the stairs. >> i'll be more aler lert when i go up the stairs and also carry around pepper spray. >>reporter: suspect is describe as a male in his 20's with black spikey hair. wearing a dark gray hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and navy backpack. >>. >>reporter: this man holding a skate board in the surveillance image suspect in another attack monday afternoon. detectives say he followed a female into the student union and sexually battered her. many of the students we talked to learned of the recent attac attacks by text alert or e-mails on their smart phones. >> also text us too to our cell phone so item convenient. >>reporter: another ataking at sweeney hall last wednesday. male suspect sexually battered a female victim then ran
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upstairs. he was also wearing dark clothing and a backpack. if san jose, abc 7 news. northbound 101 in san jose back to normal tonight after an accident that left a slimey mess on the road. sky 7 was over the key hole on ramp as they cleaned children parts that fell on the truck. freeway totally shut down for awhile. so sweeper could clean up that mess. if among those who noticed unusual smell or taste in your san francisco tap water, you are not alone. the must ty taste it's said. public utility commission says local reservoir levels were lower because of the rain and stirred up sediment in the pipeline. they believe the odor is from by product that the company and it meets all water quality standards and is safe to drink. item work to go client up. >> doctor at stanford have performed an incredible surger surgery. took 17 hours to separate con
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joined 2, -year-old twin girls from sacramento 88. lee ann explains that this was not an easy operation. >> we knew that it was going to be a difficult separation. i asked everybody that. >>reporter: the twins mom described the moments before the open rigs to separate her two-year-old daughters. in may 2014 doctors told her she was carrying conjoined twins. from that moment on there was talk of a possible operation to separate erica and eva. the operation would not be eas easy. >> joined at the sternum. the diaphragm. join at the liver. they shared parts of the bowel, small and large bowel and most of the. >> they mapped out where they needed to separate the twins. by now their growth was putting added pressure on their organs. >> at the point where i was
9:18 pm
concerned about erica reserve and herability to tolerate the stress of such a big operation. >>reporter: separation team included 50 people followed by the reconstruction experts. twins were born with only three legs. that third leg was anatomically abnormal and doctors removed the bones in order to use the skin and muscle during the operation. >> we used all the skin and muscle on erica to close her trunk essentially day, they are in stable condition and doing well. for doctors here the twins health was the main priority. for the family it was for the girls to be happy individuals. >> i want to go chasing after this one and chase after over. i look forward to doing that. >>reporter: at children hospital at stanford, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> wow! >> incredible. doing very well. >> check on our weather and rain.
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>> it's like hound of the bass customerville. >> really finally welcoming the rain dry start to the month but now several days we trchblingt rain mountain forecast. quiet picture but still rather wet out there. we are seeing as well the lowering of the cloud and fog and show where we have visibility issues and concord less than 2 oh, miles visible. petaluma a little better. foytion an issue first thing tomorrow morning and lit showers moving through like they are right now. walnut creek camera showing you it is tough to make out this picture but the cloud, light showers and this is of a carbon copy forecast for tomorrow morning. so shower and next system strengthen friday night then more storms continue into the next week. out there right now. san jose 60 agrees and fairfield 46 and 57 san francisco.
9:20 pm
58 over in ramone and clouds overhead the numbers won't fall too far from where we are right now. 50's on the boards. yes it will be a mild night but it will feature some light showers out there even into the day to. on off showers first part of our friday so high very similar to where they were today only in the low 60's. 62 for oakland. 63 for san oh, i sachlt 60 san rafael and san francisco and a half moon bay. late quarter cooler at 55 degrees. future weather will show you bear tracking in the evening hours but majority of the region will see over half. friday night now see the next system approaching impact scale on the stadium. it will be a one. what we track we have early morning downpour. gusty wind 25 to 35 miles per hour. showers are really the taper into the afternoon. future weather hour by hour saturday morning. many of us are promptly sleeping.
