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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 23, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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berkeley police are investigating two suspicious deaths don't good evening and thanks for joining us. police are revealing very little about these two. >> two people died in the building under suspicious circumstances, they did not reveal what the circumstances are. >> other residents were evacuated until the fire department cleared the area of
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any hazardous conditions. they have since been allowed back in. >> carbon monoxide has been ruled out. we'll have more at 11:00 on channel 7 many. we didn't see as much rain today as we did over the weekend. the bay area weather is hardly settled. >> this may look like snow, it's actually hail in half moon bay. bryce jensen shared this video with us. he said the hail melted within about 20 minutes. >> here's the real thing, there are walls of snow along highway 267 between truckee and lake tahoe. laura anthony posted this video on twitter. >> today's rain wasn't steady and continuous, it was heavy at times. we have scattered showers across the bay area, let's move into a couple areas where the rain is a little bit -- it was steady a few seconds ago. you can see us moving out over the bay. mainly light rain, a little heavier and more concentrated
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area of rain over the santa cruz mountains moving along the san mateo county coastline, today throughout the day, we had hail reports all over the bay area, so we've had a mixed bag of active weather today. as you get into the evening hours, you see storms whipping out to sea, this storm ranks one on our storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity, it will continue to produce showers overnight, with light wind, flooding concerns are high, quick forecast animation starting at 10:00 tonight. we may see areas of concentrated rainfall. it looks like the rain is going to end relatively early tomorrow, what's to follow that a little later. >> thank you, spencer. >> alameda county sheriff's deputies think they belong to a car. the car plunged off alameda creek in unincorporated freemont. the high water levels prevented
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crew crews from retrieving the vehicle. >> law enforcement officials are crediting the family with a missing 18-year-old. >> that determination and that love for her is what helped find that coor today. >> approximately 30 family members walked along closed niles canyon road today. one noticed an unusual pattern in the water. >> one of the family members picked up a rock and threw it at the object in the water, it sounds like it hit a tire. >> a drone overhead confirmed images of tires. the car travelled about 100 yards from the point of entry to where it is now. on saturday, the 18-year-old was going from tracy to see family in menlo park, when she didn't arrive, her family reported her missing. shortly after the alameda sheriff's office, her car clipped another vehicle before entering the creek. her bumper and license plate remained on land. first responders ran her plate, it came back to the missing 18-year-old. multiple law enforcement
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agencies spent the morning searching for the vehicle. officials won't be able to recover it until tomorrow. because of the high fast move willing water. water levels are expected to recede, water officials will turn off water from the reservoirs. >> it's not l off a fauc faucet. the water takes 6 to 8 hours to see a noticeable dissipation of the water. until freemont, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> storms may be to blame for opening up a 30 foot deep sinkhole on highway 13 in oakland this morning. sky 7 was over the highway in the past hours. the far left lane is closed near broadway terrace. >> a flooded stretch of highway 37 is open once again, the water receded today between lakeville road and atherton avenue. you'll have to plan ahead if you're driving in the other part of the stretch.
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video from sky 7 this morning, shows floodwaters covering part of the highway, caltrans is having to pump all that out, it's taking a while, nearby fields are water saturated, there's nowhere for the water to go. 580 through san rafael is your best option if you're trying to head east out of marin. cle group flu over movado creek two weeks ago, and captured these shots around highway 37 and 101. >> here in northern california, the sierra avalanche center is capturing a avalanche. they were able to call 911. they were actually in good spirits while waiting to be dug out. can you always track the weather with the news app. we have live doppler 7.
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>> aids to minnesota governor mark daden say he's doing fine and resting at home while delivering his state of the state address. he began slurring his words and paused to drink some water. moments later the democrat collapsed. a state senator who's also a paramedic rushed to dayton's side. he left the assembly chamber under his own power a few minutes later. he plans to return to work tomorrow morning. >> a new report on last month's oakland warehouse fire is raising more questions about the origins of the deadly flames. the report comes from the lawyers for ghost ship warehouse manager. the fire began in a building next door. not in the warehouse, it also blames inadequate electrical wiring, this is not the official fire investigation report. alameda's lawyers say the report should absolve him of criminal liability. so far, they haven't identified the author of the report.
