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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 18, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. tomorrow members of the electoral college are expected to confirm that donald trump is the next foft united states. democratic electors are calling for the vote to be delayed after a conclusion that russia interfe interfe interfered. >> reporter: tonight trump's team is asking where is the proof that russia interfered? with the college set to vote tomorrow trump's aides are pushing back against those allegations that his win was
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influenced by russian hackers. >> there is this conclusive opinion among all these intelligence agencies, then they should issue a report or stand in front of a camera and make the case. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence agencies already publicly concluded in october that russia was behind the hacking and now they agree. russian president vladimir putin was directly involved. but trump continues to deny u.s. intelligence and question if russia played any role at all. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody, it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: but the clinton camp says there's no debate russia affected the election. >> i think it was distorted by the russian intervention, let's put it that way. >> reporter: "saturday night live" joked that putin is like santa delivering trump christmas gifts. >> is elf on the shelf. you just put it right here next to your internet router. >> reporter: electors had wanted more information. 80 of them asking for a briefing
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on russia before casting their vote, but intelligence officials declined. republican electors have reportedly been bombarded with pleas to ditch trump. on twitter today trump saying, if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. trump once blasted the electoral college as a disaster for democracy. but now he's praising the process. >> i never appreciated it until now how genius it was. what they had in mind. >> this was mary bruce reporting. california has more electoral votes than any other state. california awards its votes on a winner take all basis. so all 55 votes go to hillary clinton. they'll meet at 10:00 a.m. at the capitol, then vote at 2:00 p.m. a freeze warning will start at midnight affecting large portions of the bay area.
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we're coming off several frigid days. many people woke up to frosted windshields this morning. they also had trouble driving because of slick roads. this driver lost control on highway 37 in have a hey low but was not seriously hurt. one of the areas affected by tonight's freeze warning. drew tuma has more. >> this will be the third night we see temperatures below freezing prompting that freeze warning to go into effect in a couple of hour. that area shaded in purple meaning temperatures will be below 32 degrees overnight as a wide swath of the bay area. get in a little tighter, san jose, santa clara, alum rock, inland we go to brentwood, discovery bay, concord under that freeze warning as well as santa rosa. we also have a frost advisory. this was just issued in the past few minutes. that will begin at midnight. it does not include san francisco, but it will see temperatures in the mid-30s.
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protect those plants and pets and grab the extra layer, the jacket, scarf, gloves for tomorrow morning. drew, thank you. a blast of bone chilling weather is leaving several states snowed in and sending temperatures plunging. there are cancellations from airports in the northeast including new york and chicago. the severe weather stretches from colorado all the way to new york. 16 inches of snow fell in colorado while bismarck, north dakota, posted a new record low of 31 below zero yesterday. back here, a woman is dead after fire burned a townhouse in castro valley. it started about 6:00 this morning on san miguel avenue next door to a fire station. the woman has been identified as 51-year-old jacqueline burns. cornell bernard has details. >> when we opened the apparatus doors up to respond to the fire, we can smell the smoke.
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>> reporter: fire crews say they responded to this duplex fire on san miguel avenue in under a minute. >> ironically the fire was 100, 150 feet down the street from the fire station. >> i opened the door and i looked right over there and the flames must have been 30 feet in the air. >> reporter: the neighbor saw the smoke and fire engulfing the second floor of the duplex. crews located the body of a woman in an upstairs bathroom. >> the rescue company pulled the victim out. we tried to revive the victim but we were unsuccessful. >> called 911. >> reporter: this neighbor who didn't want to go on cam remarks said she heard the neighbor, jacqueline, screaming. >> when i went to put a water hose on the back of my house. when i did that t i heard screaming from the bathroom. and it was a woman's voice. >> reporter: the fire department is still investigating a cause but did confirm there were working smoke detectors in the duplex. earlier this week a body of a
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woman was found in her castro valley home after a fire december 13th. police say she had been murdered. the fire an attempt to cover up the crime. so far no arrests. investigators say the two fires are unrelated. in castro valley, cornell bernard. police find a mummified body in a ft. bragg apartment and now a caretaker has been arrested. officers did a welfare check on the woman in her apartment, that's when they found her body. she'd been dead for at least a week. friday police talked to her caretaker and took her into custody. police found no signs of abuse but there was apparent neglect. an autopsy will help determine how she died. one of hollywood's most flamboyant celebrities the has passed away after years of health problems. zsa zsa gabor died at the age of 99. crowned miss hungary she and her sister eva became famous hollywood socialites living
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their life in the public eye. a look back at her life and career. >> zsa zsa gabor was known more for her larger than life personality than for her big screen performances. a former miss hungary, she began appearing in films in the 1950s. the original moulin rouge was considered her best work. >> i see them as i want them to be. not as they really are. >> reporter: she also developed something of a cult following as the star of the campy space movie "queen of outer space." >> i came here to tell you that your lives are in great danger. >> reporter: but it was as a professional celebrity that gabor shined, perfectly coiffed, dripping with diamonds, she called everyone darling on and off the screen. >> darling, to understand a man takes a lifetime of study. >> reporter: and study she did. gabor was married nine times. i've never hated a man enough, she once said, to give his diamonds back.