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5:00 o'clock. downpour before dawn. the by 10:00 o'clock if you night rape confined to peninsula and south bay. in the afternoon the rains will depart squeeze out at july and that sets the stage for a dry finish to the weekend. so sunday make sure sunshine cloud and no rain in the forecast on sunday. so expected rainfall wide range once again in north bay. jackpot with this one next again. inch and a half of rain. south bay is likely see this no measurable precipitation or light amounts. fall in between those two region. action w-7 day forecast. scattered showers out there one on the storm impact scale. saturday morning we have the rain and that tapers to showers on mother week out dry night. sunday completely dry. mostly cloudy. monday chance of late night patrolling tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we track a series of storms all
9:22 pm
ones but light rain steady rain and will add up what you did today. >> thanks drew. coming up next. flirting. six. uber. >> yes. what can get you banned
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>> uber sending a message to the passengers today. follow the results or be banned. bay area base company issued a list of guideline that spells out what uber considers good and bad behavior. lis is raising some eyebrow among other things tells passengers it's not cool to have sex or vomit in the back of a car. here are a few other behaviors. vandalizing the car not good. respecting the driver good. flipping the bird stay with me now not good. carrying a gun. also not good. >> all right.
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seems obvious. home sales are heating up in the bay area. real estate brokerage firms says the number of homes sold in november rose 10% compared to the same period last year. economist with the brokerage says buyers may be motivated by spiking mortgage rates. rates increased in 9 of the past 10 weeks. tonight the nation celebrates an american hero. john glenn has died. >> god speed john glichlt he was the first american astronaut to orbit the american naert a symbol of american spirit. >> hillary clinton showing newspaper washington to speak but not the speech she hoped for. >> mick jagger delivers some big news along with his 29-year-old girlfrien
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we begin this half hour with psing of true american hero for astronaut war hero and uts senator from ohio john glenn has diedism he was the first american to orbit the earth in 1962 and was the last surviving member of the original mercury 7 astronauts. >> here's david wright. >> he was a pioneer t.patriot. launched in the history with this iconic send off from mission control. >> god speed john glenn. >> later john dmren confessed he actually didn't hear that phrase as friendship 7 lifted off. >> i feel fichbility capsule is turning around. oh, the view is tremendous. >> at the height of the space race john glenn was the first american to orbit the earth. glenn was easily the most fame us of those 7 original astronauts. that's him. second in from the right. decorated about wren corps
9:31 pm
pilot in two wars his wing man in korea with ted williams, baseball legend. world held its breath for his mission when he splashed down safely after three orbits he was an american hero. >> welcome back to this planet. >>reporter: colonel glen later quit the space president obama for career in politics. u.s. senate distinguished himself on nuclear arms control issues in particular. he was still sitting senator when at age 77 he return to space aboard the space shuttle discovery. >> crew of 6 astronaut hero 0and one american legend. >>reporter: mission to study weightlessness on the elderly. john glenn now the oldest astronaut ever to orbit. that mission inspired seniors around the world. >> one thing i promised' the day we were married in addition to the wedding vow of course do everything could i to keep life from being boring.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: later yourself john glenn liked to joke that science has yet to come up with a cure for the common birth day. he had 95 of them. god speed you dade wright abc news new york. those who grew up during the u.s. soviet space race inspired by john glenn and the project mercury astronauts. we were at uc berkeley hall of sigh wlens young minds stick inspired and some dream of becoming astronaut like kid did decade ago when john glenn took flight. >> watch the astronauts. making their way up the elevators and striding purposefully into their space vehicle and quite exciting. >> it was us. that we sent somebody up there and we could do that and we could pwring break new ground scientifically. it was really inspiring. >>reporter: the hall of science open to everyone. offers exhibits on space and science and classes for budding
9:33 pm
astronauts and researchers. >> magnitude 7. 7 earthquake struck in the south pacific today. prompted tsunami warning for neighboring islands. warning center says there's no threat to the u.s. west coast or hawaii. the quake happened hours after 6.5 quake strubling off the coast of humboldt county and no reports of damage or injuries but people felt it. >> we got a big jolt and he goes earthquake. and i said yes. it's a good one. difference fix to the sink and i had it full of dishes and you could hear the dishes in the bottom of the cinch clink together. >>reporter: bart train void this morning because of the earthquake as proceed caution. caused trains to run about 10 minutes late. market move forward for major seismic retrofit in the tub and impact thousands of riders. crew will do the work overnight when trains are running and want extra time.
