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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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tonight as 6:00, an urgent search as a woman crash into a creek. what's slowing down rescue cruise. showers through the evening, and we're getting details of an airliner outage that could affect your travel plans. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. a sovereign effort has been closed of a pounding waves of a normally docile creek. it shows the rough conditions as they look for a woman who may have been killed in a crash. good evening, i'm eric thomas. thanks so much for joining us. right now conditions are too dangerous for crews to search the water. s investigators say she lost
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control at niles canyon and slid into the creek in castro valley. sergio has more about the effort tonight. sergio? >> reporter: an al media county sheriff's crews basically staged about two miles up niles canyon road. that's because, as you can see, the rapids here in the creek are actually -- they're pretty powerful here, but even more powerful up where this vehicle likely is, so it's too dangerous for emergency have i crews to try to even get to the swart. the swiftwater rescue teams estimate class 4 rapids where the car is currently under water. in addition to the speed of the water, the concerned for rescue teams is the debris that's in the water. branches and other items could be deadly if they collide into divers. a photographer with our media partners the bay area news group shot these pictures of the crews tracking the car from the banks. the alameda county sheriff's
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department has teams staged in the can down, but right now niles canyon road is closed to the pass, and they're also up a rockslide that's complicated access to this hear. sky 7 was over the pass yesterday. according to a sheriff's spokesperson, the young woman was driving along niles canyon road when she may have made contact with another vehicle, and then over-corrected and drove off the road into the creek. now, emergency crews have spent more than a day searching the banks of the alameda creek, and so far they haven't found anyone, so unfortunately they believe that the young driver of that car is still inside. reporting live along alameda creek, abc seven news. >> thank you, surge jo. crews have spent the afternoon cleans up this mudside. they are making progress.
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large waves hit the shoreline, up to 25 feet on some shores. a high surf advisory is in effect unit tuesday. in south san francisco a tree came crashing down on a home inside. in sonoma county as days of rain, flooding continues to be a problem in the north bay. cornell bernard is live in nevada, where part of hi is closed. >> reporter: chp is advising commute es to find another route to work tomorrow. it could be days before flooding subsides. caltrans just drove through here, but they're the only ones allowed to, the only ones who can. we're seeing necessary 3 to 4 feet of water here. the water is not going anywhere. it's filling up from different sources around highway 37. too much rain has flooded out highway 37 in novato for the
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second time in at least a week. dave nicholson from the marin county flood control district says this time the water is even higher. >> part of the problem is when you have three consecutive storms, the soils get so saturated it might as well be falling on concrete. >> reporter: cal france tried pumping the water out, but it's spilling back in just as fast from swollen novato creek. pretty much a losing battle? >> pretty much. >> reporter: one driver's car got stuck and they had to be rescued. >> i can't believe anybody did that. they've been to be regretting that decide. >> check out this shot from marin city. the exit ramp to sought lito, cut off completely. in sonoma county, this mudslide and downed trees are causen problems. summer home park road is closed in both direction, as they clean
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the intersection of highway 12 and 121 in shellville looks more like a lake. no wine tasting today. this winery's driveway impossible to travel. down the road, all quiet at anaba winery, because no one could get here. the routes are either blocked dao to accumulated water or threatened to be closed. that seems to be very discouraging fact. >> reporter: in the meantime, the waiting begins, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a live look at the walnut creek camera. the rain will be coming and going through the evening. let's find out more about that. drew tuma is here. >> eric, the good news, we're seeing the steady rain move out, but we're not done with the showers just yesterday. live do thatly preside ll ll lls
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been -- we do have flood warnings in effect. the first one in sonoma county, this one until monday morning, likely some water on the roadways there. another one that will continue into monday afternoon, this one between gilroy and hole i sisli. good news it has light winds, however, the flooding still runs very high. we'll take a much closer look at that concern and when we'll finally dry out in that full accuweather forecast. eric? >> thank you, drew. no surprise here. this is from kirkwood mountain resort. it's seen 61 inches of snow in the last seven days. interstate 80 requires chains on all vehicles and some big-rig travel has been limited. we have live doppler