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tony sarah hasn't made himself available to answer questions. the oak land fire department says it's premature to speculate about the origin of the fire until all investigations are complete. after months of waiting, san francisco's new permanent police chief is now officially on the job. bill scott took the oath of office today, carolyn tyler has more. >> chief of police for the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: bill scott became san francisco's 43rd police chief. >> i share with you the vision and the desire for a safe city that as police in a professional and compassionate manner. >> scott spent 27 years, came to applaud him including lapd chief charlie beck. >> he saw us through the consent decree. >> the san francisco department is grappling with officer involved shootings, a new use of force policy the union is
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challenging, and more than 200 reforms recommended by the department of justice. >> the doj recommendations and initiatives are only designd in my opinion to make us better at our bottom line. our bottom line is keeping our city safe. selected from outside the department and knows the learning curve will be steep. >> it's almost like stepping on a treadmill that's fully in motion. and there's a way to do that, believe me, you asked me, because i've tried this, there's a way to do that. >> you turn it down just enough to allow you to get on it, you turn it on full speed. >> the challenges scott faces. former chief greg sir. >> his quiet calm demeanor and energy, is going to solve him well. >> to develop as a leader. >> that composure on full display as a few hecklers failed
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to disrupt his ceremony. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. up next, the criminal case in the pg&e pipeline explosion is nearing its end. an expert explains how the participants in this weekend's women's marches turn those into a full fledged movement. we're looking at the ♪
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the criminal case stemming from pg&e's role in the deadly pipeline explosion did not end as expected today. >> it's hard to make it through the day without thinking of my family. >> 6 1/2 years ago on september 9th, 2010 much sue lost her husband, teenaged son, mother-in-law, dog and house. even she and her daughter survived. neither was home when a pg&e neighborhood exploded destroying everyone and everything inside their home. >> we will not stand by and let this type of event happen again. >> she spoke to a packed courtroom and judge today. in august, a jury convicted pg&e of six felony charges for
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violating pipeline safety rules prior to the explosion, and obstructing an official investigation into the blast. the judge did not hand down the final sentence today, he's likely to impose the maximum $3 million fine. a five-year probationary period. 10,000 hours of community service in an advertising mandate recognizing pg&e's liability. jim ruane was in court today and says the hearing was a good start. >> i think it will come out thursday exactly what the judge is going to impose. what i've heard so far, it's a huge step. >> that was kate larson reporting. pg&e's chief ethics officer released this statement tonight. we sincerely apologize to the families and friends of those who lost their lives or were injured in this tragic explosion. we want them to know our mission and commitment to safety will
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never stop. a vallejo family is demanding answers tonight. it happened during a house party. angel ramos was holding a knife, threatening a 16-year-old. >> it's horrible on my own street. >> they took my little brother. you call that justice? >> grieving family and friends mourning the death of angel ramos, shot and killed by a vallejo police officer early monday. >> it ain't right. >> police say it began when several neighbors called 911 during a fight about a house party. people were fighting with sticks and knives. one 16-year-old was tasered by police on a back deck. and jumped by ramos who was holding a weapon. >> when he went down, the second subject was the subject that shot. pounced on him with a knife in his hand. >> did the officer tell the man to drop the knife?
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>> i don't think it was that type of situation. it unfolded so quickly. >> the officer fired his gun at ramos, neighbors heard the shots. >> traditionally -- that's it. >> ramos' family claims the knife was taken away from him before the shooting. >> i was told he had a knife in his hand, there was no knife period. we end up finding a knife inside of the kitchen. >> he showed us a knife on the kitchen floor. investigators have not said they believe this is the knife ramos was holding when he was shot. >> the officer remains unidentified. he's an eight year veteran of the force. in vallejo, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the san mateo county sheriff's office is investiga investigating two men. deputies arrested 19-year-old jesus franco and jose rodrigez after a homeowner saw them in their backyard. both men from redwood city ran