9:34 pm
bart will delay the start of service from 4 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. that 1 hour will impact more than 2000 passengers. the project isn't expected to get under way until you'll of 2018. actual work could take more than two years to complete. attention to the transitio transition. president-elect trump continues his thank you tour visiting the pwlingt ground states of ohio and iowa. over the senate some of his already announced nominee were making the rounds and former democratic candidate hillary clinton was back in washington for the first time since her election defeat. here's lana in washington. >>reporter: president-elect continues thank you tour traveling to iowa. appearing with his ambassador to china. >> terri on our side i know we will succeed. >>reporter: before that in ohio he m it with heroic first responders at ohio state university. >> these were really brave people.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: president-elect kgtv did has picked his next secretary of labor. ceo of restaurant which include household names carlos junior and harde. he has been an opponent of ration the minimum wage. meanwhile other nominee were meeting with senators in inconvenience of the confirmation hearings. >> i learn from their concerns and. >>reporter: one nominee may have difficulty with confirmation mr. trump pick for the epa. scott pruitt. who has been 0vocal critic of the agency. >> he could do immense damage to the air our concern breathe annual the water they drink. >>reporter: there was another visitor to the senate hillary clinton who joined reid for retirement celebration her first visit back to the capitol city following her electoral defeat. >> this is not exactly the speech of the capitol i hoped to be giving after election.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: as president-elect trump frops take office, the stump market -- stock market soaring. the increase has been fueled by promise of deregular litigation and corporate tax cuts news washington. variety reporting donald trump will remain in executive producer of nbc celebrity apprentice. mr. trump will likely receive a per episode fee in the low 5 figure. next season of the show will feature arnold schwarzenegger as the host. the new lasuit tonight accusing of several major reterrell make you believe you are getting a better deal than you are. here's rebecca. >>reporter: tonight 4 of the largely east department stores chains in the country macy, yc pen, sears and cole sued by the los angeles city attorney. >> today i'm announcing 4 lawsuits filed against some of the initial leading retears. >>reporter: for allegedly using false reference pricing that is setting original prices
9:37 pm
of merchandise higher to make customers think they were getting better deals and bigger discounts. the allegations include the a this advertise entered jcpenney with original price of 46 dollars an sale price of 31.99. supposedly a 30 percent discount. but according to the suit the top was never on sale on line for more than 31.99. uncalifornia law businesses can not publicly sizes higher original prices unless items have been on sale at the prices within three months of the advertisement. >> as long as -- get this mick jagger is a father for the eighth time. 29-year-old girlfriend american ballerina melanie gave fwoyrt a boy in new york today. jagger is 73. he has 7 other children whose ages range from 17 to 45. jagger spokesman says mick was at the hospital for the arrival
9:38 pm
and mother and baby are doing very well. still ahead at 9:00. >> he's the teacher who knows maybe the teacher will be teach everybody else. >> bay area hero take on new role. how they are helping to shake the future for
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9:40 pm
9:41 pm
a. it christmas for some children in san jose today. they got to shop for present with the bay area finest. >> shop with a cop event. matt was there at the breakfast before the kids fill out the christmas list and we have a lock at the special event. >> santa came to town in san jose and brought a bus full of kids. >> here comes santa. >> law enforcement officers from 22 different agency in the bay area including the fbi and
9:42 pm
