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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live doppler 7 shows the strongest rain over wine country in orange and red. tomorrow those colors will be streaked across the bay area as the strongest storm of the workweek comes in. >> we expect to see damage much worse than usually from a category two storm because of the heavy rain and wind. >> we're so soaked. abc 7 news was in walnut creek at dusk when it started raining
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again. some communities can't take much more rain than they've already received without the risk of serious flooding. >> we're not getting much of a bra break in the action. doppler 7 already tracking the next storm. it's been light rain at this hour, and the extent near san mateo, san jose dealing with a lot of cloud cover. light showers over south san francisco. there are heavier downpours with embedded with this initial line of rain, but it will strengthen. it's going to be a two, a moderate system, we're expecting brief downpours within this system that could cause localized flooding, trees could come down and there's the chance of of a thunderstorm. the evening commute on tuesday will be impacted, especially in
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the evening rush, downpours, gusty wind and the threat of hyd hydroplaning. storm damage has caused an emergency water shortage in santa cruz, sort of ironic there. pictures e-mailed by the water department shows a pipeline in henry cowell park that was punctured. it's a main delivery line. residents have been asked to cut their water use by 30% for one week. >> flooded buildings were found in forestville in the russian river that crested at 35 feet. that's three feet above flood stage, which it should stay above through the morning hours. >> reporter: the extent of the flooding requecan be seen from . it overran homes and cars and kept cruise busy. a raft team had to transport a
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man whose home was safe but was boxed in by the blood water. >> we had a medical emergency where we have a crew staged due to high water, and we brought the boat over and shuttled him across to our awaiting ambulance. >> reporter: flood level is 32 feet. it crested at a little more than 35 feet this afternoon. a relief for a man who knows what spells trouble for his property. >> right now i'm at 36 feet. if it gets to 40, i'm under water. >> reporter: he's been trying to contact a friend who reached out to him this morning but hasn't spoken to him since. flooded roads have been the biggest issue. we've seen a couple big-wheel trucks drive through submerged streets. >> the people that are trapped, they come to the end there, and the kids will pick them up in the canoe, bring them across. >> reporter: jason's son is out of school because of the flood,
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so they went on a tour in the flood zone. how's it look out there? >> good, there's a lot of trash and propane tanks floating around. >> reporter: that debris can be just as dangerous as the currents. it's not just stuff floating on the water but stuff under the water, fences, barbed wire, planks, even cars leaking gas and petroleum products. it's never a good idea to go wading into floodwaters. in guerneville, abc 7 news. here's an example of what can happen if you test your luck. a helicopter had to rescue a driver whose suv was overrun by water near sebastopol. he tried to drive his hummer through a section of road. didn't work. his vehicle floated and got stuck in a ditch. swift water rescue teams also took part in this rescue.
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and some residents have been forced from their homes because of flood danger. >> it's spectacular to see the river come back and mother nature just say, you know, you occupy a lot of space here, but i'm in charge. >> reporter: that's how sonoma county supervisor james gore sees it up and down his district as the russian river has taken over large sections of what used to be its banks. fortunately at mirabel park, many residents living in tents moved out ahead of the flooding. >> we have a big homeless community of the and community, and we had to rally hard so we didn't have to rescue people on the back end. >> reporter: down the road, the river bend rv park is also largely under water. fortunately not before most of the rigs relocated to higher ground. >> i live in santa rosa, but this kind of thing interests me, and i like to take pictures of it. so i came out to take a few snapshots.