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off when deputies got there. the suspects were caught and were in possession of burglary tools. >> starting today, you can guarantee yourself a parking space before 10:00 a.m. if you car pool. scoop pairs people looking to share rides. many commuters drive long distances to park at dublin pleasant on. it looks like teens are no longer rushing to the dmv when they turn 16. california teens are waiting longer to get their licenses. in the early '80s, teenaged drivers accounted for 6% of the drivers on the road. that number has dropped by half today. it's due to a change of culture with millennials. >> it's just part of the new generation of people their age that tend to go more in groups than singly. there will be one person or two people that have driver's
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license and three or four friends go with them. >> california laws have recently tightened rules for young drivers. turning to weather now, check out these pictures from kirkwood ski resort. vail sent us these photos. kirkwood got three feet of snow in the past 24 hours. in the past week, 97 inches of snow. kirkwood tweeted out, this picture showing why they can't open chair two. you see it buried in the snow there? maybe you don't see it. >> abc 7 news is here with our forecast. spencer? >> we still have rain in the bay area, as you can see here on live doppler 7. it's not very widespread. there are scattered showers producing locally heavy downpours, here's a closer look at live doppler 7. let me take you down to ground level to give you a look at the concentrated rainfall. it's over the santa cruz
9:18 pm
mountains, down from pescadaro. what is of greater interest to me right now is snow and freezing precipitation at the top. mount hamilton, cold air resides in the higher elevations and it's producing snow in the bay area peaks. high surf advisory remains in effect until 3:00 a.m. wave heights have reached 20 feet in most coastal locations. there's a possibility of strong rip currents and sneaker waves. coastline may not be a great place to be hanging out tonight. live view from our rooftop camera. where weather looks a bit tranquil, it's 46 degrees now in san francisco. 48 across the bay. this is a view looks westward along the bay bridge from our east bay hills camera. napa 46. low to mid-40s in novado, concord and livermore. these are our forecast features,
9:19 pm
we'll continue to see showers or periods of light rain into the early morning hours. our next storm arrives on thursday, we can expect a string of dry and sunny days beginning friday. here's a look at that high surf advisory once again. i'll skip along and show you our forecast. rain a bit more widespread, looks like we'll see pockets of heavy downpours at that time. it's going to break up quickly during the overnight hours. up until 8:00 a.m., it looks like the rain will be falling apart, it may be a wet commute at the beginning, but conditions should improve as we get later into the morning hours. morning hours, low temperatures are going to plummet tonight in our inland valleys. look for lows of 36 in santa rosa. we'll see mid to upper 30s in our inland valley locations. low 40s, right around the bay, so on we go to highs tomorrow, once the sun comes out in the afternoon, it's not going to warm up too much. let's skip ahead to thursday,
9:20 pm
when our next storm approaches, it ranges one in the storm impact scale. storm of light intensity. the forecast animation now, it's looking weaker and weaker as we take a closer look at it. wednesday night into early thursday morning, we'll see areas of rain developing in the north bay, precipitation. it doesn't look like much rain at all is going to hit anything except the north bay. it looks like it's weakening. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. after early morning showers tomorrow, we'll see partly sunny skies in the afternoon. mainly sunny and dry day on wednesday, showers early thursday. although right now the dynamics of this storm seem to be not so dynamic. starting on friday, we'll have a string of sunny mild and dry days. we are nearly a year away, but details are already coming out about the latest movie in the star wars franchise.
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star wars episode 8 finally has a title, here it,the last jedi. disney announced the title for the next chapter in the skywalker saga today. the film is scheduled for winter release. fans took to social media assuming who is the last jedi. those up for a razzie represent the worst of hollywood in 2017. zoo lander 2 earned the most nominations with 9. including worst picture, actor and ben stiller. batman versus superman, god's of egypt, hillary's america, the secret history of the democratic
9:25 pm
party, and independence day resurgence. razzie members will be announced february 25th. one day before the oscars are handed out. you can see the oscar nominations tomorrow morning at 5:18. don't forget, abc 7 is your place to see the oscars, the ceremonies are at 5:30 sunday february 26th on channel 7. president trump's first 100 days, we're not that far along yet. promises made during the campaign kept on day one. the controversial executive orders he signed today. how do you turn a march into a movement? we'll find out next. we'll find out next. pup
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president donald trump took swift action today at the white house, signing several orders, including federal hiring and trade. >> the senate approved his pick to lead the cia, mike pompeo. here's lana zach with more. >> six nays. >> confirmation of mike pompeo to the cia is confirmed. >> earlier in the day, he met with titans of industry and promised to cut taxes and regulations. and then with a stroke of the pen, president trump with drew from the trans pacific partnership. the action earned praise from liberals like bernie sanders. >> he may want to independent the production of his products in countries like china and mexico and bangladesh and turkey. >> the president signed two other memoranda.