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in 1990, gabor made headlines for slapping a police officer after being pulled over for a traffic violation. >> if i go to jail, they said they're going to serve me and at least i have some peace and write my book. actually, it would be ok. >> reporter: gabor was sentenced to serve 72 hours in jail. >> thank you, darling. >> reporter: she later spoofed the cop-slapping incident on screen. in her later years, gabor suffered a series of health problems. a car accident left her partially paralyzed. at the age of 89, she had a stroke. but this is the zsa zsa gabor fans will remember, glamorous, regal and always a about it obi outrageous. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, blocking out illegal calls. how to keep cell phones out of the wrong hands.
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and why health groups are going after the state's pension
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an e-mail hacking might have exposed the personal information of 750,000 people in southern california. all the potential victims had contact with var agencies inclu hospitals and health clinics. investigators are looking for a nigh sxwre nigerian man that they're not sure if he's in the country. thousands of illegal phones have flooded california prisons used to call in hits or coordinate street crime. the equipment includes sophisticated metal detectors, x-ray machines and scanners that can detect signals hidden inside the human body.
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$17 million for the new security. california's public employee system is facing criticism for considering investing in tobacco companies. this comes as the staff are recommending the fund end a 16-year-old ban on investing in tobacco companies. it concludes that the ban has cost about $3 billion. critics say it would be a, quote, morally bankrupt idea. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, a toy wonderland welcomes in underserved families in a special bay area event. could we see cold relief? drew tuma up next with the forecast. the raiders defense shut the door on phillip rivers today in san diego when it counted as reggie nelson came up big to send the raiders to the
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a little donation goes a long way do the hole day season. hundreds of volunteers with sacred heart community service sorted out, donated toys that will go to low-income children. more than 6,000 children will get three toys each just in time for christmas. >> we'll be distributing 19,000 toys thursday and friday this week for christmas. families will start coming in those two days. we're just getting ready. >> he says there's still a couple of thousand toys short. you can drop off new unwrapped toys at sacred heart on first street and alma avenue tuesday through friday. a woman in sacramento is sharing the gift of giving this hole day season. she's paying for every adoption at the front street animal shelter which is extremely full. the fee runs from 65 to 85 bucks and there are 900 available
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animals. more than 200 have been adopted by she posted the offer. the video has gotten more than 2 million views so far. tonight we're in store for another cold night. freeze warnings and frost advisories go into effect. as you head out to work and school, it will be on a chilly note. we'll talk about when we finally break this cold snap. beautiful, sunny afternoons, clear nights. with plenty of stars overhead it's allowing us to cool off very quickly. a live look into the south bay we go. this is one of the regions that will be under the freeze warning for some of the coldest temperatures in the next 24 hours. a freezing start in many spots. then our next chance of rain isn't for another week. probably on christmas and likely in the evening on christmas day. so out there right now it's all
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about the numbers. we're cooling off to 29 in san ramon right 33 in livermore. 38 in free mont, but 42 in oakland, 46, san francisco. for that right around the immediate bay we have a frost advisory in effect. this does not include the city of san francisco. the reason why i call it the urban heat island effect. san francisco has a lot of concrete and concrete retains heat which means it's slow to cool uf. it will not reach frost advisory criteria. the coldest spots shaded in purple, they will drop below 32 tonight. here's what it will feel like when you step out the door for work and school tomorrow. 25 in santa rosa. the same in napa. 29 in fairfield, 35 in oakland and overnight 38 the low in san francisco. highs on your maun, it will be a beautiful looking day. a lot of sunshine, but cool.
