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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 24, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> that braexing news is in san jose where police have shut down north 10th street because of a homicide. it happened around 7:00 tonight. police have one person in custody. we have a crew on the scene and we'll have an update for you on "abc7 news" at 11:00 on channel 7. good evening. thanks for joining us. now to the other top story. raider nation praying for their quarterback this christmas eve. trainers carted derek carr off the field with a broken leg
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during today's game. his team beat the kolts, but the injury could cost him to miss the playoffs. just minutes ago, carr tweeted this message, thank you for all the love that you raider nation showed me. i'll be back. this is a team sport, so everhing we want is still out in for us. see y'all soon. yes, he said "y'all." rick kwan joins me now with the latest on the injury. >> a real punch to the gate for the raiders. the raiders can still win the afc west tomorrow if the chiefs lose, but without derek carr, it's going to be very hard for oakland to go very far in the playoffs. with the raiders leading the colts by 19 points early in the fourth quarter, carr twisted his leg twil being sacked. he broke his right fibula on the play and will have surgery tomorrow. he is out indefinitely. so matt mcgoyne will close out
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the stadium. he's what he had to say. >> it's a difficult situation. he's a very good friend of mine, and that's tough to see him go down and get hurt and to see him go down like that was tough. but i'll do my best just to stay focused and calm and do my job. >> so now it's time for him and the rest to have raider team mates to step up. the season not yet over. >> we were talking about a possible mvp candidate here. >> right, right. but the raiders still have a solid running game, some great wide receivers and a pretty good defense. we'll see what happens. >> thanks, rick. shocking. like, wow. there's a big ball in my stomach. >> a shocker. i mean, it took the breath out of a lot of people and took the breath out of a lot of players on the field and it was
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disappointing to watch. >> i was very heart broken. carr is one of my favorite players. >> raider nation defenvastated the news but everyone thinks the team will be fine heading into the playoffs. the weather. let's go outside for a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is light on this christmas eve, but it could be the coldest start to christmas day in san francisco since 1998. drew tuma joins us now. drew was in the fourth grade when that happened. >> i was. we're talking about temperatures getting into the 30s across the region. we have a freeze warning going into effect for portions of the region in the north bay. that will go into effect at midnight, lasting through 8:00 a.m. this is where we expect the c d coldest temperatures. out there right now, 47 in oakland and san francisco.
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37 that current number in san ramone. 20s in the north bay. 30s around the board. 35 in san jose. 39 in oakland and san francisco. a look at how we end the day in the full forecast. the cold weather is prompting a warning from the chp. slow down. at least one accident is being blamed on icy conditions on highway 1 at around 8:30 a.m. the driver of a double tanker truck full of diesel told officers it felt like his trailer hit ice. >> watch your speed, slow down, leave yourself time to get to your destination. and just watch for wet and icy roadways. >> haz/mat crews were dispatched to the scene but the tanker did not leak. take a look at these pictures posted by the chp on
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i-80 outside truckee. you can see just hanging over the edge there, nobody was hurt. officers used a chain to tow the vehicle back up to the roadway. chain controls have been lifted on i-80 through the sierra, but you can see from this video taken at castle peak that the lanes are clear but there's still snow and ice on the edges. so be careful if you're headed up there. mt. hamilton in san jose looked like a wenter wonderland today. you can see some trees there, covered with ice from the freezing fog. you can track storms any time with the "abc7 news" app. we have live doppler 7 on the app and you can get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. it's the season of giving. but some santa clara employees are being accused of taking.
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here's why one official is asking his staff to return the gifts. >> my mom called me up and told me to come over here and pick up a toy for him. i didn't know nothing about him, but it's blessing. >> reporter: this toy drive drew long lines. low income families with little ones so excited for these special gifts. hello kitty scooters, dune buggies, thousands of them. what happened thursday concerned some county officials. >> i found out that some county employees, probably a couple dozen, took advantage of this. >> reporter: larry stone was angry after learning some employees took a few toys. he grew angrier when he found out another county employee said legally it was okay. what is i'm concerned about is county employees should be doing the right thing. >> reporter: he e-mailed staff a letter, advising them to return
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the presents. steve says he was fine with it if they promised to donate them to a charity. >> i feel pretty trusting of county employees. i feel that if they take them and they know they're going to go to a good home, that's probably a safe bet. >> these are pretty generous gifts, each worth $200 each. the company widow nated them is dyna craft wheels. we reached out to them, but no response yet. as for this christmas eve delivery, he's certain these gifts will end up in the right hands. body of a man who drowned in a canal. the seven-hour search began this morning after police got reports of a man in a canal. developing news now.