9:30 pm
including a hiring freeze on all members of the military. and a lawsuit that alleged he's violating the constitutional provision accepting payments from foreign governments. >> sean spicer doubled down on the assertion that this was the most watched inauguration in history. >> 31 million people watched it. combine that with 10s of millions who watched it online on a device. >> those numbers are hard to prove. >> the president filed paperwork for his re-election big. he's already chosen a slogan, keep america great with and without an exclamation point. the president is facing a new lawsuit tonight. the family business violates the constitution, here's brian ross. >> in one of the great product
9:31 pm
placement campaigns of all time, donald trump twice showed up at his new washington hotel, before being sworn in. complimenting himself on its design. >> a total genius must have built this. >> two days after the hotel dropped balloons, america's first billionaire president is already being sued over profits the hotel and other trump businesses earn from foreign governments. triggering what's called the foreign emoluments clause of the constitution. >> you can be president of the united states or you can be a tycoon, but you can't try to do both at the same time. >> the president today scoffed at the lawsuit. >> without merit. >> one of the goals of the lawsuit is to force trump to release his tax returns. which he had promised to do once an iris audit was completed. >> as soon as my routine audit is finished, i'll release my returns. >> his aids say that may never
9:32 pm
happen. >> we litigated this all through the election, people didn't care, they voted for him. >> hotel profits from foreign governments will be give tonight u.s. treasury. the white house revealed the president last week resigned from all of his companies. brian ross, abc news new york. >> president trump appointed pi to lead the communications department. net nutrality assures that internation service providers -- former president obama pushed for tough regulations to protect net neutrality. just last month, pi said we need to fire up the weed whacker and remove those rules that are holding back investment, innovation and job creation. david moour will do the first one on one interview with president trump. saturday's women's marches
9:33 pm
drew millions of demonstrators across the world without about a half million in washington, d.c., alone. for some, it was a life changing experience, especially for those who flew to washington to take part. leann melendez shows us how the protesters plan to keep the momentum going now that they're back home. >> sophia took her daughter to the woman's march in d.c. over the weekend. both came back promising to chase the face of congress. >> go talk to our local politicians, make change, make noise. we're not political veterans, we are very much newbies at this. >> reporter: there was an outpouring of support for women's issues this weekend. james taylor says, there is much work ahead. >> what i expect to come out of this, it all depends on what kind of networks and alliances the movement leaders have with each other, in terms of whether they can sustain this. >> marches have a way of shaping america, after dr. martin luther
9:34 pm
king jr.'s speech during the march on washington in 1963. the activism continued and helped to pass the civil rights act the following year. in 1993, the march for lgbt rights, eventually brought equality. despite getting little sleep, debra green feels energized after attending the woman's march. it's time to step out of her bubble and have conversations with people who think differently. >> the minute you head toward violence or you head toward disrespect or you head toward hatred, you lost the battle. >> those returning from d.c. say the march has given them hope where until recently there was despair, in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. our state capital, a california republican lawmaker is criticizing his democratic colleagues who vocally condemned president trump in recent months. they call his campaign rhetoric,
9:35 pm
vitriolic and a present danger. >> they're telling everybody that donald trump is a bully. but all i'm seeing is democrats that are acting like bullies. >> in another move criticized by republicans, leaders announced the higher hiring of eric holder to combat to any of the president's policies have threatened the values of the california people. >> a saturday night live writer has been suspended for mocking president trump's son baron. this is baron walking with his mother and father last friday. the 10-year-old will become the country's first home schooled shooter. she temporarily deactivated her twitter account. late today she reactivated her account. that's katie rich you see there. and posted a message saying, i sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. i regret my actions and offensive words, it was inexcusable and i'm so sorry.