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>> reporter: as ominous as it looks now, chris shellenburger remembers a time when it was higher. >> this paul bunyan guy, the water was up to his waist that time. >> it looks it looks superficial, not too much damage. thank god it was vacant and no one's in there, but the winds were strong. >> reporter: it seems those who know this area also know how to take events like this in stride. >> people who live up here, they know it's going to happen, and they prepare for it. >> reporter: these vines are vacant. this water is as high as it's been in this spot in more than eight years. they are also going to be watching this river very carefully over the next 24-48 hours. the time of greatest concern tomorrow afternoon about 1:00, he said. and then again on wednesday
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afternoon/evening right about the time the rain actually stops. in forestville, laura anthony, abc 7 news. and pause of the rain and flooding, several sonoma county schools will be closed, harmony union, occidental and guerneville school district. a mudslide covered half of highway 17. if you look at this video, you can see an abc 7 news van caught up in the slide. really scary situation. our photographer and friend was injured and taken to the hospital. he's going to be okay. the van was crushed from the impact of the landslide. the mud and rocks blocked the northbound lanes of highway 17 near scots valley. david louie has more on the effort to clean it all up. >> reporter: this is what happens when you get caught in a landslide. the abc 7 news van was crushed as trees, rocks and boulders landed on the highway. the officer emphasized how lucky
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our news photographer was on his drive to work, unable to see or avoid the slide in the dark. >> miracles happen every day. happens to be usually, fortunately, the slide didn't come down and completely cover the van. >> reporter: clearing the estimated 700 feet of debris was a major task. front loaders were deployed first. some trees above the slide area were cut down for fear they would give way and endanger crews below. with traffic blocked northbound, caltrans reconfigured to account for traffic. but it still moved at a crawl. drivers along 17 get little to no warning when slides occur. >> there are various mountainous curves in the roadway where visibility may not be 500, 1,000 feet in front of you. so you could come around a corner, and if this is what you see, i mean, that'd be an
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incredible sight. >> reporter: cleanup crews tried to take advantage of milder rain conditions to reopen the highway. light rain during the course of the day didn't help. it added you aurgency and conce for safety, for fear the hill might give way again. the crews will work through the night until both lanes are reopened. the highway patrol cannot tell us with any definitive word when highway 17 northbound lanes will be reopened. but all of that is in the hands of cal trans crews as they continue to work here all night long. we're on highway 17, david louie, abc 7 news. and you can watch live doppler 7 shift with the storm this week. download the abc 7 news arpp. coming up, a dead whale found in san francisco bay. what's next, as officials try to figure out how it died. plus.
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sky 7 was over angel island where crews had brought a dead whale with two large gashes on its side. it was found in oakland's inner harbor. it was towed away to get it away from ship traffic. officials tell abc 7 news this is a female subadult blue whale measuring 40-60 feet in length. they will perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death. a man died when his car overturned in a creek. leslie brinkley has a look at the effort to prevent more potential flooding.
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>> reporter: sections of a four-foot diameter bay tree flew over houses along the creek. they were tethered to this massive crane. the collapse of a back yard over the weekend triggered an avalanche of debris and trees, and there are fears it could dam up the creek. >> we want to make sure we get the debris out of the way so if there is a lot of rain or water tomorrow or if there's not, if it gets dammed up, we'll get flooding and there's a lot of homes that could be at risk. >> reporter: marin county tweeted out this look. and the race was on to get this nissan out of the creek off of rural nevado boulevard. the raging waters overnight submerged the car. the driver died. there were no witnesses, but chp believes the combination of slick roads and bald tires might
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have triggered the fatal crash. flood waters in lucky drive, the waters receded today. but another high tide as the next storm hits has residents worried. one man moved all his furniture and a piano up onto wood pallets just in case. >> we're seeing movement of soils around houses, structures and trees and a lot of trees come down into structures. >> reporter: there's a lot to worry about. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the national weather service tweeted this picture of flooding in monterey county. a mudslide in pacifica has affected traffic on highway one all day. triefrs are down to a single lane. also crews are working to fix an access path to the beach after waves created a large sinkhole. as abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow reports, it is one of