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isis is threatening religious sites across the country and we're learning more about other places that could be at risk. gloria riviera has the details. >> reporter: the country's top counterterror teams is announcing that isis is calling for supporters to target places of worship across the west. the fbi and homeland security have not identified any specific plot at the moment. but they are urging police to remain vigilant during this holiday season. on december 21st, isis published a link to a website containing the names and addresses of american churches, and called on supporters to attack them. >> things have changed and we live in a different world, and you have to always be prepared. >> cities like new york and boston have been on high alert since the truck attack in berlin last week, which targeted a christmas market. >> i'm sure the police will be more in evidence and carefully
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monitoring. >> the new alert points out that the link elicited more points urging isis sympathizers to carry out aspirational targets at markets and coffee shops and more. not just the u.s., but canada, france and other areas. >> people are inspired by idealologies but operate independent. >> reporter: anis amri died in a shootout with police on friday. his smartphone, wallet and i.d. were found in the truck and they confirm his connection to an isis recruiter. coming up on "abc7 news" at 9:00, changes in bathrooms and barber and beauty shops. the new laws for 2017. plus, was something missed? 25 years after the oakland hills fire, what's been uncovered that
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the oakland fire department is facing allegations about lax fire prevention efforts in the oakland hills. of particular concern, the area where a massive wildfire in 1991 lled 25 people. our media partner, the bay area news group, obtained internal e-mails that firefighters signed off on properties despite overgrown vegetation around homes that posed a high fire danger. the fire chief declined interview requests about the findings. this year, governor brown signed into law nearly 900 bills that will go into effect january
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1. among them, the six-month sentence given to brock turner in spite of the bill that broadens the definition of rape. rape includes all forms of nonconsensual sexual assault. motorcycle lane splitting is now legal. beauty salons and beauty shops can serve wine and beer as long as it's free and served before 10:00 p.m. and all single toilet bathrooms and business and public agencies to be gender neutral. coming up, cops helping kids
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"abc7 news" was in redwood city today on el camino real as
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some police officers put on santa hats to hand out toys to neighborhood children who otherwise might have to do without this holiday. >> it's great. just being able to give back to our community, it's -- it really does feel good. >> every year, the police officers take leftover toys from various local charity drives and target low income areas to make sure everyone has a merry christmas. and this year, a merry christmas involves bundling up a bit. drew is here with the weather. >> hope you have a jacket ready tomorrow morning. the coldest chstmas morning in quite some time. you got clear skies, and any meet you attained during the afternoon can cool us off rather rapidly. the beautiful bay area is sparkling tonight under the clear skies. right now, most spots have dropped into the 40s. 46 in san francisco and oakland. 45 in san jose. 40 currently in gilroy and half
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moon bay at 46 degrees. lake tahoe just got over a foot of fresh powder, setting the scene for the holiday weekend. temperature wise in the north bay, in the 30s. santa rosa, napa, mid 30s. farfield at 34. 36 that current number in livermore. cameras showing you the embarcadero it will up for the holiday season and a cold start on our christmas morning. the next seven days is a quiet dry pattern. and then we'll track the return of mild air starting on wednesday. this is not a long cold snap, just a couple of days on the seven-day. because it will get so cold tonight, a freeze warning goes into effect for petaluma, napa, all those cities shaded in purple. that means temperatures in these locations will drop below the freezing mark. so here's the call. 29 in napa. 39 for oakland and san francisco. 35 in san jose. and the freezing mark, your
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starting temperature in fairfield. christmas day, a cold morning first thing. but by the afternoon, a few clouds breaking down. it will be bright and a brisk day. by 4:00, temperatures topping out in the low to mid 50s across the region. so highs on your christmas day, a nice-looking day, but it will feature cool temperatures. 52 in san francisco, 53 in concord. santa rosa, up to 52 degrees. if you are traveling across the state tomorrow, really no weather wore yis. a lot of sunshine. no weather systems moving through the golden state. 51 in fresno. future tracker temperatures show you on wednesday, mild air will begin to approach the region. wednesday afternoon, we see the return of 60s in redwood city, oakland, and the 60s will become more widespread thursday and linger into friday, as well. so a roller coaster ride of temperatures the next seven