9:36 pm
barbara bush is out of the hospital, she left houston meth lift today after battling bron kitsz. she stayed an extra night to recover and be with her husband whose improving. george h.w. bush is being moved out of intensive care at the same hospital. he's making daily improvements after getting pneumonia just over a month ago. >> he's sitting up, watching tv and is waiting anxiously for his favorite oyster stew for lunch. >> his breathing tube was removed friday. his coughing is getting better and they gave him special breathing treatments to clear out his airways. you know what i'm talking about when you see the pictures. three italian sheepdog puppies are in good condition. they were trapped for five days beneath the rubble of an italian hotel. rescuers found the puppies mother and father not long after the avalanche hit. up next on abc 7 news at
9:37 pm
9:00. >> it was standing up straight, and now it's tipped over. >> it survived a
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rough surf that's been stirred up by the weekend's sto storms. the ss palo alto is one of the only world war ships made out of concrete. >> for locals, the ss palo alto is a favorite spot. this weekend the -year-old ship took a beating from the storms. >> what happened on saturday, when the reverse third of the ship got completely uprooted and turned over. that's what marked the end of an era. >> a local fisherman and guide. he shot this video of the palo
9:41 pm
alto before the storms. now, the tail has been sheered off and toppled over. >> what did you think when you saw it? >> i think that must have taken a lot of force to knock over. >> when i was a kid, and -- you could walk all the way out to fish, bluegill and that sort of thing. >> the ss palo alto is one of the country's only surviving ships made out of cement. it was designed out of medal in world war ii. the tanker was grounded here to be a local attraction. >> there used to be a restaurant and people would go out and dance. it was a very active boat. >> during storms last year, it began to break apart and started to lean. >> the waves are going to keep hitting the ss palo alto, as for all the debris that's washed up on the beaches because of these storms, it's going to take crews a couple weeks to clear it all out. >> engineers will take care of the repair. the ss palo alto has long been a
9:42 pm
has been tate for sea life. the waves and future storms will continue to break it down. >> we'll check back in with spencer
9:43 pm
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you are about to witness an
9:46 pm
avalanche, keep an eye on the top part of the screen. you see the huge cloud of white moving downhill. this was captured by a traffic camera in utah this morning. crews triggered 40 avalanches while the road was closed. >> extreme weather in the northeast tonight battering the coast with dangerous winds. here's lindsay janice along the new jersey shore. >> ferocious winds and heavy rain, bearing down on the northeast. the storm peeling the roof off this building in new jersey. >> i think it's miserable right now, you would almost rather snow. the wind can be brutal. >> gusts up to 60 miles per hour, taking down traffic lights. >> here in bellmawr new jersey, they're hoping man made dunes like this one will keep the storm surge out of the town. these waves are already breaching this dune. >> trees cashing on to homes in pennsylvania. in philadelphia, one man killed by a falling sign at this car
9:47 pm
lot. downed wears temporary suspending service on part of amtrak's northeast corridor. tracks in hoboken new jersey under water. hundreds of flights now delayed across the region. tens of thousands without power. and in new york, officials urging residents to stay off the roads. >> we are in the heart of this storm right now, these powerful winds and blinding rain are making tonight's commute dangerous for millions of people. lindsay janice, abc news, bellmawr new jersey. in southern california we're seeing proof of the power of floodwat floodwater. there is no driver in that car, she had already managed to get out. officials say she tried to cross a floodsed road yesterday. and the force of the water overpowered her car.
9:48 pm
the water carried the car about a mile before it was wedged between some rocks. >> floodwaters are not to be taken lightly. right now, a look at live doppler 7, we can see we have showers scattered across the bay area. happy to report that our percent of normal rainfall over the season to date, is well above normal. 134% of average in san jose, nearly 200% of average in in santa rosa, san francisco 151% of average. and for the remainder of this evening's storm, we are ranking at 1. it will continue to produce scattered showers during the overnight and early morning hours, there's still flooding concern from this storm, so here's our forecast animation starting at 10:00 p.m. we'll see a wider area of concentrated rain, locally heavy, it will break up quickly, by about 2:00 a.m., we'll see the storm becoming just scattered showers once again.
9:49 pm
5:00 tomorrow morning, there will be hardly any rain left, up north, over much of the higher terrain in lake county, and into mendocino county, there will be snow as cold air is filtering in overnight. by noon tomorrow, it will be just about over. winter weather advisories in effect until 4:00 a.m. here's our accuweather 7-day forecast. morning showers tomorrow, followed by mainly sunny in the afternoon. another weak storm comes in on thursday. and after that, it's smooth -- well, sunny sailing. >> that's better. >> here we go. >> spencer, thank you. tickets to the super bowl are the highest they've been this far out from the event. one online ticket website has the average listing at about $6,000. the atlanta falcons and new england patriots matchup was predicted to be one of the least compelling for football lovers. loyal falcons fans have been buying up many of the tickets. the cheapest seats are around
9:50 pm
$3,000. the most expensive, $430,000. >> good thing she was buying rounds for all of us. >> exactly. i disagree, i think it's going to be a very compelling game. it should be interesting. patrick marlowe made history tonight with the sharks, you don't want to miss this. the warriors aren't going to win them all. last second three-pointer, we'll introduce you to the
9:51 pm
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it's official, steve kerr and his staff will be the western conference all star coaches. you can beat the dubs if they don't make their threes and the miami heat proved that tonight. klay's nba record was two years ago today. the heat led by 9 early. the dubs staying in it. curry snaps the board. curry watch this drives to the hoop. it goes.