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presideapp on the app. i.t. issue has grounded ought domestic flights for united airlines, it had a tweet stating it's working on the issues. sfo says passengers on booked flights is being held up, but no one else sincist not a busy night. a shooting left a man in critical condition. several neighbors called 911 when police got there, they found a wounded man. he's now in the hospital. onefficer saw a car speeding away, and police chased that car into san lorenzo where they captured four people. detectives are now trying to find out who shot the man. foreign policy is taking center stage for donald trump. however, as work seems to be getting done, that hasn't
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completely taken the attention away from the crowd size sideshow. andrew spencer has more. >> reporter: president donald trump at a swearing-in ceremony for senior staff says he has meetings set up with the leaders of the uk, canada and mexico. >> mexico, actually has been terrific. the president has been very amazing. i think we'll have a good result for mexico, for the united states and for everybody involved. >> reporter: the trump white house says it's moving toward a campaign pledge to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. nots decisions are apparently in the very beginning stages. a day after huge crowds gathered for the women's march in washington and sister marching across the world, talk persisted of crowd size, with trump senior adviser kelly anne conway defending false claims made by the white house press secretary as alternative facts. >> it undermines the credibility of the entire white house press office --
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>> no, it doesn't. >> on day one. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck, you're saying it's a falsehood and they're giving shawn spicer gave alternative facts to that. >> reporter: meanwhile, as the president continues to face resistance on some of hess cabinet appointments, two of trump's biggest republican critics walked back the opposition for his pick for secretary of state. in statements, they say they still have concerns about rex tiller son's past dealings, but they are now ready to support him. andrew spencer, abc 7 news. coming up on nubs at 6:00, a popular california brewery issues a nationwide recall. plus a plan for a donation to a bay area university. and why it's the end of the road for the highway bump that tells when you you're drifting out of your lane. details coming up.
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sierra nevada is telling customers to put down that beer until you find out if it's part
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of a recall. they run the risk of a small shard of glass. beers brewed in chicos is not on the list. on the side you'll find the bottling date. if it's between december 5th, and january 13th, 2017 with a letter "m" return it for a full refund. santa clara university will receive the largest donation in its history from one of its graduates who struck it rich in silicon valley. rich and sobrato and his wife will give them the donation. it's the second largest gift to a roman catholic building. they will build a arts science center designed for stem research. caltrans have reminded
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california drivers they're leaving their lanes for more than 50 years, but bots-dots appeared to have reached the end of their road as lane markers. california is one of the last states using them. the federal government lines, they're flamed for their creator elbert bots, who developed them. brewing hospitality one cup at a time. the mission to help make rrefugo make the bay area their home. matt ryan has arrived. responsible for five touchdowns, four through the air and one right on the ground. atlanta is on its way to
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within coffee shop in berkeley helps customers get a needed kick to start their day off right, while giving their special employees job, life skills to succeed in the u.s. 1951 coffee opened up today, a specialty coffee shop and organization that employed ref jewels and asylum seekers who have graduated from their
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two-week program. >> it's a wonderful moment for refugees and asylums to the country to learn new job skills, make mistakes and gain thatort of comfort, before they go out into the world looking for jobs and actually working. 1951 coffee also hopes to educate the community about refugee life and the issues they face. >> now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we're coming off another wet weekend much the heaviest of the rain is moving out, but the pattern stayings unsettled. live doppler 7 was here's the back edge of that working through bethel island. we're dealing with some isolated showers from redwood city, san mateo, south san francisco, some isolated showers, into the north bay, some light showers at this
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hour, novato, san rafael, mill valley, but there's no yellows or oranges. just light rain. that will be your theme. we just got soaked once again, adding up to what's been an already incredible month from redwood city to oakland, san francisco, napa, san rafael, fairfield over 2 inches of rain, even hayward and moffett field. early this morning the winds were whipping. we had win gusts frequently between how and 50 miles an hour. calmed down in many spots.eally san carlos, the breezeiest with 12 miles per hour, the winds will stay weak overnight into your monday. the winds keeping us on the cool side. we're holding in the hose. o 40s. so the storm impact scale, this