dea spending the day at target. non-profit shop with a cop local law enforcement in the year give back to the communit community. 70 students from sandy elementary and 38 others who suffered a hardship given 150 dollar gift card to check off the christmas list. >> i am giving my also sister. >> you have a very lucky family with such a generous brother. >> yes. >> what are you getting yourself. >> a basketball. >> it's amazing feeling. kind of hard to describe it. i feel very special for being here to have the opportunity to do something special for somebody this christmas. >> students were chosen for the shopping spree because they dramatically improved their reading score. shop with a cop organizers say this is a great opportunity for officers to build relationships with their community and encourage students to stay on the right path. >> plan on asking her maybe run
9:43 pm
the siren a little bit. pull somebody over. >> yes. >> he's the teacher. who nose. >>reporter: not only do the kid get 150 dollar target gift card and goodie bag and free book and they get a photo with santa. in san jose, abc 7 news. that is nice. >> picture with santa too. >> can't go wrong. drew is tracking the next storm with this. >> plus the 99 million-year-old artifact that could now change how text book are
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
scientific world buzzing today about an extraordinary fine. take a look at national gee dwrav ick pictures of a 99
9:47 pm
million-year-old baby dinosaur tail. the tail were found last year. covered in feathers and encased in amber. you can also see couple of the ancient anti-inside. it's determined the tail came from a baby dinosaur the size of a spare o. he thinks the dinosaur was stuck in tree sap and never made it out closely related to the t rex. >> fascinate jooing if you need gift we have a creative local solution. >> we pair up with a neighborhood web site and we look at how you can make christmas presents in the city. >> turns out being one of santa elves requires safety equipment and heavy wood working machinery. rough start but behold i think this gleaming solid wall cutting board with own two hands you can too or choose from other ideas.
9:48 pm
this shop. two brothers founded it trans formed reclaimed salvage wood. fine the product in stores like urban outfitter and williams and sonoma. first kla im to fame was 6 years ago with the flexible the tie out of redwood. >> all the products have to pass the wow! factor which is kind of the reaction t-the tie have the epitome of. that whoa what is that. >>reporter: for 40 dollars this weekend you can la eastern to make a present with tell edges and sand and oil till it shines. friends won't believe you made it. drop by here on saturday from noon to 6. ♪ the sundae p.m. head to the symphony hall to hear the sound led by jose fernandez. tickets start at 20 dollars. financially santa run on sunda sunday. dash through the cash benefiting the aids foundation
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all well come and info go to our web site we'll link you up with hood line. abc 7 news. 1 last check of the weathe weather. >> drew has that. >> light rain out there right now will continue for tomorrow morning as well. stronger system arrives tomorrow night. him if game today showing you some really hit or miss light patches of rain. talk about the next three days. see tomorrow scattered showers. lit storm on the stormy packet scale then the next storm arrives late friday night to early saturday morning. morning rain. i do think we sweep out a dry second half of the saturday. dry day on sunday as well. second half of the weekend won't feature showers. niners game partly cloudy skies. by the fourth quarter dropping down 56 so it will be cool. but it will be bright. then we track a series of storms next week. first one arriving on tuesday and at the stage next week.
9:50 pm
7 day forecast show you scattered showers friday saturday sunday dry and most of monday and track that active pattern tuesday wednesday and thursday. nice thanks drew. >> things changed tonight rather dramatically for the warriors. >> a lot of changes. it was so busy in the sports department tonight producer scott did not get his normal 8:00 o'clock knit nap. >> very upset. i did get my break. tom. >> that's all that matters. >> that should be your all that matters on friday actually. raiders offense stone cold in scans city on freezing night tonight and no longer in the driver seat. tonight and no longer in the driver seat. top the
9:51 pm
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find out how american express cards and services good evening. not sure if it was the freezing cold. pinchie chiefs defense all the above but derek car was not himself tonight in kansas city and raiders not on top. 22 at kick off felt like 14. just get nervous.