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only 5 in san jose, the same in free mont. up to 55 degrees. now, mild air's going to start to move in tomorrow afternoon. and it's causing a cap on our atmosphere. that means par tech lants will be right near the surface. poor air quality in the north bay. that means it's illegal to burn wood the next 24 hours. that mild air settles in. we rid ourselves of the 30s and enjoy the 40s. you will note a warmer note out the door. future weather, go into the weekend. saturday christmas eve looking good to go. it's really sunday. future weather saying 7:00 on christmas is when we're tracking light showers moving through the region. that's our next chance for any wet weather. tomorrow it's sunny, another
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cold morning, a spare the air day in effect. tuesday not as cold as mild air moves in. thursday a night afternoon with mild temperatures. a touch cooler on saturday. christmas is our next chance of any wet weather. >> just in time. a present for us. drew, thank you. >> now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> the raiders knew they had to beat the chargers today to get their first playoff birth since 2002. raider nation taking over san diego. more silver and than blue and gold. phillip rivers through 2 tds. and the chargers up 7-0 just like that. raiders answer with 22 seconds left in the half. 13 yards to crabtree. and he just got both feet in bounds. chargers regain the lead. 16-13 pending the extra point
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which is no longer a gimme. josh lambeau misses. carr on third and eight will take off with it. leads to a 44-yard janikowski field goal. chargers still one last chance. fourth and 15, deep in their own territory. reggie nelson picks off rivers. they're heading to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. >> certainly proud of us earning our way back. i talk to the guys all the time about you get what you earn in this league. so far we've earned a postseason berth, now we'll determine exactly where that happens to be. >> but all it means is there's two games left and we have to take care of business. it's on our shoulders, it's on you. going forward, that's all that matters. we can't think of anything outside of that. we have to get ready for the
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colts, for a great football team. >> kc had a 17-16 lead. the kicker with the 53-yarder for the win. it's short. but andy reid called a time-out trying to ice the kicker. another chance, he nails it. titans win. the raiders are a game up on kansas city and could still earn a first round bye. davonte freeman, five-yar touchdown. 14-0. a nine-yard td pass. austin hooper. 21-0 after the first quarter. any momentum quickly stopped. freeman drives his way through the niner defense. three touchdowns. 28-7, cap 5 yards here to strader. that's as close as they get.
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freeman busts loose. 34 yards. the 11th, 550 yards of offense by the falcons. >> with that explosive enough and you try to give yourself a chance, i thought our guys battled back to get 14 there in first half. but we can't start in a hole like that and expect against this good football team at home that we'll be able to come back against them. >> we have to create a culture of winning and winning by any means. right now our culture isn't there and we have to be able to improve and create that. >> to the ice. sharks beginning their four-game road trip against the chicago black hawks. he leads the sharks in goals and points. as an eight-game point streak, second period the shot redirected by little joe pavelski. the blackhawks would respond later in the period.
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duncan keith drills it past jones. his first of the year. ties it at 1. off the face-off, ryan hartman rivals it top shelf. sharks fall. plays of the day around the nfl coming up at 11:00. hope to see you then. >> you will. >> next, millions of americans >> next, millions of americans have gone rogue >> next, millions of americans have gone rogue sweetie, you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken and fried egg with bacon-like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm-and it's tuesday- huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us...
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a hail mary attempt to keep donald trump out of the white house. but on the eve of a big vote tonight california hamilton electors are holding out hope. throwing down high fives. traymon green spreads holiday cheer in the east bay. the new "star wars" movie rogue one had the second highest
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december opening in box office history. the only movie to outrank it was star wars the force awakens last year. rogue one takes place before the first "star wars" movie. the rag tag crew steals the plans for the death star so luke skywalker can blow it up in the original movie. it was the 12th biggest opening of all time and 17th adjusted for inflation. moana was bumped to second and will smith's drama collateral beauty flopped with just $7 million. some of those are disney baby movies just so you know. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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(lively music) - [announcer] it's the michelle meow show, your a to zero, covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z, covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between show. tonight, we have an exciting show. we're doing interviews with students who are part of a travelling high school called think global. i think it's so exciting to talk to students who might have a different perception of how things work, just because they have experiences that some, or most, students don't have their age. so before we get the show started, let's check in and see what people are saying about the lgbtq community. our first quote comes from family research council's tony perkins. this is really interesting. he had something to say about president-elect donald trump's


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