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two changes coming along esplanade avenue. >> reporter: the prospect of a beach-front property was promising enough to leave minnesota. only when he arrived in pacifica, hanson discovered a hole in his plan. >> we checked it out online and nothing like this had happened. so when we got here it was quite a surprise. >> reporter: today cement trucks were parked outside hanson's new home. repairs under way after a 30-foot section buckled a few weeks ago. bart willoughby is a coastal analyst. >> in five years, six years, this whole bluff could be all the way back to the street. >> reporter: once the holes are filled and the path deemed safe, willoughby says beach access could be opened in two to three weeks. last wednesday, pacifica city officials approved a contract to
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demolish 310 esplanade. residents had to move out last january because of the eroding cliff. >> haza >> reporter: none of this is what he had in mind. >> can't go wrong. >> reporter: he says it still beats minnesota. in pacifica, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. let's talk about the wet weather, we're not out of the woods by a long shot. >> i went out to grab my dinner, my hair got wet. >> light rain out there tonight, and then it will intensify overnight. we are tracking town podownpour tuesday. let's go to the north bay really quickly. there's a couple pops of yellow, that's pockets of heavy rain. what you're seeing right now is ground clutter. the beam is bouncing off the mountaintops. still rain into the area. into the south we go, hayward,
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mountain view and fremont, light showers. we do go to the east, you notice the storm system does have a history of lightning strikes. not out of question that we could see a thundershower tomorrow. all eyes on the russian river once again. it crested today and will do so again on wednesday. 5:00 in the evening, we are expecting it to go above flood stage. so once again, mild flooding in the area. pier 15, drops dotting the lens. that means we are in store for a wet night but also a damp day on the way tomorrow. out there right now, it's cool, but not frigid. we're in the 50s. 55 in hayward, 54 in san francisco. 55 san jose and have lvallejo, . and the threat is certainly there for flooding with our saturated soil already from the weekend.
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gusty winds will pick up in the afternoon. trees may come down once again and there's that chance of a thundershower. future weather we'll get you in 8:00 in the morning. we will track the showers starting at 4:30 over on channel 7. we'll have waves of reain. even throughout the evening, the evening rush will be impacted. it will be a slow go. as we approach 8:00 in the evening we'll be tracking heavier showers moving through. the highest will be in the north bay, 1-2.5 inches. the mountains are going to steel the south bay. a quarter to a half inch of rain, and flash flood watch is in effect for areas you see shaded in green. we could see low-lying flooding, rapid rises in our creeks.
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we have a wind advisory starting tomorrow at noon. winds could gust near 45 miles per hour. trees could come down. and in the hills we would see the winds gusting near 60 miles per hour once again. so the threat of power outages is likely the next 20 hours. it's a stormy day on the way for tuesday. a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. scattered showers on wednesday, thursday just a few showers linger and friday we are completely dry. and right now the weekend looks bright, tdry and mild as we hea into sunday. >> ladies, good hair on the weekend. we have a lot more ahead for you on abc 7 news at 9:00. the u.s. government confirms fears about the potential hacking of a life-saving device, plus. san francisco has a first of its kind solar program in the nation. i'm michael finney.
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it's the only way to know for sure. federal officials issued a warning today, some pacemakers can be hacked. the fda said implantable medical devices feature wireless transmitters that could make it a target of hackers. once they gain access they could potentially deplete the battery, shock the person or alter their heartbeat. the good news, st. jude has a fix. this is a first time the government has issued a warning about pacemaker hacking. and a program provides a new roof and solar system to qualified low-income residents, 7 on your side's michael finney has the story. >> today is a great day for us. >> reporter: juan soto has lived in this san francisco home for
9:25 pm
30 years. on this day, grid alternatives were installing solar panels hopefully for the rest of his life. he hopes to see his energy bills of $100 greatly reduced. grid alternatives has installed solar energy to some 5500 family the nationwide, 1500 alone in the bay area in the past decade. this is the first time they've been able to replace the roof as well. >> the sad thing is we have to say no to a lot of family the whose roofs aren't good enough. so with this mow grprogram, we say yes to some families in san francisco. >> reporter: some of these incomes spend more than others. >> it's going to make a huge difference to these families. so saving $50, $100 a month is going to make a huge impact in their lives. >> reporter: funding is coming
9:26 pm
from the city for roof repair and installation. the work is done both by volunteers and job trainees who are supervised by trained staff. >> it's good for the environment. >> reporter: some 16 san francisco families will be selected for the roof upgrade and solar installation. they are holding a work sop on saturday, january 21st for those interested in applying. for more on that go to our website, abc 7 i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. still to come, the man accused of killing five people and injuring eight others at the ft. lauderdale airport makes his first court appearance. plus, confirmation hearings for some of donald trump's cabinet picks begin tomorrow.