9:54 pm
i'm doing weather drew. the smith i thought he couldn't throw the deep ball. 36 yard touch down. hill is a fastest guy in the league. witness aloha. 78 yard touch down. 21-3. chiefs. raiders score just before the half. murray 22 carries. 103 yards. reaching for the goal line raiders down 21-10. he's pumped. second half things starting to go the raiders way. intercept smith. deep in kc territory lead to go field goal 21-13. around the edge forcing third fumble in the last 3 games. raiders ball on the 18 but again can't move. try a field goal. bobble the snachlt he gets stuffed. get nothing. 21-13. 17 of 41 for 1.17. wide open and just stopped running. we didn't foe what happened on the play. the no clue. but that was a touch down wait
9:55 pm
to go happen. chiefs hold on 21-13. joining the raiders an and 3 but kc holds the tie breaker. >> i feel very responsible for that because difference the leader of the offense and the team. i feel sick to my stomach when we put something like that on film and it hurts. i can promise you. that i put too much time into this to good and do something like that. >>reporter: raider receivers had so many drops in this game. on to the nba after crushing the clippers last night warriors hop to salt lake city. tough back to back offset by the fact that the jazz have a bunch of guys and warriors catching utah missing 4 starters and they took a strangle hold on the first quarter. thompson with the sweet spin around. kerry 14 of the 26 in the first quarter. fouled and up and in. completing a 29-1 warrior run. 29-1.
9:56 pm
rookie patrick career high 10 points i'll take that from joe. 65-46 at the half. then a scary moment third quarter. steph listeneding on the ankle of green and green limped off but later would return. warriors led by as many as 25 but ingle knock down the 3 and suddenly a 5 point game. eeing tolls 21. who do you go to. how about kd. authority. 21 point and 11 boards. 13 points here and 10 rebound 8 assist. to kd. 106-99 the final. warriors now 20 and 3 on the season. 49ers heading to one of the worst seasons in franchise history. they have a nice opportunity to finally snap the 11 game losing streak sunday at home against the 3 and 9 jets. very tough week for kelly lost his father last friday night. still coached on sunday in chicago. kelly back with the team follow his dad's funeral. his fat so loyal to the red and
9:57 pm
gold he asked to be buried in forty-niner gear not in a suit. chip reflecting on what made his dad so special. >> zest for life. one of the happiest people you ever met. i think he enjoyed what he d.he was a life long learner. had a thirst for knowledge and insatiable appetite for information and he was just always fun to be around. >> san jose state has new head football coach hired man who knows the spartan program well. brent brinnon apparently spent the last 6 years as receiver coach at goran state. spent the prior 6 at san jose state as assistant from 2005 to 2010 as well as mike mcintyre. during the time he coached james jones. jones at the press conference today. 43-year-old coach replacing ron and grit recruiter and wants to turn the spartans back into winners. >> getting the kid to fight the tail off for you, depends on
9:58 pm
them trusting you. believing you care about them. if you are not awe then nick any of those interaction you never have a chance to build the trust and get to the place where they battle to the end for you. >> he was a big part of my success. me doing so well not only in college but in the nfl. he knows he has my support. ike he said up there earlier get off the bench. let's help build this program back up the way it used to be. >> hopefully turn it around. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. the i don't have time to do barometric pressure and the other things. >> thoroughly impressed by tha that. but you couldn't. >> cold front moved in. >> thanks. coming up tonight at 11:00 we follow the breaking news we told but earlier in the newscast. transient arrested for kidnapping a 4-year-old girl. tonight we are live in santa rosa with the new information just released by police. >> south about a english teacher arrested accused of inappropriate relationship with a student.
9:59 pm
tonight students parents staff are reacting joining us for 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> thursday night. holiday lights shining especially bright at one napa man home thanks to the help of a police department? every year people would drive-by his home just to see the decorations. this year the owner is nibble to decorate because of health reasons. sought police department dispatcher and family stepped in and put out his decorations for him while he's in the hospital and wishing haim speedy recovery. >> very merry christmas. >> how wonderful. >> that's all for now we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us for 7 news at 9:00. >> see you again in 1 hour over on the big 7. >> see you again in 1 hour over on the big 7. goodbye for now
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today on "corrupt crimes," one of the fbi's most wanted men turns out to be one of its own. how federal agents try to take down one of the biggest moles sworn into law enforcement. and later, a


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