9:54 pm
third quarter, draymond green gets the loose ball. nice little catch, makes the layup, dubs up by 5. another former durant teammate, he was on fire. 14 points in the third, miami would lead 10 in the fourth. back come the dubs, durant makes his first three of the night. it's a one point game. 20 seconds to go, duran the to the hoop. ties it up at 102, he has 27. miami no time outs. he's got the ball, and you know who's going to make the shot. little step, in step back three. 33 points and that's the game-winner. first time this season, durant recei steph and klay have scored over 30 points and lost. >> it doesn't affect the big picture of what we're trying to do. i understand we're going to lose games as we go through the rest of the year, the way we lost
9:55 pm
tonight wasn't right, so we got to look at that, going into charlotte on wednesday. >> all right, three wins away from 1,000 career victories after beating arizona state on sunday afternoon. she began her coaching career at idaho. it's so long ago, i was playing in the nfl. the key to winning is adhering to that sports cliche, one game at a time, and having great people around you. >> they buy into what you want to do, and that's what's important to me. just keep improving, stay healthy, and have the best season that we can have. >> 37-year-old patrick marlowe spent his entire career with the sharks. the old man can still skate. had his best game of the season and his career tonight. the sharks try to sweep a home/home with the colorado avalanche. not even marlowe could have predicted how his third period would go.
9:56 pm
vlasic's van march lowe with a beautiful skate around, goal number two. his teammates super excited for him, he's not done. a great give and go, joe pavelski, it's a natural hat trick, fifth in his career, and the sharks fans toss out their head gear, wait, there's more. his first four goal game of his career, the quads. he's the first to have four goals in a period since mario lemieux 12 years ago. he has 497 career goals. the 49ers head coach has been extended to this friday. they'll extend an interview to kyle shanahan. his team is in the super bowl so they can't interview here until february 6th. jim harbaugh's pushing the limits once again. last year he got flack for taking the wolverines to florida
9:57 pm
on spring break. this year he's taking them to italy. they'll practice in roam, but will play as well. u.s. military stationed in the area. this is the last time harbaugh will be able to do this. it doesn't take effect until august. on this day in 1979, willie mays, perhaps the greatest baseball player of all time inducted into the hall of fame. despite being the closest thing to a perfect baseball player, 23 riders didn't vote for him, are you kidding me? he didn't play the grounds at candlesti candlestick, he would have had over 800 home runs. now an ambassador for the giants of say hey kid will always be our hall of famer. that's our sports report, brought to you by toyota. four goals in one period, that's like four td catches in one. four bottles of wine in one sitting. amazing, amazing.
9:58 pm
amazing feat. congratulations to patrick marlowe, and three american women have made it into the semifinals at the aussie open. >> that's pretty good company there. >> good club. >> thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, first comes the rain, then comes the potholes, in some cases sinkholes. the bay area traffic spots facing commuters tonight. >> there's a flag fight going on in the bay area's largest city. this season the about the stars and stripes. the controversy over what should and should not be allowed to fly in the skies over san jose. be sure to join us for those stories and much more on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. finally tonight. take my word for it daniel craig is not involved in this, you'll have to see it to believe it, firefighters in dubai looking like james bond to fires faster. >> these firefighters are racing
9:59 pm
to water side emergencies aboard jet skis. and when they arrive on scene, look at this, a jet pack, not traditional ladders helps them reach the fire. >> they use the system of pumps, that pumps water from a creek, that gives them an unlimited supply of water and helps them avoid getting stuck in traffic. >> wow! >> as long as the buildings are close to the water. >> exactly. >> quick check on weather. >> we have the forecast features, showers continuing through the overnight hours, stale start to break up during the morning commute. that's good news. the sun comes out for the rest of the day tomorrow. >> we'll see a lot of sunshine this week. >> nice change. >> how about that. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. us tonight. thanks for watching.
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(narrator reading) narrator: today, you know his name, you've seen his face. this officer has no idea what kind of man he's actually dealing with. narrator: you remember the horrific attack in oklahoma city. investigators suspect more than 200 people are inside that rubble.


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