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days. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, a cold morning on your christmas. a lot of sunshine, so a beautiful day, just chilly. feels like winter on monday. a lot of 50s on the board. a touch warmer on tuesday, but it's really wednesday, the 60s return. we turn on the mild side. we're dry with a lot of sunshine. friday, it is picture perfect out there. saturday for a new year's eve, no other issues right now, just partly cloudy and temperatures in the 50s. so quiet but a cold day tomorrow. >> as they should be for wintertime. okay. the grinch stole our quarterback. get a cast for christmas. >> raiders win but suffer a huge loss. on this night before christmas, there's not much holiday cheer among raider nation as the team faces a playoff future without derek carr. spirits were high early on today at the coliseum. the raiders picked off andrew
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luck twice. both leading to touchdowns. oakland takes it 80 yards in less than a minute. carr with the pass to rashard. he scores and celebrates with the fans in the black hole. it was 19-7 raiders at the half. third quarter, frank gore finds room up the middle. but coughs up the ball and the silver and black recover. two plays later, washington is gone. 22 yards for a touchdown. his second of the day makes it 33-7. but the season all turned on this play. early in the fourth, with the raiders up by 19, carr can't get away from trent cole and has his leg twisted. car suffered a broken right fibula and will have surgely tomorrow. oakland wins 33-25. but there was a somber mood after the contest. >> once he's healed and ready to go, he'll go. but until then he'll be healing.
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this football team is a good win, but a tough setback. >> we're ready, we're prepared. but that's the game. that's the game. got to move forward. wish him nothing but the best. it hurts, but we've got to keep fighting. >> you risk getting hurt every time you step on that field, so you never know what to expect. i'm praying for him and hopefully he can go out there and win and play hard for him. >> carr isn't the only star quarterback to go down with a broken fibula today. marcus mariota broke his leg while being tackled against jacksonville. tennessee lost 38-17. mariota is done for the season. the 49ers, if they could play the raps efficiems they mi undefeated. it's been a tough season for jaret goff. colin kaepernick finds hyde for this touchdown. hyde later left with a knee
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injury. the rams answered by scoring 21 straight. this makes i 21-7, with about ten minutes to play. but the niners rally. kaepernick takes off and scrambles 13 yards for a touchdown. the point after cut the lead to seven. with 35 seconds to go, kaepernick will connect with rod streeter for a ten-yard touchdown. chip kelly decides to go for the two-point conversion and the win. why not? san francisco will get it. kaepernick looking, looking, finally lungs into the end zone. the niners come out on top 22-21, their first victory season the season opener. christmas came early for the browns as they got their first win. down by three, san diego had a chance to send this game to overtime. but the 45-yard field goal attempt is no good. the browns win 20-17. they're now 1-14.
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all warrior fans want for christmas is to see their team take it to the cavaliers tomorrow. you can watch the rematch right here on abc 7 starting at 11:30. draymond green is looking forward to the rematch. >> it's one of those rivalries that has grown over the last couple of years, so definitely excited. you get to play a very good team on a day when everybody is watching. if you're not excited for that game, got to question yourself. >> i'm still hurting from last year's finals. i still haven't gotten over that. >> i know. >> it would be so sweet to get that victory tomorrow. >> guess who is no longer the last 49er to catch a touchdown pass. >> would it be shumann? santa is getting closer to the bay ar
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tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00, last-minute shoppers flock to union square with just hours to go till christmas. and a message from the president. a lot of kids are excited about what santa is going to bring. this is norad's santa tracker. you can see right now that santa is delivering presents to the big easy in new orleans. so santa should be in the bay area between midnight and when children wake up tomorrow. follow his journey at good night. good night. see you at 11:00
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