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the ft. lauderdale airport shooting suspect made his first court appearance today, as investigators pored over video. >> reporter: in shackles and wearing a prison jumpsuit this morning, esteban santiago at one point looked straight into the cameras leaving the jail for the courthouse, the 26 year old facing a judge for a crime caught on this disturbing airport video. santiago coming into view from the left, pulling out his gun and firing away.
9:31 pm
the terrified passengers walking behind him running for cover. santiago emptied his handgun before reloading one more time, killing five. among the dead, olga woltering. >> i couldn't believe it. i just was in shock. >> reporter: santiago's girlfriend staying he came back from his last deployment a changed man. >> he started acting weird when he was in puerto rico. and we had to let veterans know that he wasn't feeling right. >> reporter: this as new questions emerge as to why the gun wasn't taken away from him last november when he told the fbi in alaska that he was hearing voices about isis. >> the gun was taken away from him but given back after he was cleared. >> reporter: abc news has also
9:32 pm
learned the fbi is examining santiago's computer, because he allegedly told authorities he's been in contact w online. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. s.w.a.t. teams focussed on an apartment complex. deborah clayton was shot while confronting a murder suspect at a walmart. a short time later a deputy sheriff died in a motorcycle crash while searching for the suspected gunman. he is wanted for questioning in last month's shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend. president-elect donald trump is fearing back at merrill supre meryl streep. he was critical of the hollywood
9:33 pm
actress after she blasted him as a bully touriduring her accepta speech. >> vie lance incites violenc. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> streep called out mr. trump for this moment where he seems to mock a disabled reporter on the campaign trail in 2015. the president-elect insists he never mocked a reporter but showed him grofling. not all of the paperwork is in for trump's cabinet picks. democrats say they won't allow immediate hearings to happen until the paperwork is done. >> reporter: he sauntered off the elevator at trump tower confident his cabinet will be ready to go. a flurry of confirmation hearings are set to begin tomorrow. but tonight many of those
9:34 pm
nominees still have not been fully vetted, a process that involves handing over personal financial information, going through a fbi background check and answering committee questionnaires. a top ethics official warning the schedule is putting undue pressure on investigators to rush through these important reviews, saying this hasn't happened in decades. >> all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration at not only having lost the white house but having lost the senate. >> reporter: democrats are crying foul. the republican leader says the democrats need to quote grow up. a change in tune from eight years ago when he sent out this letter outlining eight demands for president obama's nominees, asking that their financial disclosures be submitted. today the senate democratic leader sent mcconnell's letter right back to him. >> we crossed out harry rooetd and mitch mcconnell and
9:35 pm
putschumputshu put schumer and mcconnell. >> reporter: first up, jeff sessions. today protests outside his capitol hill office. he was previously rejected for a federal judgeship 31 years ago over allegations he made racist remarks, charges he has fiercely denied. >> i am not a racist. >> reporter: today trump backed his pick. >> high quality man. >> reporter: then rex tillerson, trump's controversial pick for secretary of state. he is expected to be grilled about his cozy ties with russia. trump's defended close reasons with russia, tweeting, having a close relationship with russia is a good thing. only stupid people or fools would think that it is bad. >> and that was mary bruce reporting. tomorrow abc news will air
9:36 pm
president obama's farewell address, starting at 6:00 p.m. abc news will begin immediately after at 6:30. joe biden is tlifrdeliverin keynote speech tonight. a nationwide effort he leads to find a cure for cancer. the disease claimed the life of his son beau in 2015. >> even if we couldn't save our son, science, medicine and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless other sons and daughters. today medical schools across the country helped protest against the proposed repeal of the affordable care act. it was part of a national movement called "protect our patients." doing away with much of the law has been a priority of president-elect trump and republicans in congress. something doctors say will be
9:37 pm
detrimental to public health. >> medications to be able to treat diabetes, hypertension, cancer, just completely unavailable to you if you don't have insurance. >> obamacare opponents say the law squeezes middle class americans, many of whom are seeing higher insurance premiums. the j.p. morgan health care conference draws entrepreneurs from all over the world with inventions that could save lives. jonathan blume has a look at a few of them that could change health care as we know it. where it was quick and painless. >> >> bed sores. >> reporter: they start hidden under the skin. >> you get this ring of inflammation, and after that you end up with normal tissue.