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is a 1, a light system through monday evening, scattered showers, some light winds, but the big issue is not going to be widespread rain, it's the flooding concern. our soil is already completely saturated. so any showers that does develop over the next 24 hours could easily cause flooding across the regi region. the flash flood wash has been extended through monday evening, 6:00 in the evening for the potential of any to develop. so future weather, we're back on the april for april 7 news at 11:00. it's a rather quiet picture. as we go into your monday, the storm system kind of linkers and creates instability. early monday morning some scattered showers. grab the umbrella monday morning. it may not be raining where you live, but the showers are there even into the evening. as we go into early tuesday,
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this storm system is starting to depart. it's going to scrape by us right along the coast. watch what happens later tut. by tuesday afternoon, the sunshine will return and will start to dry out. here's the accuweather forecast. tomorrow some scattered showers, on the watch as they pop up, and early morning chance on tuesday. then sunshine tuesday afternoon. wednesy night after about 11:00 there could be an isolated shower, but thursday, friday, start and sunday, the dry pattern will return, sunshine comes back and 60s will be there next weekend. and we can finally wash our cars. now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. the falcons proved to the entire nation they are the real deal. and his packers never had a chance. matt ryan let the falcons to their second super bowl
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appearance. matt ryan with a two-yard shovel pass to mohammed sanu. he makes a one-handed grab, and they go up 7-0. mason crosby with an nfl record of 23 consecutive field goals, but this is his first miss since 2010. packer down ten and driving until jalen collins the catches the fumble recovery. he takes it in himself, 14 yards, 24-0, falcons at the half. ryan finished with four td passes, two to julio jones. despite a bad foot, shakes off two tackles. you think he wants to go to the super bowl? well, he is. they punch their ticket to houston for the first time since 1988. >> i'm happy for everybody in our organization. we've worked hard to get to this point, but the challenge is still in front of us, and we'll
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enjoy it, because it's hard to get to this point. >> the brotherhood these men in our locker room have built has led to this moment and how hard they want to play for one another, i couldn't have been more proud ofthem. warriors had their first 9:00 a.m. tip-off since 1995, ws off to a sluggish start and steve kerr blamed himself and his coaching staff due to their nightlife? >> yeah, for me i was clubbing all last night. ron adams was out there on the dance floor until about 3:00, 4:00. >> if uny guy. warriors turn the ball over eight times, ws finishes with 18 turnovers that helped the magic go on what 16-0 run. game tied at 50 at the half. then the doves woke up. kevin durant at 15, drives to the hoop, lay it is in, seven
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threes, led all scores with 27. ws lead up to 20. javale mcgee even chipped in 13 off the bench, a one-handed throwdown and like his splash brother klay thompson. they won. >> for whatever reason we've had a bunch of really good third quarters in the last couple weeks. that seems to be the time when we pick up our defense and that translates into some transition hoops. i don't know why, but that seems to be the key time for us these days. >> we look to get off to a good start, start the third, you know, try to establish the momentum, to start the second half. it's kind of been our staple of this team, you know, where we locked no and push -- >> stanford women hosting 18th ranked asu. left alone here, she'll drain
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the three. carly samuelsson leaving mccall for the lay-up. and her 997th career win as a head coach. >> i know it's a big number. i can't believe i've coached that many games, but the way i really feel is that if we keep improving and we have the great leadership with byrd and this would be the fun team to win it with. asia thomas leading the way. bears outscored their opponent 19-10 this the frame. cal wins it 71-60, improving to 3-5 in conference play. it looks like the patriots are on the way to the super bowl. we'll see you then. thanks a lot. a shocker at the box office, a vin diesel destroyed b
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united airlines groundstop due to a computer problem has been lifted. the flights are going once again. and tonight at 9:00, survivors describe the moment a deadly tornado approached their homes. millions made history marching for women's rights,ent of them carrying signs of where are all those signs going? we'll have the answer at 11:00 here on abc 7. m. night shyamalan may be back. the thriller "split" doubled its forecast this weekend starring james mcavoy fighting against his multiple penalties after one of them compels him to abduct three women. "xxx" returned to the box office. it cost $85 million to make. idden figures," "sing" and
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>> today, on a special edition of "matter of fact," president trump -- president trump: i, donald john trump, do solemnly swear -- >> and the state of our union. what is the state of america as the trump era zpwhins we go coast to coast. listening to america. we can all come together and unite as one country. and from new york city, >>


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