9:38 pm
>> reporter: you're looking for the ring. cells from the spleen flood the brain, looking to help close the wound. and that scar tissue creates a boundary. but multi-step can turn that response off limiting brain damage, and yes, it comes from stem cells. though current treatments have to be given within days this can work in hours. it's of particular interest for patients suffering from a deadly form of cancer. >> we grow spare parts. for a patient that has to go through a stomach pullup they can never in quality of life sleep lying down. >> reporter: so they will grow a new esophagus on this plastic tube. >> we have done over 30 large animals, and the results in large animals are amazing.
9:39 pm
>> reporter: many who survive illness need medication. >> get them to spend more time in a slot machine. >> reporter: to get patients to take their medication for a shot at the jackpot. abc 7 news. a lot more to come here on abc 7 news at 9:00. the big winners at today's detroit auto show
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9:41 pm
9:42 pm
chevy, honda and creahrysle received top honors today. >> we have a look at the top honors. >> the truck of the year is
9:43 pm
honda ridge way. >> reporter: those cheers mixed with shock. after the cheers, honda's representative told me the cheers were as ah then texch -- authentic as they come. >> it's a great way to start the show. >> reporter: the same can be said of chevy and chrysler, splitting the remaining awards. he showed me the new award. the chrysler pacifica also won the inaugural utility vehicle of the year. >> the fact that a many van is winning a utility vehicle of the year says a lot. forget about this thing about mini van, people realize mini van is the best vehicle for a family. >> reporter: a chevy built up just the road took home kwar of the year. >> they worked very hard on it. >> reporter: the volt is a true story of innovation.
9:44 pm
when it was being built, there were questions about how far it could go on a charge, what would it cost and what else could they fit into it, now it's a showstopper. >> it really is the first car that has no excuses on why you wouldn't want to drive an ev. it's a great car, number two, it's fun to drive. >> that was matthew smith reporting. volkswagen also said it must regain the trust of consumers, because as we reported, the company was caught cheating on emissions tests for diesel-powered cars. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues. celebrating a big ann
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9:46 pm
9:47 pm
it's hard to believe, but it's only been a decade since steve jobs unveiled the iphone to the world and changed the
9:48 pm
world. >> seems longer. at the time critics said it was too expensive and would never have significant marquettc mark. >> ten thiyears since this thin came out and changed my life and yours. steve jobs showing off the iphone for the very first time, on january 9, 2007, and boy, was he confident in his product which he called three products in one, a phone, ipod and break through internet device. >> we're going to make some history together today. >> the rumor is right now we're expected to outsell the razr. >> jobs was right. they made history. the iphone is the most successful consumer device ever created. our new iphone 7s are still
9:49 pm
similar but have evolved. there are more than 2 million apps available, hey, including the abc 7 news app. the first was $499 for 4 gig bite and $599 for the 8 gigs. tech companies seem to be diving into the smart home arena. and it could mark the next decade. we'll see. abc 7 news. it's been a wet and very wen windy few days. >> and more may be coming, a rock slide has closed busy silverado trail. the county recommends taking highway 29 as an alternative. and galindo creek.
9:50 pm
>> yosemite valley will reopen tomorrow. portions were closed and employees were evacuated because of the storm. damage to the valley floor was minimal. and it took just a handful of employees today to actually clean up what problems there were there on the valley floor, but, again, it will reopen tomorrow. >> but for now, let's check in on the forecast withdrew. >> especially around the russian river, that flood warning has been extended to tuesday evening at 8:30, still have a lot of issues there. we're tracking the live doppler, we have a lot of rain. it will be a two, a moderate storm on your tuesday with brief downpours, the flooding threat is renewed. gusting winds could bring trees down. heavy snow in the sierra, 3-7 feet, over higher terrain, down to lake level, 2-3 feet. that was a lot of snow a short
9:51 pm
amount of time. a coastal flood advisory in effect through tomorrow and thursday. we could see 7-foot high high tide. breezy, showers on wednesday, not too scattered in naturnatur. looking bright and mild by sunday. >> thank you. all right, some college hoops to talk about. >> right, mike shumann to talk about that. >> and you with south carolina roots, you're going to like this. this. ncaa championship be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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a deynasty at the university of alabama. clemson won back in 1981. the tide going for back-to-back
9:55 pm
titles, but clemson had other ideas. watson leaving it all on the field. 17-14 bama in the third. 68-yard touchdown, 24-14, alabama, and the tiger fans are stunned. fourth quarter, watson and the tigers driving. he's going to find mike williams, four-yard touchdown and it's a three--point game. four minutes left, it's punched in. for clemson 31-28, their first lead. he hangs onto the ball, sees an opening and goes 30 yards to the house, touchdown. alabama back on top. last chance for clemson, six seconds on the clock. watson's going to roll out. he's got hunter renfrow, open for the go ahead touchdown, the clemson tigers are your national champions, 35-31 the final, wow, what a game, and what a finish.
9:56 pm
all right, warriors took care of the kings last night, improving to 32-6 and they'll take a day off before they host miami at oracle. steph curry was named the conference player of the week. dubs are 3-1, losing to memphis. curry's honored more than any in history. he had three straight 30-point games. he said he wanted to be more aggressive and get back to his old self. >> i'm not going to fall into the temptation of abandoning kind of what makes us successful, just to say i shot more. i have to, you know, be aggressive and kind of, you know, not turn down shots that i usually, you know, take and can make, but the way we've been flowing, especially down the
9:57 pm
stretch, you got to be able, you know, rise up for those kind of moments. so it's a little bit of both. >> well, the raider nation still in mourning after losing to the texans on wildcard saturday, ending a great season in which the team turned the corner. the first playoff appearance since 2002. losing d losing derek carr made all the difference. this is not a one and done season. reggie mckenzie is building a team to make a run at the lombardi trophy every year, and they can't wait to get started for the 2017 campaign. >> it leaves that taste in your mouth where, you know, as i told them, i'm not happy about it. we should expect more, and i'm going to demand more. you know, i'm going to work my tail off to be better next year. and that's the mind-set our
9:58 pm
whole team has. when you have a group of guys that won 12 games and don't care about that, they just want to be better, we're going to be all right. >> three years left on his contract, at $3 million per, jake spaf toll was named as interim coach. athletic director mike williams felt like he was not fully committed and pulled the plug. the program has become stagnant according to alumni and ticket sales were lagging. firing a coach after the season doesn't leave many options. sees being paid $15 million over the next years. the cal athletic department is hemorrhaging money, not a lot of options here. throwing a football with $1 million on the line. the money would have gone to operation home front, but the
9:59 pm
charity is still receiving a monetary donation and free publicity, but what a game. clemson and alabama. i know one alabama alum, leah melendez is not happy. water woes in the south bay. and the public plea one city is making to water customers. >> and flooded cars and homes, it's not over yet. now praibracing for the nextrouf rain. >> that's going to do it for us. i'm kristin zee. have a good night. and we'll see you at 11:00 over on 7.
10:00 pm
(narrator reading) narrator: today, a crazed gunman unleashes hell on a crowded new york subway train. it's a bloody shooting spree that sends commuters running for their lives. he's shooting on both sides of him and he is not stopping.


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